Nashville Premiere Recap: Three Chords and the (Hard) Truth

Nashville Season 3 Premiere Recap

Nashville‘s Rayna Jaymes probably makes the right decision in the series’ Season 3 premiere, and I really, really hate her for it.

Before you angrily mobilize to spray-paint a giant “Deyna 4eva” on my house, hear me out. The best decision Ray could’ve made would be to come clean with both of her beaus: “Deacon, you are one Hot Pocket, but you and I need to figure. some. stuff. out. before we even think about doing this again. And Luke, the fact that I can’t do more than plaster a half-amused smile on my face in your presence probably doesn’t mean we’re the next Faith and Tim.”

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Believe me, Deacon fans, I feel you: A big part of me really wants Rayna to reject Luke’s seven (!) karat diamond in favor of accepting Deacon’s very tempting marriage proposal… but that part of me is 15 years old, swoons over Dylan McKay (another bad choice) and wishes that her life had all the danger and passion of a Sunfire novel.

In short, that part knows nothing.

So no, Rayna didn’t make the best decision about her romantic future — but she also didn’t make the worst one, which would’ve been to repeat a mistake just because it is very sexy and has stubble and kisses her wrist in a manner that would undo most mortals. I want them together, too, guys; but this isn’t the time, place or circumstance that will make that work out swimmingly. Plus, we’ve got a whole season to fill!

In other news, Juliette is pregnant (shocker!) and Scarlett is a “girl-bro.” Read on for a review of what happens in “That’s Me Without You.”

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ONE STEP FORWARD… | We start the episode at 6 pm on Saturday, with Rayna contemplating both of the rings pressed into her palm at the end of last season. Then we’re watching a very upset Juliette chop off her own hair with household scissors, muttering about how stupid she is. (Emily and Glenn’s unspoken dialogue: “We do not get paid enough for this bizness.”) The action cuts to The Bluebird, where NPR is gearing up to record a live special featuring Will and Deacon. And when we come back to Rayna, she’s calling one of the two men who proposed to her on the same day and saying, “Hey. So, I’m gonna come tonight. I love you.” But to whom are you talking, Ray? Settle in, y’all, because we’ve got about 52 minutes before that long-awaited answer arrives.

…TWO STEPS BACK | Because, as a title card informs us, it’s now 12 hours earlier. Luke and Rayna have a little morning nookie that apparently is so mind-blowing, they barely discuss their engagement. That gets saved for later in the day, when she visits his stables and — against Tandy’s advice — lets her current beau know that her former one stole his thunder the night before.

Luke is “more than a little ticked” about Deacon’s (baller) move, and he wants to know how she feels about it. “I feel… a lot of different things,” she replies. “I love you, but Deacon and I just have this thing.” Maybe it’s the aviators she’s rocking, maybe it’s some heretofore unexamined sucking pit of deep need in Luke, but it’s kind of amazing how Mr. Wheeler just sits there, hears her say she might not choose him and is totally OK with that.

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DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER | Luke is going to a charity event that night, and he wants her to come with him. But Deacon’s playing that NPR show at The Bluebird, and he wants Rayna to attend. What will our girl do? She goes home to think, which takes the form of flipping through a memorabilia box from her heyday with Deacon. You know it’s gonna be a good night when we get a ’90s Deke-and-Ray flashback, and this one doesn’t disappoint. As the pair sing a sultry rendition of “Postcards From Mexico,” I take notes that read (verbatim): “They are hot, Deacon passed out drunk, flip phone, choker, OMG LUKE’S HAIR PONYTAIL RIPPED LONG SLEEVE SHIRT I CANT, so many chokers!” (Columbia Journalism School, Class of 2002, folks. My parents are so proud.)

LOVIN’ YOU IS WRONG | Her mind made up, Rayna goes to let Deacon down easy. “I have loved you, and I’m sure gonna love you for the rest of my life, but I love him now,” she says. “And he’s gonna give me something that I’m never gonna have with you.” Deacon, in response, kisses her hand and wrist and goodness, it’s warm in here. She starts crying. “Tell me you don’t feel that,” he whispers. Hell, Rayna, I felt that.

But it’s not to be. As Deacon performs a song he wrote for her at The Bluebird (live!, which we’ll get to in a minute), Rayna shows up at the charity event to flash her ring and kiss Luke in front of photographers. But that look on her face at the end of the episode? I wouldn’t start picking out china patterns right away, Luke.

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CRAZY FOR FEELIN’ SO LONELY | When Juliette’s tearful and desperate attempts to make Avery forgive her literally drive him from his home, Glenn and Emily step in to make sure she pulls herself together in time to audition for a Patsy Cline biopic. Juliette’s inner despair leaks out while she’s singing “Crazy” for the filmmakers, but as it turns out, that’s exactly the kind of commitment to the role they’re looking for: She’s got a screen test! Too bad Juliette hacked her hair in a crying jag that looked like it physically pained Hayden Panettiere to perform. But a quick visit from a stylist fixes that, and a house call from her doctor looks like it will address her feeling under the weather… until he tells her she’s pregnant. (Side note: Meh. I’m sorry, Nashville. I love you, but I can’t even feign mild bewilderment at this turn of events.)

ROAD TRIP! | Scarlett wants to put Nashville and her less-than-awesome year behind her, and a very drunk and sad Avery tags along for the ride. So does Gunnar, inadvertently, who doesn’t believe Scarlett when she says she’s taking off and so gets dragged along on a very eventful jaunt. Highlights: Avery making a very good point about Scarlett’s life and then falling off the hood of the car, Avery trying to leap into the backseat to throttle Gunnar, Avery nearly getting his formerly punk tush handed to him in a bar fight. In the end, Scarlett listens to ex-boyfriend Number 2 and believes Gunnar when he says that she should just deal with her life in Music City rather than running away and trying to start over. The trio heads home, but not before Avery declares Gunnar his “bro” and Scarlett his “girl-bro.” (Side note: Props to Jonathan Jackson, who manages to play drunk without making me hate him, which is a hard thing to do.)

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FAR-TOO-CANDID CAMERA | Will performs at The Bluebird as part of the much-touted live show that also includes Deacon and Florida Georgia Line. Chris Carmack, Charles Esten and the band sound great; the footage, however, looks a little daytime-soapish, which in turn is a little jarring compared to the rest of the episode. But props to the actors; these guys definitely have chops.

Before and after the performance, though, we see Layla unable to handle the revelation Will dropped on her the night before: He’s gay. So they tell Rude Reality Producer Woman that they’re splitting up and want out of the show, and she counters by blackmailing them with the footage of Will’s confession, caught by the secret camera in their bedroom. Looks like you’ll be Soup fodder for a while longer, kids!

Now it’s your turn. Grade the premiere via the poll below, hit the comments to back up your choice, and then scroll through a gallery of new images from the season ahead!

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  1. Adam Lenhardt says:

    The closing shot on Rayna’s look of buyer’s remorse just about said it all.

  2. JJ says:

    I could have understood her not picking anyone, but Rayna picking Luke? WTF? What made this absolutely ridiculous was the fact that there was nothing in the building of the Luke/Rayna relationship last season to make it even slightly believable that she’d want to marry Luke, especially that god awful public proposal. I was counting down the episodes last season until Luke was off my screen, but now with this decision, even if Deacon/Rayna are end game I have no interest in watching Rayna be with one of the worst written characters on TV until then. Epic fail on the part of the writers.

    • cogilviesmith says:

      Completely 100% concur! Is Rayna actually just the limelight seeking vapid starlet they originally made Juliette out to be? Tabloid fodder, country music royalty trumps true love with soul mate? Hells no. And would being single be such as terrible thing?

  3. MA says:

    The problem with Rayna’s decision is that it’s contrived rehash nonsense, not that we all swoon over Deacon (which, of course, we do). She did this already. She married a guy she tried to convince herself she loved in order to get away from Deacon, no matter that it was obvious to her and everyone else that she was still completely in love with the drunk and lost in her chosen role. This story is boring because we’ve seen it already, and I can’t for the life of me understand why the writers on this show thinks it’s even remotely compelling. Then again, people seem to buy it so what do I know.

    The other problem is…what the frak is this show supposed to be about? They sold it to me as a cool drama about a smart, successful, talented woman trying to redefine her career in the face of a changing industry and image. It has become a soap opera about shallow pretty people crying, pining, completely lacking in self-awareness, and making stupid choices.

    That said, I liked the road trip a lot.

    • Mika02 says:

      This! I really feel they need a solid power couple and while what Deacon did the Rayna years ago sucks He was there for her and the girls for 15 years sober and it wasn’t till she dropped the Maddie bomb that he waivered I really feel it should be held against him. Fact I don’t trust Luke period.

      • JJ says:

        Yep, an actual real couple on this show would do wonders. I can understand that the twenty-somethings are still bed hopping a bit, but the forty-somethings should have things figured out by now. They are writing Rayna as one of the dumbest, least self-aware characters I’ve ever seen. I would LOVE to see her written as a strong, successful woman who has finally worked things out with her true love, where the drama comes from real life things like making it as a woman in the business world, and trying to make a marriage work with Deacon’s touring schedule, etc. These would be MUCH more exciting storylines. These writers are crap.

        • Mika02 says:

          OMG Yes!

        • Amy H says:

          Agree with almost all of the above. This show needs a real couple instead of a bunch of people flailing around in and out of relationships. I can imagine a great storyline with Rayna and Deacon in a marriage with all that that involves — It makes so much more sense than this “Lukewarm” relationship. A good solid couple — sure neither one is perfect, but wouldn’t that make a great storyline, and much more sense than this waffling back and forth.
          And what about that phone call where she says she’s going to be there? If she was calling Luke, why did he look so shocked when she showed up?
          BUT I loved the Gunnar/Avery/Scarlett scenes. Really fun to watch.

    • Anlgdp says:

      She had Maddie as an excuse back then. She married Teddy because she wanted her child to have a good father and a loving family. It’s still a questionable choice, sure, but at least it made sense. She went into that marriage knowing that Deacon wasn’t ready to be a partner, let alone a father or a husband. It’s a whole different story now with Luke. But I do agree, we’ve been there done that with Teddy already, we’re really not interested in repeating the experience.

      • MA says:

        My guess is that she’s still using Maddie (and now Daphne) as an excuse. She wants to protect her kids and herself from a life that’s defined by the mood swings of a violent alcoholic. She’s scared. I get all that, but agreeing to marry yet another guy in order to hide from it is boring. Rayna was a lot more clear and human in season one. She was also a lot tougher, cooler, and more interesting. She should have tried to go at this alone. That would have been different for Rayna, who’s basically never been alone in her entire life.

        • charleesarah says:

          I really wish she had said no to both of them. Chosen to be single for a while and have Deacon be end game. Why does she have to marry anyone?!?!?! Luke and Rayna are such a bland couple, with a really uncomfortable undercurrent. The flashbacks to pathetic puppy dog with a crush picking up Deacon’s scraps don’t make him seem romantic and devoted, they just add to the creepy factor.

          • MA says:

            Me too. That’s what I was hoping for because marrying Deacon would be completely the wrong choice right now too. But I see no maturity in kissing one guy in your kitchen and sleeping with another one right after, only to have that wrist kissing/shaky-sobbing conversation with the first guy the next day while professing your love for the second one. Rayna is an emotional disaster, and Deacon is still clinging to her for survival on some level. They both need to be single, and for the love of god, Rayna needs to start going to Al-Anon.

          • MiaB says:

            Charleesarah, I totally co-sign your post. Not only do Luke and Rayna have no chemistry, there’s a strong stalker vibe coming from Luke. I thought at the end of Season 1 that he would have ended up being a plant by Jeff to mess up Rayna’s record label, which would have made sense. This relationship doesn’t make sense to me. Rayna should have said no to both proposals.

    • erins84 says:

      Yes!!! I agree with everything you said.

    • Jan says:

      VERY well said, MA!!

    • Miranda says:

      Precisely! Luke is Rayna’s weird stalker… no one buys that she truly loves him. No one.

      • Saabgirlatx says:

        I wonder if that’s the arc…Luke ends up being Mr stalker-dude and possibly violent and then Deke comes in and saves the day…

  4. Mika02 says:

    I like the live bits during the show but as I stated on twitter if I have to watch Rayna with Luke all season I’m out.

  5. Bill says:

    Teddy and now Luke? Rayna does not know how to pick ’em.

  6. Anlgdp says:

    That episode was BS from start to finish. They ruined the entire show in about 10min, now that’s talent. I would have understood Rayna’s choice hadn’t she gotten back with Deacon in Season 1. When she showed up at his doorstep telling him she had never not loved him and actually rekindled their relationship, she seemed pretty fine to me. What, she didn’t need a clean slate back then? She forgot about his abusive behavior and alcohol problem when she begged him to work things out after he found out about Maddie? Or was it just easier back then because he didn’t know about Maddie and she could have lived with that lie for the rest of her life? Whatever the answer to those questions is, there is no way Rayna can redeem herself here. She’s unforgivable. And trust me, the 15yo in me is rocking in a corner crying her eyes out, so it’s actually the grown up twenty-something typing right now. This show doesn’t deserve a loyal fan base and at this point I’m wondering if it deserves to be on the air at all.

    • Rosy says:

      AMEN to all of this!

    • MA says:

      I think Rayna can be redeemed. Just about anyone who’s not a child molester or Hitler can be redeemed, especially when she’s played by the likes of Connie Britton. But I don’t trust this show to redeem her. Rayna need to own her own incredibly hurtful behavior. No matter how understandable her original choice about Maddie was (and I think it was, I totally get her), it was very, very cruel. No matter how hysterical she was because of being confronted with Deacon’s ugly drinking again, she was driving the car in that accident. No matter how much I empathize with her being unable to let another day go by without telling Deacon she loved him, she got back together with him and slept with him while keeping from him the most important thing that had ever happened to them. Rayna needs to own all of that AND the self-righteousness she’s developed since the crash, and then she can be redeemed. But I don’t think Callie Khouri will make her do it.

      • Anlgdp says:

        I don’t think she can be redeemed, not after this episode. I gave her a free pass with the whole Maddie’s paternity thing because she was just trying to give her daughter a better life than the one Deacon could have provided at the time. I gave her a free pass for keeping it a secret for over a decade, at that point it had just become easier to lie I guess. I gave her a free pass when she put all the blame on Deacon after the accident, as if she had nothing to do with that. I gave her a free pass when she said yes to Luke’s cheesy proposals in front of thousands of people among which stood her two teenage daughters. How many more free passes am I supposed to give to the lady? She’s not 25 anymore, she’s an adult and all she does is hiding from the truth and reality. If that’s the Rayna Jaymes they want to portray that’s fine by me, but I did not sign up for THIS. This is not the Rayna I loved and worshipped in S1. She’s weak and vulnerable and completely lost. They ruined the character, they ruined the couple, and taking into consideration the soapy turn the show has taken, they officially ruined the only good thing they were actually good at.

        • MA says:

          For me, she could be, but she can’t get any free passes. I don’t give her free passes; I can understand how she’s so scared that she retreats into herself and makes really bad decisions out of fear. But she can’t come out of that until she does things differently and accepts the role she’s played in creating the life she’s so scared of. Rayna is a liar, not out of malice but out of fear, and honestly, that’s almost as hurtful as the alcoholic. She needs to start telling the truth. Then I could forgive her.

    • Jill says:

      Yes, this right here. If the writers don’t care enough about the characters to stay true to the backstories that THEY wrote, why should I care about the characters.

  7. gmail says:

    Could they have been any less subtle with Avery telling Scarlett he always thought a better man would come along for her just as Gunnar comes out of the woods. I really do like Zoe as a person, I hope they don’t do a standard love triangle and let her and Gunnar end with some dignity.

    • Amy says:

      Haha, I thought the same thing! I do think G&S belong together and I loved the crack about the chiggers. Zoe is not my favorite, but I agree it would be nice to have a dignified breakup.

    • Actually, I loved that part. Gunnar and Scarlet belong together. I agree with you on the love triangle with Zoe, we need a clean break with Zoe. I’d like to see Zoe be Deacon’s opener/back-up singer.

  8. Tina says:

    Boo!!! Not a fan of Luke or of Rayna’s choice.
    The 12 hours before scenario didn’t end up making sense either. If she called Deacon, which it sure seemed like she did based on his exuberance even with getting punched, her decision changed after the call. Luke sure seemed stunned to see her. What was up with that?

    • Pm says:

      Yes. I can’t figure this out either and I’ve been waiting for someone to mention it. Luke expected NOT to see her; Deacon TO see her. So that means the phone call was to Deacon, right? And what happened after the scene cut away at Deacon’s house, anyway?

      • Paula says:

        I thought that Deacon was assuming that she was showing up only after Luke came by and punched him. The smirk on his face after that was like he thought Rayna must have told Luke she was choosing Deacon.

    • MP says:

      I think the phone call was to Deacon. Between Tandy essentially saying she was on Team Luke and asking Rayna if she was sure she made the right decision regarding the phone call and Deacon’s giddiness in the bar followed by him asking Maddie where her mom was, plus Rayna had on Deacon’s ring. Add that to Luke’s surprised face and I wonder what did happen between the phone call and when she went to Luke. Man, what a tease.

    • tahonia2 says:

      She left a voice mail.

  9. Ashley says:

    I’d argue the most mature choice would be for her to not choose anyone. Just because Deacon isn’t right for her at this time, it doesn’t mean marrying Luke is, especially when she hesitated over whether or not she even wanted to marry him. It’s like being single wasn’t even an option for her.

    • Jill says:

      No one on this show seems to be able to stay single for more than 2 episodes except for Tandy, Glenn, and Bucky, and there was that hint last season that Tandy and Bucky were together, so just Glenn. I know plenty of successful cool single women. Rayna choosing Luke was absolutely the worst direction this show could have gone in. Almost anything else would have made more sense, and would have been more interesting to watch.

  10. Cassie says:

    Hayden P is pregnant so they wrote it into the show, so I guess Juliette will go through with the pregnancy. I hope the baby turns out to be Avery’s!!
    As for Rayna picking Luke…I almost threw the remote at the tv (not really but I was pretty mad).
    I don’t think Luke is a good guy. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something off with him. Rayna and Deacon were meant to be…I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    • This! I didn’t understand the reviewer’s comment since it has been well known for quite a while that Hayden is pregnant in real life.

    • Tahonia says:

      Soaps entirely focus on bringing couples together and then taking them apart. When rayna and Deacon finally become a couple the show is over unless we get more vested in another story. I, also, don’t trust Luke. We’ve seen how he hung around Rayna’s tail years ago when Deacon was causing her pain…it’s going to end up that he was the one who encouraged Deacon to drink….not that Deacon needed much of a push, but Luke made sure that a Deacon would drink right before a set, etc.

      • JJ says:

        I guess the issue I have is that when this show premiered it wasn’t supposed to be a soap, just a nighttime drama, and I really liked the idea of that and where it was going at the beginning. Maybe I’m just hanging on too hard to the show it could have been, but I would much prefer to be watching a well written nighttime drama with these characters than the soapy mess that it’s become. It’s not even a well written one. I hate when couples are kept apart then get together only to fall apart again, it just bores me to death, but maybe that’s why I never liked soap operas.

  11. MP says:

    Rayna and Deacon have such undeniable chemistry together and it’s so frustrating for me watching her with Luke, who she has zero chemistry with. Plus, he gives off weird vibes. I always feel like he’s going to become a domestic abuser or have a bunch of skeletons come falling out of his closet. He’s just creepy. I hope he’s out by the halfway mark this season. I thought the roadtrip was hysterical.

  12. laurelnev says:

    It’s too early in the season for Rayna to make the RIGHT choice. I predict she’ll be floundering for a few episodes, but we ALL know Rayna will end up w/ Deacon in the end. :]

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  15. Cassandra says:

    Thank you for a hilarious recap. I like the way you think.

  16. Megan H says:

    You mentioned Sunfire novels. Nothing else in this recap is as relevant as that.

  17. Noelle says:

    Part of me thinks that Luke’s jealousy is going to continue, and that he will eventually get violent with Rayna, which will then send her right back into Deacon’s arms. Classic soap opera plot.

    • Whatevah says:

      Yes but by that time the new chick for Deacon will be pregnant how much would you like to bet? The problem with the writers of this show and is they have no imagination, thus the WTD storyline for Hayden.

  18. Kay says:

    For me the best part of Nashville last night was that road trip….I could have watched a whole hour of that!!

  19. Mary says:

    I knew she wouldn’t pick Deacon, but come on Luke knows she would never love him like she does Deacon. There is no chemistry between Rana and Luke so I hope they don’t take all season like last year pushing them together. Loved the road trip scenes never laugh so hard and for god sake I hope that baby is Avery’s not Jeff.

  20. Bernadette says:

    Aw, this was an extremely good post. Taking the time and actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I
    put things off a lot aand never manage to get anything done.

  21. race17 says:

    Are we gonna ignore the flashback of deacon hitting rayna in the face

    • MA says:

      No. That’s a big deal and a pretty important reveal. I’d like to know if Deacon knows he hit her. That said, Deacon drunkenly flailing around and accidentally hitting her bothers me less than Luke stone cold sober getting in a car and making someone drive him to the Bluebird so he can punch Deacon in the face.

  22. Cheryl says:

    I still say that there is something sinister about Luke, he mentions the divorce but not the reason that it happened. Rayna not choosing Deacon is understandable, to much water underneath the bridge that it is hard not to go for the person who hasn’t caused so much pain and suffering. Deacon will have to something big and over the top to prove he is a different person so that Rayna can equal out the good and the bad. As for Luke, there is a twist there and it will come ahead this season. I did like how Avery, Scarlett and Gunnar on a road trip was great, seeing these 3 people be friends and only friends is where it needs to stay. As for Juliette, if it is going to be someone’s child I will bet that it is Avery’s but we will have to see once the paternity episode comes around.

  23. KB says:

    Best part was that road trip and I think Rayna should be with Deacon eventually but she should have just said no to both right now……Also please let that baby be Averys!!

  24. Jan says:

    Not the best season opener. I was very disappointed in Rayna’s choice. After her divorce from Teddy, I think she needs to spend sometime being on her own and not jump into another marriage. Bad move on the writer’s part especially considering she is in LOVE with Deacon.

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  26. Love Me Some Deacon! says:

    This was the first time that I ever saw any emotion from Luke – I never felt that he really cared about Rayna but had some other agenda. Just before he got out of the car and when he was on the red carpet, it did seem that he was hurting and nervous about her not being there.

    Poor Deacon. That was tragic to see the hope on his face any time the door opened. And yes, the wrist kiss – oh my. Good review, Kimberly Roots!

  27. The best part of the entire episode was the Gunnar/Scarlett/Avery road trip.

  28. Fmartin says:

    I hated the “live” version of this show. I’ll stop watching it if they continue this. The music was horrible, and the lights were glaring. Totally ruined it for me.

    • MiaB says:

      Wasn’t that the dumbest thing? I was thinking that. Why? Nobody cares whether the music is live or recorded. If anything, the live element makes me LESS likely to watch the show.

  29. Ally Oop says:

    I was really excited for Nashville to return but the premiere of this season was a little underwhelming. It just seemed rather slapped together, not great writing choices, and I wasn’t a fan of the live music scenes. Kim Root’s recap made me chuckle a few times. I always enjoy her recaps.

  30. Love Me Some Deacon! says:

    I didn’t care for the live parts either – and would rather they have skipped Florida Georgia Line and instead showed us previews for next week. FGL is totally a different type of country music than the Nashville series usually promotes – they are Bro Country, always singing about whiskey and trucks and girls in bikini bottoms.

  31. MiaB says:

    Poor Hayden Panettiere, she looks so swollen in the face (I say that as a woman whose face doubled in size during my first trimester, so not an attack. I definitely understand). I think that’s why they decided to write the pregnancy into the storyline. There’s really no hiding it. I hope Juliet and Avery end up making it work. I love them together.
    For probably the first time in, well, ever, I didn’t roll my eyes when Scarlett was on the screen. Maybe they’ve taken a hint that painting her as a ditzy weak crybaby wasn’t really making her character appealing. She seemed strong and decisive, even when she was still making up her mind. The roadtrip was surprisingly my favorite part of the episode. SN: Thank god they took out those horrible extensions out of Clare Bowen’s hair. They were so distracting. She looks great.

    • Isobel says:

      agree on Scarlett, they seem to be returning to her likability of season 1 with more experience behind her than the wackiness of season 2, hopping they move back to her and Gunnar again.

  32. Diane says:

    I fast forward Luke and Rayna scenes, which is a shame because she is the star of the show, but I just can’t watch her. I think I rolled by eyes at Rayna with Deacon too. I just don’t root for her anymore.

  33. Jess says:

    I understand where Rayna is coming from. Deacon hurt her too many times. As much as I love Deacon, I don’t think he’s right for her either. I disagree that Rayna & Luke don’t have chemistry because they do. Although I wish she would either be single or hook up with Liam again. She won’t end up with Luke either I think. I hope Juliette is pregnant with Avery’s baby and not Jeff’s.

  34. javadude54 says:

    I like Nashville mostly because of Hayden Panettiere who I think is, easily, the best actor of her generation. I do like the situation with Will and Layla because the two actors are great and playing the conflicted and sympathetic characters. I also like that they use and play some great new and vintage Martin and Gibson guitars that sound so much better than most new guitars, like Taylors. It’s all about tone on this show and I respect that.

  35. Phantom says:

    This has always been my favorite show. I couldn’t wait until the new season, but deep in my heart I knew that they couldn’t let Ray pick Deacon right at first because it would have been too obvious. All the viewers know that they are “soul-mates” and belong together, so they have to drag this out….I agree with the other comments that there is something strange about Luke and his vibes…..also they just don’t have the chemistry that Ray and Deacon have. Deacon is one total hunk…….not only does he have a fantastic voice, but he is SO SEXY!! What woman wouldn’t pick him… real life too! I bet he has a big following…..does anyone know what his personal background is… he married, single, what is up with him??? All the other characters in the show are really good…..their storylines and voices….they all are exceptionally talented. This show was lucky to get them all. I feel sure that we will all be happy before the end of the season with the way that the writers have decided to go with the characters. They wont disappoint us with Ray and Deacon’s characters. To make the show interesting they always have to show “conflict” ……hang in there and enjoy the ride.

  36. While marrying Luke would not be to “repeat a mistake”, it sure would be a repeat and a mistake. First Teddy then Luke, she is using them as shields, not to fallback into the arms of Deacon. And a mistake, yeah, those fake halfhearted smiles says it all!

  37. Miranda says:

    Ugh so disappointing. I really though this show was beyond jerking viewers around but it looks like that’s their strategy for the next 20+ episodes.
    I need more, specifically some of that season 1 magic. If it weren’t for Hayden Panetierre bringing it every week I would have given up on Nashville ages ago…

  38. leo21 says:

    The right decision would have been to say no to both. There is too much negative history with Deacon and she doesn’t know Luke well enough. She honestly doesn’t know herself well enough to make the right choice.

  39. Jill says:

    I don’t think I can take another season of Rayna and Deacon wanting each other but never getting together. It is getting a little old. Just put them together and move on to something else. Sadly, there really isn’t anything else on that show. I think I only watch that show to see if those two are going to get back together. I need to walk way!

    • JJ says:

      I realized today that I have to do the same thing. The writers really ruined them for me. I just don’t feel the same way about the couple after last night. Rayna breaking Deacon’s heart again was just redundant and boring. I can’t imagine suffering through another season where they barely interact and Rayna is still with Luke. I barely got through last season. It’s a shame cause I really enjoyed the interactions between Connie and Chip. I wish they’d leave and do another show together with better writers.

  40. Carol says:

    I did not like the live music and hated FGL. That was a useless waste of time that could have gone into the show or ever upcoming previews.

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  42. Paula says:

    Just because Rayna received 2 proposals in one day, doesn’t mean her only choice is to pick Luke or Deacon! As the reviewer said, if you are vacillating between two men, the only decision is: none of the above! She is a strong, independent woman who isn’t ready for a commitment at this time in her life. Being alone is far better than betraying the seemingly big hearted Luke( who I don’t trust- can’t decide if it’s the character, the acting, or what) by marrying him when she feels much more strongly and passionately about Deacon. Deacon hasn’t proved he’s a strong and stable enough person to committ to for life- he’s only been that way for a few hours-( well, it’s only been a few episodes, right?) Love, unfortunately, isn’t enough to make a marriage work. It’s always a leap of faith, but it shouldn’t be a grand canyon sized leap! When you have two young daughters, they need to be your first consideration.

  43. Janet says:

    OMG how can any of you be serious about preferring a whiny, that, pathetic Alky, sad sack to totally together and savvy MAN? Deacon is just an immature whiner who lost his maturing years due to drink and now just can’t seem to catch up. Whoever said that Rayna needs to get herself to AlAnon was right on. That and some good therapy.Still Luke was the better choice and excuse me, he SO much hotter than little boy Deacon.

    Having said that it would have been good for her to be single for awhile and lean on her own smart self!

    • My rain Voss says:

      Janet:. If you think Luke is hotter than Deacon, Are, You Drinking?-Maybe suffering blurred vision?-Arrogant, condescending, jealous, insecure Luke, is Your idea of a totally together and savvy Man? Luke who had his Driver make a stop, so he could sucker punch Deacon? Yikes- Jan I would Not want You to set me up with a blind date!

      Love Deacons complex, flawed, but always trying character. Love his heart and his loyalty. Love how far he had come in being the man he wants to be.

      Luke is a boring, one dimensional character, who doesn’t seem to even really know the real Rayna. And they have zero chemistry.
      Do we watch the same show?

      • Abbielynne says:

        The lack of chemistrybetween Rayna and Luke, is cringe worthy. Her acceptance of his marriage proposal is ludicrous.
        Rebound romance, maybe. Marriage??
        Give me a break!

        She’s not in. love, with Luke and she doesn’t Need to be marrying anyone, right now!
        Take some Time for yourself, Rayna!
        Then find the courage tobury again, with Deacon!

  44. Jackie L says:

    Reyna and Deacon’s relationship looks to be headed the way 90+ % of the way most shows & movies always end. In life a lot of people do mpve on from their first love and truly love again. Tired of always knowing how the relationship will end.