Kathy Griffin Could Replace Joan Rivers on Fashion Police — Is She Worthy?

When Joan Rivers passed away earlier this month, she didn’t just leave a Joan-shaped hole in our collective heart — she also left a vacant seat on the set of E!’s Fashion Police. So… who will take her place?

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Comedian Kathy Griffin is currently a frontrunner to succeed the late Rivers, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with several other names also being considered.

Whoever is ultimately chosen to fill the slot, at least they’ll have plenty of time to prepare; Fashion Police isn’t scheduled to return until Jan. 12, at which point the newly assembled team will skewer celebs’ Golden Globes looks.

Joan Rangers, how would you feel about Griffin assuming Rivers’ spot? If you’re against it, which replacement would you support? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your recommendations.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Zach says:

    Bianca Del Rio!

  2. GeoDiva says:

    While Kathy has the comedy down, she has no fashion creed and has never been know as a fashionista. A total out of the box person would be Retta. She can dish it and loves fashion and celebrities. You can see it on her Instagram.

    • Steven says:

      I LOVE Retta. I would definitely watch every week. Her live tweeting is hilarious and spot on.

    • S. says:

      She’s worked red carpet interviews and works hard to try to end up on some sort of fashion list.–sometimes the bad one just for attention. I’d be surprised if knowing something about at least RC fashion hasn’t rubbed off from all those awards shows. I love Retta so I wouldn’t mind her doing it at all, I just wonder if she’d have the same tone as Joan brought. I think people are connecting Kathy to this because they feel like she’s carrying on the inappropriate yet awesome snark Joan would’ve brought.

    • KevyB says:

      I agree about the fashion cred. Let’s just hope that the other people on this show will now be allowed to do more than laugh in a supposedly embarrassed manner.

  3. Tran says:

    People can’t stand Kathy Griffin. I mean when they saw her guest appearance on The Price is Right back in January, she ruined the whole episode 100% and in my opinion the worst if not one of the worst episodes of TPIR I have ever seen in the Drew Carey hosted era.

  4. boriqua1ny says:

    I love Kathy’s honesty and not being a total brown-nose to celebrities and a show like that needs someone who knows fashion, not be a total kiss-a** to celebrities, and be funny. I love the idea of Retta :-) and while we’re add it how about replacing either Guilana or George with Kimora Simonds……

  5. Todd says:

    Bianca Del Rio would take the show to a whole different level.

  6. CantWait says:

    I don’t know if she’s “worthy” she is, but she’s certainly as mean-spirited, petty, spiteful, vacuous as Joan was so for the girls who love that sort of thing as their entertainment, she should be a fine host.

  7. Arysta says:

    I love Kathy, but can I vote for them to just cancel the show? It’s really dumb.

  8. Kelly says:

    Ross Matthews should take her place

  9. Alienate says:

    Sarah Silverman…. she is a young Joan.

  10. leena says:

    holy crap yes. she’s an excellent replacement

  11. Lynnacworth says:

    Absolutely the MOST obnoxious person in the business self appointed to be Joan Rivers’ legacy. This is so wrong on so many levels starting with the fact that she’s the only person that thinks that she is funny. Decisions like this one will only prove how irreplaceable Joan was.

  12. Faye says:

    I place a no vote for Griffin. I would stop watching if she got the spot.
    She comes across too mean spirited because she lacks Joan’s self deprecating humor.
    Plus as far as I know, she hasn’t shown the amount of fashion sense that would be necessary.
    I would suggest having a guest each week until they find a fit. Or cancel it and build a new show.

  13. In the wise words of Miranda. Preasley (Devil wears Prada) she has no taste or sense of style…. Why would she even be considered for this job!!!! Please dont make me stop my Dvr from recording because of her….

  14. mel0329 says:

    I’m not comfortable with the wording of the answers you provided.

    1. “Is Kathy Griffin worthy?” No, but is anyone.

    2. “No she hasn’t earned it.” Actually yes, I think has has earned her place in the world of edgy lady comedians. She and Joan were friends and admired each other.

    3. “Just end the show, no one can replace Joan”. It’s true, no one can replace her, but someone, Kathy or someone else, should be given a shot. Joan would have wanted it that way.

    • Mary says:

      I have no problem with them trying to keep it going, but in all honesty I think they need to change the format. Joan is not replaceable and nobody, especially Kathy, should try to fill it. They need to have someone with fashion sense not necessary a comedian but someone quick witted that is not afraid to say that outfit stinks.

  15. anonymous says:

    What about RuPaul? A great idea, I think :)

  16. Zenobia Jackson says:

    Two advantages Kathy will have over Joan: 1) Joan is dead 2) Kathy will actually know who she is critiquing without being coached

  17. JC says:

    Joan is unique, but the only I see being able to replace her is Kathy. No one else.

  18. awnb95 says:

    No, why not try the show without replacing Joan and using just the other three with the occasional guest.

    • mel0329 says:

      I totally disagree with you. They need a comedienne to keep the humor. Everyone else is a straight man. If there is no humor then it would just be BORING!

  19. Eric says:

    Drag queen Bianca Del Rio Should replace her. Just check out ” Bianca Del Rio in bed with Joan Rivers”

  20. Peggy Brown says:

    No one can walk in Joan River’s shoes. Kathy Grffin would be the best replacement because she does dress nice, she is a comedian, and she says what is on her mind, like Joan Rivers always would. Trya is too classy for the job. She knows fashion, but the humor would not be there. Nene Leaks, is not a good pick AT ALL to even try to take over Joan’s job.

  21. Linda says:

    Kathy Griffin has the wit, work ethic and fashion knowledge to take over, never to replace Joan, but to continue the legacy Joan began!

  22. Krista Nesburg says:

    What about Carson Cresley? He’s funny, loves fashion and is truly likeable!

  23. Maggie D says:

    Kathy….No No No
    Sarah Silverman……YES

  24. Marie Wenzel says:

    How about rotating a host. Kathy Griffin, Kimora Lee Simmons, Orly Shani, Ross Matthews, Sarah Silverman, Nicole Richie. A mix of laughs and fashion critique.

  25. mel666 says:

    Nicole Richie would be an amazing fit…..

  26. Lil Hay Lil La says:

    Bianca del Rio yes yes yes !!! ♥♥♥

  27. Meredith says:

    It is evident to me Joan Rivers the consumet trailblazer female comic and Kathy Griffin the best female comic of my generation have uncanny similar wit and delivery AND have access and move in the same elite present-tense movers and shakers of that town I love them both and our Joanie shall be missed tho never left the circle of true genius of the very few top of the line comics plus they are ladies a win win for us who love laughfter

  28. sERGIO says: