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Dallas EP Defends Killing [Spoiler], Previews Major Paternity Twist and Reveals 'Emotional' Season 4 Plans

Dallas Christopher Death

Earlier this week, TNT’s Dallas made good on its promise to off one of the Ewings during the Season 3 finale, resulting in the series’ most explosive (too soon?) twist to date.

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TVLine spoke with executive producer Cynthia Cidre about how the Ewings will deal with Christopher’s death, when we’ll finally learn the identity of Elena’s baby daddy and, of course, how John Ross’ long-lost sister will play into the events of Season 4 (assuming the show is renewed).

TVLINE | So, I have to ask… Why Christopher?
You know, we just always want to keep moving, like a shark. It’s like Woody Allen says in Annie Hall. We’ve established ourselves as a show that spins your head on your shoulders at the end of the season. We kept thinking, “We can’t do that,” and then, “Maybe we can,” and that went on for months. We actually shot a completely different ending [Where Christopher lives], partly to cover it up, but also because we had to make sure we could get away with it. It was expensive. … I hope it was OK, and I hope the fans can live with it. It opens up a lot of stories for Season 4, some really interesting new emotional things. We were sad to say goodbye to Jesse, but he totally understood. He knew these things happen on our show.

Dallas Season FinaleTVLINE | I know your plan is to jump six months ahead in Season 4. Does that mean we won’t see Christopher’s funeral, and that people will have moved on?
“Move on” is not what  I would say. This is a massive tragedy in their lives. We made the choice of the six-month jump for several reasons. First, it’s exhausting to pick a season up a minute after the end of the last one. That really prevents you from coming up with fresh stories. The second reason is that Elena is pregnant, and we didn’t want to have her pregnant for the entire season. We needed that baby to be born, so that really sealed the deal. Believe me, the scars of that explosion are on everyone in every moment. It affects everything that’s going on. There’s no funeral, but there will be flashbacks to things like the funeral and the graveyard and the explosion.

TVLINE | When Elena does have that baby, who is it going to look like? It’s just Nicolas’ or John Ross’, right? There’s no secret third baby daddy?
[Laughs] There might be. I’d hate to spoil that for you.

TVLINE | How long into the run of Season 4 do you plan to reveal the father?
Oh, it’s going to be revealed in the first episode. I just finished it, so I know exactly what happens. And I have to say, I’m excited. If we don’t get picked up [for a fourth season], maybe I’ll just go ahead and publish our first two scripts.

TVLINE | Speaking of children, John Ross now has a long-lost sister out there. What’s your vision for her? How does she fit into this puzzle?
Well, let me first say that J.R. has many spawns out in the world, but this one is very different from the other spawns that exist. There is another secret involved in this that will be revealed in [the Season 4 premiere]. We didn’t want another son, because then he’d just be competing with John Ross. This is a different version of the J.R. personality. We’ll meet her in the first episode.

Dallas Season FinaleTVLINE | So much of the fun of the show came from watching John Ross butt heads with Christopher. Who will be his main adversary now?
If I said that, I would spoil something, so let me just tell you that there will be one. It’ll be a new character.

TVLINE | OK, let’s talk Judith, who I love. She stepped into a bigger role in the finale, so I’m wondering: Is there any chance she’ll become a series regular next season? I’d love to see her in those opening credits.
Me too! She’s the most delicious actor and human being, and we even call her “J.R.” on set for “Judith Ryland.” And we love watching her work with John Ross, which is why we put them together at the end of the finale. They definitely have a huge arc in Season 4, but a lot of it will have to do with our budget and how much we can afford.

TVLINE | You obviously haven’t cast John Ross’ sister yet, since you haven’t been picked up, but do you have an idea of the type of actress you’re looking for?
Well, we did cast her hand. We shot a quick scene where John Ross meets her, but you only see her hand. She had chipped nails and bracelets — it was a really cool hand. We decided to pull it, and that’s actually another reason we decided to jump six months. Had he met her in the finale, what the hell would he have done with her for six months that we wouldn’t have seen?

TVLINE | Lastly, Tracey popped back up in the finale, and I love me some Melinda Clarke. Do you have any plans to use her again?
Oh, yes. She has a big part coming up, though Melinda doesn’t know it yet. I thought she had nice chemistry with Bobby and she played well in our Crayon box. We like her and we definitely have stories for her.

Dallas fans, how do you feel about Christopher’s death now? Who do you think is the father of Elena’s baby? And who should play John Ross’ sister? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Scott says:

    Would love to see Pam recast. Jaclyn Smith would be perfect. That or Sela Ward/Annette O Toole. Pam coming back would be a great storyline

    • rarebird says:

      Christopher is the father of Elena’s baby.

      • Julie says:

        We know Elena was sleeping with Nicolas and that he poked a hole in her diaphragm and that she slept with John Ross (so that she could get the letter from JR), but I don’t remember if she slept with Christopher before the hole poking happened. If it was before, I don’t think it would be Christopher’s. It’d be nice considering he’s now gone, but I think it’s more likely John Ross’.

      • jaunice McCall says:

        So sad about Chris…..its ok who the father is…..would like to see the model roommate of Pam her daughter who help JR set Pam up in bed with this guy

    • Dave Cornette says:

      Forget Pam. Hated her in origina . Besides Victoria refused to do it so keep her off the show!

    • Theresa says:

      I love the show and truly wish it would come back ,but I don’t think they should recast Pam. They said she’s dead and they should leave it that way. Christopher is another story. If they would ever bring the show back if he doesn want to return they should recast him. The new Dallas is supposed to be about the next generation of Ewings.

    • Mar says:

      didn’t Pam die of pancreatic cancer after her disfiguring car wreck?

  2. Diz says:

    It needs an official renewal , c’mon now!

  3. Dave says:

    I’m not going to sleep well again until TNT confirms a fourth season. S3 ratings might not have been fantastic – but given the lack of a solid lead-in during the second half of the season, they’ve held their own pretty well.

    • sami shotore says:

      and moving the show to MONDAY night head to head with cable’s #1 show WWE RAW and Monday Night Football was a bad choice. They should have left it a summer show where it had it’s biggest ratings. If you do run it as a split like this year then move it back to a Sunday night or Tuesday, Wednesday.

      • garrett says:

        I agree! I haven’t been able to sleep knowing that dallas might not get renewed. But I feel like season 1 and 2 did good because they was on a different night! Older ppl watch raw/wwe on Monday night and if they want ppl to watch dallas thru need to change the day

    • Sherry says:

      I agree bring back Dallas you left us hanging on the best finally ever Bring back Dallas 2015

  4. Caffeinated Joe says:

    Something better could have been done with Christopher. Killing off a legacy character like him just for shock value hurts in the long run, and this was for shock value. Haven’t we mourned enough with J.R.’s death? Mistake, in my opinion.

    • Lori says:

      I agree with you and I hope that if enough people protest this, they will say it was a hoax or that it was to take Chris into Witness Protection.

      Come on people! Use your voice.

      • Dyna Lee says:

        Or maybe it will all be a dream again. Us Oldies remember when the first Pam woke up and hear water running to see Bobby in the shower to her disbelief. An entire season was shot without Patrick Duffy, who we all assumed was killed by a car driven by Pam’s evil sister. But alas, it was all a big dream.

        The Original Dallas had fabulous writers and great storylines. Worldwide, people couldn’t wait for Dallas night…….

      • Aaliyah Shabazz says:

        Now that would work. Bring Christopher Back.

        • kathy says:

          I do not think they should have killed off Christopher. He was the best lookin of the whole bunch.

          • I do not want to see Christopher dropped, he was a good actor and his role played a good decent person. I think this would be a great loss to the show. I would have liked to have seen Pam back in the first place but I think it is too late now, Bobby and Ann are happy together now and I do not think it would be fair to Ann to just dump her but then that is only my openion for what it is worth. I remember in the original Dallas when they killed Bobby off, they brought him back the next season because if they had not, I think it would have bee. He n the end of the show, this could be the same with Christopher. He needs to stay. Christopher was the best looking one of the whole bunch out side of Bobby

          • lisa says:

            I did disagree. That John Ross is very sexy

      • Zoe says:

        Hope TNT renews Dallas season 4 with the condition that CHRISTOPHER LIVES! This the worst decision they have made with the exception of the finale of Dallas I.

        Both Christopher and Elena should be in hiding or witness protection because they are both in danger. Elena could have a dream that she is pregnant and that Christopher was blown up in the car. Would be an interesting story line trying to hide a Ewing in witness protection or other method until Nicolas is taken out.

        BOTTOM LINE, if you want us to keep watching, CHRISTOPHER LIVES!

        • sallie says:

          I agree or they can write it in that it wasnt Christopher and hes now a hostage of Nicholas. ..many ways to write him in

        • MIA says:

          Have you noticed at the restroom Christopher’s shirt was blue and white but at the car in the dark it looked solid blue? They could bring him back if wanted to based on it not being him at the car..

          • Jaunice McCall says:

            Yes I noticed it too..the person at the car was slow walking and fat…get. ready when they bring show back chris will be in it :-) :-)

      • DanT2590 says:

        I didn’t watch the finale [or season 3]. But I am curious how Christopher died. Shot?? how did they kill him off? I need to do a little digging. Maybe I’ll see if it’s up ON DEMAND or on Hulu or something so I can watch the finale [especially since the finale seems to be the TOTAL FINALE of Dallas.

      • Theresa says:

        I totally agree too. I don’t think killing off Christopher was the right thing. The show has been cancelled. Maybe if enough people protest about that they will keep it.

      • Brenda Blevins says:

        Yea thats what they should do that take him witness protection and john ross the baby’s daddy and dont bring pam back

      • Jaunice McCall says:

        U have my support!!!!

    • Serena says:

      So true Caffeinated Joe! When they kill off important characters, things obviously change and they risk losing fans. We become attached to certain characters and the changes, as a result of killing off characters, might be too drastic.

    • Cathy says:

      I agree killing off Christopher won’t make the show better, it would be a terrible move. John Ross needs Christopher just like JR needed Bobby! With a bold move like that you could lose a lot of viewers, don’t do it! I am a loyal Dalllas fan but I don’t think I will enjoy it if Christopher is killed off.

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree with you. Christopher is too important of a character to just kill off this soon. Shock value I get it but I think it is a bad call. Maybe there will be a twist as said in earlier comments. We can only hope.

    • Elisa Knight says:

      So darn true….I feel the same way about Christopher being killed. Oh, I know who can possibly play J.R.’s dgtr-Mischa Barton or the actress who played Summer in the O.C. I’m going to definitely do some more thinking on this 1. ..

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. Bring Christopher back or I know of at least 4 viewers you will no longer have :(

    • I think Christopher was the best character on there

    • MIA says:

      Agreed! I just can’t watch season 4 if it comes back

    • Sue Griffin says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Show has now been left to be carried by Bobbie Reing and John Toss. While strong actors there are too few actors that I have any vested interested in. Bobbie’s wife and Elena are just boring.

    • I agree, but there is room to bring him back if need be. He could have jumped right back out of that car while the person with the detonator turned his head to activate it?

    • Mar says:

      Totally agree with you. Big Mistake. The big part of drawing us in and keeping us hooked rests with the core family and with only Sue Ellen, Bobby and John Ross, remaining WTF ? Big mistake killing of Christopher. BIG, HUGE

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Just doesn’t seem like Dallas without J.R. and now Christopher.

    • Serena says:

      It doesn’t make sense that they’re killing off a Ewing when there’s not too many of them! Bad move.

    • Dyna Lee says:

      You’re right about JR. It was a fabulous character, played by a superb Actor. That character was made for Larry Hagman, and Larry made that character. It’s a shame that cancer took him. JR Sr. vs “Judith” would have made a great rivalry.

  6. Kevin says:

    I hope they tie-in for Bobby that he lost both Pam and Christopher in a fiery car incident.

    • Erika says:

      Pamela survived the car accident and then disappeared from the hospital, which Bobby knows. Cliff tracked her down many years later and she begged him not to tell anyone. She died off screen of some illness after that.

    • sami shotore says:

      I think in a season 4 or 5 :) you could see all of this pain (Anns lies, losing his brother, Christopher, South Fork burning) Bobby slowly start to turn more ruthless like his brother. Become more about what is best for HIM and less about a family that doesnt care about him.

      I think obvious the SWERVE of all SWERVES will be that Elana’s baby is Christophers. So Bobby HAS to keep her part of the family despite her ties to what killed his son, etc. Nicholas doesnt get his heir and tie to Elana he thought he had and John Ross is already tied up with the new sister and being in partnership with Judith so it wont be his.

  7. Et al says:

    Is it common for an EP to write two scripts without a renewal? I’m hoping this means it’s a done deal – save for the official announcement.

    • Carla Krae says:

      They have to have material to pitch to the network for the new season anyway, so besides a season outline, she also has scripts to show exactly what she wants to do. A script is only around 100 pages with a lot of white space because of how it’s formatted, so it’s actually not a lot of typing for a writer if they’re inspired.

  8. Drew says:

    I haven’t actually seen the episode, but is it possible that Christopher will be away for a while and then come back as some witness protection program twist, or something like that?

    In my head, the scene looks a lot like Chloe Sullivan in the exploding house. :-)

  9. ykzarb says:

    Killing Christopher has guaranteed that I won’t continue watching the show. J.R.’s death was obviously necessary. Killing another main character for shock effect smacks of lazy storytelling.

    • Ella J. Wade says:

      I agree. Desperate for stories when you have to do a “shock” main character death. Too many “extras” on that show that could have been killed off. I am not impressed with the Ryland family, including Ann. They think that story is better than Christopher and John Ross fighting for attention? Seriously? For that reason, I’m out!

    • Dyna Lee says:

      JR’s death was necessary BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY DIED. I guarantee you he would not have gone anywhere had he survived his cancer.

  10. me says:

    jane badler ‘diana’ from “v” as Pam

  11. i am ok with christopher’s death, too much damage for him and elana…. especially because i strongly feel its jon ross’s, nicholas deserves that since he blew up chris…… as far as sister, i have another strong feeling that this girl is different because she is jon ross’s twin sister….. therefore cast someone that looks like him…….

  12. GeoDiva says:

    I’m okay with Christopher’s death. I hope Elena’s baby is John Ross’ just to make Nicolas squirm. I do wish that Emma got blown up too.

    • Julie says:

      I am hoping the baby is John Ross’ too. It would be great to ruin Nicolas’ plan to stay in Elena’s life longer and that would be great to see. I’m upset about Christopher getting blown up. I wish it had been either Emma’s grandma or her dad.

  13. I know who the mother of John Ross’s sister is. It’s no secret, it is J.R’s second wife Callie!! She had a baby in the old series and it was never revealed what she had. New fans of the show have to go back and watch the old series to figure crap out. Also bobby has a biological son named Lucas from his ex-girlfriend Jenna Wade who is married to Bobby’s brother Ray. So I mind betting that they will put him on the show to replace Christopher!!

  14. 1) This is a soap opera we talking about. This is DALLAS we are talking about. People don’t stay dead in soaps forever. I will, honestly, be shocked if Christopher DOESN’T come back at some point. That being said:

    2) I hope Christopher does stay dead. He was a drag. I like Metcalf, don’t get me wrong, but all Christopher did was whine and mope and cry. I wanted to see Christopher start kicking some butt and taking names.

    • TVFan says:

      ^^This! I hope the door opens for a return. Christopher did need something to do besides pin after women and cry. He was too squeaky clean at least Bobby wI’ll get his hands dirty.

  15. tara says:

    Its not game of thrones where you keep killing of main leads! They need to have christopher-its like Jr and Bobby from the old Dallas- gary or Ray could never fill in for them,bringing jr’s daughter isn’t gonna change that(dont care who they cast)! What about pamela and john ross- i don’t want her to become his main rival-that would be too war of the roses and frankly i’m bored with that-i like them as a couple and that whole dynamic. I hate the whole elena baby daddy story line and i hope to god the child is nicholas’s or by some strange twist christopher’s! Just any one but john ross’s as that would drive him and pamela even further apart.

    • vicki fraser says:

      I agree with that comment the two boys work good together and you need that. Show won’t be the same. you don’t need to keep killing people off love all the Ewings!!!!!!

  16. Frank says:

    I thought the finale was fantastic. I’m ok with Christopher gone. He was the weakest link. I hope Sue Ellen emerges as a powerhouse.

  17. Kathleen says:

    I hate that Christopher is gone, please resurrect him!!!

  18. Stunned says:

    I’m figuring from the hedgy comments about J.R.’s daughter that she’s going to be African-American, or some other race. I’d bet money on that, which would be awesome!

  19. Lori S. says:

    I am not going to watch this show any more, since all they want to do is disrespect the people who watched Dallas since the very first episode in 1978.To kill of Christopher who some of us have watched grow up is wrong. It’s bad enough they killed Pam off last year, and blew a whole bunch of great story line, but now Christopher. Anne or Emma should have been the one killed.

    • Tim says:

      They didn’t kill off Pam last year, she had been dead for years its just that Christopher only found out for sure after he tracked her husband down in Paris. To be fair, they kept that information as vague as they could for as long as possible trying to get Victoria to reprise Pam again. She refuses and absolutely will not budge. She wants nothing to do with Dallas anymore and the producers are smart enough to know that Pams one of those roles that viewers would not accept with a recast.

    • vicki fraser says:

      Not Anne She’s good for Bobby and I hope she will fight for her man. Don’t like the new Brood that’s Bobby’s x-girlfriend. Don’t need 3 J.R’S. Don’t want Anne back with her x either and I hope he locks up his mother for good. what a BI—-!!!!!! We need Christopher good match for J.R. Junior!!!!!!

  20. Gina says:

    No! Christopher cant die!

  21. Audrey MENDELSOHN says:

    I would like to see Katie Cassidy play John Ross’s sister

  22. Neal says:

    Is it me or does anyone else find it strange that we never actually saw Christopher get into the car? I think that all of this talk about Metcalf leaving could be a “Red Herring” to make everyone think that it WAS Christopher in the car.

  23. Jeremy says:

    Disgusted. You are ruining this by killing a Ewing. Your obviously desperate for a renewal. You lost another viewer. Thanks for screwing up this series.

  24. Mark says:

    I think Elena’s baby’s father is Christopher. It would give Bobby a grandson.

  25. seak says:

    I think Christopher should not be killed off. I think it is really a big mistake. We recently lost JR as well. I think so much could have gone on with Christopher and John Ross. I like their chemistry when they fight and then when they work together as a family. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK! Although I must say SEASON 3 was freaking awesome but don’t kill off Christopher.

    • Mrs M Hodges says:

      Christopher should come running from back of building (gents toilet) to see what caused the explosion, and a car jacker was the person we saw get into the car. Elena gets an abortion to spite Nicholas, as she can’t bear to have a child by him. Definately don’t kill off Christopher. Finally ask Chanel 5 to buy the show, as we watch it on that channel in England. Worth trying for all ur fans over here.

      • Jaunice McCall says:

        My sentiments I said the same thing chris come running from somewhere and the car was hijack by someone get rid of elena…….

  26. Charlotte says:

    God, this show should just be cancelled. This woman has ruined the entire series. It is not a surprise that the season finale was a SERIES LOW in the ratings. Killing Christopher was a mistake. Elena and Emma should have been killed instead.

    • Serena says:

      So agree with you Charlotte! Cidre has made a mockery of Dallas. And yes, Elena and Emma HAVE TO GO! I am sick of them!

      • ruth says:

        Ann is boring too. Elena is nothing but a whiner. I hope it is John Ross’s baby and Pamela find out the truth about Elena was spying on John Ross. Pamela needs to come out strong

  27. DavidSask says:

    I find it odd that they KILLED a main character, soap or not, unless there was fan hatred, discord on set, or actor wanting to leave! Who is the new sweet character is the main question?

  28. aaron says:

    So first of all is this sister older or younger then john ross. If she is older you can get jamie luner to play her she would be awesome in that role. If she is younger you could get. Rachel bilson from the O.C.

  29. Chris says:

    Write a scene that makes Christopher’s death not true. Show he got out of the car before it exploded. I have been watching Dallas since it started with J.R., Bobby, Ms. Ellie and all the rest and I will never watch Dallas again if you kill a major character.

  30. Denise says:

    I’m soooo sad, although I love the show Dallas, I really love Christopher…he was the calm to John Ross’s fierce. I will miss him greatly. It should be John Ross’s baby, I think there is a bond there and it needs to be revisited. Y’all need to bring in Gary Ewings twins for a little family rivalry, they have every right to the Ewing empire.

  31. Cathy says:

    I am still reeling from the season finale of Dallas. While we did see Christopher get into the car, I am hoping that the time spent on the bomber and Elena was enough time for him to have gotten out somehow, for some crazy reason, before the bomb went off. While I feel Christopher’s character was underutilized, I’d still like to see him back. In the meantime, I LOVE Josh Henderson as John Ross! He has really picked up the slack in the villainous side of Dallas. He has an evil little grin, and a sexy way about him. I REALLY hope that TNT picks up another season of Dallas!!!

  32. raj says:

    The ending with Christopher dying was shameless, didn’t really have time to feel anything. He is a major character and one that didn’t have to die. 2 Ewing’s dead in 2 seasons. What next? Bobby dying? Its appalling to do that to the legacy of the series just for shock factor. Will watch the first ep of next season but will stop at that.

  33. Karin says:

    I hate that Christopher is dead. Also to not show his funeral when viewers have followed him on TV since he was a baby seems like a missed opportunity! :(

    The actress who I’d most like to see play John Ross’ sister is “Sarah Michelle Gellar,” since she is my favorite actress of this generation. I think she has the acting talent it takes to pull off the sort of scheming daughter that JR would have had, just think of the character she played in Cruel Intentions, wouldn’t it be fun to see her play that type of character on Dallas? ;)

  34. Till says:

    Christoper is not dead because: 1. This is a soap opera so nobody’s really dead if you haven’t see the corpse. 2. The “death” is seen from a distance and we haven’t seen Christopher get in the car, we saw a man who looked like him. If it was Christopher we would have a clear shot of him getting in the car. 3. Time jump! How convenient to not have a proper send off to the character because he’s alive!

  35. dj says:

    Oh please…no body, no death. Don’t fall for it, folks. He’ll be back.

  36. Rob R says:

    Unraveling a classic show that is struggling by killing off a main character that has been on screen since his birth in 1981? Who is biologically related to Sue Ellen and adopted by Bobby as an infant?? Instead of being angry, I just shook my head and pretended it didn’t happen since I cant imagine the show will be renewed. Is every episode going to involve a hanging and shooting someone point blank in the head?? This is not the “Dallas” that was the most popular show in the entire world 30 years ago. It is some pale desperate version of “Dallas” with unnecessarily excessive violence and bad writing.

  37. Moni says:

    Com on people…we’ve all watched enough soaps to know that even when someone is dead…they’re not really dead…LOL…!!!! They’ll bring him back…..if they don’t I just hope it doesn’t mess up the show….maybe he’ll grow his b***s back by the time they bring him back. Judith is just magnificent…they have to keep her for sure…!!!! The return of Dallas has returned me to primetime TV….I move heaven and earth to watch these episodes….PLEASE, PLEASE TNT RENEW DALLAS FOR 2,3,4, more seasons….I’ll watch to the bitter end…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Lisa says:

    Sister?! WTF?! Where’s James? Hope this “sister” is a transgendered “Jamie”. The loss of Christopher is no prob if he’s replaced by a character we kind of know .

  39. I can’t believe they killed off Christopher. This really ruins it for me and I won’t be watching any more – which is a bummer because I was liking the show.

    • Bigfanofdallas says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I WANT CHRISTOPHER BACK. That was a very big mistake. I have been very upset that they could kill off Chris. I think they should have killed Ann. If Christopher does not show up in season 4 I will not continue to watch.

  40. says:

    I HATE the fact that Christopher was killed. I am an original Dallas watcher and one of the things that kept people intrested and loving the show was the battle between J.R. and Bobby. Therefore, I was so excited when Dallas came back to continue the family battle with J.R.’s and Bobby’s boys. With J.R.’s passing (GOD rest his soul) and Christopher no longer on the show…not sure if people are going to start losing interest. The BEST part of the new Dallas was J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen being on the show. Hopefully, more of the “old” timers will also be on. PLEASE let Christopher live.

  41. Gilda says:

    I can’t believe they would kill Christopher Ewing off. It’s like killing a long standing legacy! The fight for Ewing oil goes back to the good old days when J R and Bobby were at odds. I would hope for the shows future that they didn’t kill off Christopher. I thought other then The apparent demise of Christopher’s character, the season finally had everything. Action, suspense….. It was great! However, I don’t think I can continue watching it if they kill off Christopher!! It’s bad enough J R Ewing died.

  42. H. McDonnell says:

    The main reason this show works is that it recreates the original Dallas. The heart of that show was the love/hate relationship between the two brothers-Bobby and JR. By killing off Christopher for shock value, you basically changed the entire premise of the show. I predict it will “kill” the show.

  43. Mary says:

    Christopher was really my favorite, not sure I will be inclined to watch with him gone. Too many bad guys, not enough good guys.

  44. srdjanelo says:

    I agree Jaclyn Smith would be perfect for recast of Pamela Ewing I dont understand why everyone is stick to Victoria Principal

  45. Television says:

    He was really great for the show. They should have killed off Elena, the actress is terrible, the character is dumb. Christopher was a tie to the original show with him being part of the Ewing family. Dumb decision, we don’t need main characters that keep the show connected to the original being killed off. We already lost JR in real life.

  46. vicki fraser says:

    please don’t kill off Christopher I would like him and Elena get back together you already killed off two people. They work well together and could get back at John Ross and please-please don’t have Bobby have an affair we don’t need another J.R. his son does that part well we need a clean good person in that show and I don’t like his ex-girlfriend. Bobby is to much of a nice guy don’t ruin it and I love his wife in the show!!!!!

  47. CC as for me you made a mistake (to quote Julia Roberts.. BIGG MISTAKE HUGE HUGE) when you killed off Christopher. You as a writer did you not watch the old Dallas? You never kill off a MAIN EWING unless they die in real life and you have to write it in like Jock and JR, Look what happened when they tried to kill off Bobby it didn’t work so they had to make that entire season a dream, and when they tried to replace Miss Ellie with Donna Reed (due to her health) it doesn’t work. You need to bring Christopher back regardless and give him a little more backbone to go head to head with John Ross.. The storyline about the long lost sister will be good and the daddy to Elena will be interesting but bring Christopher back for sure. Have him be in witness protection to get the Cartel and Nicholas. Put Pan and John Ross together kinda like JR and Sue Ellen but don’t make Pam a weakling like Sue Ellen let her be a force to wreckin with. Give Sue Ellen a new love interest (or bring Dusty back) and make that be a rival and cause some tension with John Ross, but make her a strong woman and not a drunk that story line was exhausted in the original Dallas it is to old and outdated. Loved it when you had her going to be the governor, and when she hid the mic in the bourbon that was awesome Sue Ellen. CC take it with a huge grain of salt, from all the comments I have been reading and I have been watching Dallas since the very first episode and all reruns since IF YOU DON’T BRING CHRISTOPHER BACK YOUR GONNA LOOSE A LOT OF VIEWERS. PEOPLE PICK THEIR EWING AND THEY STAY TRUE TO THAT PERSON. HOPE YOU READ ALL THE COMMENTS AND LISTEN TO THE DALLAS FANS. You may not have to worry about anymore episodes being picked up. I LOVE MY DALLAS!!!!!!HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE 4th SEASON!!!!

    • Elisa Knight says:

      Angela Mynatt, every single word u said was right on the money. I too have watched Dallas since 1979 when it debuted n I never missed an episode of the old nor new. U don’t kill off a Ewing Cynthia. NEVER! Now take heed to Dallas’ fans

      • Kathrin Arthur says:

        I agree with Elisa, I have watched Dallas since the start and all the re-runs. New Dallas is just as addictive. Killing off Christopher will leave a hole that cannot be filled whoever you are planning to bring in. Add characters by all means but Christopher and John Ross are the same as JR and Bobby, one cannot continue without the other. Come on TNT Dallas is a legion on TV, get that contract signed for another series.

  48. Sue says:

    Very upset over Christopher’s death. This series is too new to start killing off the main characters. Jesse Metcalf should never have taken the role if he didn’t want a long-term job. Shame on him and the writers of the show for disappointing the fans. Will never watch him in any other series or film. I have a suggestion: Kill off the whole cast except for Sue Ellen and Bobby and start all over again.

  49. Pete Morris says:

    Hope Luis is brought back. Hope Luis is brought back, he stole the last two episodes. The cartel angle has probably played itself out, but think he would add a lot as a bad boy of the show. Antonio is a top notch actor.

  50. Victoria says:

    I am sad Christopher died. He is Bobby’s heart. So if you bring him back in season 6 with scars I will be good with that. As for John Ross’ sister~ y’all will cast the best. I really appreciate yall bringing back Dallas. I look forward each week when it is on! #RenewDallasTNT

    • Hi my name is Sarah Carroll
      I am a big crazy Dallas fan
      I always watched the show ever since I was a teenager
      Christopher’s death seriously
      Christopher is very handsome
      And he is really sexy more then John Ross
      I saw the finale that Christopher was checking up on Elena
      I saw him out of the car he went to the gents toilet
      And then he went to the ladies toilet to check Elena was ok
      And then I saw him went for a walk
      That’s when the car exploded
      Then I saw someone in the car when he went for that walk
      And I saw Elena walking out of the toilets
      She saw car that was on fire
      She thought Christopher was in there
      That’s when she said his name
      That’s why she run to the car to check if he was in there
      Which he wasn’t it was One of drug cartels was in the car not Christopher
      That’s why she phoned him
      Because his phone was on low battery
      Bring Christopher back
      i want him back
      The fans want him back
      Please TNT I hate you
      I will make a formal complaint over this
      Christopher he handsome amazing actor
      He is really sexy actor
      That’s why the fans loved him so much
      Bring him back to the show
      Because he deserves that
      I don’t want Bobby to lose his son
      He lost his dad JR
      He can’t lose another member of his family
      This will be end of Bobby now
      He might be in witness protection
      Because he and Elena are in danger
      Because of the drug cartels
      The show needs Christopher back
      This is not right for show
      And our fans as well
      If you don’t bring him back
      I will be after you