Chicago Fire Premiere Recap: The Fallen

Chicago Fire Season 3 Premiere Recap

After a summer of worrying about which member of Chicago Fire‘s finest wouldn’t make it out of that explosion alive, Tuesday’s Season 3 premiere finally identified the shocking victim.

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And the fallen was… resident paramedic Shay!

That was a bold choice on the show’s part. I fully expected a smaller, supporting character to bite the dust. But by killing off someone as pivotal as Shay, Chi Fire enters Season 3 with a bang, not to mention increased stakes for those she left behind.

The action picks up six weeks later, with Severide MIA from work and Dawson closed off and distant (she still hasn’t moved on to her new firehouse assignment). When she shows up late at work (because of a mysterious appointment), she’s stand-offish with Mills and not all that happy to meet her new medic partner. Things with Casey are stable, but they’re not without their issues. She’s not opening up to him — she’s talking to Antonio instead. She requests that Casey ask her to marry him again so that the memory of his proposal is not tied to the day Shay died. Casey, however, prefers to associate the memory with Shay telling Dawson how good they’d be together.

“The answer’s yes. The answer’s always yes,” Dawson tells her beau, who promises, “I’m going to do it right.”

And that appointment? It was a counseling session in which Dawson breaks down and reveals that she and Shay traded places in the field. The beam should’ve fallen on her.

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As for Severide, Casey finds him in the forest chopping wood in a shirtless tank. (How very Jeremy Gilbert of you, Severide.) The rescuer isn’t planning to come back to work, calling the firehouse cursed and full of misery. However, Casey’s speech about all the lives they save resonates with his colleague and Severide returns home to go through his roommate’s things. Casey then invites him to stay with him and Dawson. Casey and Severide living together… Let that sink in for a moment.

All of the emotional drama is punctuated by brief flashbacks of Shay — her first day on the job, her and Severide making a friend contract and, of course, that fateful day that took her life.

Elsewhere in the premiere:

* Inspired by Shay, Herrmann decides to franchise Molly’s.

* Mouch tries to distract Boden from his grief by inviting him and his new wife on double dates with him and Chicago P.D.‘s Trudy, who’s a hoot and a half.

* The rivalry between Firehouse 51 and Welch’s team is — pardon the pun — heating up. Things are so not going to be good for Dawson if she ever makes it over there.

* Newhouse finds out that Mill’s paternal grandfather is living outside of Chicago, leading Mills to track down one of his young relatives. A cousin perhaps?

UPDATE: Read why the producers decided to kill off Shay.

Chicago Fire fans, were you shocked to see Shay go? Did any particular moment bring tears to your eyes? Hit the comments with your thoughts and don’t forget to grade the episode via the poll below.

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  1. aadil says:

    no. Not Shay

  2. miss says:

    all i can say is WTF? Shay! Really Shay!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Did expect it to be Shay

  4. pecola says:

    Of course they killed the lesbian character…of course…

    • Sarah says:

      Seriously? That’s a ridiculous comment. Shay being gay was never a PSA like on other shows – they killed her because she was a best friend to two big characters and her death opens up storyline a and has a major effect on the whole house.

      • steveo says:

        You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Dee says:

        If it was all about opening up storylines and having a major effect on the whole house, why not the Chief? Or Dawson? Or even Mills? Stop using the excuse as ‘they killed her because she was best friends with two big characters’. There were two women on this show, and they decided to kill on the one who propped everyone else up because their was no need for her anymore, simple as that.

        • Sarah says:

          You’re right there are other characters they could have killed that would have impacted the house – I will absolutely give you that. My point was that the idea that they killed her BECAUSE she’s a lesbian seems unlikely. That’s all.

          • Enrique the Intelligent says:

            I disagree with your assessment. Knowing that they didn’t kill the “black guy,” “interracial guy,” or “latino woman” over the “gay woman” just shows that they took the easiest avenue. You can swear up and down that it wasn’t because she was a lesbian but the fact is that the others were saved because of the minority they fit into. The lesbian is the lesser of evils, especially since the character was so central to “two other characters.” I don’t hang out in the writers room and recognize that they probably chose her character for a valid reason other than sexuality – the character being a lesbian just made it an easier sell over the “latino” or “black guy.”

        • bluefairy says:

          @Dee, if they had killed the Chief, you (or someone else) would have bitched that they killed the main black character, how racist! If it had been Mills – they killed the interracial guy, that’s unacceptable! And Dawson, the only Latina woman on the show?! Surely the have something against Latinos. I hope you realize just how ridiculous this sounds. Stop seeing discrimination everywhere.

          • B says:

            Exactly! If you listen to the overly sensitive internet types, only white males are allowed to die, and anyone else who gets killed off is due to whatever bucket they fit into and only that.

          • Deborah Gajee says:

            Agree with blue fairy

          • Kai says:

            B, if you can ever find a show in American TV that only has one single white male in an ensemble cast, and the writers decide to kill him off after two seasons to open up more weak storylines for other non-white characters, I can assure you people WILL bitch about it on the internet.

            This is a diversity issue. Way to make everything about the white race.

      • Sally says:

        I agree with you Sarah! That was shocking and Shay’s death affected all the other fire fighters.

      • Carol Waters says:

        Soo sorry to see Shay to, I never thought it would be her. I hope the reason she left was because she will be appearing in another TV show.

      • Joyce says:

        Open new story line which last for one episode? Epic fail

    • steveo says:

      My.thoughts exactly. Won’t be watching again.

    • Don’t look at her demise as a strike against lesbian women. The actress has her personal agenda which may have conflicted with her continuing with the series.

    • Eric Van Dorn says:

      Your a ass for saying that

    • Hmm says:

      Yo. Chill. It’s been said that they killed Shay off because Lauren German wasn’t happy in Chicago and wanted out. It’s really disheartening that writers can’t even kill off a character of hot debate (ie. race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.) anymore without someone pointing the accusatory finger at them. I’m upset she’s gone too, but there was more to her character than just being a lesbian. I’m upset she’s gone because of the impact she as a person made to the firehouse, to the individuals whom she was close with – Kelly, Gabby, etc. For those who complain about the alleged treatment of these types of characters, you are quick to forget that behind the label of “lesbian” is a human person who should not be defined by her orientation, whatever that may be.

    • Melinda says:

      I can’t believe they killed her off !!! she was awesome. With her on the show, shows that anyone can be who they want or what they want. Welcome to 2014. She added flair to the show. I’m sorry to see her go……

    • clare says:

      That was exactly my reaction as well. From the moment the season two finale aired I knew Shay was a goner. How many old white dudes went into that building…and yet the black guy is injured(and in peril next week) and the lesbian is killed off. Typical. You can count on scriptwriters to sh*t all over any character who isn’t a WASP man.

  5. lorna says:

    Shay was my favorite. Why not Dawson? I like the spinoff better, anyway. Not sure if I’ll keep watching this for much longer.

  6. Noel says:

    Why did they have to kill anyone! I still love this show, but I am not happy with this.

  7. Emily says:

    Well, I’m officially done with this show. There were TWO main women on the show. TWO. And they decide to kill off one of them, and she also happens to be the lesbian. Let’s be honest here, she was no use to the writers anymore. During basically all of s2 she was a prop to Dawson and Kelly. Now with her gone Chicago Fire brings in another paramedic who is straight, as a love interest for the firefighters.

  8. Chad Smith says:

    I was hoping it would be Cruz. But aside from her lesbianism Shay was a boring character and I’m more indifferent than anything else at seeing her gom

  9. spignejr says:

    Called it last season. It was the only logical character death. And she almost died in that crossover with Chicago PD. Inevitable.

  10. Tran says:

    I’m really sad to see Shay go down in flames. Really hope Lauren German isn’t planning a return to Hawaii Five-O since her character quit halfway through Season Two and only time will tell if she’s planning to do another TV gig.

  11. Serena says:

    “Is this because I’m a lesbian?”

  12. jay says:

    Wow not even sure what just happened!! Why kill shay there are a lot of meaningless characters that could have been killed not sure where the story is going now but I won’t be around to watch. Season premiere was a bore to me

    • Zerb says:

      Being “meaningless” their deaths would have less of an impact. Not that I wanted to see Shay killed off, but if the reason is for a long term impact and not just a quick shock for the sake of shock, it makes sense.

  13. bad choice says:

    Shay and Severide were the best story line. I loved their relationship and chemistry on screen!!! They took away the best part of the show….enough with the Mills storyline…booooring. Another show disappoints…the episode was great, except that they killed off Shay who had so much more to add to the show!

  14. Jim says:

    They should never have killed off Shay! The show will not be nearly as good. I’m very disappointed.

  15. Stacy says:

    Too bad they had to kill off another female character. I’d rather see Peter (I’m perfect and can do no wrong) Mills go.

  16. Lisa Margherio says:

    Killing off Shay was a big mistake. Two women on the show and countless men and they still kill off a woman. A main character. Goodbye Chicago Fire!

  17. Don Daniels says:

    It was very sad and surprising to see a major cast player written off and out of the series. With such a embossing and moving experience watching this highly dramatic drama end like that was upsetting to say the lest. Hope none others of my favorites gets written off. I can think of some others I would love to see go off in the sunset.

  18. ingreenmts says:

    Killing Shay was stupid. Two women characters on the show and they kill off her. This character had so much to offer. Very predictable and I’m done watching this show.

  19. Tricia says:

    Lauren German probably wanted out. Shay was great but people leave. It had nothing to do with killing a lesbian or one of the few women. As sad as I am I will continue to watch.

    • Bwhit says:

      Good to see a logical person on this thread. It is a show about first responders, and tragically things like this happen. I have loved this show since the beginning and I can honestly say there is not one character I don’t like. I will watch as long as they keep putting it out!

    • Babygate says:

      Except that in another interview the writers admitted they had run out of ideas for the show and decided to do something shocking. Lack of creativity on the second season of a show does not bode well for them. And it does matter that they killed one of the only two female characters when they have such a vast pool to choose from. IMO.

      • Stacy says:

        Actually, the writers NEVER said they had run out of ideas. They said being a first responder is a dangerous job and they wanted to show that the jeopardy is real. They also said they chose Shay because her death would have the biggest impact.

  20. fannie jones says:

    Why Shay. Not good

  21. Joan says:

    The voice over technique was amateurish and distracting. We hope Dick doesn’t repeat this in future shows or we won’t be watching. Very disappointing launch of the new season. We also hope that he not planning to add the technique to Chicago PD as well.

  22. Dee says:

    Agree with many here! Call me shallow if you will, but I just took this show off my DVR, won’t be watching it again. Killing Shay, one of, if not the best character on the show, are you kidding me?!?

  23. it stinks that you killed off Shay..there were others that could have gotten the axe..

  24. deb says:

    Not happy with the choice of the cast member chosen to be written out of the show

  25. Jillian says:

    I gave it a “C” because they killed my favorite character! I was hoping it would be Mills. Really disappointed that Shay is gone. Otherwise it was a really strong episode.

  26. wrstlgirl says:

    The wrong paramedic died in my opinion. And now we have to listen to Dawson cry all season “it should have been me” Ugh. Love the show but she is the weak link.

    • youpin says:

      I agree. Dawson is going to make this all about her. Majority of the episode was about her when she left Shay in the wind last season when Shay was going through hell and it was Severide that was concerned for Shay and we barely saw him this episode.

    • sarah j says:

      Wrstlgirl: You and I think alike! I too think that the wrong paramedic died! I have not been a fan of Dawson’s from the start of the show.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I liked her at first but the more I watched the character the more I became aware of how incredibly selfish she is. Everything is about her, me, me, me, me. Very annoying.

  27. SO NOT FUNNY says:

    Why would they do that!! it doesnt make any sense, i dont get why they saved shay twice last season only to kill her off this season it doesnt make any sense at all! best character in tv history, they could’ve killed mills or chief and it would’ve had the same impact and open up storylines for every character! what happened to the shay wantting to be a mom storyline?? that character had seriously more room to grow, i certaainly should be a writer on the show to prevent stupid things like this one. GOOD BYE (its like watching the OC season 3 all over again)

  28. Wizard says:

    Getting rid of the most interesting character on this shown is a major mistake.

  29. Kar says:

    Done with this show. Wrong girl died

  30. France says:

    I guess when you leave and come back, the episode changes your perspectivve and sense of drawback to the shoe…I will enjoy watching it again. Was sorry to see “shay” expire….didn’t believe it would be only her but it was a tearjerker tonite even though I say the last epistode of Season 2, I didn’t believe one of the girls would be gone…Where is she now and what took her away?

  31. Bwhit says:

    Wow! Severide broke my heart. I am going to miss Lauren German as Shay. I see a lot of potential in this season and am so happy one of my favorite shows is back! Chicago PD tomorrow :)

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Hate to see Shay go. I would rather it had been Mounch. Why does every show have to have at least one obnoxious character?

  33. bradford j renderman says:

    i hated to see her go and now am looking to see what she is going to do next.

  34. judy patrick says:

    Love love the show, but HATE Shay was killed off

  35. HZ says:

    How can they kill off one of the stars of the show. She was always good in her scenes and also rivaled Olivia Wilde in beauty. She was someone I could see kick off a movie career after this show. Hopefully this turns out to me a good thing for her and she does become successful in movies, like George Clooney when he left E.R.

  36. BrittBrat says:

    Killing Shay made this whole episode unlikable for me!!! They could have at least put here in a coma!!!! She was one of my favorites.

  37. jeannie says:

    soo sad without shay. she will be missed big time

  38. Alicia Gray says:

    Their trick basically worked … we are talking about the show. Jerks.

  39. lauren says:

    Similarly, Severide and Shay will also look inward and wonder, ‘Is it time to get serious about life?’”

    That EP

  40. ScorpionGlow says:

    If they hadn’t posted the title of the episode in advance, it wouldn’t have been as obvious. I found it heart-wrenching. It’s very bizarre to me that she’s only being shown in flashbacks and is no longer on the show. Very disappointed by this.

  41. cindy says:

    You put in creative then snatch it away. The loss of Shay will ruin the show.

    • Has the actress made plans to work with another program, giving her insufficient time to perform both her parts? Don’t be thinking cancellation because of this. Chicago Fire is an excellent program.

      • Bwhit says:

        Thank you! A show like this is not one character alone! Is it sad? Yes, but I see a lot of interesting things down the line this season. While it sucked, the writers stayes true to the fact that they are writing for a show about first responders and things like this happen everyday in that line of work.

  42. D.S. says:

    Big mistake killing off Shay!

  43. joely says:

    Why shay…she was a great part of the show

  44. Melanie says:

    Since they killed her they must be starting the process of cancelling the show….

  45. Killing Shay must mean they are in the beginning process of cancelling the show…

  46. lululime says:

    I liked Shay but Mills is my favorite character I’m surprised by the dislike. Mills and Dawson’s relationship is what drew me in the first season. But yeah I could have gone with Mouch or Cruz instead.

  47. Kim says:

    should have left shay on the show

  48. michael says:

    I will miss shay hope she gets another series with action. Did she quit or got canned?

  49. Deirdre says:

    Why shay