Under the Dome Season 2 Finale Recap: Heeeere's Jimmy!

Under the Dome Finale Big Jim Murders

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from Under the Dome‘s Season 2 finale.

CBS’ Under the Dome, as Season 2 drew to a close, kinda sorta evoked Stephen King’s The Shining — and in doing so, the summertime drama took its first major step into channeling some of Mr. King’s horror themes.

The finale also teased (barely) what any possible third season would look like.

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Having been left with the crater into which Melanie got sucked, the gang’s consensus is to explore the hole, with the hope that it leads out of the Dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim rushes stabbed Pauline to the hospital, but without an MRI, Sam’s hands are tied as to what all he can do. Big Jim cries foul, yet feels confident that the Dome would never let Paulina die, that this is just another “test” for his “chosen” family. But while Jim’s away rummaging for saline, Pauline sees the painting writing on the wall and implores Becky to “please be kind” and rewind end her suffering.

After some debate, Becky does just that, with a morphine overdose — and then she clumsily allows Big Jim to see that she euthanized his recently returned wife. This truth makes Big Jim snap!, once and for all, first taking a hammer to poor Becky (“No one’s gonna miss you!“), and then putting a bullet into kindly Andrea’s noggin (while all Julia can do is watch). Big Jim then makes run at the redhead herself — his idea of “ruining the Dome’s plans” after it declined to resurrect his Mrs. — but Julia escapes to the woods, where everyone in town is descending into the crater.

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Junior opts to handle the Big Jim situation himself, finds his dad in the woods and shoots him. In the shoulder. And then stops shooting at his murderous, insane father. Allowing Jim to (slowly) chase his son through the woods.

Meanwhile inside the crater’s passage, Barbie and Julia and among the last to traverse a crack in the pathway. But after Barbie makes the (tiny) leap, the chasm widens, proving too great a distance for hobbled Julia to jump. She says the Dome will protect her, as long as Barbie — whom Pauline “saw” leading the town to safety Under the Dome Season 2 Finale Recap— fulfills his duty, so he agrees to come back for her (and, ultimately, Junior).

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As the season comes to a close, Barbie, Joe, Norrie at al arrive at a wall of butterflies, which promptly clear way to reveal… a wall of stone. Norrie — who was full of all sorts of emotions this episode, tracing back to the time she punched a girl for mocking her hairdo, apparently — flips out and yells at the wall of stone, to little effect. But then a lone monarch shows Barbie where to lay his hand, and as he does so, the wall begins crumbling, fractured by beams of semi-pricey special effects. And once a doorway is created, we see that just beyond it is… Melanie, looking quite ethereal and otherworldly.

Follow me…,” she creepily invites. “We’re going home.” And now I have the Resurrection promo song stuck in my head.

What do you think “home” is? And is Big Jim brutally killing poor, stranded Julia and Junior as we speak? Share your thoughts on the Season 2 finale — and whether there should be a Season 3 — in the Comments.

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  1. Cate Amos says:

    Norrie expressed my feelings perfectly – “All this way for a dead end?!” I don’t know if I can spend one more season watching this stretched out train wreck. I had a feeling a couple of weeks back that CBS was going to try for one more season. I wonder if I can sue the network to get all those hours of my life back.

  2. laurelnev says:

    Well, Big Jim was right about ONE thing when he said “No one will miss you” to Rebecca!

    Really not sure HOW to feel about that finale. I don’t think they’re in Zenith though.

  3. mom2specialboyz says:

    I have mixed feelings about the cliffhanger ending. I don’t like the trend of networks to wait so long before renewing shows. The characters and acting have been very engaging on this show. I hope they can continue and somehow keep the intensity going.

  4. JR says:

    Yes. Please let this show be renewed! Every episode the storyline moves fast. Revelations and confrontations aren’t dragged out like on daytime soaps. Each episode is expanding upon what is happening Under The Dome. And who knows where Melissa is going to lead them?

  5. BrightLight says:

    I seriously thought for a second that Jim was going to say to Junior “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

    Honestly, I would have been more surprised by the ending if they hadn’t have put the actress’s name in the bloody credits! I mean you know when she hadn’t shown up at all and there was only 2 minutes that it would involve her. Also, I was more intrigued by why she was wet and wearing an entirely different outfit then where “home” is. Since I’m assuming it’s not Zenith, I’ll go with Bikini Bottom. ;)

    • dan says:

      Agreed! I saw the actress’s name in the opening credits so I knew Melanie had to show up eventually. As the show was coming to an end I thought either the way of butterflies will reveal her or that the last butterfly would morph into her (hey, with this show anything ridiculous can happen). Once the rocks started crumbling I knew that Melanie would be standing on the other side. Interesting ending, but the underground set looked so cheesy. I realize its a summer show and the budget probably isn’t huge, but they could’ve done something to make the cave a little more realistic. Will I watch next summer if its renewed? That’s the real cliffhanger for me.

    • Howling with laughter ty made my day

  6. JJM says:

    I wish Jim would just die already. He’s not even a character I love to hate. His character just isn’t compelling at all anymore. Honestly, any attempt to bring redemption to his character would probably lead the writers to ‘possession by the dome’ storyline.

    • JeffDJ says:

      Yeah, if this show is renewed, there’s no way he can continue to live after what he’s done in this episode, right? His character is almost a parody now. Why didn’t Junior ensure he was DEAD before he ran off?? Jeez!
      Though this series is immensely frustrating at times, I do hope the show comes back cuz I’d kinda like to know how things develop past the cliffhanger.

      • Carm says:

        I will not watch another season with Big Jim. He has been killing people left and right with no consequences for two seasons. His character is just ridiculous now. And even though ‘no one will miss Rebecca’, she didn’t deserve what was done to her. If anyone deserves that it is Big Jim.

        • CountryQueen says:

          Better never read the book then – Big Jim is way worse in the much better book. I wanted to reach through the pages and slap him many many times.

    • The actor playing Big Jim is so damn good! It’s too bad the character is beyond redemption. Can’t wait for season 3!

  7. Mike Domino says:

    This show is all over the place. Season I was all about drug dealers and crooks and drug lords and payoffs and stockpiling drug manufacturing supplies like propane. A little supernatural happenings thrown in with, stars falling, butterflies etc. Season II is all conspiracy from outside “power of the egg” dead people coming back, big sisters now younger than you, dead mothers not really dead, post cards to the barber from outside and what happened to the drug dealers?? and all this happened over a two week period?? WOW. They should just end this show and cave in the tunnels and be done with it all.

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      At least Julia’s hair bounced back after getting rained on….that puts everything else in perspective.

      • Brigitte says:

        Don’t forget her body’s miraculous healing powers that allow her to get into those skin tight jeans with bandage outside (so we don’t forget) with little to no limp the day after.

      • LaBete says:

        Exactly! The Dome treats Julia pretty brutally (shot, stabbed, impaled) but at least it takes great care of her hair!

    • SK says:

      You are right! It has only been 2 weeks in their time. How do they bounce back so quickly from all the weird happenings? Maybe time moves really slow inside and a day is 7 days outside. It certainly feels like it’s been 14 weeks instead of 14 days.

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  9. pam says:

    The only resemblance this show has to the book is the title. If they had stuck to the book it would have been a really good show and done in one season. Now all these poor actors have to live with the shame.

  10. Jim says:

    The story should have ended this season . Anything that follows will be anti-climatic!!!

  11. Zenobia Jackson says:

    If Julia really felt like the dome was trying to protect them, why would she be on board with trying to leave? That doesn’t make sense at all.

    As for Big Jim…I found myself yelling at the screen “just die already”..his character has become a one note joke…good/bad, good/bad….ugh…kill him off already.

    At least we got to see that Norrie’s other mother is still alive and well and in Chester’s Mill…I was thinking I was imagining her. I was sad to see Maxine Fortenberry killed off another show…but Rebecca…good riddance.

  12. tifany says:

    I am really hoping this is not another, “LOST” situation. That final scene in the finale leads you to believe that “home” could be heaven. I will be disappointed if they all died in that dome in season 1 and now they are entering their afterlife….LOST.

  13. Mo says:

    I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. It’s like I can sense what it -could- be and so I keep watching, in spite of the mess that it actually is. I am honestly not sure there is actually any sort of a plan for season-long story arcs or for the series as a whole.

    I am glad, though, that we got that creepy ending. If they can keep that tone in a possible 3rd season there may be hope yet. But if they don’t get renewed all that ambiguity is just gonna make me angry.

    And about that ending, I assume wherever Melanie is taking them is not Zenith. And that she’s all wet because wherever it is has something to do with water, the way folks coming back into the dome always come out of the lake. It is probably wherever Lyle disappeared to before he surfaced in the lake. Then again, I am probably putting more thought into this than the writers are.

  14. Mike says:

    I am truly beginning to hate this show — and myself for watching it. There is no consistency int he characters. They become whatever the plot calls for. Jim goes from bad guy to good guy to bad guy. People go crazy at the drop of a hat. I just know having read/seen much of Stephen KIng’s “sci-fi” stuff, the ending will be an enormous let down and we will never know why the Dome came to be.

  15. Jd says:

    What’s with all the graphic and extreme violence against women in this ep?? Disturbing too. They sure jumped the shark over and over again for season 2!

  16. Linda Rachol says:

    There should indeed be a season three. Wish it could start next week!!!

  17. hud says:

    Finish series with a 2 hour tv movie. Tie up loose ends. Give us CLOSURE PLEASE…

  18. Linda Fraser says:

    Enough already! Too many unanswered questions! I’ve watched every episode from the very beginning, and I’m still confused! Still not sure exactly how Barbie’s dad is involved. Way too much going on!

    • Moment says:

      Under the Dome isn’t the only show on TV to end a season with unanswered questions, infact most, probably 95 percent of shows on the air do the same. It’s to keep people hooked and ready for more.

  19. Amanda says:

    Really was a crazy finale. I do think we’ll get a 3rd season but I do hope it’ll be announced as it’s last. I do think the show was stretched out too much but we need a 3rd season now so it can be wrapped up. I do still enjoy watching and the ratings aren’t bad for a summer series, especially once you add in DVR ratings. Plus I have a feeling with Stephen King’s other story “The Things They Left Behind” becoming a show on CBS too they’ll pair them up next summer.

  20. OldNick says:

    So they address euthanasia….VOLUNTARY euthanasia…and then have the euthanasist beatne to death with a hammer…just once I want to see this treated with some sort of compassion. Why do we hate it so much? Death is fine…suffering is fine…stuffing up the world is fine, but a merciful death is taboo. BAH!

    • CountryQueen says:

      It’s not like they had time as a family to discuss this. Don’t you think family members who wanted you to live, who were in fact, off somewhere on a hunt for something to save you (and save that someone who was thought was dead for 9 years) would be just a tad upset about what happened? And with one of those family members being Big Jim – who last week just up and brutally stabbed Lyle, not once but twice, with no hesitation – this was an obvious outcome.

  21. tp says:

    I’m so over Big Jim. I screamed at Julia when she stabbed him in the foot. “You were suppose to stab him in the thigh an twist it!! Haven’t you seen Face-Off?!” Die just die already Big Jim.

  22. Maryann says:

    I guess I am in the minority. I love the show and can’t wait for Season 2!

  23. Nathan McGowan says:

    We need a 3rd season please you can’t leave me this way I’ve been a loyal viewer since episode 1 its the best thing .

  24. Dan says:

    How did Big Jim manage to keep about 10 yards behind Junior, even though he’d been stabbed in the foot and shot in the chest AND is about 2.5 times his son’s age??

  25. Fan says:

    Love the show! Hope we get season 3!

  26. RaeAnnaHanes says:

    I think Stephen King’s original story was laid out in S1… the director and King let them selves explore in S2… I am also guessing the crater has some connection to an alien race, who has been in control the entire time… All just my opinion, but how/why would that Melanie come back to life after so much time? Unless some otherworldly forces wanted an inside drone taking notes? I don’t think they are headed to anywhere on this earth… and by the look on Barbie ‘ s face, he had forgotten all about coming back for his “Monarch”……??? All just my opinion. …. (haven’t read the book, yet. ) =)

    • CountryQueen says:

      If you read the book expecting answers you’ll be sorrily disappointed. First, because there are no answers, and then, because this series seriously sucks compared to the book! Read the book, it’s great. Ignore the people who didn’t like the ending.

  27. Gerald says:

    Season 3 please. It is a summer show. It is a guilty pleasure. Great mix of characters.

  28. Fred says:

    I hated this finale. The other episodes in this season were a lot better (and those weren’t even great). I always thought (/hoped) that the story would get better in the finale, I was expecting a lot. Last year’s finale told us who the monarch was, showed some of the origin of the dome, and gave at least some answers. So I was expecting the same for this finale, but we’ve got nothing at all. It’s like they forgot all about what happened in season 1. It’s just gotten ridiculous. That beginning with the father dying, I didn’t really see the point. They could’ve done better things at that time, especially because when the episode ended, first I thought we were just entering a commercial break and that we’d get the real cliffhanger later. This was crap. I’ve defended this show during this entire season, hoping it’d get better, but this finale sucked big time. And don’t even get me started on Big Jim, the way he’s written is such a mess. All other tv-shows have villains that either you love to hate, or they’ll be defeated. None of that applies to Big Jim.
    I really want this show to be renewed, but they have to make season 3 the last one. Give us some closure and give us answers! (Also, please kill Big Jim and just make Carolyn/Aisha Hinds/Norrie’s other mom a series regular again).
    This finale left me extremely dissapointed and also a bit angry I have to admit.

  29. Achmad Ryo says:

    this is a good film :) … i’m wait for a next session

  30. Ronnie says:

    So good but hey don’t stop now, are they all going to die? Are Julia and junior the new Adam and Eve of whats left in the dome? This is by far better than the book guess because we see what’s going on, but hey the dome needs to go and new things need to come of it all, so let’s get moving :) bring on another season!!!!! Love this show

  31. Chris says:

    WILL YOU ALL PLEASE JUST SHUT UP AND STOP HATING ALREADY! This is a good show. no one cares about the book. look at all the books that become movies. Are they EXACTLY like the story? NO. So live with Under the dome being different. it was a great season finale and its great how the story was rewritten. Please just shut up with your hating and don’t watch the show if you don’t like it. the leatherheads are coming later if that’d what you’re waiting for put please just stop hating. the characters are fine and big Jim will die.

  32. sherry says:

    The finale of under the dome was good, except I didn’t like the fact that they left Julia and junior behind. There is no way barbie is going with Melanie without Julia, junior will probably find a way for them to get across. If there is no season 3, I hope they have a movie to end everything, with Barbie and Julia living happily ever after.

  33. Pat says:

    Big Jim has totally gone off the rails and he needs to be put out of his misery. I am not sure what the heck is going on with that last scene. Melanie is dead and she looks exactly what she looked like when she was rescued from the lake. She wants them to follow her and it looked pretty much like she was standing in the “light” or is she an alien and will they be going into a space ship??? I guess I will have to wait and see but if by chance they afford us another season to resolve this, I will not have a glass of wine in my hand, but instead I will be holding the bottle ready to drink myself into oblivion, just to get through this crazy show.

    • chris says:

      I think that they are all an experiement and Melanie is a mind illusion of some sort. Actually trying to figure how another season is going to come off when Big jim has killed the vast majority of the key players in the distant background. Really confusing at this point. Or maybe they are all dead already…hmmmmm wish they would air 3 now instead of months from now.

  34. Bmcgina says:

    Yes there needs to be a Season 3

  35. Mallory Green says:

    OMG I want Julia and junior to get across with the others :( looking forward to the next season so much!

  36. Kathy says:

    I love Under The Dome please give us another season!

  37. Jat Nuyt says:

    I kind of forgot this was a two week span. Its like Donner party after two weeks ? Seriously, sending out a virus and worried about supplies ? I thought it was like three months. I love this show though. I can’t believe we have to wait until next summer, again ! oh well, hopefully it will be a complete third season, who doesn’t love Barbie ?

  38. Jimmy says:

    Well I didn’t expect the season finale to be satisfying by any means – this is Under the Dome after all. In fact, the finale just raises more questions, like where are they all going now? What does “home” mean? Because “home” for all those people is Chester’s Mill. So unless they were all sucked into a parallel universe on Dome Day, and the real Chester’s Mill is beyond that white light behind Melanie, I have no guesses. But, I have a feeling Melanie didn’t mean Zenith. If that’s where they were heading, the passageway would have opened back up.

    Also, what ever happened to Barbie Sr.? Last we saw, his men turned on him and he wasn’t in this episode at all. And look! It was Carolyn! So she is still around. You could have fooled me, writers, considering you spend so long developing her character and including her in all the major, important events going on under the dome.

    One thing I did like was all the action, suspense and Stephen King inspired twists. I’m also happy that Rebecca and Lyle are dead, I hated both characters and saw no use for them, especially Rebecca. Is it bad that I cheered when Jim killed her? My problem with her is that it’s like they replaced Linda and Angie, two strong female leads, with this annoying nut-job, hoping to turn her into a strong female lead, like Julia. Jim was right when he said no one would miss her.

    I only want a season 3 to tie up loose ends and wrap it up, because it just can’t end like this.

  39. shirl kibb says:

    I hope for a new season. how it can be played out? what about putting Barbie’s dad in the dome with big jim. they can fight it out to death and all the dead there comes back to life and goes after who won {dad or jim}

  40. Sheila McMullen says:

    I have watched under the dome since the beginning. Please renew season 3 don’t just end it with no closure. I am a HUGE fan of Stephen King and this show is awesome
    Please renew season 3
    Thank you

  41. LaBete says:

    My favorite parts were when the Dome started doing its howling, tree-uprooting Smoke Monster impression out in the woods and at the end when the dead-end wall started glowing at Barbie’s touch! Even the Dome knows how hot he is! See you all next summer?

  42. Tzetz says:

    I really want Season 3. With this cliffhanger finale, there is plenntyy of room for producer’s fantasy tornadoes.
    I am fascinated – the best show after Lost!
    Season 3 is most waited!

  43. Way better than the S1 finale, because its actually leading to something

  44. andrea says:

    I didn’t even know that was the finale!!! There better be a 3rd season!!! Could have been better but I’m still a huge fan of the show regardless.

  45. FreeRyde says:

    How could a 3rd season be wrung form this tripe!

  46. Linda says:

    Way too much violence in this finale. Why couldn’t the producers have portrayed Jim as disturbed, but allowed Chester mills characters to intervene, to prevent him from committing so much violence. Jim would have never burnt his home down with his wife’s body and her paintings because he loved her, or at least he thought he did. Had nightmare about the episode where Becky was killed. The best recent episode for me was “The Fall” where Barbie is able to make his way back into the dome with others. I have watched it more than once and I saved it to watch again, but the finale I erased….because the violence overshadows anything good about it for me.

  47. Did not realise this was the final of Season 2 lol

  48. Of course there should be a third season!That was no way to end a story even if it is a Stephen King story. What happens to Junior and Julia? More Under The Dome please..

  49. Connie says:

    There has to be a Season 3……..love this show!!!!!

  50. Tegan Vanderzyl says:

    You should definitely make a season 3