Dallas Finale Recap: Fall in the Family

Dallas Season Finale

Operation: Save the Ewings went off (relatively) without a hitch on Monday’s two-hour Dallas season finale, but as we all know, victory tends to be short-lived at Southfork.

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As promised, the finale claimed the life of a Ewing family member, though not the one most fans predicted. In the episode’s final moments, a car explosion — possibly a marketing ploy for TNT’s new “boom” slogan — burnt poor Christopher to a crisp. A Crisp-topher, if you will.

Of course, his death wasn’t the only huge twist tonight; Elena realized she is, in fact, pregnant with either Nicolas or John Ross’ child, while John Ross discovered he has a long-lost sister out there somewhere. (So I guess we also gained a Ewing this week! No? Too soon?)

OK, now let’s back up a bit and discuss more of the finale’s finer points…

BANG BANG | After a season of ignoring absolutely every obvious clue thrown her way, Elena finally started putting the pieces together about Nicolas, including his involvement in Drew’s death. And in typical Elena fashion, she skipped about seven steps, releasing a barrage of bullets in Nicolas’ penthouse. Christopher showed up to witness the final shots, and in typical Christopher fashion, he didn’t think before getting his ruggedly handsome fingerprints all over her gun.

OLD FLAMES | Meanwhile, an emotional Tracey showed up at Chez Ewing, seeking the kind of comfort only a Ewing can provide. Bobby managed to pry Sue Ellen off of Tracey before she clawed her eyes out, and even though Ann was slightly more understanding, she still didn’t appreciate Tracey’s next-day flirty texts. And speaking of old flames, Ryland tried to get back in Ann’s pants good graces — he was all, “Remember the night of the fire?” — but she let him down gently.

WAR OF THE ROSES | Shortly after John Ross met with Judith — she gave him the dress and photos she’d planned to blackmail him with, in exchange for the scoop on Ryland’s CIA work — he came home to discover that Pamela’s officially done being taken advantage of. (Unless we’re talking about Nasir, of course. He can apparently take advantage of her all he wants.)

POWER PLAYS | Certain that John Ross and Pamela would not be the best leaders of Ewing Global — and for good reason — Bobby and Sue Ellen set up an early meeting to snake the company out from under them. But because John Ross always has a Plan B, he arranged for Judith to become the new railroad commissioner (and she looked damn good at it).

Dallas fans, were you blown away (so to speak) by Christopher’s death? Rate tonight’s season finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Renz says:

    I’m kind of hoping that it’ll go in typical soapy fashion where it turns out that Christopher managed to somehow miraculously survive the explosion. I enjoy him and John Ross butting heads too much to see him go.

  2. Annie says:

    I was shocked it was Christoher! I did not see that coming! I thought he and John Ross were safe bets to be on next season. Questions: what was Bobby going to tell Sue Ellen? Is Nicholas in charge of the cartel? Loved Henderons song!!!

    • rgw says:

      Bobby told Sue Ellen about Carlos Del Sol loaning them money to buy back Ewing Global. Nicholas is in charge of the cartel NOW, after being granted immunity for information he gave about other cartel members and activities. Free as a bird and meaner than a snake. Have come to believe that those actors who are the nicest people in real life make the best villains as actors. Somehow a bit of their nice personality shows through and makes them lovable, all the while doing the villainous deeds of their characters and we end up loving to hate them. Definitely that way for Larry Hagman. Also for Juan Pablo Di Pace (Nicholas Trevino), Mitch Pileggi (Harris Ryland), and with Judith Light whom we all love as a very nice lady, now we love to hate as Madam Ryland. Having lived in Tulsa with a daughter who also graduated high school in Tulsa about the same time as Josh Henderson (but from another school in Tulsa than Josh Henderson), am rooting for Josh Henderson as the home town fellow. Let’s face it, the JR character is essential to the plot in this show. Think he is doing a great job of carrying on the JR persona into a younger generation. Almost like watching step by step the process of Anakin become Darth Vader. When he does good he never gets credit because he is always expected to do bad. When his birthright is taken from him, he has no one to console him. We almost forget for the moment that he brought it upon himself. Loved his song as well! Sometimes he is the hurt boy, and then he comes back with a vengeance. Go, Josh! Great job!

  3. mdbchud says:

    PLEASE TNT, renew this amazing show and find a better time slot so it can thrive. Somewhere Larry Hagman is looking down smiling that JR smile.

    Well done to everyone involved.

  4. rgw says:

    Usually record the Dallas episodes on DVD so I can watch them again. This finale was interesting with action and new story lines until it looks like Christopher was blown up in the car. Hoping someone decides better and next season we see him walk out of the store and he was not in the car when it blew. Won’t be watching this finale again.

  5. mdbchud says:

    Bobby was going to tell Sue Ellen his plan to get a loan from Carlos to take over the company before Tracey arrived.

  6. Drew says:

    I don’t have cable, so… Christopher died?!
    Is this like a “Chloe Sullivan in the exploding house” death, or is he good and dead? Did they show the body?

    • Annie says:

      Car bomb via cell phone. Elena was with Christopher and they had to stop to throw up and do a pregnancy test. He says he was going back to the car. She gets a few steps from the car and boom. He’s suppose to be dead. Now how long he stays that way…

      • Drew says:

        Yikes. I thought it would be Ann for sure. I wonder if they can bring him back without pissing people off (because of the ad campaign promising a death).
        Thanks for the recap.

      • Beth says:

        I don’t think Christopher is dead. I am going to watch it again on Demand. I don’t think they will kill off a main character, unless he wanted out of the show. I hope Dallas continues no matter what. It’s the best show on television!

      • Tim Tik Birk says:

        This is Dallas after all and the show does have a history an infamous one at that of bringing back characters we have seen die on screen.. Bobby Ewing is the most famous one with his “death” being a dream of Pam Ewing who woke up to see Bobby in the shower alive and well then she realized she dreamed an entire season.. The infamous dream season of Dallas.

  7. Geo says:

    Won’t believe the death until we see a body and even then, not so much. Remember, his mom supposedly burned up in a car, too, but that didn’t take.

    • Annie says:

      Maybe that’s the key: if you are I an explosion, you’re not really dead?

      Felt bad when John Ross broke down in the elevator and he was listening to JRs voicemail. I think he does love Pamela and somewhere deep deep way deep down, she loves him, but I don’t know if they can ever eba couple again.

  8. Mark says:

    Do we know if Jesse Metcalfe was planning on leaving the series?

  9. Rachel says:

    I’m really they pull a typical drama thing and Christopher wasn’t in the car, I mean we didn’t see him dead.

  10. ARIAN says:


  11. Mark says:

    I kind of hope that Dallas isn’t renewed. It’s not the same without Larry Hagman. I didn’t care for the reveal that J.R. has a daughter. Why would that be blackmail anyway? Lastly, I didn’t like them killing Christopher off.

    • dysturbed says:

      What ever happened to his son James from the original? They haven’t referenced him at all, unless I missed it at some point.

      • Tim Tik Birk says:

        J.R. also had a grandson named Jimmy that was the offspring of his son James and his first wife Debra Lynn. Cally who was J.R’s 2nd wife also had a son who was last seen as a baby when she left Dallas, he was never mentioned again, even when Cally arrived for the funeral service for J.R.

    • K says:

      Yes, how is another illegitimate child blackmail material for JR? Doesn’t he have a couple of them running around already? If it were Bobby it would be a different story.

    • Love love the show! They have done an excellent job … In fact… John Ross is even a betterJR. So glad it’s still on !!!!

  12. Melissa snodgress says:

    i love this show please have 4 season

  13. Yolanda Jones says:

    Why Christopher? ?? Awesome finale but why Christopher?

  14. Amy says:

    Didn’t JR have a daughter with Callie? Or am I not remembering that right?

    • Tim says:

      He had a son with Callie and another one and another one with a woman he went with before he married Sue Ellen who turned up full grown late in the series.

  15. shala says:

    It was going great till Christopher”s explosion, hope that he somehow survive.

  16. BasiaDemi says:

    Christopher had on a checkered shirt when he was talking to Elena at door. The guy that got into the car had on a plan blue or black shirt. I am not sure if this was a continuity issue or a clue that Christopher did not get into the car

    • David Conner says:

      I am so mad. I love Christopher. I think the shirt was the same. I like both JR and Christopher. I hope like others here that somehow he wasn’t in the car, but I don’t see how. I guess he’s gone. Out of any of the characters he is one that shouldn’t have been killed off.

    • It was the same shirt. Maybe you watched it on a small screen or something but it was the same as far as I could tell. If it wasn’t him it would have had to be someone with similar build and hair color who also had the key fob to the car. He remotely unlocked it seconds before he got in. Trust me, that was him.

    • HOPE he wasn’t the one that got in the car !

  17. Ryan says:

    Maybe its John Ross’s baby.

  18. Michael says:

    haven’t seen it yet, but didn’t Pam almost perish in a similar car wreck? I thought it was going to be Bobby given that Ann or Emma were too obvious (and Emma’s not really a Ewing)

  19. Candice says:

    The “cliffhanger” made me yawn. If this show is renewed, I hope they get rid of the cartel angle.

  20. L says:

    John Ross should have a couple of brothers out there too.. if they arent forgetting the past continuity…

    • JEst says:

      They once mentioned John Ross as JR’s oldest so it sounds like they are forgetting Sasha Mitchell’s character of James, despite him being on a few seasons of the original.

  21. Jim says:

    I was underwhelmed. Why snuff out anybody like this? I do think they left the door open for the possibility that Christopher survived and wasn’t in the car. The cartel angle is getting old. Overall the writing needs to improve. Please keep Jesse Metcalfe.

  22. luv2cook says:

    See ya Christopher, I won’t miss you at all. God I LOVE this show!!!! Josh Henderson’s song was great and he just gets better and better at playing John Ross. And Judith Light is all kinds of fantastic!As long as they keep Bobby, Sue Ellen, Pamela, John Ross and mama Rhyland I am in for the duration and so are my group of 23 friends that all get together to watch this show.

  23. drhenning says:

    I will say that I found it interesting that Jesse did some talk shows to promote this back half.. I am pretty sure it’ll be back… Too many season ending cliffhangers plus the show sells well overseas…

    • TV Gord says:

      The old series sold well overseas. I haven’t seen anything that says this one does. I would need to see proof before I believed that.

  24. Luv says:

    There is no way that Christopher was in that car. And the JR secret daughter thing seems too contrived. I’m suspending disbelief, as should be the norm when viewing most television programs, but this finale could have been more intriguing. Personally, I don’t have that “can’t wait until next season” adrenalin rush. It is what it is. But, having said that, I’ll be tuning in for the new season….lol.

    • Joe E Dangerously says:

      He was in the car. If you watch it again he definitely climbs in the car and does not have time to get out before it goes boom. He’s in there alright.

  25. ree says:

    So is Elena really pregnant with Nicholas baby or would it be John Ross’s baby after all she slept with him to, in the same time frame. And how could they get rid of Christopher?

  26. dburnett says:

    I hated the ending and will not have any more to do with it. just removed the timer. once of the ONLY good guys and you kill him off? Really? But then again this is Dallas right? I grew up down the street from the small house on Murphy Rd called South Fork. You just proved to me this show could never measure up to the the original show.

  27. Brenda says:

    Here’s what I’m hoping for:
    1) Christopher kidnapped by Nicholas’s cartel before blowing up car
    2) Elena has John Ross’s kid
    3) Judith has some fun messing with Bobby
    4) Ellen and John Ross develop a close ‘less physical’ relationship that makes Pamela jealous
    5) J.R.’s 24th long-lost daughter turns out to be that cowboy lady Christopher was..well
    6) Plot line somehow involves the Ewings screwing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in a land deal

  28. TV Gord says:

    I hope that John Ross’ “new” sister brings Callie back to Dallas! That would open up a whole new world of possibilities.

  29. Dave says:

    Elena is pregnant with John Ross’ child.

  30. Jess says:

    I think Elena’s baby is John Ross’, not Nicolas. She slept with him too and I don’t remember them using a condom. I hate that Christopher died. Why couldn’t they have killed off Ann or something. I don’t know if I will watch next season or not, if there is one.

  31. Carol morrell says:

    The baby might just be a Ewing. Remember she slept with John Ross to get the letter from JR.
    Was Christopher dying because Jesse wanted leave the show or was it the powers that be decided he would die? Of course, he could have survived. It is a Soap sorta.

  32. Robin says:

    Great finale. Can’t wait for it to come back. Hope they bring Jesse back. They need him on the show. Élana’s baby could also be John Ross’s which would be the next heir to the Ewing money.

  33. Vonda says:

    It’s already been confirmed that Jesse Metcalf is not returning next season (assuming there is a next season). The ‘surprise’ sister of John Ross is slightly irritating, unless of course, the sister is the daughter of J.R. and Callie Ewing. And what about James Beaumont, J.R’s other son ?

  34. Ella J. Wade says:

    Why couldn’t they have killed off Ann instead of Christopher? Then maybe the whole Ryland family would be gone. IMO, the character of Judith is a joke.

  35. Norma Neuman says:

    Writers, you messed up. 4 characters you never kill off & they are Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross & Christopher. You fix it & let someone else had got in that car or as a big fan i will not be watching anymore. Always have to mess up a good show.

  36. Hmm says:

    Not pleased with Christopher gone. Really hope he rises from the ashes. They need him to preserve the Bobby/JR dynamic.

  37. Chandrala says:

    Bring Christopher back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should have been another Ewing maybe a cousin outside of the immediate circle. I’ll stop watching. BRING CHRISTOPHER BACK!!!#####Back

  38. Dan says:

    How could they kill a core character like Christopher… Bobby’s son?

    I hope this means Bobby is going to pursue a relationship with his other son Lucas. (The one he had with Jenna) I never liked the way Jenna treated Bobby after he went back to Pam in the original series, so it would be nice to have him reconnect with his bio-son if Christopher is indeed dead.

  39. Denise says:

    I loved the Season Finale of Dallas. I hated that Christopher died. I would have liked to have seen him and Elena trying to work things out and getting back together. I hope John Ross and Pamela can find their way back to each other, because they do love each other and you could that in the Finale. I think Pamela only slept with that guy because she is still hurting and then when John Ross went and saved Emma I think Pamela had to do something, so when John Ross walked in and saw her. That was her pay back to John Ross. Now they both have done their dirt. So put them back together. They are AWESOME together!!! As for Ann and Bobby I dont know what to say. Sue Ellen needs a nice male friend. She is so sweet and caring. Emma needs to be by herself so she can figure her life out without all the controlling people she has had to deal with maybe she would be a much better young lady.

  40. Michael says:

    I need more dallas now that chris is dead (supposedly) they should bring back bobby real son Lucas and is it me or does anyone else remember jr other kids terrance and james

    • NJMark says:

      Lucas??? What for? What would he do?

      • Tim Tik Birk says:

        Lucas could return bitter that he was denied his share of the Ewing fortune and his place at Southfork. I think he would add drama to the show not only returning to seek answers why Bobby gave him up as a baby without a fight, but to challenge John Ross for control of Ewing Global and Southfork. So much potential there with Bobby’s biological son replacing his adopted son, if he turned out to be good like Bobby then we would have the dynamic of good vs evil again that the original series had with Bobby vs J.R and what was unsuccessfully tried with Christopher vs John Ross. But then again he may turn out to be the evil son of Bobby Ewing while Christopher was the good one.

  41. Denise says:

    Please, Please bring Dallas back for another season. I love this show. Everyone and everything is AWESOME!!!

  42. dorothy nelson says:

    Why on earth would they kill off Christopher l rated it a F for that reason alone…say it ain’t so

  43. Maryann says:

    If Christopher is dead they have removed the main dynamic of the series (Christopher v John Ross) and my favorite character.

  44. Annabel says:

    Awesome ending to a great series just wish Christopher didnt have to be the one to go!

  45. Television says:

    Loved it! Get rid of Elena though, bad acting only from that one.

  46. Gina says:

    So the article says Elena is pregnant with Nicolas’ baby but if you remember she did have sex with John Ross to get the information he was hiding about her father’s land. So who is the father of this unborn child???

    • Sawyer says:

      The article states that neither Nicholas or John Ross is the baby’s father, there is a third possibility. Christopher is the father. I realize that at the end of season 2 Elena and Christopher broke up, however we are not talking months in season 3. Season 3 takes place in a very short time span possibly 3 to 4 weeks. Cidre stated a time jump of 4 months in season 4. Elena took up with Nicholas in season 3 very soon after her split with Christopher. Elena had sex with John Ross like a few days before Ann/Emma were captured. Elena was puking her guts out she is at least 3 to 4 months pregnant. We will probably see some flash back with her and Christopher sleeping together.

      • Sawyer says:

        sorry time jump in season 4 for is 6 months (if they renew it). Elena baby is Christopher’s. That makes Elena 3 months pregnant. Dallas Season 3 is a short time span from Elena’s break up, with Christopher. Pamela/John Ross 2nd wedding. Nicholas/Elena hooking up quickly, we can’t forget Pamela finding out about Emma and the Pamela/John Ross/Emma mid season finale. Season 3 only takes place in a matter of a few weeks. John Ross and Nicholas is not the baby Daddy. RIP Christopher your the baby’s Papa. Does anyone care about JR daughter?

    • Nicolas’s. Please learn proper grammar and add the ‘s.

      • Jay says:

        In proper English, if the word that you want to pluralize ends in an ‘s’ then it can end …s’s or …s’. Give up with the grammar trolling when you aren’t even correct !

  47. De says:

    If Christopher did die, it totally sucks! I don’t even want to start watching again. You should have gotten rid of Ann.

  48. Patrice says:

    It was an awesome finale with one exception in my opinion. I do not want Christopher to be dead or any of the Ewings for that matter. They are already a small family. Christopher helps to balance out the good and the bad characters in the show. He is needed and he brings a lot to the show. He and his father are great compasses.

  49. tara says:

    I’m not happy about christopher being blown up nor about john ross and pamela being over! I liked christopher’s character-was the white knight versus john ross’s dark knight. And there were such few Ewings to begin with… Please re-cast the role if Jess Met doesn’t wanna come back(that’s hoping there is a season 4)- they do it all the time. Wish Elena had died instead and put an end to this boring Ramos family story line. And where has John ross’s sister come from? Do the writer’s not do their research properly- JR had a john by Vanessa beaumont James and then Cally was pregnant but why didnt the girl come to her father’s funeral or why didn’t she mention something in season 2? Am most annoyed about Pamela sleeping with the Sheikh. Turned all the Dallas younger women into tarts. Could have left one with some class. Hope there is a season 4 which is longer 22 episodes and that christopher isn’t dead, elena’s baby isn’t john ross’s but nicholas’s and john ross pamela get back together. That’s my wish list for next season. Writer’s and TNT hope you are listening.

    • Sawyer says:

      I totally agree with the whole Christopher being killed off. Jesse M. wanted off the show. I don’t think he enjoyed playing 4th fiddle to Josh Henderson. I love Pamela and John Ross. I knew as soon as Emma hugged John Ross, Pamela was going to hurt John Ross. The writing seamed off a bit last night. John Ross was bringing Pamela flowers, after meeting with Judith and Emma. I thought that was lame, kinda sweet though, walks in on Pamela and the Sheikh in bed together. John Ross has a fit, after sleeping with Emma ,after he just married Pamela in Las Vegas Season 2 finale. That scene reminded me of the old Dallas with JR/Sue Ellen. John Ross tells Pamela she is the same whore who married his cousin. Oh I bet that REALLY hurt Pamela’s feelings not.
      I think at this point Pamela/John Ross hate and love each other so much neither one will forgive or forget.They will end up tearing each other to pieces until something tragic happens or they have a knockdown drag out fight. Probably the fight. The whole sister thing was stupid. Who cares if John Ross has a sister, he has a couple of brothers by JR. They already mentioned what they have planned for season 4 with 15 episodes and that John Ross/Emma become more like friends/sister/brother relationship. Honestly last nights finale did not have me caring one way or another if TNT renews Dallas until I read what they have in store for season 4.

    • Yes. Please some how …. Bring the Christopher character back. White knight. … Vs…. Dark knight. It want be the same or as good without both cousins.

  50. Love Dallas,keep it coming