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Vampire Diaries Season 6: Dramatic New Poster Pairs Elena With Stefan

Vampire Diaries Season 6

Do Stefan and Elena have something they’d like to share with the rest of us?

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Mystic Falls’ most infamous exes are seen holding hands in the just-released poster for The Vampire Diaries‘ upcoming sixth season, which finds the entire cast in a state of chaos as “all spell breaks loose.” (Get it?)

Of course, the hand-holding might not mean what we think it does; after all, Damon and Bonnie are also seen linking arms, and those two can’t stand each other. And then there’s poor Caroline, who seems to have fallen down for some reason. (Don’t just stand there, Matt and Tyler. Help her up!)

Peruse the poster in full below, then drop a comment with your full critique: How do you interpret these odd pairings?

Vampire Diaries Season 6

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  1. Ray says:

    Don’t give a rat’s rump! Finally deleted my season pass for this tripe and I feel free as a bird!

  2. Dmac says:

    Let the crazy begin…

  3. Lyncoln says:

    Obviously it’s symbolism for Stefan trying to get Elena to move on but she’s lingering and looking elsewhere (probably for Damon) while Bonnie is clinging to Damon most likely to make sure she doesn’t get left behind. Damon looks determined to make it out of wherever they are.

    I think Buzz Feed described it perfectly. Damon and Elena are literally being torn apart. There’s no SE or BD romance in the cards from what we’ve heard based on Julie Plec and Cast member comments.

    • Dmac says:

      Ahh, good Delena spin on the poster. It wasn’t Buzz Feed it was one of Buzz Feed’s writer a huge Delena fan so I think there may be a bit of bias. LOL

    • Guest says:

      With all due respect to Damond & Bonnie, I’ll stick to Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod & Abbie: they never disappoint, romance or not!

    • Dude says:

      Even if Elema and Damon get back together, the actors hate each other so the chemistry is gonna suck.

      • ec says:

        I disagree – sometimes actors hating each other produces some pretty great chemistry (Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting)… whereas sometimes actual couples turn out to have zero chemistry (*cough* Gigli, Twilight, The Last Song).

      • DVR says:

        If that were the case then Damon & Bonnie’s adversarial dynamic should’ve made for one of greatests TV chemistry of all times, yet this must be the first season they’re sharing screentime judging by this poster.

    • jane says:

      Nice Delena bias you got in there. As someone who doesnt root for any of the shows couples, I do think it’s hinting at a possible Stelena reunion, they will end up together in the end, there’s been way too many hints throughout the show and the way delena was written is horrible for a reason, they are toxic together. It all connects

  4. Rose says:

    I think that Stefan will be helping her to move away from the “darkness” which is Damon as she will be out of control.He has always been the one to calm her when she is spiraling e.g S4 AND S5.Look at how tight she is holding to him so it isnt an unwanted gesture from him.Damon will return and they will reunite but Stefan and Elenas’ bind will be stronger by the end of the season.

    • JC says:

      LOL, doubt that.

      • Rose says:

        Well..we are all entitled to our opinions but the writers did stated that Stefan and Elenas” bond would become stronger this season soo…..even if they do not get back together she will constantly want him in her orbit.S4 and S5 proved that.He is the brother that she must always have in her life.

  5. spindae2 says:

    It’s a shipper festival. Vd is clinging to the the Stelena fans this way. Like don’t go there is always hope. Overall nice poster.

  6. Brigid says:

    The poster is amazing and that is saying a lot for TVD. I really hope that Elena does move on from Damon and they finally end that nightmare. I just want all the characters to move on and find new relationships as the usual ones have become tiresome and stale. Looking forward to having Alaric back, Stefan and Caroline and Matt getting some supernatural free living.

  7. Anjuli says:

    I love it!! Can’t wait for S6!

  8. Simon says:

    Look at all the man candy!

  9. Amy says:

    Does the duplicate courthouse building symbolize where Damon and Bonnie are? That’s one good looking group! Ready for the season to start!

  10. Babybop says:

    Wow, everyone looks gorgeous. They are the most attractive cast ever.

  11. Crest says:

    Meh, the poster looks good. Kinds of remind me of the atmosphere of the good old TVD books and even the earlier season. But Nah, not even this can make me watch this trainwreck.

    I see the CW is keeping up their tradition of one token “black” person.

  12. 80s says:

    I just noticed that this cast is seriously lacking in female characters.

  13. Fran says:

    Its actually a nice poster. Makes me nostalgic for the earlier (better) seasons. Elena and Stefan have such natural chemistry and I think Bonnie and Damon always did too. Alas, what could have been…

  14. Josh says:

    Women on the ground or being pulled by men, while the men stand strong. Pretty much sum up the shows views on women.

    • Aiden Hawk says:

      Have you ever seen the show? … Clearly not, and I’d say it looks like Bonnie is as in control as Damon is

    • Letti says:

      Josh you’re unfortunately right. Katherine was strong before they ruined her personality in S5. Yet she was my fave and I stopped watching when she died. They perfectly ruined all their main characters. Especially their females, Elena is running after Damon, Caroline is running after any guy and Bonnie is running after Elena and Jeremy. No more storyline for them.

  15. Kalee says:

    What a sausage fest again!

  16. Courtney says:

    What’s with Enzo? He’s in the posters and promo shots now. Is he a regular cast member? I didn’t exactly think he was one of the good guys unless he changed his attitude/flipped his humanity back on.

  17. Monroe Sicily says:

    My last draw for me–I’ll watch a little but, i only got into it after Damon and Caroline. I guess when, They come back we’ll all see what happens.

  18. whydoucare says:

    The posters have more talent than the so-called actors. Use to like this show but now? No.

  19. Sara says:

    Doesn’t it seem like they are trying to make this scene look a bit too much like ‘Sleepy Hollow’. I’m sorry but the colonial clock towers (why are there two exactly the same by the way?), the grassy field, the spooky moon over the graveyard. Come on…that’s a bit sad.

    • DVR says:

      I noticed that too, it’s like they are trying to capitalize the sucess of Sleepy Hollow with the only two characters resembling the leads.

  20. ANNA says:

    I want to be done with this show, and then they shed a glimmer of Stelena hope and I want to run back! Darn it all.

  21. Letti says:

    Wow such a great poster, it almost makes me watch TVD again… but just almost xD I also think it’s just marketing, like Hey Stelena fans, don’t stop watching, they might get back! Well if the main couples would become Stelena again and Bamon, maybe I’d give it another chance. But not until the Delena toxic is on.

  22. Ruiroxo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Tyler Is such an Annoying character??

  23. cas says:

    Do people really even read that much into posters? I don’t think I have ever looked at a poster and thought “Oh this will definitely make or break the season”. And clearly I don’t even remember the posters at the end of the season.

  24. daniella says:

    Eu tenho esperanças para Stelena! Sei que podemos, enfim, ver um voltando para o outro novamente. E julgando pela frase do poster, que por sinal é o nome de um livro no qual trata-se de se libertar de algo que te torna ruim; de algo que te torna co-dependente, acho sim que posso acreditar em Stelena. Pois a pedra da qual se retrata TVD é o Damon, ele é a pedra que a torna uma pessoa egoísta.
    Stefan é a pessoa que sempre lutou por ela, que sempre lutou pelas pessoas que ela ama. Que abriria mão de tudo por ela, por decisões dela, por seu amor por ela. Isso é amor!
    Quando você cresce e então espera encontrar alguém para passar o resto de sua vida você procura alguém como Stefan, não como Damon. Você irá buscar alguém para estar ao seu lado sempre, na alegria e na tristeza, nos altos e baixos. Não alguém que na primeira oportunidade mata o seu irmão ou alguém que você ama.
    Precisamos de Stelena! Eu acredito nos dois!

  25. Pretty Girl says:

    Stelena is coming, this is how I interpret this poster (YAY!)

  26. mira says:

    they say matt will have a good storyline this season … cant wait!

  27. Good grief. Will this triangle (and show) EVER end??

    • Laura says:

      I really don’t have much idea about the show but I do remember something in the books about daemon putting a spell on Elena making her forget her Love for Stefan! and I do have to say as a book fan I would like to see them together, so that it follows that line but so much has happened in the TV show, that I doubt it would make any sense now just like Elena being in love with Stefan and then changing to Daemon on the TV SHOW made No sense to a book lover. If it had been my Book and I was the Author God that would have made me Mad. So i’m rooting for Stefan and Elena but like I said I stopped watching because of the whole daemon thing. Liking the book story so my opinion really isn’t that valid except for they started together, let them finish together =)

  28. Mary says:


  29. mary says:


  30. who is the guy between Elena and stefan

  31. Hannah says:

    Ditch Stelena and ditch the love triangle. The show will become so incredibly redundant if Elena (or as I like to call her Katherine 2.0) just keeps bouncing back and forth between brothers. Give us Bamon and Steroline!

  32. Kim says:

    I’m just waiting for damon to come back… holding out hope that I don’t have to quit this show. if elena gets back with stefan, I’m done.

  33. odwiedź says:

    Bardzo dobry artykuł, aż chce się czytać dalej

  34. I have an opinion about the poster I have studied on it intently so far I believe the poster is two sided. Our writers have promised a major reset back to the glory days. I take that to mean seasons 1-3. Back to the poster. The left side with the light on in the clock tower those on this side will be staying in Mystic Falls. Damon and Bonnie will be making their home at the boarding house to begin their life together. Matt will be the new sheriff of Mystic Falls. He is the only human life of the group that is staying. Tyler will make his home with Liv in the home his family left him. Jeramy we know will be eating for art school that’s why he’s kinda inte middle. Caroline will never leave Mystic Falls that is her home ad home is important to her. Now the right side with the clock tower light out. Those on this side will be leaving Mystic Falls to start new lives. Stefan and Elena will find each other again it will happen without them even realizing it. They will start their lives over in a new place and build a life together. They will spend an eternity together. Alaric will go to Portland with Jo where they will build their lives. Not sure about Enzo yet. Have to study on him some more. Well this is my theory about the poster so far. Oh both clocks are set at 7. I believe season 6 will start to set everything in motion and that season 7 will complete the end of the series. I will be heart broken to see that happen. But I know several major players have other plans. I have my DVDs which I watch every day. Start at the beginning through season 5 then start over again. I bleed Stelena have since season 1 the pilot. True love, epic love and soul mates. Stefan and Elena will never be happy until they can build their life together. Ok I’m done getting off track. Thank you for letting me tell my opinion/theory.