Fall TV Preview

Arrow Season 3 Poster Highlights the Fortified Team Arrow

Arrow‘s Facebook and Twitter feeds on Wednesday at long last lifted the hood on the CW hit’s Season 3 poster, and it features (a lot of sky plus) an arrow-shaped quintet of crimefighters.

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The core Team Arrow — Oliver, Diggle and Felicity — is now joined by Roy (decked out in full Arsenal gear) and legal eagle Laurel, who now is wise to ex-beau Oliver’s nocturnal activities (and earned a positional upgrade from last year’s poster).

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This is where I remind you — yet again, but you must believe the date is getting closer! — that Arrow returns with its new season on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Arrow Season 3 Poster

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  1. Patrick says:

    This is cool. Cant wait to see Black Canary in action… It’ll cool to see Green Arrow and Black Canary team up and kick ass out there.

    • JC says:

      They did already. Last season.

      • Mehvash says:

        LOL THis.. Caity Lotz’s Canary kicked major @ss in season 2. not a big fan of this poster, why did they make Felicity look like a little girl and put Diggle behind Laurel when he has already earned his place on team arrow over the last 2 seasons. Sorry Laurel Fans, she hasn’t earned her place on team arrow yet. maybe in season 3, but season 2 shenanigans didn’t earn her that spot.

        • aar says:

          probably has more to do with male, female, male, female, male configuration for symmetry.

        • Ben says:

          Like aar, I figure it is for the symmetry, but I still agree that Diggle should be given more prominence. At very least, if he was on the same side as Felicity, it wouldn’t have looked as much like Laurel was given prominence over him.

          But I don’t see why you would think Felicity looks like a ‘little girl’.

          • JC1 says:

            It’s the whole “schoolgirl” look. Sweater, plaid skirt, Mary Janes. Especially when contrasted with Laurel’s smart looking business casual attire. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find a shot of EBR looking like Felicity actually does on the show. It was a problem last year too.

        • SLK says:

          Agreed – I literally thought “who’s the little girl?” for a couple of seconds before I realized in was Felicity. Diggle needs to be more prominent!!

        • DealWithIt says:

          Laurel (The Black Canary) is her own super hero! Sometimes you gotta break the character down (ala season 2) so she can come into her own.

      • JC1 says:

        Yes they did. And it was awesome.

  2. tamara says:

    Yes!!!!! I was gonna be PISSED if they put Laurel in the back again. It was such a slap to Katie whose the lead actress.

    Can’t wait for Laurel’s story!!!

    • Joel says:

      Laurel was relegated to a background character last season so it makes sense she was that way on the poster. This season is more of her story. Hopefully she will become a far less boring and whiny character

      • kay zee says:

        how is realistically responding to traumatic experiences and depression “”whiny””? pls leave

        • Jason says:

          Because the wrote her that way, a useless, directionless, whiner. They could have easily made her turn her traumatic experiences and depression into a fighter instead she was an addict for about 3 episodes, then nothing for 20. Not the actresses fault I think they just didn’t know what to do with her. I’d be fine if she gets killed off this season.

          • Bri says:

            Amen to that! This poster makes me think that she’ll have way too much screen time this season. Diggle should’ve been in her spot on the poster to complete the core Team Arrow!

        • kath says:

          Sara had even more traumatic experiences and depression than Laurel did and she overcame it to kick some serious ass. Whereas Laurel just went me! me! me! and threw barware.

          • Linda P says:

            You are so right about Laurel’s “me, me, me, poor little me” self-absorbed whiner. Hope she’s learned how to fight w/o looking so uncoordinated.

  3. Hmm says:

    OH bless the LORD Laurel is here. So happy. Looking forward to my girl kicking some ass and taking some names in the name of Team Arrow.

  4. olicity_Israel says:

    Sorry this poster is horrible. diggle should be Next to Oliver. Him Felicity & Oliver are Team Arrow. Laurel didn’t earn her place on the team. CW could do much better. Also they should go with a sexier outfit for Felicity. Just saying. #olicity

    • Lena says:

      I agree. Diggle should be next to Oliver. He started with Oliver first and yet they are slowly pushing him more and more into the background.

  5. Brian says:

    Where’s Sara at? Get her on there… and put her in front of her annoying sister. Just put Laurel in the way back.

    • tamara says:

      Oh look a bitter hater :)

      Laurel is here to stay!! BC here we come

      • Brian says:

        Ahahahaha! I love it. Say one cross word about silly Laurel and the goofballs come out. That is terrific. Seriously, though, Laurel is the worst female character on that show.

        • kay zee says:

          or maybe because people don’t like people hating on a character for ridiculous reasons like being depressed or getting in the way of a popular ship?? this is coming from someone who prefers sara to laurel and ships olicity just btw

          • Brian says:

            Nah, Laurel just always rubbed me wrong. Pretty much from the jump. And that’s okay. To each their own, I say. Prefer just about every other female character on that show to Laurel — Felicity, Moira, Thea, Sara, Shado, Isabel, Sin, etc. Again, different strokes for different folks, but the less Laurel is an episode, the happier I am. ;)

          • Jason says:

            I agree with Brian. I like Katie but Laurel never slicked for me. Every other female has been strong and independent, Laurel has been directionless.

    • kay zee says:

      i’m sorry you think going through traumatic experiences, overcoming depression and getting help for alcoholism is “annoying”

    • Wheel says:

      Laurel is the lead female role.

      Sara will probably even die now, I don’t see any other reason for an episode titled after her. It sounds like a farewell.

      • Brian says:

        Too bad. Hopefully the show doesn’t suffer too much because of that. We will see…

      • TheDude says:

        Sara isn’t dying in her Self Titled episode. She’ll be back later in the season.

      • Steph says:

        I hate to break it to you but Laurel got replaced as the female lead the moment the writers realized she had zero chemistry with Oliver. And SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t read the comics, Laurel may become Black Canary and she may spend time in a relationship with Oliver, even get married to him but according to most story lines it ends badly. Not to mention Arrow is under no obligation to even follow comic book canon. They can make up their own canon and they have. Another comic book SPOILER ALERT in the comics Sin is Laurel’s freaking daughter… not some random girl that hangs out with Laurel’s sister. And they’ve completely changed who Felicity is from the comics. So the point of this entire rant is that we know nothing. We don’t know who he’ll end up with, we don’t know whose lives are going to follow the comic story lines, we don’t who they are going to push to the forefront or who they are going to get rid of. We don’t know anything, it’s a completely different Green Arrow universe and everyone should just stop pretending they know what’s going to happen with any of the characters.

        • Briggs says:

          Going to just mention that Sin was BC’s adoptive daughter, and Green Arrow faked her death w/out BC’s knowledge or consent, which might be part of the reason their marriage failed. One thing they took from the comics: Oliver is notorious for making bad decisions, even if they’re for the right reasons.

        • Sil says:

          First, I’ve never read the comics. Even if I had, I’d rather the show take its own course and have a new mystery to it. Instead of following to the letter to the comics. To me that makes it fresh and inventive. Personally, I love where it’s heading. The anticipation is riveting and I can’t wait for more. Oliver can be with whomever the writers put him with. I love the chemistry of him and Felicity. I agree with you about the lack of it with Laurel. Maybe, things will change now that Laurel has some spunk. We’ll see.

  6. mel says:

    Is there going to be another poster because… no Sara, Thea, and Malcolm?

  7. JC1 says:

    Wow. That’s….really bad. Where are Thea and Malcolm? And Quentin (though I know Quentin got left off last year too)? And could they seriously not find a better picture of Felicity? And the proportions between her and Roy are weird. Wow. Not good. :(

    • aar says:

      this is team arrow members only poster.

      • JC1 says:

        Well then in that case Laurel and Diggle should be switched – he’s more “Team Arrow” than she is at this point. And for the love of everything why can’t they actually use a picture of Felicity looking like Felicity on the show, instead of this frumpy little girl look?

    • Sil says:

      Felicity is Not wearing glasses. I will have an open mind for Laurel’s new story line. The characters are growing that’s what counts. Love the trinity. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. Oct 8 hurry up.

  8. Ray says:

    What is up with every page on TVLine now doing a 10 second redirect that ultimately fails and goes nowhere? Go back to the previous coding.

  9. rachelle says:

    I hate Laurel with a passion. Laurel lovers, please don’t attack me, it’s just my personal opinion. That said, everyone looks badass! I love this poster.

  10. marz1200 says:

    While I’m not really a fan of Laurel, my issue with the placing has nothing to do with her and everything to do with Diggle being demoted. He’s part of the Power Trio! He deserves his spot with Oliver and Felciity right up front. More Diggle, please!

    • Katherine215 says:

      Do people really not understand that the male-female pattern is more visually appealing and balanced? This is a marketing/artist person making these decisions, not the writers. I sincerely doubt it’s meant to symbolize anything other than an aesthetically appealing group shot. Get a grip, folks!

  11. Amber says:

    Disappointed in the poster. Its a bad photoshop job.

  12. Tedock says:

    Poster looks like some intern threw it together in photoshop during his coffee break. The show deserves a better poster than this.

  13. wonderwall says:

    This is thoroughly disappointing and underwhelming. Is it just me, or does Laurel not look like Laurel? And what is Felicity wearing?

    • JC1 says:

      I think they used a season one pic for Laurel, and Diggle too actually. If you go back and look at the season one poster, the outfits are similar. That said, I think Laurel actually looks good, much better than on last year’s poster.

      • wonderwall says:

        The poster just looks so disjointed. If this is supposed to be a Team Arrow poster, Diggle should be right next to John and not Laurel. I get that she’s the supposed female lead, but Diggle is more a part of Team Arrow than Laurel is and probably will ever be.

        And I wouldn’t really call Laurel a legal eagle considering she hasn’t won a case in the show… :p (wait, that’s right, right? Now I’m doubting myself)

    • Ray says:

      Felicity looks so out of place…like she was transplanted from rom-com poster or something. Not impressed.

  14. tam says:

    Team arrow trio is this show’s biggest strength so not liking Diggle in the side esp considering he was the second member. :/

    I hope Laurel becomes the black canary but pls for heaven’s she needs to stay away from Oliver in romantic aspects. The character needs her definition beyond that.

    Can’t wait for the show to come back.

  15. yuouy says:

    Diggle should be next to Oliver, not in the back.

  16. a says:

    Ugh. Go away, Laurel.

  17. leena says:

    woot!! SO EXCITED! Glad to see a fortified team, I love when the team finally comes together like this. Hopefully we’ll get more of Sara at some point too.

  18. Moment says:

    Or you could look at it as Roy and Diggle supporting Oliver and having his back. The Laurel and Felicity thing stand with him and support him.

  19. ruby says:

    i hate those who whine “oh Laurel is ruining Team Arrow blah blah blah”. i have to say that we are going to season 3 and that is getting old. just get over it. and oh Laurel is the new Black Canary and she will be on Team Arrow so your whine is stupid.
    Laurel, Thea, Diggle, Roy, Sarah and Malcolm are the ones im excited to see this season :)

    • wonderwall says:

      The same thing could go for people whining over Olicity and how it’s ruining the show. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone.

      It’s tough to say what will happen on the show, so you can’t really make sweeping statements like that. The writers do love to twist everything!

    • JC1 says:

      Laurel is not yet the “new Black Canary”. For the time being, that’s still Sara. Right now, Laurel is just a “lawyer with a jacket” (AK’s words).

  20. Thank you CW you’ve ruined DC for me again

  21. Brigid says:

    I think the poster is great! Don’t really care where they place anyone as it just doesn’t matter at all. Looking forward to Oliver/Felicity, Diggle, Thea and Malcolm and bringing Laurel into the fold. I love Katie Cassidy and really want to see her using her acting skills to full capacity(Supernatural/Melrose Place). EP’s, at the end of last year you started making Laurel a more exciting character, please continue this trend.

  22. azu says:

    This poster is boring and uninspiring!!!!

  23. CRITHA FRANSE says:

    Stupid question, where can you buy this poster? I must live in the boonies because none of the comic shops have it or have even ordered it . Lame !

  24. bulldog7a says:

    Another lame picture from the producers with Laurel. Despite being voted the most disliked character on television right now, the producers insist on going forward with this “Laurel is on a journey to become the Black Canary” line. Can’t wait for them to come to their sense and dump her for Sara.

    • Mike R. says:

      If they were going to dump Laurel they would have already, Laurel hate isn’t exactly new…

    • Moment says:

      Genuinely curious, where was she voted the most disliked character on TV? I can think of far worse, and some quite badly written characters on other shows that would take the honor easily.

      • wonderwall says:

        TVguide, which is why I don’t really like talking about how she’s been listed as the most disliked character. 1 source means nothing.

        • JC1 says:

          Ok if we’re talking about the TVGuide “Most Loathed TV Characters” thing, I’m not sure there was any voting involved in that, and she wasn’t THE most loathed, she was one on a slideshow of about twenty. Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but as you said, that’s only one website’s opinion. It’s not like she got a People’s Choice Award for most hated character or something – lol.

          • Briggs says:

            *tentatively raises hand* Buzzfeed. While not the best at journalism (if you can call it that), they did do research for the one article I found. She was on a list with Deb Morgan and that apparently hated girl on Homeland (poor actress). I don’t know what it says that Buzzfeed got ahold of it, but it’s another ‘source’, as it were.

        • Moment says:

          Oh, thanks. I can’t say I’ve ever bothered with that website and I can see why.

  25. Jon says:

    I like this poster. The wedge shape of the chararcters, the stretch of road and the female to male ratio reminds me of that epic team scene in the tunnel for last seasons finale.

  26. Mike R. says:

    You people really worry so much about some unimportant poster, I think the photoshop is not the best honestly, but other than that it is fine, Roy as Arsenal looks super cool, as does Oliver. Who really cares about the placement and I doubt they put that much thought in it, and most likely though guy-girl pattern looked the best and I agree, had Diggle and Laurel switched it would have looked disjointed.

    This Laurel hate is so old and redundant, we get it almost everyone hates her and would prefer Laurel to die and Sara take her place, but that is clearly not the way they are going. I for one am cautiously optimistic for Laurel this season, she has never had a strong season plot wise, so I’m hoping she’ll get some exciting material this year, but the hate on her gets so tiresome.

    I just wish Thea had a spot, but given her separation from everyone else it makes sense.

    • Moment says:

      I think part of the problem is that Laurel hasn’t had a place in the Arrow cave. Nor did she have much of a role fighting the big bad of Starling City. She was just that supporting character for Oliver and others. She’s not a bad character, she just hasn’t had a lot of people gravitate towards her as she hasn’t gone out kicking bad guy rear with style with Oliver lol.

  27. Nicole says:

    It really would’ve been awesome if they had done this poster for S2 with Sara/Black Canary in Laurel’s place. But even with Laurel it’s still nicely intense. Although they should do a version with a lightning bolt cutting across in the background as a shout out to The Flash just for giggles.

  28. lll says:

    The poster would be better if Diggle was next to Oliver like everyone said. If they are doing the guy/girl/guy thing, Roy and Diggle need to switch spots. Leaving it like it is shows everyone that Diggle is getting pushed back for Laurel when he was the first one on Team Arrow.

  29. Sheldon W. says:

    Boring! Thank god the show isn’t!

  30. lame says:

    Arrow is my favorite series, the most action packed 45 minuets on TV. I quit trying to figure out which super heroes or super villians will appear, I just gladly roll with the punches. The premier can’t come soon enough.

  31. Zanthus says:

    Sorry Diggle, keeping the Olicity vs Lauriver war is much more important than you. We still need you as our token black guy though.

    TYPICAL CW show.

    • kath says:

      I think it’s more the lack of imagination, putting boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, which ends up looking pretty boring. The production values are crappy too.

      It was better last season, when the core of the show Oliver/Diggle/Felicity were at the front, and supporting characters arrowing out behind them.

  32. Zack says:

    Woah which 15 year old photoshopped?

    And why is Diggle in the back? Please push that useless Laurel character out of it. Don’t they dare black token him. He should be at Oliver’s left. So annoyed. Diggle’s my favorite character alongside Oliver. And now I have to stare at this Laurel who has done nothing for two seasons.

    Shoddy job.

  33. Love the new Arrow poster! Laurel is back where she belongs, can’t wait to see her journey to Black Canary. Dying to see Green Arrow and Black Canary together fighting bad guys alongside one another. Soooo excited!

  34. Briggs says:

    I must ask this, because no one else seems to have noticed: Why, after nine months (presumably, since we have a picture of Diggle with a baby and not a pregnant Lyla), is the city still burning? Then again, the name of the pilot is ‘The Calm’, so it must be a result of the storm that comes after…

    That being said, Diggle isn’t being sidelined by the writers, but by Oliver, who wants to keep him around for his adorable baby girl. That being said, does Oliver have to be that far ahead of everyone in the pic? Finally figured out that was my problem…

  35. K says:

    People crying over Diggle being pushed back, lol.
    Well it doesn’t have to be accurate does it, otherwise it would have just been Olicity on the Poster. Maybe with Felicity being in the front before Oliver…

    If they were actually selling what this show is now about.

  36. anne says:

    God, i hate Laurel. She is the worst.

  37. Kat says:

    Honestly, it’s rather boring. I expected something a little more than everyone standing in a line.

  38. KC says:

    Really – horrible poster

  39. Felicity and Roy both bug me a bit in this poster. I think with Roy it’s the arms, dunno if it’s supposed to be like lace or something but his arms just look odd, more bondage than heroic leather. Felicity meanwhile just looks out of place.

    • JC1 says:

      Roy looks like shrunken zombie Roy to me. He’s like an action figure that’s been posed. It doesn’t look like a real photo.
      With Felicity, there’s two problems in my opinion, 1) the schoolgirl outfit, which makes her look completely out of place in this group (not to mention the lack of her signature look of ponytail and glasses), and 2) the way she’s posed makes it look like she’s just standing there as opposed to the others who seem to be moving forward. If I look at her feet, i realize yes she is walking forward also, but it takes a minute.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        JCI pretty much nailed it. Roy’s proportions are all off, Felicity doesn’t read as the “ponytailed, bespectacled geek girl,” and several of them, actually, look to be standing still vs walking slowly away from an explosion Nicolas Cage-style.

        • JC1 says:

          and several of them, actually, look to be standing still vs walking slowly away from an explosion Nicolas Cage-style.
          Hahaha ok that’s true. :)

      • aunni says:

        yap, i was staring at this pic for hours. its bad. may b after hiring all these new actors( a lot btw…. ray,ted,Ra,cupid,bumerang,mama smoak,fel ex,theas new LI) for s3, arrow ran out of money to do photoshoot for poster!!!!

  40. Razzy says:

    This is not the REAL Team Arrow. The core three should be front and center with Roy, Sarah and Detective Lance in the background, since they have all been helped Team Arrow. I’m sorry to the Laurel fans but she does not belong there and she’s no Black Canary. Doesn’t mean she can’t be in the poster since obviously she’s billed after Stephen but she’s no lead of the show…unless they shoe horn her in.

    • John NYC says:

      Obviously the people actually in charge if the show who approved the art disagree.

      That happens.

      For myself i just think most of the people are not drawn correctly, their position notwithstanding. Dig glee and perhaps Arrow aside. Wonder whether the artist who had the project has ever seen the show? Because from how Felicity for one was drawn I’d doubt it.

  41. Joey Padron says:

    Good poster for new season! Can’t wait to watch season premiere next month!

  42. Meg says:

    The poster isn’t receiving much love. I think I would have preferred each character doing their thing like Diggle with his gun aiming. Felicity with her tablet and her glasses on cause those glasses are her trademark look, Laurel with her black leather jacket Sara gave her, Roy with his bow and arrow out aiming etc. I am not saying this is the worst poster cause it is fine, but I would rather have seen more signature character elements shown on the poster instead of them walking in a v formation.
    Mind you I am comparing this to BBC America’s Orphan Black epic season 2 poster, Fringe any season poster, and the Flash easter egg filled delight we saw a few weeks ago.

  43. Fernanda says:

    Take off your shirt Oliver!!!

  44. mac says:

    Where’s Merlyn?

  45. cinthy says:

    I prefer last year’s poster but this is good! I hope laurel can become a better character and don’t like her with oliver but I know she need to be in the show.

  46. Alvaro says:

    For those that are concerned about Laurel being in Diggle’s spot, aside from maybe its a marketing tactic to make it more appealing to the eye, but maybe just maybe the 2 females are behind Oliver because they’re are both his love interest.

    • JC1 says:

      Laurel is no longer Oliver’s love interest, at least according to Stephen Amell – “The ship has sailed on those romances. I don’t think we’ll ever see Oliver and Sara or Oliver and Laurel together again.”

  47. brenna says:

    I love this show and can’t wait for Season 3 to begin, but some of their posters just aren’t very good, especially this one.

  48. ANNA says:

    Diggle should be up front.

  49. My immediate reaction is… it’s very teal. And dark. On the other hand, it’s not exactly sunshine and bluebirds in Starling City at the moment.