The View's Major Ro-boot: Are You Back on Board for Season 18?

Monday marked Rosie O’Donnell‘s first day — well, first day back — as a co-host of ABC’s The View, along with returning moderator Whoopi Goldberg and new additions Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace. So, how’d the newly assembled team fare in its debut hour?

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Honestly, it depends on who you’re asking. If you prefer your View to play out more like Celebrity Death Match — where it feels like the co-hosts are talking at each other, rather than to each other — you were probably disappointed. But if you’re a fan of civilized conversation, in which everyone agrees with each other and no one goes home crying, you probably relished the entire hour, which looked and felt extremely polished.

The View Season 18

The premiere began with the co-hosts literally receiving blessings from Barbara Walters — excuse me, Queen Barbara Walters (pictured right) — who urged them to “go out there and show them why we have the best show on daytime television.”

View-ers were then re-introduced to Goldberg and O’Donnell — as well as O’Donnell’s bare feet, which needed exposure due to her sciatica — before getting acquainted with the newbies. And despite Wallace’s blatant Republicanism, O’Donnell insisted, “I actually like her!” (Somewhere, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is like, “Say whaaaat?”)

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From there, the ladies dove right into the hottest topics of the day, including the abuse scandals of NFL players Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, as well as Hillary Clinton’s return to Iowa. There were also a few special segments, including a semi-awkward game titled “Ro or Ro?” — which challenged an audience member’s knowledge of the panel’s two Rosies — as well as a beautiful tribute to the late, great Joan Rivers, complete with a performance of Kristin Chenoweth’s “Borrowed Angels.”

The most interesting — and, sadly, shortest — part of the hour was Wallace’s introduction, during which her fellow co-hosts grilled her about working as communications chief for George W. Bush and as a senior advisor for the Sarah Palin-John McCain campaign. Wallace’s recollection of the moment she got the phone call about Dick Cheney’s infamous hunting accident was especially good.

(A few questions, though: Did anyone else think it was a little off-brand for Perez to ask Wallace when she wanted to “pop” Palin, especially following the panel’s unanimous outrage over violence in the NFL less than hour prior? And will Wallace still be able to hold her own after she runs out of White House horror stories?)

OK, let’s hear it: What did you think of The View‘s Season 18 kick-off? Do you like the new set? Who’s your favorite — and least favorite — co-host? Give us your official grade, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the whole shebang.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. sylvia says:

    it didn’t keep me watching. i switched channels.

  2. Tran says:

    With Rosie’s back, this could be the beginning of the end for The View. :-(

  3. Doc Michaels says:

    “Blatant Republicanism” — you mean, like Rosie and Whoopi’s blatant liberalism?

  4. Brandy says:

    I loved the new set, but I got bored after the first 10 minutes and started thinking of people I wished were there instead. The Rosies are really annoying to watch.

    • David4 says:

      I agree. Rosie D tried over taking the show within minutes, and I changed the channel.

      But the set was very nice and modern and away from the stupid family home sets we have too many of.

    • Linda Z says:

      I agree with you and many others, I changed the channel. Rosie O’Donnell will have a hard time letting Whoopi do her old job.

  5. joe says:

    what a snooze fest…amd perez’s voice is irritating….rosie looks like she already knows she made a mistake and cant wait to leave…and whoopi looks like a star trek character with that hairdo and a raisin in rice pudding with that set

  6. Jennifer says:

    I liked that it didn’t leave me wanting to shower in Lysol. Which is an improvement of any of last season’s episodes.

    It was a little slow to start off, but I attribute that to first day jitters.

    Overall everybody seems smarter then last year’s crew.

    • Kim R says:

      I completely agree. It is their first show together so I don’t expect it so be perfectly smooth. The first segment I was afraid Rosie O (who I do like) might speak too often but that was not present the rest of the hour. I was happily surprised by Rosie P. I don’t know much about her outside of the roles she has played and she was well spoken and intelligent. I also found Whoopi to be better balanced in this group and less apt to get soapboxy. And Nicole seems to be able to see both sides and express herself in normal tones. I did not find that they all agreed at all but for the first show, they did not scream over each other which I greatly appreciated.
      I’m definitely in for seeing how it all plays out as they get more familiar with one another. And come on, it really is awfully quick to judge how they are going to make it work.
      I’ll be watching tomorrow for sure. :)

      • Doug says:

        I agree with you and think these women are all pros and they are going to pull it out and make it work. They have to find their rhythm and get in the groove with each other and their crew which will take a few weeks, but they will be fine.

      • CIP says:

        Well said. I rather watch/listen to an intelligent conversation than people screaming at each other.

  7. Brooke says:

    I’ve been watching the View for years. And, today I was completely disappointed! I was looking forward to the new season, thinking that it had to be good given that the show lost two great co-host. But, that was not the case. I don’t want to bash any of the women by name…But, I will say that a few of them did not bring anything to the show today and were complete turn-offs. The only intresting thing that came out of today’s show was Nicolle Wallace’s stories. I don’t know how many more episodes I can watch of today’s disaster.

  8. YesIndeed says:

    While I give the props for firing the dangerously undereducated Jenny McCarthy, I can’t imagine why I’d want to spend my free time watching C-lister meat puppets parrot whatever their producers tell them to say through their earpieces about various current events: Here’s what the liberal needs to say, here’s what the conservator needs to say. Moderate, you’re up now!

    It’s not like any of these folks have an original thought or contribution to make. It’s just filler.

  9. Barbara Graber says:

    Was very excited for this new season. It was OK for the first day. I think the small table made the ladies appear uncomfortable.. Let’s get that larger table back and get the show going stronger than ever.

    • kelela37clch says:

      I agree, completely; the tiny table was distracting – hopefully, the powers to be will notice what we witnessed and provide the hosts with a better functioning table! Maybe, Rosie’s feet would not have as exposed under a larger table!

  10. kris says:

    What the hell is Rosie O’Donnell thinking, put your shoes back on , stop playing with your toes and touching Rosie Perez and sit like a lady or grown woman, which ever you prefer! Totally disgusted!

    • Andy Swift says:

      I think she was trying to be normal/relatable/whatever.

    • kim says:

      I sit like that because my feet don’t touch the floor and it makes my back hurt and my legs go numb. I do this at most public places and I don’t care what others think. I am comfortable and happy. What a picky little thing. I like the group and think that they will grow. I wish the table would grow, too.

    • Jeaniebeany says:

      Well said! I agree! I don’t find her either interesting or funny. Having to look at her toes was a switch the channel moment.

  11. Anna says:

    I really did not enjoy this show. Rosie O is obnoxious and so, so full of herself – very hard to watch. I’ve been a View watcher for many years – sadly not any more.

  12. John says:

    What was this Ro or Ro? I really hate to say this but I could watch Jenny McCarthy but to watch Ro and Ro will be impossible.

  13. Melody says:

    First of all bring back the big table. 2nd get rid of the ro or ro segment. I’m very sad to say I had to stop watching after 15 minutes because I was so bored. The only person there I paid attention to was whoopee. There was no personality in anybody else

  14. beaburns says:

    after watching Rosie O sit like a monkey playing with her toes it was too disgusting to watch it any further. I hope she washes her hands before eating !

  15. Michelle says:

    Love that Whoopie is back. Rosie O. needs to step back but I like her (didn’t think I would). The set looks like a temporary set influenced by The Golden Girls. They took the solid desk away and gave them a dinky table that makes it look like they are sitting around gossiping instead of discussing news and entertainment topics. Bring back the desk.

  16. kelly says:

    i turned it after the ro vs ro embarrassment
    and i was looking forward to this????

  17. Doug says:

    It will take a while to get their rhythm but they will. Give me a chance. The original was awkward at first until we got to know them.

  18. Oliva says:

    It just wasn’t fun or exciting. It fell flat, the intro didn’t look comfortable or authentic. The only thing I liked was the newly revamped set, that’s it. I didn’t agree w/bringing Rosie O’Donell back. And that new gal Nicolle, hardly spoke a work in the beginning. I know it’s the 1st show back bit if you don’t have chemistry from the start, it’s not going to mesh. After the Ro vs Ro segment, I changed the channel. I’ll just watch Hoda & Kathy Lee, then tune into The Talk, which I love, it’s fun & they respect each other & it’s entertaining. The big turn-off is I didn’t like Rosie O’Donnell the 1st time, so seeing her again just makes me irritated. This is the beginning of the end for The View. I think the best 5 combo from all past co-hosts that would have dominated would be: Merideth Viera, Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Ling, Sherri Shepherd & Barbara Walters. Now that would have been awesome.

    • Jeaniebeany says:

      The show has lost its integrity and warmth. The show is at the level of Wendy Williams; gossip, gossip, and gossip. Whoopi! Enough with does ridiculous shoes. Rosie! Try to bring a little class to the program. Never take your shoes off. What were you thinking!!
      What genius thought of the RO segment?
      Just awful! And finally, ABC Executives!
      Bring back Sherri. She is talented, a comedian, and classy. Go back to different co-host everyday. Different views and faces; males and females.

  19. Faye says:

    They should have Brooke Shields or Bill Rancic instead of Nichole Wallace. I can go to Fox if I want a political show. She is stiff and there is no chemistry in this group. Not a fan.

  20. Right says:

    Obviously lots of people making comments here who didn’t actually watch the show. Yeah the beginning was weird but the show went smoothly.

  21. Heather says:

    Can you spell boring??? Four is an awkward number to start with and these four have less chemistry than a high school science class. Rosie P’s voice was too shrill, Nicolle looked as if she had wandered into the wrong hotel reception, Rosie O’s personal revelations were uncomfortable to hear, and Whoopi was just phoning it in. When the leading host looks bored, why should anyone else be interested? And Which genius decided the co-hosts should not have differing opinions? Controversial discussions were the spark that made us watch! I’d like to have that 40 minutes of my life back.

  22. J says:

    I feel the opening with the four panel members kissing Barbara Walters’ hand was belittling to them. Very poor beginning of what could be the start of the end of the program. I use to make sure I was around to watch this show. Not sure I will anymore.

    • Bobbi says:

      I agree with you! That was the most demeaning opening they could have devised. It was obviously meant to be funny but was completely off the mark. They need an adult sized table and Rosie needs to put her shoes on. If she has to stretch her sciatic nerve and shoes are too painful in that position, put on some slippers. Respect your viewers and cover your feet! Good grief.

  23. Shane Smith says:

    I liked The “View-Girls” on the block! I don’t know if I liked the new set or the fact that the ladies really don’t look all that comfy sitting on couches with a coffee table. I like them at a table instead- Wallace done pretty well I thought for the first day and I think she will find her rythem and voice. I also welcome her insight as a Republican and think her knowledge will be helpful in the next presidential election. RosieP was fabalous and adore her accent- I really want her to say “quince” (which is a fruit) like she did in the movie, “White Men Can’t Jump!” RosieO- I have been a fan of since she had her own talk show! (I even had a RoDoll that talked-when I was 14) I just wonder if there will be moderator issues between RosieO and Whoopi? considering RosieO used to be one the last time she was on- Last but not least- WhoopiG- whom I adore as well as I think she is one of the strongest voices for the middle working class that we have on T.V. today! Looking forward to the rest of the season- did they mention a new mug? The last one I bought was from the summer 07′ cast! (and we all know how that one ended!)

  24. Shane Smith says:

    I liked The “View-Girls” on the block! I don’t know if I liked the new set or the fact that the ladies really don’t look all that comfy sitting on couches with a coffee table. I like them at a table instead- Wallace done pretty well I thought for the first day and I think she will find her rhythm and voice. I also welcome her insight as a Republican and think her knowledge will be helpful in the next presidential election. RosieP was fabalous and adore her accent- I really want her to say “quince” (which is a fruit) like she did in the movie, “White Men Can’t Jump!” RosieO- I have been a fan of since she had her own talk show! (I even had a RoDoll that talked-when I was 14) I just wonder if there will be moderator issues between RosieO and Whoopi? considering RosieO used to be one the last time she was on- Last but not least- WhoopiG- whom I adore as well as I think she is one of the strongest voices for the middle working class that we have on T.V. today! Looking forward to the rest of the season- did they mention a new mug? The last one I bought was from the summer 07′ cast! (and we all know how that one ended!)-sorry for the re – post I noticed a spelling error!

  25. Sue says:

    unwatchable and boring

  26. Nicholas says:

    Over all I like the the show, I think it is a lot better than last season in which I stopped watching. It is ironic Rosie O is the reason I started watching, and the reason I came back. I think it was great. I think Rosie is a good fit. I am glad that more focus is being put on hot topics, but I felt the Ro or Ro segment felt to much like Ellen and not the View. I just hope that is not the direction the show goes. I did not care for Rosie Perez. I just she butted in to much. It was like she had to make sure she got as much attention as possible, and it seem like in the beginning she was uncomfortable being there. Maybe in time she will get better like Sherri Shepard did. I also hope the Republican that is on the panel does not become afraid to speak or go against the liberals. I am a liberal, but they need more than one side on the show. That is what happen last season that made it boring. I hope that she improves as well, but I think over all she did a great job. Rosie O and Whoppi where as great as always. The tribute to Joan was great. In hot topics through when they was discussing Child Abuse it felt as if they was holding back afraid to disagree with each other. I hope that improves. I am back this season, and as long as Rosie O is on the panel I will stay tuned.

    • Tom says:

      Amen! Totally agree with what you’re saying about Nicolle. Loved the dynamic. It was the first day so it’ll take time. I really felt like I slowly got to know Rosie Perez a lot more and I’m excited to tune in every day for my second cup of coffee.

    • veraoleks says:

      I completely agree with you on bringing Rosie O back. She’s smart, well informed and not afraid to express her views – I’ll be tuning in …

  27. WL says:

    I like the qualities of the full panel. I think it is unfortunate that they have to tip toe around fully expressing their true feelings in an effort to be “PC”. I wish the world could allow them to offer their truest perspectives and not later punish them for having their own thoughts. I like hearing people have a different opinion than me when they are able to back it up in an educated way.

  28. ashley ali says:

    it all seems too forced and “day time”. the atmosphere reminded me of the kris jenner show. i want my old view back. hate the comfy chairs and small table.

  29. Sil says:

    Not a Rosie fan. It got to the point where they all talked at once. A huge turn off. NO! Thank you.

  30. tammy says:

    Once I heard they hired Rosie Perez, I didn’t even bother to tune in. I quit last year and add much add I love Whoopi, I can’t do it. I wanted Ricki Lake or Ali Wentworth.

  31. CantWait says:

    How long do you think it will be before Rosie can no longer resist returning to her anti-science, conspiracy theory ways and gives the rest of us a good laugh by theorizing, aloud no less, that steel can’t be weakened, bent, or melted by fire…. Ah, good times….

  32. Tom says:

    Full disclosure: I loved today’s show. There were definitely problems, but as Whoopi said at the top of the show, they will fix those problems. I loved Rosie Perez. I think she’s real and honest. I’m hopeful that Nicolle Wallace will get her groove and become more comfortable with the pop culture stuff. It gave me such joy to watch this show in honor of what Barbara Walters originally wanted. It was SMART for the first time since Joy left. They had intelligent conversation and it felt so comfortable. It really reminded me of original 90s View. Very, very pleased.

    • CIP says:

      I’ve always been a fan of teh show but also feel that Joy Behar was a very important part of the original show. I could take Sheri and Jenny in small doses separately, but together they were ruining it for me.

  33. LYNN Wruble says:

    This show was boring. The set is terrible..did not like the sofas and they have to get rid of the coffee table and get the large table back. Could Rosie O please put on some socks to cover her feet..that was so disgusting and then played with her toes. RO AND RO WAS SO SILLY,,THEY MUST GET RID OF THAT SEGMENT, COULD LIVE WITHOUT Rosie P accent it is annoying.
    Bring back Joy Behar as she was so entertaining!!

  34. Willam Farmer says:

    Whoopie should know now how it must of felt like to be on the Titantic. I hung in for the entire hour and lived to regret it. That’s an hour of my life I will never get back. Only thing worse was THe Real.. I could only take 5 minutes of it. I love the Talk because they are entertaining and make me laugh. God knows we all could use more laughs in our lives.

  35. Tina Cogman says:

    To me it just ok….I am a huge fan of the view..I think the co-host just need to get used to one another…frankly I feel that the comedian Monique would have been a great asset to the team. .but it was only the first show…I have no doubt they will be a huge success!

  36. Brenda Martin says:

    The new cast and set were just awful! I may never watch again after watching since the first show many years ago.

  37. JR says:

    I flipped the View on and Odonnell was toss round the words anus and scrotum, I switched it off.

  38. Angela says:

    The segment where they asked Nicole questions was awful. They should have called it “Let’s make fun of conservatives”….which unfortunately, has been an ongoing theme on the show for years. The Perez question about “popping Palin” was horrible! Wouldn’t it have been refreshing if The View had assembled a cast with an equal number of conservatives and liberals? It looks like it will be another season of liberals ganging up on a conservative like a bunch of stray dogs who have pinned a cat in an alley!

  39. DavidSask says:

    I will give the new panel a few new goes but outside of hot topics everything else was a MESS! (Barbera intro never should have been, Rosie could have worn slippers please!! Rosie also clearly wants the show to be hers to moderate, RO game, the name alone and this is supposed to be a reformatted serious show not game show, Joan tribute she would have disliked that remembrance with song.)

  40. Joan King says:

    1. Nicole.. Get in there and speak up or you won’t last very long
    2. Scrap Ro or Ro.. It was very awkward to watch and boring.
    3. Bring the larger table back
    4. Rosie O. I love you girl but no one wants to see you playing with your bare feet. Put on some cute black peds if you can’t wear shoes. It just wasn’t classy at all and not a good first impression as the show opened.
    5. Whoever came up with the Barbara’s bit at the beginning should be fired. I can’t believe you got paid for that idea.
    6. Rosie Perez. You did a good job today..
    7. Whoopi.. It’s easy money. Hang in there no matter how bored you may be.

  41. Jo Ann says:

    Watched for ten minutes and turned it off… extremely disappointed that the panelists allowed Whoopie to accept the child beater’s explanation for “disciplining” his child. There is no fine line between discipline and beating the hell out of your toddler. Whoopie defended the dog killer and now the child beater! It makes me crazy!

  42. I was a huge View fan prior to the dismissal of Joy Behar. Jenny McCarthy made me delete The View from my DVR. That being said I was very excited for yesterday’s debut, but was very disappointed. The show was just flat. I was waiting for Nicole to pipe in during any of the discussions. She seems to be a bright intelligent (unlike her two predecessors) women and I wanted to hear her “View”.

    Considering this is the first day the four of them literally worked together, I will keep The View on my DVR list in hopes they find a good balance and gel together.

  43. Tina k says:

    I didn’t like it. I watched the show faithfully before I didn’t like Rosie Perez on show She seemed like she struggled to talk and I can’t stand her voice. The other lady the blond. Omg boring ! I think she said 2 words. And when they talked politics she finally said something NO u need to talk with every topic Whoopie was fine. Normal I like Rosie O but she was boring on the show. The whole show was boring dull The set was fine But if the show is going to be politics and and mono toned. Nope not watching. The only thing I hated about the original view was the cross talking

  44. LaBete says:

    I did notice what looked like some first-day awkwardness, which should smooth out as the co-hosts settle in. Speaking of settling in, though, I thought Rosie O seemed a little too front-and-center. I felt like her playing with her bare foot was way too familiar for me and that she and the producers were trying way too hard to show that each of the co-hosts were fans of Rosie (Whoopi), “just like Rosie” (Rosie P) or approved by Rosie (Nicolle). I really think they need a strong seasoned news journalist to balance out the Rosie O focus.

  45. Jennifer wilkie says:

    Individually, I like everyone. Together? A disaster. This was typical bantering and uncomfortable personalities colliding on stage…..The View’s biggest mistake? Bringing Rosie O’Donnell back….it’s like re marrying an Ex. If it didn’t work the first time, it’s not going to work a second time. A male perspective would have been a better option. I’m officially done with the View…..

  46. chris horton says:

    Instead of talking about how fat Rob Ford is and what he does in his personal life. Look at your mayor’s showing there privates. ROB Ford has done a great job for Toronto! Maybe Rosie and Whoopi should lose weight . Don’t throw stones!!!!!

  47. kay herrera says:

    I have always loved Whoopi but she has become too “know it all” and doesn’t let the others fully express their views. I have watched for so many years but find myself changing channels more times than not.

  48. I like Whoopi Goldberg, but not enough to endure Rosie O – nothing is worth that kind of pain.

    • Jack says:

      I like Rosie O, but not enough to deal with Woopi’s “know it all on every subject” attitude. Nothing is worth that kind of pain.

  49. Patti says:

    I love Rosie until she thinks anyone cares what she thinks about political issues. She is such a narrow minded extreme liberal that even if you agree with her in theory she takes it so far that you end of defending the other side! When she is playing games or interviewing celebrities, I am reminded why I used to record her talk show, stick to that.

  50. fredo says:

    The View: horrible, horrible, horrible. The new show “Real” is worse. A collection of loud mouth, know nothing shrews.