Castle Video: Agent McCord Suggests That Beckett Is the 12th's 'Enemy'

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Hey, ‘member when Castle‘s kick-ass Kate Beckett started getting “Fed” up with her shiny new D.C. gig?

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This exclusive deleted scene from the ABC drama’s Season 6 DVD set (out Tuesday) sheds a bit more light on Kate’s career conundrum, when after getting stonewalled by Uncle Sam (by way of partner Rachel McCord, played by Lisa Edelstein), she is made to believe that she is quite unwelcome back at her old digs there at the 12th precinct.

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Do you still think Kate made the right call, all but forcing the Feds to can her? And who else would like to see McCord (and her curls) resurface at some point, maybe to pitch in on a “big” case?

Castle Season 7 premieres Monday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c.

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  1. Alex says:

    I loved the DC arc, too bad they ended it like this, but I guess it was difficult to find a reason to have Castle and Beckett in the same city for more than 3 episodes

    • SBell says:

      I loved the DC arc too. I kinda wished it had laster longer.

    • Lena says:

      I wish they had not make like it never happened after, end of season 5 she wanted the job very much and in Number One Fan she couldn’t care less about being fired and just wanted her job back. Sully disappeared and we never heard of DC again in all season 6. More development would have been nice.

      • LL624 says:

        She did care in the beginning of Number One Fan. She couldn’t believe she was fired. That had never happened to her before. But the job in DC wasn’t what she thought it would be. She’s happier at the 12th. If you got fired from a job you realized you didn’t really like and got to go back to the job you loved, would you still be talking about the one you didn’t like? I wouldn’t care less and you’d never hear about it again from me either.

    • Nikunj Dixit says:

      I thought it was dreadful and completely redundant. We learnt absolutely nothing new about the job that we didn’t already know. Heck, the person who offered her the job on season 5 himself was doing something similar when Beckett caught him and called him out on it. So it was pretty silly that Beckett was surprised that her DC job would have some morally grey areas to it when they guy who offered it and who was in the same task force was doing something like that. It just made her character look incredibly naive. Anyways, it was a pointless arc whose only purpose was to drum up some forced drama so Caskett could get engaged. Otherwise, there was no change in the relationship dynamics before or after the arc.

      • Another Castle Fan says:

        I actually thought the DC arc was necessary. We know that Beckett was trained more rigorously for “federally” dangerous situations. Because of her field training, she seemed to be better prepared to defeat the guys who were going to drug & execute her in the episode where she finally arrests the guy who was behind her mother’s death.

  2. F. says:

    season 6? who cares?

  3. Lena says:

    We have the amazing Veritas scene (my favorite), the always deleted scene people have been talking about for months and you chose to make an article about this one ? :-p

  4. Matthew Weber says:

    Two mentions of Castle on TVline today? I’m giddy.

  5. Maeleen says:

    Compared to a lot of season 6’s episodes, the DC arc was great …

  6. LL624 says:

    I never want to see McCord again. I hope she stays put in DC and out of the 12th’s business. The people I would like to see resurface are Karpowski and Agent Jordan Shaw!

  7. abz says:

    Love Lisa Edelstein. Hope she pops on the show again or maybe a return visit to The Good Wife. :)

  8. Jim Morgan says:

    I’d like McCord to be the victim in the big case and the Fed posse be exposed as government assassins. Beckett got fired before she could be sucked in to the conspiracy.

  9. Tav says:

    That screen cap got my hopes up; thought it meant Lisa/Rachel was making another appearance! Alas it’s old news, but it would be great if she came back :)

  10. Barb says:

    I definitely want Lisa back, but with her GG2D gig it is unlikely, but it’d be absolutely awesome, her three episodes were the highlight of an otherwise(except the 70s episode) medicore(at best) season.

  11. david says:

    Lisa and Stana were superb together. I want Rachel back on the show

  12. Ruby says:

    Kate was too good for FBI, at precinct now thats Teamwork! So excited for new season!!!

  13. Artist says:

    I wish what would have happened was Beckett and Castle would have formed a private eye company.

  14. Ronni Simon Genn says:

    I think Kate should do what she wants, and yes I would like to see Lisa Edelstein make some aooerances on the show