Witches of East End Recap: Only the Good Die Young

Witches Of East End Recap

“I left you a present in the garden.” Never have eight simple, seemingly lovely words proven so utterly heartbreaking. (Also, what’s the return policy on that gift? Asking for a friend.)

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Sunday’s Witches of East End brought Joanna’s worst — not to mention recurring — nightmare to life, as both Ingrid and Freya were found hanging in the garden in the episode’s final moments, a parting gift from Tarkoff, who appeared to have (finally!) met his own death at Frederick’s hands.

Even after experiencing her daughters’ deaths many (many, many) times before, Joanna’s reaction to Ingrid and Freya’s sudden demise was nothing short of gut-wrenching. And even though it’s safe to assume the girls will find their way back to the land of the living, it’s also safe to assume there’ll be hell to pay. Possibly literally.

Strange as it may sound, Ingrid and Freya’s deaths weren’t the only curveballs thrown in this week’s episode, which totally could have doubled as the season finale, given how insane it was. Here’s a rundown of four other game changers presented Sunday night:

witches-of-east-end-209-1* Courtesy of a spell intended to track down Tarkoff, Freya discovered that the King’s spirit has been inside Frederick all along. (It’s kind of like how the Wizard of Oz told the Tin Man he’d always had a heart… only 1,000 times more hellish.)

* Tommy was determined to be the perfect vessel for the King’s spirit to return in; he knows about the Beauchamps’ secret and is unafraid of death. (Bonus twist: Before presumably killing Tarkoff, Frederick also vowed to kill Tommy — then himself!)

* Following the death of Eva’s grandmother daughter, the immortality spell cast on her wore off, and she also died. (Don’t worry, though, Bianca Lawson remains eternally youthful in real life.)

* Dash finally came clean to Killian about trying to murk him the night of his “wedding” to Freya, and in the aftermath of their fight — which was arguably my favorite slow-motion battle since The Matrix — Dash’s little voodoo doll was released from its jar. (Apparently, neither secrets nor corpses stay hidden for long in East End.)

So… what’s next for the remaining Beauchamp ladies? In a promo for next Sunday’s episode, Wendy offers to give up her last life in order to resurrect the girls, but methinks Joanna isn’t going to let that happen. We’ve got a gallery of first-look photos from next week’s Witches below, but for now, drop a comment with your reaction to tonight’s mind-blowing ending.

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  1. Juan says:

    Dang that hanging scene was brutal and unexpected. I I did not see it coming. And poor Wendy and tommy, I knew he was probably a goner. Frederick was just dumb for not trusting them, I mean did he think that they wouldn’t find out.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      I agree did not see it coming the look on Joanna and Wendy’s faces seeing the girls had me crying
      I hope Frederick redeems himself with the family but it doesn’t seem like Joanna wants to listen to him from next weeks previews
      Btw can I just say that this special effects and makeup on this show amazing! The makeup on old lady Eva was so good and the fighting scene between the hot brothers was awesome!

  2. analog says:

    Looks like the grandfather might be helping them next episode.

  3. It looked like Tarkoff was in the previews for next week. Is he really dead?

  4. Kate Sullivan says:

    So my first thought was wait…Tarkoff is a telepath. This might be fake. Then went to Killian can’t die I suspect you need a telepath to fight one. And then probably not a good idea to piss off not only a super powerful witch (Joanna, who might have been so upset because I suspect Victor played a role in the rebirths) but also a warlock who only is bothering fighting his dark side which I suspect is very powerful because he is totally into Ingrid.

  5. Ruth says:

    Love this show. Certainly hope it gets renewed! Loved seeing James Marsters in too!

  6. Ashley says:

    I was wondering if the show would go there in the season finale and fast forward to adulthood with revamped Ingrid and Freya if they get a season three, but holy crap! I was not expecting that in the fourth to last episode of the season. I was expecting it to be Tommy and to see Wendy breakdown and go off. Wow. Awesome twist!

  7. Carla Krae says:

    Hell of an ep!

  8. Csbd says:

    I know all the signs are pointing to Dash becoming unredeemable, but I really hope he isn’t. It would be refreshing if they didn’t go the obvious route. I also have a feeling some of the blood magic of his grandfather is going to come in handy to save the Beauchamp girls.

  9. Tai says:

    I am still not ok with how that ended. I know that they’ll be back next week but dang that was just brutal! But definitely shocking. The promos didn’t lie.

    And kudos to the show for making me actually feel sad about Eva. I was ready for her to go but her scenes in this episode actually had me feeling kind of sorry for her. Also can someone please talk to Dash? He is clearly not ok and he’s just not understanding how not ok he really is. He’s moving past the point of “I’m learning to control my powers” to straight up crazy.

    • James says:

      I figured she finally ran out of anti-aging cream to stay young and youthful. Sad still.

      • Leah Faye says:

        What I didn’t get was how come Killiam saw a brief glimpse of Eva in last wk’s ep and she was old. Was that the effect of the spell, too?

        • Skittles&Bits says:

          It was actually because the spell was wearing off. Ava tells her daughter that she has to up Killian’s dose every time she gives him the mind-warping spell because he keeps breaking it. It was during one of his lucid moments that he saw Ava for what she truly is. Although that begs the question: why would he see Ava as old when she was young and beautiful? I suspect it’s because of his blossoming telepathy. His telepathy probably allows him to “see” through spells, which would make him an interesting matchup against Tarkoff.

    • Ray says:

      Why sad for Eva? She’s lived many lifetimes, courtesy of some magick which shouldn’t even be in her possession. Her time on this earthly plane was definitely up.

  10. Veronica says:

    My mind was blown away! I didn’t see the end coming! I really liked Tommy for Wendy! At the end I kinda felt bad for Eva!

  11. Lynn says:

    I agree, this seemed like the season finale! (Although I’m happy it wasn’t) The whole Ava story line came to a close very quickly and almost seemed too easy. There were also a lot of reveals that were unexpected all in one episode. Now the question is, are they renewing for a third season? I would think that would play a big part in how this season will end.

  12. That was an awesome episode! But if this series is ending then I’m gonna be one P.O.’d chic!

  13. Glennette says:

    I was shocked to see both Freya & Ingrid hanging in the tree! And then poor Joanna reaction !
    I’m not sure if it’s their father helping resurrect the girls, he seems very intent on killing them all!
    I think that Killian and Dash will help in some way bring the girls back! I think Dash somehow has inherited his Granfathers powers.. Next weeks episode should be good!!

  14. B says:

    I must have missed something. How does Tarkoff being telepathic keep him from dying? He didn’t stop Frederick’s actions (last week or this), so how does he come back? If he read their minds and avoided being killed, that’s one thing, but he seems to actually die. I don’t see how just being telepathic changes that. If he’s back next week after the scorpion bite, it will make no sense at all.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I was wondering that, too. Frederick stabbed him; he didn’t avoid it, he took a knife to the torso. The scorpion scene with Joanna made sense, but Frederick should have definitely killed him with one at the house.

  15. analog says:

    Is it just me or the way Tarkoff was introduced here seems abrupt or came out of nowhere? They should’ve introduced him in the early episodes & not in the middle of the season.

  16. Noelle says:

    Obviously we all know they’re not going to stay dead, but still, major, MAJOR spoilers in that photo gallery at the bottom of the article! That really should’ve come with a warning.

  17. Temperance says:

    It’s a cool tactic – they *are* cursed to die and be reborn in endless cycles, but they’ve never gotten even as old as they are before dying before. The idea of dying and being resuscitated/resurrected at their adult ages wasn’t something that happened before. It gets them around the whole ‘you *WILL* die any minute now’ show premise and opens up future seasons.

  18. A says:

    gr8 show, any1 knws if its goin to be renewed? or wht r its chances of renewal?

  19. Ian says:

    I’ve been avoiding this article until I had the chance to watch the episode, and wow. The ending was gutwrenching. I was left stunned and crying at them hanging dead like that.

    But me thinks it’s all leading to the real gamechanger. It’s the king that’s coming to the show now, and he’s the one who cursed Joanna and the girls to this early death and rebirth cycle, so it seems inevitable to me that the rest of the season is setup to get the king to break the curse once and for all.

  20. Enellah says:

    Craziness! Love it! Joanna will have to let the king come to this world in exchange for the resurrection of the girls….

  21. Jackie says:

    Excellent episode the series if finally starting to feel as good as the books……. now what is the word on season 3??

  22. Ray says:

    Umm…this is just dawning on me now, but when did Tarkoff have time to dress the girls in those lacy, white nightgowns? The last time we saw Ingrid and Freya they were sporting casual wear.

    • Ray says:

      I’m concerned about the very probable resurrection of the Beauchamp girls. After the incessant reiteration of their curse to be reborn that has been in play for hundreds of years, I will be royally pissed if they somehow manage to resurrect or revive them from the dead in any way as this would henceforth mitigate any real threat of mortal danger the girls would find themselves in.

      I fully expect them to be reborn as babies, but I know Lifetime isn’t as ballsy as HBO (ie. Game of Thrones) so the likelihood of that happening is nil.

  23. Saint says:

    Poor ratings despite been a nice series. I think it might not survive to 3rd season.

  24. cil says:

    I hope that they have not KILLED OFF Tarkoff because I loved watched James Marsters in that role – I am keeping fingers crossed that he did not meet his final death – and as he seems to have disappeared from where his body fell – maybe he will return.

  25. Stephanie says:

    Im in TEARS! I hate it I hate it I HATE IT! but I also love it which doesn’t make much sense. they better be brought back to life in the next episode or I will literately pull my hair and scream until the neighbours cat starts crying