Outlander Recap: Black Jack Attack!

Outlander Season 1 Recap

When Claire realizes exactly how trapped she is in this week’s Outlander, the knowledge comes like a kick to the gut. Or, more accurately, the knowledge comes as a kick to the gut – and that’s only one of the game-changing developments that take place during the hour.

The episode is a big one, with regard to what comes next, but it certainly wasn’t my favorite of the season so far – mostly because of the way Claire and Jack’s conversation at the garrison played out.

I’ll explain in more detail when we reach that point in the story, and if you disagree, you can flog me with a virtual cat o’nine tails in the comments. (Like Jamie, I won’t break!) Until then, let’s review the events of “The Garrison Commander.”

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BE OUR GUEST | At the end of the previous episode, a Redcoat asked Claire whether the Scots with whom she traveled were friends or kidnappers. We pick up with Ms. Beauchamp assuring him that she’s a guest of Clan MacKenzie, but the soldier asks her to come along to the nearby garrison and speak with his leader, anyway. So Claire, Dougal and a bunch of English soldiers make their way to the nearby village where the Redcoats have set up shop.

Outlander Season 1 RecapThere, Claire is treated like a princess by the man in charge, Brigadier General Thomas, a slightly foppish officer who loves his claret and can’t stand the Scottish. Claire’s willing to overlook the fact that Thomas is kinda a creeper who treats Dougal like a dog, because the brigadier general happily agrees to send her to Inverness right away. The travel plans agreed upon, Thomas, Claire and a bunch of officers continue to enjoy a lavish meal. “To homeward journeys, may they be uneventful,” Thomas toasts… and then six-feet-two-inches of eventful bursts through the door.

BLACK SKIES AHEAD | The new arrival is “Black” Jack Randall, Frank’s ancestor who attempted to rape Claire just after she arrived in 1743. Claire’s face looks like someone just switched her venison for haggis, but both she and Randall feign ignorance of each other when Thomas introduces them. Now, if I were a time-transplant who’d simultaneously been granted the thing I’ve wanted for weeks and come face-to-face with the man who nearly violated me, I like to think I’d take a moment of silent meditation to reflect on how best not to make waves in this incredibly messed-up situation. Our Claire? She takes a different tack.

As the English soldiers discuss recent violence perpetrated by Highlanders, Claire can’t help but stick up for her band of bedraggled brothers. “Scots just want the same freedoms we enjoy,” she says, causing every man in the room to look at her like she just belched the alphabet. “It is their land, and we are occupying it.” Actually, Thomas reminds her as he eyes her suspiciously, it’s the king’s land. Thank goodness (at least for Claire) her outburst is forgotten as a soldier interrupts with news: An ambush has left a Redcoat with a very badly wounded arm.

In the taproom downstairs, Claire finds Dougal, who seems relieved that she’s OK. (Side note: Tiny aww.) He assures her Jamie and the gang weren’t behind the fight that maimed the soldier, but she sends the war chief away for his own safety, anyway.

WHIP IT BAD | The soldier’s arm has to come off, a bloody, painful and anesthesia-free procedure marked by lots of screaming (from the man) and lots of grimacing (from Nurse Beauchamp). But even that distasteful experience is preferable to returning upstairs, where Randall continues his interrogation of her – only now, they’re alone, leaving Black Jack free to let his freak flag fly.

It all starts jovially enough. He apologizes for their encounter in the woods, telling Claire, “I look forward to revealing my true nature to you.” Well, that’s a totally normal thing to say to someone you barely know, isn’t it? We finally get to what Randall is after: He wants proof of Dougal’s Jacobite fundraising, and he wants Claire to provide it – oh, and he’s not afraid to beat it out of her.

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Again, I might hush it up at this point. Claire chooses instead to remind Randall of the time he whipped Jamie nearly to death, a memory the twisted captain recounts with near-orgasmic intensity as we watch a flashback. “I had intended to pace myself. One hundred lashes is fatiguing to the arm,” he tells a horrified Claire as Flashback Randall fervently makes Jamie look like a side of overcooked corned beef. (And yes, Jack, your lactic acid build-up is really at the top of everyone’s list of worries right now.) But Jamie doesn’t cry out, even when his feet slip in a puddle of his own blood. “The boy would not beg for mercy,” Jack says, Tobias Menzies doing a really good job of making me hate him as he describes the “exquisite, bloody masterpiece” he and Jamie created.

Claire is crying for real now, and as Randall talks in a detached manner about the darkness growing inside him, can you blame her? They have a discussion about whether there’s hope for his soul – Claire is on the pro side – and he dangles the trip to Inverness in front of her before sucker-punching her and ordering a scared corporal to bend it like Beckham right into Claire’s belly. True nature? REVEALED.

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A SIMPLE PLAN | Generally, I’m not one to grouse about changes between books and movies or TV shows. Lit happens, people. But having Randall — instead of Dougal, as in the book — recount Jamie’s whipping struck me as too intimate for this point in Jack and Claire’s story. Randall is an educated man who’s very suspicious of this woman… but then he coughs up some of his darkest feelings about violence and submission while in her presence? Yes, it’s mostly to intimidate her, but the haymaker to the stomach probably could have accomplished that goal all on its own. (Are ye with me, or do ye think me daft? Whether you’re a Newlander or an Oldlander, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.)

Anyway, thank goodness for Dougal, who swoops in, threatens war and gets Claire a temporary reprieve from Randall’s sadism. She’s due back at the fort the next evening, but Dougal – who decides she’s not a spy after she drinks from a “magic” spring that makes you tell the truth (just go with it) – has an idea about how to get her away from Black Jack for good. She needs to marry a Scottish man, thereby becoming a Scottish woman, who by nationality is not compelled to submit to the commands of a British Army officer.

Claire, no doubt envisioning a future full of gray beard hairs in her bed and surly grunts over the morning porridge, fears he means she should wed him. But no, though “the idea of grinding your corn does tickle me,” he says, he’s got someone else in mind.Outlander Season 1 Recap

WHO SAYS ROMANCE IS DEAD? | And here we are, Outlander fans: the moment where Claire realizes she has to marry Jamie in order to survive. Young James, for his part, isn’t mad about it. After all, as he points out to her while they share a drink, he’s poor, and there’s a price on his head, making him a less-than-desirable husband UNLESS YOU’RE A PERSON WITH EYES.

“Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin?” she asks, Caitriona Balfe imbuing the line with the desperation of a sinking woman making one last grab at a buoy. “No, as long as it doesna bother you that I am,” he replies, grinning. “I reckon one of us should know what they’re doing.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you as struck by that stunning drone shot (the one of Claire and Dougal approaching the spring) as I was? Are you verra much awaiting next week’s installment? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. christine says:

    Cheers to Tobias Menzies for making Black Jack Randall as scary as he was in the books!

  2. CourtTV says:

    Having Randall tell the story helps explain his actions to Jamie and reinforces the evilness within him. It was incredibly intimate. And super creepy!

    • Guest says:

      The story has to demonize him: its the only way viewers can symphatize with a woman about to engage in bigamy and/or extra-marital sex with a hunk. After all, Claire is cheating on her husband, a man that never did what Randall did. The more we hate Randall, the less bad we’ll feel for her poor scorned husband.

      • sm says:

        Is she really cheating on him? He hasn’t been born yet & she has no idea if she can return to her time.

        • Alice says:

          Indeed. In the second book, she actually discusses her moral dilemma with a Catholic monk. He assures her that it isn’t bigamy. Then of course, we later learn exactly how faithful Frank actually is…

          • opus says:

            Thanks SO much Alice. I’ve only read the first book (and wouldn’t reveal any of what comes nexr), but you feel free to give details I don’t want to know from books down the line. The scene with the monk os actually in book one, but the comment on Frank is a spoiler I didn’t want to read.

          • Janean says:

            yeah thanks for the unwanted spoiler! sigh…

          • Ashleah Youn says:

            That’s actually towards the end of the first book.

          • StrawberriesandCream says:

            The books came out like 20 years ago, get over yourselves, “you-spoilered-me lot”

          • sls says:

            As someone who has read the books (a long time ago) I can appreciate wanting to compare the books to the show. BUT this forum is about the show and not the books. People want to come here to talk about what has happened thus far IN THE SHOW.

            So yes, people, if you want to discuss the books go to a different forum designed for that sort of discussion. Don’t ruin things for people who haven’t read the books and are only watching the show.

            We want this to stay on the air. Social media can help with keeping this show on but not if people don’t want to participate in forums out of fear of getting everything spoiled. Think of it that way if it helps.

            There are commenters (not so much here) that aren’t book readers who think that the pace of the show is too slow and I’m sure book readers want to tease things to come to entice them to stick with the show…but please…find another way.

      • Mandy says:

        Sorry, don’t agree with your sentiment. Claire is stuck in the past where (horrible times I might add) where women needed the protection of a man. She had no way of knowing she could get back home or is she could, if she would make it back alive. If you have been reading the books or following the series, then you knos she had to marry for her protection or face Black Jack. How is she a bigamist anyway when her husband isn’t even born then? You need to understand what that time period was like for women instead of applying a modern view where women have a CHOICE.

        • Guest says:

          Claire does have a choice, and she just made it. I’m not saying she should just let herself die instead, but make no mistake: she CHOSE this. And, in doing so, she chose to betray marriage vows she already made to another man.
          Now, in order for me to root for the consummation of this new relationship and/or whatever romantic bond it could arise, the story needs to demonize Randall for he’s the face of Claire’s husband.

      • Robb7 says:

        How do you cheat on someone who technically hasn’t been born yet??!!

        • Guest says:

          Because you already made vows to a first person, long before you break those vows by sleeping with another person.
          The question is when did Claire make those vows, not whether Jamie was already dead or Frank hand’t been born when she breaks them.

          • StrawberriesandCream says:

            Made those vows to a man. Said man is not alive at (her) present time, therefore she is a widow.

      • meg says:

        I have no trouble sympathizing with Claire… since she isn’t cheating, needs protecting, and has no clue if she can come home. I dont need BJR demonized to justify her behavior, but it helps show how desperate she is when she marries Jamie.

        • Guest says:

          All I know is that it would be even harder for me to accept this than it already is if Randall would be as sweet as Frank or as sexy as Jamie is.

          If you want me to take Claire’s side in this then Randall must be the monster that the story is making him to be.

          • sls says:

            I think that the key to what you are saying here is that it would be hard for YOU, personally, to accept this about Claire without the demonizing of BJR/Frank’s likeness. And you’re not the only one who will feel that way. But not everyone needs this in order to appreciate Claire’s position.

            Personally I don’t agree with you but do recognize that some viewers will need BJR to be a monster in order to see Claire’s “decision/choice” to marry Jaime as an acceptable thing to do. For the sake of women everywhere, I hope you are in the minority…but that’s because it would be hard for ME to accept if you weren’t. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and hooray for that.

        • Guest says:

          It’s not just Claire, if Frank was the one about to engage with a much younger and sexier woman than Claire, then story would’ve to demonize her if it demands me to root for his love story. Otherwise you just victimize the wronged party.

          • Alichat says:

            Much younger? LOL! There is only 4 years difference….maybe 4 1/2…..between Jamie and Claire. Claire is 27….Jamie is 23. When Claire disappears at Craigh na Dun, Frank is 39 or 40 years old I believe……at least 12 years older than Claire.

    • rowan77 says:

      I agree. I haven’t read the novels and the show is not one of the novels. I think Jack telling her what he did to Jamie and why was intimate – but it had to be, to make the WAY he told it more telling about his character than anything we’ve seen so far. I think just a punch to the stomach would have shown he couldn’t care less of she was a woman, but his chilling storytelling gave us much, much more about his true self.

  3. I didn’t mind the deviation from the book. Having Randall tell the account of the flogging provides insight to his twisted psyche and the unnatural connection he has with Jamie. I think I held my breath for the entire episode it was so suspenseful.

    Having read Outlanser several times, I am a bit confused by the pacing of the episodes. We’re onle a third of the way though the book and there are only two episodes left until midseason hiatus. I’m afraid of what will be left out.

    I nominate Tobias Menzies for performer of the week.

    • Alice says:

      At this rate they can’t possibly fit the whole book into one season. I figured the halfway point would be Claire’s big decision- but even that seems rushed to fit it all in two episodes.

      • Anne says:

        The “two episodes left” was a little confusing for those who maybe don’t follow the filming as closely as some. There are two episodes in this half of the first season. The second half will be shown early in 2015. The earlier the better as far as I’m concerned.

  4. bytemebill says:

    Ever since I saw Jason Isaacs as Tavington in “The Patriot”, he is who I typically pictured as BJR…then along comes Tobias Menzies…holy Hannah! This man deserves an Emmy! And yes, after the darkness of this week I am SO looking forward to the wedding next week :)

    • Rose says:

      Totally agree! I always pictured Jason Isaacs as BJR too. But Menzies is definitely winning me over. I wasn’t sure he had it in him to be despicable enough, but …. yeah, yeah he does lol. Tobias Menzies, definitely performer of the week!

  5. Alichat says:

    I am torn between having Black Jack tell the story of Jamie’s flogging or sticking with the book and having Dougal tell it. I understand the point of having Randall tell it, what they were using it for in developing his character, but I preferred having Dougal relay the story. It was a good device to convey how twisted he is, but I agree it was an oddly personal story for him to relay to someone he suspects of being a spy. I was more bothered by the Claire’s desire to be the fish all the stinking time. Sometimes, you shouldn’t take the bait. And I didn’t understand the point of the amputation. That whole bit just seemed unnecessary.

    • Alichat says:

      I forgot to mention…..I thought Claire’s ‘affair of the heart’ story was weird. I would have preferred that they beef up her responses in the morality debate instead of writing in that weird lie. For example, when General Thomas says ‘it is the king’s land’, I was expecting her to say ‘and they are the king’s subjects, just as we are. They just want to be treated with the same respect.” That would have been an intelligent reply, while still showing her Scottish sympathies.

      • Alice says:

        The more she showed her Scottish sympathies, the worse off she would be. Getting carried away and revealing those thoughts was a miscalculation on her part and Catriona did such a good job of conveying with her expressions Claire’s awareness of when she lost control of that group of men.

    • Robb7 says:

      This series has been flawless! It has all of the elements of great storytelling. This latest episode was mesmerizing — and both actors were brilliant. However, Tobias Menzies does deserve an Emmy nod for personifying evil incarnate.

      • Alichat says:

        Yes, Tobias Menzies as been fantastic as Black Jack. From the moment BJR came on screen, I’ve wanted someone to put a bullet in his brain. As odd as it was to have BJR telling the story of Jamie’s flogging, it was twisted and sick to see Tobias convey how aroused BJR was becoming while telling it.

    • rowan77 says:

      The point was to get her out of that room upstairs, while she hopes to show she’s a good nurse and Englishwoman. It also gave her the access to Dougal so we could see his concern for her – and her’s for him, even though she plans to never see him again. Of course her plan is thwarted upon her return to that room to find it vacated by all but the heinous Jack – which is a surprise to her and us.

  6. Sweetstarfish81 says:

    Love the wrap up! On seeing the drone shot of the spring, my daughter quipped “Try harder Scotland.” One Oldlander and 2 Newlanders! Ha!

  7. LemonLime says:

    “UNLESS YOU’RE A PERSON WITH EYES”–You also don’t need eyes–JUST LISTEN to him talk and you go weak in the knees.

    Oh, this is why I thoroughly enjoy reading these recaps.

  8. sls says:

    Listing to Black Jack tell the story really conveyed a level of horror and total sadism that wouldn’t have had the same effect had it been Dougal telling the story. While it may be unrealistic that BJR would tell this tale, it was sufficiently creepy and unsettling so it didn’t bother me.

    Now it’s pretty clear to all watchers just how messed up this guy is. If Dougal told the story a viewer might feel he was biased enough to exaggerate the depths of depravity. There is no room for that misunderstanding now.

    • I agree with this post — I’m Oldlander who’s re-read the books more times than I care to admit, and I thought this switch to Randall telling his own version of Jamie’s whipping was a fantastic change! Not only does it make Black Jack entirely unsympathetic (and gorram terrifying as well!), but it delivers that flashback much more powerfully than Dougal’s retelling of it could have been.

    • Kristin says:

      Another “Oldlander” here and I also agree with this perspective. Plus, the magnitude of Randall’s depravity doesn’t fully come to light in the book until much later on. So from an exposition standpoint for “Newlanders,” having him recount the flogging instead of Dougal firmly establishes that, yep, he’s seriously messed up, no doubt about it, this guy is the true villain and evil incarnate lest you had any doubts.

      I personally have no issues with them deviating from the narrative occasionally because so far they’ve somehow managed to seamlessly weave it right back to the important plot points of the book. As long as they keep that up and don’t go wildly off the rails, I’m cool with it.

    • tacoma_gal says:

      Yes ^^ this! It also helps to understand the desperation to keep out of the hands of BJR, which, IMHO, was missing from the book. It is clear in the books, but this takes it up a notch. I mean, BJR is clearly one f-d up dude, but this makes her decision to marry a lot more believable.

      • sls says:

        It’s true. It really helps to show what a terrifying position she is in and helps viewers come to realize that her back really is up against the wall. She must choose self-preservation and put some hope/trust in the Scots. That she is paired with Jaime, someone for whom she has developed a real friendship, also makes this “decision” a bit easier, for her and for the viewers that need it.

        Having BJR show his true nature by telling this horrific tale with such joy (and probably arousal…ugh!) drives home how truly sick he is, which is something viewers won’t ever be able to forget.

  9. C G says:

    LOL yes this

    Epic episode! Found myself shouting at the tv “Just shut up Claire” but her inability to hold her tongue is very much a part of her character.

    Next week, that which we’ve all been awaiting ;)

  10. Alichat says:

    Did anyone else notice that Jamie’s father was cast, and the actor is listed in the credits? But they didn’t really make any acknowledgment of him in the episode except to show him for about two seconds standing behind Dougal during the flogging. Brian didn’t even have his plaid on.

  11. Amy says:

    I was a little disappointed that Dougal didn’t tell the story of Jamie’s flogging as it was intended to be a character portrait of Jaime for Claire ( so she would know the man she was marrying). Now, it seems like they shortchanged Jamie’s bravery and stubbornness in favor of highlighting Randall’s psychotic nature. It was a great Episode and Tobias Menzies rocked it as Black Jack. I’m scared of the dude now.

  12. pam says:

    Having jack tell claire that awful story also helped convey the struggle she must be having at seeing the man she knows as frank behaving in such a vile way really has her off kilter. No pun intented. It definitely had more impact then dougal telling it. Poor claire. So confused. That is coming through loud and clear. Jamie may be verra brawny but back then having a price on your head meant your loved ones did too. Not good marriage material.

  13. this episode was so intense. Eat your heat out Game of thrones

  14. Sheila says:

    I thought that Jack’s impromptu sketch of Claire and subsequent description of Jamie’s flogging as a masterpiece served to illustrate what a sick bastard he is – that while there may be this artistic and intelligent side to him, there is also the sadistic psychopathic side that all should fear.

  15. Vi says:

    Wow. what an episode. The change didn’t bother me; it was intimate but for Black Jack’s purposes it was intimidating & a threat, while at the same time it was still that character insight into Jamie as Dougal used it in the book (only un-intended). It was chilling & added to the cat & mouse game between Jack and Claire, while alluding to his twisted fascination with Jamie.
    In the same vein, I liked the switch as to how Claire & Dougal came to be before the Garrison Commander.
    As for the purpose of adding the soldier who had his arm removed; that seemed to conveniently create time for Black Jack to empty the room so he had Claire to himself…

    Now, is it next Saturday yet?

    • jane says:

      The amputation scene seemed very purposeful. It showed the military readiness of the British army… As Claire called for a bandage, a sharp knife, and they all responded in a well trained fashion. Unlike when Claire called for a belt or bandages when treating Jaime. It allowed the viewer to believe that maybe she was indeed home w her own people, in her army. It made BJRs turn about more shocking to her character.

  16. Lana says:

    I too, want to put my vote to a stunning and very clever story line that had Jack tell the story instead of Dougal. It made Claire and us realize just how sick, and twisted this man is in a way that Dougal could not, plus it still made Jamie very brave. I find Tobias sexy but he took that sexy with Jack and made it very scary and I loved it. Claire’s mouth keeps forgetting she is not in the 20th Century anymore. This show has become my very favorite show and I hate that is taking a break so soon. Only two episodes left!!

  17. Doni Palamar says:

    What an amazing episode this was. This show is among the best on TV.

  18. I was all for the change!! I think it did an excellent job of conveying how twisted and evil Black Jack is in a way that would be hard to do otherwise. You can be told a million times someone is evil but until you see it for yourself, you don’t quite grasp it…and that very much drove the point home. And while it wasn’t meant as a way to build up Jamie’s character, I think it still had the same effect, that Claire saw how sick this man is and how Jamie stood up to him. I think with things coming later this season, it works perfectly.

    Such a brilliant episode. This show is just perfect.

    Also “Unless your a person with eyes” made me giggle.

  19. JAO says:

    Yes Tobias is the performer of the week. Cait was also incredible. Her eyes spoke volumes. And the cat & mouse game between her & BJR was mesmerizing.

  20. pam says:

    If anyone is interested in more detail of the changes from book to film I strongly reccomend ron moores podcast of each episode. He and his wife terry explain alot of that. Watch episode with sound off. I admire the sheer dedication of cast and crew in making this show. Working and filming on location was difficult to say the least.

  21. hseymmd says:

    I liked the way the story was told this week.
    1. Loved the interplay bet the general and Dougal! No wonder uk TV isn’t showing it.
    2. BJR had me fooled for a minute… I’ll admit it! I thought Tobias was brilliant!

  22. Alice says:

    Having Randall’s perspective on the flogging is ten times more creepy- and it lays the groundwork for the connection between Jamie and Randall that you see later in the story.

  23. sillyemmy says:

    Re: UNLESS YOU’RE A PERSON WITH EYES – first, made me burst out laughing. And also, yes. (I am only now reading the book and have not yet gotten to this point, so this was all new to me) When Dougal proposed marriage to Jamie, I said immediately to my husband, “I’d do it.” He said, “Really?!?” I said, “LOOK AT HIM.”

  24. Alisa says:

    “UNLESS YOU’RE A PERSON WITH EYES”, LOL, great comment. Well, I guess I’m upgrading cable from limited basic to whatever package includes STARZ. And that’s only to see Jamie and Claire get married and…ahem…(did I assume correctly that Jamie is a virgin???)

    Great recap, btw!

    • LemonLime says:

      You assume correctly!! And what Sam Heughan said was exactly what Jamie said in the novel–“Reckon one of us should know what they’re doing”.

  25. Sara Tajeldin says:

    Well, having read the books, I was prepared. But I found this ep very intense. I know that they had to get this material in and they did a good job. I did find tears coming as I watched. I know Claire will be stronger for it. Looking forward to the Wedding!

  26. meg says:

    I didn’t think i’d like BJR telling the story, but… it worked SO WELL and Tobias Menzies was amazing and exquisitely terrifying in this episode. We need to see how depraved and horrible BJR is, and quick, to understand his weird relationship to Jamie.

    I’d have been happy with Dougal telling it, but having BJR tell her was amazing and I swear I held my breath the whole time. It was fantastic and horrible.

  27. Christy says:

    I guess I’m an oldlander having found the books in 2001 or so. I actually liked the change, having it come from BJR’s pov, I feel it gave us an insight into his bizarre fascination with Jamie that we don’t get in the books. Really loved it, but I get where your coming from.
    The liar spring, I think for whatever reason worked better for me in the book then in the TV show, I can’t really put my finger on why, the actors handled it well enough maybe Dougal should have given more back story on it rather then being so off hand.
    Over all I think this episode was amazingly well done and all involved should be proud. And yes can’t wait till next week! Never mind that it’s an ep all fans have looked forward to, but it also marks the spot where Jamie becomes much more involved in the storyline.

  28. PHAZ says:

    Tobias Menzies gave an Emmy winner performance. You really want to hate him as Jack or as the husband…..

  29. LABete says:

    Having BJR tell the story was brilliant. I think my face probably looked just like Claire’s while he was baring his black soul and his sick bond with Jamie. It really confirmed why Cait and Tobias were cast as Claire and Jack (plus Frank). I would definitely vote for Tobias to get next week’s PotW. BJR scared me so much that I stayed teary-eyed til the credits rolled, first with fear and loathing for BJR and then with relief and hope because of Dougal’s proposal to save Claire and Jamie’s gentlemanly reaction. This was a brilliant episode!

  30. So Happy says:

    I was surprised they chose Black Jack Randall to explain to Claire the horror that he inflicted on Jaime. Once I got past the surprise, I have to say Tobias Menzies nailed his character work very well! I couldn’t look away.
    Cannot wait for next week’s episode. My only complaint,the episodes are so riveting, that I’m sad only two more episodes until 2015!!

  31. I didn’t read the books but I’m glad they made the change because it gave Tobias Menzies a perfect chance to chew some scenery and he nailed it.

  32. Devin says:

    I didn’t mind the change to BJR telling the story of the flogging. For one, I think that there are other details, factual and emotional, left for Dougal to tell. In addition, one of the main character traits of BJR is the fact that he doesn’t recognize or adhere to boundaries in a normal human way. Therefore, it felt totally right for the character for him to tell an intimate story when he isn’t very close to Claire.

    Finally, I highly recommend the use of your DVR’s slow motion button on the last five seconds or so of the promo for next week. It’s obviously spoilery, and if you’re waiting to see the whole thing for the first kiss, etc., you might not want to do it, but if you just can’t wait (like me), it is well worth the time.

  33. Booklover says:

    So surprised that this recapper did not think this was the best episode – I think it was by far the best episode of the series so far (even if I had to watch part of it through my fingers!). This recap made me feel like she is not enjoying the show. IDK, I think the recap found over on EW’s website is a much better recap of the show and explains a bit more. I’ve read these books several times, have listened to them as well (listening to Davina Porter read this is exquisite – her voices for the characters, her pronunciations, etc. – perfection!) and I have no problem with the changes that have been made, including having BJR tell Claire of the whipping.

  34. Linda says:

    What drone shot??

    • sls says:

      In the scene after Dougal rescues Claire and they stop at the liar’s spring for a drink there is a camera shot (the drone shot) where the drone flies out from a cave or a gap between two rocks and flies over the spring. It flies right near Dougal as he bends to drink from the spring. If you rewatch the episode it happens right after they dismount from the horses and he says there is fresh water nearby, she says where, and he says down. They show them start to walk down and then it switches to the drone shot.

  35. I can’t get over what an amazing show this is! It just gets better and better each week!

  36. redjane12 says:

    OUTLANDER is definitely among my favourite new shows of 2014 – It has not been a year (for me at least) filled with many great debuts but OUTLANDER definitely hits the mark and I’ll admit I was expecting a terribly corny romance….

    I did also enjoy the underrated Halt & Catch Fire, and the more generally admired True Detective and Fargo.

  37. Donna Lenning says:

    It’s gonna be hard enough to wait for next weeks wedding scene but to wait till early 2015 for the rest of season one is gonna kill me. Oh, if you need help in training the virgin you could let me win the contest and maybe I could offer Jaime a few tips of my own. ☺️

  38. Laurie says:

    The flogging was intense. The sucker punch took me by surprise. Loved Dougal and the grinding corn line

  39. jbean1 says:

    The changes from the books are often throwing me a bit, sometimes just because I can’t see the need for the changes. That bit of navel gazing over the nature of Jonathan Randall completely took me out of the scene (and it seemed to go on forever). In the books, he’s obviously contemplative and has thought about what kind of man he is, but sitting down and having this long conversation on their 2nd meeting? Nope, not havin’ it. It would have fit in much better later on after many other spoilery type things have happened later on that I won’t mention here.

    Despite that, I am still loving the series.