Teen Wolf Season Finale Recap: Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Teen Wolf Season Finale Recap

Monday’s super-sized Teen Wolf season finale sent Scott’s pack on the most hectic south-of-the-border adventure since Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.

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After sifting through Scott’s dirty man-panties — thanks, Stiles! — the gang tracked his musk all the way to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca (which I totally spelled right, according to Wikipedia). There were a few bumps along the way, like Liam going bananas and almost eating Stiles, but they eventually made it in one piece.

Of course, getting to Mexico was only half the battle. Within minutes of pulling up to the temple, Derek suffered a mortal wound — oh my God, why did he even go with them?! — forcing Braeden to stay behind and keep him alive. He managed to survive, and evolve into a black wolf, but I’m not sure I’d give Braeden any of the credit. (It was interesting to learn of her obsession with the Desert Wolf, though. Here’s hoping we finally see her next season.)

PETER AND THE WOLF | The rest of the pack confronted Berserker-Scott, who put up a pretty good fight, though he was no match for the soothing vocals of young Liam. After snapping out of Kate’s little spell, it didn’t take long for Scott to figure out Peter’s involvement in this hot mess of a season, cueing the fight we’ve been waiting basically two years to see.

“You were never an Alpha, Peter, but you were always a monster,” Scott said before striking the final blow. Sadly, he didn’t kill Peter, no matter how loudly I screamed at him to do so. (I’m starting to think he can’t hear me at all.) Instead, Peter was banished to the bowels of Eichen House, sharing a cell with none other than Mr. Third Eye Blind himself, Dr. Valack.

FAMILY FEUD | Just outside the temple walls, an even crazier battle was brewing between Kate and the Calaveras. Despite taking a bullet from her own brother, Kate managed to weasel her way out of the fray, but not before spouting a bunch of nonsense about how Scott and his pack “killed Allison.” Ultimately, Argent decided to stay with the Mexican mobsters and continue the hunt for Kate. (But the real question is: Will he keep his beard?)

GET A CLUE | Meanwhile, back at Beacon Hills High, Mason was forced to attend a class he did not sign up for: Berskerers 101. After helping Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski blow one of those suckers to pieces, there’s no way he can play dumb to the supernatural goings on moving forward. That said, I guess that makes him the new Danny, which means he’s probably going to mysteriously disappear between now and Season 5. (It’s the Teen Wolf way, after all: If you start to become too interesting, you gots to go!)

And then there’s Baby Face Deputy Parrish, who’s finally going to figure out what he really is, with a little help from Lydia and her bestiary. (Any guesses? Ryan Kelley has a few.)

Teen Wolf fans, did Season 4 end the way you anticipated? Obviously you’re glad Derek is alive and well, but do you wish Peter and Kate had been killed? Drop a comment with your review of the finale below.

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  1. Mare says:

    Woot, Derek turned full wolf! Really, that’s all I care about right now!

  2. Leo says:

    An underwhelming finale to an underwhelming season. Kira and Lydia were once again useless but hey at least we got slow mo fights!

    • Ian says:

      Mmm, I have to agree :/

      There wasn’t much resolution to anything. There wasn’t anything game-changing. I still don’t care about either Kira or Braeden, Kate and Peter live to cause trouble another day, Lydia and useless black gay character are useless, and everything’s back to the status quo in another on of these John Hughes style season finale endings this show likes to do.

      Derek can turn into a wolf now, big freaking deal. The question is WHY? Why was he losing his powers all season? What triggered this evolution? Why was he turned into a teenager? Just… WHY?

      They should have just ended this season with the end of the Benefactor arc.

  3. James says:

    Well, I was kinda hoping Scott would finally have a taste of his first kill in this episode. Oh well, better luck next season.

    Kira jsut needs to use her powers of electricity because, really, she was pretty useless. And her healing powers and use of martial arts does not count.

    • rarefied says:

      He won’t ever kill anyone, but rather always find a “better” solution unless they decide it’s someone else’s destiny to be a “true alpha.”

    • v says:

      You are so right. Her martial art skills are blah and she always gets beaten in every fight. I don’t get why she doesn’t use her powers of electricity plus they are all acting like allison never even existed. I expected to see them struggle a little bit. I still love teen wolf though.

  4. Hmmm says:

    Where is Danny? I thought that he wasn’t supposed to be gone long term. Why have him admit to being in the know about the supernatural if he is no longer going to be on the show?

  5. Aleana says:

    Love it Liam telling Scott your not a monster your a werewolf was enough to break Scott out of Kate spell was amazing then Scott and Peter fight was epic especially when Scott saw Liam in danger from Peter and Scott blocks Peter swings and told Peter you were never an alpha you always a monster love seeing Derek turn into a wolf I wanted Scott to kill Peter can’t stand him love Kate wish we saw Kira heal herself can’t to know what Parrish is and hopefully romance with Lydia over all great season finale just want to know why this season was short

    • See, I would have loved if it were almost anyone else BUT Liam. Why on earth would it be him to break Scott out of the spell? Makes no sense to me unless there is a strong sire bond that has never been explored on Teen Wolf.

      • Because Liam is Scotts first beta.

      • Rain388 says:

        Thank you, I said the same thing – loudly, to my tv. I mean really, Liam of all people breaks him out. I feel like Liam’s being shoved down my throat and I can’t stand him.

        • Danny says:

          It was Liam because in the earlier episodes when he confronts liam about being a werewolf Liam says hes a monster and Scott tells him he isnt because monsters kill. Liam told him hes not a monster meaning Scott wont kill anyone.

  6. Mike R. says:

    Loved the whole Scott and Liam part. The rest was decent, I mean I have more complaints that things didn’t go the way I wanted to more than anything else. I was sort of hoping Peter would be gone for good. Looking forward to next season, I mean it wasn’t a perfect 12 episodes, but it was still enjoyable. I am glad Kira seems to be heading in a good direction and I can’t wait for more Scott as an alpha to Liam, maybe Mason will also be in the fold next season.

    • A says:

      i agree with you abt kira. i guess the werefoxes get powers/abilites in stages/tails, with each tail they obtain/learn new ability & become powerful (i assumed that she already knew how to heal fast). i hope we get more of it

  7. Ravi says:

    I was kinda hoping that Scott would turn into a full wolf instead, no offence to Derek. I am really happy that Derek is not dead.

  8. Kait says:

    I wonder what that special looking bullet that Argent loaded into his gun was. Was a Nemeton firefly somehow encased in it? Was it a tracker? Did it have the yellow wolfsbane in it?
    And that scene with Mason running past Kira with the bat complete with the ahhhhhhhh-ing into battle scream and then Sheriff Stilinski with the “Excuse me! Catch!” had me laughing for a good minute, waiting for the berserker to actually say something along the lines of “ruh-roh!”
    Decent episode, I was mostly confused but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ cya in January Teen Wolf, hope that Maze Runner sequel filming in Arizona(?) doesn’t interfere with Stiles being in episodes

    • Kait says:

      How’d Lydia get the Beastiary? Didn’t Grandpa Argent have it?
      Sheriff Stilinski handcuffing Stiles to the desk was to much, especially the “woah/yo Daddy!”
      Coach at the end was great
      What did Kira’s mom say her husband kept to make the shuriken/Kira’s first tail out of?

      • Kait says:

        *too, it would have bugged me

      • j. says:

        There are two Bestiaries: The Gerard’s copy and Peter’s scanned copy. Allison had computerized Gerard’s copy and, I think, had some of Peter’s info as well. I think that must be what they used to make the new copy. That said, like so many other plot points in this show, there’s no clear explanation.

        • Kait says:

          Yeah I re-watched the episode and from what I got there was the “written to hard-drive” copy that Alison stole from Gerard and I think Lydia translated (she knew ancient Latin??) to the computer that I guess was somehow one-off published to her? And Peter has one too but who knows if it’s written or not. And Deaton has in his head to be released per chapter by plot allowances/mercenary rules/whenever/secretly a bad guy probably

      • A says:

        the shuriken/kira’s 1st tail was made from the shard of obsidian i guess. i am really looking forward to next season specially more kira’s powers & deputy perish & what he is

        • Kait says:

          I swear her mom said it but I got distracted both times I watched it. Obsidian makes sense, hopefully the tail makes her realize she can do more with her powers.
          And yes! I need to know what Parrish is, it’s gonna bug me til we find out

    • Ari says:

      I thought the special bullet was maybe a tracker? He knew his sister would run and he made a promise to the Calaveras that he would help take her out.

      • Kait says:

        I’m guessing that’s what it is but honestly who knows with this show. It was cool of Argent to kinda take one for the team so that the Calaveras didn’t go after Scott for turning Liam. At least I think that’s what one of her stipulations were allowing them to leave Mexico the first time, not to hurt humans?

  9. CK says:

    I love Teen Wolf, but this finale was just underwhelming at best. This season started on a high note and just went down hill. The Benefactor/Assassin storyline was actually excited until it was brought down by an incredibly convoluted twist. The return of Kate was a highlight that (surprise) got marred down by convoluted twists i.e. her being able to make and control berserkers etc. Don’t even get me started on the Peter twist, which deserved it’s own half a season. It just seems like they tried to throw a lot into these episodes and not all of it stuck on the wall.. I did enjoy the introduction of Liam and Parrish.

  10. makparis says:

    I needed Peter and/or Kate to die. One of them needed to permanently eliminated. Other than that I enjoyed the episode.

  11. I’m glad everyone made it out of the finale alive but I’m mostly underwhelmed by the finale. Something was missing for me overall this season.

  12. randy says:

    So is derek as a black wolf supposed to be stronger then true alpha scott? Also what happened at the end with scott where he started matrix blocking all of peters blows, was it just then he realized he was a true alpha lol

    • chuzy says:

      Lol , he is the true alpha but he seems to get beat down most of tge time

    • Matt says:

      Jeff Davis explained it. If say Derek was with Scott, he would be like his right hand soldier. True Alpha has to be the STRONGEST. This was the 1st time we’ve seen Scott kick ass and at the end with ease. He is just now learning..finally. Why u think Deucalion was so scared of him. And no other supernatural creature has broken through mountain ash as we’ve seen.

  13. Mo says:

    This show is so ridiculous I can’t stop watching it.

  14. Phoebe says:

    WHOOO! Go Derek!! At last a real werewolf on the show with awesome strength and a body to match!The savior of this show and the ONLY reason to watch season 5.

  15. MixMi says:

    It was alright.
    Answers were answered in the episodes before. Derek turning into a full wolf I did not expect. Peter being locked up as well. I thought he was going to die for a moment but then he fought Scott and we all know that Scott does not kill. Being locked up seemed reasonable. Why let someone who wants to kill you loose?
    The ending with Peter was funny and served him right.
    Kate not killed was disappointing.
    The gun fight was ” meh ” but I guess they had to have that. The full moon thing and Malia and Liam not shifting was disappointing too. I mean, you are fighting a beserker and you need to go all wild to do so. They did not even shift …
    Beside the Liam part in the vehicle.

    Oh well, it was fine.
    The Derek thing might be explained when they get back. The ” Desert worlf ” thing seems to be the focus of the next part too.
    [s]The wait will kill me though.[/s]

  16. Sara says:

    Enough of Peter….can we please just get rid of him once and for all?!! I know everyone loves his sarcastic evilness….but it’s getting boring that he never dies. He’s like the writers back up plan. Yawn.

  17. Stewart says:

    My least favorite season. Liam, Kira, Lydia and Braeden are boring. They should have killed off Kate. I can’t stand her. Why can Scott fight sometimes and other times he has no skills?

  18. Ella says:

    Eh, mediocre. Peter and Kate should have been killed and frankly, Liam getting through to Scott wasn’t as powerful a scene as it should have been. The whole Benefactor reveal and what followed has been downhill.

  19. Maryann says:

    I would definitely have preferred for Scott to have killed Peter and Kate to be killed by her brother. The climax of the season was diminished when these things didn’t happen.

  20. AMARHABALAMI says:


  21. Brigid says:

    I don’t get the complaints but I never do. I thought this season was the best and the finale was great! I loved that Peter is going through h*ll instead of just being dead, it’s Karma full throttle. I loved Derek evolving and the fact that next season will include the mystery of Parrish and what he is. Looks like the Desert Wolf will be the arc for S5 and I’m excited about it. Great season!

  22. Ari says:

    Chris Argent better keep his beard. He’s been working on it for four season! I loved that Derek’s wolf form is a lot like his mother’s wolf form. From everything we’ve learned about Talia over the years she seemed like a great person. It’s nice to think that Derek is becoming that as well. Though he’ s a terrible alpha he makes an incredibly loyal and dedicated beta. Go Derek Hale, way to evolve buddy!

  23. Patsy says:

    Hilarious. Awesome recap Andy!

  24. Lies says:

    the only reason why kate still is alive is because of argent. He has to have a story for the next few episodes. I always love peter, he is just a crazy badass fool + i always love to know more about derek his family, so he is an important key to that. I hope scott gets a better storyline, i would have liked to see scott struggeling with allison her death or him having more problems with his father, because now he just looks like a happy happy teddywolf. As for lydia, malia, liam and stilles they are always great. But we still don’t know much about lydia her powers so i hope we will learn more about that. As for kira what is she still doing in this show besides trying to be scott’s second soulmate? She is a nice girl but that is it. Hope they will mention allison a bit more, maybe scott or lydia visiting her grave or something like that, that wouldn’t be wrong right? She was a big part of this show but scott and lydia don’t seem to miss her. in other shows they do that too when a main character dies so who knows. But it was a great episode, cried so hard about derek, what a legend.

  25. Erin2 says:

    What I really wanted was for Scott to fully transform like he almost did before he stopped himself from killing that assassin… that would showed Peter what real power is!!
    Things I want to see next season:

    1. To revisit and explain why Scott looked so different when he almost transformed in “Monstrous”
    2. To find out what Parrish is! (Jinn, Phoenix, Dragon)

    3. Having Kira attempting to gain more tails!
    4. Also to find out who the Desert Wolf is and what she wants!
    5. Find out what type of creatures are locked away in Eichen House!
    6. Take Scott down a darker path and put him in a situation where he has no choice but to kill!

  26. Matt says:

    I don’t get how Argent is still hunting Kate when he let her go? It was about time Scott started to fight like the True Alpha he is. He was blocking Peter’s punches like Neo in the first Matrix..I have to say Peter did a great job acting when he turned. Great show overall!

  27. Aligmich says:

    I thought it was quite a good season finale, it was quite epic and answered a couple questions. However it did leave a couple things unanswered, BUT Jeff Davis did say in an interview that he was going to explore those (e.g the desert wolf, Kate, what Parrish, Dr. Valack.
    Also in terms of Scott killing someone I don’t think he ever will. JD said that he’s like superman/spiderman i.e he won’t ever kill anyone and I like that cause it makes him stronger that way.
    Looking forward to the next season!

  28. Travis says:

    I’m pretty sure scott doesn’t know his actual strength yet and i’m hoping we see a little more of his strength in the next season, and a possible full shift? we only got to see his face and claws go full wolf for about 2 seconds. I’m also hoping we get a chance to see scott alpha roar at liam.

  29. Mamud says:

    i Love Peter and am glad they didn’t kill him. I always find his character amusing, ” a villain but not a villain ” if u know what I mean

  30. Zaynab says:

    We’ll the first thing I’d like to say is that the only reason I watched this season was Derek most of all. And yes people I think it sounds about right that Derek is a black wolf. Like his mother and sister. True born wolfs should be able to transform. It’s cool he doesn’t look like a bitten wolf anymore and yes he is stronger than Scott. Everybody knows Scott is no match for Derek. I wonder why Scott is a true alpha, makes no sense when he has red eyes with nothing to offer. Derek fought of two berserkers as a teenager. Something the so called alpha, useless Kira , and Liam could not pull off. I miss Allison . Parrish should be a different kind of wolf maybe. I think they need peter alive because he knows so much and I am sure even about what’s coming next.

  31. Alec Navedo says:

    Scott was moving with more speed and power than Deucalion in the fight vs Peter! Can’t wait to see more of his power in season 5!

  32. Alec says:

    Scott is more powerful than Deucalian now!

    • wilfri castillo says:

      I don’t think that scott is more powerfull then deucalion because deucalion have killed more alphas and have more experience also i don’t think scott could have beat peter in his alpha form plus jeff davis esplain the derek new form give him the ability to melk with the natural so the when they turn in to full wolf their power are way stronger talia laura and derek are more powerfull them scott and the only reason peter killed laura way because she didn’t expect it

  33. I so much love the ending but it would have been more better if kate and peter got dead

  34. princess oluwakemi says:

    I love the end but it would have been more better if peter and kate died

  35. Emmanuel says:

    It fantastic,scott shows up his the true alpha by defeating peter..the most of it all derek turned into a black wolf

  36. Emmanuel says:

    It waz fantastic,kira jxt need to show of her self and drop the sword on her hand.derek was amazing he made smoke and mirror more interesting…As for scott his the man

  37. Alex says:

    It was fantastic watching the movie….its awesome

  38. francis says:

    Scott needs some serious power boost