Fox Eyes Minority Report TV Series

Minority Report TV Show

Fox can see its future, and it may just include some Precogs.

A TV sequel of sorts to Steven Spielberg’s futuristic film Minority Report has landed at the network, our sister site Deadline reports.

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The project — which has a put pilot commitment* — is set 10 years after the Tom Cruise vehicle and the end of Precrime in D.C. It follows one of the three Precogs who could see crimes before they were committed as he struggles to lead a “normal” human life while still grappling with visions of the future. He meets a detective haunted by her past who just may help him find a purpose to his gift. (*Put pilot commitment is a deal wherein a network will owe a studio a significant monetary penalty if it does not air the pilot — and all but guarantees the pilot will be picked up.)

Spielberg’s Amblin TV, 20th Century Fox TV and Paramount TV will produce the potential series, while Max Borenstein (this year’s Godzilla) will pen the script.

Are you interested in a small-screen Minority Report? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    You keep trying to put out pretty cool shows Fox, and you keep cancelling them, so i say no, i wont watch, screw you. You cancelled Almost Human, which was fantastic, based in the future with robot cops, now you want a minority report future sci-fi show?

    • Prish says:

      Didn’t Fox carry Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova? I was bummed it got cancelled, but if no one else would carry it, at least we got a year. I loved Almost Human, also. I wonder when the producers will pick up on finishing and/or continuing series via novels! There are a lot of fantastic writers out there, who would love the gigs.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I would prefer graphic novels, the visuals of Almost Human deserve to be seen. Ya, i didnt love Terra Nova but it was just setting up a mythology and then bam, cancelled. Of course theres the classic Firefly cancellation, and they also cancelled (also sci-fi) Alcatraz which i was enjoying, and they cancelled Fringe (though i give them a pass on that one, they kept it around 5 years cause they were so proud of it and loved it so much, they being the President i believe, and they gave it 13 eps to finish so i say good on them for that)….but still. Fringe is the best show i’ve ever watched (followed closely by BSG)..

        What sucks most of all, is they arent cancelling crap shows like NBC, they are cancelling really awesome shows (Almost Human, Alcatraz, Terra Nova) that have great casts, great graphics, good-to-great writing…that sucks the most. I wish they could partner with Scy-Fy or Netflix or Amazon or something so they earn money in more ways than just Fox commercials.

    • Maria says:

      M3rc Nate, you took the words right out of my mouth!!

    • Heidi says:

      I agree. Firefly, Almost Human – stick with the ones you already had. Fox sux at SyFy. You’ve failed too many times. No way am I going to get sucked in again.

      • Lena says:

        I agree. I won’t bother watching. They cancelled Almost Human, a wonderful show. I rarely look at anything on that network now.

  2. Tony Lang says:

    Fox should save themselves time & money by cancelling it right now, that’s what they always do to sci-fi shows anyway.

  3. DL says:

    Hmm, the concept’s relatively interesting. When I’d first heard rumblings of this, I’d thought it was a “reboot” of sorts, reimagining the film for television. I’m actually more interested in it now that’s it’s a sequel, though I hope there’s a good meta-plot and serialized element to the show, rather than it being too procedural.

  4. Will it see its own cancellation coming before it happens? And will it be able to stop it?

  5. MattArmando says:

    All of these high profile projects at FOX should just be promoted as Limited Event Series… Because they probably won’t make it past season 1.

  6. Moment says:

    Fox should have just paid Warner Bros the fee they wanted for Season 2 of Almost Human. It was one of their highest performing scripted shows too. This made me not feel too enthusiastic about Scifi shows on Fox.

  7. Ray says:

    FOX is notorious for reneging on shows, even after they’re in development. Hieroglyph anyone? And that Alexis Bledel/Jason Ritter rom-com?

  8. webly3 says:

    OMG I would love that. As much as people hate Fox for putting out their favorite shows, they did let Fringe last for much longer than most expected. Fox has definitely made poor decisions (yes, Almost Human). However, I really believe that the new co-chairs are going to help the network. Let’s be honest – Hieroglyph would have been horrible. Did anyone see the trailer? Also, Us & Them – a typical rom com that would have been cancelled anyways. If this show happens, I will tune in.

  9. On Fox? No thanks. RIP Almost Human | RIP Enlisted. There’s no point – Fox will cancel it. I’m not wasting my time.

  10. Kubrick says:

    Its on Fox so I’m not optimistic. If anything it will have one maybe two seasons and end in a cliffhanger.

  11. jmcg says:

    I hated this movie! The concept was flawed from the beginning–arresting people for a crime they might commit in the future? I definitely don’t want to see it as a tv show. Besides, didn’t Fox just cancel a futuristic cop show?

  12. David4 says:

    Why bother now? Seems like a waste of time, was the movie that popular that people would want a sequel this much later?

  13. JAO says:

    Not since Fox canceled Almost Human.

  14. Simon says:

    Sci-fi/genre television in general is always welcome. We’ll see how it turns out.

  15. Lizo says:

    Sounds totally cool, but Fox will air it out of order and then cancel it after one season. Fool me once, shame on you….fool me like five times more shame on me. Sorry Fox, you’ve burned this scifi fan too many times for me to check out anything you air.

  16. “I won’t watch it because it’s on Fox and they’ll just cancel it.” That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether Fox cancels it or not depends on whether people watch it or not. If people don’t watch it, then of course it’s going to be cancelled.

    • Lizo says:

      Perhaps (though I’m not a Neilson home so it doesn’t matter anyways), but the network can’t honestly expect to treat the community who watches this genre to come back each and every time. They haven’t earned any loyalty from us. It’s like a bad relationship, they treat us badly and take something away, turn around and tell us it was our fault, then beg us to come back when they have something new telling us they will be ‘different’ this time. Only to repeat the same behaviour: take it away and blame us for it. At some point we have to say ‘no, we’re not buying your lies anymore’.

  17. Maryann says:

    I would definitely check this out. It sounds fantastic; if the execution is good, I am definitely in.

    • Maryann says:

      Oops! I forgot it was on Fox. After the way they treated Almost Human and other scifi shows, i will likely wait to see if it at least gets a full, coherent first season without a significant cliffhanger, or a second season renewal before checking it out.

  18. cheryl says:

    No thanks, I will stick with Person of Interest on CBS. FOX gets great SciFi concepts (Firefly, Almost Human, etc.), but then doesn’t give the shows a chance! Once season is not enough time to get all the development and mythology set up. At least they gave Fringe 5 seasons, but it was always on the verge of cancellation. They need to cancel the crappy “reality” and “I wanna be a STAR!” shows instead!

  19. Stephen says:

    I taught Steven and Tom vow never to work together again? It just won’t be the same a low budget sci fi. With out great actors ! Save your money. It won ‘t pickup fans. Just like marvel tv series. Low budget poor acting and poor script. Save your money!