Fall TV Preview

Americans Russian Joins NCIS in Recurring Role, May Visit Spin-Off

NCIS Season 12 Lev Gorn

Lev Gorn, who for two seasons on FX’s The Americans has played Rezidentrua honcho Arkady Ivanovich (no relation), has booked a recurring role on CBS’ NCIS.

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In Season 12 of TV’s most watched drama, Gorn will play Russian Deputy Ambassador Anton Yelic, our sister site Deadline reports.

As NCIS boss Gary Glasberg shared in TVLine’s Fall Preview Spectacular, the Sept. 23 season opener sends Gibbs and McGee to Russia “for a really significant crisis” that introduces a mercenary/new adversary (played by Alex Veadov) who also will pop up throughout the season.

Glasberg told me “there’s a chance” the Russia storyline will crossover to NCIS: New Orleans, which will now lead out of NCIS on Tuesdays — as such, Gorn may also appear on that spinoff.

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As also noted by Deadline, the Stavropol, USSR-born Gorn has been promoted to a series regular on The Americans, which opens Season 3 early next year.

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  1. Gorn is great! wish him the best on this show and Homeland. Bishop will still be a terrible character, but maybe Gorn will distract me.

    • Dido Twite (@DidoTwite2) says:

      Looking forward to Gorn. He conveniently speaks Russian, so does Gibbs. I guess this will be another Super Gibbs story line. It could be fun. Glad to see McGee getting some action FINALLY! he’s a really strong actor and needs to be used so much more than he has been. Michael Weatherly needs to be used more as well, but I guess in this episode he is once again stuck on Bishop babysitting duty. I have kept hoping he would be a real agent again, but once Bishop showed up, he has been nothing but a babysitter. He had one great episode, Admiral’s Daughter. Once he was off the Bishop continent he found his brain and balls.

      • Dawn Weaver says:

        Ahh, the Bishop bashers, pop up right on cue–yawn, blah, blah, blah, babysitter,blah, blah, blah, terrible, blah, blah, blah, use Tony more. Honestly, like trained seals at Sea World–give me a minute and I’ll toss you some bait.

        • marty says:

          Yes! Well said!!

        • Kubrick says:

          They truly are an insane bunch. I mean the fans on SVU never took things this far Stabler left.

          • lsperling says:

            Perhaps that was because he was replaced with a good actor who fit in with the rest of the cast.

          • Dawn Weaver says:

            Really? Well, considering the bashing that started BEFORE she even started her first scene–who are you to say who is or isn’t a “good” actor? She fits in fine with the rest of the cast–of course, anyone who took over that thankless job would be criticized and hounded by the bashers. “Blah,blah,blah, not good,blah,blah,blah” Want some cheese to go with your whine?

        • znachki says:

          Hey, at least the poster didn’t mention the “T” word. Progress?

      • Erin says:

        It sounds like it could be an interesting storyline, but I too am tired of the super Gibbs show. Tony no longer seems relevant. As a Tony fan I miss the days when Tony was allowed to be put in dangerous situations and shine as a great agent. His main purpose now seems to provide the evening’s humor (usually by making him look stupid or ridiculous), playing supporting cast to Gibbs, McGee, or Bishop’s dramas, or look on in awe as Gibbs saves the day again and again and again. I guess the writers just aren’t allowed to give him a really exciting story line that might flatter the character or make him look too good. Those stories ALL go to Gibbs who either goes it alone or has McGee or Bishop tag along.

        • Kubrick says:

          Agree a s much as I love the entire cast, I wish there were more episodes like the time Tony was handcuffed to a serial killer or even when he was framed by that Chip guy in season 3. Who knows maybe the story with him dating that FBI girl may lead to something despite the outrage of the rabid Tiva fanatics.

          • Erin says:

            I don’t know why they are sending out these particular spoiler photos when the premier is obviously all about another super Gibbs faces down a huge assortment of life threatening danger as McGee looks on in admiration. I’m pretty sure the title of the episode has a double meaning. While Gibbs and McGee are constantly 20 Klicks away from more peril, Tony will be at the office clicking the clicker about that many times. His thumb will get a real workout. Yay! The days giving Weatherly something as juicy as Chained or Frame Up are long gone. It has quite obviously not been a priority to evolve Tony since Don Bellasario was shown the door. I doubt that the FBI agent/romance will be much more than a C plot in an episode or two. Tony spoilers rarely amount to much. It’s become the super Gibbs show and McGee and Bishop seem far more interesting to the writers these days. Tony has become an irrelevant after thought.

  2. Yasmin says:

    Aw I hope he comes back to The Americans, he is/was so great… loved all his scenes on the americans.

  3. Eliza says:

    I’m very happy to read that he’s going to
    be a series regular on The Americans!

  4. Zoe Lynn says:

    When will you convince Cote dePablo to return. She was the spark behind NCIS, otherwise it’s just another cop show.

    • Kubrick says:

      Okay unless you’re new to this topic of disussion let me give you the runaround: Cote Depablo WANTED to leave the show and thus does not wish to comeback anytime soon. But hey as one of the obessive fans who believe the entire world revolves around and solely exists because of the character Ziva or the shipname ‘Tiva’ go kidnap Cote and force her back against her will. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know some stranger thinks they know whats best for her.

    • Pete says:

      Why would de Pablo want to take a backward step in her career and return, unless her career stalls?
      She may have been a spark that drew a certain section of viewers to NCIS, but there are many more who loved it before her, loved it with her and still love it without her. It became just like all the other shows when they started emphasizing the romantic tease – up to that point it had a group of unique and well-defined characters and was a rarity in showcasing a multitude of different relationships between them. All that got overshadowed by ‘Tiva’.

  5. Felix Wolfe says:

    Nothing can distract me from this horrible Bishop character and a daily soap romance!
    Bring back the NCIS viewers loved for 10 years without silly barbies and soap opera romances then I will watch again!
    And no guest star can help to erase the awful blonde who is not an actress but some important person’s daughter, wife or …! Even the less intelligent viewer can see that Wickersham can’t act!

    • Kubrick says:

      Oh were starting this whole ‘Whickersham is related to someone’ again? What are you 50 GROW UP!

      • Joni says:

        Until this comment popped up I intended to stay out of it but I simply can’t let it pass. A comment like this one, especially coming from another woman is disgusting and cruel just to be cruel – something easy to do with the anonymity of the internet.

        • Kubrick says:

          What? I’m just telling the user that is ‘Felix Wolfe’ to grow up due to his immature and off topic comment.

          • Joni says:

            Hi Kubrick, That’s who my comment was directed at. I’m not sold that “Felix” is actually a male. I’m sorry for the confusion. “His” “…” implication crosses way over the line for me.

    • Dawn Weaver says:

      The only “less intelligent” I’m seeing is you. Plus, what a shallow, mealy mouth thing to say–she got the job because she’s someone daughter or… Wow, I certainly hope you don’t attend church, being pious and condescending and vicious would probably blow the church’s doors off. Shame on you!

    • Dean says:

      And they say the stuff I post is inappropriate. You chucklehead take the cake.

  6. Joni says:

    I’m pleased the show has cast another Russian actor to portray a Russian character.
    Here’s hoping Ambassador Yelic is a good guy.

  7. as524 says:

    Interesting….can’t wait to see how Gibbs, Tony, McGee and Ellie deal with this new threat….

    • Lindsey says:

      I didn’t have any special love for Ziva. I liked the storyline, but I thought it was getting a little stale during her last season. But, I have to say, this past year, I began to lose interest. They just seemed to need someone new that was really interesting. The blonde girl just wasn’t someone I cared to watch. I also have sort of gave up on them doing anything with Tony. They continue to make him look like a clown. And for gods sake, get him out of that suit and mess his hair up a little bit! Have no idea if the Ellie character is “related” to anyone, but we all know that McGee is related to the bosses. Last season, I didn’t watch all the episodes…this is from someone who has all the previous seasons on Blu-ray. It is just feeling stale. NCIS L.A. is the one I can’t miss, now. Love Deeks and Kensi. Sorry Tony, not your fault, the writers have failed.

      • Elpat says:

        Def need more Tony in real action. C’mon producers, give Michael some episodes with meat! I am not fond of Wick on the show, don’t need 2 geeks; just doesn’t seem to fit; nothing against her. Show needs more kick, more Tony as competent agent. Love the rest of the cast!

      • CG59 says:

        Well, isn’t ‘Chip’ Bellisario’s son? He only got couple of episodes, and he was a bad guy at that!

  8. Elpat says:

    Hasn’t he bee Arkady in NCIS:LA???