Fall TV Preview

New Arrow Promo: Mid-Chase, Oliver Asks Felicity About [Spoiler] — Plus: Ray Palmer's Got Super Swag!

The latest Arrow Season 3 trailer has a little something for everyone.

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For starters, you’ve got Oliver trying to nail down plans for his dinner date with Felicity. There’s a dash of Diggle, finally. And super-successful entrepeneur Ray Palmer (played by Brandon Routh) makes quite an entrance — putting a twinkle in a blonde someone’e eye in the process.

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The promo also raises the question: Is the Arrow in fact doing too good a job at putting away the bad guys now? Is that why Felicity apparently has time for a side gig at “Tech Village”? (Though I have to believe that will not be the case.)

UPDATED, with conversation topic: Does anyone else kind of hope that the season-opening date/”date” is the sum total of “Olicity” teasing that the show does in the near future? Are you surprised they’re going there “already”? Discuss.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. hello says:

    It’s happening, shippers are ruining Arrow. I knew this would happen

    • Velocity says:

      Lol so the writers, EP and WB are shippers now? Because all of them are pretty excited for whats happening.

    • Maya says:

      you do realize that it’s not the shipper who decide what goes in the script? it’s the writers, EP and WB executives. But don’t worry i doubt they’ll be taking over the show, it’s just gonna be another aspect to Oliver growth as a character.
      besides, Romance and Love has always been a major and an important fixture in the hero journey to becoming and being a hero. If you look at every hero show/comic/movie they all have a partner or a love interest. that’s called life.

    • Lou says:

      Relationships are a key part of any show. So what if people are excited about it?

      • CM says:

        So then what’s Laurel’s purpose? Other than to annoy the fans.

        • John NYC says:

          Oliver’s safe retreat when Felicity dumps his ass for her new guy. He’ll get some growth out of that experience I’m sure.

          • mary says:

            his rebound? don’t you think she has been through enough of oliver bs? if they making oliver go back to laurel after felicity dumps him and she still want him after all the bad things he did to her, at that moment I really wish the writers kill her, because I refuse to see someone like that turned into black canary

          • John NYC says:

            No, more like his safe haven. She’s a constant in his ever changing world.

          • wonderwall says:

            If Oliver /does/ get back into a relationship with Laurel as a rebound it’s probably going to be him using her, abusing her, then losing her (100pts to anyone who gets that reference!). As much as I dislike Laurel, she deserves better than that.
            And you’re right John NYC. Laurel has somewhat been a constant in his life, she’s always been orbiting around him even when she loathed him. I’d very much like for Oliver and Laurel to be friends because they are important to one another. But if Oliver and Laurel become romantically involved again, I feel like it’ll just undo all of their growth. Plus I can’t take a woman who takes back a man who was instrumental in tearing her family apart and causing her years of pain and distress seriously. It’ll make her look weak and rather spineless. But hey that’s just my opinion.

        • Lou says:

          Look, I’m not the biggest fan of Laurel but I’m willing to see them give her a purpose. Just wait and see. And to be fair, I wasn’t talking about Laurel at all here. I don’t know why you had to bring her into the conversation.

          • aunni says:

            hello, hmm and dude are bitter o/l fan who hates felicity n olicity. its obvious from their past comments.

    • Virgil says:

      I’m with hello. The show was perfect as is. Not every show needs some stupid epic love story that inevitably results in character actions shifting as their romantic attachment starts significantly influencing character behavior/decisions. The show is about a superhero and the best part of this show is the action. But let’s just go ahead and dumb it down for all the idiots who only watch TV to obsessively analyze fake @#$ relationships.

      • Belle says:

        Wow. Soooo, having meaningful relationship development means “dumbing down?” What other shows do you watch?

      • MMPTomms says:

        I skip all action scenes because explosions and speeding cars and a bunch of dudes fake-fighting to a dance choreography bore the frak outta me. I watch TV for the character development that comes from the relationships — romantic or not. So I guess I’m an idiot. #proudtobe

        • Trish says:

          Lmao! OMG, this is the funniest post I’ve ever read. Shots fired! LOL! OK, sorry. “dudes fake-fighting to a dance choreography” – #bye

        • Then your watching the wrong show the romance in this show sucks you want to see it done right watch Chuck or Fringe both do it exceptionally well

          • Sarah says:

            It’s only sucked so far because the relationships portrayed were with the wrong people (or short term guest stars like McKenna and Helena). Although I didn’t mind Sara and Oliver for a while, they were clearly just seeking comfort in the familiar not long lasting love. The only other relationship was with Laurel and they had a toxic start and a very toxic end, full of cheating and trust issues.

          • J says:

            Your is your, you’re is you are ;)

      • Foshi says:

        If not for the people he cares about, then what purpose does any superhero really have in his or her journey? Even crossing names out of a book was for someone Oliver loved. You can’t have the bad mean anything if there isn’t the good to go with it. Sad times mean more if only so the hero gets good times too. It’s called balance and i would argue that Arrow is the ONLY superhero show recently to understand this. The writers know Felicity brings out the best in Oliver and that without her and Diggle Oliver wouldn’t be where he is today. Like Felicity said “there’s another way” =the Arrow.

        • Shelley says:

          This! I agree with you, Foshi. There has to be a ying with any yang to make something whole. For anyone to be whole in any prose, whether it’s comic book or otherwise, the main character goes through various emotional facets for his character to grow and evolve. As for Felicity and Oliver to get together this season, I’m for it. There will be obstacles, which only makes it better. There’s action, drama and comedy in Arrow which is why I love the show. And, if only their getting closer feeling out their emotions, it makes for better comedy and tension. I love their comical emotional tension. It lightens up the drama sometimes. Even if it takes years for anything to come about between Oliver and Felicity, then that’s fine by me. This season we’ll find out able her past. It’ll be interesting how that fits into the Arrow trinity, along with Olicity’s chances of being together. The unknown and vast possibilities are going to be fun. I’m going to sit bCk and enjoy the ride.

    • ATN88 says:

      Ruining it? LOL…hardly. Based on this promo, I’m more excited for Arrow to start the new season than the prior two before it. Shipping aside, it seems lighter and more like the Green Arrow comics. Bring it on. :)

    • brenna says:

      I don’t understand comments like this. Arrow is a great show and Olicity is just one part of it. There is so much to look forward to this season!

    • John NYC says:

      No “ruining” evident from that clip. IMHO anyway.

    • Ashley says:

      Sorry, but false. The EPs make the decisions, and from the comments I’ve seen from Arrow fans that aren’t shippers, they much preferred Season 2 to Season 1. The writing was better. And guess what? Romance will always be a subplot. Always. It will NEVER take over the show. And that’s the way Olicity shippers want it, contrary to popular belief. Too much romance kills a ship and a show. The central action plot will always be the focus with small bits of romance throughout. That’s what keeps everything exciting and fresh. I started watching Arrow for the origin story, but I love Olicity and there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m sure lots of others feel did as well.

      • JC1 says:

        I’m sorry, but I very much disagree that the writing was better in season two. There were some things better in season two, but season one was, IMO, far more more coherently plotted out. Season two was kind of a mess, and I really hope they get their act together for season three. The Slade Wilson/Mirakuru arc was a mess from the moment they fridged Shado (in one of the show’s stupidest moments) to the very end, and even Manu Bennett has said at conventions over the summer that by the end he didn’t know what his motivations were supposed to have been. Except for a couple of spotlight episodes, Diggle was largely sidelined for the entire season, as was Thea. Moira was amazing and I’ll miss her, but both her arcs were totally unbelievable – first the travesty of that trial, and then the ridiculousness of her running for mayor. Roy’s training “arc” was sloppy and haphazard, Isabel disappeared for like ten episodes because they weren’t sure what direction they were going with her (they’ve admitted this) and that’s not even touching the mess that was supposedly Laurel’s “arc” for the season. Personally I very much hope that they’ve learned from what didn’t work in season two and that season three is better written and plotted than season two was.

        • wonderwall says:

          Eh to each their own I suppose. I actually thought that season 2 started out strong, then the Lance family drama started and then Slade and how he randomly fell in love with Shado. It all got messy by the middle of the season then the last 3-4 episodes happened and I thought it was back on track.

          Season 1, while the writing was a touch more consistent (bar Laurel’s arc), it was just boring to me :/ The relationships in season 1 sucked (I mean Oliver went from loving Laurel, to being with McKenna, then Helena, then back to Laurel again.. talk about whiplash). Oliver then became instantly unlikable when he had sex with Laurel after he specifically told Tommy to go after her. Eugh. I did, however, really enjoy the finale (except for the fact that Tommy’s death really did a number on me lol).

          Anyways, in terms of writing, season 1 was a lot tighter than season 2. However, season 2 was a lot more exciting to me.

          I hope the writers take the best of season 1 and the best of season 2 and somehow incorporate that stuff into the third season.

          • JC1 says:

            I’m not saying season one was perfect at all. I could have done without the Tommy/Laurel/Oliver triangle, although I personally didn’t mind Oliver being with either McKenna or Helena (except for the tiny fact that they made her crazy). And for the first half of season two I was very excited about the show, even with the farce of Moira’s trial. But then things went downhill badly after Christmas, and unlike many I don’t really feel like they pulled it all together very well at the end. And frankly I just could have done without the entire Mirakuru arc, and the stupid “choice” thing. But yes, mileage will vary. This is just my opinion.

          • wonderwall says:

            No, I totally got what you mean. No season of any show is ever perfect. Arrow still has a lot of flaws! I hope the third season will have more consistent writing too tbqh. I think a problem with season 2 is that the Arrow writers just made stuff up along the way and it just didn’t make sense with the whole narrative (Slade loving Shado, Oliver/Sara hook up, Mirakuru cure etc.)

          • JC1 says:

            Completely agree. Slade being in love with Shado came out of nowhere for no other reason than to set up the revenge arc. Oliver/Sara was treated more like a plot point than an actual relationship we were actually supposed to invest in (which irritated me because I actually could have shipped those two). The Mirakuru cure came out of nowhere and we were just supposed to buy that neither Oliver or Sara would have ever mentioned it before. Isabel was a total waste of Summer Glau. Argh. So much wasted potential. I just want season three to be better plotted out and have the character arcs make more sense.

          • wonderwall says:

            From all the teases I’ve seen the first 7 episodes are going to be all about characterization and more episodic with the villain of the week. From what I’ve heard, episode 2 will be Sara centric, 3 Digg centric, 4 Roy centric, 5 Felicity centric… I’ve yet to see what they’re going to do for episodes 6 and 7 but I’m pretty sure it’ll be character heavy. Then in season 3b it’ll be a longer arc with one main villain (ra’s) and it’ll probably look more like season 2 in that sense. It seems like a hybrid of season 1 and 2. So I’m hopeful :)

          • JC1 says:

            I’m hopeful for season three as well at the moment, or I wouldn’t be watching. I just jumped into this discussion because I didn’t agree that season two was better written than one. But most of what I’m hearing about season three sounds good at this point. I’m concerned about a couple of things, but hopefully it will be good.

          • I liked the back half of s2 more than the first half and i hate Laurel

        • aunni says:

          may be its me bt i hv problem with roy’s arc. and i won’t expect to be told that he is on the same footing with dig, when its come to team arrow. what has roy done yet to earn that position?

    • Ella says:

      THIS. Felicity works so well as a Girl Friday, making her a love interest is a terrible, terrible idea. I hope they nip this in the bud before it starts, which they hopefully will do when it plays out that, in reality, they have zero romantic chemistry. Disappointed the writers took the decision to give in to the psychotic fangirls.

      • wonderwall says:

        I’m a 28 year old woman who supports the O/F relationship. So you calling me and the majority of the fandom (who are extremely level headed) psychotic fangirls is really demeaning and quite juvenile. Just because the show isn’t going the way you want it to doesn’t mean the EPs ‘gave in’ to the people who support O/F. Please. Let’s just get that straight. No one was holding a gun to their heads making them do it. They could’ve easily gone the Chloe/Clark route but they chose not to because they saw the chemistry there as well (as Mark Guggenheim stated in a previous interview).

        And just because you say they have zero chemistry doesn’t mean everyone else thinks so. A lot of people see their chemistry, I’d even go as far as to say the majority of the internet fandom see their chemistry, but no I guess the writers will have to ‘give in’ what YOU want from the show… Oh look, I guess that can go both ways.

        And Felicity is so much more than a Girl Friday. To reduce her to that would be shameful.

        PS. Please refrain from generalizing. I refuse to be called a psychotic fangirl.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        I agree with everything except the “psychotic fangirls” bit. The Olicity shippers can be overzealous and annoying at times but calling them “psychotic” is rather much IMO. Anyway, I wish the writers would keep Felicity as a girl friday too; I don’t see the romantic chemistry at all. They look like siblings to me.

      • Teresa Rhoda says:

        Thanks for the compliment. I guess I am a 55 year old psychotic fangirl then. I have enjoyed this show and saw the chemistry between O and F long before I knew about Olicity or shipping (took me a while to figure this out). I only discovered the Olicity shipdom about 4 months ago and I was amazed to discover that there is a whole internet community that saw what I did. I now follow some very interesting blogs. Shipping is a fun thing. Most rational people realise that. Olicity fans have no more control over what Arrow writers write than baseball fans have over how well their favourite baseball team plays. Bring perspective and balance to your opinion.

      • Marie says:

        I am a forty something mother who loves them. I don’t think they are going anywhere this year or next year. I am neither psychotic nor a fan girl. I guess we could say fan woman. Anyway. I watch very little television and I don’t ship anyone, but I do admit, they stole my heart. I haven’t really seen chemistry like theirs since since Scully and Mulder on the X-files.

        • Teresa Rhoda says:

          I will call myself a Fan woman too!! Also don’t watch much TV but I always make time for Arrow. It is my “time out” in a an otherwise busy life.

  2. sladewilson says:

    That was the best promo for Arrow yet!!!! Plus a Digg sighting!!!! I was thinking they forgot about the brother!!!! This season looks like it’s shaping up to be very fun indeed!!!! #TeamArrow

  3. Cheyenne says:

    I feel like the more Ray annoys Oliver the more I’m gonna love him.

  4. Alejandro says:

    I am so freaking excited for season 3 of Arrow I want it right now! GIMME GIMME GIMME!

  5. Karyn says:

    Olicity is so forced. It’s like watching a brother and sister kiss. Gross.

    • hello says:

      Completely agree, it is gross

    • Jess says:

      Disagree…he cares for her more than he cares for his sister!!!! Plus Felicity has a thing for Oliver and I’d rather him with her than him with Laurel. Plus hello this isn’t the first time a relationship has been in the show, him and Sara, Tommy and Laurel, Roy and Thea, Diggle and his girl. Nothing new people!!!

    • Jane says:

      arrow have relationship based on lies, cheating with your girlfriend’s sister. slept with your best friend’s ex – girlfriend, getting someone pregnant while you or that person are in relationship and you think olicity gross? that’s funny
      even if you think they’re like brother and sister, at least their relationship based on friendship and trust.

    • Belle says:

      What does that mean, “forced?” They have been slowly building this relationship for the last two seasons. These two have had more meaningful interaction and exchanges with each other than any two characters on the show (other than Diggle and the two of them). I guess I don’t know what you mean by “forced.” They ooooze chemistry. Who would you consider not forced? Thea and Roy? Sara and Ollie? To me none of those relationships can even compare to Oliver and Felicity in terms of depth and development. With those others, I am TOLD that they care for each other, etc. With Oliver and Felicity, I’ve seen it slowly build. Love it.

    • MMPTomms says:

      If my brother kissed me like that I’d have to sue him to pay for my therapy FOREVER.

      • ATN88 says:

        Exactly. There’s nothing about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship that comes off as familial. She’s been ogling his body and blurting out sexual innuendos and he’s been acting like a twitterpated fool around her for 2 seasons. This isn’t Game of Thrones.

        • aunni says:

          now u pointed out… whats all those rediculus excuse made by oliver!!!! there was clearly something in felicity that made oliver acting like a fool. grt point

    • Ok, I respect your position to not like Oliver and Felicity together but saying that they are like brother and sister is too much. I would never say to my brother “I imagined you saying this in differences circurstances” as a answer to “Hold on to me tight.” This is sexual tension.

      • ANNA says:

        Yep I agree Soraya. It’s totally valid to say, I just see them as friends/colleagues. But platonic doesn’t immediately mean brother and sister.

    • Sammy says:

      Building a relationship over two seasons, a relationship based on trust and friendship, is not forced. The definition of forced might be sleeping with the guy who slept with your sister and got another woman pregnant while you were together all because the ‘comics’ says so. Also if you think Olicity is anything like a brother and sister, I worry for you.

    • wonderwall says:

      Come on you guys, people are allowed to have their own opinions! And @Karyn, it looks like they’ll be putting a hold on the Olicity development after the first episode so you have room to breathe :)

    • John NYC says:

      I don’t see forced, she’s cute and infatuated by him… the guy’s human after all and they’ve worked together in some stressful situations which have grown trust between them. Now once her infamous backstory is revealed, who knows?

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I agree completely. Just b/c Felicity’s been making goo goo eyes at Oliver and they’ve engaged in flirty banter doesn’t mean that their chemistry comes across well or is accepted by all viewers. In fact their innuendo filled convos always have me fast forwarding b/c the 2nd hand awkwardness is just too much. I’d rather them be friends.

  6. Sarah says:

    Holy jeebus I cannot wait. I love the more confident Oliver. Okay I love every kind of Oliver.

    • Mehvash says:

      Haha this!!!

    • Shelley says:

      Me too. Besides, season 1 they wrote Oliver dipping, bathing in drama from the get go. Last season had more light fun and some comedy mixed in. A lot more balance IMO. There can be too much coupling, but, so far I think season 2 had a great balance in writing Oliver and his experiences. So, when we find out about Felicity’s past, it will be a real treat to see how that affects Oliver, Diggle and their close bat cave relationships. I think the writers have a good sense of what kind of path Oliver should take. If it adheres close to the comics, I couldn’t, I’ve never read them. All I know is, I love the show and all the characters. It’s fun to watch.

  7. GildedRose says:

    This is an epic promo. Loved all the action and the excitement and yep, totally loving Oliver and Felicity. They’re so sexy together. Love that Quentin survived. I hope they let him interact and work with Oliver/Felicity/Diggle more this season.

  8. Trish says:

    Yass!!! All of this stuff we’re getting on Oliver and Felicity is fantastic, and I FINALLY get a promo with my John Diggle in it!!!! Damn I need this new season, like…yesterday! My Original Team Arrow trio is too damn good. Excited!

    • Laurie says:

      I agree COMPLETELY. I also think Oliver seems more confident with the Olicity relationship in his life. She really gets him and I think they are end game. Hope the writers don’t do a break up make up over and over again. I hate those…

  9. wonderwall says:

    You can instantly see the change in tone. I love how season 3 is becoming lighter and Oliver is less broody (although, I shouldn’t say anything lest I jinx it). The promo just gave me a new-found excitement for season 3! It’s going to be awesome!

    I’m really digging (pun intended) that Roy, Digg, and Oliver work well and seamlessly in the field. I also think it’s wonderful that Digg is getting more action! It’s about damn time! I hope they keep this up and not focus on petty family drama like they did in season 2.

    Laurel wasn’t bad (thank god). But I’m loving that it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Quentin!

    I was pessimistic about Ray because I didn’t like Brandon Routh in Chuck, but the promo made me excited. Ray is a bit sassy :p

    Felicity and Oliver’s bits were lighthearted and fun, it’s something I didn’t expect and I’m glad they’re starting out this way instead of all hot and heavy. I hope the show does them justice, and I’m optimistic that they will without the expense of taking away screen time from other deserving characters like Thea, Malcolm, and Digg. Regardless of the fact that everything between these two will go to hell by episodes end, I’m glad they will get a chance to explore what they meant to each other throughout the episode.

  10. enri says:

    Can’t wait. Season 3 looks like it’s going to be awesome!!

  11. A says:

    This looks great! I like that it looks like they’re lightening Oliver up a bit, his dourness last season was getting a bit tiresome. Oliver/Felicity/Diggle look awesome!

  12. arrow fan says:

    That was ana ammazing promo, its got me all fired up for season 3, love how in sync team arrow is, olicity of course will be the death of me, they are soo amazing!!

  13. Lou says:

    This promo just made me so excited for season 3! I love everything about this. Look how happy and flirty Oliver is with Felicity! I can’t wait for their date even though we know it ends badly. I’m more than happy for Oliver and Felicity to figure things out themselves before they get together. I can wait.

    Also loving the Team Arrow action and a Diggle sighting! YES! Intrigued about Laurel’s new role now that she knows Oliver’s secret and I’m looking forward to Quentin as Captain Lance. Looks like it’s firing on all cylinders!

    PS: I think your conversation topic is just asking for ship wars which we don’t really need in this fandom. Like what you like and just don’t talk about what you hate. It’s unnecessary.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, I believe it’s a legitimate question we need to start asking. Is “Olicity” the storyline that Arrow deserves, or the one it needs right now?

      • MMPTomms says:

        Arrow deserves a romantic storyline for its main character that isn’t with a crazy lady with daddy issues, an evil psycho who banged his daddy, or a pair of sisters. And it’s pretty clear the show desperately needs this relationship for marketing and ad-buy reasons, so I’m pretty sure it’s deserves AND needs, instead of OR.

      • Lou says:

        But Olicity is only one part of the show. You make it sound like it’s going to take over when it certainly hasn’t up to this point. Sure, it features more in the season premiere but we all know it’s not going to last based on previous spoilers. The point is Oliver and Felicity have had two seasons worth of relationship building and they deserve to have some progress beyond longing looks and shoulder touches. It’s time for some character growth and development. I’m glad that they’re not jumping into a relationship right now because both characters have a little way to go yet.

      • nicuilleam says:

        “Olicity” is what Arrow and the fans deserve. However I think we only need a taste of it right now because I don’t think it will last past the first episode. Then we will be back to the slow burn. As long as we know it’s endgame, we are patient, loyal fans.

      • Hi! I’m very curious, would you mind expounding on your question(s)? Not really sure what you mean about the storyline Arrow deserves.

      • GildedRose says:

        Can it be both?

        Arrow needs to pick a romance lane at some point. It’s going into season 3 and people still don’t get who they’re supposed to be “rooting for.” People can argue about the necessity of romance in the story but it IS a subplot (and should remain a subplot, not the point of the show) and has been since the pilot. But going into season 3, they need to settle in a groove and stick with it for awhile. Even classic heroes with bed-hopping histories have been revamped in recent years to tone that down. People like relationships. And if Oliver is supposed to be so much wiser and better than his 5 year crucible, it would help to have him show some emotional maturity & start making better relationship decisions. Bouncing him around between women like a rubber ball wasn’t doing his character favors, imo. So Arrow needs a romantic story in that regard.

        Personally, I like Oliver and Felicity. I like the solid friendship they started with, I like the respect they have for each other. I like that there’s a sense of loyalty, honor, trust, etc., between them. She’s always there when he needs her. He’s there when she needs him. they’ve been through a lot together since Season 1 and I think the evolution to “more” makes sense.

        Is Oliver/Felicity the story Arrow “deserves”? Yeah. I think it is. You’ve got two characters a lot of people like, driven by a story that happened very organically with viewers, wasn’t supposed to happen at all, and became its own thing driven only by viewer response & excitement to what they saw unfolding on the screen. It excites people, not only about Oliver Queen and Felicity and them together as “Olicity” but about the whole show.

        I think when you have something that starts off so grassroots and swells up to this point with no real sign (at least that I’ve seen) of people getting bored or wanting something else… why not go there?

        Romance is a necessary part of storytelling. It’s part of the human condition. And I’ll be honest, Oliver Queen was a miserable, dark, tortured human being in Season 1. Who wants that for a hero for the rest of his life? Arrow doesn’t have to hammer home the romantic plot in every episode. Weave it in in small touches. It will be fine. I personally don’t get the big deal over Oliver and Felicity getting together. He dated McKenna for several episodes nobody was screaming Romance Is Ruining Arrow! He dated another chick in season 2 for several eps, nobody was crying Oooh the romance is ruining this show! But he wants to date Felicity and suddenly the Arrow world is on the verge of collapse because it’s letting Oliver Queen start to fall in love with someone? Come on.

        Oliver needs some hope in his life. Felicity’s awesome. they compliment each other really well and they’re different enough characters on several different levels that them being a couple can remain interesting for long lengths of time without going all contrived for conflicts.

        So yeah, Oliver and Felicity are the romanc Arrow deserves AND needs.

        • Marc says:

          This times a million!!!

        • Shelley says:

          Oh, this is it. Just how I feel about it. I just mentioned in an above comment, that Oliver was dipping and bathing in drama season 1. He was a tortured soul, unsettled, unsure of how he fit in, lost and seeking a meaning to his life. Through his close relationships with Diggle and, especially Felicity, he has found his place and some contentment. I was so glad to watch Oliver come out of his drama-filled existence. If it is Felicity, then, I’m game to watch Oliver find a relationship with a girl based on trust, loyalty, and a true liking of each other. Something that Oliver had never experienced before. Watching this new Oliver is exciting and fulfilling to see him come out of his tormented past and turn into a really fine guy. It doesn’t hurt to watch Felicity swoon over him and Diggle knows iit. Fun times ahead. Lots of drama. But, the balance is what excites me.

        • Marie says:


        • S says:

          Bravo! This times a billion!

      • kath says:

        Bite your tongue, Matt! This is the first relationship on the show that wasn’t about craziness, neediness or anti-chemistry.

        It is both the storyline the show deserves and the one it needs right now. Of all the female characters Oliver has been paired with (basically every appropriate age woman he wasn’t related to), this has the potential to be the healthiest. Leave the angst for the soap operas. Even Castle got much better when Castle and Beckett finally got together.

        I want the show to give Oliver a good relationship where both characters can grow and then get back to focusing on crime fighting. Olicity is the relationship *I* deserve.

  14. Belle says:

    Love the teaser. Can’t wait! I like what I see of Ray Palmer so far. He’s going to be fun to watch. I love this funnier Oliver, but does it look like he’s back to killing? Those shots look fatal to me. And, of course Oliver and Felicity. As far as I am concerned a superhero story is no good without a good love interest involved and this one is it for me — canon be damned! I love them together and even better is the team arrow dynamic. Would love a scene with them flirting on a mission and cut to Diggle reminding them that he can hear everything. Just love it all…action, humor, romance.

  15. Kevin says:

    Season 3 is gonna rock! Can’t wait to see Arsenal in full form, and hope they keep Dig front and center. I actually think Roy can learn more from Diggle than Ollie, cause lets face it, Ollie isn’t the best teacher. Felicity keeping everything & everyone in check from the Buy More. Sara is back! Love Black Canary!

    Lord, Felicity is fine. She is rocking that dress. I don’t care who Oliver dates, but I’m hoping they give her a love scene, she’s just the hottest woman on this show. Plus she’s awesome (I’m not a perv).

    • wonderwall says:

      Lmao, not pervy. I’m a woman and I can appreciate her assets (which are further accentuated in that grey dress she wore early season 2) And if you’ve noticed Emily Bett is pretty buff, just look at her arms! She’s definitely a gorgeous woman.

  16. mary says:

    after 2 years of brooding batman wannabe, I feel like this is the first time I am watching green arrow, love the sass man! great promo

  17. Nate says:

    They’ve just casted Ra’s AL Ghul everyone

  18. Mehvash says:

    Man this was awesome!! I can’t wait. There literally was something in here for everyone. Here is hoping fur some more crazy action sequences thus year.

  19. Dean says:

    Gotta say I liked Dark Archer’s old suit better.

  20. Jorge says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  21. CM says:

    I suppose it’s too much too hope for that the idiotic Ray Palmer character is killed off in the first ep.

  22. Teresa Rhoda says:

    Out of the (current) 32 comments only 4 seems Olicity shouldn’t happen. The interaction between Felicity and Oliver is going to be hot. Also, for those who think it is the only story line..perhaps you should watch the trailer again Felicity and Oliver relationship is only part of the show. Season 3 is going to be full of crazy action interlaced with the Oliver/Diggle/Felicity dynamic. Enjoy the ride. It is going to be awesome.

    • CM says:

      “The interaction between Felicity and Oliver is going to be hot.”

      For all of 7 minutes. And then for some reason they can’t be together.

      Until the final 2 minutes of the season.

      That’s how Hollywood does relationships.

      Oh! And they have to sleep with someone else first to realize they’re meant for each other.

  23. Sarah T. says:

    I seriously just watched that trailer 3 times in a row. Gah, seriously can’t wait for October 8th! I’m definitely excited to see how the “Olicity” relationship plays out. That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing Roy’s development into Arsenal (I think that got shortchanged a bit last season). I think it will be interesting to see how Ray Palmer factors into the dynamic as well. Can it be October already?

  24. Swbd says:

    That promo was everything. Is is October yet? Oliver/Felicity are awesome and I can’t wait to watch their romance build this season. I really love the way the writers have developed their relationship so really, not surprised and I’m looking forward to what’s next. Fantastic journey these two have!

  25. James D says:

    Can’t wait after last season i’m interested to see how they try to top it (will be hard last season was steller) Routh is a great choice for Palmer, I wonder how they will do Atom? since it’s a more serious look into the comic characters does that mean we won’t see any shrinkage. To be honest I don’t care what they do with Oliver and Felicity as long as it doesn’t take valuable screen time away from something more important. I love both characters and there is no denying they have chemistry, but I’m not sold on them being a couple. We’ll see what happens i guess. Stoked for this season whatever the case.

  26. Joey Padron says:

    New trailer looks good. Good to see Diggle in the trailer. Excited to see new season!

  27. brenna says:

    So excited for so many reasons for Season 3. And can’t wait to see the beginning of Olicity. I do think after the end of last season, they needed to have some progression for Oliver and Felicity. Based on what we have heard, the date is disastrous and we’ll see how it goes from there. I’m hoping the writers will do this relationship justice and not too fast! We’ve enjoyed them so much, let’s keep drawing out the fun!!

  28. Luis says:

    An awesome promo – can’t wait for October!

  29. Yunuem says:

    My guess is that he asks her out, they kiss before the date ( cause in the date she’s not wearing glasses), then all the crazy things happen in the date and I bet she wont remember the kiss so she will tell Oliver to be just friends, and Oliver will be crushing on her while she flirts and dates RayPalmer

  30. Lucy says:

    What a great promo! I love the new tone and the lighter Oliver. I’m excited about the continued development of Oliver & Felicity’s relationship. I’m looking forward to Willa’s progression, and I can’t wait for more Nyssa!

  31. The Olicity stuff in the promo is oh so cheesy dear lord

  32. aunni says:

    so excited.. i knw they r gonna halt olicity after epi 1 to focus on other storyline

  33. Sarah says:

    Don’t care what the haters say. Olicity is wonderful and I can’t wait for what happens. Their chemistry is insane and I love who Oliver is around Felicity. All this promo proved to me is how good she is for him and I hope he realizes that by seasons’ end, because we all know this happy flirty banter only lasts one episode before they halt it all. I can wait though. Also excited about Team Arrow and Diggle and that looked like Thea kicking ass with a sword there. Can’t wait for her story with Malcolm and how Oliver finds out too. I’m a happy fan.

    • aunni says:

      u r absolutely right abt olicity halt after ep 1, even SA said there r less olicity moment. arrow is a show where romance gets only 5 min screentime. so they r gonna balace it through next few epi :(

  34. Kristina says:

    Looks awesome!

  35. Jon says:

    Hmmm. At 0:48 it kinda looked like Black Mask.

  36. JC1 says:

    Honestly, and I think I’m probably “party of one” here on this, but I am completely neutral on Olicity. It doesn’t excite me, and it doesn’t bother me. I’ve always said that I was fine with Oliver being with pretty much anyone as long as it wasn’t Laurel, and that’s still true.
    What is, however, getting a little wearying, is that it seems like Olicity has become pretty much 90% of the Arrow fandom conversation, whether it’s squeeing and analyzing every tiny scene and spoiler ad nauseum to the exclusion of any other conversation, or moaning and wailing over “fan pandering”. I’m hoping it gets better once the season actually starts airing – hopefully we’ll have other things to talk about. Diggle, Sara, Roy, Thea, Katana…. the Felicity backstory episode. Those are all things I’m looking forward to that have nothing to do with Olicity.

    • aunni says:

      i ship olicity bt i get you. yes they r promoting olicity, u knw how internet works. for other storyline, they r very tightliped. they want to suprised fan during episode. its a marketing. ppl r talking abt olicity cz they knw n predicting, once arrow start airing there will be other topics. for myself i will discuss dig n fel with u

    • wonderwall says:

      You’re actually kind of right. They’ve been promoting WAY too much Olicity and Felicity and I really want to know what’s going on with other characters. I know that WB/CW want to advertise what will get most buzz, but making all publicity about them just makes it seem like the show is becoming the “olicity show” which is far from the truth.

      I hope they promote Digg and Quentin more in the next few weeks tbqh.

      • Crest says:

        [WB/CW want to advertise what will get most buzz, but making all publicity about them just makes it seem like the show is becoming the “olicity show” which is far from the truth.]

        Its not far from the truth, it is the truth, the show has become the “Olicity series”. People need to accept that instead of giving themselves false hope. if they dont care enough to promote the other characters and plots, why would they when the show starts. No they are not being secretive, there is nothing to be secretive about, this show gives away spoilers like candy and they are very transparent. Its going to be an Olicity and Felicity filled show, it has been for a while.

        • Sammy says:

          We must be watching two different shows because Olicity, until now, have had a handful of moments per episode, if that sometimes. Their scenes make up like 5 minutes. There was a chunk of season 2 that barely featured any Felicity (or Diggle). Just because 3×01 will have a bit more Olicity (THIS ONE TIME OMG the spoilers have said it doesn’t last!!) doesn’t make it the Olicity show. They’re only promoting it because a lot of people like Olicity. Whatever gets them views or clicks or whatever. Please be realistic here.

        • wonderwall says:

          How can you claim something is the truth when the show hasn’t even aired its third season yet? Innocent until proven guilty. The EPs have divulged a hell of a lot of plot points they’re going to cover in SDCC. How in the world would they accomplish and portray these plot points if the show becomes the ‘olicity’ show? You have Ray Palmer, Laurel training, Sara and Nyssa and their time in LoA, Diggle with HIVE, Thea and Malcolm training, Ra’s Al Ghul, then you have the crossover episode with Flash, Lyla and Diggle becoming parents and dealing with that, Oliver has is own identity issues. that’s a hell of a lot of stuff to cover in 23 episodes. So NO. It’s not becoming the Olicity show.

          I can’t imagine how you know that what you claim is true, you’re probably a mind reader or something.

          And it has been the Olicity show for a while? Wow that’s news to me considering Oliver/Felicity have at most 5 minutes of screentime but most of the time it’s 1-2 minutes. You honestly think 1-2 minutes of Olicity out of 42 minutes makes this the Olicity show? There’s no need for your histrionics here.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally get where you’re coming from but I actually think the PR for season 3 is very much a ‘we need to reassure the shippers’ kind of thing. If twitter was anything to go by, a lot of fans felt that the season 2 finale was insulting/ using them with the ‘I love you’ ruse and I feel like by promoting pro-Olicity they are telling those fans that they’re not being played. That’s my guess. I have no doubt that we’ll get some other spoilers for other characters closer to the episodes. Personally I’m DYING for some Diggle spoilers that don’t revolve around him being a new dad!
      Saying all that, I can also see why everyone is excited about Olicity. They went from ‘never gonna happen’ to a couple that looks to be endgame the way they’re setting up things. I can see why fans want to talk about it. When you’ve ‘shipped’ something from its infancy when you didn’t believe it would ever happen and then suddenly it is, that’s kind of thrilling. But I do agree that they have spoiled too much. As an Olicity fan, I wish they had held a few things back. I feel like I’ve watched all of their moments from the opening episode already. I wanted to be surprised.
      Also, I should say I’m an Olicity fan who would love to talk about things/characters/plots other than Olicity. It’s only one part of the show for me. I talk to a lot of Arrow/Olicity fans on twitter and yes we all fangirl over Olicity but you’d be surprised how much we discuss other characters too. It makes me sad when I see people saying that Oliciters are ruining the show when most of us love everything about it, not just our fav couple.

      • GildedRose says:

        Maybe if other people took the time they take to complain about Oliver and Felicity eating the show and actually discuss the stuff they like there would BE balanced discussion. But they don’t. The question isn’t Why is Oliver & Felicity so popular, the real question is: why the apparent apathy (as in lack of willingness of viewers to bother to talk about anything else) for EVERYTHING else?

    • Ashley says:

      @JC1 I see where you are coming from but I think that will die down once the season starts, especially. Right now before the premiere, when there will be an Olicity date, it’s been a lot, but it won’t be once we get closer to the premiere and past it. We got the Ra’s Al Ghul news today, too! And that’s huge. I also don’t think they want to spoil the central plot to much. It’s more general themes right now, vague info about the identity theme, and so on. So as we get closer we’ll get more varied spoilers.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yep. It’s the vast majority of what everyone mentions – critics and fans alike – and getting annoying for that reason.

  37. Amber2 says:

    I’m really looking forward to this season of Arrow – especially the Olicity chemistry :). But be prepared for a ride folks. Every good story has conflict at its heart. The main character has to want something and that something has to be hard to get. Oliver will choose not to pursue the relationship with Felicity because of ‘the life I lead’ but that decision will tear him up because he loves her -and all the more so when he sees The vibe between Ray Palmer and Felicity. Poor Oliver… As for the abundance of Olicity spoilers… I want some things to be a surprise when I watch the show so even thought I want more – I don’t really. Lol.

  38. we don’t know if what we’re seeing with the kiss is real or if it’s something from the episode when Oliver is dosed with a drug that makes it impossible for him to stay away from the things he wants or if he’s dreaming. Both of those have been alluded to as part of the plot for upcoming episodes so it could be a “semi” fake out. What we could be seeing there is what Oliver dreams of having but doesn’t feel like he can ever truly have while keeping people safe. That was the struggle they said this season was about – identity. What each character wants and can they actually have it. A “this is what Oliver dreams of having” sequence would make sense in some ways to prep the arc for the season and let you know what it is he actually dreams and hopes for in life.

    Plus – it all goes to hell – we know that from the title “The Calm” – RIGHT. I believe that one. :) Lots will change and be different by the end of that first episode. That’s a guarantee.

    Aside from that – the relationship between Oliver and Felicity isn’t becoming the center of the show. Sure, the CW has been heavy handed with the Olicity lately but remember the season hasn’t started and we have NO IDEA what the hell will actually happen, how it will play out, what the promos, trailers and pics are actually located within the storyline and really – DC oversees this and has input on what’s done, how, etc. I doubt they’d let them “ruin” a show bearing their comic book character as lead especially after they’ve set up a great series and characters through the last 2 seasons.

  39. Ashley says:

    Well, I’m excited about everything to do with Arrow! I love Sara and hope to see more of her. THR released their article about Ra’s Al Ghul, too, don’t want to spoil that for anyone but I’m sure most have seen it by now. Anyways, bring on the premiere! And the Olicity date and development.

  40. violetvaper says:

    Nice shot of BC Place

  41. I see some comments complaining about this…..Just gonna say this how about we sit back, wait and WATCH the show… then judge it.

  42. A says:


  43. Poh says:

    Even if Olicity is gonna hushed down after the first episode, there’s still GONNA be a love triangle. THAT’S what I’m dreading. I hate it when I hate such a large part of a show.

    I am excited for all the other story lines though, particularly Sara’s.

  44. Jp says:

    We watch a show bec we like it. It doesn’t matter what it is. So if you don’t like it find another show you like! simple. As for me Arrow is really good atm. Olicity makes me excited for it though; )

  45. Kate (Athena A.) says:

    Does anyone else kind of hope that the season-opening date/”date” is the sum total of “Olicity” teasing that the show does in the near future? Are you surprised they’re going there “already”? … Is “Olicity” the storyline that Arrow deserves, or the one it needs right now?

    Yes, I am hoping THE DATE is the sum total of Olicity teasing the show does. Because I want the show to stop teasing and get on with the business of further strengthening this relationship it’s been building for the past (almost) 2 seasons (yes, the writers have been exploring the Olicity romantic dynamic since maybe “Vertigo” ep, definitely by “Dodger). Unfortunately, this is TV so I think the teasing will continue. The EPs have said that the date doesn’t end well and Oliver and Felicity will decide to step back (I believe this bit has been reported on this very site). I can get behind that as long as they continue the way they have been developing the relationship on screen, slowly but surely.

    Am I surprised they are going there with Olicity already? Yes, very surprised, but happy to be. The surprise comes from getting used to most TV shows and the eternal will-they-won’t-they thing they have going. But Arrow has been handling most storylines as if it’s running out of time (or about to be canceled). So I’m really appreciative it’s decided to delve into Olicity right now. It just makes so much sense to not wait. My dream scenario? Oliver and Felicity realize they belong together and can make this work by the end of Season 3, and Season 4 just continues with them already in a relationship and focus on fighting crime. No need for angst, seriously. They can fight over who picks up the milk.

    Is Olicity storyline that Arrow deserves? Honestly, no. Hear me out. Arrow doesn’t deserve the AMAZINGLY AWESOME storyline that is Olicity after creating a horrible backstory for its hero and original leading lady. Sister-banging is just so, forgive the word, screwy. To borrow Stephen Amell’s word, SINCERIOUSLY? No one in that writers room raised a hand and said, “Hold on, maybe this is not a good idea?” But for some reason the TV gods decided to give the show a second chance and sent them the delightful Felicity Smoak — a character that brought a lot of light and a lot of heart not only to the show but to our dour hero.

    Is “Olicity” the storyline that Arrow needs right now? Most definitely. Olicity is like a palate cleanser after the bad taste left by the sister acts. I’m only speaking for myself, but I really, REALLY disliked the Oliver I saw in the back half of Season 2. That Oliver was described as flawed and messy. I just saw stupid and selfish. I can’t root for a stupid and selfish hero. But the Oliver I see with Felicity — AND John Diggle. That Oliver I can root for.

    I love this promo, and I actually hope the show maintains this tone. I like the fast pace, the quips, the humor, the stunts, original Team Arrow and yes, I love Olicity. Bring on Season 3!

    • A says:

      I agree with all of this!

    • GildedRose says:

      Excellent points!

    • S says:

      Thank you for saying this. I couldn’t agree more. We’re at the point in Oliver’s story where the hero deserves some happiness and that comes in the form of Felicity Smoak. I know it will be a rocky road but I think they are gonna be worth the wait. EPIC is what I call Olicity. How wonderful to come across two actors with such incredible chemistry, who bring out something amazing in their characters, and it wasn’t even supposed to happen. Incredible!

  46. Carla Krae says:

    What I don’t like is Oliver hopping to another girl immediately again. He was with Sara a long time and even *asked her to move in with him*. She breaks up with him because she doesn’t think she’s worthy, and flop, there he goes to rebound with Felicity. Yeah, Felicity has crushed on him since almost day 1, but Oliver has not looked at her in the same way. He cares and he’s been kind since he noticed her crush to not hurt her feelings, but dating was not in the cards.
    I want to see Oliver figure out how to be happy alone before plunging into another relationship. You can’t be good for someone if you’re not good for yourself. It’s not going to end well.
    Also, my first experience with shipping/shippers was over 10 years ago and I’ve seen way too many shipper wars since. I’m too old for that nonsense now and I have no need to find a “ship” in every show I watch. The vast majority of comments I see on nearly every drama I watch are from shippers about some characters relationship(s)! I long for the days when fans spent most of their time talking about anything else….but those seem to be gone on the internet. It’s all about who should be kissing who and why it’s wrong to disagree.

    • wonderwall says:

      If you think about it, it wasn’t as though Sara broke up with him yesterday. There’s been mixed signals from the EPs but they said that there would be a time jump of 5-8 months between the finale and the premier. So it’s safe to say that Oliver isn’t asking Felicity out as a rebound. Something happened in those 5-8 months that made him realize his feelings for her.

      As for Sara and Oliver, I never really did see them being in love with one another. I saw two people comforting each other during a really crappy time. They truly understand one another because of the hardships they both went through that no one else did. This is why I don’t think Oliver had a hard time moving on from Sara. I mean, in the finale it didn’t look as though he was hung up on her (although, it’s fair to point out that they were dealing with a lot in the finale lol).

      So to me, Oliver asking Felicity out isn’t really unreasonable nor is he asking her out as a rebound. I just wish we got to see them get closer to one another in those 5 months. Alas, I guess I’ll have to buy the Arrow 2.5 comics in order to see it unfold.

  47. Amber says:

    They want to get people buzzing and pumped up for start of the season. They are teasing what gets people talking: Olicity. Need proof: check the comments of any article. Love it or Hate it The online community likes to talk about Oliver’s love life.

    I’m excited for S3. The promo looked great. Team Arrow, action, humor, villains and yes Olicity: I’m loving it all. Its not turning into the ‘Olicity’ show. It’s just one of the many many subplots of the show. And the EPs aren’t just talking about Olicity. If you think they are you haven’t been paying attention.

    Shippers are not ruining the show. If it wasn’t Olicity it would be another romantic pairing. Romance has always been a part of any CW show and comic books for that matter. That’s not going to change anytime soon. Please stop saying the shippers are ruining the show.

    And you know what if people want to get up and make a lot of noise for Olicity; Go for it. If they Love Diggle; Go for it; Roy, Laurel, Lance, Sara, Oliver, insert romanantic pairing, insert villian: GO FOT IT. There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk about what you are passionate about on your favorite show. If you don’t want to talk about Olicity because you don’t care about, then don’t talk about it, talk about what you want to talk about,

  48. Briggs says:

    I look forward to what the promos keep teasing. The fact that Ray is poised to annoy Oliver more than Barry makes me giggle. The flawless teamwork is a must. Laurel taking a more active role is welcome. Thea growth is promising. And Olicity is off to a good start. Though I don’t expect a stable relationship until the end of season five. He has to process is demons before this gets to be a real thing, and most fans understand this. Just… don’t expect us not to scream when we see things like this. Just wait for the knee-jerk response to wear off and go from there. :)
    And I think the conversation topic was well covered before I got here, so I’ll say nothing more.

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