Fall TV Preview

Arrow Season 3: First Photos from 'The Calm' (Before the Storm?)

Arrow Season 3 Premiere

The CW has trickled out the first few photos from Arrow Season 3 (premiering Wednesday, Oct. 8), and while none of the images are quite ZOMG!-worthy, I trust y’all will find things to talk about.

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Like: What is Quentin meeting the press about in that one photo from the premiere, which is titled “The Calm”? (Fun fact: Based on the shirt he’s wearing in that pic and the trailer released at Comic-Con, Oliver has either just asked out Felicity or is about to.)

There’s also the requisite glimpse of bad-ass Canary (Sara, that is), Arrow and his calculated scruff, and a moment where Oliver has turned his back on Felicity. (At least, literally. Calm!)

Check ’em out, discuss.

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    Photos for season premiere look good. Excited to watch new season next month!

  2. indigovine says:

    Great pics! Excited for S3 of Arrow and Olicity!

  3. wonderwall says:

    Starling just got its own Commissioner Gordon :) I’d love to see more Captain Lance in season 3!

    • GildedRose says:

      I totally want more Quentin in the new season. I love the actor and I like his character. I’d like to see him work more with Oliver/Arrow, Felicity since he knows she’s part of that team, and Diggle, too. Mix him in there.

  4. May says:

    Whew, it’s good to know Lance survived after that cliffhanger! Olicity, Felicity’s background story, badass Thea and Sara. Just give it to me now.

  5. sophia7470 says:

    Yay new Arrow photos! Gah, Oliver is looking GOOD in that suit. He looks sad in the pic with Felicity, bet that’s after things go south with Ray at QC.

    I have literally never been so excited for a new season in.my.life. Olicity date baby!

    5 weeks to go :)

  6. aunni says:

    olicity… :D
    im really excited abt s3 captain lance, canary sara, thea/malcom, ray plamer (guys he has been stated as game changing character) except daddy diggle bt i will give it a chance

  7. Jp says:

    Excited much!!!

  8. John NYC says:

    Ah the just before the season teasers. Gotta love ’em!

  9. floacist says:

    Nice. Feels like yesterday it was May and couldn’t believe we’d have to wait til October. Now its in just a month before season 3.

  10. JC1 says:

    Yay for Sara/Black Canary! :) I hope she shows up a lot this season.

  11. tamara says:

    Can’t wait to see Laurel transition into The Black Canary

  12. GildedRose says:

    Finally some new promo stuff. I’m surprised there’s been no season 3 poster yet for the show. What the heck? Love Arrow, so I’m literally counting down the days til it comes back. Can’t wait to see what they do this year but absolutely ecstatic about the Oliver and Felicity developments I’ve been reading about and that new commercial with them. They’re such a great pair. I love when shows know how to write a strong woman you can relate to, who understand friendship, trust, honor, loyalty, etc, the same way, say, Oliver and Diggle do. Plus she’s smart, capable, and sexy. Plus something happens to Oliver when he’s with Felicity. He becomes a deeper, “better” version of himself. It’s interesting. But anyway, ramble ramble, Oliver/Felicity are awesome and I can’t wait to watch their romance build this season.

  13. C says:

    Does anyone else not like Sara? I know she’s a relatively popular character, but something about her really irritates me.

  14. cara says:

    so excited for oliver and felicity this season, they look so good together even in just that one still!

  15. Trish says:

    Damn! Come on, I’m tired of waiting. I need Season 3 to start, like ASAP! Seriously. All of this Olicity stuff is blowing my mind. They sure know how to get me excited. But I sure wish I could get more information on John Diggle. I’ve seen very little being released on him other than this baby storyline.

  16. Meg says:

    I love this show!! I love that Sara is back. I love all these olicity teases, and super excited Brandon Routh is coming on. This Ray Palmer is going to be hard not to like…watch out Felicity ;) Did I mention how much I love this show.

  17. A says:

    I feel so spoiled by Arrow during this hiatus. It’s so great to be an Arrow fan. Felicity and Sara rock- great to see photos of them.

    Does anyone know when the official season 3 promotional photos are coming out?

  18. Ashley says:

    Season 3 can’t get here soon enough! Everything I’ve heard about the season sounds amazing. I’m eager to find out who they’ll cast for Ra’s Al Ghul. And of course I’m really excited to see Oliver & Felicity get closer & for their relationship to develop romantically.

  19. Dominator of destruction says:

    Ive been watching Chuck over the break i think Yvonne Strahovski would have owned as Black Canary but that being said i do really love Caity Lotz in the role

  20. ANNA says:

    SO awesome! Can’t wait.

  21. Delante says:

    Why can’t Sara just stay the Canary? We don’t need Laurel training to take over that role!

    • blue Ivey says:

      Why do Oliver have be the arrow or the green arrow ? I’m sure you’re going to say because that’s his alter ego identity so my answer to your question is why can’t Sara lance character stays as canary is because that’s not her alter ego identity that’s Dinah laurel lance character alter ego secret identity. It would be insulting to Katie Cassidy because they give her the black canary role so they can’t give her the role and never allow her character to transform into her alter ego identity . Just like it would be insulting to Stephen amell to give him the green arrow role only to never transform into his character alter ego identity . I don’t no longer have a problem with the character of Sara but I cringed every time she tries to play bad ass because she always comes out looking like Mr.scourge that pouts a lot .

      Caity Lotz tends to tenses up in scenes when she tries to play a tough bad ass, at first she looks cool and amazing but then when they start to show her face up close then her scenes makes you want to cringed but when you don’t bearly show her face when playing a tough bad ass character then she is amazing. Now her scenes when she just being Sara lance is just cringed worthy because voice and the way she looks doesn’t say a tough bad ass chick character, it’s just screams a wanna be tough bad ass chick who sound like a little kid who’s trying to still hit prupity or pee wee hermin . Now as far as the whole olicity romance I don’t buy into it one bit because the writers or Mr.amell haven’t stay consistent with the whole olicity romance and the second reason I don’t buy the whole publicity romance is because I see through the writers and what they are doing and what they doing is damage control buy claiming Oliver loves felicity romantically and putting them in a relationship with each other and as far as the damage control situation, what I meant by that is that fanbase and viewers doesn’t like the laurel lance and Oliver queen romance and the character of laurel lance and the actress isn’t well received by viewers and fanbases so they thought including Mr.amell that it was a amazing or a great idea to put Oliver and Sara back together this time on screen because they thought that because caity Lotz and her character was well received by viewers and fanbase than Katie Cassidy and her character so the writers and caity Lotz and Mr.amell jumped on the popular bandwagon and rewrites the love story and how the bad blood came about between Oliver, Sara and laurel and tried to make laurel out to be the villain while trying to make Oliver and Sara look good while they are together romantically which back fires on all of them majorly when they received a major backlash from viewers and fanbases from each characters of the show so now they are doing the same thing they did with Sara and Oliver when the romance between Oliver and Sara wasn’t well received or liked by viewers and fanbases and now they are doing with felicity and Oliver and going to take really good prediction and say sooner or later viewers and fanbases of other characters will get sick and tired of the whole olicity stuff and going to want to stop watching the show because of them and tell from what I have read so far is fanbases of the show is already pissed off at the writers and Mr.amell and at the olicity and felicity fanbases for already turning the show that they love into the olicity and the felicity show already when the show is even aired on screen yet and I’m one of them who will be recording the show so I can fast forward the show so I don’t have sit through the olicity carp.

      Viewers and I want to watch the show for all the characters whether they are liked or not. I want to see thea storyline , laurel lance storyline , Sara lance storyline , Quentin lance storyline , Oliver queen storyline, Malcolm Merlyn storyline , diggle and his baby mama storyline and Roy Harper storyline and nyassa father storyline and the league of assassins storyline.

      These are all the storylines we want to hear about not just the constant olicity relationship romance with felicity and Oliver. I’m sure lots of people want Malcolm Merlyn storyline and what happened to him during season one and how he makes out a live and about his wear abouts and thea character and why she chooses to go away with Malcolm merlyn instead of leaving on a train or a bus by herself and why she chooses to go villain root even though she hates villains herself and Roy Harper storyline , we want see him working into becoming a believable better fighter instead of what we gotten in season two finale.

      We want to see and to see more backstory for diggle and his girlfriend and how diggle handles his upcoming father hood and his secret lifestyle and him trying to find a job to provide for his new family since Oliver won’t be able to pay him anymore until he gets his family company back. We want to see laurel lance getting a better storyline and not be thrown under the bus to make Oliver look good as a so called hero or a so called good person.

      I want to see laurel lance move on with her life completely way from Oliver , Sara and her parents until they all realized how good they got it with laurel regardless of laurel flaws and mistakes and for them to realize laurel isn’t only one to blame for the problem in her life or their life’s together as family and friends . Oliver relationship with laurel might not be perfect and that laurel isn’t perfect and she always has her flaws and make mistakes in their relationship whether it’s romantically or not but Oliver needs to realize at the day in the past he is the on who past royally screwed things up with laurel and not the other way around and he needs to realize he is doing it again in the present with the whole Sara lance thing and his own lies he have been telling laurel.

      I want to see Sara on screen apologized to laurel for her past mistakes with laurel when it comes to Oliver and apologized to laurel getting back together again with Oliver now how much it would hurt her badly . I want to see Sara to be the one to working hard into repairing the damage she did with her relationship with laurel and I want Sara to stop lying to laurel because so far as I see it when it comes to laurel and Sara sister relationship is on sided because laurel is the only one is being honest and working hard to repairing the damage while Sara is just getting things handed to without her being punished for them.

      Quentin lance didn’t allow Sara to finally have it for screwing her sister over in the past and he didn’t allow to finally have it again for screwing her sister over again for screwing Oliver after she came back from the dead while claiming how much laurel means to her and Quentin lance should have made Oliver have it with both barrel for causing problems for his family for the second time without any remorse and the mother should written Sara lance off until Sara changed her nasty ways and finally for the first time have laurel back instead allow Oliver and Quentin and Sara to team up against laurel.

      • Malia says:

        Too long. I don’t think fans will read your whole blurb. I tried to read it but stopped at caity’s scrouge comment. All I can say is go OLICITY and all the other action story lines!!

  22. Luis says:

    Thank God Quentiin is still alive, that’s all I’ll say