Fall TV Preview

Supernatural Season 10 Poster Promises Demonic Struggles

Demons are plaguing Supernaturals Season 10 poster — but are they external or internal?

With Dean now a demonic creature — and not a very nice one, to boot — and Sam committing some questionable acts in order to find his MIA brother, it’s fitting that the tagline for the upcoming run is “Wrestle your demons.”

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The new art, which also features Misha Collins and new series regular Mark Sheppard, boasts some desperate hands reaching out for the boys (from Heaven and Hell?).

Supernatural returns Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 9/8c. A retrospective special, featuring interviews with the executive producers and cast, airs Monday, Oct. 6, at 9 pm.

Supernatural Season 10 Poster


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  1. Melanie says:

    Aren’t they wearing the same clothes as last year’s poster?

    And I don’t get it – in a season when Dean becomes a demon, Sam is front and center? Really?

    At least the bottom part is cool.

    • rowan77 says:

      Dean may be a demon now, but it affects Sam, Castiel and Crowley as well. The season isn’t about Dean. It’s about how THE BROTHERS deal with this new situation (at least in the first few episodes). Please stop being so literal about things.

      • Dainty Louise says:

        Be as it may, last season when they used the same poster, Sam had wings and apparently the story was about Sam. Now that it’s Dean’s turn, all of a sudden Dean doesn’t need anything since it’s about the brothers.

        • rowan77 says:

          Honestly. Fans creating problems where there aren’t any. Do you understand the difference between literal and figurative? This season’s poster is about the effect of this demon issue on everyone. I looked at last year’s poster – which had Dean front and center, with Sam’s wings shadowed on the wall behind them (and to the left, to be specific), which also showed Sam’s condition affecting everyone in the poster. Stop looking for problems that aren’t there.

          • Lulu says:

            Exactly. SAM’S wings showed how SAM’S condition affected everyone. A bunch of hands reaching up from hell and a bunch of hands reaching down from heaven don’t say diddly about how DEAN’S condition is doing the same this year. Most of the hands arent’ even reaching for him, they’re reaching for Sam.

            Look, you like the poster and that’s great. Stop judging people who have a diference of opinion.

          • rowan77 says:

            Why on earth do you need for posters for shows to be literal examples of what’s going to happen that season? Don’t/Didn’t they teach you about symbolism in high school? I gotta ask – do you also take the bible literally? SPOILER ALERT: It’s not supposed to be literal. Are you unable to understand that while these posters are an advertisement, they are also done artistically, so while you may better understand an ad that says 15% off all coulots at JCPenney, The SPN ad is trying to sell a CONCEPT. And not for nothing, but last on last season’s poster Sam’s wings were not on Sam. (I looked it up. You should too.) They were on a shadow on a wall, IMPLYING that Sam had some angel mojo happening, but they were not ON Sam. AT ALL. The poster was not ABOUT Sam. It was about how this new development Sam was dealing with AFFECTED EVERYONE -just like how Dean’s new affliction is affecting everyone. Sam goes back to doing dark and questionable things in his search for Dean. His demonic bent has not been quashed. When his back’s to a wall, he’s not above doing bad sh!t to get what he wants. The season is not about Dean. His possession is a vehicle for the more important idea of who these boys have become. Demon-Dean isn’t a season long plotline. He’s all human again in a few episodes. The aftereffects for both brothers dealing with each other and their own personal demons are the real season-long story. I’m sorry they didn’t spell that out for you with diagrams and a $5 off coupon good for only this weekend, but that’s art for you.

        • Percysowner says:

          Actually, no. Someone on Tumblr collected all the pre-season posters here http://tinyurl.com/mv6zdsk Every year they have switched which was out front one year Dean, then Sam, then Dean etc. And the poster did not have Sam with angel wings, which, since we didn’t know he was going to be possessed by Gadreel would have been too much of a spoiler. Yes, the outfits are the same as last year. I’m sure Jared injured his arm purposefully so that he wasn’t in physical shape to shoot a new poster. Being in pain and in a sling for months was all a manipulation just to tick off Dean fans.

          Look you want Dean to have the POV, be the focus of the entire storyline and for Sam to disappear into the woodwork, but that isn’t going to happen, at least not this year and since Jensen says he won’t be on the show without Jared, probably not any other year. At least look at the posters for the past years before you make accusations of prejudice or unfair dealing. The thing about the Internet is the proof, one way or the other, tends to be there, so you can’t make wild accusations about how Jensen is always positioned behind Jared or how Sam had angel wings when he didn’t. Google is your friend.

      • Melanie says:

        No one’s saying it’s not about THE BROTHERS, for gosh sakes. But the tagline on the poster is about demons. You have one of the human lead characters literally turned into a demon. His storyline is going to drive a good portion of the plot and impact all the other characters for at least the first half of the season, according to Carver. Thematically, it makes no sense to me to put that character in the background. It just doesn’t.

        • mac says:

          classic Sam pushing, they just love to promote that character -,-

        • rowan77 says:

          Dean isn’t in the background. He’s slightly behind Sam, which visually gives depth. He’s also as tall as Sam – visually implying they are the same importance. There is nothing wrong with the poster.

          • Drew says:

            Odds are, it came down to which pictures they hadn’t used in a poster yet and they put Sam up front because it shows off his physique more than Dean’s picture does, thus drawing more attention.

            People over think these things. Honestly, I love the show but hate the whiny fangirls.

          • rowan77 says:

            What to put in the poster is carefully thought about. It’s not quite as cavalier as above, but yes, there are a lot of whiners who seem to need something to complain about – where there isn’t any.

          • Drew says:

            It’s marketing. It’s about drawing in eyes. Jensen wearing a bulky jacket isn’t going to attract as much attention as Jared in a t-shirt that shows off his muscles. The people who make the poster aren’t responsible for what is happening this season on the show. They probably don’t know where the writers are taking the show. They were probably given a general idea of what would happen, which resulted in an image that reflects a struggle between the good and evil within the characters.
            The guys don’t do photo shoots every season, for whatever reason. They use images from the same shoots for multiple years. So it comes down to which images they have on hand and which will draw in more eyes. It has nothing to do with revealing anything about storylines, and it has nothing to do with which actor the producers secretly love more.

          • rowan77 says:

            Spoken like someone who has never worked on a show. The producers are in on the meetings for these posters and have a lot of say. This isn’t a 15 second promo the network puts out from their marketing department. Posters are discussed, thought out, several mock-ups with different ideas are made up and the producers make the choices. Look at the posters for BSG or Lost. The actors were posed and placed to give the viewers hints, ideas and the overall feeling the producers want to convey.

            And to say that they secretly love Jared more is the most ridiculous thing every said. Kripke may have personally best identified with Sam at first, but that don’t translate to loving and actor more to keep the other in the background. Jensen has been given fantastic stories that delve deeply into Dean’s emotions and how he views himself in the world. Most actors would kill to play someone with that much depth – and clearly Jenson loves it and doesn’t subscribe to the BS of Jared getting preferential treatment, or he would have become disenchanted with the show a long time ago and not stuck around. I wish people would stop projecting their own ideas about what is or isn’t happening in a room they have never been in with people they don’t actually know.

    • pinksavvy says:

      The CW Promotional department usually goes every other year, Sam-in-front, Dean-in-front. Last’s year “official” poster had Dean marginally in front, this year has Sam. But they SHOULD have at the very least had one of Dean’s eyes black.

  2. Maddie says:

    Haha. Never change, CW. That poster is AWFUL.

    Jared, Jensen & Misha all look..off. It’s just not the most attractive pose/look for all three of them. At least Mark is looking good!

    I really dislike the how blurry it is too, & don’t even get me started on the hands reaching up..towards the boys’ crotches.

    Seriously, CW. I’m sure some fans would love to create a better photoshopped poster for you. For free.

  3. Annie says:

    Shouldn’t Dean’s eyes be black?

  4. Linda says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh gosh, I’m sorry, that’s mean. This must have been made by an infant, right? RIGHT?? So therefore I shouldn’t laugh.

  5. Kae says:

    Who made…no who got PAID to make this crap of a poster?? Dean should be in front with black eyes with Sam to his right with Castiel like they represent his good side and of course the Devil to his left representing his bad side with the tag: FACE YOUR DEMONS

    • Cindy Mindy says:

      Oh, that would have been cool! At least Sam had angel wings and we had the angels falling in last year’s poster so you knew it tied into the storyline. I don’t get how this one ties in with Dean being a demon. He doesn’t even have black eyes.

  6. Dainty Louise says:

    So they basically took last season’s poster, adjusted the pictures, changed the background and couldn’t even trouble themselves to turn Dean’s eyes black even though last seasons when they used this same pose and a different background Sam had wings. But hey, I know, it’s always all about Sam. Carver Dean Who? strikes again.

  7. Mare says:

    I’m so glad to see that the CW spent so much time, effort, money and creativity on this poster for their longest running series which is in it’s milestone 10th season /sarcasm. And I agree with others: we got wings for Sam last season, where’s Dean’s black eyes this season??

  8. marz1200 says:

    They really should have put Crowley behind Dean instead of Cas to emphasize how Dean is associated with demons this season. Also, I agree with everyone else, he should have black eyes.

    • rowan77 says:

      Dean’s been associated with demons since last season since he buddied up with Crowley. The lines are blurred now. No one has clean hands now.

  9. Sara says:

    Blech. Awful poster for the CW’s longest running series. And yes, Dean’s eyes should be black if his demonic “condition” is supposed to be affecting other characters as well. I’m getting the dreaded feeling from this that Dean’s sl is going to be dropped or glossed over yet again in favor of the usual What’s Wrong with Sam sl, yet again-and this even though the characters’ roles regarding who’s going to carry the center of the myth-arc and who’s going to stay the always and strictly supportive human in the story have supposedly been swapped out. Bah. Typical that they would downplay Dean’s sl in order to boost Sam’s. I guess some things will never change about this show.

    Still looking more forward to Jensen’s acting in the DemonDean sl than anything else, so pimp Sam all you want, CW PR dept. and Jeremy Carver. It’s not going to work any better on me in S10 than it has in the last four seasons.

    And yes, some in this fandom could have made a better poster for free IMO, too. Perhaps they should have considered that option…

  10. ninamags says:

    Jared’s face, and hair looks awful. He looks like he’s half asleep.

    Another ugly poster in a series of ugly posters. They couldn’t take new pictures of the guys? Really?

  11. Ami says:

    What is this? You can’t even say it’s for season 10, Dean’s eyes aren’t black. Nothing indicates new story. No signs of Dean being a demon, no signs of his story being central and effecting others. Who chose this unholy thing?

  12. P says:

    This is the most lackluster effort, or lack thereof, ever for the network’s longest-running series, getting ready to hit that 200 episode mark. Shame on the lazy PR department for clearly repurposing last season’s already badly photoshopped artwork. Looks like they just couldn’t be bothered. And considering this is the first time Dean has had a storyline since season four, it’s especially disappointing he couldn’t get the focus for once. Fans have been far more creative. Time to have a contest and choose a fan idea instead, CW. And hire a new PR rep for the show.

  13. Ari says:

    The arrangement of the characters is interesting. You’d think they’d pair Crowley with Dean and Cas with Sam.

  14. Christine says:

    This isn’t the best design I’ve ever seen, but I do like the hands reaching for everyone coming from Heaven and Hell. Honestly though, I’ve never really cared about the posters- I care about the story. Also, I’ve never thought the writers/producers favored “Sam” more than “Dean”, and this is coming from someone who favors Dean’s character much more.

    I’m excited that Mark Sheppard is a series regular now. I love Crowley.

  15. Brigid says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Why oh why does it matter who is slightly in front of the other? Who’s name comes first in the credits? How does this affect anything? I’ve watched this show from day 1 and still can’t see how any of the seasons have revolved around one character. Didn’t Dean have the mark of Cain last season? Now he’s a demon. Dean and Sam are both equally shown. The poster is cheesy but only for the grabby hands, not who is placed where. Rediculous complaints!

  16. Christian says:

    Hopefully this show is cut after this year.

  17. CountryQueen says:

    Could this poster give us a little tease of the title credits? Hopefully the hands will be featured – that would be pretty awesome.

    It’s hard to read comments about Supernatural, it seems to have the nuttiest fan base of them all. I googled last years posters – it’s astounding how many of them feature Dean up front.

  18. pinksavvy says:

    I don’t understand The CW not bothering to do a NEW promotional poster, with SPN being their #1 drama. These images are the same as last year; just photo shopped. Just … wow. Talk about complacent and apathetic.

  19. njmc says:

    When any of us pay the salaries of the producers, writers, crew, cast of this exceptional show, then we will have the right to dictate what should be done. Until then we should watch and enjoy the journey of all the cast, or we should be respectful enough to quit watching it, if we hate it all as much as some of these comments lead us to believe. Our family loves and supports everything presented to us by everyone that works so hard on this project. If we ever cease to enjoy or like the product as presented to us, then our t.v. has a little button that says “off” and we will make use of our option to stop watching. It is too bad that the people that SAY they are fans do not act as such. So very sad for our guys to know that we act in such a manner! (And also so sad that we feel that we are so much more qualified to decide how the show should be done since we haven’t been hired to make those decisions. When we get hired to give our opinions, then, and only then, will we have the right to tell anyone on the show what to do!) (Sorry for our rants on this, but we are so very tired of the criticisms being thrown at our show!!!!!!)

  20. eyla ivonne arroyo santini says:

    Is Dean will be a demon all season 10 ?

  21. Nathan says:

    Awsome show don’t whant it to end plaza don’t let it end