Scandal Season 4 Poster Warns There's 'No Looking Back' for Olivia

Scandal is eyeing a big shakeup, and we’re not just referring to the show’s new Thursday-at-9/8c timeslot.

ABC’s political smash returns on Sept. 25, and series creator Shonda Rhimes teases that “everything is different” in the wake of Olivia’s D.C. exodus — a fact underscored by the show’s new Season 4 poster (exclusive unveiled below).

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When Kerry Washington’s fixer eventually returns to the nation’s capital — and, yes, she does return — there will be “no looking back,” promises the eye-popping one-sheet.

Thoughts on the campaign?! 

Scandal Season 4 Poster

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  1. Tran says:

    Can’t wait for Scandal come September 25th but come mid-season 2015, the battle in the 9 p.m. Thursday night time slot: Scandal vs. Blacklist.

  2. Rex says:

    So excited for Scandal to come back but this poster is so boring. Why can’t we get a full cast pic?

  3. chris says:

    If it weren’t for the fact that it airs after a compatible show and so ridiculously overhyped by ABC, it would be cancelled by now.

    • JohnT says:

      Nice try.

    • Marie says:

      I have to agree to disagree. ABC will pull the plug if had no viewers each week. The show is popular and fans live tweet. It’s one of the most live tweeted shows on social media. I think it’s overhyped because it’s one of it’s most popular shows on prime time. Ratings speak for themselves so something is being done right. I don’t want to argue :) Hate when people do that online.

    • Mrs D. says:

      Chris I respect your opinion. As with any show Scandal has a loyal fan base. There are a few million viewers, myself included who think otherwise. I could go on and on, but it sounds like you’re not a fan so why bother.

    • Erin says:

      Lol Scandal was on the verge of cancelation after it’s first season. Shonda Rhymes stated in advance of season 2 that she was not expecting ABC to give the show any more than 13 episodes for its second season because it just wasn’t getting a good viewership. What happened is that around the midpoint of its second season, Scandal flourished creatively, resulting in it gaining way more viewers and attention. Scandal is where it is because of those season 2 episodes- I can’t speak for it’s creative quality now (season 3 was a step back in a lot of ways), but Scandal worked hard to earn it’s place as one of the “hottest shows on television” and it should be recognized for doing so.

      • What happened in Season 2: >>>Olitz<<< That was what got me cued into Scandal. Season 3 was such a disappointment and I'm wary about Season 4.

        • RReg says:

          OLITZ is what attracted many people to the show. It became the proverbial golden goose. I too am wary about Scandal and hence one of the reasons why I will DVR it this season while I watch the Blacklist.
          I say once again – without a strong OLITZ, I will not continue to give it any attention.

          • Kat Aston says:

            Here’s my thoughts Reg:
            I guess I don’t understand if Olitz is working and helping with the ratings why change? I mean this is all speculation, so we won’t know until the season starts. So does, “no looking back,” also refer to the rape storyline? Does that mean it won’t be discussed this season? If we going to have a total re-set on the storylines, then it should be everything, right? I never watched Private Practice in real time so I don’t know what brought the ratings down. Was it the same type of scenario, where the fans (huge majority) wanted to see certain plots/storylines continue and Shonda and crew went in a different direction? I’m here for Kerry no matter what, so I will continue to watch, but I just hope they don’t try and bring in a fake love relationship with Fitz and Mellie. I’m sorry Bellamy is a good actress, but her love scenes with Andrew just didn’t look believable or sexy. I don’t think she’s had a lot of experience with love scenes these past few years and it just looked forced. That’s my thoughts, I’m ready for S4.

    • RReg says:

      I have always wondered how companies make the decision to cancel shows or not. For the likes of me, I cannot fathom why there are some shows on tv. Who on earth watch fly fishing? Who on earth watch pawn dealers? Who on earth watch duck hunting? Who on earth watch housewives of whatever city?
      I’m amazing, truly amazing….

  4. bar says:

    God I hope there really is no looking back. I hope the show goes in new directions. The six-episode first season was great for me, but 2 & 3 have just been ridiculous. The writing has been very strange and inconsistent (largely due to the shortened third season) and the show has evolved in a lot of ways that I just cannot stand. Calling Olivia a “strong female character” has become a pitfall for me, because she acts like she physically cannot survive without Fitz. She’ll yell and scream and act strong all episode, but then it’s like there has to be this mandatory hushed phone call or meeting in the woods with her and Fitz. And it’s always the same stuff, different episode. They can’t be together, Olivia thinks they can, Fitz thinks they can’t, then Fitz thinks they can, Olivia then thinks they can’t, over and over and over again. Even when she doesn’t pick Fitz she picks Jake, who has proven time and time again that he’s just as bad for her. I’ve learned to accept that Olivia Pope is THE scandal on Scandal, but I’d really like her to become some sort of fixer again. Is that too much to ask?

    • Marie says:

      No that’s not too much to ask. I read an article online saying that they will get back to the old Scandal. They couldn’t have Olivia in every scene last season because she was pregnant, can’t be working 14hr days. So there should be some good old fixing whenever she gets back to D.C.

      • RReg says:

        The OLD Scandal would be a welcome return. Olivia fixing cases. OLITZ having hot, sweaty sex would be fine for me.

      • Milly says:

        They still could have had her do fixer cases with her gladiators doing a lot of the field work and filling in with back stories of the other OPA workers. Being pregnant has nothing to do with writing case stories for her. That’s a lame excuse. We see pregnant actresses tackling their main job all the time. S3 just went completely off track. They should realign themselves back to what works best for the show as in S1 format.

  5. If there is no looking back..this n was there is (1) either no more Olitz
    (2) there is a marriage break down. .and C ‘ block Mellie is gone..(3)or Olivia and Jake tries to make a go at their new relationship. ..if number 1 is no in the works…and #2 hasn’t happened. .then there is no looking at scandal for me..# no looking back works both ways…

    • Goldwyn was quoted in an interview as saying he believes there WILL be OLITZ

      • He was also quoted as saying he didn’t see Fitz and Mel rekindling any sparks of their youthful relationship..maybe some healing and recovery after losing Gerry-but no big love or romance between them

        • RReg says:

          That”s a good thing. That relationship is irreparably damaged. Mellie needs the VP. Give Mellie the VP aand let her ride off into the sunset.

          They also need to have Fitz discover Rowan and Tom were the ones to kill his son and let this be the end of anything B613 once and for all.

          • Cheyenne says:

            They also need to get Reston’s wife out of jail, throw Reston in jail, and for God’s sake kill off Maya Pope once and for all. The character’s gotten stale and Khandi Alexander is a dreadful actress.

  6. Suzanna Vasquez says:

    Oh no, I don’t know if I’m ganna like this!!!

  7. Elayne says:

    Thank GOD for the new timeslot! Now, I can watch Scandal before bedtime!

  8. Deborah McClendon says:

    Unsure of what to think or say. Depression.

  9. Atlanta says:

    Season 3 was HORRENDOUS! Poor Kerry (and fellow cast members)!! The writing was ridiculous. I’m not a professional writer or creator BUT… if I can see the loop holes and glaring spaces in a script/story/plot- THEN something needs to be done. I continue to watch the show because I LOVE and will continue to support this cast. They are all GREAT actors but unfortunately they must deal with mediocre material.
    I LOVE the no turning back poster. I know it that it possibly means so many other things but it is my hope that the show goes back to it’s roots. You know, S1 and S2. With a STRONG Olivia, fixing and helping people and plots that make sense. Yes we will always love the Olitz thing but let’s no complicate it any further with Jake which essentially makes the show a soap with love triangles.

    Priority MUST be the rebirth of OLIVIA POPE in all her fixing glory!

    I’m looking forward to seeing a new Abby.

    To see how Huck evolves after discovering his family.

    I love the actress who plays Quinn but I don’t really see where her character is going. It doesn’t excite me as much.

    I want to see the fallout from Fitz’s son’s death- (especially with Rowan involved)

    And of course whatever will happen to Fitz and Olivia.

    The show has hope. There are plenty of opportunities to re-work it and come up with a solid and clever plot!
    No soap operas please!

    LOVE the show

    • herman1959 says:


    • RReg says:

      I generally agree with you. I definitely would like to see OLITZ get back on track
      I would also like to see more of Charlie: The character has potential.
      I do not want to see anything about B613
      I hope Sally, the ex VP is still a part. She was fun.
      I would like to see less of Mellie. She serves no purpose

      • Cheyenne says:

        What are they going to do with Sally? She’s out of a job and it’s too late for her to run for anything else. Maybe she’ll become a commentator for some ultra-conservative news channel and try to undermine Fitz’s second term. I can’t see what else she’s good for at this point.

        Or maybe they will find out she killed her husband? That should be fun!

  10. I am looking forward to the new season.

  11. Dang..somebody posted it would be opposite The Blacklist…NOT TRUE..because that would be a hard decision to make. I agree, last season had glaring holes with the exception of Papa Pope…I still wonder if the Russian is Liv’s dad…physically, it doesn’t match up…but this is tv land and Meridith new half sister hardly looks bi-racial so I guess looks don’t count in these shows.

    • Ali91 says:

      Yes but Olivia Pope actually looks quite mixed. Moreover the actress Kerry Washington has even stated she is of a mixed race background, from her mothers side (partly English, Scottish and Native American). It is plausible.

    • RReg says:

      It does move to Thursdays opposite Scandal in Feb 2015. When it does move, I will be watching it instead of Scandal.
      They should have made the blond guy Liv’s dad. What a scandal if the guy who she thought was her father murdered her actual father.

  12. Steven says:

    The poster’s for this show are always so boring. Always just her face and no idea as to what the show is actually about. That said I’ve given this show so many chances, but I’m out.

  13. pierce Butler says:

    Can not wait for scandal to return, my conflict will be Thursday night football. Hmm

  14. jennifer says:

    I’m soooooooooo excited!!! I can’t wait for 9/25!!!!!

  15. Elise Reed says:

    I can’t wait until 9-2014! I’ve been watching seasons 1, 2 & 3. I love my Scandal Cast♡♡♡

  16. Can’t wait for scandal love it so much

  17. Love scandal so much srama and action of love

  18. Horrible. Olivia and Fitz are the heart of the show. If she moves on from him, frankly the show will be boring and silly.

    • RReg says:

      Season 3 tarnished what could have otherwise been a beautiful once in a life time relationship; to the extent that putting OLITZ back together, seems a monumental task. Season 3 has so diminished this dynamic that I am underwhelmed with OLITZ being back together even though this is what attracted me and holds my attention.
      Perhaps the no going back will be that OLITZ moves forward as a strong couple no matter what situations are thrown at them. If however as you say, Olivia and Fitz happen to be no more, then so does this viewer become – no more.

  19. almamy says:

    i can’t wait 2 watch scandal season 4

  20. Tika says:

    I so hope Olivia and Fitz are done. I cant take their back and forth BS. This isn’t a teen drama on MTV. Hope they spend more time on the case of the week cause I personally love that, all the relationship drama is horrible and I’m over it.

    • RReg says:

      We are all over it, but until we the viewers stop watching, this unfortunately is how it will continue to play. This is what occurred in seasons 1 2 and 3 and I suspect will continue to occur in season 4. I hope not, I sincerely hope not, but I fear that it will. If Scandal goes true to form we can expect:
      Fitz and Olivia to be on the outs for episodes 1 -5
      Fitz and Olivia start to dance around each other episodes 6-11
      Fitz and Olivia back together episodes 12-15
      something crops up to start the break up in episode 16
      They are broken up from episode 17 to end of season.

  21. Cena Gomez says:

    Kerry is the STAR and LEAD, so her beautiful face should be on the show’s promotion poster. Season 3 Scandal was terrible and Shonda Rhimes claim the show will get back to the core and what made it great. Olitz, OPA, and The White House. The Jake, Mellie, and B613 experience failed in S3. Olitz is the heart of the show and people who have followed the show since Season 1 and the poor ratings know that Olitz fans, OPA fans, and WH fans were the ones tweeting and recruiting other fans to watch. These fans are the core Gladiators who have been down since the show was on life support. But, these fans are pissed. It will interesting to see if they continue to watch or turn to Football and Blacklist.

  22. RReg says:

    I would like to know why my posts are not showing up. I am really getting ticked off with this site now!

  23. The show is Olitz for me. If Jake could get the bump off, all the better. Season 3 really sucked – except for Vermont – good lord – that was AWESOME.

  24. RReg says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kat. Here are a few of mine. This is a recreation, as the detailed post I made in response to yours yesterday, never showed up.
    I know many people, myself included, who were attracted to Scandal because of the OLITZ plot and chemistry. Nothing has been seen like it on tv before and it was a welcome change to the TV landscape. I suspect Scandal would lose viewership if OLITZ were to be split-up for good. I know I would not continue to watch it. The on again off again is draining and is resulting in viewers beginning to dislike the show. Many are sticking around because of the hope of seeing OLITZ on firm ground. I will stick around for this season to see in what direction the relationship is taken. If they want to make Fitz and Mellie remain a couple- then have at it and do so. If they want to make Liv either a sexless character or someone jumping from man to man- have at it, but please no more of this on again of again shenanigans. I wish they would show us less of the characters in the White House. There is a whole host of people to fix … 7 billion people each with his or her own story; I therefore find it difficult to believe that we can’t have 21 scandals per season. Heck, Jessica Simpson’s father, Justin Beiber and the mayor of Toronto could account for at least 9 scandals between them.
    I’m not sure about Private Practice; I stopped watching when Audra McDonald departed. The show never quite worked anyhow it became sort of plodding…
    When I think of no looking back” I relate this to making some sort of decision and choosing to move forward with a course of action. Perhaps it is Fitz stop looking back at the surprise slights of his father; perhaps it has to do with Mellie and deciding to make a go of it with the VP no matter what. Perhaps it’s Olitz deciding to be a couple in spite of what will be thrown at them…. I guess we will have to wait….

  25. Theresa says:

    I hope Olivia get back with the president and they get married

  26. Alex says:

    I mixed feelings about the show ! If the president not faithful to his wife not going to faithful to you ! Stand far something or fall far anything my grandmother use to say !