Grey's Anatomy Video: Shonda Rhimes Reflects on Show's No. 1 Love Story

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At the close of Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, series creator Shonda Rhimes threw her biggest curveball yet at the top-rated ABC drama’s primary pairing.

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As Rhimes relates in the above clip from the “Beautiful Relationship” featurette on the Season 10 DVD set (out today), Grey’s “has never been about a boy,” McDreamy or otherwise. Rather, its central love story has been that between Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) and her “person,” Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), who famously bid Seattle adieu in last May’s season finale.

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Rhimes also shares her original plan for writing out Oh, an original castmember, and explains why she changed it — do you think she made the right call?

Grey’s Anatomy opens Season 11 on Thursday, Sept. 25, now airing at 8/7c.

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  1. tahina45 says:

    We haven’t seen the last of Cristina Yang, I’m betting and hoping for it.

    • Some chick says:

      I agree. Sandra will likely show up for sweeps and the occasional phone call. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she takes a year off and decides to come back.

      • Nancy says:

        Yeah I doubt that. She seems ready to move on. I doubt she will come back. I am sure we will get a phone call now and then but I doubt we will hear her voice. But she has moved on and I doubt she will be back. Sorry.

        • GA says:

          She already said last yr she wants to come back for the series finale

          • Nancy says:

            Well we will see. If Shonda has her way this show will be around for a while. So by the time there IS a series finale? SO may have changed her mind. People do that. How many actors claim they want to come back and then never do? Plenty. Sorry to be so honest but it’s the truth. In 10 years SO could have moved on. Because if Shonda has her way? This show will last 10 more years.

        • Sara says:

          Yeah, I am pretty sure you are wrong, simply based on things Sandra Oh has said about wanting to be in, at the very least, the series finale. She’s willing and eager to come back, at least for one episode.

  2. JJM says:

    I really noticed the bond Meredith picked up with Liz and then once again with Amelia. She seems to be really bonding with Derek’s sisters, so I’m hoping with Amelia now being a regular that there’s room for Meredith and Amelia to be friends. Nobody can replace Cristina, but aside from Alex, I could see Amelia and Meredith really getting along due them both being dark and twisty people.

  3. chris says:

    Cristina’s exit was beyond terrible. There was no heart to it at all.

    • Lizzzzzz says:

      I agree… Shonda only puts heart in an exit when she kills them off

    • Donald says:

      Cristina’s exit was very well written out I thought. Cristina was a robot. She was a fierce competitor and only showed heart when it came to Cardiothoracic Surgery. I’m not saying she didn’t have emotions bcus as we have seen in earlier seasons she did. She was never a mushy person. And probably never will be. Our beloved Cristina Yang.

  4. Nancy says:

    Sandra left. I doubt she will be back. And calling this the “#1 love story” is kinda creepy! They were best friends not lovers. Even EP thought the friendship was creepy.

    • Gary says:

      Love stories aren’t about sex. Love stories are about a bond between two people that’s never broken.Their friendship is a love story. They were always there for each other no matter what. Friendship bonds are sometimes much stronger than some marriages.

  5. EM says:

    I think Sandra will be back but just for the series finale. ABC sure thinks its about a boy and a girl. Endless promo’s of Ellen and Patrick during Desperate Housewives got a lot hooked before the first episode of GA even aired.

  6. Jamie Clark says:

    For once on a TV drama, I would like to see a love story like Meredith and Derek’s not split up in the end. Let them stay together in love for the life of the show Please!!!!!!

    • michelle douglas says:

      I’m with you Jamie it would be nice to see a tv marriage go on and let us beleave it can happen once in a while.

  7. Jo Ann Grubbs says:

    Please; no more agonizing episodes about marriages that break up especially Meredith and Derek. It was such a long, excruciating process to get them together. We all want to believe that their marriage can surpass all odds. Anything else would be too painful to watch.

    • Charlie says:

      I agree, the show should leave be. Taking them through regular couple trials and tribulations is one thing, but constantly contributing to a myth that having a career and family destroys all is unfair. Yes it is hard as is anything worth having. I would live the normal ER shenanigans and the growth of the relationship of Meridian and her sister as well as the relationships with other cast members, namely Karev.

  8. Daniel says:


  9. I’ll never watch a Shonda Rhimes show again if Meredith and Dereck break up. Ten years if watching them grow and take that away, I say NO.
    I gave up soap operas for this same reason 15 years ago.

  10. Maritza Asenjo says:

    Of course she did it was the right call if yout person is not there anymore its like part of you its gone forever. And i hope to see cristina again on te show

  11. Roni Roberson says:

    I would have loved to have a longer interview with her about this!! I already miss Cristina Yang and the dynamic duo that makes up the twisted sisters. But i’m glad she pointed out that its a love story between the two of them because i couldn’t agree more

  12. variniagoa says:

    I loooooove Grey’s Anatomy.. Meredith and Derek are a grest couple… I wouldn’t like they brake up, so please don’t do that ever. Please please please.

  13. Vanessa says:

    I have watched this show since it began and still watch the reruns on lifetime every day, lol but I am gonna miss Yang and it won’t be the same without her. Grey has lost her person. I am one sad fan but patiently waiting for this new season to start

  14. Julie says:

    I have been a fan since the beginning and while I’m sad Cristina is gone (she was my favorite) I am greatly looking forward to how Meredith stands on her own two feet alone. Derek has continually treated her like the intern he met all those years ago. We’ll see how she copes with marital problems without her person to lean on. They’ll make it through, but it’ll be the journey of self discovery for Meredith in her remaining seasons that will be most compelling for me to watch.

  15. killie13 says:

    I loved how season 10 ended. There was so much hope as compared to the end of season 9. She copped a lot of flack for ‘breaking’ Callie and Arizona, but I always thought there was more to be told there, and there was. As heartbreaking as the last Ep of S9 was and the first half of S10, I always had faith in Shonda and her team in making things right in whatever from that might have been. I think the same is true for Mer and Cristina, in whatever form that takes, ie: ling distance phone calls or trips to visit eachother. It may not be written in the show, it may only be implied but “I’m ok with that”.

  16. killie13 says:

    I think it a perfect ending for her character. Cristina wasn’t one for emotional goodbyes or to be given a huge send of. All she needed was her ‘person’ and Owen. And she got exactly that. Very fitting and touching I thought.

  17. Tassi says:

    Greys anatomy wont be the same without Cristina yang :(
    I hope she gets her own spinoff show if she doesnt come back on greys anatomy.

  18. Lauren Hattem says:

    I am such an avid follower of Grey’s that I even watch all the re-runs everyday on cable. If Meredith and Derek ever broke up, I would give up and stop watching. These people become like family to fans and it would hurt way too much if the were to break up.

  19. when Meridith & Derek part ways, I will not watch Grey’s any longer…sorry, good show, but some things have to stay stable on here..have followed since the beginning.

  20. Maya says:

    I don’t imagine the show without Christina. Anyway since McDreamy and Lesly left is not the same for me. To many good characters were gone. You get used with someone, you love them, you keep watching, you expect more and suddenly there are gone… and the picture changes.

  21. Ailyn says:

    Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same without Cristina Yang :( i will definitely miss her…

  22. Hannah says:

    I love the characters. I feel home because of the medical scene, but apart from that: they play emotion so realistic that you can’t keep your eyes dry. I love Grey’s Anatomy and I hope this will keep on going. And please, Sandra Oh: don’t go! She is one of the pillars from the beginning.

  23. Love Grey’s Anatomy interactions with each of the characters

  24. Tia says:

    For me the love story of the show is Meredith and Derek. They are my main reason of watching. I can’t wait for their storyline next season, and to see them deal with it, and come stronger than ever at the end.

  25. Lily says:

    Ms Rhimes pls bring Christina back she have great chemistry with Owen, maybe she will reconsider coming back to the show pls do not write her character off.

  26. Judy Comella says:

    I have waited this entire summer for the opening night. Can’t wait to see Cali & Arazona again.

    • Me too! Love Callie and Arizona! Keep them together and put some fun, hot scenes into their characters again. Just because a couple gets married and has a child does not mean they can’t still enjoy and laugh with each other.

  27. RockR says:

    It’s always been about George, Izzie, Alex, Cristina and Meredith!!! Their friendship, their chemistry, their crazy hilarious jabs they threw at each other, their hate/love relationship with each other, that was the love story. That was Grey’s Anatomy’s THING. Now we are down to two :( Still going to watch this show because of Alex and Mer! Though, I do love Derek and Miranda!!!

  28. karen says:

    Hoping a spinoff is in store for Yang