Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: Sparks Fly on Scott and Kira's First 'Real' Date

Teen Wolf Scott Kira

All work and no play makes Scira a dull ‘ship, so Monday’s Teen Wolf (MTV, 10/9c) finds the show’s “it” couple going where it’s never gone before.

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TVLine has an exclusive first look at Scott and Kira’s actual first date, and it might surprise you to see what a romantic Mr. McCall has become.

The sheer cute-ness of this video — “Did I do OK?” Scott asks — should be enough to silence even the most vocal of Scott-Kira naysayers, if any still exist.

Hit PLAY on the preview clip below, then drop a comment: Are you rooting for Scott and Kira?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Luli says:

    They still exist! I just don’t see it, and don’t like them…

  2. Ian says:

    I miss Allison.

  3. Meg says:


  4. Pati D says:

    I have always been a fan of them and I am looking forward to it.

  5. Pati D says:

    Allison is dead. People need to move on!

    • Hannah MacLaine says:

      I know right. I’m so sick of people hating on new relationships, especially Scira and Draeden, because neither Scott or Derek have any other living love interests!

  6. tamara says:

    “It couple” hahahaha….no

    What you on Andy…cause I want some!

    Team Scallison!

  7. Kate says:

    They perhaps realized they have only released horror trailers so far (too bad that the earlier previews have them both in the same outfits and somewhere that looks like Derek’s loft)

  8. emily says:

    their cute! but “it” couple? just no. that was scott/allison or the potnetial for stiles/lydia.

  9. Michelle p says:

    What do you mean I did all the work. Lol

  10. Keiana Jenner says:

    Oh please you wanna get mad at someone for Allison’s death? Get mad at Crystal. If Kira was some blonde whore who caught Scott’s eye you would be saying the same damn thing. I didn’t really ship Scira but I do now because Kira is super nice. You’re all talking about race but forgetting the fact that Scott is mixed and more black than white. They’re cute together and if you still think Scallison will happen or Allison will come back alive then you are borderline nymphos and you should check yourself into the nearest mental institution. I love Allison. I loved Scallison I still do but what is to be will be and Scira is to be and Scira is happening. I loved Allison she was my favorite but Crystal wanted to leave and no one could stop her . I love Crystal and I respect her all the way and although I’m pissed for her getting Allison killed off. It’s her life and I’m so looking forward to when she gets her own series or movie.

    • tamara says:

      The only one that brought up race is you lol I blame Jeff for Allison’s death cause he chose to kill her when he didn’t have to.

      Kira’s race doesn’t bother me. I find her and Scott dull and a poor mans scallions replacement.

      • Jessie says:

        Blame Crystal she told Jeff that she didn’t want to come back and to kill her character off.
        So next time pay attention.

  11. caro says:

    lovee kira and scott !! they supose to be teenagers

  12. Jessica says:

    I like Kira and Scott but I wouldn’t call them an it couple. I’m more into Stiles and Malia. They are my it couple for this show.

  13. Lies says:

    it couple? no way. they give me more a brother and sister feeling. She is very nice and i like her character but the chemistry between them is nothing compare to him and crystal. I also hate the fact that scott forgot about allison in a minute, he always believed that they would find their way back to eachother she told him that she loved him and he isn’t even thinking about it for just one moment. I don’t want a drama season but at least some thinking about her could be great. But it just doesn’t work for me, it is the same thing with the o.c. Marissa died and they set ryan up with taylor, it just didn’t work and the chemistry wasn’t just as strong as it was with ryan and marissa. This is the same thing. They should bring in a new girl or bring allison back in the last season, they did it with peter and with kate so why not with allison. Maybe as an angel/lightwriter or i don’t know something. But that said even scott and lydia had more chemistry then those 2.

    • Noel says:

      Allison also said they would be together but that didn’t stop her from having sex with Isaac so if you are hating on Scott and Kira just remember Scott waited a long while to get with Kira while Allison was sleeping with Isaac right in the begging of season 3b

  14. Na Young Kim says:

    I’m rooting for Scott and Kira!!!
    This is soooooo romantic.
    But I’m bit worried about Scott who kinda lost control in last episode.
    Would they be okay till season finale?
    I hope so….

  15. phuong says:

    I;m rooting for them I know people miss allison but she is gone and it was the actor’s choice to leave so stop being nasty with comment I see on youtube like kill her already there are people who like her even if you don’t

  16. Aleana says:

    They still exist I love them together yes I miss Allison but she gone it’s time to move on I want Lydia and Parrish to get together she be eighteen soon so it won’t be illegal

  17. Maryann says:

    Allison and Scott felt star crossed, like Romeo and Juliet. What gets me is the writers putting her with someone else her last season on the show. At least she and Scott had that wonderful moment when she was dying, and I like to hope that if she had been open to staying on the show that the writers would have put them back together.

    But since the actress insisted on leaving, I’m glad they are putting Kira and Scott together. They are fun anf cute together, and following their romance os a fun part of the show.

  18. CCarolinee says:

    SCIRA hell yes! Scallison is gone forever. Sorry not sorry. Supernatural creatures should stick together! :) <3

  19. Goodbyenoway says:

    Allison is dead only a few months, she’s forgotten, and he’s shagging the personality-challenged Kira? Awful. I hate this story line.

    • Carrie says:

      He and Kira were already together when Allison was still alive. Allison was with someone else, too. She hasn’t been forgotten. They keep mentioning her. Also, I don’t think Scott and Kira have even slept together yet.

      • Goodbyenoway says:

        You must watch a different show. How could they have been together when Allison was alive if they’re only now going on their first date?
        Kira is boring. Boiled celery has more personality.

        • phuong says:

          They were together when Alison was alive and Alison was with Issac They didn;t go on a date because of all the danger of Beacon Hill Even though they did not have their first date eveyonw knew they were starting a relationship and he was moving on

    • Noel says:

      How is Allison forgotten they mentioned her on the very first episode of season 4 and you could tell on Scotts face that he was still mourning same as Kira, Lydia, and Stiles. Also how can Scott be ‘SHAGGING’ Kira when they never had sex. And Kira is not personality challenged you might want to look up that word before you use it sweet heart

  20. Diz says:

    I just caught up on the 8 episodes of this that were on the DVR over the weekend. I feel like I hadn’t missed anything.

  21. Allí says:

    I Love them , I started watching recently and then went backwards With the episodes still like Kira better

  22. Emily Smith says:

    You haters needed to stop hating on theme it not like Allison or Scott where ever going to be back together Allison was already with Isaac and I think I great scott found someone it not like he was going to keep killing himself about not being with Allison anymore.

  23. susana funes says:

    yessssss.I agree with Pati D. she dead get over yourself. I love kira and scott they just need a little bit of more romance between them two.(:

  24. Lydia Martin says:

    I love Scott and Kira. They are so adorable and cute.

  25. Darilyd says:

    Kira and scott they luck perfect toguether.