Teen Wolf Recap: Third Eye Blind

Teen Wolf Recap

Kate and Peter’s master plan has always been a bit of a question mark — as have most things on Teen Wolf this season — but after Monday’s episode, I’m not even sure they know what they’re doing.

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For starters, are they even working together anymore? They’ve seemed united thus far, but Peter requesting that Malia kill Kate in exchange for meeting her mother has me thinking otherwise. (Also, color me crazy, but is it at all possible that Kate could be Malia’s mom?)

Meanwhile, Kate appears to have her own agenda entirely, kidnapping Scott and turning him into one of her Berserkers. But which member of Scott’s pack is going to have the displeasure of facing him? My head is telling me Liam, but my heart is telling me Kira.

So, what was everyone else in Beacon Hills up to this week? Let’s check in…

Teen Wolf RecapEYE, EYE, EYE | Deaton, who’s apparently way more badass than I was previously aware, delivered a stray wendigo to Eichen House in exchange for a little chat with a man whose gross third eye apparently has the power to reveal what Kate — who also goes by “la loba” and “the bone woman” — really did to poor, shirtless Derek. But because there’s always a supernatural catch, learning this info. sent the doc into a bit of a coma, which only Lydia could snap him out of.

PTS-DYLAN | And now for this week’s most adorable subplot: Liam is super-afraid of the dark. I mean, he has every right — those Berserkers would keep anyone up at night — but I just want to give him a nightlight and tuck him back in, bless his little heart. Liam’s PTSD is also putting a major kink in his lacrosse game; BFF Mason remains equal parts supportive and clueless. He received some surprising encouragement from long-time rival Brett, but it’ll still take a while for Liam to get back into fighting form. (Also, we’re not going to discuss that work-out scene, because Dylan Sprayberry is 16 years old. #NeverForget)

Teen Wolf RecapSCIROMANCE | Scott and Kira had a rough go of things this week, but it wasn’t a total bust for the show’s current “it” couple, at least not initially. As TVLine teased earlier in the day, this week’s episode featured Scira’s long-awaited “first real date,” which Scott pulled off like a damn pro. (Seriously, a romantic lightbulb display at Chez Hale? Bravo, young alpha.)

STALIA | Stiles and Malia also got romantic this week, thanks to a generous donation from the Bank of Papa Stilinski. (Apparently Eichen House agreed not to charge him for his son’s stay; you know, your basic sorry-for-almost-getting-you-killed gift.)

Additional observations:
* Derek and Braeden should always carry guns, and never wear clothes. They delivered this show’s sexiest non-sex scene yet, hands down.
* We should probably talk about Deputy “Golden Eyes” Parrish. That was a fun scene.
* I’m enjoying Mason’s blind support for his best friend, but I’d enjoy it even more if they finally clued him in. (This is Danny all over again, and not in a good way.)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are Peter and Kate really turning on each other? Could Kate be Malia’s mother? Drop a comment with your thoughts on all that and more below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. BJ says:

    So I’m still confused about something – why is Malia going to a mainstream high school? She was lost in the woods since she was a small child, and suddenly she’s a junior in high school? She wouldn’t even have the reading skills to understand what she’s learning. Has the writers ever explained how this is possible?

    • j. says:

      That’s one of the many plot holes this season that haven’t been explained by the writers. It’s obvious that, at the very least, she should be special education classes. There are other glaring errors, such as her ease at transitioning from a coyote to a human again and her perfect language skills.

      • BJ says:

        I get they want her in the high school for plot purposes, but, like you said, she should at least be in special education classes. And they aren’t consistent with her character. One week she acts like a normal girl, then the next she’s making comments about how deer is her favorite food. It really bothers me, and I think if they wanted Stiles to have a girlfriend they could have gone a different route.

        • j. says:

          I’ve heard that Cora was supposed to be Stiles love interest and then the actress got a lead role on the CW and instead of replacing her the writers came up with Malia as the LI.

          • Shaun says:

            yup,Adelaide Kane on Reign…..shoulda stuck around.

          • rarefied says:

            I think there would have been a lot more fan acceptance of Cora and Stiles, especially since they introduced her as her own character first with only hints that she could eventually end up with Stiles.

      • Ari says:

        I love Malia. I don’t care that she’s inconsistent. I still adore the character. I’m glad that she’s stuck around.

      • salma says:

        she was once a human before i thin she was 9 when she turned into a coyote and i dont think a language is an easy thing to forget

    • samrrose says:

      She was nine at the time of the accident. She would probably know how to read. She’s been working her butt off to keep up with them in school. They keep showing her talking about tests she has to take. It’s not completely believable that she’d be with everyone, but they’re trying to make it slightly plausible.

      • j. says:

        I’m not sure what happened, but my comment disappeared. If you see two versions, I apologize. I don’t even remember what I wrote, but essentially… The writers have done a poor job of showing the passage of time in the show and because of this many people believe that Malia’s arc in normal classes makes sense because it feels like a lot of time has passed since Allison’s death when in fact is hasn’t and Malia has only been restored to human form for a very short time. The writers haven’t been trying to make it plausible. If so, they wouldn’t have portrayed the school system as so subpar that the administrators would throw Malia into standard rather than special education classes given her history. Even if they did, they wouldn’t continue to allow her to be in standard or advanced academic classes (which seems more the case when you take into account Stiles’ and Lydia’s grades) given her consistently horrible grades.

        • j. says:

          Oh… I think in the original comment I also mentioned that I have no doubt that she is capable of reading. My issue is two-fold: 1) She seems to be way too normal a teen one moment language-wise and then a restored feral child the next. 2) She should have a much broader knowledge gap. Her grades seem to indicate that she does and yet her teachers wouldn’t have taken that into account when selecting appropriate classes? Additionally, a feral child wouldn’t be thrown back into the normal school system like this. It’s just too ridiculous.

    • Aligmich says:

      There could also be he chance that she was taught basics during her time in eichon house? She did have like half a year before she joined the gang

    • Brigid says:

      I’m sorry but aren’t we watching a tv show about werewolves? You’re worried about a character that should be in special ed. Seriously people this is the dumbest argument ever! Stop overanalyzing sci-fi/fantasy shows, they can do as they please because none of it is based in reality. I don’t want to see Malia trying to main stream herself into high school, I want to see action packed sotrylines and they have that in spades!!!!!

    • nick says:

      When you become a wolf. You are much smarter and your ailments as a human are gone. Think about it. She may have a lot to catch up on but being supernatural just might make it easier.

  2. Leo says:

    Did MTV cut the SFX budget for this show? barley anyone uses their powers anymore. We see actual werewolves like once every five episodes and usually not in full make up

    • luke says:

      I don’t understand how Kira was connected to the Berserker with a metal conductor and yet didn’t shock him. She has lighting powers right..? goddamn use them!

      • James says:

        Has Kira even mastered her abilities? I get that she now knows how to do martial arts but I’ve yet to see her make full use of her Naruto-like powers.

      • Kait says:

        Maybe she didn’t gain her age powers yet? She’s still young. Kitsunes gain tails from age and power. She’s also at one of the stages that strong ones take the form of (young, attractive woman), so maybe that’ll come into play. If not then it’s all badly thought out plot/for story growth

      • ryan says:

        yep! totally agree!

      • Abby says:

        This was my thought exactly! She just lit up a room full of lightbulba but can’t shock the monster through the chain?? What???

    • James says:

      They’re going back to basics and it’s been a couple of seasons already since we see someone fully transformed into a werewolf (Peter’s Killer Alpha Werewolf Beastmode). I don’t think the twins becoming 2-Become-1 counts though because they still looked human.

  3. Ian says:

    so they use greek myths in a mayan temple? and am i the only one who thinks Scott’s a terrible Alpha

    • Mike J says:

      Thank you for pointing it out. Scott is weaker as an alpha than he was as a beta. According to the logic and rules of the show he should be a lot stronger and faster. Look at all the other alphas in the show. If there is a reason that he is not they need to elaborate on it. The show is failing there.

      • he does seem incompetent these days as an alpha but i think thats mostly down to where he’s still scared of the power he posses and you could see that when he was hacking at the guy from ep10, he started to enjoy it and that freaked him out. he is definitely stronger just scared of what he might do if he lets the wolf take over.

    • Monroe says:

      Take it on further, Greek myth in a Aztec temple where they make Germanic berserkers.

  4. Mare says:

    still not enough Derek :( Especially if they’re going to kill him off.

  5. Dan says:

    Just a terrible episode. There is no middle ground with this show. The good guys are either super competent or complete pushovers. I’ve come to expect Kira to be totally useless and Scott is a lower case alpha but the Doc and Argent? Just sad.

  6. j. says:

    I am one ridiculous plot twist away from dumping Teen Wolf from my watch list.

    I hadn’t even thought about the potential for Kate being Malia’s mother. Honestly? I hope that you’re wrong and that the writers aren’t going down this horrible path in which Peter killed Kate not only because of revenge for what she did to his family and Derek but also because he had feelings for her… or shared genetic material. That would be a Dexter the Lumberjack type of ridiculous plot twist.

    I never believed that Peter was honestly choosing Kate over either his own plans or the pack. He’s just the type of character to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

    As for Scott becoming a Berserker…

    I suppose the writers had to do something to make him more interesting given he has been less interesting then the side characters this season. That whole speech by the other lacrosse player had me laughing so much I almost turned off the show. I think Scott gets credit as the “true alpha” a lot of the time for saving people when he wouldn’t have been able to without his friends — the same friends who are usually doing most of the saving.

    For example: The dead pool was shut down by a combination of ideas and legwork from Stiles and Lydia. Scott merely did a lot of physical defending and waiting around for others to make things happen.

    Of course, this episode also marked Deaton as some sort of ultimate druid. I guess that had to happen as well given that he’s been pretty useless to the pack beyond his surgical skills as a vet and some vague mystical advice that usually ends with him advising to do something and then saying that it will probably end badly. I mean, sure, he put together the fox poison and sometimes he nudges the pack in the right direction, but it’s no surprise that Scott is always playing catch up to the supporting cast given that Deaton really hasn’t helped him find his power as a true alpha.

    Lastly, what is the point of having a kitsune in this show if Kira is never going to learn how to use her powers to kick some supernatural butt? After all, were the writers trying to make her look stupid tonight by wielding a chain without, we must now assume, any training AND against a foe who had a weight and strength advantage? You don’t have to be an anime or manga otaku to know that your opponent can use your own weight and momentum against you. It’s called common sense and it would seem that Kira lacks a great deal of it.

    The only good part, sort of, was Parrish’s eyes. They seem to suggest that he might be a Phoenix or some sort of fire/elemental supernatural.

    • j. says:

      Note: When I mention weight and strength advantage above, I mean that you can obviously weigh less and be weaker and still use a chain against an opponent effectively (i.e. to inflict damage). You take an incredible risk trying to bring down a heavier and stronger opponent with a chain by trying to use your own weight and strength when you’re not at the same level. Of course, as a kitsune, that would have been the perfect moment for Kira to have electrocuted the Beserker through the metal chain. But hey… how much as Teen Wolf made sense this season?

      • Michelle says:

        He got her because she could not get let go of the chains. Why is mafia allowed to stay at stiles house every night. Her dad was protective. Why is Liam not asking for help. Scott had to deal with a killer alpha. This episode made no sense

        • j. says:

          “let go of the chains” — that was another plot failure. It looked like she had wrapped the chains around her and arm, and then he used her foolish handling of the chains combined with his strength and her lighter weight to bring her to him.

    • Sonita says:

      Cry me a fcking river. It’s Jeff fault for writing the female lead as such a terrible character. Kira’s character has alot of potential I do agree she should of Electrocuted Kate and those 2 dumbass things and I think Jeff will let her do that in episode 12 and she will help Scott kill the Berserkers and Kate once Scott goes back to him normal self which u’m still waiting to see like seriously how can putting a skull on you make you forget who your friends are and make you have no feelings at all. That’s dumb as hell and Scott’s gonna have to get the crap beat outta him so they can get those Skulls off. Maybe Kira doesn’t know maybe she isn’t as strong maybe she’s afraid she will lose control or maybe Jeff is just too damn dumb to realize that he made her character a Kitsune and all she does is stop hearts build swords turn on lights and get her ass beat tf down. I love her she’s one of my favorites but its so annoying watching her have to use a weapon to fight and Scott letting Kate beat him like seriously but dont blame Kira

  7. dfgh says:

    i like this episode so much, i can only think in next week’s episode.

  8. Kait says:

    I can’t be the only person that thought Argent’s eyes were about to glow the way the camera panned.
    Also, most surprising survival awards for a human go to Braeden for the bloody face slash (and gun shot wounds to have sex the next night), Miss Moreau with the spear-cane through the chest, and now Argent with some rebar through some organs. Oh Teen Wolf, I love you so much, I really do.

    • michelle says:

      Best sleeping to awake couple braeden and derek. Lydia going to their house made no sense or did i miss the mention

      • Kait says:

        And no, it was never explained. She seemed to be in that weird banshee fugue state thing that she goes into before doing the ahhhhhhh! since she was all wet (I think?)… Maybe a scene was cut? Or just left open ended since most of the season/episode previews make us think Derek’s gonna die

  9. Ryan says:

    I really thought Kira may fry that berserker when she was using the chain as a weapon but alas nope…gurl gotta use your powers!

  10. Jonathan Roger says:

    I get that Scott is a good guy who wants to save the world and help others, but damn it you’re a True Alpha. They talk about it ad nauseam, how special he is, or how strong being an Alpha is. USE YOUR ALPHA POWERS! He gets his ass kicked by Kate, but I’m sure if Scott transforms into his Alpha form he could demolish Kate. Last weeks episode was the closest I’ve seen Scott go full Alpha mode when he was beating that assassin. All I want is more Alpha Scott and less I’ll fight you in my human form Scott. It’s depressing watching get his ass kicked when he’s stronger than most wolves.

  11. LaT says:

    Hey, Andy! A clever soul on another site suggested the possibility that Peter’s plan involves killing Scott while he’s in beserker form – and probably when he tries to attack one of the other characters – so he can claim he didn’t know it was Scott (even though he did) and the reason he wants Malia to kill Kate is so Kate can’t blab that Peter was in on it. This way, Peter gets the powers of an alpha AND can look like a hero, at least until the ‘shocking’ reveal the beserker he killed was really Scott.

  12. Patrick Maloney says:

    At this point, Kate being Malia’s mom will be the only satisfactory explanation of why she was brought back to life in the first place.

  13. Jr says:

    I’m so tired of watching Scott getting his ass kicked allll the time! 11 episodes in and we still havent seen any sign of a true alpha’s capability. Last episode they showed what he’s really capable of turning into.
    Also does anyone think its lame how the whole berserker issue just got dropped? I find it hard to believe that Meredith did it all on her own? I feel like there should have been more to that. The whole dead pool thing just got ‘shut down’ ?? Mannnn, yet I continue to watch this show !!

    • The only difference between a TRUE ALPHA and a normal ALPHA is the way they got their powers. Scott became an alpha through morals and will and didn’t have to steal another alpha’s power. That is the only difference, at no point was it said that he is more powerful than a normal alpha, he is still just an alpha, it was only how he became one that was different. I think this is where people are getting confused, it’s like they are expecting him to do something and when he doesn’t it’s disappointing. Also if he kills he will not lose his ALPHA status, the only way he can lose it is if he gives it up like Derek did or someone steals it from him.

      • Jr says:

        Its not only the fact that he didn’t have to steal his alpha status… He definitely is much stronger than an ordinary Alpha. Did you not see how his face was changing in the last episode when he was about to kill the assassin? And also do you not remember how badly Deucalion wanted him in his pack? I just feel like they’re being a bit slow in building Scott’s character and showing that Alpha side of him. He watches his friends get hurt and watches people die and he doesn’t really do anything to stop it when he is the most capable. He should be the ultimate bad ass of the show. Not be getting beat up every episode.

      • Markese Duckett says:

        The thing that people are most disappointed in is that every other alpha was good like peter, Derek and even satomi their all great alphas Scott gets beat down by betas it’s ridiculous they can make the lead role Scott McCall a better alpha than that

  14. Erin2 says:

    For everyone saying they are tired of seeing Scott get his ass kicked so much, I think it’s designed that way because the show has made very clear that Scott is holding back.. trying not to fully give in to the wolf! Also I don’t think Scott will be a beserker come the final showdown with Peter!

  15. The only interesting thing about this episode was Parrish’s glowing eyes. That is all.

  16. Zane says:

    Scott is the biggest wussy of an Alpha EVER! He never changes form, he has his butt kicked in EVERY episode and he is USELESS. Can we please kill him off?

  17. Liza says:

    the part with argent really made me cry. I miss allison so much on this show, didn’t care much about that love scene between scott and kira, scott and allison just gave eachother one look and the entire place was on fire, but yeah i know all the scallison fans have to ‘move on’.
    Also it makes me a bit sad that we don’t see derek much, he deserves a better storyline.
    Loved stiles and malia this episode.

  18. Maryann says:

    This show has enough plot holes to drive a tank through, and the writing is absolutely horrible. The only way to enjoy the show is just to sit back and relax and just not worry about it. I love the characters and their interactions, so I don’t miss an episode. It would be nice though if they had better writers so that I could take the show more seriously. (For me, the biggest glitch this week was Kira not using her lightning powers to save herself and Scott; her not doing that was really inconsistent with the abilities they have already established her as having. And Scott didn’t wolf out to save Kira and himself? Really? And that is just the tip of the iceberg, including just generally bad writing that has nothing to do with big glitches…)

  19. Guest says:

    Parrish has become one of my favorite characters. I need more Ryan Kelley in these episodes!! I’m with some of you I hope Kate isn’t malia’s mom. It would make sense to me anyway considering her mom was known as the desert wolf back when thaila was still alive and Kate hadn’t been turned yet..also even though not all weres turns into wolves im still wanting to bet the werecyote is genetic to some extent mom was one so they daughter will be as well. I think someone is going to die next week but I don’t think it’ll be Derek. I’m scared for the sheriff, argent, and Deaton :/ episode was better than last weeks but still weaker than others. Oh and I’m still really thinking Parrish is either a dragon or jinn. Phoinex.. Meh too obvious a route. Also even though I know it’s not in the budget hoe awesome would it be if he was a dragon!? Give me some wings :) haha

  20. sam says:

    I need more Braeden/Derek, those two deserve their own show. Damn they’re HOTTTTTT!.

  21. Sonita says:

    Kira, Scott, Stiles, Sheriff, Derek, Braeden, Lydia, Liam, Malia better live. I know, I know they will all live but i’m still scared and there better not be a cliff hanger. I hate those and please DO NOT let this episode end in Mexico let it end with Scira’s do over date or let me see a Scira do over date before this season ends next week Monday.

    • Esther says:

      I know what you mean!! Somebody’s supposed to die though :( and worse, it IS supposed to end on a cliffhanger!!! Hate that too… I am worried about Stiles and his dad or Melissa dying for some reason :( that would be too horrible!! Excited to see what happens and yet dreading it, if u know what I mean!

  22. Edebatu says:

    hmmm love the show please I will like teen wolf to end in season 7 AND I MISS ALICE OH I WISH SHE DID NOT HAVE TO DIE WELL LOVE IT THANKS

  23. Jovana says:

    I seriously have NO CLUE what’s going on with TW this season!

    Kate and the Beserkers are doing nothing. Ten of 12 episodes wasted on death pool and in the end we find out it’s Meredith who read Peter’s mind and that’s a wrap of it? Lydia is just going around wide eyed, tilting her head and screaming. Deaton guy knows EVERYTHING and is ALWAYS the perfect plot device. When they don’t know how to move things along – insert Deatons wisdom (irony, duh!) and Lydias random conclusions after seeing and hearing random things.

    Scott is weak. Derek is not Derek anymore. Liam was interesting for two minutes, and now his storyline is ‘I’m afraid of the dark’? Argent is doing….what exactly? Except showing up to fights that keep popping up (with all sorts of dramatic effects, slo mo, sped up, dramatic music…) and mostly serve NO purpose at all?

    Also, what is up with the temple and desert wolf and la loba??? :/

    And last but not least – WTF is this with Scott becoming a Beserker? You can become that thing just by putting that mask on? That’s all it takes? Wow, so supernatural and allmighty. Color me impressed.

    The only characters that keep me interested: Stiles, Malia (as individuals AND Stalia), Stilinski, Coach and Parrish.

  24. Abby says:

    I’m guessing Parrish is a Phoenix or a dragon.

  25. zhakwan says:

    I think for episode 12, Scott will become the berserker starting to lose his will and sense of perception then towards the end he regains his will and becomes a semi wold berserker that will take down both Kate and Peter as well as the berserkers. Kate being Malia’s mother is the logically explanation.

  26. Justmythoughts says:

    Derek appears to die next episode and scott won’t be a berserker the whole episode because in the mid season trailer he’s ready to fight peter. I also wonder if scott killed Derek or did peter? Also, Kate is obviously not malia’s mother. Jeff Davis wouldn’t just make things looks stupid if he did that. Plus, is it me or in the second trailer for episode 12 it looked like Kira got killed, or maybe I’m just over thinking. This episode should show scott turning into the actual killer wolf. A show down with him and Peter will determine who was meant to be the true alpha.

  27. Matt says:

    Oh good maybe we will see Scott actually kick some ass, seeing as he is really only as tough as Derek with no powers because the only thing he has defeated is just a regular person. Anything Supernatural kicks his ass…..Also, I want to know how the hell did Kate and the Beserker come through a window that is like a 100 feet up?

  28. A Pimp Named Slickback says:

    Omg! Teen wolf is getting though o! I just want kate 2 die and scott and kira should be dating and stiles should date maria and jackson come back then jaskson and lydia date den the gay twim comes back and joins scott pack with lydia and stilies and malia and kira. AnD danny should date the gay twin