Falling Skies Season 4 Finale Recap: Over the Moon

Falling Skies Season 4 Finale

A few weeks ago, when TNT’s Falling Skies indicated that our heroes were going to need to visit the moon in the name of having any chance at beating the Espheni, I had concerns.

How will they get there? And in a timely manner? Who in the 2nd Mass has anything remotely resembling training for such a journey? Will Aerosmith give the rights to “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”? And so on.

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Sunday’s two-hour Season 4 finale, which revolved around Tom Mason’s trip to said ball of cheese, with hybrid daughter Lexi in tow, was not as goofy as I feared, but boy, did it leave much to be desired. For one, the first hour wasted too much of our time with a ruse that everyone had to see coming up Broadway — that Tom had only imagined the trip going off without a hitch, returning to an ebullient, ready-to-party 2nd Mass (and frisky Anne).

Once Tom got wise to the fakery, we then got a bunch of psycho-babble as he argued with Lexi via cyphers of his many comrades. Ultimately, once he confronted (a much-better-as-a-brunette) Lexi herself, he realized that she was cocooned with him aboard the Beamer, and they agreed to team together to snap out of their dream state.

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That (finally) teed up a second hour in which Tom and Lexi tried to solve a big problem on the Beamer (a fracture in the hull damaged the bombs meant for the moon-based power core), while the show bent over backwards to drum up drama for those back on Earth. Cue the introduction of “egg” bombs that explode with a fog that entraps its victims, so that those harness critters can skitter-ize them.

This idea… was clumsy.

You had Pope lying still in the muck, acting helpless, until a desperate moment led him to (amusingly) bite into a critter’s artery; Hal seemingly was able to pick them off repeatedly with a pistol, while he awaited rescue from Ben and Maggie; Sara (the role still doing Mira Sorvino no favors) resurfaced to somehow shoot a critter off of Dingaan’s chest from directly above him without killing the guy in the process; and Anne went all Sarah Connor with a flamethrower upon realizing the fog’s weakness. Lives were briefly put in jeopardy, but not really.

It all led to the matter of exploding the power core, which Lexi realized she could accomplish by flying a kamikaze mission with the Overlord ship that had intercepted the Beamer — meaning, Tom had to fly back alone. And as Lexi manually steered the larger ship toward the target, Espheni fighters showed up to attack Tom — but Cochise’s father arrived with the Calvary in the nick of time. Alas, once Lexi blew up the power core (pretty girl, but good riddance!), the shock wave propelled Tom off course, destination unknown. Anne got that news toward the very end, uncertain that the Volm will be able track down a “needle in an ocean.” In the meantime, the 2nd Mass will set out to “kick some ass,” with the Espheni now sitting ducks.

The final scene picked up with Tom — last seen spinning through space, Darth Vader-like, Falling Skies Season 4 Finaleon a wayward Beamer — awakening in what looked like one of those economy Euro-style hotel rooms, a melange of voices (including a JFK speech) breaking the silence. A female voice beckoned him, and Tom turned to see… some new sort of, ominpedal E.T. standing in the doorway. His reaction: “You’re beautiful.” (And until the fifth and final season arrives next summer, we’ll take his word for it!)

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Again, a first hour that you had to slog through, and a second-hour plot device that owes credit to both The Blob and The Fog. I’ll give props, though, to the nifty twist where a seemingly down-for-the-count Tom used the poison syringe Hal slipped him (to use on Lexi if necessary) to subdue the Overlord. Now, I’m curious-ish to see what Ursula there has to do with Tom getting back to Earth in Season 5, as well as what new obstacles the (sparse) 2nd Mass will have to face.

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  1. Goodwolfe21 says:

    Well I could be way off base, but my first thiought was that it was Tom’s wife, Rebecca as some kind of hybrid human/Espheni.

  2. tv guy says:

    Just don’t understand how Lexi can die! She was the main concern throughout the show and all of a sudden they just lost their selling point, so to speak. Just my thought on the matter. And I would have to say that the alien, in the mirror, cannot morph the image of itself. Therefore Tom is most likely looking at a beautiful woman (human, most likely Anne) while in actuality it is just another trick.

    • DYS says:

      A lot of shows have key storylines and characters for season long arcs then kill them off as they move onto the next thing so if Lexi is definitely dead, it wouldn’t be surprising to me.

    • Tball says:

      who said she is dead . she crashed the ship, may be the new aliens beamed her out some how or another, Who are these new aliens anyway. Tom’s last words have me thinking they are our forefathers, angels or something along those lines. Anyway it sucks that we have to wait an entire year for an answer.

  3. jake says:

    The thing inj the mirror is a skitter before it got mutated. The two clues are 1. The thing in the mirror has multiple limbs and a similar shape to the skitter just not all scaley, and 2. It seems like a

    move this show would make, it would just be cheesy for the show to add another alien.

  4. greysfan says:

    Seriously? You really can’t put the dots together? That last scene is Lexi. It had to be. That’s what i thought when i first saw it. I could be wrong but that that’s my theory.

    • Moment says:

      I thought the same, she’s simply evolved into a higher being. Toms reaction wasn’t that of fear or surprise. It’s like deep down he knew it was his daughter and no father would call his daughter grotesque etc.

  5. arlene says:

    I feel the show left poor Lexi, as all the others keep being left alive. She is the only daughter with all the brothers who still live for more shows?

  6. UBER1337 says:

    Did no one else here the voice at the end and what she said… she said “I’ve been waiting to meet you”. If you look at the image… imo looks like she would be like the espheni queen.

  7. GNI Staff says:

    Reblogged this on Global News Insider.

  8. Maryann says:

    I could’ve done without the snarky comments that went along with summary. I read the summary to see if I missed any plot points (I did–the way Tom killed the Overlord), but I DIDN’T read it to have a season finale I really enjoyed trashed upon. If you are going to write a review, write a review. If you are going to write a summary, write a summary. I only kept reading for the plot points, but it really wasn’t worth it, and I won’t make that mistake again.

    • Thoroughbredofsin says:

      Have you ever read a recap on this site before? Your comments suggest “no” because in tvline terms this wasn’t that snarky. May I suggest that you go forth and uncover the boring part of the internet that gives you the summary you so desire. MWM, keep up the “snark.” It’s what keeps savvy consumers of media coming back to your site.

      • Maryann says:

        Not In a long time. Now I remember why I stopped.

        • Mary Ann says:

          Well this Mary Ann thought the review was spot on. There were a lot of very silly plot moments in the finale, especially in the first hour. I didn’t buy the dream sequence as real for a second. No way they would have that big buildup and then just not show the battle.

          • rhpot1991 says:

            I could argue both ways. They have skipped stuff several times in the past. Think back to S1(I think) where we had the massive battle happen mid commercial then got to hear all about it from the characters when we got back. That said I thought it was another dream sequence right away, and kind of cheap to go back there since we already got a dream episode as well.

    • IMHO says:

      Love the Recaps !
      Great site but to each his own…

  9. killertortilla says:

    This is the most biased review I have ever read. Even the text box above this says “Talk smart about TV!” and all this person has done is pour their emotions into it, well guess what, no one gives a flying f**k about your, obviously very personal, opinion. This is not a recap this is one person hating and hating hard.

  10. CJ says:

    I loved this show the first few seasons, but part of the way through last season it started getting more and more ridiculous. I got through the first three episodes of this season before I finally just gave up. Judging from this recap, I didn’t miss anything. It’s a shame to see what was a good show spiral into absurdity.

  11. Bark Star says:

    What a terrible ending to a lackluster season. 20 minutes wasted on an obvious dream sequence that said nothing but the obvious ? It might be better that this show will end after next season.

  12. Totally missed out but Lexi is gone now?

    • Broadwayfan says:

      Well, you would think so. She guided the Espheni ship straight into the power core to destroy it. But, with Falling Skies, who knows.
      Saying ‘goodbye’ she called Tom ‘Daddy’. That was touching.

  13. Rocktheglobe says:

    Cavalry, not “calvary.”

    Weak episode. Plot holes and generic plot mechanisms abounded.

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  15. Tasha says:

    The finale had it’s ups and downs for me. Lexi coming along for the ride to the moon -I figured she was going to sacrifice herself. And the dream sequence was something the show has done in the past so it was pretty obvious at the start. This season has a whole has been the weakest narratively speaking. There was a lot I didn’t like -especially with the “shock” killings of minor characters. I am curious to how the show ends but this season certainly knocked a lot of the luster I once had with it.

  16. Broadwayfan says:

    Pope has always been my favorite character. Last season, on the TNT show page they had Pope’s journal, writing about the previous week. It was brilliantly written.
    He says, out loud, what we are often thinking. Let’s not forget he can cook.
    We’ve seen, over and over, that mean selfish ol’ Pope cares about these people.
    His talk about seeing the faces was great. He has a good heart.
    I knew Sara would be back. Glad it was this season. When it all ends next summer John Pope better be standing. Sara beside him would be nice.
    And I love Weaver and Matt together.

  17. Paul says:

    The new alien is an unskitterized skitter. That is why he said ” I had no idea”. C’mon people.

    • Moment says:

      The exact scene was.

      Unknown: Tom Mason, it’s about time.
      Tom: Oh my god.
      Tom: I had no Idea.
      Tom: You look beautiful.

      There’s familiarity there on Tom’s part, he doesn’t react defensively, his reaction is of that of someone who genuinely had no idea about something. Combine this with Lexi’s constant evolution throughout the season.

      • James Perry says:

        I would think Tom familiar with Skitters by now…And it’s not as if there haven’t been friendly skitters either. Plus, look at thingies daughter with the espheni experiments – not hard to image a skitter beginning life as something less ugly – DEFINITELY
        a Skitter.

  18. David4 says:

    I’d like to give David Eick an Emmy for somehow screwing up a fun little alien show! Nice job!

  19. Alicia Gray says:

    This show jumped the alien so long ago … I’m just riding it out now till it’s over. What the ever loving heck happened? It turned into a strong end-of-the-world (Walking Dead type show) to a silly SyFy joke. It’s really sad!

  20. FatherOctavian says:

    I’m pretty sure the creature we saw in the mirror is what the skitters look like before they’re skitterized. Thus the many limbs.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      So, grilled skitter vs. crispy style.

    • Moment says:

      Which doesn’t explain Tom’s reaction at all. As Matt said in his article, it’s either his wife, or Lexi. One or the other. Or a third option with someone sinister messing with his head. We never did see the Beamer which was spiralling out of control get grabbed by another alien race. Nor do the Volm explicitly mention that there’s another race in the Solar system.

  21. Goodbyenoway says:

    They jumped the shark for me with the first episode of this season. It had zero to do with where they left off last season. They blew it. I stopped watching after a few episodes as the whole new storyline was a complete mess.

  22. LtGalactie says:

    I think it’s Cochise’s mother and the volm finally found him

  23. Keaton says:

    Who is Ursula??

  24. AnnieM says:

    Well…I only watch this show b/c Noah Wylie is the star. I agree that it’s not as good as it used to be. I still wish TNT had turned his Librarian movies into a weekly series instead. Now they have, but he’s not the star. According to the IMBD, he’ll only be in 4 episodes. :-(

  25. Sean Brazell says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Alien in the end was an unmodified, original Skitter – hence Tom’s reaction.

  26. The Carpooler says:

    Things I liked about this episode: brunette Lexi; Lexi calling Tom Daddy; chemistry between Hal, Ben, and Maggie; that it’s over until next year.

  27. Paul Schatz says:

    I didn’t realize until this week that there was a new show runner this season. That explains why this once pretty good show has jumped the shark. I found myself fast forwarding during most of the second half of the season.

  28. I bleive what we saw was a member of the species that was enslaved and later appearead as skitters , remember we learned that skitterization was just the enslavement practice of the espheni and they skitterized humans to , the refleciton of toms encounter strongly resembles the skitter appearance ( same amount of legs and head/neck at front of the torso , very simmilar in many aspects.

    Also it has to be someone new as the Volm would have no reason to play some weird holo sherade and obviously it cannot be the espheni either !

  29. marc says:

    I cant see how Tom would find that alien good looking enough to call it beautiful, perhaps it doesn’t make sense because either the writers have lost their sanity, or Tom has lost his.
    The end of the entire series will be Tom waking up and all of this had been an odd dream.

  30. James says:

    I don’t see how people can think this new alien is an un-skitterised skitter. The Espheni probably wiped out that race and made them all into skitters, hence what they were doing to Humans.

    The Espheni overlord said once in this season that a new, bigger threat was coming and in that final scene when an amalgam of voices and recordings were being played one of them said ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend’ which said to me that the new alien we saw is the bigger threat, and they wanted Tom on their side to wipe out the Espheni.

    This new race can clearly read Tom’s mind, hence why he was in a nice (human) room, and so that’s where they got his name from. It wouldn’t surprise me that throughout next season Tom will bring these new Aliens to Earth, wipe out the Espheni (maybe) but then get convinced by everyone on Earth that they are evil, and the Humans will start fighting against this new alien race now

    • igwar says:

      Noah Wyle said about the final scene that is not an introducing of a new race. As he said, it is something what we know, even though it never been seen in the show yet. And the theory about un-skitterised skitter meets that description perfectly. :-)

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  38. janet says:

    For a show I thought I would not like I became addicted to it. I fall asleep with season one or two in the dvd. But when season three popped up I was let down but I still liked the show. Season four , well I do not know what to say except I found it tragic. Nazi camps, Jean being recreated, etc. I was glad Pope finally got himself a mate. Please tell me that season 5 will redeem itself. And the “beautiful creature”, I do not see as Rebecca unless Anne and Weaver are going to get together. I hope to see a spiritual all powerful race come to earth’s aid.. And Pope should finally be recognized for the big in put of his part(the bread, symbolic of breaking bread, coming up with the mech bullits and just keeping others honest by his own quirks.) Maggie should hold her own position of power with Weaver as a mentor. I lead a busy and Falling Skies has been my annual event.

  39. Craig_Elliott says:

    Get rid of David Eick, the guy is a complete head case! I’m English and remember this nutter when he was a UK TV broadcaster. He is insane and screws up everything he involves himself in. He claims the British monarchy and the US government are alien reptiles disguised as human!! Put him in the loony bin and Speilberg & Wyle may just give us the final season we deserve.