Defiance Season 2 Finale Recap: Raiders of the Lost Ark-Brain

Defiance Season 2 Finale Recap

On the off chance that Syfy’s Defiance is not picked up for a third season, fans of the series should at least feel a greater sense of closure than, say, poor Longmire viewers.

Because the Season 2 finale that aired on Thursday night did much heavy lifting across two episodes, ultimately leaving not too many balls (or, you know, symbolic pebbles) in the air.

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In the opening hour, booty callers Datak and Stahma arrived at a certain peace with each other, their bond Defiance Season 2 Finalefortified when Pottinger abducted and presented them to Amanda as Kenya’s killers. (Juggling all sorts of spin as well as a sense of morality, she couldn’t bring herself to exact her revenge.) Later, Datak moved back into his home, pleasing Alak not at all — and pushing the lad into even considering an overture from Christie’s “formerly” crazy mother Pilar, who wants the lovebirds to live with her for a stretch.

Thing is, Pilar has dangled before them the promise of a hippie commune where mixed-race kids are not treated as outcasts — but known to only her and son Quentin, no such place exists. Defiance Season 2 FinaleAnd as the finale draws to a close, the four of them are bound for who-knows-where, with the Tarrs and Rafe in pursuit. (How they skipped a primo opportunity for Linda Hamilton to bark at the kids, “Come with me if you want to live,” I do not know. But she sure was hella entertaining when stomping around the pristine Tarr home.)

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Also in the first hour, Nolan did his Iron Man best to lug dying Tommy back home, hoping to have Irisa save her onetime beau/almost fiance’s (!) life. But despite Nolan’s best efforts Defiance Season 2 Finale— and a touching wealth of callbacks to past moments — Tommy succumbed, his death rocking Nolan, Berlin and, eventually, Irisa.

Do Yewll and her “wife” Lev stumbled across the ship that Irisa and her One True Something Kai crashed into Earth some 2,800 years ago. Soon after, Yewll realized that Lev had been “hacked” by Kaziri, as she argued the case for allowing Earth to be terraformed. Not having any of it, Yewll removed her EGO implant and made tracks for Defiance, where she surrendered herself and offered to reveres the effects of Irisa’s plan. Defiance Season 2 Finale(She also found a moment to apologize for building Fake Kenya, but saved Pottinger’s bacon with certain omissions.)

Since Yewll’s “fix” would mean killing Irisa, Nolan fought it, muscling his way out of E-Rep custody and ultimately thwarting Amanda’s sniper shot at Irisa, who was off on her own using levitated pebbles to literally maneuver the many ships and orbs and what not in the skies above Earth. It took some doing, but Nolan forces his “possessed” daughter to reunite with Kai, at which point the Irathient fella “pulled” the second “key”out of Irisa. Defiance - Season 2They then stormed the ship and used the keys to reclaim control and use the orbs to blast everything out of the sky.

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Yet after “saving the world” (minus poor New York City, TVLine’s offices included??), the cavern came crashing down around them. And as the finale faded to black, as Mercado assured Amanda — now at least literally in bed with Pottinger, argh — that Nolan and the others surely were dead, we saw that father and daughter had found refuge in one of the pods, seemingly safe and sound…?

What did you think of this year’s Defiance finale? A bit less “WTF?” than Season 1’s?


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Great finale! Syfy better renew it!

  2. Marcus T. says:

    Did the writers really think killing off Tommy would be emotional for people after they spent the entire season destroying his character?

    it sucks because they didn’t flesh him out in two seasons he was just a glorified sidekick.

    • Ian says:

      Gotta agree. He was actually more pointless than destroyed though. What annoyed me most about his death was that it was a reflection of the season as a whole. There were cool moments and subplots this season, but the main story left me feeling meh when all was said and done.
      I was off-put by all the bedhopping too. Nolan and Berlin?! Seriously?! Ugh.

      Despite all that, I hope the show’s renewed. When it’s at it’s best, it’s incredibly brilliant. And now that the Irzu/Intergalactic Supership/Key!Irisa arc is over, I’m really curious to see where the show will go next.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I completely agree, TBH there wasnt too much to love about Tommy to begin with, then in the second season they make him insufferable by making him a ladder climber (aka overly focused on being Law Keeper), the only redeeming stuff was his alone time with Berlin, but then they broke up, and every time he spoke i wanted Nolan to punch him in the face, so the death meant nothing to me.

        I actually disagree about Berlin and Nolan, but i agree about the bed hoping, but then i understand we cant judge it by the world we live in now, they are in a world that has tons of alien species (and different cultures) intertwined with them, and there was a HUGE war (Pale war) that changed Earth as we know it…so while bed hopping to us Americans is skankish, to them its just life. BUT still, im not a fan of it, im not a fan of Amanda and the guy shes with, they can try to make him likable all they want, but i get slimey scum bag vibe from him every second hes on screen.

        I actually like Nolan and Berlin, first off their hooking up made sense, she wanted to revenge bang the guy Tommy hates, and Nolan didnt give a flip and wanted to bang a hot chick, and it was hotter cause she was Tommy’s and Tommy hates him. But when you step back and look at their personalities, i actually like them together, they can both be badass and a bit wild and smart…i like them together.

        Overall a pretty good finale, i cant say yet whether the style in which they have slowly revealed what happened in the pale war and the mythology and everything is good or bad for the show. I dont feel like it has been super cool, unlike say Stargates and Aliens on the Stargate shows. Arc brains and keys and terraforming etc…just kinda meh.

        I hope this show gets picked up, i hope they re-watch the first season, and second season, and read fan reactions, to realize their strong points and weak points and i hope they write season 3 strong.

        • John NYC says:

          “they can both be badass and a bit wild and smart…i like them together.”

          Agreed: Berlin fits him a lot better personality-wise than Amanda. Getting pulled back from the brink of the firing squad like that would have had Nolan laughing just as hard as she did.

        • Katherine215 says:

          How on earth do you get “ladder climber” for Tommy? He *was* Law Keeper before Nolan returned and had the job handed back to him. Plus, Nolan was a complete jerk to him throughout most of the season, belittling him and being disrespectful whenever he could. Tommy was focused on being a good and fair Law Keeper, and Nolan was a cowboy who ignored the rules he was supposed to enforce. I’m disappointed they couldn’t find a good storyline for Tommy, and Tommy/Irisa, and instead chose to kill him off rather than develop him.
          I agree on Amanda, not a fan of her basically living her sister’s life. Also, she had zero sympathy for Nolan trying to save his daughter’s life. And Pottinger is a slimy scumbag.

        • Kissane says:

          I have this crazy theory that Pottinger is actually the guy who raped Amanda when she was in New York, because I get the scumbag vibe too.

        • joey says:

          Poor Tommy. After all,the most decent man the entire show and they kill him. No skeletons in his closet. Didn’t have enough sense to keep away from Irisa.

  3. tony c says:

    This was a great season 2 ….. I can’t wait for season 3

  4. Cody says:

    Wow, Tommy was the one and only black person shown for the first two seasons of the entire series and they kill him off? Smh, even a show about a bunch of aliens can’t shake the old drawn out Hollywood cliche of making sure there’s no African American characters of substance that actually last as long as the show itself does. I’m done with this show, hope it gets cancelled soon.

    • Mike says:

      You literally just made it a race thing when it had nothing to do with race. Congratulations.

      • Cody says:

        Uh huh sure keep telling yourself that but the numbers don’t lie. How many main or even recurring African American characters have been featured the past two seasons?Ummm one. There we plenty of characters one could argue had bad storylines this season, but they only chose to kill off one, and who was that? Drumline……Oh ya the one and only black character that actually has a solidified position on the show. Geez no wonder Defiance is in Missouri considering current world events……If the writers weren’t happy with Tommy’s character they have no one to blame but themselves, how about they actually try to fix his character by putting their heads together and doing what writers are suppose to do, which is thinking of original compelling ideas to bring life to the characters, instead of just taking the lazy unoriginal way out by killing him off? They had a pretty easy time letting the other boring characters walk their way through the gauntlet unscathed, why couldn’t they do the same for Tommy?

        • Cody says:

          *there were plenty

        • One of the few shows to feature a native american host of main characters. (far less of that in TV land) The writers just couldn’t find a place for Tommy. They should have wrote him out sooner really, it wasn’t working and you could tell they tried to make it work somehow. It just never clicked. Besides he could always come back as an evil indogen clone. lmao

    • Leo says:

      I think this has less to do with race and more to do with the fact the writes didn’t know what to do with Tommy. For two seasons they just had him in background without his own story. it wasn’t a satisfying ending to his story, hopefully next season we have more involved PoC

    • Normandy says:

      You being done with the show can only be a good thing.

    • Dred Scott says:

      I didn’t see any Arabs running around either Cody

    • John NYC says:

      The character just didn’t work, sometimes writers just have to cut their losses.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Or, I don’t know, write him better? Crazy idea, I know.
        And there absolutely is an issue with a predominantly white show killing their only black character.

        • Warner says:

          Well said Katherine! Ppl try to ignore it or blame it on other factors like the writing as if there’s some law that says it’s impossible for a writer to try to improve a black character’s story arc, but there’s absolutely something very wrong and disturbing with the fact that a show like Defiance would think it’s acceptable to treat the only black character on the show like complete crap for the vast majority of the series and then kill him off like it’s nothing. Tell me this, why is it Irisa was able to fight off killing Nolan, but in the same exact scene couldn’t fight off giving Tommy the fatal stab blow? Irisa sused Tommy and treated him like crap the entire series the writers should’ve kept Tommy with Berlin. Smh, if there is a season 3 the Defiance writers better wake up and actually write in some arcs of substance for POC, because the way they handled Tommy’s character was disgraceful.

          • renee says:

            Give me a break.race has nothing to do with it and as long as ppl try to find a reason they will. I dont shout race when myr ac e is not in a show
            it is a friggin show. A show that I can honestly say is good and my entire family is looking forward to next season. Great job

          • llama911 says:

            I mean I dont believe its race per say but they did THRASH tommy’s character and it seemed like the writers didnt want to write tommy a better role. He like never had his day kinda sucks.

          • Sarah says:

            Whatever helps you sleep at night, but like others have said the numbers don’t lie. Season 1 and 2 were filled with horrible characters who had subpar story arcs that should’ve been killed off long before Tommy was, and yet they’ll all be around for season 3. Defiance show runners love bragging about the shows strong ‘diversity’ when in reality the show featured one black guy a few Native Americans and bunch of white ppl in alien costumes, to call that, “a strong showing of diversity” is laughable. So out of all the boring subpar characters the show has featured in season 1&2 to choose to single out the one and only African American character, treat him like shtako and then kill him off, when your a show that constantly claims diversity is a strong point of the show, is indeed a big problem that needs to be addressed moving forward to season 3, and I fully expect(or at least hope) it will be. I’m not saying what they did with Tommy’s character was racist, but it does strongly suggest a strong notion that minority characters are perceived to be more disposable than other characters and I really don’t see how anyone could possibly deny that, when Hollywood in general is littered with examples of it.

  5. James D says:

    Hot Damn that was outstanding. The writers earned every cent they made this season they turned an entertaining summer show into one of the best if not the best sci-fi dramas i’ve seen in the past decade. this is honestly turning into a classic and syfy if you know what’s good for you; you will renew it with the quickness. Amanda seriously girl what possessed you to trust that twit I hope Nolan socks you next season :) I hated what they did with Tommy’s character for most of the season but in my opinion they at least gave him some sympathy back, it is a shame but truthfully it had to be done. Renew it please and thank you.

  6. Fred says:

    Great show I hope it comes back for a 3rd season….

  7. Maryann says:

    This is my favorite scifi show on tv right now, and I would really miss it if it wasn’t renewed. I also watch Falling Skies, The Last Ship, Extant, Dominion, and more, but I just don’t have the same emotional investment in any of these that I have in Defiance.

  8. A Fan says:

    Good show. Good season final. Hopefully, it will get renewed, unlike Longmire, another of my favorite summer shows that just got axed.

  9. A Fan says:

    Good show. Great finale. Hopefully it will get renewed.

  10. Beau says:

    Love the show. Never liked Tommy. LOVE the Tars. Hoping for a season 3!

  11. John T. Grose says:

    I’m enjoying the show. Enjoyed the finale. Hope it gets renewed.

  12. Stephanie knepper says:

    I like the series…especially doc yewell and datak and stahma…they are are all such devils….they give the show intrigue, morality-or lack thereof-and HUMOR! BRAVO!!!

  13. I’ve finally gotten a handle into this show, these episode(the finale) was fabulous, not a time to end the tv series at all. With so many viewers caught up into it, and new stars just added seems to me a terrible waste. I watched due to being a supporter of Grant Bowler!!!:) he’s marvelous, unless he gets back to a new OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, nothing can apes me & others. Thing on that Grant & Syfi

  14. Don’t leave us, continue it’s a marvelous program, finale is just the beginning of what could be.

  15. GildedRose says:

    Great finale. I do hope they come back for another season. Amanda, however, is working my last nerve.

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  17. winnieryan says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake can Matt Webb Mitovitch check his material before publishing. Nolan and Irisa did not take REFUSE, they took REFUGE in the pods; the character is DOC Yewell, not DO Yewell.

    Sorry but those little matters make a difference when reading.

  18. christopher bee says:

    I´m so sorry of the destroyed TVline Office, but i could swear, that it was empty at that time.

    Bear McCreary wrote some of his best themes during the drone attacks on NYC.
    LOved it big Time. Please be renewed.

  19. diane says:

    I have watched since the first episode and do enjoy the story line and most of the show however this finale I found myself bored. As much as I like Linda Hamilton I think the Pillar character is just awful. The last 7 minutes was good and I do hope they bring it back with an entire new story line.

  20. dreamlife613 says:

    I normally hate to point out misspellings, but there are a couple that really ought to be corrected. “Refuse” should be “refuge” in the last paragraph. In the sixth paragraph, it should be “Doc” not “Do” Yewll.

    Great finale for a much-improved (but not excellent) second season. If season 3 happens, can we please meet some new characters, preferably located outside Defiance, and can the show please take place in other locations? How about some new main characters from other races? I’d like to see an orangutan-race (?) lead character.

    I loved all the story threads coming together in the end. Great music, as well, particularly the swelling choral pieces.

  21. Ronnie says:

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  22. Lionel Sanchez says:

    Ok. I love this show. I loved it more in the first season then the second. It had this Wild West meets aliens feel. Kinda like Firefly with some cool gangster stuff mixed in. While the whole religious destroy the world thing was cool, but I feel that if they would have kept it Wild West thing going it would have been better for character development. As far as the death of Tommy goes that was stupid. There was so much that could have been with him and Irisa from serious to comdey. Bad development in Tommy’s character left not really caring about him until he died, and even then I didn’t really care. I agree a lot of the other characters were subpar

  23. Kristi says:

    It was a great finale. I hope Syfy renews it for another season.

    • Very true, but many of us just adored the characters who where forever changing, which made it extremely creative as well as enchanting. Since we’re living in the 21st Century where all does change. Tah!

  24. It’s like as soon as they were putting the scenes of the Tarrs and Nolan pulling Tommy back to town, I automatically knew Tommy was a goner. It was so predictable. That along with all the flashbacks he was having, you could just tell this was gonna be his final appearance (save for maybe more flashbacks if there is a future season.) Finale’s always try to go out with killing someone off to add some kick to it and frankly I feel the Tarrs are more valuable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed they took Tommy out but if I had to choose, I’d keep the Tarrs because they crack me up. Tommy didn’t seem to get much developement and it could have been a much more meaningful death if he had. Now, it’s just going to be all about Irisa coming to terms with what she’s done to him once she is unpossessed. I’m rolling my eyes right now. I’ll miss you though Tommy! You were such a cutey pie. =/

  25. Luke says:

    I do admit that Tommy’s character was almost ruined in season 2, but is till cared about his death because it was pretty emotional and the acting when people realized he was dead made it emotional, Nolan of course trying to pointlessly save him kind of cliche but it was heart warming never the less, i hate it when they always promise a couple of brisky’s when it’s all over and they never come back (Churchill, Commander Shepard in mass effect etc.)
    I actually thought the flashbacks were some of Tommy’s best moments in the entire season. So here’s to Tommy

  26. harrybjacobs says:

    What a great finale, Defiance is certainly in the top Sci Fi of all time. I think a third season is warranted.

  27. Tim Parks says:

    Late to the game but I have to say The ended I enjoyed, I just wish it didn’t have to come at the cost of Tommy apparently in the storyline unless he comes back somehow, though, with the kind of send off Berlin gave at the end, I don’t think he will be.

    To me, and I know I am in the minority here but I wanted more of the Tommy / Irisa storyline to be explored. When they were together in several episodes there was a certain passion about them too that I wanted to see more of. Just seemed like something more could have been done in that regards to expand on the complications of there relationship which I personally felt they ruined by having Tommy involved with Berlin.

    I get the idea that yes she was gone for how long, no word, etc. But I guess when you have a character in love with another to the point of proposing marriage, I don’t see them dropping everything in that manner when their love interest is missing and didn’t just up and leave them in a bad way.

    Moments from this episode to me that I enjoyed the most were scenes with the two together and the awkwardness around each other, more so on his side of things.

    But who knows, maybe there could be more to his character in the future from when Irisa did her thing to him. Sure it didn’t take, but who is to say something else didn’t happen inside that could affect him now with him being “dead”.

    Not saying they will, but if they did bring him back in some form, I would be interested in seeing how they pursue a storyline again between the two. Just seemed to me a chance to make a good tragic couple, or even one through all the odds, really finds each other.

    Hoping a new season comes about, still enjoy the show, just hate to see one of my favorite characters gone in this manner, even if I enjoyed his flashbacks enough to replay them on DVR :)

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  29. Gordar says:

    What we’ll see in season 3 (these are merely predictions):

    Amanda and Pottinger together. It might irk Nolan.

    Nolan and Berlin together. He still has feelings for Amanda and Berlin hates Irisa for killing Tommy, because of this the relationship will be rather rocky.

    We find out that the research facility part of ‘Pilar”s story IS true. They just don’t breed horses there. We also find out that the child growing in Christie’s belly is the first Castithan-Human hybrid & that’s why she is brought there. Christie is eventually saved in some kind of heroic way by Datak, after which Christie finally forgives him for what he’s done in season 1 and 2.

    Pilar isn’t Pilar. She claims she has her mental illness under control, but without medicine & having lived in Votan Collective controlled territory, I find it hard she could acquire new medicine (although I’m sure it was still produced in NYC, before the city was levelled). Either the Votan Collective rewired her brains to suit their purposes, or she’s and Indo-sapiens.

    War between the ER and VC. Mercado knows that neither side is responsible, but I doubt that the two nations will listen to him. Even if they do, they might just start a war to blame the other side, cause both sides will know that telling their own populations that the massive destruction that happened at the end of S2 was just a big accident caused by 1 girl who happened to be controlled by a machine that had been dormant for thousands of years, isn’t going to appease them and that the easier sollution will be to simply blame the other side, so that the population can at least feel avanged.

    This will leave Mercado, Pottinger and the leaders of Defiance in a rather difficult position. Eitehr join the ER or declare independence. I don’t know why, just call it a gut feeling, but I believe that it’s Pottinger who’ll want to stay with the ER while it’ll be Mercado who votes for independence, on the basis that ER is fighting this war for the wrong reasons and that it’ll only lead to needless cassualties (on both sides).

    Dahak and Rafe actually learn to respect eachother while trying to save their offspring. Initially Stahma will be the mediator between the two, but after Dahak and Rafe fall out against eachother, respect will start growing.

    Arisa and the other key holder will rekindle their (former lives/ancestors) thousands of years old relationship now that the Kaziri is mostly destroyed (at least that’s the impression i got…).

    Doc Yewll’s role won’t be very big and somewhere during the season, just before or after Dahak and Rafe start to respect eachother, Stahma will die.

  30. Lynn says:

    I need to know if there is a 3rd season? This is my favorite TV show on right now.