Sneak Peek: The Last Ship Gets a Rude Awakening in Season Finale

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Finding the cure for the virus at the heart of TNT’s The Last Ship was a season-long ordeal in and of itself. But as seen in this exclusive clip from the Season 1 finale, disseminating the vaccine to the masses portends to be an unexpected challenge as well.

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‎In Sunday’s finale (airing at 9/8c), the Nathan James sets course for Fort Detrick — more specifically, a lab where Rachel can mass-produce the cure. But as Chandler gets eyes on their destination, he and the others can’t believe what they see.

Also in this extended preview: Chandler’s father endeavors to get their family to the mysterious “Olympia,” only to bump into a man in black and The Man in Black (aka Lost‘s Titus Welliver). Though the elder Chandler proves his grit, the prognosis for his ailing kin does not look good.

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Make no mistake, this clip is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the season-ending twists, all paving way for the already commissioned Season 2.

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  1. Tran says:

    The Last Ship is the best new show of the Summer TV season and I’m looking forward to Season 2.

  2. James D says:

    Glad to hear that there’s another season of this fine action / drama. Love it!

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    My only concern is that this will be a surprise to the people on the Ship, which is total BS. They are experienced military men and women, at the very least the Capt/XO/etc would be aware that the Country they called home isnt America anymore. With all of the infrastructure down, no police, no military, no government, and the majority of the population dead, gangs and “new government” groups who want power would be in charge. They would NOT react kindly to “The United States Navy is here with a cure” message. They dont want things to go back to the way they were, and the odds thats America as a whole would every go back to being one country again? Very low. It would take 25+ years to setup the Government again nation wide (America is HUGE, its not like say German which is only the size of one of our States).

    So i dont hope they have them be shocked or naive to what they are coming home to. I mean if i knew it before this show even started…military men and women would be aware of it. I mean its the whole concept of games like The Last of Us, The Walking Dead show, The Division game, and many more…where the government has fallen (due to disease or zombies or w/e) and people in charge dont want a cure, they want power.

    • Lauren says:

      I see your m3rc name around here a lot, just need to ask: do you like ANYTHING? you seem to always always always always be complaining. such misery.

      • Annie says:

        Y’know, I never understood people who have to complain about people with genuine criticism … why on earth would you presume the poster is in “misery” simply because s/he makes (valid) critical points about a potential plot line? My goodness. Do we all have to go around with shiny-happy-people smiles on our faces all the time and like *everything* now?

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Thanks Annie. Thats exactly it. Its this new P.C. required at all times society, and along with that “no negativity! If what you have to say isn’t positive, dont say it!” society.

          I want the shows i watch (and enjoy) to be better. Criticism is good. You realize how much this show has gotten wrong? You realize how shows have people who work for them that keep a eye on forums/comment sections/etc and fan reaction actually influences future seasons? And i dont just mean “WE LOVE OLICITY!” and then the writers being like “okay we will give you Olicity!”…but i mean when there is a swell of online commenting about a certain part of a show being dumb or bad or poorly written or something, its not totally uncommon for a show to hear about it and adjust a season later. You read the TVLine (for example) interviews with showrunners after the show’s season finishes and typically you hear them respond knowingly to questions regarding fan feedback. TVLine will ask “so Castle lately has been more the Beckett show, are we going to see Castle take a lead in this upcoming season” and the showrunner will say something like “Ya we have noticed that too, and we are going to be having Castle be front and center and he will be getting more to do…etc”. Of course shows cant adjust on the fly because of how they are made, but they accumulate fan feedback over the course of the season and take some of it into account when they go in to write the next season.

          I find it funny you take this comment as another “you not liking anything”…because I am in fact not saying i dont like The Last Ship or something specific about it, i am just saying i hope they don’t go down a highly unrealistic route by having the crew (or at least the people in charge on the ship) not see this coming. Which they very would could not go down seeing as how we havent seen the episode yet. (My worry however stems from the teaser for next week that does appear to have them be naive as to what they are coming home to).

          But overall, no i will not stop critiquing the shows i watch.

    • freaknl says:

      Well.. You’re absolutely right.

      But.. In tv shows and movies you always can get the “20 years later”-title. So we wouldn’t have to wait that long ^^

  4. linda says:

    Performer of the week has to be Luis in suits. He is a fine actor as a person. But as a character on suits he has never been better

  5. LEP says:

    I used to dread summers and just re-runs. Now I really look forward to great shows, like The Last Ship. It’s one of my favorites. Now I dread the year-long wait between summers!

  6. Dan Gibson says:

    The Last Ship has been a pleasant surprise … I don’t tend to pay much attention to “world tragedy” TV & Films, because they stretch credibility beyond the max, but (maybe being a former Navy guy), this one strikes me as being strangely plausible. Eric Dane makes a strong, effective Captain, and Rhona Mitra oozes sensuality without even trying. The scruffy mercenary gets better each and every episode — but the Russian Admiral is a bit too comically sinister. …..I’ll stick around for Season 2 ….

  7. LABete says:

    I can’t imagine what could be that shocking to the crew, unless it is the Russians have taken over America while they were out at sea. It would be funny if the Russian Admiral (now Czar of Amerika) greeted them at the docks, “I’ll take that now!” and took the Doctor and the cure.

  8. John Smith says:

    This show should be cancelled. Seriously ending on a cliffhanger like that? One state trooper is able to take over a navy ship full of sailors? What, sailors aren’t real soldiers? No marines on the ship? Come one! Really? Are we to believe that the XO and the rest of the crew are that incompetent?

    • Dan Gibson says:

      Chiming in following John S…. after watching the finale last nite, I have some observations, pro & con… .Did ANYBODY buy into the chunky State Trooper who came on the scene to meet our Navy heroes as they docked? Hmmm, I think NOT. His true colors & motivations came out in due time. Overall, it was a passable hour — with possibly the meeting of Captain Chandler and his (remaining) family being the emotional highlight.

      So now our saga has gone on land, and I sense we are going to really miss the sea adventures of the Nathan James. Alfre Woodard is a quality addition — for as long as she lasts. Buttt, there appear to be nearly as many AGENDAS as there are SURVIVORS, in this “new nation”. I can think of two possible themes in Season 2: we follow the path of Captain Chandler vs. the “new world”, as he tries to save his loved ones … or, we get to see the individual stories of the 10-12 central characters of the crew, as they make their individual searches for what’s left…. all the while being shadowed by the evil (and likely countless) “war lords” …. it MAY work, but being landlocked will put the show equal to other disaster stories on cable… We certainly have a LONG TIME to PONDER about it, DON’T WEEEE …. !

    • john says:

      Believe it or not that is what it looks like.Only in the movies could this scene happen.The Marines and the navy be caught off guard by a lousy Cop.Movies are movies though.

  9. bob says:

    how could a ship with 200 or so people on board could give it up to a lone or a couple of handguns. why do we need to waiy until 2015 for season 2??