'True Blood' Finale Week

True Blood's 10 Best 'Love' Scenes: Bill & Sookie's Graveyard Romp and More

True Blood Sex Scenes

A dream, a spell, a Taylor Swift song on the radio — the residents of Bon Temps really will look for any excuse to get down and dirty. And for that, we’re saluting them.

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With only five days left until True Blood‘s series finale, TVLine is looking back at the steamy encounters that kept our ‘ships afloat for seven seasons. From Bill and Sookie’s too-real romp in the graveyard in Season 1 to Eric and Jason’s not-real-enough Season 7 encounter, we managed to narrow down the 10 scenes we’ll probably never stop replaying in our heads.

On a weird note, one of our entries from yesterday’s “best deaths” gallery also makes an appearance in today’s package. Because when you live in Bon Temps, the two tend to go hand in hand.

(Disclaimer: This gallery, being a collection of sex scenes from an HBO show, is fairly NSFW. To keep your eyes pure, we implemented the trusty Steve Newlin Censorship System, seen below.)


So click below to browse our gallery of unforgettable hookups, then drop a comment with your favorites below. Any we missed?

True Blood‘s unholy trinity invites you in…

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  1. Ginger says:

    Best love scenes by far were the Eric/Sookie ones. Shame we never got any more after Season 4. Missed opportunity for greatness by the writers on the show!

  2. Wtactualf says:

    The Bill Sookie scenes always look boring, painful or rapey. Never romantic.

    I think the Sookie/Eric scenes were the best.

    • sal says:

      Agree completely with Ginger and Wtactualf. The Sookie/Eric love scenes on True Blood WERE the best. It is the biggest missed opportunity in a series of missed opportunities that the writers never bothered to really develop the Sookie/Eric story after Alan Ball stepped down as showrunner at the end of s5. As it turned out, the writers just created and then played the Sookie/Eric fans for their ca$h (they’re still doing it as of the second-to-last episode). Keep dangling those Sooric carrots, Bucky.

      Stephen Moyer publicly referred to the s1 Bill/Sookie graveyard dirt scene as a rape.

      Bill head-twisting Lorena in s3 is also a rape.

      S7 Eric/Jason and Eric/Ginger were just fan-service because Bucky has no story.

      No Sookie screwing her Hep-V covered abuser Beel and having Bucky pass it off as “romantic” and “tragic?”

      • Eleanor says:

        Absolute rubbish! If you’ve been raped you don’t rush off to work and tell everyone how happy you are that your rapist is okay!

        And as for Lorena! How can you rape someone who is strong enough to throw you across a room? And who says afterwards that it was the best sex she’d had in decades?

        • Brigid says:

          Here here! I’m not sure I watch the same show as some of these folks especially when they accuse Bill of horrible things but Eric can do no wrong. I love both characters but these 2 have been doing monstrous things since being turned and Eric has been around a thousand years longer, I’m sure he’s done worse. Vampires are monsters, they rape and murder and nothing can absolve them from it. Stop making excuses for one and than blaming the other for the same stuff. Sorry, but neither vampire deserves Sookie!

          • Wtactualf says:

            Just to clarify, Bill admitted to said horrible things last episode, so it’s not as if anyone is making stuff up. And yes, Moyer himself called the cemetary sex scene rape.

        • Jen says:

          Eleanor, So so true. People call the graveyard scene rape. Yet later, when Bill asks her how the make up sex compared to the “you thought I was dead sex”. Sookie answered-“That was pretty great too, but I would not want to go through that again, I hated feeling like I had lost you”. And Lorena actually says to Bill-“Make love to me”. Not once did she say no. Bill is the one that said “No, I will never” because he was so screwed up in that moment because of her. I felt so bad for Bill in that scene. People are so willfully blind that they called him a monster. When clearly Lorena was the monster. She was his kidnapper/rapist. He finally snaps, and everyone blames him. REALLY?

    • Jen says:

      Um, NO. The Bill and Sookie love scenes were the most beautiful love scenes ever!!!. The shower scene with Eric and Sookie was cheesy and lame. Sorry but it was. Snow falling and then they are running through the woods. “Oh look there is a bed” “Can we make love in it?” “Yeah, and like never stop.” I was like WHAT? The shower scene with Bill and Sookie was so much hotter. No words. It just felt more intimate, raw and intense. Eric and Sookie’s first time was ok in the woods. But Bill and Sookie’s first time-WOW. The way she is waiting for the sun to go down, she has that beautiful old fashioned, yet sexy night gown and then proceeds to run to his house through the cemetery. And he can feel her coming closer, he busts open his door and looks out into the night until he sees her. Then meets her half way in his yard. He picks her up and takes her into the house and they make awesome romantic love by the fire. And BTW, when they do it in the grave yard-YUM. Bill looked so hot covered in dirt. But hey to each there own. Whatever floats your boat. Bill and Sookie always do it for me!!!!!!!

  3. Miri says:

    I think the Bill/Sookie love scenes had white hot chemistry like no other. I I watched the Eric/Sookie love scenes and they were to me, in a word, awkward (I’m being kind). Bill and Sookie’s love story is the core of the show. Always has been. Sorry If you Eric fans can’t deal with that – Remember season 2 episode 1 That scene with Bill and Sookie? Uber erotic. The only scene that came close (and not very, at that) was the scene that Eric had with Nora.

  4. hello says:

    Too bad we never got a scene between Jessica and Adilyn

  5. Liz says:

    Oh my, the graveyard scene was the best sex scene ever!! Though the first time between Sookie & Bill was amazing too… Anna & Stephen simply have the best chemistry.
    Honestly, the Eric & Sookie scenes were painful to watch, as they on the other hand, have no chemistry… Even Alex said those scenes were weird and really required “a lot of acting”. It shows.

  6. luvi says:

    bill will never have the chemistry eric have with any lady on this stupid show piss off idiots

  7. Autumn says:

    You picked two sex scenes that were really considered rape scenes? Gross. To be honest, I only put up with this show because I like the first eight books or so. Most of the sex scenes in the show were either absurd and too over the top, disgusting, and even misogynistic, such as that Lorena and Bill one. Personally, I would have chosen the more romantic scenes such as Bill and Sookie for the first time in season 1 or Sookie’s first dream sequence with Eric, signaling a change in their dynamic. “There is love in you.” “Only for Sookie.” That was much more tasteful and interesting to watch. But maybe I’m just too old-fashioned and a romantic for this show. I’m definitely more of a Moonlight girl who just liked some of the characters in True Blood.

  8. meresger says:

    No love for Rene after the shock that he turned out to be the killer?

  9. meresger says:

    Oops. I posted in the wrong article! I really hate when clicking on galleries doesn’t open a new tab. I miss the old site!

  10. meresger says:

    Ginger was hilarious!

  11. Samantha says:

    Um, the best sex scene was the scene where Eric and Sookie come into her house from having sex in the woods, they don’t even stop having sex and just collapse on the floor, and then they take it to the couch and the bedroom! And the scene of Eric and Sookie in the woods under the moonlight is also the most romantic love scene. Eric with the French girl in the beginning of this season was also hot.

  12. Sam says:

    Jason and Dawn in season 1 were hot sex scenes. Also, Sam with Tara. Disappointed we never got a Tara with Pam love scene or a full on Pam and Eric scene.

  13. Claire says:

    I guess if they mean top ten shocking sex scenes these are right but if they mean the hottest, they need another list.Sookie and Eric scenes in S2 and S3 had a lot more chemistry (her dreams of Eric) than when they actually got together in season 4. Not hot at all. Bill and Sookie sex OTOH were scorching hot from their first time, to the time he grabs her ankle on the bed and drag her down, to graveyard sex (she look like she was enjoying it to me), to crazy sex on the floor after Debbie Pelt. There should have been more Jason sex scenes on the list. Did they miss the one with Eric and that girl in the dungeon?

  14. Storyfan says:

    I would have dropped the Bill/Laurena head twister – that wasn’t “love” in any sense of the word. I would have included Sookie’s first dream of Eric where he says now it begins.

  15. Getachew says:

    It is very interesting