Fosters Recap: Nobody's Little Sister

The Fosters Season2 Finale

It was heartbreak city on Monday’s Season 2 summer finale of The Fosters.

The episode was titled “Someone’s Little Sister” — the name of Brandon’s band — but the message couldn’t have been any clearer: Callie most definitely does not fill that sibling role for Brandon, nor does Sophia fill that role for her.

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Let’s recap the action:

With Rita unable to find someone willing to rent to a group home, Callie asks Robert to host a fundraiser for Girls United. But what do they tell people about their connection, he asks. After all, they really look alike, Sophia points out. Callie suggests they say they’re friends. (Um, Callie, I don’t know many teenagers who are friends with middle-aged men.) Robert is OK with whatever Callie decides and signs the abandonment papers so the Fosters can adopt her, so he’s good in my book — for now. Even his wife, who I initially thought was going to be trouble, is understanding and welcoming — maybe too welcoming, because Sophia has gotten very attached to her new big sis.

When Callie finally acknowledges Robert as her father in front of everyone at the fundraiser, Sophia reveals that she snatched the abandonment papers out of the mail and ripped them up. They can still be a family! Yay?

Callie’s face is a mixture of horror, anger and sadness. Another chance at finally having a family is snatched away from her. Things only get worse when Robert says that he can’t sign the papers again and abandon her for the second time. “I don’t love you!” Callie exclaims. “I will never live in this house with you. And I will never call you my father again.”

Props to Kerr Smith, who sells Robert’s anguish over losing his daughter and his relief at the idea that he may have a second chance. In another scenario, his refusing to “abandon” Callie would be seen as the right thing to do. He just wants her to be happy, Robert says.

“I won’t be happy. I’m never going to be happy,” Callie yells. She’s mad, but more than anything, there’s a dawning sadness to her realization. And for Sophia, Callie has these parting words: “You’re a spoiled, little brat.” A crying Sophia retreats to the bathroom — to hurt herself? — while Callie runs off and a worried Brandon chases after her.

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“Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe this is the way it was always supposed to be. I gave up so much to be adopted,”  Callie tells him before leaning in for a kiss. So despite moving on with Wyatt and Lou, respectively — and the show’s many “we’re just brother and sister” moments this season — Callie and Brandon are clearly not over each other.

Elsewhere in the finale:

— Mariana and Jesus meet with their birth mother Ana. While it was Mariana’s idea to get together, it’s Jesus who ends up trying to comfort Ana after Mariana tells her she’s nothing to her. That, in turn, leads to a really touching scene between Mariana and Lena, who assures her daughter she could not love her more even if she gave birth to her.

“You carry a baby in your belly for nine months, but you carry your child in your heart forever,” Lena says. “That’s the only place that it counts. You do come from me. And from mom. Giving birth to you, that wouldn’t have made me love you any more than I do.” Sob, pass the tissues. (The Fosters hit the same heartstrings for me that the Cohens did on The O.C. when they took in and loved a teenager from Chino as one of their own.)

— Lena quits her job after getting into a dispute with the new principal over the bullying tactics of Connor’s dad against Jude. (The man also still spanks his son.) Jude then admits that he and Connor did do something wrong during the camping trip, but we don’t learn what it was. Hmm, would Jude view a kiss as “wrong”?

What do you think of The Fosters‘ finale twists? How are you feeling about the possible return of “Brallie”? And what’s your theory on what Jude and Connor did? Hit the comments and grade the episode via the poll below!

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  1. Aha says:

    I think Connor raped Jude, Sophia will commit suicide, and Brandon will obsess over Callie again. I hate that damn relationship and feel that it is completely inappropriate for a show about family. It disgusts me and just ruins the show.

    • lime23 says:

      Connor wouldn’t rape Jude. They are friends. Maybe Jude kissed him. Besides, we don’t need anymore rapes. I agree with your other 2 points.

    • anonymous says:

      Just to clarify one 13 year old boy raping another 13 year old boy and a 13/14 year old girl committing suicide are appropriate for a show about family but two teenagers in love isn’t?

      • Aha says:

        Yes beacuse the two teens share the same parents in their mind. The other two plots don’t effect the family but Callie and Brandon’s relationship does. It just makes no sense and I fail to see why anyone enjoys that damn romance.

        • anonymous says:

          They love the same parents, but they didn’t grow up calling the same two women mom/mama. They’ve never seen each other siblings and as hard as they tried to they never could. If Callie decides to forgive Robert and Sophia and give them a chance and be with Brandon, it doesn’t change anything with the Fosters. They are still her family too. She has the family she wants and possibly another one to boot if everything works out with the Quinns. And it should. They obviously love her. Sophia needs some professional help it seems, but they love Callie and she obviously cares for them because before the big blow up she seemed ready to have some form of a relationship with them. And I can’t see Stef and Lena loving Callie any less just because she wants her biological family too and doesn’t get adopted. And if that’s what happens then Brandon and Callie should definitely get their happiness.

        • evita says:

          Love can’t always have the best reasons to come up between two people. Love can’t be actually predicted. She is not in love with her brother. She may not feel those two women as her mothers. They are two great people who saved her from a terrible way of living. That’s it.

          • Danielle says:

            I agree with this although I think she desperately wants and somewhat does love them like mothers. But the fact is when she picked this family and chose to end it with Brandon, her situation was way different and more dire. There was no rich father who seems like a good guy that loves her, wants her happy, would give her the world and would never keep her from loving the Fosters and Jude. Perhaps joining the family legally at one time outweighed the possiblity of whatever could be with her and Brandon. Perhaps it doesn’t with certain key facts changed now. If her immediate gut to finding out the adoption wasn’t going through was “Maybe this is what was supposed to happen. I gave up so much” and kissing Brandon like he was water in a desert, I think that says a lot about how she’ll need to really rethink what she wants with things as they are presently (the Quinns, her being nearly 17, no chance that she’ll be thrown back into the foster system), not as they were in Padre.

          • hopefloats says:


        • Kayleigh Marie says:

          I see nothing wrong with their relationship . They are not related by blood and she did not grow up in the same house as him . They met and fell in love and before she knew that was going to be her family .

      • Anonyous says:

        I agree with you.

    • Bwhit says:

      No just no! Connor didn’t rape Jude, they explored their feeling obviously with at the most, an innocent kiss I think. The only people who think of Brandon and Callie as brother/sister are the ones that don’t like the idea of them together. If Brandon was going after Mariana I would agree with you, but that is not the case here.

      • Kara says:

        I totally couldn’t agree more! Don’t you agree that Callie and Brandon belong together? And you are so right about if Brandon was going after Marina. So true. I would agree too, but that’s not the case! You are soon right

    • ashley says:

      Connor would not do that! They both like each other you can tell. They probably just kissed.

      • Mfuh says:

        i agree In the eyes of a 12 year old possibly transgender or gay boy a kiss could be considered bad because with school and home you are told not to kiss with the same gender but I love the brallie romance I think it gives the show a nice tone to it and they are technically not blood related so it is not homosexual it Brandon was doing this with Mariana tho it would be a completely different story and I would be completely against the message they would be sending out to kids

    • nykk says:

      than so watching it pain and simple this show is awesome full of surprises keep it going

    • Kenzie says:

      Connor and Jude are 13 and I don’t really think that would ever happen. Sophia probably will commit suicide for what happened when Callie found up that Sophia ripped up the adoption papers. Brandon and Callie’s relationship should not happen what so ever because it’s disgusting. I don’t think Callie should’ve ever gotten rid of Wyatt for beating up Liam.

  2. Bwhit says:

    I am not sure how this will shake out but it is clear after all this time and hurdles that she will most likely not end up a Foster. She will always have a connection to them because of Jude but next season will probably be her forming a relationship with Robert. First though, Robert and his wife need to get Sophia some serious help as she appears pretty depressed and VERY manipulative!

    • J says:

      Lol – the entire point of the story is her journey to becoming a foster. That’s Callie’s endgame. Robert just screwed the pooch in terms of ever gaining Callie’s trust again. And it’s clear based on sophia”/ emotional instability that stuff in that household is f’d up.

  3. Mike R. says:

    Insert very loud ughhh at those last few moments. I love so much about this show, I mean Lena and Stef, Mariana, and Jude are all awesome and Callie has some very great moments, but if Callie doesn’t end up ever being adopted i will be so pissed. This show is called The Fosters and Callie needs to eventually become one, or what is the point of the last season and half. This finale was actually pretty good, but I don’t and never will like Brallie as I want Callie to become a Foster, and I loved brother and sister Brandon and Callie and I was really hoping that ship was done for good. The best part of this show is the family dynamics and what could have been a great ending with a scene with Stef and Lena telling Callie they will fight for her was ruined with Callie wanting to give up and kissing who was supposed to be her brother. Sorry but that kind of ruined the episode for me. Will watch in the winter, but I hope she still becomes a Foster this season.

    • Jan says:

      It kind of ruined it for me, too (thus I voted for Above Average rather than Awesome). I really love this show and all the different issues it explores. Don’t think Connor & Jude did anything major (they just think it’s major, maybe). Hope Sophia doesn’t harm herself; but that girl needs LOTS of help!

  4. Linda says:

    I really wished the whole Brandon and Callie ordeal was done with. Sophia needs help. Actually that whole family should be in counceling once Callie was brought into their lives.

  5. Nene says:

    I think Callie feel a little bit out of control…. She has little say so on what happen to her…. And as for her Brandon that ship have came on gone writer can we just let it sink… To me it feels a little bit like incest because, they have been like brother and sister since she came back from Group home… If they wanted to explore that avenue they should’ve did before when Callie was going to move out on her own…. I consider them as brother and sister even if they haven’t got the official papers…

  6. Jamie says:

    I hate cliffhangers

  7. jrex says:

    My guess is Connor and Jude did not do what was implied, but something relatively innocent like smoke a cigarette or equally juvenile.

  8. Laura says:

    Do NOT want Brandon & Callie back together! Their break up broke Brandon’s heart & Wyatt & Lou don’t deserve to be jerked around. Pleeease move on!

    • Danielle says:

      Wyatt always knew who really had her heart. He chose to be second choice when he thought she would be adopted. And B owed Lou nothing, he told her he wasn’t ready for anything. She pushed until he gave into a fling.

      • anonymous says:

        I would even call what Brandon and Lou had a fling. They kissed once. He shouldn’t lead her on if he wants Callie but he and Lou didn’t exactly promise each other exclusive commitment either. So he really hasn’t done anything wrong yet. If he’s smart, he’s honest with Lou right away because it’s obvious his heart is still with Callie.

  9. Holly says:

    Love this show…I loved everything about this episode EXCEPT for the Callie and Brandon kiss! Callie once again feels her life is out of control…I hope the second half she realizes that going to Brandon is NOT the solution…and the kiss was a HUGE mistake. Foster or adopted they are brother and sister…they are being selfish and not realizing the impact of their actions will have on the whole family!!!

  10. Declan says:

    I honestly had a little moment when Sophia walked into the bathroom and closed the door… I felt like she was done with life because it seemed like her only thing to live for was Callie. Also that whole Brallie crap sucks!!! ARGHHHH!! I hate it and I want Callie to be adopted but I feel bad for Sophia.. Like yeah she did destroy Callie’s only wish but she hated her life and only wanted a sister… Scratch that.. She only wanted Callie she was almost obsessed with Callie but if she kills herself it’s going to a Cyberbully moment all over again.

  11. Leila J says:

    It was an awesome finale and talk about a cliffhanger! I don’t care for “Brallie” at all. I really thought that was over and done with. It is difficult to watch with them possibly becoming brother and sister. I am rooting for Callie to once and for all officially be one of the Fosters. I always enjoy the episodes with Rosie and the girls from the group home. I hope they will still be a presence when the show returns in the winter. Kerr Smith is such a great actor as well as Bailee Madison. She gave such a wonderful performance. Sophia wants Callie in her life so much. I understand that Callie was hurt and angry when she called her a spoiled little brat, but I really felt for Sophia when I saw how Callie’s words hurt her. I do wonder what Jude and Connor did. I don’t know what it could have been that could be so terrible. Then again, maybe it wasn’t terrible. If they kissed or did some other intimate act, it wouldn’t be all that surprising. If they perhaps committed a crime, that would be surprising. After seeing how Jesus rushed to comfort and take care of his bio mom, I now understand why he feels the need to take care of that manipulative girlfriend of his. Lena quitting her job was a shock and I can’t wait to see how that impacts the family when the show returns. Fantastic episode!

  12. Bev says:

    I am so frustrated by the “relationship” between Brandon and Callie. First he says you’ll still be part of our family, then he kisses her….really?!?!? I hope it’s just a dumb mistake and we can all move on. Callie deserves a break and a few episodes of happiness. And Brandon needs to lighten up and have fun.

    • Thea Homan says:

      I agree I mean who says you’ll still till be are family then makes out with that person

      • evita says:

        we all know he never wanted callie in the family but he tried not to love her in order to make her happy by giving her the chance to be adopted. he always wants her as his girlfriend.

      • Danielle says:

        He was trying to comfort her and tell her what he thought she wanted and needed to hear. He has never ever truly viewed her as his sister- See his quotes this season “I know what it’s like to love you.” “I know Outlaws is ‘our song'” “I wrote it for you.”

        He never wanted them to end and when she intiiated, of course he responded as he did.

      • Jenn says:

        Well, if brandon and callie got together and got married then they would be part of the same family.

        • jayati sinha says:

          YES TOTALLY..I have been thinking of that for a while now…!! I hope they get married…everyone will be happy that ways and Callie can be a part of both the families !!!

  13. TrueLove says:

    I think Callie is a Foster and has the Fosters no matter what happens. They keep saying DNA doesn’t make a family well neither does a piece of paper. Like Brandon said they will always be her family whether it’s legally official or not. But that doesn’t mean she and Brandon can’t be together. Let’s be honest they never really saw each other as siblings. They maybe tried really hard to but it was never going to work. They made out with each other, they fell in love with each other, and at one point were pretty much willing to risk almost anything for that love. I think truly seeing each other as siblings was out of the question. They were just trying their best to accept their situation, that’s it.
    Before she found out what Sophia did, Callie was obviously interested in having some form of a relationship with the Quinns. And that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think she really has to choose between the Fosters or the Quinns. They all love her, that much is obvious. She just has to figure out how they all fit in her life. Sophia shouldn’t have done what she did but I think she and Robert too for that matter were just scared of losing her. Sophia also clearly needs so help and hopefully she gets it. Robert is not a villain though. He never got a chance to be her father and he loves her and wants her to be happy but the thought of letting her go when he’s just getting to know her breaks his heart. I can understand that that must hurt him.
    I’m all for Brallie, because they make each other so happy. And Callie has spent so much time trying to make everyone else happy, I think it’s time she gets to take care of herself and be happy too. The point of the show for me is that families come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. They most important thing is love. Callie will be part of their family whether she gets adopted or not. So her not getting adopted doesn’t necessarily have to ruin anything, change anything. It’s just a piece of paper at this point. Maybe the best thing is for her to develop relationships with the Quinns too. She will have more family than she’ll know what to do with between the Fosters and the Quinns. And she can be with Brandon, who she loves so much. I’m tired of Brallie getting dumped on all the time. They are literally two teenagers who met and fell in love just like any other teenagers. They did nothing wrong. They had a difficult set of circumstances surrounding them sure and as much as they wanted and tried to be together, they accepted those circumstances eventually. But if those circumstances have changed which it seems they have, then I say go for it. They both deserve the happiness.

    • Couldn’t say it better myself

    • Only clicked on this site to see the recap, didn't think so many nerds would be writing 9999999999 word essays says:

      Dude get a life nobody is gonna read your comment if its freaking 3 pages like seriously that goes for all of you who are trying to act like you know everything save your essay crap for school

      • Bailee says:

        Well I read the comment and it was a good one too, if you dont have anything nice to say don’t say anything cause being rude will get you nowhere in life

        • Ryan says:

          I thought the finale was pretty good, obviously a lot of cliffhangers, which gives me more reason to watch the new episodes coming out. Anyone know when the second half of season 2 starts?

    • Jenna K says:

      Agreed. For anyone who wants to get an idea of blood siblings in love, read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. This isn’t sibling love. I liked their kiss at the end because it was unexpected and they both need a little happy. Plus I want to know what the moms are going to do when they find out. Good tension for the next season.

    • Zayzay says:

      Nah Brandon and Callie are not perfect for each other just saying. ugh!

  14. Hannah says:

    Honestly the network probably won’t even let them put the Brallie thing to rest. It’s what drives a huge chunk of the teen viewership. Which is so annoying :/

  15. z says:

    It’s possible the show will go for it and have Jude and Connor’s secret be that they kissed either through something like Truth or Dare or just because they wanted to kiss. And Jude might think that’s wrong since he’s probably still confused about his sexuality and because the assumptions about his sexuality are what are causing him to not be able to be friends with Connor. Or the show could go a less dramatic, simpler route and have be something like smoking pot or drinking beer, pulling pranks or something. Not sure what it will be. They might not be ready to fully address Jude’s sexuality yet.
    You know what I find interesting? Connor’s dad is all worked up because he thinks Jude is gay, but it doesn’t occur to him that his own son might be gay? Or does has it actually occurred to him and that’s what this is really about? I mean why does it matter if Jude is gay if he’s convinced Connor is straight. If Connor is straight nothing is going to happen between him and Jude so they could share tents all night every night and it wouldn’t matter. Is this really about Connor’s dad not wanting Connor to be gay?

    • Steven says:

      When I came out one of my friend’s parents refused to let him sleep over even though he was straight. It does happen. Once he convinced his parents though he ended up asking me a lot of questions about being gay and ended up questioning his own sexuality.

  16. Coal says:

    Up until the last second, I loved how the story was unfolding. I think just as much as Lena and Stef love Callie and want her to be part of their lives so do Robert and Sophia and its not like Callie has been with the Fosters for decade, also Callie having to chose which sibling to live with makes for compelling viewing. Also Mariana’s struggles with her identity, Jude’s sexuality, Sophia’s suspect depression. There are so many other developments that I didn’t mention that the Brandon/Callie kiss was unnecessary, but I guess its for the hashtag/twitter generation to create a buzz and draw their attention.

  17. Lauren says:

    Well my favorite teen romance since Joey and Pacey lives another day. Sorry to everyone here. I’ll resist the urge to fangirl. But I will say the setup felt real- Callie in a weak moment dealing with daddy issues would reach for the first (only) man she ever felt truly safe with and Brandon didn’t take advantage but was also never going to be able to walk away. And I’m glad they finally got tripped up by these lingering feelings- it’s felt unrealistic this season that since Padre these teenagers who were essentially told you can’t feel this way didn’t even so much have an almost kiss for over 15 eps- not when they were left alone overnight, not when they’ve been alone in his bedroom etc etc. I never bought the relationship with Wyatt as anything more than a barrier she intentionally put between her and B and bonus she was already comfortable with Wyatt as a friend.

    So with that barrier gone and in an emotionally charged situation, you have the finale scene. I never got that she was over him and the actress never played it that way (look how she gulps when he says I know what it feels like to love you in Mother or her face when he tells her he wrote a outlaws for her)—- she just did a better job of forcing distance and repressing whatever feelings which made sense because she had a helluva a lot more to lose. I never for a second bought it when they would refer to each other as siblings- it felt like she was trying to appease the Moms and he was trying to do what she wanted. Frankly Stef and Lena who are normally so smart were idiots to think they could just force two teenagers who were not only strongly attracted to each other but also truly cared for one another into brother and sister roles. And frankly, she doesn’t need to be adopted. She’s already their child. She’s just not his sister. Not at all.

    I understand people being annoyed by them but I don’t understand how anyone is surprised the show went back there. It’s been telegraphed with almost lasers since Ep 1. They are the couple, this is ABCfamily. It will never truly die. I’ve seen a Brallie finale kiss coming since about 2×03. She’s not going to be his legal sister unless they decide to tie it up that way in the series finale. They weren’t going to tie up the adoption and kill them beyond a doubt in 2A- this is essentially a soap albeit with some other heartwarming and groundbreaking aspects but it’s a serial drama. They brought back Outlaws this season to say we may have other people in their orbit but this is still a thing. I feel like if non Brallie fans can accept that even begrudgingly that Brallie isn’t going away even they move away from it for a few eps even if he unconvincingly referred to her as his sister, you might enjoy the show more or at least not have your blood pressure rising.

    • TrueLove says:

      Wow. Well said. Especially “she’s already their child, she’s just not his sister.” Perfect way to put it. They were never going to see each other as siblings, they fell in love with each other. But Brallie being together doesn’t ruin the Fosters being a family. They’re going to be a family no matter what. She’s got her family whether it becomes legally official or not. She’s maybe even got two families if and when she reconciles with the Quinns. She doesn’t have to choose between being with Brandon or having the Fosters because she will always have the Fosters. And she can always have Brandon the two of them want. And if she marries him one day that’s just a different but still special way of taking the Foster name. The love they all share means she’s already one of them in all the ways that matter anyway. I say she and Brandon should get to be happy together.

    • Bwhit says:

      Great points all around. There was never a brother/sister relationship formed between Brandon and Callie. Stef and Lena look at Callie as theirs but asking two young people that met and fell for each other to turn off those feeling is not realistic. People may think it’s wrong to pursue this realationship but what I saw in that last scene was relief on both Beandon and Callie’s part that they didn’t have to lie to themselves anymore and pretend they thought of each other as brother and sister when clearly that has never been the case.

    • Coal says:

      Look, most peoples gripe with Brandon and Callie was even before the introduction of the Quinn’s, was that if Stef and Lena had accepted their relationship they were basically allowing hormone driven teenage boy a live in girlfriend. And as you have articulated stated its not feasible to keep two people so attract to each apart. So Stef and Lena can’t be faulted.

    • Inanob says:

      Wasn’t a fan of Joey and Pacey which means… Aaaargh! This Brallie is the end game.

  18. Angel says:

    I really feel like if anything jude and connor probably just kissed. They are both clearly confused and as innocent as they are connor probably feels like he needed to try it to know because his dads already acting like he is! Callie has had so much happen in this episode and as much as i want her to go with the fosters i do feel like Robert deserves a chance,he never was able to raise her in any way and he loves her so much,hes her real dad and she deserves to be happy which the fosters make her but she should atleast try to live with her dad.sophia needs help.Brandon has never been over Callie and she has been trying to shoe her feelings to wyatt but cant when the whole time Brandon has had her heart, i personally dont think theyve ever really looked at eachother as siblings but more so theyve been forcing themselves to get over eachother because they couldnt love they have a chance and its far from incest in my mind because they have never been brother and sister and tey have always had attraction for eachother.

  19. Julie says:

    I don’t know what Connor and Jude but I’m really hoping that Sophia isn’t going to kill herself because if she does I’ll probably stop watching the show. I also love that Brandon and Callie are back together. My perfect ending would be value living with the Quinns and dating Brandon. She’d still have connections to the fosters through Brandon and Jude! :)

  20. Ashley says:

    love is love, Callie and Brandon should be together if they want to. why is everyone hating on them when you love someone the way they love each other you can’t just shake it off and if they do become bother and sister they’ll always wonder what could have been.

  21. anonymous says:


  22. RaeAnnyn says:

    I want Brandon and Callie to get back together, they are perfect for eachother! Also, I dont think Connor raped Jude because Connor isnt like that! And I think Sophia did hurt herself but I want her to stay in the show! I also hope that Callie finally gets adopted by the Fosters at some point!!

  23. Columbus says:

    Loved everything except for the return to the annoying Brallie. I’m all for Callie having a relationship with Robert, Jill and Sophia if that is what she chooses provided that she is allowed to be adopted by Stef and Lena – who have already adopted her beloved brother with whom she has ties from birth. Callie and Brandon are 16 – how often does True Love at 16 remain in adulthood? Callie has found her forever family; I hope that this Brallie kiss gets resolved immediately in the next episode so that she can be adopted.

  24. Thea Homan says:

    I think Connor and Jude slept together. I think Sophia’s going to kill herself. And think Callie and Brandon are going to date again.

  25. nothing123 says:

    i really like Brandon and Callie together, they make each other happy, the love each other, they fully support each other so its sweet :) how cares if its slightly strange because of the families its a cute relationship and its just TV :P

    • Ellen says:

      Agreed. They are adorable. I’m not a teen but I love them. The whole show is about unconventional love that finds you. They work in that context.

  26. evita says:

    I started watchig this show in April, because I live in Greece and I couldn’t have known it does actually exist. I ‘ve been watching it since then and it has made me think of the way i live, the way i judge people, the way i give advice to my friends and family. What i think about next season is that Brandon and Callie deserve to be together after all they ‘ve been through and Brandon has shown so many times that he knows how to take care of her.
    Well, I think that Connor made Jude to hit him in order to be able to blame his father.
    I have this bad feeling that Sophia will try to suicide, Callie will have to be there for her father and they will come closer this way.

  27. evita says:

    Do you know if season 2b is going to be the last season of the fosters generally???

  28. sp says:

    Ok did anyone else think the summer finale could of been a little bit better? When is season 3 going to air? Why didn’t we get a preview of season 3? Ugh, ABC family irks me. However, I’m ALL for the Jude & Connor situation but don’t you think they should of had at least older characthers to play as them because lets be real 13 year old boys being gay and finding themselves already? I mean we all can tell if someones MAY be gay when they get older just because they the way they act but lets be serious they don’t know any better. It’s nothing wrong with gay people but I beieve they’re to young to make that decision. Yet, who i’m I to judge? I enjoyed the fact that they did something during the trip but I have a funny feeling tha they might of killed someone or something lol that would be a great twist. I personally believe Lena was kind of being extra and I agree with Monte the father didn’t bully him he just think Jude is gay which he has no right to say that but he didn’t say it to Jude he said it to his son. Even though theres nothing wrong with being gay some parents just don’t like the fact that he’s to young to make that decision and he shouldn’t be around that. Enough with them. I HATE the whole Callie going back to Brandon situation idk I just don’t like the relationship. I also believe Marianna was a little harsh on Ana but hey the bitch deserved it for what she put her through. But oh how I love Jesus nice scene with him and Ana. Anyways these are my opinions people

    • ashley says:

      Actually a lot of people know who they like by the age of like 10. I know so many people that have came out before the age of 13. They aren’t too young.. But express the way you feel.

    • Tricia says:

      I agree that I thought the episode’s ending was a little to cliff hanger-ish without even a preview for season 2b. I don’t know how I feel about the Callie and Brandon kiss. I really want Callie to become a Foster. The show has been leading up to that, and it will be dissapointing if she does not and becomes a part of the Quinn family instead. Although, I do feel some empathy for Robert because he wants to show Callie that he can be a real father if he got the chance. I think that Sofia is obviously going to harm herself, but I don’t know about commit suicide. I guess it’s a possibility, but it seems that suicide would be very extreme for an ABC family show. Although, there was practically an almost suicide with that girl (forgot name) who set the Girl United home on fire and to at least attempt to kill herself. Regarding Jude and Connor, I don’t think people have the right information about homosexuals and make assumptions that they know what a gay person goes through. I agree that it takes time to figure out who you are, but being a gay woman, I knew that I was a lesbian around age 8. Some people know that they are LGBT as young as age 4 or 5. So, if you are not gay, you should not assume that you know when queer individuals began to realize their sexual attraction to the same-sex, gender expression, or personality. I think the most they did was experiment with kissing, but I do wonder how Connor got the injury above his eye if indeed his father only spanked him.

    • syscrash says:

      I have a problem with your accusation that they are to young to make the decision to be gay. you sound like being gay is a life style choice. You can no more choose to be gay then you can choose to be tall or short. The incident between Jude and Conner is they kissed. Jude refers to it as something bad, because he is still guided by societies misguided opinion that being gay is bad.
      By the way I am straight and over 50. What my experience has taught it is not what someone looks like that makes a relationship it is who they are. Personality has no gender, race, or body type.

  29. Liz says:

    I was really impressed with how they handled Ana’s apology. She really did see what she had done wrong, and she wouldn’t let Jesus comfort her because the truth is she should have been comforting him. Lena’s conversation with Marianna later was really sweet too. There’s just something about Callie and Brandon that rubs me the wrong way though. I wish they’d let that story alone. I miss Wyatt. At least I get to see him on Finding Carter.

  30. ashley says:

    I feel that Brandon and Callie shouldn’t be in a relationship. Yes I know that they aren’t blood related but they are still considered family. They shouldn’t date. It just starts trouble. That was the whole reason why Brandon had to move in with his dad, and then that’s the reason why Callie had to go to the group home. Don’t get me wrong that home did do here good but still. Brandon and Callie are just leading on Lou and Wyatt.. They don’t deserve to get hurt in this..

  31. Anais says:

    I had a feeling Sophia would be a bad omen in this, but I do feel sorry for her. All she wanted was a big sister, she just took it too far. WAY too far. And Robert is having too hard a time letting Callie go again for someone who “just wants her to be happy.”
    In all honesty, Brallie is ruining this show for me. It brings in a bunch of romance-obsessed teenage girls that don’t really care about Callie becoming a Foster because they’re clutching onto Brallie so hard. That ship needs to sink already. Not to mention that Wyatt and Lou are being dragged along when they definitely deserve better.
    As for Jude and Conner, it could go a few ways. I don’t think they took it too far, past touching or kissing (if they even did that). Or of it was something juvenile like smoking or drinking.
    With Mariana and Jesus,I can understand the way Mariana reacted. Being strung along and let down that many times has to hurt. And Jesus is learning to take care of himself before others, which is a big deal. Hayley has been as clingy and manipulative as Brallie shippers.

    Basically this show is going from feel good family-oriented dramedy to teenage soap opera and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  32. Saffytaffy says:

    I’m so sick of brallie. They need to get over eachother and the show can do so much more without them being together. I think Connor and Jude probably kissed. The twists were very unexpected, and the idea that Sophia will attempt suicide or self harm is horrible, but does make me want to watch the next season to see what will happen. My only hope is that the producers don’t drag this show out like Pretty Little Liars. Ugh, boring.

  33. Kay says:

    I really wish the show would stop trying to push the brallie relationship. At this point Jude has been adopted which makes him Brandon’s brother as well as Callie’s. Callie feels like a sibling to everyone except Brandon? It makes no sense at this point. I think the show should move past them as a couple. I’m certainly over it.

    • Lauren says:

      What does Brandon being Jude’s adoptive brother who he barely interacts with have to do with Brandon and Callie? Jude’s adoption is now safe and secure (way different than when he caught them in the 1A finale) and I think he’ll eventually be the first one to cheer them on when he realizes how happy they make each other.

      The reason Callie feels like a sibling to everyone but Brandon is because we haven’t watched her exchange I Love Yous and make out with Mariana or Jesus. It’s pretty simple.

  34. Josh Emerson says:

    UGHHH at the ending. The last thing this show needs is Brandon and Callie together! Brandon is AWFUL and it’s going to bring the show down. Please just leave it in the past. Yuck.

  35. Tori says:

    Eye roll. Eye rolls everywhere at that ending.
    Eye roll to Robert for making things worse
    Eye roll to Sophia for being a typical annoying younger sibling
    Supreme eye roll to Callie and Brandon -_____-

  36. Ally Oop says:

    Great finale. I never watched the first season but after watching the second season this show’s a keeper for me. I personally hope that Callie doesn’t get adopted by the Fosters so she and Brandon don’t become siblings but maybe she can split her time between them and Robert’s family. I really feel bad for Callie’s dad (Kerr Smith has done really well in this role). I wonder what’s going to happen to Sophia. She really looked up to Callie and I hope she doesn’t die or something. Between Jude and Sophia, Callie has to walk a fine line trying not to hurt either of them with her decisions.

  37. Sara says:

    I think that Jude and connor probably just kissed or pulled a prank or something like that. I also did not like the “brallie” kiss at the end because they are siblings ( I know they are not officially but still). I hope Lena gets her job back and that everything will be fine. While I am typing this I should also say that Sophia better not kill herself, an attempt would be ok just not a full suicide. Well bye:)

  38. Yea says:

    I think Jude kissed Connor so that means he is gay to. So don’t be calling Jude gay when Conner is to. And Sophia just wants to be sisters with Callie but that will never happened because she wants to get addopted by the fosters and now she can’t because Sophia ripped it up and now Callie is mad and yelled at Sophia and now she wants to hurt her self. Well that’s really stupid you shouldn’t want to kill yourself because someone is mad because your ripped up there adoption stuff. I would be mad to!!

  39. Erkkkkkk says:

    I absolutely LOVE Brandon and Callie as a couple. You can’t help who you fall in love with. They didn’t grow up in the same home and they didn’t call the same people mom/dad. They aren’t blood related at all and they aren’t even adopted siblings yet. I think they are a very cute couple even though it is against “rules.” I hope they really end up together. I think Jude and Connor kissed. I think Sophia will attempt to kill herself but she will not succeed. I think Wyatt knew what he was getting into. He knew that Callie loved Brandon. I don’t like Lou at all. She’s annoying and cocky an ignorant and I really don’t like her at all.

  40. Yea says:

    I think Jude and Conner are both gay because they both kissed and they like each other. So don’t be calling Jude gay. Callie doesn’t want to be part of the family she wants to be part of the foster family and now she can’t because Sophia ripped up the adoption stuff. Now Sophia wants to
    Hurt her self because Callie called her a brat. Well that’s stupid she new what was coming when she did that. So that’s really stupid!!

  41. Susan says:

    I think Connor & Jude did drugs, I’m sure sophia will commit suicide or attempt to , and I ship Brallie <3 i dislike lou.

  42. Amber says:

    I loved this episode and I thought that the Brallie kiss was amazing! I ship them together but I just think it was so perfect because they kissed for the first time in season 1 episode 10 and then kissed again for the first time in season 2 episode 10! Which I thought this was like them experiencing their very first kiss again. I think in the kiss scene as well Brandon finally realises how much he means to Callie because he always accused her of finding the break-up easy as if she was able to move on so quickly, and she says to him she gave up so much to be adopted. I think they both finally realise that they cannot be brother and sister but mean so much to each other and are completely in love. Bravo to the writers love love love this show! Can’t wait for it to be back, hopefully with more Brallie action…and amazing acting of all the cast but especially David and Maia to capture their love so perfectly.

  43. Elle says:

    I think the thing that happened with Jude and Connor is that they probably like smoked a cigarette. Something not related to Jude being or not being gay.

  44. Sarah says:

    I like the fosters a lot but sometimes I think they drag things along and leave things out like what jude and Conner did like. I mean it’s not that important I guess but I wish they would have showed us what the boys did I mean THIER so cute togeather and the fact that they left that out was kind of a downer. And the whole Sophia thing I think was just stupid I mean who the hell cares she’s basically a drama moma. The bralli kiss thing well ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME. We all saw it coming the season was the good but not great. They need not jude and Conner romance.

  45. Emily lambert says:

    I am so mad that they didn’t tell us what Jude and Connor did but I think they made out!! OMG!! I think Brandon and Callie are a perfect couple!! Awww!! So sweet!! I love the fosters it’s the best show ever!!! I can’t even!! I really can’t!!

  46. I also think Sophia is sooo rude for ripping up the pictures!!!

    • sup says:

      she ripped up the adoption papers not pictures.

    • Lauren says:

      She’s a troubled young girl. Her heart was in the right place. And her ripping up the papers would have absolutely zero effect if Robert was willing to execute another copy.
      And I’m happy he’s not- he shouldn’t have to relinquish all rights to his child. At the same time, he doesn’t have to remove her from the Foster home just because he doesn’t want them to legally adopt her.

      And best of all, a door has been opened for Brallie. I’m 28 and using a shipper squish name. Whatever I don’t care. Those two melt my heart.

  47. KINGOSIRIS says:

    A Good episode!

  48. Sonita says:

    Jude and Connor kissed. #EW. Callie will eventually move in with Robert and date Brandon and I just have to say I love Robert and I kinda hate Callie for what she said to Robert and her sister because she will never know that feeling until she has kids of her own or if she were in Roberts position. Sophia is so accustomed to not having a sibling and she’s grown attached even the wife that I thought was jealous of Callie grew atatched. Callie should be glad that she has a family like that and I think she should let Stef and Lena adopt one of the Girls United Kids and she moves in with Robert. Idt Sophia is dead she will probably try by taking some pills. Then her mom will find her and take her to the hospital and then Callie will come but when she gets there Robert and his wife will tell her to leave and hold Callie responsible.

    • sup says:

      callie had all the rights to say every thing she said sonlta

    • Tee says:

      Just shut up. Jonner is amaze and Sophia is an idiot are u homophobic

    • J says:

      I think you may be right about a scene happening in the lobby of the Hospital involving Callie and the Quinn’s but I think they will understand how horrible Callie will feel for making Sophia feel so bad she wanted to end her life. They won’t shoo her away, because that’s what happened to Sophia and look what she did… Rejection is obviously not doing anyone any favors. They won’t do it to Callie. Not if they really love her.

  49. mars says:

    I really despise Callie and Brandon being romantically involved. In my opinion, Callie is truly a part of the Foster family and the kiss seems like incest. Ew. I’m also really worried about Sophia. What is she doing in the bathroom alone? Harming herself?

  50. mars says:

    I really despise Callie and Brandon being romantically involved. In my opinion, Callie is truly a part of the Foster family and the kiss seems like incest. Ew! I’m also really worried about Sophia. What is she doing in the bathroom alone? Harming herself? I wonder how it’ll play out. Also, on a side note, Jesus’s Hayley tattoo was a huge, gross mistake. Hayley isn’t a good girlfriend. She’s manipulative.

    • sup says:

      it is only a movie and a lot of people like it how it is so stop being a hater grow up and watch it if you like it and if you do not like it than don’t watch it at all it is not your say in what the director does

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t understand this all. They have never viewed each other as siblings. Stef and Lena may love her like a daughter but 1) she’s not their daughter and 2) he has never and will never see or love her like a sister the way he does Mariana. Quite honestly, even if she gets adopted, I’m fine with them- 2 young adults who weren’t raised together as family and share no DNA. Nothing weird or creepy about that.

    • J says:

      Truly! Haha Hayley is insane, she needs help.