AHS: Freak Show Casts 'World's Smallest Woman' — Check Out First Image (With Jessica Lange)!

It’s a small world after all — at least when it comes to the latest bit of casting for FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show.

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Showrunner Ryan Murphy announced via Twitter today that Jyoti Amge, who holds the Guiness Book of World Records title for “world’s smallest woman,” is the “newest cast member” of FX’s outré-scary anthology series — and included a photo of the actress alongside series star Jessica Lange.

The latest edition of AHS (premiering this fall) centers on the last freak show in America circa 1952 and also stars franchise vets Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Gabourey Sidibe and Frances Conroy. New to the mix are Michael Chiklis, playing a strongman who’s married to Bassett’s character, as well as guest stars Wes Bentley, Patti LaBelle and Finn Wittrock.

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Amge, who has a genetic disorder called Achondroplasia, is only 2′ 0.6″ tall. Check out the her pic with Lange below — then share your thoughts in the comments!

american horror story freak show cast worlds smallest woman

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  1. Mikey says:

    When does it start ?

  2. tony valdez says:

    the circus is pretty cool but i feel like its a step back from the last season, but im still interested in whats coming up. hopefully less European and more authentic cultural horror then the typical black and white.

  3. hannah says:

    I do love a good 1950s circa. Freak shows are the best ones looking forward to this series :)

  4. Jessica hands look that way because she is old. The woman is in her late 60’s and her hands look my grandmas. No horror makeup.

  5. Lucas says:

    When I saw Jessica’s hands I also thought they were fake… It’s not the veins, it’s the size, don’t know if it’s the angle but they look humongous.

  6. Patricia says:

    Two absolute beautiful women. Jessica, a fabulous actress. I can’t wait for the new show.

  7. Avinash says:

    “Check out the her pic with Lange below”…

  8. Smart person says:

    What is wrong with you idiots? Hands? How much dialogue do you need on that stupid subject. Two beautiful women and I’m looking forward to the new season. Grow up you twits!

  9. Reginald Collins says:

    I think This is a genius idea and I’m excited and I’m a fan of the lil lady cant wait

  10. andrea says:

    She’s the prettiest lady or girl. Its amazing how things happen for reason. Well good luck in the show.

  11. Michelle Shreffler says:

    Love the show! Love Jessica Lange & now an added bonus of the most adorable & intriguing little lady Jyoti Amge! Awesome Sauce!!!

  12. Amy says:

    At first I really though that Jessica had something wrong with her hands, and I noticed I wasn’t the only one. I though it was a bit for her part on freak show. BUT it turns out I was just seriously mistaken and its both of jessicas hands, one overlapping the other, and jyoti’s dress in the middle! Oops!

  13. Delirious says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t cast Paul Wight (WWE’s Big Show), or someone similar, too…

    (I only saw the “AHS: Freak Show Casts ‘World’s…” part, and I thought “the world largest athlete? nice!)

  14. Yerba Jones says:

    Dat lady got hands of a Warlock.

  15. Yerba Jones says:

    I knew the black Eyed kids was real.

  16. Frenchie says:

    Part of me is going ‘aw she’s adorable’ the other part is saying ‘hey she’s an adult, don’t pick her up like she’s a baby’ But whatever Jyoti is comfortable with.

  17. I think that it is great that everyone gets the chanced to make good no matter their size! I wait with bated breath for the new season of AHS and am sorry that Jessica will leave after this coming season. I think that her presence among the cast that includes Katy Bates along with others that infuse the electricity into this wild and crazy series is great and it will not be the same energy when she leaves. :(

  18. Dave says:

    kinda bummed at no Taissa Farmiga this season :(

  19. she is very beautiful and I can’t wait for the show to start!!!!!!!!!

  20. What do you expect the woman is 65 years old. Our neck and hands are the first to show our true age.

  21. Beth says:

    I’m even more excited for the show now!!

  22. American horror story coming this fall 2014. Looking forward to it and new actress, smallest lady on earth. Unqiue I must say. :-)

  23. chirepchrist says:

    Well, she beautiful!
    Always key on any show :)

  24. linda parker says:

    I love the uniqueness of AHS.. With the exception to the cast, every season is completely different from the one before…
    Oh and Jessica Lange rules your brown eye!!

  25. savannah brewwer says:

    ommgg I would love to meet her… you should come to America to nemo south Dakota I would love to meet you

  26. Shaneaha says:

    So no emma roberts

  27. leslieart777 says:

    I think they photoshopped this image… Jessica’s hands look HUGE. That proportion makes the tiniest lady on earth look smaller. She’s beautiful though. How fascinating! I cannot imagine being that small, I already curse because I cannot reach certain things.

  28. Lesley says:

    I can’t wait for the new season! I live near Jupiter, FL so I’ll be fan stalking the area lol!

  29. corinne says:

    I think the show is brilliant!” Jessica Lange is a brilliant actor,she is a wonderful spice to her character.. It’s amazing how the writers Come up with such bizarre shows just love watchingall the new characters they come up with! Please keep Jessica Lang interesting and spicy.

  30. V.Atoui says:

    Can’t wait, loved the first season, heard they would have different actors, glad Jessica Lange will be back, and I loved the movie Freaks.

  31. cathy Mendoza says:

    I love Jyoti Amge!-Thanks for showing her beauty to the world..

  32. Minnie Mo says:

    Amge is precious…

  33. ramesh says:

    She is very tiny ……

    LIk a dolll……

  34. Cathy Mae says:

    It is set to premiere October 8th 2014

  35. RomeoGirl says:

    Wow, I find it funny all the comments below, the whole point of this was to show the new cast member and ask for comments relating to the show not Jessica Langes hands!! We all get old, if we live that long and our bodies age. Fact of life, we can’t all be wrinkle free forever although some of us have been blessed with youthful skin. Sooner or later we either get wrinkled or we die before that happens. Personally, I’ll take the wrinkles when they come. Now, that said. Can’t wait for the new season. Looks awesome!!

    • RomeoGirl says:

      okay, now the comments are at the beginning so, my bad, I mean at the beginning. I see better comments further down so I was just commenting on the ones at the top. Anyhoo, great show!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. lechatnoir says:

    Lawd , those hands . True horror .I thought hand plastic surgery existed . I am no airhead but..

  37. Tracey says:

    Can’t wait so excited…. best show ever..

  38. Deb Ressel says:

    Can’t wait for American Horror show to start. I loved the series so far but nothing can beat the very first one!
    What date does it start?

  39. Deb Ressel says:

    Can’t wait!

  40. Felice says:

    Rob Gonzalez: Is watching a fat man fall down the stairs not as funny? Douche. Ignorance just keeps innocently adding upon ignorance. Welcome to your own journey.

  41. abby says:

    its going to be real freaky..

    • I scrolled and scrolled to find abby but, to no avail. Abby said it’s going to be Freaky and I say it’s going to be freaky deaky! Someone said that the little person is being exploited. I don’t think that the little lady is being exploited. Even the smallest of folks deserve a pay check and if they want to be on TV then more power to the Little Folk. I have a feeling if she thought it was exploitation then she would have declined. She may be small but, that doesn’t mean that she cannot think for herself. Let’s give the Little People some credit here. The story calls for a little person and what better way to let HATERS see that they are just as talented and smart as many folks. We know not why she accepted. Maybe she was jobless and hungry. So, lets give some love to the Little Folks! Also, there are more and more rolls opening up for Little People and no one is screaming about that. All in all cut them a break for Little Folk are just as good as the rest of us!

  42. Melissa says:

    So excited for the new American horror story series. Jessica lange has rocked every role she played thus far I’m sure this season will kill my entire family will be watching I’ve got everyone addicted to this show I can’t wait. …..

  43. Jeanetta says:

    I’m excited to watch this season unfold, was on edge of seat last night…..

  44. OMG- She is so tiny-However, I’m very concerned about her
    teeth & Gums- r her Gums infected?

  45. Taniza says:

    Shes super cute I wanna hug her and kiss adorable.

  46. Lizzie Stein says:

    Eww. Like I can’t even.

  47. Good for Jyoti Amge! Yes, I think she is just adorable in this role, but she is also a GROWN woman, not a toy for sale. Use your talent as you may. I’m so happy to see someone doing what they can with what they have been given.

  48. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe the only comment anyone has to say about the show is about Jessica Langes freaking hands give me a break I think the show is kinda reaching every season the first season was great..I can say this Jessica is a great actress

  49. Ryan says:

    Pretty woman

  50. chad says:

    Jyoti’s voice is the most adorable thing I have ever heard… When she giggles my heart melts in half… I so want to meet, hug and hold her… I’m glad her character isn’t camera tricks and CG… well played AHS…