Major Crimes Recap: S.O.B., Indeed

Major Crimes Season 3 Summer Finale Preview

This week on TNT’s Major Crimes (as Mary McDonnell herself foretold), Captain Sharon Raydor declared, “Enough is enough” when it comes to her ward Rusty’s forever despicable biological mother.

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Midway through Season 3’s summer finale — which was an at-times intense, Kiss the Girls-esque tale of disappeared young women (can plucky Kate be a part of any S.O.B. spin-off?) — Rusty visited his mom at the county lock-up, where she’d been stashed after being nabbed on a shoplifting charge. To make bail, Sharon Beck says she just needs $500, and to that end asks her son if he still does that “work,” as a rent boy. When Rusty roars his outrage that his own mother would suggest he revisit such a part of his life, Sharon counters that maybe Captain Raydor could help out…?

Oh, be careful what you wish for, witchy woman, because when Raydor shows up at episode’s end on the other side of that glass, it is not to drop off five Benjamins. Rather, she is there to lay out the terms of the “deal” she has cooked up for Rusty’s mother: One year in county lock-up, provided she stays on the straight and narrow — “not one step to the left or to the right” — subject to random drug tests and the watchful eye of imprisoned CIs.

“If you don’t remain sober, or if you violate the statues of personal conduct, I’ll personally see to it that the six-year tail of your sentence is carried out to the letter, at an upstate prison,” Raydor makes clear. When Beck squawks at the overly rigid terms, Raydor laments, “Anything more I could do to you will require a trial.”

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Beck throws a couple of last, utterly desperate jabs — first, playing the “What about mah boy?” card (to which Raydor quickly affirms, this deal is for Rusty’s benefit), and then lamely warning Raydor she’s bought herself a heap of trouble.

To that last taunt, Raydor smirks, “You’re the one in a blue jumpsuit surrounded by guards. And I’m the one getting up to go home.”

What did you think of the summer finale’s kidnapping case, and the Showdown of the Sharons?

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  1. sable says:

    LOVE this show……….Sharon knows how to put someone in their place!

  2. kate says:

    I didn’t like her at first but Sharon Raydor has really grown on me. Major Crimes and Rizzoli & Isles are the only two summer shows I watch anymore. Good stuff from TNT.

  3. Dean says:

    Raydor is like the Sergeant Voight of Major Crimes. The reasons why you hate her are also the reasons you like her.

    • Kubric says:

      No Voight is the Sharon Raydor of Chicago PD. Except he’s a dude with a batman voice while Raydor is a ball busting but compassionate woman.

  4. ChicagoDan says:

    Excellent episode. I can’t imagine how they don’t go forward with S.O.B. spinoff after featuring it in two episodes – tbis one less, but enough of taste. It was great when the guys showed Sharon the jail video – that was very clever because Rusty would never rat out his bio mom. MMcD is great in this role and adding the Rusty subplot only helps humanize her character. It’s a great ensemble that has really jelled. Looking forward to the second batch of epiosdes in November.

  5. stephan says:

    the show was great and sharon put that b.itch of a mother in er place behind the bars…. i loved it…. sorry for the break though,

  6. Andrew says:

    Sharon Beck more than deserved what Raydor gave her. My jaw was on the floor when she basically asked her son to prostitute himself to get the money to bail her out. I was DISGUSTED by her after that.

    Can’t wait for the show to return in November.

  7. opus says:

    What a pitiful recap. You say virtually nothing about the case that dominates the hour, instead focusing on the Rusty side story. And while I enjoy that story line, it should not have been the major part of your recap.

  8. arial2 says:

    Both A and B stories were well told. But one thing confused me: if Fritz had a major heart attack, I’m not sure what they’re intending to do with his character. I can’t see the head of a SWAT unit just sitting behind a desk, especially one with Fritz’s action background, including his sniper ability. But perhaps that IS the story: how does one immediately go from an action guy to an office guy because circumstances have forced it upon you, rather than by choice. Can’t wait for the next set of episodes later this Fall!

    • HAP says:

      If anyone should be sitting behind a desk, it would be both Raydor and Provenza.
      Jon Tenney is actually 52. McDonnell is 62, and GW Bailey is 69!

  9. LGC says:

    Love that Mary McD was channeling Laura Roslin as well as Sharon in that smackdown of Rusty’s mom!

  10. Chloe says:

    As much as I’d have loved seeing Sharon Raydor sock Sharon Beck, I thought her softly spoken smackdown was excellent and a long time coming.

    As for Fritz, how does he expect to wear an external pacemaker without Brenda noticing? Those two had a pretty active sex life. Even if they just literally sleep together now, wouldn’t she notice the vest? Unless they’re implying that Brenda and Fritz don’t even share the same room anymore. If that’s the case, I’m mad about it.

  11. ao says:

    We need a spin off so the SOB can stop taking over whole episodes of MC. Like, I dont mind fritz dropping in here and there….but Raydor is the main character and it hasnt seemed like that the last 2 episodes…get your own show Fritzy! I need more Raydor!

  12. GildedRose says:

    I loved the finale. I wasn’t sure, when Major Crimes started, about the whole Rusty angle, but the relationship between him and Sharon is easily one of my favorite parts. Great episode, and I thought the same thing about the Kate. I figured she’d be part of the new spin off series. You can practically pick out all the characters they’re setting up to use there. I’d watch it.

  13. Judy Dunston says:

    Look forward to the new show with Fritz. It took a while but Major Crimes is getting better, they have to remember to put a few funny shows in the rotation because Provenza and Flynn can be quite funny. I liked the way they bought in Sharon Raydor’s son and husband and that their relationship with Rusty is not smooth, while I don’t want to see them undermining each other like a bit from All My Children, I like seeing them circle each other while they work to establish a tolerable situation.

  14. njartist says:

    I really like this show. The only complaint that I have is no mention is made of Brenda.
    It would be great is Raydor mentioned that she had meet her for lunch or something.
    Each time Fritz shows up it feels as if Brenda is out of the picture. What was the purpose of giving Fritz heart problems? What makes this show click is the interaction between the characters. It is great that Commander Taylor is no longer the irritant that he was in Major Crimes. The writers have added to Raydor’s character with each episode. Raydor is one of the more interesting characters on TV. I wonder if Pope is still the chief of the LAPD? All in all one of the better crime/police shows to come across the screen some time. I would like to see TNT add Longmire to their schedule. I do not think that A & E has enough respect for that show. It would great if Longmire could do a character crossover with either Major Crimes or Murder in the First. Regarding a show about the LAPD S.O.B TNT make it happen.

    • anon says:

      Raydor has no contact with Brenda anymore, the show’s creator James Duff once said on facebook that Brenda asks Buzz how Rusty is doing. So she doesn’t have any contact with raydor otherwise, why ask Buzz about it. Brenda and Fritz socially see only Tao, Morales and Buzz.

      I don’t see the point of giving Fritz such serious health problems either. It’s like they couldn’t think of giving him anything else remotely personal to do without Brenda there. It would make sense only if we would see how it would affect his relationship with Brenda but we can’t because Sedgwick refuses to guest star so Fritz’s health problems have no relevance to anything.

      I still can’t stand Raydor and Rusty. Major Crimes must be the only show on TV with unlikable and annoying characters as the leads. It’s the actors that are the problem.

  15. anon says:

    Such a shame what they’ve done to Fritz on this show. I liked him being FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard. Deputy Chief sounds lame in comparison and the heart problems… really? You had to?

  16. Love this show and loved this finale. Sharon Raydor is one of my favorite female characters and I love the subplot with Rusty. It humanizes her and also shows her as a warrior woman. Can’t wait for it to return!