Castle's Molly Quinn Talks Teary Finale, the Alexis-Kate Tension That Follows

Castle‘s Molly Quinn echoes many a viewer when she says that ending Season 6 with the title character burned to a crisp in a car wreck is “the last thing I expected them to do.”

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Visiting TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite, the actress expounded on her reaction, saying the scene — even more impactful as played out on screen as on the page — “put me to my knees…. I was in tears.”

Regardless of how Castle extricates Castle from that seeming fiery death, the immediate aftermath of it all will affect two of the ladies in his life. With a nod to the Season 6 scene where Alexis and Kate (finally) had an apres-proposal heart-to-heart, Quinn says, “I was glad they addressed that [daughter/fiancee relationship], but this season… there’s some Alexis/Kate tension, if you will” in the Sept. 29 premiere, at least. “It’s a tough relationship,” she notes.

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Also in this video Q&A: Quinn talks about the “Thrilling Adventure” her TV dad Nathan Fillion sent her on, and later shares her thoughts on last season’s Pi backlash.

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  1. Jenni says:

    Molly, I love you, but Alexis is not her father’s keeper and the way the Kate and Alexis relationship has been written so far is a travesty. I am not looking forward to more bitchy, spoiled Alexis taking it out on Kate. I’m really not.
    How to Destroy a Character 101: Alexis Castle by Andrew W Marlowe.

    • Heather says:

      I completely agree with everything Jenni said. This has gone on long enough. Geez. I have hate Alexis & her character since Season 4.

      • Alex says:

        Same, I really can’t with her anymore.

        • Jenni says:

          They’ve made her such a prissy, self-righteous and unlikeable person that it’s just sad to see. I used to love Alexis in the early years but this need to introduce unnecessary conflict for Alexis has destroyed the character and I hate that it has. Right now, I don’t watch any scene with Alexis from season four onward. I hit the fast forward button. Seems like that won’t change in season 7 either.

          • Kourt says:

            I actually liked Alexis in seasons 1-3

          • Harvey says:

            Just because you are a fan of Kate, doesn’t mean you have to dislike if anyone turns against her, rightly actually, considering how somebody’s child would see. Father’s all she had most of her life.

      • Grey says:

        Yep. Up until season four Alexis was one of my favorite things about the show because she was a refreshing change to the sterotypical teens we always see on TV. Then for some reason Marlowe decided to fix something that wasn’t broken. Not only do I fast forward through her current scenes and storylines but it’s tanted my enjoyment of her scenes from the earlier seasons! It always makes me ask, “What happened?! Why the need to screw up this character?”

    • Mike says:

      The Alexis character was not destroyed by the writing, she was completely unlikable because of stupid concept of the Pi character. Maybe the most moronic idea for a character I have seen in a while. Listening to the interview, she come off as more sensible. I think she has a right to be mad that her father was taken, and lashing out makes sense, it is heat of the moment although misdirected. The interview goes on to reveal that they mend everything. “Mending” means back story, conversations and development. All the moments between the Kate character and Alexis character have been great. Alexis has really never had a mom in the traditional sense that was not after her dad for money. Kate is not that and getting used to idea that she has a reliable strong female in her life that loves her father is an adjustment.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Completely agree. From season 1 I (along with some family members of mine) have taken up issue with Alexis and how unhealthy her and her fathers relationship is. They portrayed it as hes the kid and shes the mother, which was cute at first, but then that lead to her not respecting that he IS the father and he IS in charge, for example the cell phone GPS tracking episode…acting like that is some HUGE infringement and he doesn’t have the right and he needs to apologize. That episode STRONGLY implied Castle was in the wrong (having everyone around him especially Kate say he is wrong, to let his daughter have her space, and in the end writing him saying sorry and deleting the app)….when then seasons later they have her kidnapped and almost murdered, let alone all the other times hes needed to know where she is. No he has every right (especially when she posts vlogs to the internet at 16 years old and her father is a public figure that bad people can find his address) to have a GPS app on her phone, hell she doesnt have the right to a cell phone that is a privilege not a right.

      So with things like that and so many other things, she was almost always a brat to me..but still couldnt help but like her cause Molly is a gorgeous nerd who seems sweet. But then Pi came along and that tanked her character. All of a sudden she went from self righteous know it all “mature adult” to naive stupid stubborn teen girl rebelling against her dad? Wth?

      It sounds like more of the same from this interview, sounds like shes gonna get super firey (like she has in the past) and take it out on Kate cause of what happened to her dad. Naive and immature, yet the character is supposed to be mature and smart? Inconsistent writing. They portrayed her as mature and smart and a good girl, but then needed plot and story for Molly to act, and so they turned her into the trope “rebelling, immature daughter who dates a stupid granola boy”.

      Whats funny is i dont think its on purpose, but how Alexis is acting really fits with how she was raised, being told shes a princess and being the “mother” and feeling in charge of her 35+ year old Dad and feeling adult enough to say and do things that she has…she would grow up and it would reverse, she didnt have a authority figure, especially one that told her No and she had to listen (hell she gave herself her own punishments).

      Overall i cant wait for Castle to finish his contract and be done with Castle so Nathan can move onto awesome projects, get a part (big or small) in a Marvel Superhero movie, Molly can move on to great movies and maybe a diff better TV show, and Stana can go and use those looks and good acting abilities to get great movie roles. But for now Castle is poorly written and the characters completely inconsistent.

      • Josh says:

        You really don’t think GPS tracking your kid is wrong and a violation of their privacy? Oh boy, I fear your parenting style.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Putting a GPS app on your kids phone, when kids have the most freedom they have ever had, in huge cities where anything can happen and a parent can in an emergency check their phone? Lol okay when its 3am and your 16 year old daughter isnt home yet, you come tell me how you wouldnt want to be able to check your phone and see exactly where she is. Now the blatant use of it like Castle did? Where just whenever he wanted he used it, thats not really that trusting, BUT wasnt she in the wrong? Was lying to him and wasnt at the place she said she was? Im not sorry for taking advantage of our fantastic technology in the protection of my kids, and using it to keep them honest. Who’s paying the cell phone bill anyways? of almost all teens and of Alexis? The parents. There are conditions when having such powerful technology that i the parent pay for ($200 phone, $40+ a month bill) and such freedom as to go out unaccompanied by an adult and walk the streets of NY alone/with friends and go to friends houses and potentially parties. When they have proven they can be trusted and have a history of making the right decisions, and not putting themselves in bad situations, then I would back off and not check in on them. But dont kid yourself, thousands of parents would have killed to have their kids phones have a GPS app on them in the past 12 months. Kids that have gone missing, been taken, were somewhere they werent supposed to be and got in trouble/hurt/died cause of it.

          • KC says:

            The problem, as I see it, isn’t that he had the app but that he didn’t tell her it was a condition of having a phone. Now that she know he’s being devious about monitoring her, he’s lost some of her trust. Castle has to be open and honest with Alexis if he expects the same from her. One thing teenagers hate is hypocrisy, do as I say, not as I do.

        • Caskett Crazy says:

          Yeah, my kid can have ‘privacy’ when they get out and get a job and a place of their own. That is part of the problem with kids in general and Alexis specifically. They are raised to feel entitled and they are over-indulged. I was hoping that after Kate asked Alexis to move back home the relationship between the two would get better. What was I thinking? NOTE TO SELF: Never waste your time getting interested in ANY shows that Andrew Marlowe has any involvement in.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Completely agree. How does it make sense you tag your dog cause you dont want to lose it (and it potentially get hurt) because of your emotional and financial investment, but “tagging” (gps app on smartphone) your child, the human you created & love more than anything, would die to protect, and shouldnt trust 100% in his/her teen years because their brains arent developed (studies show the frontal lobe which deals with consequences especially long term ones in the teen years does not function correctly). Why would i let my kid unsupervised go out into this horrible world full of pervs/strangers/bad drivers/aholes taking their word for where they will be? A teenager? Ummm no. Im paying the bills, your living in MY house, im LETTING you use a smartphone I pay for, it will have a GPS app on it and you will obey my rules/guidelines or you will lose the phone, internet, computer, video games, and be grounded. I am the adult, NOT your older friend.

            And thats the problem with Castle, he was so busy being the immature kid making her the adult, and not giving any boundaries (HATED when he told her and the boy to not go upstairs into her room and they did…wtf he just allows that? she is spoiled and doesnt obey her parent, complete disregard aka no respect, which again is his fault.)

          • crosscastle says:

            Yes Yes

        • Missteff says:

          hey, i would have done the same thing if i had the capability to do that.

          • Judy Ms.Girl says:

            I totally agree, my son is living in my home and pays for his phone with a job, but he is 19 and I still need to know where his is and when he is coming home for safety sake. I was behind Castle’s motives and point of view. But to get into this show seriously, it is still just a television show and needs to be viewed as such as fun and fiction. I believe Alexis is acting normally and so is Castle. Kate and Alexis are bound to butt heads over Castle because he is one’s Fiancee and the other’s Father. Been there and no matter how nice and sweet and well brought up one is, there is tension and resentment to be had no matter who you are. It is just a show people. To entertain us and make us talk and have reactions. On the matter of Rick being killed off in a car crash; it would have been elaborate, but he could have been getting Kate back for the Birthday present the time he was in the Wheel Chair and was set up like in the Movie RearView Window with Jimmy Stewart and saw a murder from his apartment window and it was set up as a way for Rick to go to his own B-Day Party to save Kate from a would be murderer. It was cool but he could get her back that way. I personally believe it is the 3K killer ruining the wedding but Castle will be found well and alive and the Wedding will happen this season just not a walk down the isle. That is what is the main question on all of our minds. Also, Rick’s Father will be back and that always means action and making our Castle the great show it is. I just use it to relax and forget about my hectic life for a while. Great Job Mr. Marlow. Thanks for all of the seasons so farr…..

    • Josh says:

      The tension doesn’t make sense. It’s the very definition of forced drama. After years of respecting and caring for Kate, after years of nudging her father to be with Kate, after years of admiring Kate as a person and having a great relationship…It suddenly turns it…whatever the heck it was. Their relationship should have gotten stronger

      • fibber says:

        can’t wait to see that! the tension between the two should be fun…..I’m not all that big of a fan of Alexis and can’t wait to see what she will pull out next.

      • Harvey says:

        When did she nudge her father to be with Kate, actually it always seemed as if she just wanted her father to be happy, and then her father is nearly killed in that accident, obviously she will blame Kate, very realistic.

    • Again, why do people blame Marlowe when Quinn clearly prefers and champions this stuff? So confused.

    • Grey says:

      Jenni, I could not agree with you more! Took all the words right out of my mouth.

    • Hayley says:

      So glad other people feel the same about alexis! Can’t stand her- only character I can say I dislike!

    • Missteff says:

      that’s funny! I don’t want to see them get into it either…..they need to find Castle not bickering with each other, but then again Alexis did blame KAte (what i saw anyway) for the robbery when Castle was held hostage, so anything is possible. I just hope that it doesn’t take away to much of the storyline.

    • Harvey says:

      How is it wrong for a child, who has only had her father for most of her life, seen her father nearly die protecting Beckett, kind of, lash out at Beckett for getting her father into real trouble, that’s what any child would do.

    • Harvey says:

      Alexis is not her father’s keeper? Seriously? It’s her father, who might be dead, any child would blame somebody new coming in their life, and yes, engagement was really the new coming in their life, not just becoming partner. She always liked Beckett for keeping her father happy, now he’s nearly dead, she will obviously blame the one who has been the closest to him all this time. It’s realistic. Telling Kate she can do it, she has to find Castle, that she trusts Kate, etc, that’s much more mature, thinking, probably the one which Martha would do, Alexis only had her father most of her life and she would be right to blame Kate.

  2. dheena says:

    Every time Marlowe gives an interview, is always complaining budget, not having money for locations’s an idea send alexis far away, like out of the show. saves money and everyone is happy.

  3. Ponche says:

    Hmm … she made it sounds like we’ve had a good Kate-Alexis relationship in S6. I don’t remember seeing that.
    Seriously do they want us to hate Alexis that much ?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Wait…one scene at a coffee table for 5 minutes where they both kinda quietly say they both love Rick and that they both want whats best for him doesnt equal years of building a strong bond with the woman that his father loves and is going to marry? lmao.

      Real question is why do they want us to hate Alexis, be annoyed by Kate, and think Castle is a joke so badly? Im convinced if this show didnt have Nathan Fillion staring (at least for the first few seasons) as a version of Nathan Fillion, this show would be cancelled lol. I mean look at the scripts and lines and characters and without his install fanbase and super charm/looks/humor…this show is just a few steps above a daytime show.

      If “Castle” the TV series was a book series instead (i know there is a Castle book is but you get what i mean) the books would be considered “average-to-below average writing, main character likable, flirtation and anticipation of relationship fun, insanely unrealistic situations with crazy plots like stopping nukes in NY and stopping WW3, characters are fairly poorly written, overall a 4 outta 10…a fun read but if your looking for a solid fun read with a coupe that has chemistry and the characters stay true to themselves and their actions always come from the same sturdy foundation of consistent writing, go pick up the Chuck novels.” But because its a TV show with the awesome/handsome/hilarious Nathan Fillion, the gorgeous talented Stana, and the gorgeous nerdy Molly (along with the fun Espo/Ryan dynamic) it gets great ratings and that polish tricks people into thinking its a polished diamond, when in reality its more of a polished everyday rock you find outside. This show isnt a polished (arguable) turd like say a Greys Anatomy, but its not great feat in character writing or story telling.

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think they want us to hate Alexis.

  4. Alex says:

    I don’t think we should pay attention to what MQ says. She’s the one who said Castle and Beckett would break up, Alexis would have a relationship with one of her teacher, she would have a “hot” scene with Pi etc …
    Anyway if they want to focus on Alexis again this season, they should at least try to make her more likeable.

  5. Amy says:

    It seems most fans agree. Get rid of Alexis or make her more likeable. She’s an example of such bad character development. Molly needs to quit stirring the pot too with her comments. Nothing she’s said in past interviews has ever made it on screen. She’s almost as bad as Alexis (in likeliness)

    • Katherine215 says:

      “Most” fans is an overstatement. Remember there is a world of viewers outside those that comment about Castle on the internet.

      • Amy says:

        Well, I know a lot of people who watch and are not daily internet users and they can’t stand her character either. So, it might be more fans than you think. It seems like a fairly large majority.

        • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

          I know quite a few myself and they all say that she is underused and needs to be around more. In fact the only time that I ever hear a bad word about the actress or the character is when I am online. They, myself included, miss the early seasons that had her and Castle hanging out more.

  6. emma says:

    When they said they would focus on Castle, maybe they meant Alexis haha

  7. emma says:

    I’m rewatching all seasons of Castle, Alexis used to be cute.

  8. Ponche says:

    “Alexis and Kate have such a funny relationship” what ???

  9. Annie says:

    Both of these videos were excruciating for me. Anyone else? Just me? OK, then… *sigh*

  10. Boiler says:

    So much hate. Come on people!! I’m guessing the Alexis/Kate relationship is more like real life

  11. Allie says:

    I usually don’t get MQ’s take on relationships regarding Castle, but I do see her point on this one. Castle is the number one person in her life. I could easily see the stress of him missing, not knowing if he was ok, could push her to lash out at Kate. Like she said, she knows Kate is there for the long haul, she won’t leave, so she feels Kate can take the lashing and won’t drive her away. It definitely peaks my interest about the premier and how Kate is going to handle the stress of trying to find Castle and also dealing with Alexis’s blame. Then, of course, adding Martha to the mix and what role she will play to both them.
    My own wish for Alexis this season is for her to make a grown up decision on her own. Not one out to spite her dad, or to “prove” her maturity, but to make a decision and be an adult about it. They did all the prep work seasons 1-4 making her to be a smart kid, but she’s turned into an adult who doesn’t know how to make an adult decision.

    • Just one thing says:

      I just don’t see why it’s necessary to have Alexis lash out at Kate for “not leaving.” They interacted for a whopping, series record of single-digit times in Season Six, so why should what little interaction Kate and Alexis get be relegated to half-assed attempts at conflict that’ll never resolved?
      And to be honest, at this point seven seasons in, if Kate’s going to bust her butt trying to find Castle and she comes home only to be met with the same immature snot-nosed behavior from Alexis, I really don’t care if Kate handles it or not, if it’s never going to be fully fleshed out.
      I get that Quinn loves her character and wants Alexis to remain relevant to the series in some way. They really did relegate her, Sullivan, Johnson-Jerald and Jones this season, which I sincerely hope they rectify.
      But just as Quinn recognized that the audience didn’t respond well to Pi, I’m surprised she – and everyone else who listens to her – hasn’t recognized that the audience doesn’t really care for Kate-bashing either. That much was clear when that one episode aired last Fall.

      • Just one thing says:

        Relegate = neglect.

      • Harvey says:

        A child would obviously blame a fiancee of her father when something happens to her father, and that might make her more disliked, but that would be way more realistic. Not leaving, that’s not exactly the reason, probably. It would be more because she would think her father is in danger because of her, and rightly so, realistically, that’s what any child would do who might have lost their dad, they would blame the new person in their life, I mean come on, Beckett might have been there for 6 years, but it’s been only a year or 2 when she actually came in her and Castle’s life too.

  12. Alex says:

    I’m at a point where I almost want Castle & Beckett to break up just so Alexis can stop being this … very unlikeable person.

  13. I dont love Alexis since saison 4 she`s a troublemaker,

  14. emma says:

    Exactly what “heart-to-heart who shows that Alexis really likes Kate” is she talking about ? I certainly don’t remember seeing it. 6×16 probably but Alexis just talks about the Pi mistake in this one …

    • Grey says:

      The only thing I can think of is she’s remembering that one deleted scene from “Boom” back in season 2(?) and perhaps some other deleted scenes we the audience know nothing about because what she’s talking about certainly hasn’t been on the screen!

    • fibber says:

      the one with pi and her wanting to come home, but that wasn’t really much of one. and the wedding talk wasn’t that much heart to heart either. I do see a little of the two of them now say becoming a little closer but still to me not enough to be worthy of a mention.

      my fav scene with the two was when Kate beat Castle in scrabble. to me it was as if they were gaining up on him.

  15. ….and I agree with Heather and Jenni. Why Alexis`s character is still there? She`s a unlikeable person indeed Alex.

    • Harvey says:

      She is the daughter of the main character, she has to be there. One of the important things that showed Kate what a man Castle is really, was Alexis and Castle relationship. She is not being written properly with constant fights with her dad, but this time, it’s completely reasonable for her to blame Beckett.

  16. lkh says:

    Historically, Molly Quinn hasn’t been the most ‘accurate’ in her reporting of where the story is headed.

    • Fogel says:

      Your are of course working on the “assumption” that someone bothers to tell her
      where the show is going.

      So when was the last time Castle and Becket had a night out together (not undercover)?
      From all general indications he’s stopped doing book signings. They (he) don’t go to benefit dinners or some such.

      If there we no murders what would they have to talk about? Yawn.

      • lkh says:

        You’re right! But she(MQ) has seemed to enjoy making up her own story line in the past. Is that a sense of humor, attention getting, ignorance, dunno. Sometimes I get the impression that no one knows where the story is going, including the writers :]

  17. Tracie says:

    It is so annoying when you’re trying to watch a video on your site and your ad video audio keeps playing over the video that you want to see. If you need to have an ad video, have it play before the content video… then let us watch the content video in peace. I couldn’t get through this 6 minute video without the Toyota ad playing over 3 times. Enough to make me skip watching altogether.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Such a thing should not be happening; I am looking into this post haste ipso facto.

      • Just one thing says:

        Thank you for looking into it. The ads auto-play and it’s very difficult to find them on the page to pause them. Some are simply locked from being paused.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Ausiello and I are staunchly anti-autoplay, but our team of Chloe O’Brians is yet to be able to reproduce this issue. If anyone can provide details on what ad they are hearing, it’d be helpful. Thank you.

          • Just one thing says:

            Hey Matt! It just happened again while operating Firefox for Mac. I left the tab for your homepage up for a while – about 2-3 minutes – without scrolling through, and the ad autoplayed. Very strange.

  18. Again I am glad I am going to focus my attention on another show !!

  19. Kourt says:

    Molly is so annoying. She doesn’t know what to say when asked about anything Castle that does deal with Nathan Fillion. This is the first time in a video interview where she is really asked about the Beckett and Alexis relationship. Beckett’s fiance could be dead from the car fire the last thing Beckett needs is dealing with Castle’s overremotional daughter. Her top priority will be finding Castle

    • BnB447 says:

      You forget that Beckett’s fiancé is Alexis’ FATHER. IMHO. Alexis has every right to be emotional and even flip out a little. She is, after all, only a young adult. Also, Castle is the only parent she’s ever been able to count on being there for her. He means the world to her.

      I don’t understand all the hatred for this character or the actress. I would hate to lose her and the wonderful relationship between father and daughter. It’s one of the main reasons why I watch the show.

      • Billie says:

        I agree. I love the dynamic between them all. That is what it would be in real life.

      • sofia says:

        Finally one comment I agree with 100%! THANK YOU

      • Harvey says:

        I agree, the show is doing great by showing that Alexis is an important character for Castle’s character. She is the daughter of Castle after all. I hate her for Season 6, but this fight with Kate seems reasonable, as she, like any daughter, would blame the fiance of her father, who has taken him into some other problems previously, in her eyes, too.

  20. Brigid says:

    I like Alexis, her character is very real and I honestly don’t know why any of you watch this show. Andrew Marlowe is an excellent writer and I seriously don’t understand the complaints. You complain about every little thing like you could write it better. You can’t, or you would be, so stop…please.

    • emma says:

      We shouldn’t watch the show because we don’t like Alexis ?

    • Danyelle says:

      THIS. Castle brings out alllllll the harpies.

    • Patrick says:

      I am fine with Alexis’s coldness towards Beckett. AC loves her dad, and she has seen Becks really yank him around. Everything in the relationship has been on Beckett’s terms. As a single male, I can’t imagine being with a woman that selfish.

      Lots of the Alexis hate comes from Beckett’s rabid fan base who ruthlessly attack anyone or anything that competes with or opposes Beckett getting anything she wants instantaneously.

      • Jenni says:

        I’m not denying the Beckett yank around. That definitely happened. But Alexis is ~21 years old now in the show and behaves like a spoiled five year old who demands her father to live ::his:: life on ::her:: terms. All the while demanding he let her do anything she pleases in her own life, lest she deny him any love or affection. Alexis treats Castle like a pet, or worse a doormat. To me that’s just as bad as any yanking around Beckett did.
        For her to blame Beckett, for a car crash on the way to the wedding, and then I assume act like a brat who the world revolves around, because he’s ::my:: dad is selfish and immature. If he’d been shot while on a case with Beckett I could maybe accept it more. Maybe.
        FYI, I am actually a Nathan Fillion fan. I very much enjoy Stana in the role of Beckett, but it was Nathan who brought me to the show and Nathan who has kept me watching.

        • zaza says:

          Actually, I have a daughter in college who is the same age as the Alexis character and I can say that, based on her and her friends, what they’ve done with the Alexis character is spot on. At that age, they are trying to make adult decisions, but they aren’t yet grown-ups. They want independence but they still run to their parents when they don’t know what to do. It’s a transitional stage, so sometimes they will act mature and sometimes they will revert to being a kid. I think the writers have really nailed it.

        • Harvey says:

          Maybe, but a child doing that, you have to still be there for her. There is always gonna be that relationship, girlfriend, or partner, not really.

      • carbono says:

        I’ve noticed that. Me, I didn’t like last years Alexis w/Pi but I still love the character of Alexis.

      • Just one thing says:

        The last time Kate “yanked” Rick around was May 2013. And before that May 2012. Not exactly the best groundwork for the tension.
        And, not to sound like a member of “Beckett’s rabid fan base” for daring to disagree with you, but I’d say that the last year has demonstrated Beckett’s commitment to the relationship. Beckett gave Castle and Alexis space early in the season, convinced Alexis to move back home for Castle’s sake later in the season, included his mother in the wedding plans, defended him against his good-for-nothing father (but he’s a spy, so his dastardliness is kewl). There’s not one example this year of Beckett behaving selfishly, and every time conflict arose, she dealt with it by the end of the episode.
        As annoying as Alexis has become, from disrespecting her father, bad-mouthing Beckett and just generally being a rather pious character, I still think she’s integral to the show. And if they’re going to touch on drama, if Quinn is going to continue pushing for drama between Alexis and Kate, the show needs to completely OWN it. Don’t just touch on it and then dust it under the rug.
        If Alexis wants to be pissed at Kate, let her be fully pissed, not passive aggressive. And at least give them a scene where they share several lines of dialogue we can actually hear, so the audience is made privy to the full resolution. The fact that this has only happened once in 120+ episodes is just bizarre.

        • Harvey says:

          When did she defend Castle against Hunt? Still, this season she has been committed, yeah, but that’s also because now she and Castle are in total real committed relationship, they are engaged, obviously that will happen, but for a 20 year old daughter, that is probably not very understandable, as the main reason for her like towards Kate is that she makes her father happy, but if her father gets in trouble, hell nearly dies, and might still die, she would blame that new person in her and her father’s life, obviously.

      • Moshai says:

        Posts like this always tickle me to death. You lazily group anybody who doesn’t agree with you into some imaginary Beckett fan club (when this very thread proves your point to be false) only so you can try and validate your own vapid, biased views. It’s clear that you don’t like Beckett, therefore viewing everything she’s done since Castle and her have gotten together through a very narrow viewpoint, allowing you to completely ignore all of the tremendous things she’s done for Castle, Alexis and Martha, in favor of focusing only on her flaws.

        • Harvey says:

          Don’t know about the fan club or whatever, but many people here are also taking Castle and Alexis relationship through a very narrow view point. In her life Beckett would always be a new person, and if her dad is nearly gonna die, and might still die, then she would blame the new person, realistically. And Castle has done great things for Beckett too, but it’s seen many times that people act as if he is very low on good relationships, when Beckett only actually got committed this season.

  21. Lena says:

    This shouldn’t be a surprise, after all Alexis found the way to blame Kate for a robbery bank …

    • LL624 says:

      I never felt like she blamed Kate for that. I don’t see why ppl interpret that scene as anything other than a scared teen panicking over her family’s safety.

      • How else does one interpret the scowling delivery of a threatening line like, “He’d better [survive]?” Did Kate send him to the bank? Did she hire the robbers? Did she sit on her hands and let it all play out?
        Because that’s what that line and Quinn’s delivery suggested. I was an early fan when that episode aired, and that immediately rubbed me the wrong way.

        • lkh says:

          Agree and frankly I didn’t understand the genesis of that ‘almost’ threat. People will say she was just upset and took it out on Beckett but again, it just didn’t make sense to me. I don’t think someone whose family was in danger would threaten the people who were trying to alleviate the problem.

          Someone told that young lady too many times that she was smart (more intelligent than anyone else in the room), more logical, more mature and in charge. I think she believed it. My parents never said that to me and I certainly never said it to my son (although he is smart, logical and, of course, superman).

  22. Kourt says:

    Remember when Josh who was Beckett’s boyfriend at the time blamed Castle for why Beckett was shot? Alexis has every right to be angry and lash out at Beckett in 7×01.

  23. The Kaibosh says:

    You’re not my mother!! wah!

  24. LL624 says:

    I’ve always liked Alexis because I relate to her character. She’s a lot like I was when I was growing up. The Pi thing was the only time I couldn’t relate and didn’t like how she was acting. And no, Molly, it wasn’t because we didn’t want her to have a bf. We’ve seen Alexis with a bf before. The problem was how she treated her dad while she had this bf. I understand her getting upset that Castle didn’t tell her about the engagement. That is a big deal. But she handled it in the wrong way. Molly, somehow, never seems to get it. She always misinterprets what’s going on and that makes her give the worst interviews. I can’t believe a word she says.

  25. Jon says:

    Question: If Castle slips, falls and breaks his wrist, is Alexis going to blame Kate for that too? Seems like whatever happens is all Kate’s fault according to Alexis. Never accidental, or heaven forbid a direct result of Castle’s own choices! No, Let’s Blame Kate! Again!
    BTW, Molly, if you thought the reason so many people disliked Pi and Alexis was because they didn’t like seeing Alexis with a boyfriend, I’m afraid you are misjudging reaction quite severely.

    • Kourt says:

      If Castle walked head on into traffic and got hit by a car Alexis would blame Beckett!

    • Harvey says:

      Castle started going into real trouble after meeting Beckett, in her eyes, and it’s obvious she would blame her for something that happens to her father done by some bad guy.

  26. Reading all these comment’s about the downfall of love towards the Alexis Character reminds me of those scenes between the Mandy Moore character and Alexis is one epode last year. Alexis was so annoying even Mandy rolled here eyes and had to drink to get through the monologue rant Alexis spouted. That scene basically was my whole experience with her Season 6. Sad to say, but she is about as lovable as the bratty bottom 25 % of wealthy girls her age in America that I can’t stand to be around. I just hope that the writers can find a way to humble her and give the actress some real script substance to help the audience see her as a maturing adult who has moved past the teen angst stage!

  27. Boiler says:

    Wow the hate on here is almost as bad as Glee!! I hoped most people would start sticking up for her since I first posted. Guess not! Hopefully the 35 or so hateful posters won’t be watching Season 7

  28. Pat says:

    I like Molly Quinn and her character Alexis. They do need to expand on her a little more this upcoming season. I really do not want to see Alexis lash out at Kate so I hope the writers will be a little bit careful on how they will be writing this in. So put a check mark in the I like column for me.

  29. Nikki says:

    I do not understand why Alexis is not liked or considered a spoiled brat. She’s had a relatively easy life but have never seen her as a bad person. The Alexis character is a strong and vital component to the Castle character. A big part of his identity is as Alexis’ father. She will always be a part if his life and needs to be there. It has been just the two of them (Martha does her own thing) for most of her life and she has had to take on the role of adult in the relationship–something I’ve seen kids have to do even in our own community as the parents are not always that responsible. Living with 4 teenagers/young adults now, this is what teenagers are like: self absorbed, “always right”, and not wanting to listen to advice. Alexis simply reflects that. She’s realistic.
    If Alexis lashes out at Kate over her fathers disappearance, that also seems very normal. Some people have the tendency to attack those closest to them in tones of stress. Kate is there and will take the brunt of it. It happens. Beckett fans just need to not get upset when anyone, character or reporter, paints her in less than perfect tones. She’s a big girl. She can handle it.

    • Ponche says:

      Hmm … I hated Alexis behaviour toward Castle in season 6, not Beckett

    • Just one thing says:

      Yeah, Castle fans didn’t exactly like Alexis’ treatment of him last season. And I had to agree.
      Then again, I never bought into the notion that Castle was some horrible, neglectful father whose youthful, playboy dalliances forced Alexis to become the adult in the relationship. Castle has always been a good father, involved, protective and caring – and the attempts to justify Alexis’ brattiness just because Castle’s an occasional goof have always fallen flat for me. I didn’t buy it before season six, and I definitely don’t buy it now.

    • Fogel says:

      I read your post and I am a little confused. What would make you think that our beloved show has ever made an attempt at “reality”? I’m having a hard time understanding the concept in relation to Castle.

      You want reality! I’ll give you reality! Having your sixteen year old daughter rip into you because you moved her hair dryer to a different drawer. Now that’s reality. But she still loves her “daddy”. And I won’t even start on my better half and the other three sweet loving young ladies that I live with.

      The Becket fans had better hold on to something solid. I can feel the Alexis tornado about to rip thought Castleville.

      Just a thought.

  30. Lena says:

    I actually hope we’re going to have a real argument between these two, not just Alexis being bitchy at Beckett, I want some action !

  31. BoboTheRaven says:

    I find all this rather amusing frankly. So much hate for Alexis. I mean what did she really do?

    There was that whole incident with Pi of course, but what was wrong with that? Should a young woman be forced to chose between two things? All the story did was have her introduce a new paramour into her her relationship with her father without notice or consulting him; something that badly disrupted their relationship; then she move away so that he wouldn’t interfere with her new priority; and resulted in a distant relationship where he could only see her on her own terms. Of course, she eventually saw how grossly inappropriate that new interest was for her and quit it to begin rebuilding her relationship with her dad. So it all ended well.

    Basically a carbon copy of Beckett’s pursuit of the Fed job; with the exception that Alexis actually chose to quit her mistake and head home. All while Beckett chose to stay away, until her firing of course.

    But somehow Alexis’ behavior stirs a venomous response from the fan base, yet many continue to worship the ground Beckett walks on.

    Here be quick sand people.

    • Fogel says:

      So what do you think BTR? Is it possible that a large group of people watch the show
      just so they will have something to *itch about?

      Have you read the book series?

      Just a thought from the thoughtless one.

  32. NL says:

    Ugh I just want to watch Castle without Alexis drama and weird mythologies or cases … Isn’t it possible anymore ?

  33. Uh huh. Let’s see if they truly own the so-called tension this time, instead of glossing over it.
    I don’t think it’s at all necessary at this point, and would actually have preferred the opposite. But whatever.

  34. Grey says:

    I don’t think that it’s that we don’t want Alexis to date or have a love life it’s just that in this particular instance the character of Pi was so poorly written and undeveloped that the audience didn’t have any reason to root for him or their relationship. We, the audience, never got to really know Pi and we certainly never got to see any depth to their relationship. (Did we ever actually see them alone having a really meaningful conversation about their relationship? We didn’t even get to see her actually breakup with him face to face. Just saying.) All we were left with was the question of, “What does she see in this guy?!” And then he went from being a mystery to being just plain rude and dumb! I don’t know if that was the fault of the writers and directors, the actor’s portrayal, or all of the above but it was a disaster. You can’t expect an audience to embrace a new character – whether as a good guy or a villain – if we never get to know him! It’s amazing to me how one time guest actors and characters were better developed and written than Alexis’ ongoing boyfriend. In some ways I think Martha’s never seen boyfriend Chet was more fleshed out and better written.

  35. Kourt says:

    We will finally get real conversations between Beckett and Alexis that we haven’t seen since Beckett and Castle got together. We will see the two of them arguing for once and then their relationship will heal.

  36. Kailee says:

    They shouldn’t make Alexis take out her anger on Kate, especially since a lot of people already don’t like Alexis. They should’ve made her and Kate come together to solve whatever has happened to Castle so that we can start to kinda sorta like Alexis again.

    • Grey says:

      That’s actually a very good idea. So, yeah, it definitely won’t happen. LOL!

    • Kourt says:

      What Beckett and Alexis both have in common is that they both care highly about Castle and will want him home.

    • Anon says:

      Yes kailee they could have went that route and it would have been nice, but in this situation Alexis lashing out at Kate is believable. It’s a high stakes situation and castle is all she really knows besides Martha. Whatever Alexis says, will affect Kate, but I think it will reflect on how she doesn’t want what happened to her(losing mom and not being able to solve case for long time) to happen to Alexis. It says their relationship will heal, so im sure Alexis apologizes in some way Also i like alexis, I think we r seeing her flaws but I think the only time
      she overreacted was with pi and she did admit her mistake in 6×16?
      Just my opinion

  37. BetiSA says:

    Is it a new kind of sport criticize Castle or what? it is really frustrating enter this site and read the comments of people who have only one aim, attack the show all the time and everything around it.
    I would say that you are fans of the blackilst and ncisla, sent by someone else…..

  38. Kourt says:

    Andrew Marlowe doesn’t do direct confrontation between characters. We didn’t see Castle confront Beckett when he found out she remembered everything about her shooting. I doubt we will actually see Alexis confronting Kate about what happened to her father in 7×01. I honestly think we will just see things being tense between them no words really being said. Actions speak louder than words

  39. Bella says:

    I like Alexis. She’s been kind of a brat lately, but she’s coming into her rebellious period late. Maybe once Castle got into a relationship with Kate, Alexis didn’t have to be the parent anymore. I don’t mind if Alexis is in a relationship, so far though she’s had terrible taste, Pi being the worst. So far.

  40. arial2 says:

    I don’t understand this. From the start, Alexis and Kate seemed to understand each other, get along really well. Now the writers have decided to create false tension? What, are they having that much of a problem coming up with good storylines? If anything, Alexis has always been too perfect a daughter. If she were to develop problems with Kate, it should have been a couple of years ago. She’s an adult now, way beyond the “I’m worried another woman will take my daddy away from me” stage. In fact, she’s gone through her father’s other marriages, to lesser women than Kate, and she’s come out the other end just fine. If they wanted to do this storyline, it should have been while she was a teen, not as an adult.

    • That was developed years ago, at the beginning of Season 4. They just never touched on it directly and left it to “subtext.” But the groundwork has definitely been laid on-screen and fueled off-screen by Molly Quinn.

    • Harvey says:

      Obviously it would now be now. She has seen many of her father’s girlfriend, but the first one this close and somebody who has gotten her father into trouble many times, in a child’s eye and marriages? only one after her being born.

  41. Sheila says:

    I find the change in Alexis’ character to be much like Rory in Gilmore Girls. As a teen, she was level headed and responsible, then went to college and by 19 or so, she had become a whiny idiot. They write these “child acting as the parent” teen characters, but then they become adults and start acting like children. Very strange.

    • Kourt says:

      I totally agree with this. Alexis Castle is truly a rip off of Rory Gilmore. Raised by a single parent, when to a private school and then went to an IVY league college.

  42. Kourt says:

    Sometimes I feel like Beckett understands Alexis more than Castle. Molly says that there is going to be tension between Alexis and Beckett that could simply mean that there is going to be tension at the loft between all the Castle women. The loft is going to be crowded with emotions. Beckett, Alexis and Martha are going to be faced with the reality that Castle could be dead. We the viewers know that he will be fine, but the characters don’t. Do I think we will see Alexis actually yelling at Beckett like when Josh yelled at Castle for his girlfriends shooting? Probably not. I am also wondering if any lashing out Alexis does at Beckett is due to prolonged PTSD that Molly spoke of. The relationship between Beckett and Alexis is complicated because of her age. If she was younger things would be very different.

  43. Briggs says:

    *big sigh* Guys, the rivalry over in Arrowland between those who are Laurivers and those who love Olicity is more loving than the attitudes toward Alexis in here.
    For the record, all the things you’ve been hating on? Perfectly normal for someone her age. Given that she’s had to ‘raise’ her father (which was completely unhealthy), her reactions to Kate are understandable. What heart-to-heart, you say? You mean the one Castle watched but wasn’t close enough to hear, so we didn’t, either, that was at the end of the ep where Alexis was trying save a man from death row? We didn’t need to hear it. It was plain as the nose on your face that they’d had a good moment.
    Maybe it’s because I, too, came from an abnormal backround (not the same as hers), but I totally get it. Her life is no longer what it was, change is happening and she has to accommodate this new person whom she loves, but its her father involved, too, and she’s…. confused. She’s not really an adult yet, she’s still learning, and you persecute her for it. I’ve yet to see one legit complaint.
    No, not even Pi. We all know about that boyfriend that you have in college that your parents hated. That’s what he was. And that’s why you hated him. “You’re so smart, what happened?” said every parent ever.

    • Kourt says:

      So many people are biased when it comes to Alexis because of their own personal experiences.

      • Briggs says:

        You could say a number of complaints expressed on TVLine are because of one bias or another. But it isn’t them in the situation, it’s Alexis, and they just plain fail to understand how big a difference that makes. The show has been on long enough that there’s no excuse for not understanding how it’s being written, anymore.

        • I think you underestimate your fellow viewers’ capacity to distinguish between a character and themselves. Plenty of posters have given reasons for why they don’t like Alexis or her behavior, and they haven’t once had to explain their personal lives or experiences to do so.

      • lkh says:

        In my world, bias is a bit of a strong word. Guess we all have different perspectives based upon our own experiences and what we think are correct and not so correct and perhaps this leads to bias for some, maybe even prejudice and discrimination but I’m not sure the comments here are really bias-maybe just opinions that differ.

    • I’ve never bought the “Alexis raised Castle” schtick. I don’t care how much of a playboy he acted as his red carpet persona, Castle has always been their for his kid, has always been aware and protective. It’s silly to me that the father they developed from the pilot episode – present, loving, engaged – was such a negligent jerk that Alexis had no other choice but to become a pious princess.
      The kid has never wanted for anything – not his time, his affection. It’s a blatantly contradictory cop-out to justify her maturity, when the truth is, some kids are just more serious and studious than others, and it has nothing to do with their upbringing.
      I’ve always had issues with the show’s lack of development of Kate and Alexis’ relationship. I thought it may be truly addressed at one point, but no dice.

      • Kourt says:

        Honestly Kate and Alexis did have a good relationship in the seasons leading up to season 4 when Beckett was shot. We only saw them have real interaction in season 2 when Alexis was at the precinct for school. Alexis and Beckett’s relationship became rocky in season 4 because Castle almost took a bullet for Beckett. It was then I think where Alexis finally realized how much her father cares for Beckett. He would die for her. In season 5 when castle and Beckett got together Beckett and Alexis should’ve had scenes together.
        In seasons 1-3 it was important to see who Castle was apart from being a playboy. We saw Castle being a loving father and son. I hate how it was portrayed that Alexis is the parent in the relationship and it is she who is raising Castle.

      • fibber says:

        maybe we will get to find out about Castle’s earlier days… for her raising him, i see it in someways, to me though I think they were there for each other-say equals-not so much parent-child way kind of creepy at times. that wasn’t the whole point of the show for me though it was all of them together make it a great show!

        as for the Kate relationship it was done slow in actions, I saw lots of times they had good times, taking advise from Kate and seeing Alexis wanting her dad to be with that kinda of person. Can’t wait to see what other kind of tension will arise.

      • Kenneth Dawson says:

        Sorry, did you listen to Castle’s recitations of his police record, his drunken trashing of hotel rooms and his familiarity with lots of dubious, and even blatantly criminal characters even before he started following Beckett around?

        I get that underneath it all he genuinely loves Alexis, and he’s a “fun” dad, but you can’t do all that and still be a truly responsible parent. The viewers just didn’t get to see all the problems things like that inevitably cause. They just get to laugh at his “throwaway” lines about irresponsible behaviour.

        I agree they finally need to have an actual conversation about the Rick/Kate/Alexis relationship. I would like to see Alexis face up to the fact thar she’s scared because of how many times her Dad has almost died directly because of his relationship with Beckett. And, up until last season, Kate couldn’t make up her mind to commit to him, or not. I’d love to see that come pouring out in a non-accusatory catharsis.

  44. Missteff says:

    finally got to see the video! great job MQ! can’t wait to see more “Castle”. Thanks for all the updates……

  45. Dj says:

    I love Molly Quinn she is so awesome. But I disagree with one thing. It’s not that viewers don’t want to see Alexis with someone they didn’t want to her with PI.

  46. lame says:

    Alexis is finally acting like a teenager and not a forty year old in a kids body. I don’t have a problem with the writers fleshing out Alexis. I do have a problem with the writers having brought the fans to the brink of the wedding and now dragging out an entire season or even half season without a resolution. Writing episodes to fill the calendar year that don’t constantly address the issue will test the loyalty of the fan base and distract from or lower the value of some really good stories. Seems like the writers are playing with dynamite. How long the fans will follow before there is an explosion is something Marlowe is willing to roll the dice on.

    • Kourt says:

      Alexis isn’t a teenager. In season 7 she will be a junior in college. It is seriously time for Alexis to grow up and act like a young adult. She needs to forge her own path

  47. Onya says:

    Sorry, Molly, but Pi was just weird, with very little, if anything, in common with Alexis. And you guys as a couple seemed forced and contrived. I was thrilled when Alexis dumped him. I disagree, too, with your comment that people just want to watch Alexis move on through her life, with no romantic encumbrances. Your character is one of the best things about Castle; us longtime viewers have watched you grow up and are interested in seeing if you navigate young adulthood as well as you did your earlier years. But, with or without a love interest, I will be in front of my screen when the next season launches.

  48. Mary Jo says:

    I love Alexis! She is a beautiful young lady. Adds some realism to the show which is my favorite.