The Teen Wolf Cast Howls at Coyote Sex Specifics, Previews New Romance and Evolving Creature Effects

Have they, or haven’t they…?

The matter of whether Teen Wolf‘s Stiles and Malia ever completely succumbed to their animal urges was a hot (and hysterical) topic when the MTV series’ cast made camp in TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite.

VIDEO Teen Wolf‘s Midseason Trailer Previews Death, Danger, Shirtlessness

Jawing with TVLine’s Andy Swift, series boss Jeff Davis settled that issue, leaving poor Shelley Hennig — with her leading man Dylan O’Brien off running Comic-Con mazes and such — to delve into the particulars as (probably!) pertains to werecoyote sex.

From there, Davis and Hennig, with Tyler Posey, Tyler Hochlin, JR Bourne, Dylan Sprayberry and Holland Roden, fielded questions about the new lady in 0-for-2 Derek’s life, another possibly big death, the growing Scott/Liam bromance, The Benefactor, “blue” wolves and how Lydia is Daphne (or Scully) to Stiles’ Shaggy (or Mulder).

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But first, the gang kicks things off with a “group howl.” So press play, now.

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  1. Sam says:

    Fox is Mulder’s first name. I think what you’re looking for is “Scully.” And a copy editor.

  2. Ian says:


    So we should be finding out who the Benefactor is in just a few more episodes I’m guessing. A couple before the season finale.

    And going by Hollands and Jeff’s comments and by the midseason trailer, I’m guessing Parrish and Lydia ain’t happening. I suspect he’s a bad guy too, if not the Benefactor himself, so.
    But I wouldn’t be surprised if her and Stiles don’t have any close call moments together as they’re trying to do their detective work. Stiles and Malia are supposed to be on the rocks soon too, so it all adds up I think.

  3. Skittles&Bits says:

    The Sprayberry-Posey dynamic is beyond adorable! It’s like watching two brothers goof off while they’re supposed to be serious. Of course it doesn’t help that Sprayberry is very good-looking. This darker hair color is a nice contrast to his fair skin. I can’t wait for the show to explore the Liam/Scott dynamic especially because a young, volatile, confused boy like Liam really, really needs a levelheaded person to look up to. This of course reminds me how much Scott has matured as a character. S1 Scott was a whiny, narrow-minded lovesick fool but S4 Scott has all the makings of a dependable, responsible adult. Teen Wolf doesn’t do many things right but with Scott’s development, it’s been flying high. I truly, truly hope this “Pydia” ship sinks at port, especially because I’m pretty sure Parrish isn’t what he seems and Lydia really needs a break to focus on herself. I also desperately hope the “Dump on Derek” aka “Usual Teen Wolf Plot” ends soon. A born wolf losing his powers? There had better be a brilliant explanation and resolution for this.

    • Ian says:

      Dylan Sprayberry’s 15…

      And it amuses me how thirsty people are. Lydia and Parrish have only made eye contact a couple times, but since he’s attractive and she’s single, it’s BOOM, we’ve got a ship. But I definitely think he’s bad news, even just watching the midseason trailer, it’s obvious, and Lydia really could do with a break. Though I don’t think anyone would object to her and Stiles getting closer. Holland did say here there could be something of a love interest, and I can only assume it’s Stiles.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        Yes, I am aware of Sprayberry’s age. I didn’t say I wanted to date him or that I even find him attractive. I only complimented his looks and that means I’m thirsty? Odd conclusion to jump to.

        • Nick says:

          Not much of a difference between saying good-looking and attractive, imho…

          • Skittles&Bits says:

            Then I guess it’s a difference of opinion. I think my little brother, who is the same age as Sprayberry, is good looking but I’m certainly not attracted to him. Tyler Hoechlin (sp?) is good looking but I’m certainly not attracted to him. Holland Roden is good-looking but nope, still not attracted to her. But to each his own.

          • b says:

            That’s so messed up. There has to be a way to innocently comment on a minor’s looks (“good-looking”) without sexualizing it (“attractive”). Good looks are science, it’s all about ratios and contrasting and complementary color tones. You’re allowed to say, “This teenager is good-looking. He has a well-proportioned face and body structure and the contrast between his dark hair and pale skin is nice” without saying, “Dang, this child is attractive. I’d like to take him home.”

          • Nick says:

            Good looks are not science, they’re just as subjective as attractiveness.
            And I understand your point.

    • Pydia is short for Peter/Lydia. Parrish/Lydia is either Larrish or Marrish.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        Oh thanks for catching that. I meant to type “Larrish” but I was thinking about how some fans seem so hung up on pairing Lydia with an older man and typed “Pydia” in instead.

  4. Dani says:

    Thank you so much for addressing the whole Stiles and Malia sex scene. I hope they realized how skeevy that entire scene was.

    • Ian says:

      Well, Jeff’s been desperately trying to pop Stiles’ cherry for ages now. I saw that sex scene as him finally getting it over with. So yeah, skeevy as hell.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Not necessarily skeevy. After all, she was living as an adult coyote and she may have engaged in certain things with other coy

        • Dani says:

          Losing your virginity in the basement of a mental instituion while trying to find answers for Stiles’ not so healthy state and Malia running on ‘animal’ instinct isn’t very skeevy?

  5. Ally Oop says:

    I missed Dylan O’Brian and Arden Cho is this. Wish I could have seen them in this.

  6. A says:

    I’ve been re-watching this season and something occurred to me..I might just be way outside of the box but I can’t think of anyone else! Ok so the benefactor..from the beginning I was always under the impression it was Gerard..then when Allison’s name turned out to be one of the key words to the dead pool I was sold! But then Aidan’s name turned out to be the second name so I became once again clueless on who the benefactor may be. I kept telling myself it has to be someone the group was close to last season because of the names so I started going through the suspects. Isaac-can’t be since the actor is no longer on the show. Ethan-can’t see it. He cared for his twin yeah but I don’t think he cared about Allison at all. Deaton-also can’t see it. He seems to benevolent for that. Then while watching this last episode I thought of something while watching the scene where stiles is in class looking at the crime scene photos.. Again might be shooting way out of left field here but Coach seems to be the only reasonable suspect here! I mean he knew Allison and Scott were together and maybe when she died he thought it would screw up Scott’s head for the season this year. Aidan’s death would also affect him since Aidan was also on the team. He’s seen enough crazy stuff by now that he has to know something supernatural exists in this town. hmm..I wonder