Teen Wolf's Midseason Trailer Previews Death, Danger and Shirtlessness

Teen Wolf Trailer

Malia, Kira, Derek… Is anyone not chillin’ at Death’s door in Teen Wolf‘s midseason trailer? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. No one is safe.)

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Originally screened Thursday during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer previews what we can expect in the coming weeks. Cliff-notes version: It’s not looking good for anyone.

Impending dangers include Derek’s speedy descent into humanity, massive explosions at the hospital — why is Mama McCall crying? — and worst of all, a wolfed-out Peter who seems intent on ending Scott’s plucky young existence.

Fortunately, the trailer isn’t all doom and gloom. In addition to a nice Scott/Kira kiss, we also see Derek getting his shirtless freak on. And is that a Stiles/Lydia hug at the 1:05 mark? This just got real.

Hit PLAY on the trailer below, then drop a comment with your theories: How is the first half of Season 4 going to end?

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  1. Marcus T. says:

    If only teen wolf had this much action in most of their episodes. No fighting until the last 5 minutes of the show now.

  2. Natalie says:

    Why are your videos not working for people outside the US?

  3. Mary Kate says:

    My gosh their trailers are always amazing. Can’t wait for the Stiles and Lydia scene!

  4. If they kill Peter…..again…..WE RIOT……well, I sure will!

    • Tyler the Omega says:

      I agree completely Peter is one of my favorite characters if they kill peter or Derek I say we Riot!!!!!!!! Who’s with us!!!!!?????

  5. Jared says:

    Im loving this season of Teen Wolf much more than expected. The Liam storyline was a great addition. Also loving the lacrosse scenes

  6. Kevon says:

    I want to know what they meant by Scott is becoming more of a Werewolf!!!!

    • Michelle p says:

      Scott s fear was always turning into a monster and hurting the people he cared about. Looks exciting

  7. 00:28 Is that Parrish?

    • Kait says:

      I thought so, I can’t tell what he’s covered in. It probably plays a huge part in what he is: whether he’s a were(something) and being dirty and wet, being some sort of water faerie/creature and being covered in weird pond/river muck, or something that we don’t know yet (even him just being human and dirty/shirtless coming in like uhhh what happened like Scott waking up in the morning season 1). If theories can be believed, it could even be Isaac’s older brother that was presumably deceased and it’s actually burns. The lighting in the scene makes it hard to tell. Regardless, and even if it isn’t him as we assumed because of lighting, he looks good!

  8. Kevon says:

    Is Scott ever going to reap some kind of benefits for being a “True” Alpha??????

    • shelton says:

      I know right. Being man handled by betas. He kicked more butt when he was a beta than when he’s an alpha

  9. God says:

    Why do I get the feeling that Kira would be this season’s major death?

    • shelton says:

      I can see that happening honestly. Maybe Kira dies and Peter kills Scotts dad than scott kills Peter in the finale. They said Scotts becoming more wolf. He’s actually gonna be a wolf. Put that with him killing Peter it’s bound to send scott over the edge. Personally I would love to see an evil side of scott for a few episodes.

  10. Torii hernandez says:

    I hope stiles and lydia stay together in the end..it would be a catastrophe if he ends up with malia…

    • MJ Barthelot says:

      Cannot agree more, I bloody hate stalia (malia’s so annoying, and it annoys me how much attention stiles gives her, I couldn’t care less about her backstory and trying to transition into human form)

      • Kevon says:

        The only reason you dislike Malia is because you have already made up your mind about wanting Stiles with Lydia, something the producers have consistently said isn’t going to happen!

        • Tyler the Omega says:

          I wanted stiles to be with Lydia but she doesn’t deserve him I think malia is a much better choice let the man have a chance at love I know exactly what the styles-Lydia situation feels like from styles point of view!

  11. Sebastian says:

    Sorry, this video is not found or no longer available due to date or rights restrictions.

  12. Nitin Chotia says:

    Well I think Derek is hurt badly in the finally and Scott tries to bring him back just like he did with Cora and the person who takes the suitcase of money is none other than Gerard Argent(Allison’s grandfather) known in this season as the Benefactor. He can be a hard pain in the ass for the pack. As for Peter, he surely is going to hurt himself pretty badly this season. Kate Argent or the werejaguar will join the pack in season 5 and Parrish looks more like a WENDIGO to me due to the same price over the heads of the other wendigos in the deadpool list. He has much control over his abilities and can rather use them for some good. I think Scott has definately gone lame in this season after becoming the ALPHA and should kick some ass in the season. Well happy for Stiles, as he atleast got a girl for himself in this season. Would like for ISAAC, ETHAN and JACKSON to return for season 5 and join Scott’s pack and kick some major booty. Just imagine Scott’s Pack(Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, Liam, Kate, Isaac, Ethan, Jackson and Deaton and Derek as their advisors). They would be freaking unbeatable. production should then bring some hardcore enemies against them and then create an epic season. Well rather looking forward to season 4’s finale and season 5.