Teen Wolf Recap: War Games

Teen Wolf Recap

There’s nothing chill about lax, bro. Nothing chill at all.

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Monday’s Teen Wolf transformed Beacon Hills High School’s lacrosse field into a battlefield, and all eyes were on that smug, Mormon-looking murderer Garrett. To make things even more stressful, it was Kira’s first game and the opposing team was from Liam’s old school! (This is why I don’t do sports.)

After Garrett stabbed Liam’s rival Brett — who also happens to be supernatural — with a poisoned dagger, the fight moved to the locker room, as always, where Scott discovered Violet’s involvement in the recent string of murders. Well, he at least discovered her involvement in this attempted murder, which prompted him to knock her out cold. (Or did he kill her? Either way, anyone could have walked into that locker room and discovered two unconscious teenagers. So once again, Scott and Stiles have somehow managed to avoid going to prison, where neither of them would last a week.)

Teen Wolf LiamTICK… TICK… | Before the big game, we learned a little more about Liam (who is literally 16, might I remind you. So if you were born before 1996, please keep your thirsty tweets to yourself.) Anyway, Liam was apparently kicked out of his prep school for going b-a-n-a-n-a-s on his old coach’s car, for which he was basically diagnosed as a human time bomb — because, of course, Scott had to go and bite a kid with behavioral problems. Despite Liam’s penchant for exploding, though, Scott is actually exhibiting some very paternal instincts with his progeny. They’ll totally win the three-legged race at the next father-wolf/son-wolf picnic. (Those exist.)

BROKEN RECORD | With a third of the dead pool cracked via the cipher code “Allison,” Lydia is now devoting all of her free time — and apparently all of her school time — to cracking the other two. And when trusty techniques like listening to records and scribbling on paper proved futile, she turned to Plan C: Meredith. (You remember Meredith, right? That curly-topped goober we met so briefly last season, then never heard from again? Well, she’s back!)

Teen Wolf LydiaMer-bear showed up at the police station, specifically to give Lydia another cryptic cipher code: “Aiden!” (Clearly, the Benefactor is still carrying a ton of emotions from Season 3B.) But wait — the bigger surprise was seeing Deputy Parrish’s name on the dead pool! Could he be a werewolf, too? Another banshee, perhaps? Given that sweet li’l face and baby-smooth skin, I also wouldn’t eliminate angel from the realm of possibilities. (Update: Commenter Patrick Maloney is theorizing that Parrish could be the Benefactor, and merely put his own name on the list to throw us off. I like it!)

POWER FAILURE | Meanwhile, Derek and Papa Argent — who make a phenomenally bearded little team — continued their hunt for the Benefactor, a quest which led to a most-unfortunate revelation: Furry McHale is losing his powers!

It also led to a most-unfortunate encounter with Araya, who made good on her promise to visit Beacon Hills following Scott’s first bite. After inquiring about Braeden’s whereabouts, she laid the guilt on real thick, reminding Argent that he swore to live by the hunter’s code (“We hunt those who hunt us!”) and will eventually need to turn on his supernatural pals. Despite the encounter giving me creepy Animal Farm flashbacks (“Four feet good, two feet bad!”), it set up an interesting conflict for Allison’s dad — as if he wasn’t conflicted enough already.

Other observations…

* Malia got her hair did between Episodes 4 and 5, and she looks great. (With those locks, who even needs math?)

* Whenever I see a scene between Kira and her dad, I’m shocked there isn’t a laugh track.

* How long do we think it’ll take Mason to start putting the pieces together? Or is he already? If there’s one thing I learned from Danny, it’s that gay best friends know everything on this show. (And then they disappear.)

OK, Teen Wolf fans, time to weigh in: Will Argent actually side with Araya? What kind of supernatural creature is Parrish? And why hasn’t Malia given her hairdresser’s phone number to Meredith? (Seriously.) Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mare says:

    REALLY not happy that Derek is losing his powers. And how can a born werewolf lose what they were born with?? That makes no sense! Ugh. I was hoping this season would be a change from the usual “let’s dump on Derek” but guess not.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Derek appears to be a dump-magnet. That’s part of his charm. :)

    • Andrea says:

      They gave Spike a chip and soul in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so Derek is losing his werewolf powers. Dull, boring, short-sighted and a BTVS rip off.

    • michelle says:

      we don’t know what she did to make him his younger self and why he turned back because she could have taken something without knowing. It seems she was tipped off about the coin artifact for control but not knowing it was not real. A distaction so the benefactor could get the money

  2. Patrick Maloney says:

    What if Parrish is the Benefactor and he just put his name in to throw off suspicion, that was an awfully low number. It’s either Parrish or Papa Argent

    • Andy Swift says:

      I like the way you think. He did seem *awfully* interested in Lydia having supernatural abilities.

      • Ian says:

        I have to agree too.

        He hasn’t exhibited anything supernatural so far, but he does just seem to know a lot. It really could just be his military training and being highly observant and empathic, but I’d say he knows as much about warfare as The Mute did and could rig up bombs and modify axes too, and he knew just what to say to connect with Meredith, like he knows more about Banshees than anyone else.

        Why he would put himself in the middle of the group’s investigation and risk them catching onto him, idk, but maybe it’s a game to him then. And so then did Parrish use Allison’s and Aiden’s names as keys to shake the group up? He was around last season and knew how close they were to them…

        • Bryce says:

          Speaking of the codes, why isn’t Lydia now just plugging in the names of her dead or left friends? $10 says the next one is Jackson, or Isaac if it is Parrish.

          • Patrick Maloney says:

            I would say Jackson as well. It’s the fact that the code words are names that make me believe it’s Chris Argent

          • Sara says:

            Well if it’s just dead friends….she should try Boyd

          • Ian says:

            I’m actually scared the third name will be someone who hasn’t died yet. One of the parents is expendable at this point too, like Lydia’s mom or Kira’s dad.

          • Nick says:

            Dead and left are pretty different things.
            Allison and Aiden have not only in common that they are dead Lydia’s friends.
            They also start with an A.
            They both killed an Oni, and were killed by an Oni.
            They both took a shot at Isaac’s life, at least once.

            Somehow I think the third name will be surprising, because the show likes to surprise us, but there will still be a reasonable pattern.
            Somehow Isaac makes less sense than Jackson, since he was never particularly close to Lydia. Boyd or Erica would make more sense if the connection is about people in Scott’s pack who died (for a right cause?).

            Lydia should definitely just try the names of her friends. But again, this is a teen drama so maybe she won’t.

            Before the discovery that the second name was Aiden, I had a bunch of theories about the 3 passwords:
            Allison, Scott and Stiles: guilty (from the Benefactor point of view) of attracting all the supernatural in Beacon Hills through their sacrifice at the end of season 3a.
            Allison, Victoria and Kate Argent: warriors and leaders in the Argent family who died fighting – we know it’s not true for Kate, but does the Benefactor know?

          • Jerry says:

            Lol Issac and Jackson are not in beacon hills therefore they can’t be on the list

          • Sara says:

            Jackson isn’t dead and neither is Issac

        • Matt says:

          I think he is a Vampire, He transferred after the tree’s power returned. He is a lot older then he looks, doesn’t seem to change. Happens to know how to do just about everything.

        • River Madar says:

          I think he is also a banshee that’s y he is taking such an interest lydia because if you think about it he didnt show up till after the tree was give its power back

    • Ashbash says:

      I think the benefactor is Gerard Argent. I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of him and I would think he would want revenge for his granddaughter Allison’s death.

    • Rook says:

      Kira had a six.

      • michelle says:

        Kira’s mom had a 5 what soes that mean. I don’t think liam was on the list the just assumed it was him when it was brett. Which unless everyone had a cold why did they not know about each other

    • Daniel says:

      You did see earlier when Stiles was putting Ms and Ks next to the numbers. that 5 is 5mil

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        That’s just a guess though, it could very well be 5 thousand

        • Nick says:

          It’s a well reasoned guess, since the Benefactor is paying the killers with the 117 millions he stole from the Hale’s vault. Hence the 3 pages should somehow sum up to 117 millions and if you only go by thousands… then well page 3 should contain something like 200 names at least. Not likely.

    • Unlikely. The Lil Killer Duo are targeting everyone on the list, so they would have to know if Parrish is a fake. I’m more intrigued by how up-to-date the list is (Liam added after like 2 days), and the passwords being the names of characters who died last season. The Benefactor has to be someone who’s in close, and Parrish would not have known Alison or Aiden. And who else could be the third password?

      • EdgarM11 says:

        I believe it could be ducalion or even peter he killed the mute remember season 3A he said he was always the alpha or ducalion all he cared about was power

      • ravishing unknown says:

        maybe boyd or erica cold be the third answer…

      • Drew says:

        I want Lydia to be the third password herself. Beyond the fact that they both died last season, the only real link between Allison and Aiden is that they were the two most important people to Lydia. I want another banshee to have discovered the list, sent it to Lydia telepathically (the same way she accidentally summoned Meredith), and for her name to be the final key, proving it was meant for her and only her to solve.

        • Nick says:

          Well the fact that they both died in combat fighting the Onis does not seem like a small coincidence to me.
          And I don’t think they’ll play the banshee trick again, they did it with Meredith. They can’t just introduce a new banshee out of the blue just to go to Lydia and help her.

      • Nick says:

        But apparently Liam was not added, and all the time Garrett was going after the douche captain of the away team. So we can’t say how “up-to-date” the Benefactor is.

        And by the way, why Parrish would not have known Allison or Aiden? If he knows of all the supernatural creatures on Beacon Hills it’s safe to assume he knew what’s been going on lately, at least in season 3B, since he knows about Kira and her mom.

    • Jack says:

      Its a pretty large number, because all of the smaller numbers are in millions and the larger ones are in thosands

    • Loki says:

      His low number was 5 million whereas the higher numbers(i.e, 250 and 500) were thousand so his low number was actually a high number. I like the theory though

    • Ashley says:

      well if you remember in the first episode he said something drew him to Bicon Hills and that could be because of the Nematod that Derrick was holding, so maybe he is really supernatural.

  3. Professor X says:

    I think Argent will temporaily stick with the code of “We Hunt Those Who Hunt Us” and maybe dawn back to the code Allison created in French I think it was like “We protect those who can’t protect themselves” and maybe even kill Araya to stay true to the new code

  4. Raych says:

    i totally ddn see parish’s name i am going to rewatch it js for that. on a seperate note whoever write’s coach’s lines needs to write my verbal fight lines when i go in on some1 ( stilenski if i cld give you an A for how much you scare me you would pass this class) looool… the episode was fun those who shall come to dump on it later js remember its a teen series js roll with the fangs and have a laugh!!! life is waaay to hard to be caught up look at derek losing his powers. the benefactor i put my money on Araya ;)

  5. Hmmm says:

    Didn’t everyone figure Parrish was supernatural when he told sheriff Stilinski that he was drawn to Beacon Hills? I thought that was a pretty big clue last season.

  6. Ashbash says:

    Can we all talk about the stupidity of violet and Garrett thinking they can take on Scott. And how lucky are they that Scott doesn’t kill. I honestly think that the two of them will be dumb enough to try and take on the two characters that aren’t afraid to kill: Kate and Peter. I’m thinking one of those two are gonna be that couples’ demise.

    • Winter says:

      Seriously how bad ass was Scott when he just grabbed a hold of the wire and pulled it off?

      • Nicole says:

        Yeah this was one of my fave part of the show I have a feeling that the girl isn’t going last very long

    • michelle says:

      Not that i want scott to go down, but she could have had that wolfbane she made before. The other guy was at least on the ground. Scott would not kill her but it was great that he finally showed he was an alpha. Waiting for 3 episode because before it was pretty weak not being able to control liam

    • Nick says:

      Just Violet was that stupid. Garrett warned her, and I’m sure the plan was for her to kill the douchy captain, but then she thought he could use him as a bait for Scott… and there it happened.

  7. Shaun says:

    Why do i feel like Stiles’ name will be on the next list?

    • Hannah says:

      I feel like he’s on the list too. He’s so sure that he isn’t because he’s not supernatural. However, we don’t know the exact reason’s for the benefactor making the list or why each specific supernatural being is on it. Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune, so that could make him eligible. Even his membership in Scotts pack could get him on the list, despite being 100% human.

      • Shaun says:

        For some reason I think the Nogitsune could’ve left some side effects on Stiles. For all we know, stiles could be something but doesnt know it.

        • Skittles&Bits says:

          I’ve been thinking about this too. With how much Stiles keeps insisting he’s 100% human and that he’s the only human left in their pack, makes me think he’s human plus. Being possessed by a centuries old fox spirit has got to have some repercussions; who knows, maybe Stiles will develop the ability to talk to the dead?

          • michelle says:

            Yes please not let him be the xander (bvs) of the group. Milking the night of solider for the whole series lol

        • SFH says:

          We’ll if I follow the thought that Allison’s grandpa could be the benefactor then it makes perfect sense to have Stiles on the list somewhere since it was his possessed self that lead to Allison’s death

    • Nick says:

      I think he won’t, but it could be an interesting twist. I still think he’s 100% human though, because it makes sense to have a completely human character in the pack.
      Also, Stiles’s well on his way to become Scott’s emissary. And where is Deaton??

  8. Jackie says:

    I would love to see deputy Parrish with Lydia !!! I had a feeling be was supernatural …maybe a werewolf …. I think him and Lydia make such a cute couple !

  9. Joe U. says:

    Very good episode, the season is progressively getting better.

    I think Parrish is a banshee, he seems to be sort gravitated to them and deathly or near deathly experiences in general (of course that might just be the norm with a Beacon Hills cop), very interesting regardless

  10. AudreyCatburn says:

    I kind of hope Parrish is another type of supernatural we haven’t seen before.

  11. Angie says:

    Where IS Danny? Is he no longer on the show?

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      Apparently not. There were some interviews saying he was gone. So chances are, he’ll no longer appear. At least not this season. He might be back for the beginning of senior year (s5) but still a little doubtful about that..

  12. Bryan says:

    I think the benefactor is danny.
    1.) He is super good at computers so he could make the codes.
    2.) The keywords are people who died recently at the hands of supernatural people from a supernatural world that danny lost all his friends to in some form or another.
    3.) Danny said “dude its beacon hills” in a way that makes it seem like he’s known for a long time.
    4.) Danny hasn’t been on which could be like drawing people away from the idea of him being the benefactor.
    5.) Rumors that he’s left the show could be either false trails or indicating his leave at the end of the season ie killed for being the benefactor.
    6.) There is a rumor that Jackson will be back for the last episode, perhaps to deal with danny.
    Just my thoughts. Oh and I like how Scott finally showed he was an alpha with some powe tonight. And I think Brett should join up with Scott but have to play second beta to liam as a twist.

    • Bryan says:

      Also I think peter getting his power back (as seen on wolf watch) will make him the season 5 bad guy or well one of them.

    • Keahu Kahuanui (Danny) hasn’t been terribly polite about the show forgetting he exists. So its either a very good smoke-screen or a bad employment issue.

      The Jackson rumor seems to come from photos taken of Colton Haynes visiting the set towards the end of the season. There could be more to it though.

  13. Andrea says:

    An absolutely brilliant episode spoilt only by the waste of screen time given to Malia.

  14. Demondroid8 says:

    Aiden….thst make no sense..i’m withdrawing papa Argent name from THE BENEFACTOR nomination..i wonder who the hell is the benefactor??is jackson or danny or ethen??b.t.w whre is ethen??

  15. Aligmich says:

    I feel like Parrish may be a psychic or someone with similar powers – which if he is the benefactor would explain him knowing about Liam and his interest to explore peoples powers to exploit them like Lydia.
    And if he’s not the benefactor it could explain why he’s so interested in Lydia’s intuitive powers – and why he knows so much about them?
    Total theory guys!

  16. Aligmich says:

    Liam’s name wasn’t even on the dead pool, at least he ⅔’s we’ve seen so far. So there’s a spanner in the works!

  17. dociarose says:

    Derek may be losing his powers BUT he’s finally winning fights which is GREAT. Love Stiles always figuring out things and like his commitment to taking care of Malia. LOVED Scott not succumbing to the strangler – GREAT!

  18. michelle says:

    Kira spilled to her dad, but now they really need to clue in her parent. Her mom is on the list. It was a quick look i think her mom was lower amount, but she is older. Maybe the newer are stronger. I thought it was the episode sofar because i did not yell to the tv be an alpha scott. he finally did. I think parrish will be something that has regeneration because of his job as bomb squad. Allison gave her dad a new motto last season i forgot what it was. liam in the shower why was stiles able to hold him down he could have gotten hurt. I hope those kid killer are off now they were annoying. of course scott did not kill her. I wondered why they could not sense brett was were

  19. humanoid2014 says:

    I think Chris will side with araya right now until he finds Kate then things might go differently. i not sure what deputy Parrish is but I do not think he is a banshee or werewolf but maybe some supernatural creature we have not encountered yet. Dr deaton did say that the activating the nemton would draw other supernatural creature here so perhaps that what happen with him. i wondering why the new doctor that was introduced in episode 3 isn’t a suspect he is new a character and we knowing about about him other than he knows Liam maybe guardian for him while he is attending school at bhhs. Garret said something in this week episode that I don’t agree with he told violet that Scott was the only one that survive the alpha attack from the pack that’s not entirely true Scott and Derek did not kill deucalion. He is still an alpha he is still alive so shouldn’t he be on that list too.

    • michelle says:

      we dont know who is picking the names so once we know that. I think it has something to do the the pack. All 3 were probally in the same pack. Spoiler I think the were from the japanese camp?

    • Nick says:

      I’m guessing the doctor taking care of Liam is Mason’s dad. Liam has a stepdad which he didn’t sound very close to. But he’s very close to his best friend Mason, and it would make sense that Mason’s dad knew Liam and was protective towards him.

  20. beth says:

    at the beginning before we knew about Malia I thought he was Peter’s kid. but I’ve always thought he was something

  21. Sebastian says:

    Still not a dead pool. Every time I hear them say it it bugs me.
    The Aiden thing was funky. Meredith gave them four numbers, not five, and I don’t care if she didn’t want to repeat a number, she still should’ve.
    Is there any chance that Garrett and idiot girl are actually proper-age freshmen? Also, has idiot girl really never heard anything about not biting off more than one can chew?
    Why would Scott not last a week in prison? His powers should keep him safe from almost anyone, unless it was some kind of therianthrope pen.

  22. Rico says:

    Kira’s mom and Deputy parrish both got a 5 next to there name, which is 5 million each. The beer guy and the other blonde killed this episode were both werewolves and they weren’t worth that much. So that makes me wonder what the deputy might be, given hes worth 5 million

    • Nick says:

      Well, Derek is a beta and still he’s worth 15M. I don’t think the bounty just depends on your supernatural status, it’s more precise than that.

  23. Taileah says:

    I think that parish is a banshee because he got merideth to understand what to do but I think he is a more experienced banshee and i think there will be banshee study dates between him and lydia

  24. ravishing unknown says:

    well i think liam is cute a lot cute …. however coming to the topic of parrish being on the dead pool he could seriously be a supernatural which i thing he is however he could also be the benefactor ..salute to jeff how he has written this tv show is absolutely mind blowing keep it up

  25. Riley says:

    I’m not really happy about what’s happening with lydia, she needs some help, she needs her friends to be there for her. About Chris, I got pissed when he didn’t followed the code Allison told him… He made Allison’s death to look like it was in vain. I’m not happy at all about Derek loosing his powers and how about Aiden and Allison being the keyword? What does that even mean? And Parrish, I thought Jordan was a girl’s name… Anyway, what is he?

  26. Mal says:

    If Parrish were the benefactor. He couldn’t put his name on the list. Because he is having the teens kill anyone on the list. They wouldn’t know not to kill him.

  27. LemonLime says:

    Hey Andy Swift, can I just say I love the b-a-n-a-n-a-s ref, that took be back!! Kudos!!

  28. Ilovestiles says:

    I think mr. Argent is the benefactor or it could be Deucalion ?

  29. Dylan James Saunders says:

    If I was in teen wolf I would not let Garrett go near Liam I would grab Garrett by the neck
    I would be scott,s older Brother

  30. The main problem I see with Parrish being that Benefactor and putting his name on the list to deflect suspicion is that – unless he’s telling the assassins who he is, he’d be running the risk someone would try tho kill him, thinking he was a real target.

    As for his telling the assassins to ignore a certain name on the list. I would expect the list is circulated in certain circles where people who do this kind of bounty hunting would find it and learn how to crack it b. Any of those people could also be reporting back to j the authorities, so it’s vital for the Benefactor to keep his identity hidden from them, along with everyone else.

  31. hanna says:

    I think Parrish is a banchee

  32. juliana says:

    I just wish they would bring allison back and aiden just like they brought kate back and allison made me cry and aiden allison can a nogutsime and aiden as a werejaguare please and i love that they are the key