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Person of Interest Season 4 Adds Mad Woman Cara Buono

Person of Interest Cara Buono

Cara Buono is poised to be a considerable Person of Interest.

The Mad Men alumna will heavily recur in Season 4 of the CBS drama as a femme fatale, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Buono’s character is said to be uniquely qualified to navigate next season’s “new world order,”in which Samaritan is online and all-seeing, forcing Reese, Finch and the rest of Team Machine to lay low using unimpeachable aliases.

Buono’s many TV credits include guest spots on Elementary, The Good Wife, The Carrie Diaries, Castle and Brothers & Sisters.

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  1. Dean says:

    So she’s the new Root?

  2. Spoiler Junkie says:

    I think she will be an agent working for Greer and by extension Samaritan.

  3. Layla says:

    So now Nolan has officially replaced Zoe Morgan with another younger actress to get the younger demo? Congrats but it won’t help with the ratings this show is on its way down…

    Personally i say: Enuff with all those Woman of Disinterest!!!

    Give us back the real POI and not this…(if i only think about that we STILL COULD HAVE TARAJI…i think i’m about to cry ;-((()

    Rest in Peace POI!!!

    • Nic10 says:

      First: Cara Buono is like 2 years younger than Jim Caviezel. And there’s no inclination that she’s replacing Zoe. Besides, Paige Turco’s tied up with NCIS: New Orleans & The 100.

      And the story of AI, IS the Real POI. That’s what they were aiming for from the beginning. The network & the studio were both well aware of it. The standalone aspect is something they don’t want to give up, but there’s no point if they do just that & not move the story forward. This isn’t some static brain-dead procedural.

      And honestly, the hate that the newer females get makes me wonder if I’m in an SPN fanpage. (With all due respect)

      • Layla says:

        Right, what do I know, I’m too stupid to realize that it’s an A.I. show afterall. I mean i have watched the show from the beginning, but now that fact hit me hard.

        My point WAS: I always thought this show had more class than putting its woman in pretty dresses and using “sex” for ratings. Looking at the latest BEHIND THE SCENES of Season 4 POI just became like every other brain dead procedural. Not to mention that Caro Buonos role is mentioned as Femme Fatale so please.. .

        • Nic10 says:

          There was nothing remotely slutty about the Root/Shaw BTS stuff that I’ve seen for season 4. They put Carter in a dress, too. TWICE. (2PiR & Lady Killer). And there’s no complaints for that right? Zoe’s in a pretty dress, almost ALL THE TIME.

          They’ve never used “sex” for ratings. There’s never been anything remotely “fanservicey” about the women, as far as I’ve seen.

          • Linda says:

            Nic10 – Lady Killer was ALL ABOUT “fanservicey”. Watch the scene where Carter inexplicably goes all “damsel in distress” and runs into Reese’s arms for rescue. Out of character much? The Carter we knew prior to that would have been acting scared to get him to follow her into the trap but fully in control, not actually scared. Bending an established character that far to get the shot you want is the very definition of fanservice.

            As for all the “hate” that the new female characters have gotten — personally I LOVED Root when she was a straight-up psychotic villian. It wasn’t until they re-wrote her as the savior and voice of the Machine that I began to dislike her. As for Shaw — maybe if the writers had decided who/what she was before she’d already appeared in like 10 episodes, we would have received her more warmly. She was horribly inconsistent in S2 — and things like eating with her fingers thing wasn’t endearing, it was just gross. Nolan’s “Catwoman” comments were the final nail in that coffin.

        • Billy says:

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting pretty women in dresses. It is completely natural and normal. What is not normal is thinking that it is Not normal.

          Another thing is, I sure hope they Don’t make Shaw and Root gay. They will lose a lot of viewers if they do and I will lose considerable interest in person of interest

          • Mike Vezina says:

            Well as of last nights episode, your fear has been realized regarding Root and Sameen. Out of the blue another example of gratuitous gaying up of a good tv series that simply wants to be what TV is supposed to be about…entertainment

          • Chinny says:

            Too bad for you: the subtext has been developed for a season and a half now. Root has clearly been demonstrated as gay. Shaw seems to be bi. Those are just aspects of complex, awesome characters – I’m sorry queer characters make you lose interest in phenomenal storytelling, but I applaud the show for writing diverse people. Thank you for the representation, Person of Interest. This show is the best thing on television. Root and Shaw are beautifully written characters and I love their dynamic.

      • Selena says:

        Cara Buono is 6 years younger than Jim Caviezel and 9 years younger than Paige Turco.

      • Telley says:

        And with all due respect, the story of AI is ONLY a part of the Real POI. The REAL POI started out with a few people that each had their separate issues, but were all united in their desire to do something good and worthwhile. Finch/Carter/Reese/Fusco–they spearheaded the show, not some machine.

        The machine was always there, yes, but it was these 4 people and their mission to help others who needed it that is the REAL POI. Seems that the producers forgot that when they killed Carter and changed the show. If you think the “Real POI” is some AI storyline that’s gone off kilter then you are as (sorry to say it) delusional as the producers that have practically ruined this show.

        • vigilant(e) says:

          Just wondering when you were given authority over the direction of the story line on PoI– are you the creator or executive producer? How did you get to decide that the show ISN’T really about AI (despite the show’s creator saying that that is EXACTLY what it was always going to be about, from the beginning)? Do you realize that Nolan had this entire show’s complete storyline (from the first season through to the end) scripted before one episode was ever shot (like a movie script– which is where Nolan came from– not like Lost, where Abrams and his band of merry TV-bred pranksters made it all up as they went along)?

          • Linda says:

            vigilant(e) wrote: “Do you realize that Nolan had this entire show’s complete storyline (from the first season through to the end) scripted before one episode was ever shot (like a movie script– which is where Nolan came from …”

            This is EXACTLY the problem with the show. Nolan may have the entire show scripted, but his vision isn’t flexible and doesn’t allow for the evolution that occurs naturally as a show progresses. A TV show is NOT only about the vision of the creator. The writers, directors, editors, and yes, ACTORS all bring their own talents and takes to the project, and the show should grow organically from that. (And in a reality-based show, the real world also has some say.) So when Carter and Reese developed an unexpected but undeniable chemistry on-screen, Nolan was not flexible enough to build that into his created world. Instead it had to be stomped dead — to the dismay of many fans and also to the great detriment of the show. Similarly, the Snowden incident challenged the show to deal with reality as it impacted the show — and IMO, they failed miserably. (Both Vigilance and Samaritan are flat, one-dimensional additions, where both could have been widely explored for their implications.)

            It’s fine for a movie to have a solidly-plotted and largely inflexible story from the gate, but the same is not true for a running television show. No one needs to look any further than the disastrous and wildly hated ending of “How I Met Your Mother” — also scripted from the word go — to see that. A running show is a living growing thing — it’s no longer just in the hands of the Creator. And that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, Nolan doesn’t have the TV experience to know when to let the story evolve as it should, and Plageman, who certainly DOES have the experience, seems content to defer to the Creator instead of applying that experience.

            If Nolan wants complete control, he needs to consider moving to the short-series format of a show like “American Horror Story”.

    • vigilant(e) says:

      The ratings are not a problem– this is still one of the most watched shows on TV– and it has already been sold into syndication by Warner Brothers, so you can be assured that it will be doing this season (4), and at least half of another, in order to get to the requisite number (100) to meet syndication commitments.

  4. The Carpooler says:

    I don’t know this actress, I wish her well and look forward to the role. I’m not engaging in the debates over Paige (who is talented and beautiful), Amy (who I think is wonderful as Root) or Sarah (whose brooding Shaw is a nice dimension.)

    My only hesitation is new characters added don’t always mean good programming, for me best illustrated by a former fave show, HUMAN TARGET. Season 2 added two new leads, theory is to meet fan demand, which ruined the original chemistry.

  5. Lee says:

    Although I don’t mind the addition of Shaw to the team. Most of the scenes this past season seemed to focus on Shaw & Root. John was hardly in any scenes (unless he was backing up Shaw), Root is now smarter than Harold, and Fusco was hardly used. I know the show is about the machine, but it’s the original characters (and the actors playing them) that has kept me interested in this show. I watched the show because of Jim, Michael & Taraji. We already lost Taraji, now I feel like Jim & Michael’s roles have been reduced as well. I love the concept of the dueling machines, but I miss Reese, Finch, Fusco & the dog.

  6. They have too many women on that show…

  7. Telley says:

    I can’t remember who she played on Mad Men, but I knew I’d seen her before. She looks nice, and if she were only added to kind of replace Kara Stanton (which is what it’s looking like to me), then I’d be all for it.

    The problem is that this show is already too off the rails as it is. Maybe if they hadn’t already added 2 women to the main cast that probably shouldn’t be mains, killed off the best main woman they had for some dumb reason, and pretty much changed the direction of the show, then I could be happy about her addition. But I’m just weary. Maybe looking to move on. It’s too bad she wasn’t introduced right after Kara died instead of some of the other people they’ve added. Now I’m just tired of the barrage of new people.

    • Don says:

      I agree. I don’t know what some of these people are taking about.. The show was NEVER a procedural and the stand alone shows never carried it. There was always the mythology of the machine. But it seems like the writers blew their wad in season 2 and since then don’t know where to take the show. Root’s character is not believable at all. She was a psychopathic killer and now she’s some nice girl trying to help and trying to develop a lesbian romance with Shaw? Please. Tired of the new characters as Zoe, Carter and Kara were great. Don’t need new characters just good stories. Stop trying to please everyone.

  8. Don says:

    I really began to like Person of Interest as Season 2 was fantatic. 24 had ended in 2010 and I was looking for a hard hitting action show and hero like Jack Bauer and I found John Reese who was cool and kicked some serious butt. But now like usual the show is politically correct with gay connotations and fans wanting to see a romance develop between Root and Shaw (gross). I’m sorry I am really hoping for my show back and if it goes where I think it’s going season 4 will be it’s last season.

  9. Don says:

    I do understand that the writers can’t always hit a home run every week. Even the best shows in history such as Breaking Bad, 24 and Mad Men have some bombs. However, given the situation with Snowden, it seems like the show could have adapted much better. It seems like they are doing exactly what they did to a very popular show in the 60’s called the Man From U.N.C.L.E. and are making it a “buddy show” with Root and Shaw as they did with Napoleon and Illya. The show as many remember was canceled after it’s 4th season. This was a show that was #1 for the first two seasons and then ended with ratings that were embarrassing. The creator and producers of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. ruined the show because they changed its original premise and refused to listen to the viewers. Same has happened with Person of Interest. Ratings for POI dropped in the 3rd season and I will guarantee you’ll see cancellation if they continue down the road they are going. It’s contrived and boring. I’ll give it 3 episodes for season 4 and if it’s like last season I’ll be done for good.

  10. Don says:

    Cara Buono was Don Draper’s love interest in Mad Men Season 4. She was his girlfriend after his divorce from Betty Draper. But she got dumped when Don met Megan.

  11. from what I have seen so far, I have no interest in continuing to watch this show. My guess is this show loses at least 50% of its viewers by season end

  12. JC says:

    POI is the best show on broadcast tv. Looking forward to next season.

  13. Bad Move To Kill the Best Actress on the Show says:

    The comments are better than the drama itself. This former fan gave up long ago, and NO, I am not stupid or unable to grasp the intricacies of the storylines. I simply dislike the writers, some of the actors and the new direction the show has taken. Person of Interest will never be The X Files or achieve its success, no matter how much Jonah Nolan wishes it could. He and Plageman have lost any magic they had early on, and are left with a disjointed, miscast nightmare.

  14. Mobley says:

    Not personally interested in POI any more. And definitely won’t be watching show with my sons and daughter each week. It wouldn’t be good parenting to push Hollywood’s development of lesbian relationship plots on their impressionable minds each week. POI was the best show on TV. I saw this coming all throughout last season – now that it’s here we will find something else to do on Tuesday evenings.