Scoop: Glee's Final Season Episode Count (Finally) Revealed

Fox finally has Glee‘s number.

After months of deliberations with series cocreator Ryan Murphy and 20th TV, the network has decided that the show’s sixth and final season will consist of 13 (uninterrupted) episodes, TVLine has learned.

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Back in May, then-Fox president Kevin Reilly hinted that Glee‘s farewell season, originally slated to be 22 episodes, would likely be trimmed. “We’re going to sit down and talk [to exec producer Ryan Murphy] about how to end the show and how many that is,” he said at the time.

Murphy, meanwhile, recently told TVLine that the series is “getting back to its roots” in Season 6. “I’m sort of reinvigorated about it,” he enthused. “It’s getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show, which was arts in school. The last season is really about the importance of arts education in our high schools… I think people will like it.”

Glee is set to return at midseason.

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  1. Bente says:

    What is meant by “uninterrupted”?

  2. Anne says:

    I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  3. ana says:

    I think,the only way glee could be a little better this short season is if:
    -Fabrevans were back!!! <3
    -Another cory tribute ep
    -The last ep w all of the cast(including irreg. cast) ,when i mean ALL is ALL( samuel larsen…)
    -Fabrevans sing together and have various duets!!!!
    that´s all i ask !

  4. baddersc96 says:

    Only 13 episodes? Seriously? I bet it’s just one of those things that will change in the upcoming months or something. If they’re wanting to do good story lines, then it’s practically impossible to do it in 13 episodes without changing the length so it takes up an hour and a half as opposed to an hour. Sherlock manages to do that in three episodes so I don’t see why Glee can’t do that. I still think 13 episodes are a bit minimal, though.

  5. JAO says:

    I’m glad they’re wrapping with 13 consecutive episodes. Glee reinvigorated music interest and was fun to watch. Yes some seasons were better than others. I’ve enjoyed the journey and the fun.

    • Katiebug says:

      True. People forgot the entire journey Glee has been (and still is) for many people. The show has had a huge impact on a lot of people worldwide and it will go down in history as a influence. I am looking forward to the final 13 episodes and how each character will be wrapped up. I’m also sure a lot of the “haters” that make comments will also watch to see how everyone ends up. Hypocrites the lot of them!!!

  6. 13 episodes should provide them with enough time to hopefully give each “original” character a decent farewell. They started to have a strong pickup towards the end of season 5 (although they derailed themselves a bit). But they need to seriously have a good story line to make it believable that the success most of them found in S5 would lead to them returning to Ohio in S6. Just let Tina find success and someone who isn’t gay (no offense but that SL is old and played out) maybe she and Mike reconnect. Let Artie be a successful film maker or director. Let Mercedes win her Grammy and somehow she and Sam reconnect, get engaged and he is there when she wins her award (since he played a role in her pursuing her dream). Let Sam return to college and have earned his degree in the Musical/Theatrical Arts. Let Santana and Brittany be happily married they did it in a state while out on tour with Mercedes. Sure most want a televised wedding for Kurt and Blaine so let that happen. If Quinn returns she and Puck have a child and are living happily together. As for Sue and Will whatever the writers think will provide them a happy ending. The TroubleTones reunite for a concert and Rachel has found inner happiness and a way to be happy with what she has accomplished. They take a bow and the credits roll. Highly unlikely the majority or any of this will happen but it does provide a little continuity from S6. 13 episodes will leave the show little room for fluff, filler or new ridiculous storylines.

  7. Will we actually get to see Will, Emma, and the baby? I want to see what kind of dad Will would be? :)

  8. Martha D says:

    I don’t get the hate. A major character, who had many story lines in the show, died suddenly and unexpectedly. They had to put something on the air, and they did! As many of you have said: If you don’t like the show, change the channel!

    • Kimmi says:

      That’s the problem. Too many people have changed the channel. That season finale was abysmal. It’s actually sad what happened this season, and no one can really be all that shocked about it. Just like when Phil Hartman was killed while he was still doing well on “News Radio” and John Ritter on “8 rules”: How do you keep laughing when something very unfunny happens to a key player on a show? You can’t really keep happily breaking into song with this week’s top 40 hit when in the back of your mind you’re saying, “when people die sad deaths, most rational people do not react that way”. It was admirable of them (the actors) to take the “show must go on” attitude, but they should have ended it and paid out contracts, allowing the show to retain some semblance of dignity. Like I said before, I’m in it to the end with my fellow gLeeks, but no one can say they’ve (RM and the other power players) have made great decisions in the last few months. Ending it finally with only 13 episodes is a mercy killing.

      • tim says:

        I don’t think people understood how important the character of Finn was. Ryan Murphy said if Lea did not want to come back he would stop the show. Would he have done the same for any other character? Ryan never understood the power of the Finn role, he only focused on Rachel and Kurt and then Darren. Finn was the everyman, and by real TV critics considered the heart of Glee. Season 4 was the beginning of the demise, they shoved Finn,Rachel,Santana and Kurt to the side, trying to get newer characters to break out. Did not happen, then they decided to extend the school year, which most people did not seem to go for. Cory’s death made people realize that the show would never be what it once was, so why watch something if you don’t enjoy it.

        • Kimmi says:

          Excellent points too. They even said after he died it screwed them on an ending because he and Rachel were an end game for the series. Personally they tried to bank on the fan loyalty, and it blew up in their face.

  9. Kyrstin says:

    Oh goodness. This is so sad. Even though I don’t really like the new seasons as much as seasons 1 and 2, it still has been such a good show. I always watch the early seasons if I’m in a struggle. Glee has been an amazing show, and like it did me, I’m sure it inspired many others. I would like to say congratulations for making it for 6 seasons. It’s hard to say goodbye, especially since you guys worked with each other for many years. I hope there will be other shows like Glee, where it puts students and teachers view of the world and life. And while some people complain non stop about the show, I think you guys did pretty good, although I do believe you should of kept it like seasons 1 and 2 where Mr. Schue was more interactive with the kids. The new seasons he’s just caught up in his drama. I love Glee, and will forever keep my faith. :)

  10. Can’t believe there’s only 2 seasons to go now and it’s finished, but I always think about all the songs they have done, as reached people and always have the music in our hearts. I will never forget it because I know this all happens in our daily lives, but they make it so entertaining for us to watch and enjoy. Glee is the best show on TV and it’s a successful show. I love it because it gets me in a great mood to dance along and sing

  11. Katiebug says:

    I bet every single person who has said a negative comment tunes in to at least the final episode to see what happens. And I am sure none of them will admit it! LOL

  12. Bente says:

    I truly believe that this show has made an incredible impact on the schools of America. There are probably new Glee Clubs being added to school curriculums nationwide!! I’m happy to see that music has made its way back into movies and TV.

  13. Rena Moretti says:

    Let me get this straight: even though Glee had even worse ratings than it ever had, FOX will waste more money on it and make 13 more…


    Why the ridiculous waste of money to keep shows the public never cared about alive for years and years?!!!

    At least we’ll know why FOX won’t be able to dig itself out of the hole they’re in next year…

  14. Angela says:

    Yes please just shut up if you only have negative words because there ate still MANY people who do enjoy the show. Of course nor add much as the good Ole days, but we need to make sure that we have a proper departure from the loved cast and crew

  15. Precious22 says:

    I thought Sue shut the Glee Club down at the end of season 5. So how are these newbies joining New Directions? There’s no more New Direction, I thought!!

  16. Carol A says:

    I could care less what everyone thinks, Glee made a difference in the lives of many pre-teens, teens and young adults who struggled with different aspects of their lives. Should it matter that Rachel and the rest are not going to be making most of the scenes, no. they graduated and have moved on, it would be nice to keep track of what they are doing during the show, but the point of Glee was the kids at McKinley high, and Will and Emma and the Beaste and of course Coach Sylvester.
    I personally CAN NOT wait for the new season to start, I just wished that the reason for the ending of Glee isn’t because of Finn’s death. (I read that Ryan Murphy was kind of lost because of the untimely death of Finn) There are so many more actors in this show that can carry a story, I just wished that they were given the chance and that Glee would go on for more seasons.

    Ryan Murphy…. You are so talented and your story lines are right on point with what is going on in today’s schools. Finn is gone, Rachel has moved on and so have the kids who have graduated. Please continue to make Sue’s life a living hell when the Glee club continues to raine as champs and Figgens come back and McKinley high as principle.

  17. Ophelia Good says:

    Can you end the season without Lea Michele, please. She is so boring.

  18. Jon Granbery says:

    Well, they’ve told us everything except the date it starts! WHEN is the next episode?

  19. Kk says:

    To be honest I am actually looking forward to season six of glee. I have heard a lot of bad things about the season and some good ones to, I just can’t wait for “quick” to appear in season six, this will be the last season of great so let’s at least think positive instead of negative 😉

  20. Anna says:

    I’m gonna miss the show.