The View: Pick Your Dream Cast!

Whoopi Goldberg may have an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy and a (Daytime) Emmy, but it’s hard to make the case that she could handle hosting The View all by her lonesome. (Who, exactly, would interrupt her every 10 seconds during “Hot Topics”?)

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And yet with Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy announcing their exits last week, Whoopi stands as the show’s sole remaining panelist heading into Season 18.

So who should join Ms. Goldberg at the Barbara Walters Memorial Table? We want your input! And to that end, we’ve created polls for five different categories of talking heads: The Outrageous Funny Lady; The Veteran Newswoman; The Working Mom; The Conservative Voice; and The Wild Card.

Check out our gallery via the blue button beneath the photo or by clicking HERE, then vote for the nominees you like best. And when you’re done, come back to the comments section and let us know if we egregiously snubbed any of your faves!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. trixy truthseeker (@trixytruthseeke) says:

    What is it with the view and single mothers and angry lesbians? All these women have a chip on their shoulders. Why not have a more balanced show? Firstly, Whoopie, Sherry, Barbara, and Jenny, don’t represent all women! Believe it or not, there are single mothers out there that don’t know what it’s like to have their nails done or have a massage! There are also A LARGE NUMBER of women that are, DARE I SAY, married and like having sex with a man (don’t faint) and also have children. Really! Why is it that ABC does not like having our point of view? You killed Elizabeth. You know, it’s not a sin to be a strait women that digs her husband and loves her children. Your show is so slanted to the left that it’s boring. Now you are entertaining Rosie the angry lesbian, back? What are you thinking? I think you should get elizabeth and ann coulter on one side and keep it interesting! Oh and whatever you decide, please don’t jam hillary down our throats. Just because she’s a women, doesn’t mean she’s qualified. I think there are many educated Hard working women that I’m sure are better suited for the presidency.

  2. trixy truthseeker (@trixytruthseeke) says:

    Rosie is an ANGRY LESBIAN. The view consists of women with a chip on their shoulders, single mothers and angry lesbians! ABC hates strait, married, parents that work for a living!Tri

  3. sandy says:

    need to get rid of whoopie

  4. Joanie says:

    The View has been a long time favorite of mine. Please keep it all women, with the occasional male cohost. If you must have a male someone like Jesse Tyler Ferguson who is funny, intelligent, opinionated and viewer friendly would be great.
    I do think your decision to move on from Sheri and Jennie was a good one.
    I love the smart, witty humor of a very intelligent comedian who has strong, informed opinions backed up with data. It seems like either Wanda or Ali would fit that nicely.
    I also think a highly articulate, smart conservative like Megan could be great. Whoever might sit in that chair must NOT be a highly emotional, irrational, whining,shouting-over-others, self-righteous woman, who presents herself as a victim of a minority, but one who can present the other side of an issue clearly and persuasively, also with informed opinions backed up with data.
    Please DON’T go with celebrity fluff, whether it be reality star or actress.
    I also wish I could think of another dynamic broadcast news woman others than the choices presented. Perhaps a relatively young, up and coming woman who is rising fast, who we could grow with, and could use the exposure would be good.
    Wild card…

  5. laurabowman says:

    NONE!! Cancel the stupid show!

  6. Anne Curry, Wanda Sykes, Allie Wentworth(1st choice) or Lara Spencer (GMA)

  7. Judy Zenis says:

    I think Whoopie Goldberg should also leave the View. She is too full of herself and too self-promoting to be enjoyable. She should have learned something from Barbara Walters but instead she often seemed to be scorning Walters. I would love Barbara Walters to come out of retirement for one more year, gather together a great group of co-hosts and then leave on a high note.

  8. KP says:

    Take it off the air…..

  9. cheryl barnett says:

    How about Nancy Grace & Chelsea Handler? That should shake it up! Add Heather Dubrow, & you’ll really shake it up!

  10. Eloise M says:

    NONE of the people in your gallery would do for me.

  11. Donnovan says:

    I’m curious as to why The Talk is working SO MUCH BETTER than the View these days and has since The Talk shuffled their cast. True the younger show doesn’t go into politics and so the emotional stakes don’t seem as high or something. But I get the sense that the LA based show is a group of people who are friends and have each other’s backs whereas the NY based show is ultimately every woman for herself. The Talk rarely has a moment where you miss what’s being said because they have their rhythm down well. You can pretty much bet that watching the View will result in a daily cacophony where we miss a lot of what’s being said.

    Whoever gets chosen, they should pick people who can talk WITH each other and not AT each other. The Talk feels like a group of professionals on a level playing field. The View is a hierarchy.

  12. Donnovan says:

    Marie Osmond

    • LA says:

      Oh “excuse me”…..Julie Chen is trying to rename MARIE OSMOND or have you not noticed ? She ONLY announces her now as …..MARIE !!!! That show needs to get rid of Julie Chen.

  13. Trisha Clark says:

    I suggest/vote Vanessa Williams, the former Ms America, actress, singer. She would be a welcome addition to the new format.

  14. Merrilee Leatherma says:

    Ditch the show, period!

  15. Rosie O’Donnell should come back

  16. Linda Jolly says:

    Ali Wentworth would be an excellent and 1st choice. There is no confilict of interest here and should not be because of who she chooses to be married. I believe she was a serious contender but for some reason went with Jenny instead. With her varied background only an asset here to failing ratings. Ali is talented with a sense of humor and should would be a compliment to the View. I do not feel a male should be on the show unless only if you do a segment on women’s health where a male Dr. is interviewed. Rosie has a strong personality but will insult some people potentially with her strong views but you need diversity. I personally think it has been boring and I have been retired and stopped watching or only sparingly. It needs to be show about fulfilling topics to include finance so someone in that field. If Whoopi remains, PLEASE get her to dress before the show as sometimes she looks like she defitinitely does not pay attn to her personal appearance. Katie Couric could head up the show instead of Whoopi or at least backup to her if her seniority means something to the show. Someone in finance would be important such as Poppi Montgomery or the woman now in New York on Fox previous with CNN. Also, someone in politics that is honest and unbiased but is not afraid to speak her mind. Need to get some fire back into this show! To re-state, Brooke does nothing for me as she seems boring and not sure what she would bring. Did not understand Sherri as she rambled, no need to say more .I really like Amy Robach from GMA. She has spunk and would speak up here, needed for the show…She has been through cancer and would be a great addition. When Barbara finally retires from Exec Producer, Diane Sawyer could fill in here…here’s to good luck and good ratings…

  17. Natalie says:

    Does anyone care about who is on The View at this point? That show needs to be put out of its misery. Time for cancellation IMO.

  18. Nikki says:

    Brooke Shields yes. Allie Wentworth definitely!

  19. elizabeth says:

    I feel Whoopi is ok, but she comes across like an old lady that is always right. I feel the show has ran its course and needs to go. But, I am delighted Sherri is leaving she stayed 7 yrs. too long and never should have been hired. The country does not need additional ignorance on tv; we have enough of that in every day living (the news etc). She was the worse host they could have hired. Jenny comes across as a go along to get along person. Please do not bring back Starr Jones she came across very phony. But as I stated before, Sherri was the worse and my family and friends stopped watching the View because of her, she has no class what so ever, and Barbara was just tooooooo OLD.

  20. Angel Nod says:

    Julie Chen , Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne..Oh wait..they all ready have a show..The Talk!..Which is a much better program any way!

  21. kathleen says:

    Ari Wentworth, Chelsea Handler, Wanda Sykes, Anita Hill, Chelsea Clinton, Dana Carr, Susan Sarandon, Delia Ephron, …here a few of my choices….I didn’t label them because a good interviewer is capable of any subject…..

    • LA says:

      This should then be called The Liberal View…..and Chelsea Handler is gross. All she talks about is needing to find a man who will take her to bed. Daytime does not need that kind of trash on The View.

  22. lynne taylor says:

    how about bethenny frankel and/or sarah silverman??

  23. IndependantWomen says:

    The hosts need to have better qualities and morals, be more refined try Bill Rancic, Candace Cameron Bure, Alyssa Milano! this show needs some class brought back to it if it plans to try again.

  24. audree says:

    Ann Coulter…firebrand conservative, Connie Chung, professional, smart and funny, Wanda Sykes brilliant comic and Tim Gunn….now who doesn’t like him?

  25. Taletha Foster says:

    Roseanne Barr, Terry Crews, Iyanla Vanzant, Sara Jessica Parker, Gloria Steinem, Bette Midler, Anthony Bourdain

  26. Anita DeAngelis says:

    Let Whoopi do the picking. She know who’s relevant. Liked Ruby Perez for a Latino twist. It is time for that. Mario & Ross switching it out a good & funny vibe always. Elizabeth burned me out on the Conservative as she promoted false info too often. I don’t want religion in the equation if a Conservative is picked or like Elizabeth, dominating the conversation. Nothing McCain, her father is a War Monger. Irritating. No Rosie or Star, as they also have ‘power issues’. Forget Monica, as to much baggage & as much as I love Whoopi, Monica not an option. Give her a backstage job if Barbara has to ‘help her’. Consult Amy Polher(sp) & Tina Fey. Their ideas are rich & progressive & switching them in & out might be fun. Desperately needs some “funny” which is never a problem w/Whoopi, & get rid of these Conservative men, the 50s are gone, keep it gone. Same applies for Conservative women, no more dark ages.

  27. Theresa Wilson says:

    Don’t like your final pick for co-hosts, would never watch!!!!!!

  28. Jeff says:

    Wasnt much to choose from, would have liked to see Mario Cantone and Rosie on the list

  29. the7thdoctor says:

    If the question is “RuPaul” the answer is always NO!

  30. Terri LaValle says:

    I voted for Wanda Sykes. How do I end up with someone else?

  31. N Kendrick says:

    I’d like to see both Brooke Shields and Ali Wentworth chosen.


  33. kj says:

    My choices from the list:
    I think it would be nice to have different cultural backgrounds/ages for a variety of viewers as well as women who could bring in humor and political views. Men are not a necessary component. This is supposed to be a woman’s point of view. I think Whoopi needs to go too. You need to get another person from the black community. She’s too loud and opinionated.

  34. Mia says:

    Janeane Garafolo!!!!

  35. Maggie says:

    I think Mario Cantone would also be good, I’ll miss Jenny and Sheri but it’s time for a man to give his views. Pleaseeeeeeeee don’t bring Rosie back, Whoopie is great and she can certainly handle the views and hot topics.

  36. lulu says:

    andy cohen, leah remini or brooke shields

  37. Valerie Paine says:

    Bill Rancic!!!!!!!

  38. LA says:

    First of all, the BEST article yet to ask THE VIEWERS who they would like. I have been a viewer since day one. The panel needs to have at least one conservative person, one intelligent person who is up to date on current events…such as Joy and Barbara both were ( the show has been lacking the intellect ), LOVE Whoppi and she has it all, and the final person yes, should be a guy. I kind of like Ross Matthews, as long as he’s not too loud and pushy. He can get that way but on The View so far….if he remains kind and laid back…he’s a good choice. Daytime viewers do not need the Ross as he appears on his own show. It’s just too much.

  39. Greg S says:

    Whoopie ( really stupid name) is a Racist Ghetto Maggot and uses her blackness to escape criticism and penalties, just like our current president, who is only 1/2 black. She has no business hosting a show as she is, at best a mediocre actress/ comedian.

    • Susie Curry says:

      And as the saying goes it takes one to know one.. .just by referring to their blackness speaks of the ignoramous that you are.. You are apparently non black which of course in your small pig -brained mind makes you so much better. It is apparent that both Whoopie & Obama is finacially well off, so what are you assuming makes them ghetto, their color. The View is called that for a reason, with views coming from many different people whether they are the same color , background or race. Instead of insulting people by calling them names & referring to color, go educate yourself & realize that there are other races in the world that are here , not going anywhere, and you might as well get over it and quit spewing your racist views. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it

  40. LA says:

    I’ve watched The View since it began. This is the BEST article ever because it lets THE VIEWERS share who we would like to see and NOT see when they choose the new hosts.

    The show needs:

    1. At least one conservative who is intelligent
    2. The show needs a news worthy person….such as Joy and Barbara. Someone who is up to date on current events and gives correct facts. In other words…who is smart !!!
    3. BEST decision ever was to keep Whoppi….she is the glue who has held the show together. She knows everyone and she knows what she is talking about as well.
    4. The show needs a man and I have liked Ross Matthews as he has been on The View….but if he would be as he acts on his own show…absolutely NOT. This is daytime TV and it needs to remain toned down. Nothing flamboyant or LOUD.
    5. Absolutely NOT to Rosie O’Donnell….she would chew Whoppi up and spit her out. She overpowered EVERYONE when she was recently on as a guest. She was LOUD and simply….took over. The show does not need that !!! Whoppi sits back and is polite and lets the others speak….with Rosie…Whoppi would never get a chance to say anything !!!

    Whomever they decide to pick, I hope the panel learns to:

    Take turns and remember WE, the VIEWERS cannot hear what you saying when you all talk over each other. Watch some of the old shows back and learn from them.

    No one wants a know it all or someone who thinks they are ALWAYS right. The show is called THE VIEW and it is very refreshing to hear all points of view. I also thought Sherri, with her Christian views was very refreshing as did a lot of folks. A Christian on the panel would be nice too…I respected that she stood up for the Bible and what she believed in.

  41. sarah says:

    Bring Joy back, get Melissa McCarthy and Kathy Bates, if they aren’t too busy

  42. randall says:

    well i was right on with all of them…i think neil patrick harris would be great…but with rosie coming back you think 2 gay people might be to much? but i hit the nail right on the head with all of them…then anderson cooper i think would be good to….go figure

  43. Lisa H says:

    I really enjoyed Brook Shields when she guest hosted and I think she’d be a great fit. Also would love to see Ann Curry on board. Both would add a little class to the table.

  44. debbydoolittle says:

    If Ru Paul, NPHarris, or Wanda Sykes were seleceted I would NOT watch ever. A possible choice might be Martha Stewart, Diane Lane, Meryl Streep, Betty White, Megkyn Kelly. Even Cher might work.

  45. Bonnie S. Virch says:

    Allie/Ally Wentworth (wife of George Stephanopolous). Truly one of the funniest women ever. Also would love to see Rosie return…but please no uptight conservatives like Elizabeth Hasselback. Bring Joy Behar back. Not likely, but would love it.

  46. Norma says:

    i would love to see Ally Wentworth. I’m not sure how to spell her name. I can only think of one male member Steve Harvey. Not likely to be his cup of tea…No men at all then.

  47. LaLa Layne says:

    Huge boring list here…all or most of the candidates have had some sort of shot at hosting a show already…and not one of them excites me enough for a repeat. Dig deeper View producers…think out of your Hollywood 4×4 little bore box…yawn all over this list.

  48. LA says:

    First of all it is great someone is asking us, THE VIEWERS, who WE would want to see on the panel. It’s a shame it’s not Barbara Walters and Bill Getty asking and if they did, would they listen to us anyway ? MOST of the comments on The View Facebook page said not to bring on Jenny McCarthy and they did anyway. B and B should have listened to the viewers.

    BEST thing they ever did was to not touch Whoppi. She is the reason most people tune in every single day.

    Whoever comes on board…needs to be told in advance NO SHOUTING or trying to overpower any of the others, like Rosie O’Donnell most definitely would. When she was just on as a guest, she took over. It was almost like “The Rosie Show” with everyone else listening to her and she is SO LOUD. Please don’t bring her back or I’m afraid we would then lose Whoppi.

    It appears as though The View is trying to put a gay person on the panel or at least testing the waters. That is fine with me. They NEED to have a conservative person back on once again. They need a person who is intelligent and up to date on current events….like Joy or Barbara both were. I think it is time to add a man to the panel.

    The show started out being called The View for a reason. I think everyone is entitled to put their view out there and have the audience “listen”. We don’t always have to agree but it sure makes the show a lot more interesting than constantly hearing one side. The show has become liberal extreme and that is not how it started out. I think you’d bring back a bigger audience if we saw a diverse panel of hosts…..ones that would show respect to each other and let the others speak.

    Don’t forget…..the audience at home CANNOT HEAR OR UNDERSTAND what is being said when the hosts all talk over each other. You want to just turn the TV off when they do that. Learn manners and respect…..and the show will be good once again.

  49. Dez says:

    My picks would be:

    1. Whoopi
    2. Bring back Rosie
    3. Leah Remini
    4. Meghan McCain (not too conservative)
    5. A fresh newcomer in the Journalism Field

    I’m not Republican, but I miss the intellectual banter that Elisabeth brought to the table, even though I wasn’t a fan. Sherri was just too loud, too nasty, and too much.

  50. LA says:

    Balance…not all one view.
    Respect….letting each person take their turn speaking.
    No shouting…..not trying to overpower the other hosts.
    Intelligence… least keeping up on current events.