CBS Orders James Patterson Drama Zoo to Series

CBS Orders Zoo Drama

CBS is taking a trip to the Zoo.

The network announced Tuesday that it has given a 13-episode, straight-to-series order for the one-hour drama, based on James Patterson’s 2012 bestseller of the same name.

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The series centers on a young renegade biologist who must uncover the secret behind a wave of violent animal attacks against humans. Patterson is on board to executive-produce, along with Jeff Pinkner (Fringe), Josh Appelbaum (Star-Crossed), Andre Nemec (Alias) and Scott Rosenberg (Life on Mars).

Zoo further demonstrates our commitment to high-quality, year-round programming and to high-concept series that play to summer audiences in the U.S., as well as on a global scale,” CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler said in a statement. “With this No. 1 bestseller coming to television, we’re excited to give our viewers a thrill ride with another blockbuster summer event.”

Zoo is slated to premiere in Summer 2015.

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  1. Amy says:

    Sounds horrible. Why would I want to watch a show about animals attacking humans? I still can’t watch Bambi to this day!

  2. Jane says:

    This is one of the dumbest books I have read in the last few years. I can’t believe they would make a mini-series out of this thing. The humans are so stupid you actually start hoping for the animals to wipe us all out.

    • Granny Gruntz says:

      *Why do you think “The Zoo” is dumb? *There are spots on the news of of a usual friendly dog attacking people unexpectedly. *There are periodically reports of packs of wild dogs running amuck. *As well as wolves attacking hikers in the woods. *Reports of a bear attacking tourists or hikers. *”The Zoo” is a “sci-fi”-type genre’. *AND it is a departure from J. Patterson’s usual gory murder mysteries. *Depending on your point-of-view, “Frankenstein”, “The Wolf man”, “Dracula” are all kind of dumb – but can be scarey! *Want a really “dumb” movie? *How about “The Bride of Frankenstein”? *That is one hilarious movie!! *How about “The Two Headed Man”? *I think Ray Milland was in that one – not sure IF it was before or after he gained “celebrity”.*I found the book, itself, very scarey *Curious to see if the 13-week series is as scarey as the book? *TOO OFTEN movies and series turn out
      rather disappointing! *We will find out the end of the final episode – won’t we?

    • Mel King says:

      Jane, why didn’t you shut the show off after the first dog appeared? I wish there would be another series continuing from the first one. James Patterson is a genius.

  3. Moment says:

    They should have greenlit a Planet of the Apes TV series if they wanted an animal show lol.

  4. Alicia says:

    I agree about this book being dumb. I have read all of his books & surely there was one that would make for better TV. I’m still bummed Women’a Murder Club didn’t last longer.

  5. David says:

    I’ll believe they are supportive of all year long tv when they air one of the NCIS shows during summer.

    • David4 says:

      NCIS: Summer Vacation!

      NCIS members go on vacation to Mexico for a little down time, while their one of them is murdered and now they need to figure out who did it. Could it be one of their own?! Find out Summer 2015!

    • Moment says:

      Why would they air one of their top rated franchises in the summer?

      • david says:

        I was just saying that for the networks to be truly supportive of year round television they have to do better than reality shows and one off summer series (since not many series that debut in summer make it). I mean imagine if one of the networks gave it a real shot and limited the long break between May and September? Summer should be programmed a lot better and the notion of the tv season ending in May and not starting back up until September or October isn’t really valid anymore. I’m not saying they need to produce 52 episodes or anything crazy like that. I just feel like there should be stronger programming, and yes if that means moving a series to later on in the year then it could benefit everyone. ABC splitting the season for Grey’s and Scandal was a good model. They were able to break it apart and run something like The Taste which they could easily have just thrown into summer. The point is that they need to spread out the season and produce better quality programming during summer.

        • Boiler says:

          David, I couldn’t agree more. This is likely a perfect franchise for it too as they have so many of them.

        • Sherry says:

          I agree, shows like Game of Thrones should be on CBS or some channel where everyone could get it. Good opportunity to show reruns and expand the viewer base.

  6. Boiler says:

    This was perhaps his worst book ever. I guess CBS not as smart as I thought.

    • Granny Gruntz says:

      *”THE ZOO” is NOT intended to be a murder mystery – which is Patterson’s usual style of genre”. *It is an entirely DIFFERENT premise! *Why are people so critical when an author writes in a genre’ other than his usual “style”? *SO – if the cook prepares potatoes using a “different” recipe – *Does that make the potatoes “bad”?

  7. James Patterson’s a gifted writer. I m looking forward to something of quality to watch!

  8. What a well written piece. Looking forward to your work at TVLine, Rebecca! Naeemah Clark

  9. Melissa J Barber says:

    Very exciting!! I just finished reading Zoo. 2 sittings was all it took. I love it when great books are turned into mini series. I love “looking forward to next week”. Thank you!!

  10. larry jacobellis says:

    awful book and junk science. you can count on me not watching this drivel. i have been told in these james Patterson collaborations. Patterson writes the outline of what he wants and his/her cohort does all the nitty gritty work

  11. Granny Gruntz says:

    *I have read the book, “The Zoo”. *For me, it was one of the scariest books I have ever read! *It is NOT the genre’-style usually written by James Patterson. *It is more of a “horror sci-fi” genre. *Think horror movies, i.e., “Frankenstein”, “The Wolf Man”, “Dracula”, etc. *ACTUALLY – they, too, could be considered “horrible”, “dumb”, “unrealistic” also. *Think “Svengoolie” and the “horror” movies he hosts usually on Saturday afternoons! *”The Man With Two Heads” – among others. *Those stories/movies are “fiction” and NOT intended to be realistic!! *Those books are a form of “entertainment”. *Why does one read any kind of book? *For entertainment value, for research, for enlightenment, – whatever personal, individual reason for reading a book one might have. *What about the series called, “THE DOME”, that ran on TV, summer of 2014. *That series could also be considered “dumb” and “unrealistic”. *Take “The Dome” for what is – a sci-fi fantasy was for the purpose of filling in for the summer and “entertainment” in general. *I didn’t particularly like it – but kept watching it just to see how much worse it could get. *AND IT DID! *AND – “The Dome” will return again this summer. *Will I watch it again – YES! *For the same reason I watched in 2014 – to see how much worse it could get. *So – why all the adverse comments about the Zoo? *It is sci-fi/fantasy! *Why get all bent out of shape? *It isn’t the first and will NOT be the last movie based on a book that is not liked 100% by the overall reading public.

  12. Love, big bang,CSI,& NCIS

  13. kelly james says:

    when does the show come on? What day and time?

  14. Sherry says:

    I LOVE this show!!! I wish there were more like this! Please keep it going. Keep up the great work! :)

  15. Alan Pollom says:

    I have been a big fan of the various mini series, Falling Skys, Revolution, Walking Dead, Vikings, etc. but I’m sorry, Zoo is is just lame and I am canceling it from my recording schedule, effective immediately. Sorry, it’s just really poor and not worth the time investment.

  16. Granny Gruntz says:

    *I have been watching the ongoing episodes of “THE Z00”! *I am a big fan of Patterson – *AND, bear in mine, “THE ZOO” is a departure from his usual “murder mystery” genre’.
    *”THE ZOO” would fall more in the category of sci-fi. *HOWEVER – I found the BOOK one of the scariest stories I have read in my 80+ years! *UNFORTUNATELY, as is so often the case, some “books” just do NOT translate very well to the “wide screen” or to the TV screen! ;-( *The TV version just does NOT give “insight” to the characters or the actual premise of the story itself. *I will continue to “watch” the ongoing episodes – but, so far, I do not feel the TV version does justice to the book!

  17. Granny Gruntz says:

    *One more time – by way of personal comment – *Some books, no matter how well written, simply do NOT translate from written word to a TV series or a movie! *”The Zoo” is one of these books! *The TV series of “The Zoo” does NOT do justice to the book!

  18. Anne Palmer says:

    Zoo was one scary book

    • Granny Gruntz says:

      *I agree that the BOOK was SCARY!! *HOWEVER – I found the TV series boring and did NOT convey the story line as written in the actual book! *To me, the TV series did not even make sense! *Don’t know the opinion of other “viewers”. *I watched about three (3) episodes – and that was that! *Not worth it! *Read the book if you want “SCAREY”!

  19. Diane Vermillion says:

    Loved Zoo but can’t believe the final episode. Is this going to be a series? Please please please. Don’t leave us hanging.