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What Happens Next: Why Did Castle Crash and Burn on His Wedding Day?

Castle Season 7 Rick Dies

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

ABC’s Castle left fans pretty hot with its Season 6 finale, which ended with the titular mystery writer seemingly burned to a crisp inside his crashed Mercedes.

Seemingly being the operative word.

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Because while Kate Beckett has no idea that she is a fictional character on a TV show named after Richard Castle and thus is allowed to genuinely fear the worst, the reality is that the stalwart ABC drama — coming off its most watched season ever — has not sent its male lead up in flames. “Nathan [Fillion] is signed on for Season 7,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe assured TVLine after the finale aired.

So then, what was Kate laying witness to there in the finale’s final, fiery moments? If Rick is not in the car, where is he? And if this is all some spontaneously orchestrated ruse to fake Castle’s death, who masterminded it and why?

Marlowe acknowledged that there are “a lot of interesting folks out there” — including but not limited to 3XK or his plastic surgeon groupie (played by 24 alum Annie Wersching) — who could have been behind the wheel of the black SUV that last was seen pulling up alongside Rick’s car.

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Rewatch Kate’s fateful phone call (cued up below), then review our poll options and share your predictions for how the cliffhanger will shake out.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Debbie says:

    I think a better choice would be:
    Rick is found lying far away from his car after he jumped out. He got a phone call telling him there was a bomb in his car.
    Who planted the bomb? Why? What does he know that someone wants him dead? What did he see? What did he over hear?
    He wakes up in the hospital thinking he’s a character in one of the Nicky Heat books along with the rest of the cast. This could be very funny–him as a Marlowe type. This could play out over several episodes.

  2. Linda Hilliard says:

    They are all stupid, this should have never happened in the first place, what a complete and utter failure of a finale!

  3. Linda says:

    These are all stupid, this should have never happened in the first place, what a complete and utter failure of a finale! We already know your star can’t die or no more show. I have watched every season religiously and if they mess up in 7 again they may just have lost me.

  4. cross says:

    love love this show been watching from the begining can’t wait to see what happen

  5. hope says:

    I was very disappointed with the season finale I wanted to see a wedding it broke my heart but if it had to end that way I hope it’s the dad saving his son or Rick is found while police are investigating alive and a little hurt but the wedding continues postponing the honeymoon to find out who tried to kill him

  6. He loved her too much to fake his death. Someone ran him off the road, kidnapped him, or as we have seen by the producers, he is not dead.. They have waited too long for this day for him to not marry her. No one kills off Nathan Fallon on his wedding day. Some of these comments are just stupid..sorry folks..but your stupid. Can’t wait for the fall finally.

    • lame says:

      I remember Marlowe saying he didn’t want the fan base to think he was jerking them around. Then he said he was gonna catch hell for that finale, probably thinking he was jerking them around. Now all this mess has dragged Nathan Fillion, an innocent bystander, into fray. Nice going!

  7. J.Bennett says:

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  8. claudia says:

    I have a feeling it may have something to do with that who was that serial killer that.. Rick said was not dead..(they couldn’t find his after he fell of the bridge.)Remember.. That got that lookalike Rick to try and frame him for a murder..

  9. claudia says:

    I have a feeling it may have something to do with that who was that serial killer that.. Rick said was not dead..(they couldn’t find his body after he fell of the bridge.)Remember.. That got that lookalike of Rick to try and frame him for a murder..

  10. Sancerrely says:

    Castle is one of the only actual mainstream television shows that I have watched in literally years. So much of modern TV is trite, boring, cliched and poorly written, and so to me, Castle has been a breath of fresh air. In this vein, I was deeply disappointed when the writers of 623 resorted to such foolish “plot twists” and one of the most unbelievably hacky “cliffhangers” that I have ever seen. It insulted the intelligence of the main characters, as well as the intelligence of the viewing audience. I dearly hope than Andrew Marlowe got thoroughly roasted for his failings, and his attempt at a new mythology and I hope that the writers can somehow salvage the season 7 opener so that whatever audience is left will not bail completely.

  11. Charlene says:

    No one has ever had so many BIG mishaps within one week of a wedding and then to add the cliff hanger of the car accident, come on writers! The cases Beckett solves are interesting, but Nathan’s role needs to be more involved in the writing for the show to carry his name. Love the personalities of characters and the feeding of lines against each other more in the earlier seasons. Nathan’s Dad and who killed Beckett’s mom could come back into the show. Enjoy watching Castle weekly.

  12. I am so over this, I actually was looking forward to Rick & Kate finally having some happiness, it’s just become to bizarre. Sorry no more seasons for me.

  13. JAG says:

    All plot twists aside, I want to know why Nathan Fillion, who to me is in the prime of his life, is letting himself go. For the past couple seasons he has looked overweight and his face looks tired and a little saggy. Is he not well? Is he overworked? He is now always placed in the background standing behind someone else or blocked by a set prop. Castle’s character is always wearing a coat or jacket (a time honored method of hiding extra pounds) when everyone else is in shirt sleeves. Please, Nathan, we love you. Put down the scotch, the pasta, do a couple sit ups and get back to being the awesome characters (and man) we love. These years are too good to waste.

  14. Frank Furter says:

    She is neither Beckett or Katic. She is SHE, the true Time Princess seeking her Lord Time Prince that was removed from the primary time line known as the Authorized Track. The heretofore unknown super villain that kidnapped LTP and placed him down time in the most demeaning situation imaginable – a pulp fiction writer on an episodial TV(?) series. Oh yes, our super hero as non-person in an unreal life. HER mission (and she has accepted it) is to restore the primary line to the Authorized Track by saving our LTP and returning him to his rightful place as the leader Firefly Enforcement Fleet (FEF). SHE succeeds in removing LTP from his situation and moves up the time track only to find that the Authorized Track has been altered! For the next seven years (a qwart in travelers’ terms) LTP and TP travel the known (and sometimes unknown) universe fighting to restore The Line to it’s Regal Right.

    This is the option I vote for. Come on!

    • Frank Furter says:

      Oh yes! To preserve the 3rd alternate time line and to confuse the super villain, Castle is replaced by an all-purpose androbot (body by Fischer; OS by MS). The 3rd is now referred to as the Castle (cute regal reference for the LTP) Line and becomes an AAT. THE SERIES (Castle, of course) continues and, as all AAT’s, fades into the sunset with the final scene being a call from the hero’s Private Eye’s office asking a hushed tones… What should I bring home for dinner?

  15. Rose Cary says:

    and now he has amnesia and doesn’t remember Kate.

  16. Annie says:

    I don’t think any of the above scenarios will play out. Here’s my take. Castle is (of course) alive. Someone, I don’t know who, dragged him out of the burning car and kidnapped him for some nefarious purposes. Beckett, meanwhile, will wring her hands for a hot second in her wedding dress (so we can see how beautiful she looks in it) and find out who has him and why. In part 2 of the season opener, she will find Castle but he’ll have amnesia, be in a coma, whatever, until the November sweeps when they’ll really get married.

  17. Been watching Castle since the series premiered. I was thrilled the wedding was happening. The divorce story line dragged out. But I was truly upset with the final scene. Not only for Kate, but for his mother Martha and his daughter Alexis. It was too violent of a blow for them. I know it’s TV and fake… and in the end, it’s for ratings and a hook for next season. I know he’ll be back, blah, blah… just didn’t like the level of intensity and pain for the 3 ladies in his life that he adores and adore him back. Just sayin…

  18. Shane Edser says:

    I think Castle’s dad faked the crash not because of his own enemies, but because of Castle’s and kate’s enemies were closing in.

  19. joan says:

    I love this show, please keep it going I am hope it last another ten years let becket and castle get married

  20. FavoriteActress says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the Mob? Rick & Kate gave up some monsters to the Feds to save the butt of Kate’s useless (although highly entertaining) “deep fried twinkie” of a husband. They had to get the mobsters off his back before he would sign the divorce papers so Rick & Kate could get married. What self-respecting mobsters would let that go unanswered? Massive retaliation is to be expected! Never for a second did I think Castle was dead. But he’s in TROUBLE!! I’m bummed that I didn’t get the wedding ive been waiting for, because Beckett looked STUNNING & I’d love to see more of her in that dress! And it would be cool of his dad saved the day, saw his son get married, sleep with Martha one more time & then disappear again. I REALLY WANT THAT WEDDING!

  21. Tim Flippo says:

    It’s obvious it’s faked. they spoiler alerted their own season finale. The announcer said as the credits were rolling “Join Castle and Beckett back again next season for all new cases”. Tells you right there he’s okay. They completely dispelled the season finale cliff hanger.

  22. bobby says:

    I think his dad staged the accident to protect castle & becket

  23. JW says:

    OR… Nathan put on his brown coat and leapt into action once more and the body in the car is that of a Reaver. Zoe picked him up on the mule and took him back to Serenity, where Wash took off out of atmo like his (glowing) tail was on fire.

  24. Kathleen Hurteau says:

    Kate and the REAL Castle better end up married or I will not watch the show ever again. I’ve waited so long for this. they belong together!

  25. judy says:

    We know that Castle is alive; maybe Marlowe does NOT want him and Beckett to marry, fearing that fans will “cool off” if the marriage does take place. HOWEVER, we remember the T.V. series “Hart to Hart” which was a FANTASTIC series and were heartbroken when it ended. We were very faithful fans to the end. Oh, and remember “McMillan and Wife”/ Both fantastic.

  26. crosscastle says:

    Marlowe your are an idiot.

  27. Gee says:

    I have been a devoted Castle fan since the first episode and I was so upset by that season finale I will not watch Castle again!

  28. Debbie says:

    at this point …. who cares….

  29. Jason Stouffer says:

    The Return of FIREFLY!?!

  30. Darlene says:

    They better get married this will ruin the show. People do marry and live happy everafter.

  31. cindy jones says:

    On castle’s crash. He’ll be found unhurt but lost his memory. He’ll have amnesia.

  32. JJ says:

    Uhm, without Castle, there is no show. Not sure why everyone is hating on him so badly. If you hate him so much, just stop watching. No one’s making you. Fillion is essential to the show. I would agree that his character has gotten a bit off track but he’s still a good actor. I loved Firefly, everyone who’s ever seen it has agreed it should never have been cancelled after season one and he has been in other success shows. Everyone on the show is very talented, and it’s a show you have to just embrace and go along for the ride.

    This is why I usually don’t read (or post) on these sites. There’s so much whiny, negative, bullsh*t. I personally enjoyed the finale, can’t wait until the new season starts, and can’t abide all the ignorant haters. Have I loved every single episode equally? No, of course not. Name one show since the beginning of television where you can. No? Because you can’t. It’s impossible. Take the good with the sometimes not as good and enjoy this wonderful ride while it lasts. And in the meantime, give it a rest.

    You people do realize this isn’t real life, right? So, yeah, now I remember.

  33. Anonymous says:

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  34. please bring him back to his love

  35. Robertstrait says:

    Beckett really never loved castle,he should leave the show.
    She lacks emotion. I could write better then that

  36. .Marion Adler Young says:

    (Mr. Barbra Streisand) a couple more episodes

  37. Louis E. says:

    People need to remember the California employment law that caps contract length at 7 years,which means it’s a television industry standard that main cast members are signed for 7 years or the length of the series,whichever comes first.A series lead is not going to disappear after a 6th season,but after the 7th everyone is out of contract and an economic reassessment is necessary.
    I figured from the day I saw the finale that Castle’s father was behind this crash/disappearance for reasons that he regards as sufficient and his son will resent but go along with.Things will get back on track,it’s the 7th season finale we need to worry about.

  38. Fix it. Beckett and Caste begin together. They will be an even stronger team if they are married. That would open the ay for some very interesting interplay between all of them — Castle, Beckett, Ashley, and Castle’s mother.

  39. Paul Marion says:

    I don’t watch Castle any more for the same reason that I stopped watching The Mentalist. To many boogie men waiting in the wings that should have been destroyed the very first time they showed up.

  40. Robert Ringenberg says:

    I honestly think it has something to do with his secret agent father. Maybe his father did it to protect Castle from someone who was going to use Rick to get at dear old Dad.

  41. Jackie Chee says:

    His dad is in the black SVU because he found out 3XK was going to kill so he gets Rick n stages the crash so he n Castle come up with a plan to catch.

  42. Janice W says:

    I agree with Leona Palski, Nathan is great as Castle. I also love this show! Just in case no one noticed, Castle has grown with the show. He is more mature and responsible and very much in love with Kate Beckett. When the show first began he was funny and lovable, but a little irritating to her. Their adventures together have brought them closer and they have made many wonderful memories together. I think Nathan would be making a HUGE mistake to leave this show. Remember what happened to JAG? David James Elliott was tired of the hours and spent 10 years on JAG, which made him famous. Now he can hardly find a show to star in. Nathan is better off if he just hangs in there. Eventually they could make it a detective series such as “Hart to Hart” was, only it would be with Nathan and Stana as a married couple traveling the world solving crimes. I agree the whole cast of Castle is so good together and that is what makes this show so good. I just hope some writers don’t screw up a good thing. The wedding needs to take place for the fans!

    • Harvey Specter says:

      Yeah, but you can’t really blame a guy for getting bored after a certain time, especially as his role is going down. I love Richard Castle, but now it’s almost as if Castle is just for show, his funny dialogues are gone, he doesn’t think out of the box, it’s as if Nathan’s role is to follow a detective around, without anything else, first there were many things, now there isn’t, obviously he will get bored. Makers need to give him something to do, he shouldn’t really leave, I agree, but makers do need to give him something important to do, have to improve Castle as much as Beckett at least.

      • Janice W says:

        I also agree with your comment. Castle needs to be more involved. This is up to the writers. Viewing other shows such as JAG, NCIS, etc. I noticed a lot of the writers lose track of what the show is about. They need to review past shows in order to write future shows. EX: on a JAG episode, Sarah was shot in the thigh by a poacher, then on a later show they mentioned that she had been stabbed in the leg by a deranged hillbilly. Simple little thing, but that wasn’t the only mistake they made. As a fan I was able to catch some of these mistakes. They did the same on NCIS. The writer’s need to refresh their memories of what the show is about and do right by the actors and the fans….

    • missteff says:

      true to all that. I just hope that season 7 starts off good.

  43. Hated the season finale, we the fans waited for 6 season’s to see Beckett & Castle get together & get married, you totally ruin my being a fan, many of us, just think it was too amateur you made all these hoops for them to jump through leading up to the actual wedding, ridiculous finale.

  44. Janet says:

    I’d be more than happy to play the crazed #1 fan if that needs to be recast!!

  45. Am I the only one remembering what Castle said after the dust settled on his birthday? Epic? He was going to get her back? I think he may have done this himself, but not for wedding jitters, but because he owed her an “epic” comeback.

    • missteff says:

      Castle fans: I remember that too, where he said that he would have to get her back but that wound just be well, what is the nice word for this, not to good-you don’t do that to a bride on the most special day of her life and what to survive!

  46. Flo says:

    The last episode of Castle has been done on other shows. Couldn’t the writers come up with something more original? Let them get married!
    I’d like to see him coming up the hill, holding his head and upon seeing Beckett he asks if he is late.

    • Huskygrl says:

      Ooooh, I really like that idea – fun AND original! I hope they listen to you!

      • Bcat says:

        I like that idea!! They would still have to explain who was in the SUV and what exactly happened which makes for a new mystery, but at least allowing the wedding to happen would be a fitting start. I don’t want it to be him getting back at Kate for his birthday surprise, that’s too much to do to his family and especially Kate on their wedding day.

        A friend of mine thought that 3XK would be back and kidnap Castle. She says half a season, though I think 11/12 episodes might be too many, but I can see how they might be able to pull it off. We know where Castle is and see what he’s doing (escape attempts, Tyson moving him around, laying false trails, etc.) and also how Beckett, Ryan, and Espo–maybe even Alexis and Martha–are tracking him down.

  47. brenda says:

    Castle is the best show on TV and you always expect a few surprises along the way! I am anxious to see a perfect wedding. Can’t wait until new season starts.

  48. tom says:

    castle goes into a coma. kate goes back to work. (good for 1/2 a season as he comes in and out of consciousness), kate gets involved with another guy. castle wakes up. alas, he remembers nothing for a while but slowly and surely remembers. Ta dah!! The soap opera continues!!

  49. RET says:

    Want this wedding to take place in the 1st episode of Season 7. Tired of putting it off. Want one episode of an “uneventful” honeymoon where we see the 2 interact as a newly married couple. Then onward with the crime fighting couple. Otherwise, you may lose me as an ardent fan. Up to now think this is the best entertaining show on TV.

    • Bob&Janice says:

      I definitely agree with this comment!

    • niles is my name says:

      not going to happen in the 1st but maybe by 4.

      • Bob&Janice says:

        Also my feelings. I hope the writers do not disappoint us! I do think 3XK is behind Castles accident. I just hope they catch him and kill him off. 3XK is just too violent for my taste. Besides, I want the wedding to take place and soon!

  50. Oreokt says:

    It would make so much sense that Jerry Tyson finally come back on his important day to ruin it and take him! C’mon! Makes soon much sense!:D