The View: 13 Nightmare Replacement Hosts

With Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd announcing their departures from The View last week, ABC’s daytime talker is left with a single panelist: Whoopi Goldberg.

But while subsequent internet chatter has quickly turned to who’d make the best replacements for the exiting hosts — might we cast one vote for Margaret Cho? — we’re coming at the topic a different way: Who’d make the worst new View hosts?

Check out our 13 selections — via the blue button underneath the photo montage above or by clicking HERE — then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Who should replace Jenny and Sherri? Who shouldn’t? And whose names should it be illegal to even whisper in regard to the job openings? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Fairy May says:

    * Mary Beth Evans (Days of our Lives, THE BAY)
    * Karson Kressley or Kian Douglas (Queer Eye)
    * Kim Zimmer (Guiding Light)
    * Kristian Alfonso (Days of our Lives)\
    * Elizabeth Hasselbeck or Debbie Matenopolous (You don’t know what you’ve got in tame, relatively intelligent, kinda normal people until they’re gone and you’ve gone and hired the ultimate in crazypeople instead).

    * Anyone that is or is remotely related to a Kardashian. I will never watch again.
    * Kate Gosselin (do not feed the trolls)
    * Any number of (completely bogus, not) real housewives
    * Dr. Laura

    * Ann Coulter. Hahaha!

  2. Peggy says:

    I agree with all your NO picks except for Ross Matthews & Bethany Frankel. They’d make a great addition to the view. So glad the other two are going!

  3. Beach Lady says:

    Get rid of them all !!!! Start over with a new panel or cancel the show !!! Whoopi is racist too !!

  4. Grace says:

    I think having Rosie O’Donnell back will be great!

  5. barbara says:

    Get Star Jones back, and Rosie O’Donnell…….Rosie Perez would be good too!

    • How soon we forget. Star Jones was fired due to fan’s rejection of her. Rosie was on top of her game on “The View”. The show wanted her for 3 years at 4 million dollars but Rosie balked and wanted 11 million for another year not counting her first ratings busting season where she poked fun at Trump Trump’s hair piece/comb over and his multiple bankruptcies among other memorable things. We Rosie is good she’s great but the Own talk show for talk show fatty Oprah Winfrey’s network was God awful! No one watches OWN anyway. No biggy. Rosie should have taken the job CBS offered her on their version of The View, “The talk”.If she was smart she would have continued on “The View”. She was GREAT!!!!

  6. Diane says:

    Those are the worst,especially those Karadisians!!!

  7. Sharon says:

    I think Abby Huntsman, she is attractive, smart and well poised. She was excellent as a guest. Meghan Mc Cain also intelligent. Laila Ali, is attractive, intelligent and confident. Brooke Shields has been a competent guest host. NO MEN, this is a woman’s point of VIEW. The show wears you down with the loud talking over one another. At times, it doesn’t sound like ladies discussing, bit arguing and one upmanship, especially by Jenny.

  8. Chevy Girl says:

    It’s time for The View to say “goodbye” as EVERYONE makes a graceful exit.

  9. cheryl florentino says:

    Oh I forgot Sarah Jessica Parker

  10. wonderwoman says:

    Please no old h(oes) and fat people.

  11. Yolanda says:

    Ally Wentworth hands down & a straight man to represent the view of at home dad’s which is a growing demographic.

  12. Katie Steward says:

    Rosie Perez would be a good co-host for the View. I Think it should stay a all women’s show, no male co-host. Men only as guest co-host on the View. I like Rosie O’Donnell she will be good.

  13. Jessica Simpson would be awesome as a co-host on The View. She could use the show as a platform to reintroduce some new and exciting music. Her millions of fans like myself are praying she resumes her singing career and gets back into the recording studio soon. love her style and singing talent! My favorite JS song is “Public affair”.

  14. elaine says:

    I love Alison Sweeney and Brooke Shields because they are clever, witty and attractive. The View needs a reboot with class and beauty added.

  15. ellie says:

    This show has more than run its course. What a bunch of moaning, idiotically opinionated idiots; Barbara Walters included. Why is it still on the air? Why was it on the air at all? Who cares what these women have to say? None of them has ever been qualified or well-read enough to give an educated opinion on anything. Ridiculous

  16. I would love if they make Mario Cantone a co-host. I think he is hysterical!

  17. ntamms says:

    I like Kris Jenner, Martha Stewart, or ask Allison Sweeny(now that’s she’s leaving Days of Our Lives)!

  18. ntamms says:

    I like Kris Jenner, Martha Stewart, and Allison Sweeny.

  19. Sophie Rose says:

    ABC currently has a NIGHTMARE on ALL it’s daytime shows. Just WHERE do they get all these hyperactive, over talking, over gesturing, over giggling women? Are they all ADHD, on meth or just drink way too much coffee/Red Bull.

    The last show I still watched was GMA until Sam/Josh left and became Entertainment in the Morning with that idiot Lara. They tried to “fix” it by adding Michael, but he is just a male Kelly Rippa, queen of the hyperactive.

  20. Bill says:

    I guess you’d approve anyone unless they were conservative.

  21. Mbakey says:

    I know which three had to go. Diane lost her mojo, Kris, well that speaks for itself, the guy is just plain goofy.

  22. crsj36 says:

    I agree with everyone you said no to!

  23. pearl says:

    I would stop watching the view if you put Kris Jenner on, her show was so phony and all she did was watching her self on the camera’s and poor guest’s that came on that show you could tell they weren’t too keen on being on it. Every one that was on all she would say they the people how it feel’s to be around our family. WHO CARES she is not a good host all. So if you want people to keep watching don’t put her on the view

  24. diyosaph says:

    Agree with this list.

  25. Joy Hearth says:

    Start with a totally clean slate — that would help to get viewers back – leaving the overbearing, stubborn, BORING, uninformed whoopi would definitely hurt the resurrection – think INTELLIGENT, WELL READ, not stupid funny or has their own agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women who the viewer would respect and they would respect one another. Plus, they are able to have an intelligent conversation no matter what it is about — there are very few to pick from—–leave the has beens (ex: rosie) for late night – it will be hard— as TV has become an immoral den of outrageous STUPID and dangerous—ex: housewives – filthy mouthed, ignorant, pathetic wanna bes!!!!!!! the poor young women of today – seeing this as an example of women of how women should aspire to. FRIGHTENING!!!!!!!

  26. Debbie says:

    I think Ali Wentworth would make a great addition to the panel of the View. She’s funny and smart.

  27. Colene Ruggiero says:

    Forget the past comments, cancel the show this whole thing is not good for anyone. Whoppi
    doesn’t have a problem finding other jobs.

  28. Kris Jenner and I’m done.

  29. Jo Poe says:

    I would love to see Ross Mathews! He is funny…And I like Ana Ortiz

  30. Vickie Wallace says:

    My picks Mario Cantone and Diane Sawyer — although doubt Diane Sawyer would take the job! Add them to Whoopi and Rosie and it could be interesting. Love Megan McCain and Carolina Bermudez as well — but no housewives or reality stars. Ross Matthews has nothing to offer the show. Mario Cantone is hilarious and has great opinions as well.

  31. Linda says:

    Martha would be a good choice along with Ross Mathews PLease oh Please leave all the Kardashians/Jenners OUT!!!! Bethenny Frankel Don’t need her either. Mario Cantone is good for a day once in a while but if he was on everyday I couldn’t watch it. I seen someone said Lisa Rinna Yes I would LOVE to see her.

  32. AM says:

    Meridith Vieira and Lisa Ling were the best they ever had on that show. I hope they reach for people of that caliber once again. Smart, funny and entertaining with something to say.

  33. Mary Ann Davis says:

    Why does everyone always have to make remarks about whether or not someone has a college education. Look at our politicians and the idiocy. They have college educations, most from ivy league schools. They are a disaster. A college education does not guarantee intelligence.

  34. Vicki says:

    Margaret Cho would be great. They need diversity, plus a Hispanic voice, there have been some great women lawyers on the show. South Indian women are coming up in numbers, too.
    Maybe just have four, with a guest host to mix things up.

  35. Vicki says:

    I still miss Meredith Vierra. I stopped watching, she was the only one of my age, and we had much in common. I came back when Whoopi joined. Again, closer to my age.

  36. Shannon says:

    I wouldn’t watch the show at all, and it’s nearly dead to me anyway, if it had the likes of either LeAnn Rimes or Tori Spelling on it, I’m sick to death of gutter scum. Lisa Rinna isn’t a bad choice but all I can do is watch her poor deformed lips trying to move so she’d be distracting to me. I’m so glad that Sherri the douche and Jenny the idiot are gone, but please don’t replace them with some other idiots! I could see Ross Matthews, he’s funny but I didn’t like his show Hello Ross, so I don’t know. Please no on Kris Jenner, ugh, she’s really not talented in front of the camera even if she is a monster in PR. I’m not into Rosie coming back, she was once funny now she’s just a caricature of herself. I guess my choice doesn’t matter anyway, I only flip channels when it’s on to see if they are talking about anything of interest, which is usually no they aren’t.

  37. DKing says:

    I think Kris Jenner and Ross Mathews would be the perfect replacements for the View.

  38. Howie Shadle says:

    What about mechelle? Whoopi and Rosie would look better than they do, and would not appear so fat. Barry could stop by from time to time (between fund raisers and golf outings), and sarah palin could be there to “balance” out the talk show (liberal style), with michelle bachman (as she is retiring to persue her pension from the government) could be the guest/replacement for sarah when she is out “hunting.”

  39. Rusty says:

    The only two that I saw that I liked was Diane Sawyer and Ali F. The others would be a no for me.

  40. mipper says:

    nobody, this show & that other one is stupid

  41. Everyone put in those spots always come off obnoxious. I was against watching The Talk but they are a better group of women. The View, so far, has never gotten it right.

  42. says:

    The View has seen it’s day – time to say goodbye!

  43. says:

    The View has seen its day – time to say goodbye!!

  44. Jones says:

    Cancel the show. It’s dead already.

  45. Lisa Rinna would be ok, but God no to Leanne (the husband stealer) Rhimes, no to most of those on the list of 13. Mario Cantone would be ok too. Please, please don’t give it to The mother of sluts Kardashian, please!!

  46. DZ Knight says:

    Ross Matthews would be a riot! Please no Kardouchians, no reality left overs.

  47. Jean9 says:

    Please not Ross Matthews! I’m sorry but his voice, to me, is like chalk on a blackboard and I will never be able to watch The View again if he is a regular!

  48. jerry says:


  49. mary quattrone says:

    With all these losers—- just cancel the program!!

  50. Carol says:

    I used to watch the show as it used to interest me, however as of late it has not! I is just like many other shows on now all the discussions ultimately turns to sex or politics. I thought this show was supposed to be different in the whole reason for more than one co-host was for varying opinions from different VIEW points! Yet as of late the people that filled the seats were from show business. So even though your getting different personal views, your getting view points from only one group of people.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not saying the show should not talk about sex and politics, But not all the time and the whole show need not be encompassed around just these two subjects.