The View: 13 Nightmare Replacement Hosts

With Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd announcing their departures from The View last week, ABC’s daytime talker is left with a single panelist: Whoopi Goldberg.

But while subsequent internet chatter has quickly turned to who’d make the best replacements for the exiting hosts — might we cast one vote for Margaret Cho? — we’re coming at the topic a different way: Who’d make the worst new View hosts?

Check out our 13 selections — via the blue button underneath the photo montage above or by clicking HERE — then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Who should replace Jenny and Sherri? Who shouldn’t? And whose names should it be illegal to even whisper in regard to the job openings? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Richard Thompson says:

    Don’t let Jesse Palmer get away twice. He would have been great to replace Regis, but I certainly like Michael However, Jesse Palmer is a bright, attractive articulate man. And a man should be one of the replacements.

  2. maryann says:

    Please, anyone but a Kardashian unless the View really wants to hit the toilet.

  3. I think Cote de Pablo would be an excellent choice as she does have some skills from her teen years when she did ‘Control’ for Univision.

    • cynthia reynolds says:

      She’d be great, but some of us would like to hold our for her to return full time to NCIS.

  4. Nick says:

    How about they just get rid of the show? It’s unbearable

  5. Dot says:

    NO NO NO Kartrashians, or any Housewives, or ANY Bachelorette. Oh almost forgot – NO Kate Gosselin. Diane Sawyer won’t do it. I always liked Brook Shields when she co-hosted; wonder what happened with her since she was rumored to join the Table after Joy left (but we got Jenny instead). I do like Ross Mathews. He can keep a conversation going and be serious when need be and he seems like a nice guy. Jessica Simpson would be too much of an airhead but then I thought Jenny would be one and she wasn’t. They’ve had some great male co-hosts but one I personally didn’t like was that Cain guy. He is even more conservative than Elizabeth ever was!!

  6. Nick says:

    As long as they don’t bring Joy Behar back…she’s (to quote Jean Ralphio Saperstein) THE WORST!

  7. Fred says:

    Keke Palmer
    Vanessa Williams
    Rosie O’Donnell
    A smart/educated comedian/actress
    Someone with a totally different background.

    Any of the Kardashians
    Any reality-‘star’
    A silly ‘the world is flat’ scream girl who acts like a teenager (although I kinda liked Sherri)
    Women who all have the same age or the same view
    A man

  8. Sheldon W. says:

    Jeez! Just cancel the frakkin’ show already!

  9. Jon says:

    none pick 13 more, or get rid of Whoopi, she scares me, and never under any circumstance should ever, ever choose a Kardouchin,,,ever, ever ,ever …….

  10. piper says:

    here’s two who haven’t been mentioned- how about Carolina Bermudez or Mallory Hagan? both are strong minded, witty, clever women. Carolina was always amazing when she was on Elvis Duran’s morning show. Mallory, as a recent Miss America, knows how to speak very eloquently and is quite charming. she’s from a small southern town but has also become a city girl as an adult, so I’d bet she’d have a variety of views. she’s only about 25, so she’d be a great role model for young women.

  11. Bruno says:

    SINCE the View is has been considered racially correct it would behoove the show to select two men,one asian and one caucasian, and one women of latina,decent……..Bruno

  12. nanabanana says:

    I’d like to see Tina Fey, Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric

  13. mmsolis1106 says:

    How about Brooke Shields,Mario Cantone? Please do not try to make The View a news show…

    • cynthia reynolds says:

      Yes to Brooke, NO to Mario. He’s too much like a wind-up toy you can’t turn off. He screams more than everyone else put together and although I have no issue with people being gay, he is obnoxius about it – what we used to call a fl____ f______t.(I never liked or used the term, but it was out there and it fits.) He gives many communities a bad rep.

  14. Nawal says:

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck took the View to a whole other level. She gave them the highest ratings in daytime tv history. It is fact. She should of never been replaced and Sherri should of stayed. Joy should of stayed as well and Barbara if she didn’t want to stay could of been replaced. They had really good chemistry and the producers/ABC had to go and ruin it. I personally loved Elisabeth Hasselbeck the most because she doesn’t back down and believes in what she says. We criticize her instead of applauding the fact that she doesn’t follow what majority want to hear. I love her. I loved the old view before the Jenny came in. Too bad. Hope they put them all back together and just add one new person.

  15. mary says:

    How about Ann Coulter, get another conservative and 2 more libs. I think Whoopie should go as well. This would make a very interesting show.

  16. fran attaway says:


  17. Please just take the show off the air….everyone talks over everyone else and all you hear is blah blah blah and it is always one sided on the extreme right!!!!

  18. Jo Lewis says:

    I think Brooke Shields would be a good choice.

  19. I can assure you, if Ross Mathews is chosen , this is one person who will never watch again

  20. Nellie says:

    They should quit it completely. I don’t like Whoopie at all. Elizabeth was the only good one on that show.

  21. Linda Fletcher says:

    no Kardashin please.Especially Kris can t stand her ego. Not the man with the squeaky voice that has been on..Monica Lewinsky who Barbara wants would bring ratings up and needs a chance after Bill Clinton put all the blame on the poor girl.Ann Curry is very smart and would be good. On the Talk they have that Cheryl who also speaks like a sailor.I think they should stick to women as the original basis was women with different views.

  22. Please no Kris or Kardashin we see enough of them and Kris has a ego could nt stand here ego.. Monica Lewinsky would be a choice she needs a job.Ann curry or and Lisa Renna be good Ann Curry is very smart.. No men please the original idea is women of a different view.Please no Ross or Russ a good choice.

  23. I doubt she would ever do a show like this or any program for that matter so late in her career but CHER would be great fun on “The View”. Sarah Palin also for a segment of the population that Miss Palin reaches. She is still quite popular. Jilliam Barbarie the firesd former Good Day LA hotess is also my dream host for “The View”. She’s awesome and sorely missed from morning television since she left Good Day LA. The show stinks without Jillian! Unwatchable…..

  24. CCRascal says:

    Would love to see Ann Cuirry she is so intelligent…..

  25. Eileen Madden says:

    Kathy Bates is one who should be asked to join Whoopi!!!

  26. Wonderwoman says:

    Please no more skanks or fat people or not human looking or senior citizens.

  27. julia says:

    Why not put all white gals on the VIEW.Americans think white gals will live for ever and know everything.The American way is very sad. Asians do a lot better than any other race of people.I have a granddaughter that is part Asian the young lady is smart as can be.My husband and I raised her in Monterey ,Ca.She has a degree she also has a very good job in Texas.By the way I am a 74 year old black great grandmother.I raised my kids to be proud of who god made them, because they are very special.All three of my kids have degrees and my husband and I have been married for 55 years.We have one granddaughter at Baylor university in Texas.One grandson getting his masters in accounting in December in southern California.One grandson is a paratrooper at Ft.Benning,Ga.One sixteen year old grandson working this summer at a civil engineering company on the east coast.His major next will be mechanical engineering. My husband is retired Army.We are always total blacks are lazy and on drugs.It is sad when people don’t know you and lie on you .God has sad the tongue is hell.

  28. Frederic salgado says:

    They have to return back to the Views original format just up date it for the 21st century. Instead of trying to fill the seats with numbskulls. The original format was what made the talk show interesting and fresh now you have tastless trash like Wendy Williams and the Talk boring. Get back To basics and you will have a show that will last at least another two years.

    • Bringing Rosie back as show moderator would definitely boost sagging ratings. I personally feel Whoopi brings the show down and she should have also been let go. I never cared for one bit. A nice actress actress but everyday not so much, opinions etc…..

  29. Riley St.Clair says:

    I just want the smart ‘View’ to come back. No guys please.. Its be proven that an all women panel works. just need to be smarter about choices… Need to balance it out with a conservitive women. Here our my picks.. Andi Dorfman (attny, currently on the Bachelorette. Stacey Lauretta Dash (actress/fox journalist) and Marysol Castro (journalist/formally on fox)

    I prefer professional career women to actresses. Thought provoking discussions. It does not have to be a news show, but it does not have to be a all about the entertainment business show.

    Glad to see BW gone, she is a ground breaker for women (her idea on having the View was spot on) but it was getting uncomfortable watching take so long talking. Sherri Seems nice, but she was not informed and it seemed that she did try to get informed. I love Jenny Mc, but I understand that her demo is not a intellectual stay at home mom. She more of the Dad’s demo.. Who wants to be lectured on vacations by a women who is funny and extremely beautiful and could make your husband think twice about dropping your butt. (even though she really did not lecture about it, that is her persona)

    Have a core four panel… Whoopi, Andi, Stacey, Marysol
    Than have a guest co star for the month.

    September: Brooke Shields
    October: Pippa Middleton
    November: Audience Pick

  30. Marlene Kirk says:

    I don’t care who they put on that show. I stopped watching it a LONG TIME AGO!! I used to like Whoopee, but she’s turned too radical for me.

  31. Joy Heintz says:

    I don’t like any of them!!

  32. Sunny says:

    Please get rid of Whoopie, she is a mess and she is always right even when she is wrong.I think Ali Wentworth should take her place and give Kathy Griffin a chance, just tell her to watch her mouth. Would love to see Diane Sawyer but she has too much class to be on the view. Wanda Sykes would be good, can you image how funny the show would be with those women. Whoopie needs to go, if you have to have a man then get Ross Mathews. Mario Cantone is a waste, he isn’t funny and acts stupid, and we can do without the Broadway show stuff. And please no from the Bachelor.

  33. Marilyn Madrid says:

    I think it’s time to cut its losses and go off the air. No matter who they get, it will never be the same as when it originally came on the air. I am ecstatic that Sherri left.

  34. Marilyn Madrid says:

    I think it’s time The View cut it’s losses and go off the air. No matter who they get, it most likely will not be the same as when it originally aired. I am ecstatic Sherri is gone.

  35. Sophie Rose says:

    They just need to dump this show along with all the rest of the ABC daytime shows from GMA to Ellen. ABC somehow manages to find the most hyperactive women for hosts. They over-talk, over-gesture, over-giggle and over smile. Even Michael who I guess was supposed to help George balance the GMA bimbos is just a male version of Kelly Rippa. WHAT is with these women are they all ADHD, use meth or just drink way too much coffee/Red Bull?

  36. kris says:

    If Kris Jenner joins the View. (a) she will only talk about her family and their drama, and (b) I won’t watch any more. If you look up the definition of publicity whore there is a picture of Kris Jenner. NO NO NO

  37. I have my own view says:

    No for Lisa Rinna, Whoopie Goldberg would bury her. She is not strong enough. The controversy that was recently at the table was so so boring, except for Sheri Shepard’s underhanded remarks about racism. I did not like that and I learned what kind of person Ms. Shepard really was. Well, Barbara, you brought on W. Goldberg, that sadden me. Now lets see if Ms. Whoopie can carry the show. I think not. When Joy Behar left I truly thought the show would improve, she was such a downer and obnoxious to bout. They should have paid Elisabeth Hasselhoff, stupid move Barbara. But I believe Whoopie had her hand in that.
    Well Folks, Other than my own view, I think “the view” is over.

    • Rosie McDonald can save the show like she did when Star was fired and Meredith went to The today show. Rosie lifted the ratings tremendously that year. The ratings have been flat ever since. OK but not great after Rosie. I never thought bringing on the black ugly, Whoopi Golden was good. She just looks bad and stinks up the whole show.

  38. Joy Hearth says:

    After reading the comments — it really explains how Melissa and Sherri even were able to get on the panel – the moral integrity of TV has TOTALLY GONE DOWN THE TUBES — ignorance is so dominate, it is pathetic! If you ask how many ever read a book, even know what a current event is ————–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad

  39. Sue says:

    Ross and Mario!!

  40. PLeonard says:

    Really want them to get back to what made the view so special 4/5 women different ages 20/30/40/50/60 one from each age group with differing opinions based on their generation. Makes it interesting and fun with Smart Professional’s no starlet’s please.

  41. Babs says:

    I never have watched this show because of it’s obvious liberal slant….and as long as they have goofy Goldberg on I never will. What a witch! Who cares who is on the PEW!

  42. J. Farina says:

    Not too many hosts, (3 is just right) so they don’t talk AT THE SAME TIME, I hardly watch the view because they talk at the same time, NO RESPECT to the audience, I believe a man and a woman coming in (of course you have w. Goldberg already) would be a perfect-balance host.

  43. ntamms says:

    Leanne Rhimes is a screwed up individual..America does not need her, except for making music like other freakazoids(Miley Cyrus)..and Lisa Rhinna , Ms. lip injection..we do not need these women who cannot except themselves as God made them!!

  44. Jules says:

    The show needs to be revamped and by that I mean there needs to be four intelligent classy women as opposed to what they have had to date. In my opinion a good panel would be: Carney Wilson, Ali Wentworth, Holly Robinson-Peete and Roseann. Yes Roseann. She is funny and intelligent. What they have had so far with the exception of Meredith Viera is low classed individuals who are loud, obnoxious, opinionated and mean. They need to be more like the Talk in that respect.

  45. Kate Gosselin, Kris Jenner, Ross Matthews, Bill Rancic, Kristen Chenowitz, Margaret Cho — please none of the above

  46. kj says:

    I agree with all of your choices. I wouldn’t watch any of these people.

  47. I think Ross was a great addition. I know they said female show but the weekly hosts were terrible. The show may just have to go away. 7 y
    ears for anyone thing seems to be the limit today

  48. Norma Ortiz says:

    I would add a Multi-Cultural Mix, such as a Latina (Eva Mendes/Roselyn Sanchez), Asian (Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy, Columbus Short (Scandal), Anderson Cooper (CNN), Phylicia Rashad (Bill Cosby Show), Malcolm Jamal Werner (Bill Cosby Show)…Bring Back Joy Behar…

  49. florence lawhorne says:

    Please no more Mario Cantone who is most obnoxious; no Kathy Griffin, who is particularly nasty in her viewpoints; no one too liberal or conservative, but middle of the roaders, who are open to opinions of others. I love Wanda Sykes but not sure she’s right for this show….Margaret Cho may work…Never again with Rosie O’Donnell, who is TOO opionated and Nasty to Everyone who disagrees with her! I would love to see someone with real intelligence, who base their opinions on real facts, not just off the wall rantings like Bill Maher.

  50. Colene Ruggiero says:

    Take the show OFF and be done with it. There must be something better to watch
    I used to record to watch later, not now. Enough is what I say