Ratings: Last Ship Makes a Splash, Falling Skies Returns Down

The Last Ship Ratings

The Last Ship had a big bow on Sunday night, premiering to 5.3 million total viewers, with 1.5 mil landing in the 18-49 sweet spot.

The TNT freshman thus stands as the No. 1 cable launch for the year-to-date. (And with an encore folded in, its numbers swelled to 7.4 mil/2.3 mil.)

Leading out of that, Falling Skies‘ Season 4 opener did 3.7 mil/1.3 mil, down from both its previous premiere (4.2 mil/1.9 mil) and its August finale (3.7 mil/1.6 mil). With an encore added in, the alien invasion drama 2nd (a)Massed 4.7 mil/1.7 mil.

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  1. MJ says:

    Falling Skies was all over the place. I did not enjoy it all. There was so many story lines and I was hoping someone was going to wake up and it was all a dream. I did not get it at all.

    • CJ says:

      I was really disappointed. It was nothing like the show that it was its first season. Like you said, it was all over the place. I was confused, frustrated, and ultimately really disappointed. Not sure if I’ll be able to stick with it the rest of the season because I thought last night was just so bad.

    • Elyse says:

      I missed the first season of Falling Skies but caught the second season and LOVED it! I thought the third season was all over the place though. I was hoping they would fix that in season 4 :(

    • It’s quite obvious that the 2nd Mass as a unit had run out of narrative steam. I think splitting the main players up is a smart move in the long run, it’ll give them a chance to explore new character interactions, new perspectives and new styles of storytelling. Granted, the premiere was a bit lacklustre, but as a place-setting episode, it was okay.

  2. GuessWhat says:

    Time to wrap up FALLING SKIES. I still like it, but running of steam.
    So let’s wrap it up this year. thanks.

    • GuessWhat says:

      *running out of

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Problem isnt running out of steam or running out of ideas, its this is the second time they have completely replaced the entire writing staff, so we get this new season, and it doesnt feel like Falling Skies, and has WAY too many story lines going on…these are fresh, fully steamed, writers that came up with these ideas, the problem is the lack of consistency.

      I mean…come on, out of no where a nazi brain washing kids camp, a mystical/religious/utopia place with a magical girl who grew up super fast and now has Khalessi colored hair (rip off), and Ben and Maggie are gonna hook up creating a love triangle of Ben/Maggie/Hal which is disgusting….all of these things scream of new writers wanting to change things up…i fear it will force this show (given how expensive each episode is) to get cancelled.

      • Tenney says:

        I didn’t realize they completely replaced the writing staff. That’s probably why I felt like I was watching a completely different show with Falling Skies characters. It was not good at all.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Its the second time they have. They replaced the entire writing staff pre-season 2. Then they replaced them again pre-season 4. They have also had showrunner changes, i think more than one. Cluster-F is what it is, and it shows in the content of the show.

      • Rodg says:

        The Magical girl that grows up over night seems to come straight out of the first time V was made a tv series

    • Nodo says:

      I can’t see it being wrapped up this year. For one they film each season months before it airs, Filming has been completed for a short while now on Falling Skies. They have the finale and everything already filmed.

      Season 5 will be the last, I agree, if it gets renewed.

  3. Colleen says:

    What happened to Michaela McManus in the episode? She was suppose to be in the part, and she’s in one of the first promos, but when we got to that actual scene last night, it wasn’t her…

  4. Bob Smith says:

    I feel like Falling Skies should have ended last season. Season 4’s premiere just seemed odd, different and disconnected with the previous seasons.

    • Tenney says:

      I completely agree with you about Falling Skies. It was so disconnected from previous seasons, I felt like I was watching a different show with Falling Skies characters. The writing seemed completely different from previous seasons and I couldn’t follow what story they were trying to tell. Maybe that was because you had Tom and Captain Weaver in one kind of story, Hal, Pope, and a gang living another story, and Lexi, Maggie, and their crew telling a third, out-of-nowhere, story.

      To say it was disjointed would be an understatement. To me, it was not good at all last night.

  5. Jack R says:

    This isn’t The Walking Dead.. as such I’m not sure resetting the apocalypse every season is an option. The Falling Skies premiere marked the first time I got the distinct impression they didn’t really have a progressive story or end game in mind and that this season was padding. They may in fact not be padding, but it’s sure coming off as padding. It’s certainly re setting to familiar themes already covered in the series. They’ve basically undone any progression of the war story that’s evolved over the last 3 seasons and re set everything with “new” scenarios. except the “new scenarios” are re treads of earlier scenarios. i.e instead of biologically possessing the kids, they’re sending them to brown shirted Hitler youth conditioning? Ridiculous. Instead of hunting rag tag groups of starving humans amid ruins, they’re penning rag tags groups of humans amid ruins.. And three years of organizing and resistance, not to mention partnering with alien allies all seem to have been wiped away.. off camera. These are not things you do if you know where you’re going.. as opposed to settling in to independent season arcs.

    • David4 says:

      They had an endgame, the actress got pregnant and they didn’tt plan for that, then the show runner left and David Eick came in.

  6. Mark says:

    Falling Skies was leaked onto the internet a week ago. So a large number of die hard fans had already seen it . The story just wasn’t bad but not its usual great, well there is time for it to come good but I agree its time to start bringing it to a close. Also bring back Karen…

    • Kay says:

      Agree I really wanted them to save Karen, not kill her!!!! I’m done…..

      • James says:

        Karen will be back to though in some form, as seen in the promo for the season ahead. Although she will stay narratively dead.

        • Mark says:

          I rate this being SyFy it was a clone of Karen that was killed, and they will eventually free the original Karen which will cause problems for Hal because he abandoned her, for Maggie. Just a thought…..

  7. David4 says:

    Falling Skies should have ended last year, it was a mess last night. My favorite part was the fact the aliens are building a power plant to shield the planet from the good aliens.

    AKA all of last season’s main plot.

  8. vaneileana says:

    I really enjoyed The Last Ship. The action scenes were really good. The storyline is interesting. It has Eric Dane, Charles Parnell, and Adam Baldwin. I’m definitely going to keep watching.

  9. GeoDiva says:

    I have enjoyed Falling Skies over the years, but I could not even finish last night’s episode. It was so dis-jointed, confusing and boring. I stopped about 40 minutes in and deleted it. I will not be watching it anymore.

  10. Ally Oop says:

    The Last Ship was good. My only criticism of it was that there wasn`t much in terms of character introduction and parts of the premise/plot are a bit iffy (I mean, coming up with a vaccine is much more difficult than what the writing makes it out to be plus the bit about primordial strain in birds in the arctic was a bit wonky, and I don’t buy the idea that the crew would have no inkling of the plague that’s occurring in the world). However, like many tv shows and movies, you have to choose to buy what the writers are selling and I’ve chosen to just buy it all and move on. The series is very good-looking, the pilot was movie-quality, the plot interesting, the lead was appealing and there’s a lot of potential there for great serial storytelling. Overall, I give the show a 4 out of 5.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Oh i absolutely buy that the crew wouldnt know. How would they know? lol. They are on Navy warship in the Artic no less, radio dark (meaning all of their communications outside of the ship are turned off, no one can contact anyone outside of the ship). If you know anything about the Navy and military you know that thats exactly how it would go.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Yes, but they would still receive satellite interceptions regarding major occurrences. Also, even if they don’t communicate out, they still have to maintain a limited amount of communications with oncoming vessels and there is someone whose job it is to monitor incoming CB radio transmissions (not FM ones). Just because there’s radio silence doesn’t mean there’s no incoming transmissions. A navy warship like that would have the technology which prevents incoming transmissions from being tracked by others.

      • RetiredTinCanSailor says:

        M3rc, The book, which is excellent, involved a nuclear destroyer (they don’t exist, but it made the premise workable) and involved a different global scenario. As a retired Naval Officer, I can tell you there are a huge number of problems and the communications part of the story is not at all understandable.

        I had to laugh at huge parts of this – for example, warships are hardened against EMP. A few PCs would have been lost, every piece of personal electronics would be shot, but the engineering plant and weapons systems? Not a chance… Also, no ship goes completely off the grid for 4 months, regardless of what EMCON condition is set. And not transmitting is one thing, but ships in EMCON conditions can and do receive broadcasts from FLEETSAT or other sources. Our radiomen routinely listened to civilian radio stations from around the world, so they would have known about the virus.

        With gas turbine propulsion, the ship would be a fuel hog; it would barely have enough fuel to go to the arctic circle and back on a tank of gas much less operate for 4 months. Food could be stretched to perhaps a month, but that would be it. They would have needed a fleet logistics ship (an oiler and a stores ship) to resupply them and it would have brought the news. Where are these unmanned fuel and supply depots – WTF – they don’t exist, not even in someone’s vivid imagination (except Hollywood). The diesel-power cruise ship burns a completely different fuel than a gas turbine – as in not even compatible, so while they could have gotten food stores, that would have been it… Also, how was the cruise ship still on power with a dead crew? Why did the CO order flank speed when leaving the US? Fuel burn rates are a logarithm, so going fast would suck the ship dry quickly. Flank speed is reserved either for emergencies or photo ops…

        They just blew off the impact of the missile hits at the beginning of the show. They all hit in one of the most critical areas and the ship would have been seriously damaged and degraded. They essentially hit the Combat Information Center and possibly the bridge. They would not have the parts to fix most of the damage and they would be blind to threats (they hit the SPY radar antenna) not to mention dozens of casualties. Oh, and the attack scene itself – no CO would allow an unknown and well armed military aircraft to get in weapons range. The nuclear missile hit — they were spooling up 4 Harpoon missiles – anti-ship missiles – to attempt a shootdown. I think they meant Standard Missiles, and even those would not hit a ballistic missile unless they had been modified for anti-ballistic missile defense.

        That brings us to the helo – where is it stored? The hangar has a lab in it and a helo stored on deck would have a very short life expectancy at sea… and the footage of the ship steaming around don’t show the helo sitting on deck, so where is it? Flying? Not likely given the amount of avgas that a destroyer has onboard…

        This show had promise, but if the technical advisors have screwed it up this much in the opening minutes, what does that say about the series? Nitpicking perhaps, but it goes to production quality. I have the feeling this will go the way of “Last Resort” from a few years ago.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Lol wow i love this reply. I stand corrected in the best of ways. I noticed some things you noticed as well but didnt remember them. The missiles being fired at essentially the bridge it looked like? Yeah i was like…are those “warning” shots so they arent doing ANY damage? lol. I thought about the gas thing, i didnt think about the Cruise ship being a diff type of gas, i wondered if un-maned fuel stations existed for Navy Ships. I didnt think of the Helo issue and thats a BIGGY lol, and i absolutely thought about the EMP…i was shocked, literally what went through my head was “wait…would a Navy Destroyed not be EMP shielded?”

          Personally i am a huge fan of shows getting the details correct, ESPECIALLY when it comes to military assets; guns, ships, vehicles, language/jargon, etc. Now I could accept (as i think you might) some “flaws” for the greater good of the story. For example, to fix a lot of the holes/mistakes you mentioned, i wouldnt mind if they said the Ship was the only Nuclear Destroyer in the fleet, and thats why it was chosen to go to the Arctic for 4 months, it was the only Destroyed that could get there, operate and come back. I would accept that premise.

          What sucks is it doesnt take THAT much of creative thinking to fix some holes…i mean could they not have the EMP blast hurt some systems and you find out why is they were doing maintenance to certain systems and it exposed some of the computer systems to damage from EMP? Maybe thats ridiculous but idk i think it would be better than just the entire ship isnt EMP shielded. The cruise ship scene could still work cause you need food/water, just remove the “gasoline” part from the script cause the Destroyer is running on Nuclear power.

          • English says:

            Did anyone stop to think that they “got it wrong” on purpose? Having a military show that could be access world wide WITH correct running and logistics of our Military wouldn’t be the best idea….

        • M3rc Nate says:

          No because everything he said can be found out easily from Google…ships being EMP shielded and all that is basic knowledge that every country in the world knows.

        • Jeri says:

          Hey, it’s a TV show, not supposed to be real. Not science.

        • Stuwie says:

          “They just blew off the impact of the missile hits at the beginning of the show. They all hit in one of the most critical areas and the ship would have been seriously damaged and degraded. They essentially hit the Combat Information Center and possibly the bridge.”

          Watch carefully. Pretty sure they detonate early (presumably this ship’s chaff is successful at a 100% rate unless it suits the plot to be suddenly ineffective). From the bridge you see the detonation out the window. apparently low yield and little shrapnel. The ship then sails through the smoke of the explosion.

  11. CC says:

    My husband and I both really liked The Last Ship! We will be watching every week!

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    The Last Ship: I cant stand M-Bay, but i was really really excited for this show. I love me some post-apocalyptic shows, i love me some Military shows, and i especially love me some Navy War-Ships. I enjoyed this pilot a lot. Now it wasnt perfect, it had flaws, but it was solid, id give it a B+ i think.

    Everything so far is very believable which i like. The not knowing anything for 4 months because they are radio silent/dark with the outside world? That’s totally how it would be. The gun stuff and warship guns firing and all that? I liked it a lot, it was realistic. The only thing i am iffy on, is the vaccine stuff. I liked that the Navy Soldier killed himself to protect his crew mates cause he was infected (realistic of a non-coward soldier), but that scene was a waste IMO and should have been saved for episode 2 or 3, because i felt nothing when he did it. We only ever saw him like one time (in the mess hall) and so i wasnt connected to the character. He was basically just a random dude to me. Lol its hilarious how close Rhona’s character is to Rachel Dalton from Strike Back, heck they even have the same first name (Rachel Dalton vs Rachel Scott).

    There are some potential future holes, like what about all of the nations submarines that have been out at sea since before the virus broke out? Are there not like 10 nuclear powered submarines in the oceans just like this “Last Ship’ that are virus-free? I hope they dont make the Russian bad guy a caricature villain…a big bad Russian villain…just dont take it too far.

    I think this shows biggest fight will be to have enough story/plot meat on the shows bones season after season. Being on a ship alone, 80% of the world sick/dead, small opportunities for “bad guys”…theres potential for this show to get stagnant, to get un-creative, fall into typical tropes and be filled with melodrama of men-women on the ship, and mutiny and all that…aka “Last Resort”.

    If it was me running this show, this is what id do: Create and keep writing depth and realness for the characters, get the viewers to care about them, to understand they are complex, multidimensional characters. Then like GOT & TWD, have no issue killing them off. But know the right time, dont do it just for effect but when it fits the story and plots. Bring in new characters through creative ways (for example, President before she died assuming she died ordered a team of uninfected Navy SEAL’s on a mission to get to a aircraft, radio the Ship, find out where they are, fly it to them, jump out of the aircraft, it crashes, and land on the Ship to help the Captain…And there you got 3-5 new male characters on the show).

  13. Disco Dave says:

    I’ve watched Falling Skies from the beginning and while I love a good story where the bad guy has some wins, its sort of like The Following where the bad guys are so good and the good guys are always inept. You’d think the guys from Pacific Rim would already be on the scene and have built a giant Mech out of spare parts. :-)

    The Last Ship was pretty good. I thought the same thing of Last Resort though after one show so I’ll hold fire on the praise.

  14. Scott Johnston says:

    I binge watched Falling Skies S3 two weeks ago and then watched episode 1 online. I thought the season opener was a far stronger episode than most of season 3 managed. I liked the splitting up of the Masons and the rest of the main cast, and I liked being kept off balance by the time jump. We don’t need to see every tiny little detail that happens in a show and we don’t need to be spoon fed every bit of plot. Of course its a different show now. Things have changed and moved on just like the real world does. It was pretty obvious after the Season 3 ending that the show would have to shake everything up again. What else were they going to do?

  15. Michelle says:

    Falling Skies premiere was a convoluted mess. Though I am willing to stick with it. I hope it slows itself down some and fills in the gaps.

  16. M3rc Nate says:

    Falling Skies: Didnt like the premier episode. All new writers again and it shows. The episode was all over the place. So many story lines going on, and so many of them i dont like. The “Neo” girl (Lexi), her white hair (GOT rip off) and mystical powers….this show didnt need a “chosen one” story line. I blame this on Moon Bloodgood getting pregnant lol (jk, blame it on crappy writing). Should have just written her as a normal baby that died in child birth or that Moon was never pregnant. Dislike the utopia thing, with Maggie and Lordas acting like they are in a euphoric spell, and im sure that leads to the love triangle which i will hate cause its disgusting (Maggie/Ben/Hal). The kids Nazi style brain washing camp is lame.

    I give this premier a “D”. I will give it a few more episodes before i give my verdict but my pre-verdict is this season will lose enough viewers/interest/critical acclaim that this season will end up being its last and goes out on a badly written whimper. (Considering the cost per episode, the show NEEDS a certain amount of viewership, its not like Chuck or Community and can continue on barely any viewers and a generous network President).

    What post-apocalyptic shows need more than anything else (besides multidimensional characters that you care about) is its stories & plots written out in advance for the series (Arrow style). Shows like this that only ever started with a concept then write as they go along with very little flushed out ideas and plans and what’s worse they keep on replacing their writing staff and show runners suffer big time. Think Revolution, think of the turmoil and bad writing in certain parts of The Walking Dead because of showrunner replacing and writers leaving.

    What this show needed, was for its showrunner/creator/writers to write out like Arrow did, the first 5 or so seasons. Write out their big plots, the big plans, then medium sized plots, and maybe some smaller plots…everything you want from the show, its beginning middle and end. Then you get filming and writing episodes and as you go along, you learn things about the characters by watching the actors/actresses, you think of new ideas as you go along, you make some small tweaks…but overall having that plan means consistency in story/plots which this show is SORELY lacking.

  17. DavidSask says:

    I enjoyed the Last Ship but don’t let it be HELIX on a boat or zombie crap. I hope there is more story line other than everyone infected and crew battles that on boat and off!

  18. Joni says:

    I enjoyed the series premiere of “The Last Ship” – had to look away a couple of times during lab scenes. Felt the tension at the right times. Liked the cast, most of which I’m not familiar with. Only Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin were recognizable to me. Kind of refreshing to have a series casting folks I’m don’t know.

  19. James D says:

    I personally loved the Falling Skies premiere. it was a stark tonal shift one the was most welcome in my mind. I can see why people were disjointed by it but i hope it maintains enough of its viewers so it doesn’t end after this season it is one of my favorite summer shows i’d hate for it to end. Liked Last Ship not sure how they can maintain it for a whole season let alone a series but i will continue to watch it.

  20. English says:

    There are so many different kinds of Aliens now that its hard to keep track. And I’m unsure about how much I am going to like Lexie’s storyline unfolding this year….

  21. Pat says:

    Last Ship started out pretty exciting, but after all the action was over it seemed to slow down a bit. It also started to become predictable as to who might be bad. I will continue to watch it but my husband threw the towel in and said he would not watch it again.

  22. Ke'ara says:

    Reblogged this on Outta My Mind… and commented:
    I need to watch this show…

  23. Ali says:

    I really enjoyed The Last Ship. As both an Adam Baldwin fan and an Eric Dane fan, I was excited about the show but it seemed like it took forever and ever to finally air. Even though it was a tad different from the book, it worked for me. However, I was confused as in the book it was a nuclear powered ship. A poster up thread cleared up my confusion about there not really being any nuclear destroyers, so that helped.

    Didn’t care for the Dr. Scott character, but perhaps she’ll grow on me. She was too bossy and rude. LOVED Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane rocking the silver fox look with the hair and owning that bridge. I just went ahead and let myself get lost in the story and didn’t worry too much about where the helicopter came from and how the cruise ship was still floating around, all lit up, with everyone dead (that was super creepy by the way and they should have done more with that IMO.)

    I think the scene that scared me the most was the nuke going off so close to the ship. I thought they’d all get sick from radiation and the ship would be all radioactive. In the book, the ship is actually able to give itself a shower/rinse down after radiation exposure. Not sure if a destroyer can really do that, but it would have been kind of cool to see.

    Last, it did not have enough Adam Baldwin. I want to see him in every scene 24/7. I also miss his comedic delivery. We got to have fun with him as Jayne and Casey but it looks like this will be all serious bad-ass Slattery.

    I also am confused about it’s ten episode run. Is that it? Just ten eps. then it’s done or will there be the possibility of a second season?? I’ll be watching and enjoying unless Adam’s character gets hurt or killed. Not sure why, as it’s only TV, but if a character I like is hurt/killed it freaks me out. (I’m still getting over Vorenus’ death on HBO’s ROME and that was like six years ago, so, please MB, don’t mess with Adam!)

  24. Nodo says:

    I think this will be the final season of Falling Skies. Traditionally you always get a small drop from the premiere and this doesn’t seem like the kind of show(Cost wise) that can afford to drop to 0.8 etc.

  25. Bobby Silva says:

    Fake British know it all — check
    Lesbian couple — check
    Ooorah Patriot — check
    White man Bwana Hero — check

    Story —– Sucks all
    Cinematography —– Sucks

    Missed opportunities to make the characters anything but cartoonish
    So many potential ways to have made it worth it….. pharama / weapons patent, media, rules of engagement — on and on…..
    Weak weak weak…..how does this stuff get funding!!!?

    • Andrew says:

      Rhona Mitra is not a “fake british know it all” considering she was born in England, I’d rephrase that with “a real british know it all”
      But in case you didn’t – know it all yourself, now you do!

    • spunkfire says:

      A-men brother

  26. John Kelly says:

    Naval correctness- Ship shown underway flaying Jack ( flag that flies from bow) ,,,this is never flown while ship is underway/at sea. Jack os flown only in port.. When colors shift (when ship leave port) Jack & National colors shft.. National colors are flown from yardarm, or mast, Jack is stored away until next port of call..
    Hand salutes are not rendered by Naval service( Navy & Marines) unless they are covered (hat is on) & never in an enclosed space. Showing hand salutes rendered while in CIC or bridge or on main deck while ship is underway in simply not done.

  27. Angel says:

    I liked falling skies. I thought it was good. I can’t wait for the next episodes, after seeing the previews ahead.

  28. keekey says:

    Falling skies cg i mistake@ 17.22 skinner runs right through some human maybe it’s a ghost skinner,i give up on this trash,how dose this stuff get past QC,oh i forgot Falling skies has no Quality it sucks.

  29. ajlego says:

    I thought the series had been cancelled. I’m amazed to learn it’s still broadcast. Falling Skies is nothing more than the main characters get captured, fight amongst themselves, escape and fight amongst themselves. The cycle repeats itself with a few minor victories and new characters thrown in. They never really defeat the enemy. They just keep running and getting captured repeatedly. It’s like the failed Evolution series with intelligent bugs

  30. Joshua says:

    I thought I was crazy after Season 2 because Season 3’s premier did not begin where Season 2 ended. Now with Season 4 doing the same thing – I am very disappointed – If they would stick with one story line and quit bouncing all over the place and quit going forward this show would be pretty badass

  31. Dale Kirk says:

    Sadly, American shows simply cannot hold a candle to British ones these days. Americans love Last Ship but it has received a much rougher reception in Canada, Australia and the UK where everyone has asked, “how long can this go on”. The “love affair” is also destined to be dragged out 20 years.

    • Ali says:

      That would make sense as if I was watching a military show about Canada, I’d be pretty bored as well. Oh wait, there aren’t any military shows in the US about Canada. I guess that makes sense. American programming and American shows for Americans. I’ve never heard of “The Love Affair,” so I can’t speak in regards to that show, but most shows (British, Australian and American) only run a maximum of seven years or so. Twenty years for a show seems a bit odd.

  32. Why does Noah Wyle always speak in a raspy, unnatural voice when he plays Tom Mason. I usually like Noah .. think he is a great actor! But this raspy voice he uses is simply ridiculous!