Big Brother Season 16 Twists Revealed: Two Heads of Household and More

Big Brother Season 16 Twists

Julie Chen promised to put all “Big Brother twist rumors to rest” during Wednesday’s installment of CBS’ The Talk, and as always, the über hostess proved to be a woman of her word.

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Here’s the scoop: Instead of one houseguest winning Head of Household each week, there will now be two victors, which means four contestants will be on the block (as each HoH nominates two people.)

Additionally, Season 16 will introduce a new competition called “Battle of the Block,” meaning the Head of Household is no longer guaranteed safety.

Chen also revealed that “Team America” — aka all of us watching from home — will have more control than ever as to what goes on in the BB house.

All of these changes will be implemented when Big Brother returns for its sixteenth season on June 25 (CBS, 8/7c).

Are you excited about all the changes going on in the Big Brother house? Drop a comment with your hopes for Season 16 below.

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  1. Larry says:

    Interesting. Could make stragedy even more tricky with those changes. Looking forward to the show.

    • brycealexander says:

      I like it in that it will provide strategy, but I really hate how so many of these only last until about the halfway point in the game and then the twists toward the end of the game are usually pretty uninspired. Either way I’ll be watching every second!

      • James says:

        It seems like it will last up to that point considering there won’t be enough HG’s to nominate and take part in this BOB by Week 6/7 onwards. But I do think, if executed well and the response is positive, they could bring this back for next year.

  2. Elle says:

    As long as we don’t get the same clusterfrak as last year, I’m all for some changes.

  3. EJ says:

    This sounds OK. I think the show should be a lot more interactive if we can’t vote HGs out like in the UK and other countries.

    • Shazay says:

      I’m with you 100%! Really mess with them and give the public more power, that would be a twist they’d never expect and basically ruin any expectations/strategies they might have going in to the house. I just saw that Nick Uhaus was an actor before going in. I hate all these actors….why?? Why so many actors? Lame.

    • Alex says:

      During the first season (and maybe more seasons?), viewers in the US could vote out the contestants. And they promptly voted out some of the most interesting ones, making for a boring season.

      • James says:

        Nope, it was the tasks during BB1 that made it boring to the core. Tasks are the pot-stirrers of conflict which can provide editors more than enough material to show during their highlight shows.

      • reboot2099 says:

        You’re right, I’m in Quebec, Canada and we had our versions of BB here but we decided who got evicted. That was really dumb.

        The people that make the show fun to watch are those who make trouble, lie, backstab etc. People at home don’t seem to understand that and they vote them out. So the last half of the season is the Battle of the Floaters! Who will wash more dishes? Who will sleep more? Very fun! lol

  4. Diz says:

    Chaos for about 4 weeks and then merged back to the same. I don’t care much for the twist on paper, but I love Big Brother.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I was thinking the same. The can’t have 4 people on the block for much more than that, it won’t work.

    • KN says:

      Exactly. It will only last for maybe four evictions. I just hope the cast is good. I care less about the twists. I just want a decent cast.

    • Britt says:

      They had 2 HOHs before (the season with Jenelle and Boogie). They had to agree on which 2 people to put up or the 2 of them would be on the block. It lasted like 6 weeks, so I don’t see this one lasting long either.

      Hopefully this season doesn’t get as stale as the last couple of seasons game wise and the contestants are much better than last season.

  5. Amanda says:

    Here’s another twist… about we stop with the showmances and go back to old days when Big Brother was fun and good! I can only watch til there isn’t anyone left to root for because they are all in stupid showmances and grossing me out!

  6. DebLG says:

    I already decided I will no longer be watching. Last season – which I watched in its entirety and still don’t know why – ruined the show for me. They were disgusting. There are too many other good shows to check out this summer. For those of you who still watch, enjoy and I hope it’s a good season for you.

    • I didn’t even make it to the end, and it ruined Big Brother for me.
      But CBS was to blame too. They should have fired the disgusting racists immediately, instead of choosing to give them a weekly platform, with CBS’ tacit approval, on public airwaves.

      Televised hate speech is … so 1980s.

  7. webly3 says:

    I love Big Brother and I know this year’s season is going to be great.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m happy with whatever they do as long as they keep returning players out. And I mean completely out. Have they announced the cast yet and I missed it. Are there any relatives on this season? I must Google :-)

  9. Renaak says:

    Well, hopefully this season gets better because BB UK, AU, and CA are killing the stale US version.

  10. alistaircrane says:

    I like the idea of the viewers having more control over who goes home like in Season 1 and the overseas versions.

  11. connerc says:

    I’d be more excited if Big Brother After Dark returned to Showtime instead of being on TVGN.

  12. I’m excited as long as Rachel/Brenden or janelle are NOT involved in any way!!! I can’t stand any of them!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Eric says:

    I am okay with most of the twists. They all sound interesting and fresh. Whether I’ll like them, who knows. I’ll have to see the twists in action (2 HOH’s, 4 nominees, etc.) before I can actually say I like them or not. However, the one twist I am NOT sold on is the “Team America.” I don’t like that America being involved. That is one of the reasons why I loved the show so much. It’s one of the few competition shows where America doesn’t have a say. Who stays and who gets evicted is completely up to the houseguests So as long as America doesn’t have a say in big matters, I’m good.

  14. spotteddog says:

    I will be watching for sure, unless the same racist, homophobic, and bullying behavior from last season returns. If that happens I will be out, and I am sure I will have lots of company

  15. Bruce says:

    They should strive to make BB USA more like BB Australia…in all respects. They should actually have a Big Brother voice talking to them in the diary room for instance. Also, the votes to evict should come from America, not from the other houseguests. Those two changes alone would make it more entertaining.
    If you haven’t watched the last season of BB Australia, check out an episode or two on YouTube and see what I am talking about.

    • Eric says:

      How would letting America decide who to vote out make it more interesting? That would actually make it worse than ever. It pretty much defeats the purpose of the entire game and takes away any strategy that the houseguests have. I could’ve sworn that is one of the reasons why most people hate BB1. The game wasn’t even remotely the same as it is now, but most people hated BB1 because the viewers had that power.

  16. Rodg says:

    Giving America more control? In season 1 America voted out the houseguest

  17. Brandon says:

    While the Aus Big Brother is certainly entertaining its a completely different game…….when the public votes people out if just a popularity contest and many times the most interesting people get voted out early. There is no real strategy other then to suck up to the public. While I think there should be more opportunities for the public to interact with the game having the public vote people out is the worst thing that could ever happen.

    • James says:

      Then again, the HMs in BBAU play strategy on how they wanna put up their targets for eviction. I suggest you watch BBAU Season 10 from last year.

      It is only after getting nom’ed that they’re kissing the public’s arses for votes.

  18. tonka says:

    So it will be returning guest vs new guests.

  19. I hope they do a fake eviction and put the “evictee” in a hidden location in the BB house to watch what goes on for a week and then return to the house. It was a great twist on BB UK last year.

  20. lexi says:

    I think the HOH not being safe is smart because that is why people want HOH so they can be safe but now they wont be WOW!!!! I also think the two HOH is a really good idea but will there be two people going home, that would mean the season last longer but they said it will be an extended season????? I wonder what America gets to do???? Who knows??

  21. pig says:

    Big Brother rules TV ME AND MY Dad watch it together

  22. Joe says:

    Being a huge fan of the show since its debut, I’m not feeling the new twist for BB16. It has no substance and may take away from the competitive edge of the contestants. The power that the HOH once had is gone so what’s at stake? Contestants don’t really have to fight that hard for HOH because it doesn’t guarantee safety. I just hope the show remains interesting and has a great overall season despite this huge game changing effect.

  23. Bob hahn says:

    Choose not to watch it now. Needs a lawyer to figure out each weeks silly changes.

  24. Connie says:

    This is the worst season I have ever watched there no hard challenges were did you find this crew its worse than the nerd heard group!! come on there so lazy all good people going it’s sad poor Jason what I nice kid 😕 and when does The stupid double throwing under the bus people going to stop the people who throw it they should be have nots and something that keeps them its just stupid play the game your in big brother not the throw party my son is in the marines he is 23 now and watched everyone with me this year he said mom were did they find these asses at lol he is like a drill Sargent I tell you what that whole house would be so scare if him and his CO WENT IN THERE he said Liz and her sister whine like little brats there voices omg they do lol he said he would of taken Austen for a ride of his life that’s my 6 ft 5 son he reads people so good he said better than the poker player he said for real a poker face lol it’s so boring this year it’s a shame!! Please stop the stupid 2 heads of house hold this week please no more cheaters they are mocking big brother something has to be done to save Jason that would be a game finally mix the house up so far nothing good has happened and this twin twist they all knew Liz told them they should not be able to play hoh for two weeks it’s like a penalty vote for them !!do something crazy put Jason Ina box in hoh lol pop out at them funny!please get rid of some of these nerds they don’t know the game what??? Please STOP 2 HEADS OF HOUSE HOLD THERE IS NOT OF DUMMIES IN THERE!! I love oh brother so much but this year I do not want to watch know fun twist besides the mumble sisters you use to have the best challenges ???well please help us split this stupid house up bring someone back ok said enough but please bring Jason back just to see Austin face lmao do something funny for once we need spark now it’s leaving oh well there just stupid I’m sorry but they don’t know what there doing when Jason comes out everyone pleas scream so loud shake the house I would love to see Austin face he said America don’t like him they like us omg really judus good bye soon 👏🏻👀got my eyes on you cannot wait to Austin is gone a dirty old man please I’m begging one hoh only and Jason in a box lol thank you we need change trust me thanks