Matt Passmore 'Solves' The Glades' Dangling Murder (!) Mystery

As A&E’s Longmire opened its new season last week, it was brought back into focus that its lead-in The Glades is no more. That in turn reminded fans of the Florida-set drama that they never found out who shot lawman Jim Longworth in cold blood — and on his wedding day to Callie, no less!

When TVLine met up with former Glades star Matt Passmore at the NBCU Upfronts — where he was promoting his new USA Network drama, Satsifaction — we sought out an answer to the unsolved mystery. (Per TVLine readers, WITSEC wonk Tony was among the smattering of suspects.) “I think I know who killed Jim Longworth, but I probably can’t say it for another couple of years,” the actor teased.

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Wait — did he just say killed? Meaning, Jim (in theory) did not survive the wedding day bloodshed? Prompted to reconsider his words, Passmore said, “I have my opinions about [the shooting] — I get asked that question all the time — and I figured that at the end of the day, ‘Who killed Jim Longworth?’ The network did, so….”

A&E recast the Season 4 finale as a series finale with the announcement last August that the show was not being renewed — just days after The Glades hit ratings highs for a season-ending episode. Come February, female lead Kiele Sanchez moved on to the new DirecTV drama Navy St.; weeks after that, Passmore landed the lead in Satisfaction.

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Penned by Sean Jablonski (Suits, Nip/Tuck) and premiering July 17, USA’s Satisfaction follows investment banker Neil Truman as he discovers that his wife Grace (R.I.P.D.‘s Stephanie Szostak) had a dalliance with a male escort. “They’re coming to a point where they’re still in love but going through the motions,” Passmore explains. “They’ve got the American dream but they’re still not happy, so they find themselves falling into very unconventional ways of trying to [be satisfied].”

And by “unconventional,” Passmore means that Neil himself “starts to dabble” in the male escort business, all in the name of finding out how their services help unhappily married women cope. Sigh — what would Callie say?!

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  1. Jo Fickett says:

    I think the x-mother in law shot him,Matt. She hated him for taking Kally away from her son. I also think with what happen they could have made another great season. Matt could have been found and saved. Kally needed to see the truth !

    • Eric says:

      They we find Jim shot to death in he’s wife’s childhood dream home the end

      • I agree you why they shot jim

      • Gayle says:

        No, there is always a twist! Who knew that he bought the house? I t was a secret! Besides his co-workers, only the US Marshall, he is probably dirty & being paid by the people Ray was going to testify against, & he is doing this to lure Ray back or to manipulate him some how!

        • Debbie says:

          Carlos knew about the house and so did his boss. But anyway someone could have easily followed him to the new house, and them showing the wind chime right before he got shot, tells me it was Ray or the ex mother in law, because that’s something from Callie’s past.

          • Mary Louise Long says:

            I’m with you Debbie, l think Ray. He probably gave the debit card to someone. But his mom looked uneasy when she dropped Jeff off. The guy that kept Jim updated could very well be involved in Ray’s plan.
            I’m so sad it’s over. I watched it on Netflix.

    • johnothn says:

      What it is, is…ask these networks are getting away from wholesome shows. Good morals. They want to praise adultery, drug use and bad behavior…that’s what this whole country is coming to. It may sound silly, but apply these sites getting cancelled to the way things are going in the world. They all need Jesus! Just leave Jim laying on the floor…pfft. ludicrous.

      • Patricia Ann says:

        Johnothn – you are so right!

      • Stan Salony says:

        You NAILED it. “They” (networks, society, etc.) do “praise’ adultery, drug use, and bad behavior. Why? It appeals to the ‘dregs” of “society” who perhaps can’t do the things they see on television, but can live through the characters they watch on the networks.
        Yes, this country is coming to this. No morals, no leadership, no guts. Back in the 60’s it was- “If it FEELS GOOD- DO IT!” Remember? I’m not a prude, but I’m no fan of what’s presented on television or by most politicians in power. Maybe the pendulum will swing back one day. I certainly hope so.

        • Barbara Brickwood says:

          Why do they discontinue a great show!! I loved the Glades and it’s characters. I rewatched it recently and did not see the finale episode where Jim was shot so why!! Same thing with show Walt Longmire set out in the west. Great show.

          • Pat bonnett says:

            We are all disgusted and disappointed. Hearing longmire going off too. Why. I know enough people watch it. Glades taken off during its best ratings ever.have written to Netflix. No response. Passmore gone on to other things. Not such good choices

      • Mickeyjay88 says:

        It’s T.V… Stuff happens, I truly don’t think the devil told them to cut the series off.

      • Moodstruck says:

        I sooo agree!

    • Jennifer says:

      But, she didn’t know about the house.

      • Jackie says:

        Carlos did.

        • Taylor says:

          Carlos was trying to call Jim from the wedding when he was shot.. there’s no way

          • Dan says:

            If someone was following Jim they wouldn’t have needed foreknowledge of the house
            The shooter wasn’t waiting for him in the house. My guess would be Ray. His mom seemed so sad when she was dropping Jeff at the wedding like she knew something was going to happen. Not nervous or angry like she was going to do it.
            But then the way Ray went into WITSEC was pretty noble and we haven’t seen him since to see what his mindset is. Maybe the Marshall had become obsessed with Callie…..
            Maybe his ex partner escaped from prison…
            Maybe someone from Chicago…..

    • Claude says:

      I think the ex-husband for sure….ok if not maybe even his son (Jeff). Remember Jim thought he was a natural with a gun.

    • Gunny says:

      I agree it was the Mother in Law – she really didn’t need to be seen on that episode and all she did was drop off Jeff. My second choice is the government guy keeping track of Ray. I loved that show.

    • Damien says:

      I think the agent told the ex-husband and his mother everthing help him escape to shoot and kill jim. The mother had this fake act of happiness for jim and callie.

  2. bj says:

    I’m still mad that this one was cancelled.

    • Nan says:

      me too i have watched all four seasons in like two weeks and now Jim shot on floor and find out the show has been cancelled REALLY UPSET

      • Barbara says:

        Me too Nan!!!! I think the old friend of Ray, who Callie tried to patch up, or his wife, shot Jim. What’s wrong with A&E???? I just read they cancelled Longmire as well. This was one of the networks where I found actually good drama & storytelling; not some fake reality something or other.

      • I found the series on netflix, I was in the middle of watching the fourth season when I went online to find out when the next season was going to start only to find out in my search what was going to happen to Jim. Needles to say, I never finished watching the 4th season, what was the point!

        • LMB says:

          That’s how I feeling but I watched it until the end and now I’m pissed off.

          • B says:

            I just get mad when you find something good you like and they cancel it, and this was even worse because they left is fans hanging. Will miss Glades.

          • Sunnynature says:

            I watched it to the bitter end, and I agree with you! They could have given us a “good ending” not leaving us hanging. Pissed off as well

        • farah says:

          I watched this on netflix to, but just had to see what really happened. Now i wish i didn’t… What an awful way to end a series. I just don’t get it? nobody wants many happy endings anymore. This is the second time this has happened… Who’s fault is it???who decides this stuff? These people are just left without jobs??? I mean who do you tell that will make a difference anyway?

          • Lone says:

            I saw the serie on netflix, and i just love it. Hope another network will continue make more seasons. Finally the make a super serie, and then they cancelled it.

          • Gunny says:

            I was hoping they would, at least, given the fans a two hour movie to wrap it all up.

        • carla says:

          That’s where I am. I am totally pissed I just wasted 2 weeks of my time watching this frickin show.

      • Jerald says:

        Great show, how can they leave it open ended. Fan base was growing to some big numbers. It ended all wrong!

        • Luebirthy Henley says:

          I agree!!! This ended like a cliff hanger and the only ones got hung was the fans of this great show. The ending should not have been this way. Poor choice!!!!

      • Ada Medrano says:

        Me too 😠😠😠😠

      • ThisAmerican says:

        Exactly the same here, Nan!!! Finally a show where I liked all the characters then BOOM done with a very nasty ending. That sucks

    • Jill says:

      Agreed. Rediculous

    • Kim Clark says:

      Me too, I hope they are smart and bring it back!

    • Georgie Semenza says:

      The station made a mistake canceling The Glade, especially on such a horrible cliff hanger. They could at the very least, have had a one episode special to answer questions and to tie up loose ends. Do this for the fans. But in my opinion, this same station cares nothing for it’s viewers because the next season, the powers that be at A & E canceled Longmire, another fan favorite. I love those shows bit I’m finished with A & E.

      • Patbonnett says:

        I’m still angry too. Where are you Netflix? Get the cast back together and pick up the show. Satisfaction is so not satisfying. Even Passmores acting cant save it. More and more people are finding Glades on Netflix. And those same people will become new loyal fans. Longmire is a prime example

      • Dodie Payne says:

        I am also through watching A&E. The Glades and Longmire were both my favorite summer programs. Nexflex picked up Longmire, but I don’t have it. Don’t think that is spelled correctly.

      • Suzanne says:

        Netflix picked up Longmire and made new episodes!

    • Heidi Hainlen says:

      I agree. There us no answers to our questions years later. Just tell us who shot Jim and we all can have closure. It us not right to leave a show with no real ending when so many fell in love with it. The fans (you know the loyal people who watched it and got hooked) hanging even two years later.

    • CranckPoo says:

      Eu em 3 anos depois do cancelamento da série estou horrorizada em quão burros foram de cancelar esta maravilhosa série que poderia ter um futuro brilhante e não deixarem os fãns procurando por um final já que a mesma não teve!!!

    • Willliam Black says:

      Me too. I want to see the show come back.

  3. SallyW says:

    Still doesn’t answer the question. Seriously, the least A&E could do is give a statement or something to close out the series. Fans are how they make money after all, right?!

  4. Laura Marshall says:

    I loved the Glades. I am sorry to hear it wasn’t renewed. If they had run back-to-back episodes like Longmire more people would watch. The time slot wasn’t great. I loved the chemistry on the show.

  5. ScorpionGlow says:

    I miss this show. Looking forward to seeing Matt again though.

    • Barbara says:

      But not in something as cheesy as Satisfaction sounds. I don’t even want to check it out. I love Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth & can’t imagine his quirky personality in a suit. I had never heard of Matt before The Glades. With any luck, maybe another network can pick it up. Leaving Jim lying on the floor dying is no way to end this show.

      • ScorpionGlow says:

        I stopped watching Satisfaction quite some time ago. I can’t bear it.

        Kiele Sanchez was recently asked about The Glades and it seems there is no hope for it being picked up anywhere else. I do feel that leaving it the way they did was absolutely awful.

        • They could have just ended it with them getting married and moving on. The end. No need to just kill him off leaving everyone wondering. At least it would have had a happy ending.

      • Jerald says:

        I took a chance on the series Glades and added it to my collection. Really enjoyed it. Matt Passmore really brings something special to the series as do the other characters. Ending the series like they did was wrong!

      • Robert R says:

        I agree Barb, if Netflix is smart they will make a 5th season. What a great way to improve it’s popularity. I have watched tons of movies and this ending has to be the worse.

        • Geri Albea says:

          Netflix is not the problem; they are only showing the reruns. A&E is the one who canceled the series.

          • Susan S. says:

            Exactly! Which makes me very mad at A&E after I just watched the whole series! Now they have a whole new generation falling in love with the show and subsequently being severely disappointed.

          • Dan says:

            Netflix isn’t the problem, I agree but with them making more and more original content it would be a great opportunity to resurrect some of the beloved shows that were ended to soon.

  6. Sherri Dorbritz says:

    They could have given us one more episode to give us closure! This was one of my summer shows.

    • hollowduck says:

      I totally agree to your idea.

      • Dodie Payne says:

        With all the comments regarding bringing back The Glades, does A&E actually see them? I tried to write to the network but couldn’t find any way to do it. Maybe they would have one more show for closure if they read all of the comments made by the fans. Keep them coming and maybe they will bring it back.

  7. Barb says:

    They should have been given the chance to resolve the cliffhanger with a wrap up movie or something. The networks should give shows more warning they plan to cancel them so that they wouldn’t leave cliffhangers as they did with this show. Ugh…

    • Agreed! If the networks wrapped up more shows they insist on cancelling then the fan base would not be left so annoyed and be more likely to watch new ones by the same people. If we think they will just cancel the New ones with more cliffhanger endings, we won’t watch them!

  8. Rodg says:

    I liked the show but it seemed like Jim would always arrest two to three people before he got the right one

    • lol right. He wasnt a good Dick. He just arrested every suspect till he got a call from someone to say your arresting the wrong guy. Go arrest this guy and Ill call you right before to tell you you have the wrong guy/girl again lol

      • Krista says:

        The murderer was always the first person he talked to.every time!

        • Barbara says:

          I think that’s why they refer to it as a murder mystery. It’s a process of elimination. And, Jim Longworth did it in such an entertaining way. Who cares how he did it. The show was about Jim & Callie’s relationship anyway, which was done in a sensitive way you don’t often see on TV.

    • totally agree…my husband and I were both getting annoyed that he would keep dangling his cuffs in some dramatic fashion at the wrong people, interrupting their lives, being downright nasty in some episodes and no one did a thing about it. tv for ya

    • Jeritha says:

      Real life scenario

  9. pamela says:

    yeah i don’t understand at least have the writers tell the fans what would have happened, what’s the big deal? it makes me wonder if the network will plan a tv movie for closure if this new series fails so they want to keep quiet?

    • mike says:

      Ray was on camera on the west coast. Grandma really doesn’t seem like at her age would be able to shoot with such accuracy without hurting her wrists. Jeff was with his mom Callie. However all of the brides maids left the room, and only Callies friend the doctor, and the witsec guy knew about the house. I think it may be possible that Callies friend the doctor shot Jim because Callie made her loose her fiance’. I mean she did take the doctors fiancé’s job at the hospital. who’s to say that Ray didn’t have friends to put pressure on the U.S. marshall, say maybe abducting his wife or kid, forcing him to give jims address and intensions to grandma, ray, or someone trying to get back at Ray. And everyone seems to forget Callie got her friend, and her friends husband arrested for being in a shoot out. Remember Callie sutured his gunshot wound in her house, but that guy had to eventually go to the hospital. Maybee the wife of the shot guy wanted payback on Callie. As soliman said an eye for an eye. maybe she shot jim. she figured if the cops are gonna take my husband, then I’m gonna take your husband.

  10. Lane says:

    Seems like Jim only gave Tony
    (the U.S. Marshall) his new address. There
    Was something strange about
    Tony. Maybe he was Ray. Too
    Much interest in Jeff

    • Michael says:

      That was along the lines I had thought.

      I mean, Ray wants to spend as much time with Jeff as he can – after all, he’s missed a HUGE chunk of Jeff’s childhood. Ray’s mom, as a half-way decent suspect, is not the likely candidate for a would-be killer because she still loves Callie like family and has admitted that her son has made many mistakes with Callie (I forget if it was in sn 2 or 3). Another, ‘unknown’ suspect would be ANY of dozens of personal vendettas, over Jim’s investigation techniques, in the past, that perhaps ruined an ‘innocent’. Now, to round out the suspect list, since the show never used long lists of suspects, Tony.

      There’s a great deal of unanswered questions about Tony’s involvement. For instance, feeding Jim information on the whereabouts of Ray – before Ray was even, supposedly, ‘on the run’. “On the run” and his son, Jeff, hasn’t heard word one from his dad? Oh, c’mon.

      Seriously, Ray makes for a great decoy. The viewers would *have* to be split between Ray or his Mom, as the shooter. They’re both, in an odd way, jilted or swept aside by a self-serving Jim. Except… they’re not. Not in the ‘real’ sense of family and relationships. With the addition of the witness protection program, that Ray went into, it becomes even more unlikely that Ray, and by extension his mom, would want Jim out of the picture. Though grandma does hate Jim, she is in as much danger as Jeff, from the criminal element that is hunting for Ray, and she knows it. Like, she knows that Jim is good at what he does – he won’t let something bad happen to Callie or Jeff. Or Ray’s mom. Doesn’t mean she has to like him. No, that suspect pool, even up to and including the d-bags seeking vengeance against Ray, is dry. Empty. But it makes for good drama, in the search for a shooter.

      Tony is the odd one out. Something’s not right about him. Being his conversation with Jeff, that he had hidden, or his willingness to share details about Ray that shouldn’t be shared, with anyone, his ability to apparently call Jim at precisely the wrong time, every time. It stands to reason, he’s been following Jim and caught him where nobody would suspect Jim to be – his new house that nobody else knew about, outside of Jim’s immediate co-workers.

      My money’s on Tony.

      • W. Grady says:

        I was thinking Tony myself because he was acting funny last time he and Jim were together. Who else could set up someone so brilliantly.

    • Jamie says:

      I think it was the US Marshall he was really weird when he said he had checked the neighborhood. There was something about him I didn’t like.

    • Angelica says:

      Omg that is exactly what I said, I’ve always thought there was something too good about that guy! He was the first person to pop in my head when Jim was shot! I HATE THAT GLADES IS CANCELLED UGHH!!!!!!

  11. SHANNON says:


  12. Priscilla says:


  13. deb says:

    I was so angry when i found out The Glades was not returning! It was a great show that i made sure to watch and or tape every week. I could not wait to find out what was going to happened after Jim was shot! Also as for the new show I just read about it -yuck -sorry Matt as much as i like u as an actor I will not be tuning in to see it

  14. Ann rodriguez says:

    HORRIBLE that you cancelled The Glades!!!!! Very disappointed! STUNNED!

    • JoAnne says:

      I agree with all of the above comments regarding the cancellation of The Glades.The only intelligent series on A&E and the only show I watched regularly on this Network.Now I will never have a reason to tune in to A&E.Duck Dynasty and The Big Shmo(or whatever),Really???

  15. gary a says:

    watched suits last night don’t think i’m going to like the directions it’s going.

  16. Hope Deimling says:

    I really enjoyed The Glades! One of my favorite shows! I Hated how A&E cancelled this show. They completely disrespect their viewers, so I have not and will not watch their channel ever again!

    • Yvette says:


    • Gary Carter says:

      I to along with my family really enjoyed watching Glades,one of our family favorites,I will never watch an A&E show again,can’t stand how they have disrespected their viewers by not letting the writers know a head that they had planned to cancel hope their sponsers know how many customers they have lost,quite alot of my friends feel the same,but won’t respond,they figure A&E could care less,MAYBE THEY ARE RIGHT!!!!

      • I am really disappointed that The Glades was cancelled! It was really one of the only good shows on A&E – they seem to be following the “reality tv” path and who watches that?! Just one more network I won’t have to worry about missing anything on!

        • Bob M says:

          I am also one of many here who decided that if A&E had no more concern for viewers than they showed, not only cancelling the show, but their lack of response to the input, then I’ll not bother to view anything they put on! Sorry,” Longmire”–I was watching the show as sort of a follow-on from “Glades”–no longer!

      • Dara says:

        They were probably in contract negotiations and didn’t know themselves where they were going. Sanchez (Kiele) had a well written sympathetic role, but she looked as if she hated Passmore for stealing her thunder, and wanted out. When they wouldn’t pay her or Matt enough, they balked. The ‘Chief Mannes’ character developed really nicely as did all the supporting actors, but Sanchez was hard to watch for this former professional. I still think the Producers left it open ended as they hoped to resume. Now they’ll have to wait until Passmore (Jim) and the others are available again.

    • sue says:

      That’ll show ’em. Yeah right.

  17. Yvette says:

    I think this bites big time. This was one of the better shows. And to let things end the way they did….not kool at all. Cally should of had her day, he should of told her about Ray, and life goes on. Now maybe later get shot and saved, but I think they really messed this one up BIG TIME. Angry, angry fan. Does anybody ever ask what we want? Obviously not….what we think doesn’t matter, and we are the ones that watch. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. art says:

    mr sister in law got so mad when she found out there was not going to be another new show.. but i think it was the X-husband

  19. Norma Einhorn says:

    A&E did to the viewers what they did to the Glades series and characters. Shot us down with no explanations !! I’m glad Longmire is still on, otherwise, A&E, I’d shut you down ,too.

  20. lois johnson says:

    soso sad that glades is gone. really liked the show. please give us an ending we can understand.good-bye jim & kalley

  21. Tracy says:

    Why is it that shows that hit a “high” in ratings get canceled? We are left with shows that don’t have low ratings! Gonna miss this show.

  22. Joy Stewart says:

    I have not (and will not) watch A&E again since they cancelled Glades – one of my favorite shows – and left it with this awful cliffhanger. I would feel differently if they had bothered to do one more show or a movie to wrap it all up. How do you justify, A&E, leaving us with the star of the show shot and bleeding on the floor – with no follow up????

    • Lynda says:

      I totally agree and will not watch A&E. This was the only good show on the network. They could have given us an ending…

  23. We waited and waited and I find out that my favorite show was no more , I’m so angry . I don’t want to see Matt in another show , it doesn’t matter what 2 or 3 million viewers think and the ones you can’t count on the Internet and DVR , no more new shows for me.

  24. Rose McCreary says:

    I think A&E should be “SHOT DOWN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Terrible ending.!!!! Could not believe the serious was over.

  26. Jenny says:

    Mr. Passmore’s answer about his character’s fate on the Glades was cryptic and very confusing. Very confusing. I am at a loss.

  27. Lynda Langston says:

    I was not at all happy when The Glades got cancelled! Satisfaction doesn’t sound like a show I’ll be watching, but I do like the star.

  28. Linda says:

    still horrible plan to cancel show had lots of followers cruel to viewers
    I think her ex husband Ray shot him…..would have been so good to see really who it was

  29. Bring The Glades back. Another drama show is not what we need. Two timing people is not what we need. We need The Glades it had everything.

  30. Rhonda Price says:

    The Glades was the best on TV, I guess they where afraid it would pull ratings down with no come out queers, or nudist, drugged up people. Show was to good.

  31. jean says:

    I really hate that they cancelled this show. However–i don’t think I will be watching the new one. The commercials don’t really appeal to me–it really doesn’t look interesting.

  32. Maryann says:

    I won’t be watching Passmore’s new show, but Callie’s new show about a martial arts gym I will check out once it comes to Netflix or another service — I have no plans to switch to dish. As for A&E…it would not have surprised me if that network had cancelled Longmire as well — a show that ended on almost as severe a cliffhanger as The Glades. And I, like so many others, will severely hesitate before becoming involved with any new A&E shows.

    • Moodstruck says:

      Longmire is coming back on A&E either Oct or Nov 2015. I like that show as well but I’m still very sad that A&E, or whomever was responsible, chose to end The Glades the way it did. Not fair to viewers who were faithful to the station and to the show. Jim’s quirkey ways along with the relationship between he and Callie was certainly what made the show appealing. Jim, Callie and Jeff you will be missed. When I saw the last episode and realized that it truly was the LAST episode I was angry, disappointed, and could not believe that a station would actually end a great, popular show on that note. Oh well, that’s showbiz, I guess. Sometimes, like real life, it just sucks!!!

      • Janice says:

        I could have not expressed that any better. My jaw just dropped as I found it on Netflix and Matt Passmore was so likeable and I liked the entire ensemble. It is horrible that after putting all my time on this show, they shock us with no closure.

        • Debbie says:

          I agree. I hate A&E they pull this crap all the time, another show that was cancelled, I think it’s also an a&e show was Terra Nova, they said it was too expensive to continue to make, they only made 13 episodes, and I have watching it at least 100 times on Netflix, the show is so original. There was talk at one point about Netflix picking it up, and I sure wish they would.

  33. gina overly says:

    Ugh!!!! just bring back “The Glades” the new show don’t sound at good!!!!!

    • Dara says:

      I saw it in Europe. It’s really bad. Passmore did his best to humanise the character, but it was a dreadful script and premise.

  34. Cloveh says:

    Only Tony (Rays handler) did not have an alibi and knew where Jim was going to be.

  35. PJ Blanton says:

    If you want to see Matt on a much better show watch “McLeod’s Daughters” on Netflix. It’s an Australian drama and he doesn’t show up for a few seasons (there are 8, I think) but it is well worth the wait. And he talks in his own Australian accent (much sexier). This is a great show.

    • melinda says:

      That’s where I discovered him too! Then I looked up what other stuff he did and that was how I found The Glades. Luv, love, LOVED him on McLeod’s Daughters. I miss that show (and I’m American!!).

      • suzq says:

        Me too! Yeah, my husband & I watched Glades from the get-go & were devistated at the ending! Just ain’t right dadgummit!
        I watched mcloeds daughters from beginning to end & I think Matt Passmore came in as one character early on that didn’t go anywhere, maybe 3rd or 4th season & then gone, then came back in the 6th season as Marcus, Alex’s brother from another mother. Loved the show except they kept changing up the characters or phased them out acting as though they were still a part with out seeing them! Miss Claire, Tess, Nick, Jodi, Meg & Terry, Becky, Brick, then Jake, Dave, Kate, Riley, Harry & Liz, Alex for sure & Charlotte; she was a part for maybe a season, the comes back a little, then is back for the finale; at least she is the same kid. When I got started on this show I was watching it on Netflix, then Hulu bought it out I guess. We stream TV cause we got tired of paying a lot for nothing with DirecTV. Anyway I had to purchase Hulu so I could watch the remainder of the seasons…was worth it. Then I canceled Hulu cause it had lousey shows. Sorry about rambling!

  36. Dotti Smythe says:

    There is so much garbage on TV right now. Most of the “so called” reality shows are nothing more than poorly disguised excuses for pornography, nudity, violence and focusing on characters that none of us would ever want to know in real life – not to mention abjectly stupid people who only communicate by arguing and screaming at each other, The Glades was a quirky series whose characters were beautiful and funny and enchanting with the wholesome sensual relationship between the main characters. The real crime is that the network cancelled this really entertaining show.

  37. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up when networks cancel shows on finales like this. (HBO cancelling Carnivale on a cliffhanger just about killed me) And I can’t count how many shows I’ve gotten interested in, that have pulled this crap. If a network cancels a show, they at least owe the fans a wrap up episode, I think.

  38. Lisa says:

    I think it was Jeff’s mom that shot Jim—- I think Jim can be saved and the story could have ended with a promising note that they did get married — May be some other network like USA could get all back together for a two hour conclusion ——— Just to satisfy the public—– This show will be missed…….

  39. kiki says:

    I cant believe that the show was cancelled they must not like ratings considering the show was at the top….I wont be watching much of the shows coming now boring…..

  40. Pam Marsh says:

    Why would they cancel a wonderful, funny, mind stimulating show like the glades to put this great actor in another show that is just about cheating and sex. I love Matt Passmore but i will not be watching Satisfaction. Now if you wanted to bring back the glades..even in a movie form I will definitely watch.

  41. Grace says:

    It just goes to show how fantastic a show ‘The Glades’ was and how strong felt the audience when a year later we are still talking about how upset we are about the cancellation. I agree with everyone that wrote that it was one of the best on TV.

    The networks really need to rethink their tendency to veer towards reality television, and to stop cancelling the best shows on TV! I’m so happy that The Blacklist and Blue Bloods are still going for as long as they last.

    The day will come when networks will lose all intelligent audience as there will be nothing worthy to watch but for the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, and Gypsy disasters.

    • Bob M says:

      Grace, I think you have a point–these “Reality” shows that are not reality in any stretch of the imagination have got to reach a saturation point sometime–please

    • Barbara says:

      That’s right. It seems nobody has an original idea; must copy what everyone else is doing. It’s really hard to find truly mind-challenging shows. I’m not interested in shows I can figure out in the first 15 mins. I want to be surprised.

    • Moodstruck says:

      I think they show put all “Reality” shows on one channel so that those of us who want to watch entertainting tv have that option. The tv stations are trying to force us to watch these shows because nine times out of ten they put shows on opposite them that may not be reality but are definitely not entertainment tv. I would vote for one station that airs shows such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, which I happen to like, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, etc., so that those of us can watch truely entertaining tv. I’m not even going to address such shows as Honey Boo Boo or the Kardashians or the show with Hamiltons and that other family OR THE DUGGARS! These people are getting paid even though they have no talent. They just put their lives on tv and call it “Reality” even though I’m PRETTY sure the entire program is scripted. Just what do the Kardashians DO anyway. And we all know what the Duggars are famous for. And the more stations they come up with the worse the shows get. I mean really, Pawn Stars, Real Housewives of (pick a county”, AND those Duck Duck, Quack Quack, People. I’m not trying to put down anyone who likes these shows. I’m just saying give them their own channel so that the channels that now air these shows can air shows that others may be interrested in. It’s pretty bad that out of 900-1000 channels one HAS to pay for, <150 are worth watching. My solution? The cable and sat companies let US pick our own package that includes only those channels we want to watch. Of Course if they still put "Reality" shows on major channels, CBS, NBC, ABC, I guess we'd still be stuck with those; ergo give "Reality" their own channel(s).


    I am very unhappy about taking Glades away. I enjoy watching it. It made me laugh and sometime cry. I think it was the marsh who shot Jim. He was the only one who knew the house.Plesae bring it back. I have three of the videos waiting for the 4th one.

  43. Dodie Payne says:

    I am almost afraid to get involved with the Satisfaction show on USA. It will probably cancel after the first season as most of them do. I really like Matt Passmore but don’t know if this is the character I want to see him play. I will try the new show but know it just won’t be the same as The Glades.

  44. Pamela Baird says:

    I hate to say this, but Satisfaction sounds pretty awful. I think Satisfaction will be following The Glades into the TV graveyard.

  45. mary jones says:

    Last year when ziva david wasn’t on NCIS I read an article saying she had reached a contract agreement but wouldn’t be back on the show until this year. Where is she?

  46. Donna Wolff says:

    After the way A&E ended the Glades with that cliffhanger we will never get an answer to, I will NOT watch any more shows on A&E……they showed the viewers they have NO respect at all for us so I am done with them……. I will not be burned twice!

  47. albertj15 says:

    I liked the show. The acting was very good an it showed that Florida is more then South Beach,ex the show about the Cattle Ranch, Florida is the second leading producer of cattle in the U.S.
    Someone had suggested that they could have had a movie of the week to give the fans closeur or at leasted let the producers know so they could have not have a cliff hanger for the seasons ending.

  48. marybadtke says:

    wel im glasd finally e got sdsomething out of that fiale i still think the ex/husband did it. i still think it was crueland inhumand to leave him there like that and callie at the altar shame shame shame on yous not nice.tghat new one of matts soundslike aftyer he got matrried and then didnt know if thats what he should of done still not nice bring callie bk l

  49. marybadtke says:

    its just liked who shot jr to glades viewers