Faking It Renewed for Season 2

Faking It Season 2

Looks like Amy and Karma’s lying game is far from over.

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MTV on Monday announced the Season 2 renewal of its new comedy Faking It, which wraps its freshman season Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c.

Faking It has proved to be the perfect companion show to Awkward, retaining nearly 90 percent of its lead in each week,” MTV Programming President Susanne Daniels said in a statement. “We’re excited about Carter Covington’s delicious plans for season two.”

Thrilled about the renewal, Faking It fans? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the news, and tomorrow’s finale, below.

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  1. brandon says:

    I imagine the premise of this show is going to wear thin very quick, at least over multiple seasons.

  2. Candice says:

    Happy about it but I hope they can repair what they did in the finale

    • johnhelvete says:

      The sad thing is that the finale was really really good until those last 20 seconds.

      • torimelching says:

        The finale hasn’t aired. How did you see it?

      • Kayla says:


        • briceidy Torres says:

          They were drunk .. ..

        • AcheleFaberry says:

          they were both hurt (Amy with the rejection and Liam with the lies) and drunk their ass off that’s probably the reason why, they needed someone in that time and they were there in the same time and i guess they were thinking ‘What the heck? why not?’ something like that. I’m sure there’s a percentage Amy will regret it.

          • anna says:

            not to mention they both dislike each other because amy feels like Liam has stolen her best friend away from her. and he doesn’t want to break them up. plus the awkward threesome that they had. so it was basically hate sex and what you said. but its sad sorta of i want karma and Liam together.

        • Lacy Hawkins says:

          i cant belive they did it its all gonna come back on them and karmas gonna be pissed its gonna ruin everything im so mad that they did that they were drunk and there gonna reggret it later

  3. Lisa says:

    I really like this show.

  4. meah says:

    Love the show!was last week the finale?am confused.is the finale the ep that karma and the dude had sex?(I think)

    • johnhelvete says:

      Finale is tomorrow at 1030.

    • AcheleFaberry says:

      they were both hurt (Amy with the rejection and Liam with the lies) and drunk their ass off that’s probably the reason why, they needed someone in that time and they were there in the same time and i guess they were thinking ‘What the heck? why not?’ something like that. I’m sure there’s a percentage Amy will regret it.

  5. MysteryRB says:

    The last 20 seconds of the finale is one way to reinvent/refresh the love triangle. Not sure if I agree with the decision, but it will definitely lead to drama.

  6. Sabrina says:

    Great news. I really enjoy this show.

  7. Leila says:

    Does it means that Awkward will be renewed too? Hope so! Both shows are great.

  8. Hannah says:

    I was looking forward to a new MTV-show but I have to admit I really don’t like it AT ALL

  9. Diz says:

    How many episodes are there? It seems like it just started a couple weeks ago.

  10. Kelly says:

    So glad! This show is a lot better than its premise made it out to be.

  11. Katie says:

    Yay! This show ended up being surprisingly good, so this is exciting news!

  12. Lanique says:

    The next season is going to be very interesting.I can’t wait to see what happens.

  13. nick adams says:

    Love the show! When is. Season.2 starting?

  14. Rose says:

    I’m not typically a fan of MTV. I’m not exactly a big fan of television period. But…I haven’t missed a single episode of Faking It. I feel so connected to the story line and I can really relate to Amy. I can’t wait to see season 2! Oh, and on another note, I just want to say that I thought the ending twist was a great “out of the box” decision.

  15. T says:

    One of the best shows on MTV, really fun to watch, when is SEASON 2??!!

  16. Melissa says:

    Season 1 of faking it it was very very good!! :-)

  17. Mia says:

    I’m confused. I get the Karma shouldn’t have lied about being Amy’s girlfriend so that’s why Liam is mad, but other then not knowing her best friend was gay what did she do to make Amy so mad? The sadness I get, unreciprocated feelings are harsh but… I don’t know is that something to be angry about? I mean you can’t force a person to be gay just as much as you can’t force them to be straight.

    • AcheleFaberry says:

      okay i get that actually the ‘not to force anyone to love you’ but she wasn’t actually mad at Karma maybe angry at herself a little but to me she was more upset, soo upset that her feeling burst out in the open and was all around the room. Rejection is never easy i’ll tell you that

  18. Mizzy says:

    Love this show and can’t wait for season 2!! Get it aired quickly

  19. Nicole says:


  20. paige says:

    Love this show! I was so shocked by the last seconds of the final , I wish Aimee and karma would of stayed together :( so excited for the second season

  21. Fortunato says:

    GREAT MERCY! Why did that have to happen?!?!? WHY?!?!?

  22. Sassy girl says:

    I think since Amy and Liam had u know what at the end of episode 8 then mabe they shoul hook up and show karma what she put them through 😊 just a idea

  23. Imp Romero says:

    I love the episodes all of th where great except…. The finale… Really? Put her to sleep with Liam what where you guys thinking lets how ou guys didn’t kill it.

  24. Tatiana M Dueno says:

    I’m praying that season two’s episodes are an hour long. This show is too good for just 30 minutes a week!

  25. Moby4444 says:

    At 8 episodes per season, they can milk it for a long time. When a typical series has 24 to 26 episodes, the break between seasons doesn’t seem so long. What the producers fail to realize is a low number of episodes with a long time in between seasons cause the fans to forget about their investment in the characters and move on to something new. Remember, the demographic for this series, (perhaps 15 to 28), has the attention span of a gerbil. The premise, while novel enough for the short run, just isn’t strong enough to sustain a multi-season story arc.

    Game of Thrones, at just ten episodes per season is that way to me now. I used to be a real fan, but now the pacing is slowing and it’s losing my interest.

  26. Paulina says:

    When does faking it come back on

  27. Jalissa says:

    When does season 2 actally start???

  28. Emma Hastrup says:

    OMG when is season 2 coming out!!! I NEED IT!

  29. Kristen Eaves says:

    Poor Amy . Karma Is Stupid . I’d Love To Be With Amy Anyday (: <3

  30. Lahteisha says:

    I want to see more i love this show it’s genius! Pleace Let me know when.it’s on in Holland?

    Love x

  31. Boo* says:

    I just love this show it’s kinda similar to what I’m going through but I love it cus Amy reminds me of me.. Esp being bisexual but anyways I think it’s good tht Amy and amy did it cus karma has been lying to both of them an it’s pay back but I do think amy an karma should be together theirs lots of straight ppl out there why not mix it up, why not try it

  32. Janae says:

    I can’t wait for it to come back

  33. gill says:

    i really like this show it is so funny on many levels hope the next season is as good as the last really happy its been renewed !!!

  34. Lucy Ernest says:

    My opinion is,Karma should understand that what happened between Liam and Amy was a mistake and they should go back to been best friends,but then Karma realizes she have romantic feelings for Amy and Amy has a girlfriend and again Liam only had feelings for Karma cos he thought she was a lesbian and now he knows that she’s not he transfered the feelings to Amy. I’m a fan of Karmy,I just want Karma to suffer a bit of what Amy suffered and I really want them to be a couple

  35. Abilene says:

    OMG cant wait!!!!

  36. Bianca says:

    When does the new season come on