Tracy Morgan in Critical Condition Following Car Crash [Updated]

Former 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan is in critical condition following a multi-car accident in New Jersey, CNN reports.

The wreck, which involved Morgan’s tour bus, two tractor-trailers and an SUV, left one person dead and four others hospitalized.

UPDATE: The dead man has been identified in various reports as comedian James McNair, known by the stage name Jimmy Mack, who was traveling with Morgan. Morgan’s assistant, Jeff Millea, and another comedian, Ardie Fuqua, were also listed as in critical condition.

Harris Stanton, another comedian on the bus, was treated and released Saturday. Two other passengers on the bus were not harmed.

Morgan’s limo-bus reportedly overturned after being hit by a tractor-trailer. The rig’s driver, Kevin Roper, has been charged with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto, per The New York Times.

UPDATE: Morgan’s rep released the following statement on Saturday:

“Tracy remains in critical condition at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. He sustained these injuries in an accident that occurred early this morning as one of several passengers in a chauffeured SUV returning from a tour date in Delaware. His family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care. We don’t anticipate much of a change in his condition today but will provide a further update once more information becomes available.”

Morgan reportedly was returning from a Friday-night performance at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware.

In April, FXX handed  a 10-episode, straight-to-series order to a new sitcom starring Morgan. The project centers on Morgan’s lazy high school coach-turned-war hero who sucks three of his former students into his nutty new self-help philosophy.


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  1. Bryce says:

    Hoping for a quick recover for him and everyone involved

  2. DL says:

    Mr. Morgan, wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, and the same to everyone else involved. Get better soon!

  3. jane mark says:

    Hope he gets better

  4. neil says:


    Homicidal 18-wheeler zombie drivers

  5. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says:

    I feel bad for his kids, especially this close to Father’s Day. Hope he recovers and gets better!

    • Olivia says:

      You mean the same kids he would “stab to death” for being gay? Oh wait, I remember now, it was a joke. I have a good one myself: “Karma is a bitch. The end”.
      Wait, who said “disgusting and terribly offensive”? But… it’s a joke.

      • SUSO says:

        He is a human being. A flawed, special individual who may die. Do you think you could maybe put your snark and sarcasm on the backburner for a day or two?

        • Olivia says:

          Did he? I mean, while so many kids committed suicide and others were beaten up, some to death, did he stop and think “wait, are my ‘jokes’ harmful to a real, breathing human being out there?”
          You get what you give. I have no pity for people who make hatred banal and might enable violence irl. If he dies I’ll be sorry for his family, sure. But will I be sorry for him? Hell no, I’ll probably pour myself a glass of wine and watch his fans weep all over the web with a large grin on my face.
          I get where you’re coming from and I don’t blame you one bit for telling me that. But you have to know what it’s like to be assaulted and fear for your life just because you love someone of the same sex to understand. People like him contribute to make things like this happen. I wish you to never understand. Ever.

          • SUSO says:

            I’m gay. I grew up in South Carolina, a place so backward that a woman was fired just last month from her job as a police chief for being a lesbian, so I totally understand homophobia and our struggle.

            I wrote that because I was lucky enough to have an internship at NBC after Morgan had said the comments. I met him more than once and, though of course one genuinely never knows who a person in his or her heart of hearts, he genuinely seemed sorry for his actions and I truly believe that, after making the mistakes, he learned why what he had said was wrong and changed his outlook and truly tried to make up for what he did.

            This country is changing rapidly in its acceptance of gay individuals. People, especially those over 40, can’t be expected to immediately flip a switch and say “LGBT is okay!” after being taught for decades that being different was wrong in every way. It’s not just a journey for us to get our rights, it’s a journey for them to realize how special we are and accept us on our own terms. Of course people, good people, are going to falter, say things out of turn, condescend and make mistakes.

            Hell, we all make mistakes. But people do change. It is possible. And I like to hope that he did.

          • Will says:

            I’ll also add I’m gay and no full well…way to well what it’s like to be assaulted, cast aside and feel the hate from others over my sexuality.

            While his attempt at humour was a huge fail he is no more to blame for those who acted wrongly to me, you or anyone else.

            Unless of course you are in the camp that movies, television and music are also responsible for much of the violence seen in the world. And if you do fall in that camp it’s beyond ironic that you are even commenting on a website like this,

          • Tee says:

            YOU’re part of the problem. everybody has a right to live their life the way they want and believe in what they want. it’s funny how he can’t feel strongly about gay people (if he DOES b/c like someone stressed before …it was tasteless JOKE) but its justifiable for you to cheer for his death? if i’m gay thats my business and if my next door neighbor doesn’t approve i’m okay with that. i won’t do anything like plan a same sex kissing day on her front lawn. EVERYONE should be able to believe what they want as long as their not dishing out their opinions with the intent to harm someone

          • Michael Mc Mckee says:

            You’re about a bitter lesbian arent you??time and place,show at least a lil bit of class

          • Michael Mc Mckee says:

            You make gays look bad.if somebody kills themselves over a tracy morgan joke then they’re probably better off’re really the kind of butch that nobody likes

          • Mary says:

            Wow. Bitter much?

          • TV Gord says:

            You mustn’t care for his family very much, since they might actually be reading these comments (including his children). You seem to be a hateful person to me. You should be ashamed.

      • Will says:

        While what he said was stupid and ignorant he said it as a stand up comic on a stage. It wasn’t funny and completely crossed the line and he more then offered an apology he went out and tried to make amends repeatedly. What you’re doing is post blind anonymous ignorance if you think that’s better or even the same as what he did you are far off base.

      • Tee says:

        oh STFU!! he was telling a joke. one that you, ME & many others didn’t find funny or tasteful AT ALL. it was ignorant as hell. that doesn’t mean an insensitive (often ignorant) person doesn’t love his kids, nor does it detract from how much he means to THEM. you picked a bad time to get on your high horse.

        on another note. i hope he pulls through…even if he is going to tell more offensive jokes that aren’t the least bit funny. hoping for the best!

  6. Maria says:

    When I click on the article, there is a pic of Jack Bauer, Chloe, and an OVERTURNED CAR!!!! Really poor placing of that ad, TVLine.

    • Rook says:

      Not really, I’ve seen the ad many time before this even happened. Stop making it a bigger deal than it is.

  7. Carm says:

    Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  8. Ann says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Tracy and his family.

  9. Babybop says:

    Oh no. I hope he recovers well.

  10. Tran says:

    Get well Brian Fellow uh I mean Tracy Morgan.

  11. dj says:

    Best of luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery. We need more Scare Tactics!

  12. HAP says:

    Certainly hoping for his full recovery, but all the hatred about his anti-gay remarks overshadows the fact that the man has never been funny. Never. A one note tune.

    • S. says:

      You’ve obviously never seen “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” on 30 Rock.

      • MC says:

        It seems that many of the folks on here were not 30 Rock fans. Tracy was very funny on that show and I really enjoyed his presence as part of the ensemble. Joan Rivers is probably more consistently “insensitive” than anyone else in comedy, but the nature of a stand-up comedian’s job is to be provocative and/or outrageous.

  13. smonkz says:

    God’s bless Morgan with a speedy recovery and good health following and all others as well.

  14. Joey Padron says:

    Hope for a quick recovery for him and hope he gets better soon.

  15. David4 says:

    I find him annoying yet funny. I hope he and the rest get well soon and the poor man who died I wish his family celebrates his life to the fullest.

  16. josh cook says:

    I truely hope Tracy is going to be ok he is hand down my favorite comedian. So with that. Said my heart and prayers go out to Tracy and his family. And all of his friends. I’m so sorry yours truly. Joshua cook

  17. Shari Love says:

    May God protect and restore you to good health and long life. You have made many of us laugh and forget about our troubles. Thank you for those moments of laughter that helped me get through some difficult times. Hang in there, Tracy…I am praying for you and your family

  18. intelligentTV says:

    Let’s not argue over a man’s fate. It would be better to hope/pray that he gets better- for the sake of his loved ones.

    No one is perfect-and I believe everyone has or will make a decision…which WILL effect others at one point in their lives.

  19. martha says:

    May God heal Tracy ! People in trucks & other vehiclesv

  20. Betty Redmond says:

    You should watch what you say cause karma is a bitch, if you don’t have nothing to say nice don’t say anything

  21. Tisha says:

    Praying for a Fill recovery for Tracy & his fellow injured collegues. Bless the families w strength…

  22. Dustin Sorrells says:

    A, Not all truck drivers are zombies and B, stop arguing over gay n straight this is a man with a family and friends who are worried about him so drop the nonsense arguing plus EVERY COMEDIAN MAKES FUN OF GAY AND LESBIANS I’m sorry to say but its show business just like gay comedians talk about straight people. I support LGBT but this is about a man who is fighting for his life. So argue somewhere else. Prayers to the family and friends of Tracy Morgan and the other individuals involved.

    • T says:

      Thats what comment sections are for. itso called a DEBATE and if the actual TVLINE moderators dont see fit to address it we’re free to do so. You dont have to read it man. We get what the situation is.we’re entitled to respond with whatever reaction a post or someone elses comment on a post elicits. I hope the unfunny man is okay too

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Dustin nice comment. A person can die and all of a sudden some people make it about them. It’s Sad when people use comments for their own agenda.

  23. Nicole says:

    My prayers are with him. Kathy Griffin does a joke about him at an awards show, ever since i saw that, I’ve been a fan. Prayers to his family as well stay strong.

  24. Tina Marie says:

    Please get better my prayers are with you and all that was involved much love from the A town

  25. india says:

    i hope tracy pulls through, your truly gods
    angel, you made me laugh for years.
    my favorite character brother man. you
    are truly that a man that has done well
    for you and your family, god bless you
    mr morgan.

  26. kim tryon says:

    I cant believe everyone! this is not about gays or how you choose to live your life! this is about a man who might not make it. a man with young children. someone who has made us all laugh at one time or another! i pray for him. and his family.

  27. zula bula says:

    New up and coming actress

  28. zula bula says:

    Get well soon in your spirit, soul, and body. Jesus saves as well as heals.

  29. gf says:

    Who cares.