Daytime Emmy Awards to Stream Online, Forgo Televised Ceremony

Daytime Emmys Livestream 2014

It’s probably a blessing Erica Kane’s not around to see this.

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As a reflection of dwindling interest in soaps and other pre-primetime fare, this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards will be shown only online — aka not on television.

The 41st annual ceremony will be live streamed on, beginning at 5/4c on June 22, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced Thursday.

“We are confident that the expert team we’ve brought on will flawlessly execute an evening that celebrates the outstanding talent being honored and allows fans to be a part of the action,” NATAS chairman Malachy Wienges said in a statement.

After being broadcast on major networks for 38 years, the Daytime Emmys shifted to cable news channel HLN in 2012 and 2013.

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  1. N says:

    Not good!

  2. Katy says:

    Dwindling interest? All 4 soaps have posted major gains in viewers this year.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Which is odd, because Days of Our Lives, GH and Y&R are the worst they’ve ever been.

      • Bob Smith says:

        And B&B! I have never seen a soap (can’t really call it a soap anymore) as bad as B&B. Silly, uninteresting plot lines that do nothing for the characters.

      • Um. GH is better than ever. Maybe you should watch it some time.

        • Bob Smith says:

          We do watch GH. Out of all of them, this show has the best writing. Unfortunately, the stories are migrating towards new characters and leaving the established characters as supporting characters. Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just that we enjoy the established more than the new.

  3. MattArmando says:

    Umm, you may want to revise your “dwindling interest” comment on SOAPS… Because ALL soaps have been experiencing a VERY prosperous time right now, both in ratings and in content.

    Also–NATAS has already announced they have a deal lined up with TVGN to televise the Awards next year… Therefore, NO need to fret.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Only in older viewers who have returned to their viewing habits. Younger viewers (the 18-49 demo that advertisers crave) are turning away in droves. Last week’s ratings in this demo across the four soaps shows a 25% drop since last year.

      • Rosa Johnson says:

        well, maybe that age group has gotten off their butts and got a job finally.?

      • Dee Esteban says:

        I am still in that demo and I still watch! I work so I DVR and binge watch the entire week’s episodes on the weekend – I wonder if binge watchers are counted in the ratings? I usually just watch CBS soaps but I have been trying to get into GH because I want to support the genre. I would hate for them to go away since I have so many years invested in these characters lol.

        • XannaDont says:

          DVR views are finally being counted but they are drastically discounted after 48 hours. Considering cable companies are desperately trying to emulate online formats with their new products, that’s pretty ironic. Younger viewers especially are marathoning (I hate “binge-watching” because it implies it’s bad for you) shows from years ago via Netflix and Hulu. This 1950s Nielsen stuff needs to get hip.

  4. Ron says:

    It’s mainly because no one wants to watch the Daytime Emmys because it’s almost rendered pointless. I love the Primetime Emmys–aka, the legit Emmys–because there’s so much to choose from, so much to root for, get excited when your favorites get nominated, get mad when your favorites get snubbed. At the Daytime Emmys, it’s literally like a kindergarten awards ceremony; everyone gets nominated for something. Every year, the same four soap operas get nominated for best program because there’s only four to choose from. Who cares who wins when you don’t even have enough shows available to fill out a category with five nominees? Young and the Restless could have had the worst year it’s ever had–EVER–and it will still get nominated because there are literally NO. OTHER. OPTIONS! Viewership for the soap opera themselves may not be dwindling, but viewership for these Emmys have no doubt dropped to drastic lows due to the lack of diversity in programming.

    • MattArmando says:

      Same thing for Daytime Emmys. Not all four soaps were nominated this year. EX. – Only ONE LIFE TO LIVE, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL were nominated for Drama Series. ALL MY CHILDREN and GENERAL HOSPITAL were NOT nominated. Same for all acting/directing categories too. No actors from every soaps were nominated in either category.

      • Roberta Walker says:

        OLTL,AMC don’t exist in the Chicago market? Where are you looking?

        • Mary Jane says:

          They don’t exist – so can’t understand why they were nominated but GH wasn’t.

          • XannaDont says:

            They existed in their qualifying year. The same thing happened to the 1970’s show Taxi. It won Emmys after it was canceled. Very happy that OLTL has made history by being the first online soap to be nominated for Best Drama. Many of us believe that it, and its sister-soap AMC, will be back.

    • Ilar says:

      Look again at the nominated shows. One of the Online Reboot shows was also nominated—OLTL. Therefore, more than 4 available.

  5. MC says:

    Could you define dwindling? All soaps have posted major year over year gains in viewers. Earlier this year episodes of Y&R were raking in over 5 million viewers, which would have put it just out of the top 20 primetime shows last week, with a fraction of the ad and promotion budget.

    • Steven says:

      Well you guys are not watching the awards. No one wants it cuz it doesnt rate. The HLN version was a train wreck & this is gonna make it harder to get people to show up. Maybe the awards should air in DAY TIME. The majority are talk shows and soaps & that air during the day so air the show when those viewers are watching. Maybe those students or mom’s aren’t available at night. Air it on CBS daytime.. But the Academy probably would have to buy airtime or have a sponsor…

      • Not broadcasting on T.V. seems ridiculous. A lot of older viewers do not have computers or would rather sit back comfortably and watch on T.V…besides isn’t that being a little discriminatory against those without computers? Big mistake networks. One of you should have picked it up in place of all the re-runs…..TO: T.V. Execs. You are making a big mistake just as you did when cancelling long running soaps….You definitely do not care about your older viewers, who happen to be the ones that watch T.V. the most…some who have watched for over 50-60 yrs. These are the people who have been loyal and watched all this time. Some over 65 yrs. for shows such as Guiding Light….We were loyal but networks don’t care…so now maybe we shouldn’t care about watching you either…..

    • Bob Smith says:

      Yes, they are still dwindling. 25% drop in 18-49 aged viewers since last year. Older viewers were the only ones to increase in viewership (a paltry 4% over last year). The writing MUST improve for soaps to continue.

  6. EJ says:

    So this means we can hear soap stars say “Holy s**t” and “I f**king love Ron Carlivati!”?

  7. M says:

    That’s kind of sad. There are some hard-working performers in daytime. The audience has shrunk, but feels underwhelming to present the awards online.

  8. Ava says:

    I beg to differ about soaps dwindling. They are more popular than they’ve been in years. The nominations have been slanted and viewers don’t want to watch their favorites being snubbed (like GH this year). Also HLN had hideous coverage. Didn’t do the awards ceremony any favors. Just my opinion.

  9. That really stinks bring it back to tv please

  10. DV says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like one person writing most of the comments on this post? lol I only say that because each one is written similar with just ever so slight changes. I’m a big soap fan, I don’t understand why the major awards (like the top 6 or 7) aren’t just folded into the primetime Emmys and the rest given out at an in televised ceremony. The PT Emmys can give up a little real estate for their fallen daytime brethren.

  11. Tm says:

    Such a shame! The real reason the ratings the last few years for this show have declined is because it was a horribly produced show. It’s also a shame that these networks can use all these daytime dramas, syndicated shows, talk shows, etc to promote their prime time shows, but none of them can help out the daytime community by broadcasting their awards show???? That’s disgusting.

  12. suzazq says:

    I could be wrong but i think back in the day they were on during the dayimaybe? So will it be on You tube then to watch later since no dvr? This is sad. Big mistake to treat soap viewers as if they don’t matter.

    • Alex says:

      Yes, at one time the Daytime Emmys were shown during the day. They then permanently moved to nighttime airings. Way long ago.

  13. Conny says:

    Not Happy!! All these Actors work very hard to get to this time in their life.Every one of the actors as well as others who are responsible for bringing us these shows deserve to know that their fans are behind them 100%.I am sure it would mean everything to them to know their fans are able to see them during their big moment. Not everyone can be available at the same time for a live stream. It would mean a lot to the actors, producers, & directors that their fans got to see them receive their awards. Even if it meant that it had to be seen on DVR. There are still multitudes of people who watch daytime TV programs. This is not fair at all to them who support the reason to have daytime television in the first place.

  14. marsha8of9 says:

    The last few telecasts fared well for the networks which aired them however the telecasts themselves were awful. Perhaps not televising them will bring some respect back to the shows instead of turning them into advertisements for Las Vegas or the gossip rags. Last years telecast in particular was degrading to daytime dramas, the actors and their fans. The show was a train wreck that no one was interested in salvaging. I hope the respect factor for all categories is back this year. #GoVenice

  15. Bob Smith says:

    With long time soaps like Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful lapsing in well written stories, it is no wonder that soaps are on the downward spiral. Its a shame, too, that soaps didn’t have to go down this road.

  16. Why don’t they just merge with the Primetime Emmys and have an inclusive show?

    • Ron says:

      Because that would be WAY TOO LONG! I actually really enjoy the Primetime Emmys, but I couldn’t handle it if both merged. And, I don’t know how other people feel, but for me personally, I actually care more about who wins a Primetime Emmy for directing than I care about who wins best actress or best drama at the Daytime Emmys.

  17. This is NOT OK. How can you garner interest if you don’t market yourselves on your biggest night!? All the soaps are increasing in ratings, and I’m pretty sure if American Idol can still air for 3 hrs a week we can give one night to the Daytime Emmys. Also @ALLSTALCRANE – GH IS BETTER THAN EVER.

  18. Candy says:

    If no one is watching it on TV it’s because the same ones getting nominated and the same ones win. I think it’s a travesty General Hospital was not nominated! It’s better than it ever has been… And my opinion, soaps are NOT dead. Are you have to do, look at Nashville, Mistresses and Devious Maids and even Dallas. The only difference, they’re on at night.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Only difference is Nashville, Mistresses, Devious Maids and Dallas are better written than their daytime counterparts.

      • Alex says:

        LOL, if they had to produce 250 new episodes a year, I’d like to see how good they’d be.

        • Bob Smith says:

          Soaps used to be much better than they are now and they produced more episodes than they do now. The difference is that past writers were talented.

  19. “As a reflection of dwindling interest in soaps and other pre-primetime fare, this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards will be shown only online” Why don’t you do a little research before spouting off nonsense like this? If it is your opinion, then state it as such! Soaps are on an upswing this year, GH just got the highest ratings they have had in the last 7 years. They are slated to air on T.V. next year, already! And BTW, you have the wrong web address posted in your article, it is Please fix this so people will be able to find it.
    Thank you

    • Bob Smith says:

      Again, look at the ratings in each age group. Older viewers have increased. This is the ONLY age group to do so. Ages 12 through 54 have decreased year over year. While it would be great to say that advertisers care about older viewers, this isn’t the case.

      • Not true, Just last week I think it was GH posted gains of 8% in Total Viewers (3.068 million vs. 2.851 million), 6% in Women 18-34 (252,000 vs. 237,000) and 4% in Women 25-54 (999,000 vs. 964,000). And they have been climbing all year.

  20. Becky Willis says:

    Mainline America is more in touch with daytime television than they are with Broadway plays – no offense to the Tony’s – but this is a sad mistake. Once again this goes to show how much Hollywood is really out of touch with the majority of Americans.

  21. Dawn Ross says:

    This is a slap in the face to all soap fans and the soap actors. They deserve the same amount of respect as the primetime emmys. Let’s not forget that alot of actors got their start on soaps.

    • Marta says:

      I feel the same way you do, it’s disgusting what they have done to daytime emmy’s , what they need to do is cut all these talk shows that really have no meaning maybe one 3 can stay, what were they thinking, they really need to bring back the soaps they took away from us seriously!!

  22. XannaDont says:

    <<>> ??? Excuse me? Not at all true. The ratings of the remaining soaps are up and AMC/OLTL fans have NOT given up. OLTL made history with their Daytime Drama nomination this year as the first via an online platform. Please, do your research. The fans have.

  23. micheee says:

    To be brutally honest, soaps sucks right now! I used to watch soaps religiously, but I stopped watching a while ago, and have not looked back, and the sad thing about it is that I don’t even miss not watching. Face it, the stories written today are poorly written. It’s like the writers think that the viewers are absolute morons, with their ridiculous characters and story lines, not to mention the repetitiousness of them all. Things move very fast in today’s world, and soaps still move at a snails pace. That in itself is frustrating as hell, not to mention irritating! You can leave a soap for months, come back, and they’re still on the same subject. No one has the patient to go for months, even years, before a storyline is completed. Soaps have to improve greatly, in many areas, or the remaining few will find themselves on the road to cancellation.

    • XannaDont says:

      I’m always so amazed by the people who claim they’re so over soaps, couldn’t be bothered with them anymore, and yet follow soap articles and take the time to post lengthy comments on how just how much they don’t watch them anymore. Hmm. Btw, One Life To Live was ABC’s highest rated daytime show at the time of its cancellation. Where’s the logic in that?

  24. Louise Batista says:

    This is ridiculous. There is so much garbage on TV and 1 award show can not be televised. There are plenty of people that would love to see the Daytime actors get their recognition. Let’s not forget that some of our biggest celebs out there today got there start on Daytime TV (Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Joshua Jackson,Ricky Martin). Totally Unacceptable. Could we not have at least got one of the many cooking shows off and have it aired in the daytime ??? or take off one of the numerous talk shows that are redundant for a much deserving Awards show.

  25. Diane says:

    I think the Emmys should be on tv like always as alot of people do not have computers . It is nice to see the actors when they receive award so please have the Emmys on tv.I am a big fan of The Young & The Restless

  26. Bonnie Michael says:

    Why are they on line more than 80% of the people do not have online services. and stop messing with R&Y good actors , Bring Billy and Adam and Phyllis back and fired the person in charge of messing thing up.

  27. Sandi Cheney says:

    sad, since the daytime dramas are sometimes better than some the garbage that is on in primtime, as in reality shows,

  28. Ann McComb says:

    You all make so much about dwindling audiences for tv. Have you ever thought it might be the CRAP they are putting on today. I have been watching soaps all my life and will continue to do so, however, I can always change the channel when they are showing something that I do not like.

  29. This is really a shame. I was planning on watching this. I wanted to see Billy Miller when an award for his story line last year and now we don’t get to see this. It is just totally insane. Put it on in place of one of the soap operas during the day, so at least people could dvr it.

  30. pat smith says:

    I hate that it won’t be on TV

  31. Patricia says:

    Are you kidding me? People love the soaps. We want to see the ceremony on the big screen!! The BB could try and not have the same story line every single day, same everything, over and over. The people watching out here aren’t dumb. You try and get away with the same plot, but you can’t, so unfortunately, that’s what is going to close down the soaps. Sorry to see them go when they do.

  32. Regina Compton says:

    Not at all happy about this. I have watched soaps and the Emmys for at least thirty years and this does not bode well.

  33. susan says:

    We are not happy about this. We enjoy watching this show greatly and are very disappointed in this decision from the Networks

  34. Patrice Gomez says:

    Hi my name is patrice and letting you know that I am a fan of the daytime emmy awards . You should have daytime emmy awards on television so the fans could watch it live and cheer them on and who is going to win in the different categories . You should not put it on the livestream that is not good . I hope you read this from a fan . Before that happen please do I say . Or put on channel 4 like should it be . That is very confusing . I am really mad for what you guys doing that .

  35. Armory says:

    Daytime television has really plunged. Once there was a galaxy of soaps on the air (As The World Turns, Moment of Truth,Another World,General Hospital, Search For Tomorrow, Days
    Of Our Lives,Dark Shadows,The Bold and the Beautiful,All My Children,Days Of Our Lives,Love Is a Many Splendored Thing,Somerset,Texas,Where The Heart Is,The Young and The Restless,Love of Life, The Edge of Night and Ryan’s Hope). Of all the shows that I mentioned, there are just four on the air (DOTL,GH,TBATB and TYATY). The soaps are
    dying simply because the audiences are plunging; there are more women in the workplace
    than sitting in front of the tube and that the stories have gotten too sappy and not enough
    drama takes place.

  36. Anna says:

    Not broadcasting on T.V. seems ridiculous. A lot of older viewers do not have computers or would rather sit back comfortably and watch on T.V…besides isn’t that being a little discriminatory against those without computers? Big mistake networks. One of you should have picked it up in place of all the re-runs…..TO: T.V. Execs. You are making a big mistake just as you did when cancelling long running soaps….You definitely do not care about your older viewers, who happen to be the ones that watch T.V. the most…some who have watched for over 50-60 yrs. These are the people who have been loyal and watched all this time. Some over 65 yrs. for shows such as Guiding Light….We were loyal but networks don’t care…so now maybe we shouldn’t care about watching you either…..

  37. Bbo0p says:

    The fact that the Daytime Emmys are NOT GOING TO BE TELEVISED IS VERY Disappointing, there are people like myself that might be working or traveling and cannot get online access. I PERSONNALY WILL BE TRAVELLING, and will not have satilite access. I was planning on “taping” DVR till I returned home. I am sure that there are OTHER FANS out there who do not have online access. If I was an Actor I would want my fans to hear my speeches!
    With all the Commercial and reality garbage out there it is a shame that one of the 3 major networks could or would carry this show!
    It’s Unfreakingbelieveable Believable!

  38. susan sears says:


  39. Are you kidding, not showing the daytime emmys on tv, have they gone crazy, who makes these decisions? And have these people not recognize the talent on the soaps, and the hours they put in everyday, I think they are more talented than some of the night time sitcoms which are on today, pretty much sex oriented,I know soaps are too but they have a storyline to follow I would much rather watch soaps than that c–p, they are so stupid, plus all the crime shows on primetime, its no wonder kids are shooting up teachers and classmates in our schools, those kind of shows were not on TV when I was growing up, maybe I’m old fashoned, but none of this went on in our schools back then, are they getting ideas from these shows?, I am 68 yrs old and I’ve followed, Y&R, DOOL, and BB, from their start and I think they deserve recognition the proper way, where they preform, on TV, not online.

  40. Dianne says:

    Bad idea! I’ll probably forget to watch it. Daytime is big for a lot of people and is being minimized more each year. A lot of people are shut-ins or retired or stay-at-home moms.

  41. Jane says:

    Can’t imagine why it won’t be on network. I look forward to watching each year. Not a good way to obtain new viewers!

  42. Arie says:

    Since it’s not being televised and it’s being hosted by Kathy Griffin, I hope she does her usual shtick and doesn’t censor herself. I’ll be watching!

  43. F wills says:

    I have always watched the Emmys, I will greatly miss seeing the winners. Shame on you!

  44. Ani says:

    That is crap! I work 2nd shift and now it is only online and I cannot DVR or tape it!!! I never miss award shows. You people are disgusting!

    • pam says:

      Amen, I don’t get it. This is an award show to celebrate and award television. So let’s not use the devise that is being celebrated!
      QUESTION: Would there be a Emmy’s without televisions?
      ANSWER: No
      This makes no sense!

  45. pam says:

    I just realized that the Emmy’s was not coming on television and I’m not happy. Not everyone has a tablet are updated technology to see the show. I’m a person who spends most of her time in watching television. So I want get to see LIVE, if my shows or the actors and actress, I like win. It is a shame because I’m sure I’m not by myself.

  46. SB says:


  47. cindy says:

    Daytime emmy awards show not shown on T V ????????????????!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck????

  48. Carol Basha says:

    Not a good idea you will make people loose interest by not televising this I love watching the daytime emmys and you are going to loose more people many people out there don’t have computers but enjoy the emmys

  49. Tracy Reyes says:

    I cant find it anywhere. So ticked right now

  50. Debbie says:

    This is just THE WORST DECISION EVER!!!!! As a dedicated soap watcher for 40 years plus, I think that this is HORRENDOUS!!! Please rethink your decision next year, that is if there is going to be a next year… Just shaking my head in DISBELIEF and DISGUST… very sad day indeed…