Rookie Blue Sneak Peek: Will an Emotional Andy Leave Nick for Sam?

Oh, Rookie Blue problems: The broody ex or the sweet, new boyfriend?

Andy’s love woes are far from over when the drama returns stateside June 19 on ABC, and the accompanying photos from the Season 5 premiere reveal tears, a dire-looking Sam and possibly even a break-up.

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Because nothing brings out a confession like a life-or-death situation, last we saw, Andy had told Sam that she loves him. Could she and Nick be having The Talk in this sneak peek? Or does Nick’s sad, knowing look mean he’s already seen the writing on the wall?

Meanwhile, Dov shows up at the hospital with flowers for Chloe, but he’s got some competition from her husband.

Click through the gallery (via the blue button underneath the accompanying Rookie Blue photo) or CLICK THIS LINK to view the premiere pics and a snazzy new cast shot (nice hair, Gail!).

Then hit the comments with your pick for Andy’s heart. And yes, we know the season has already debuted in Canada, but please be mindful of spoilers for those who have yet to watch.



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  1. Rachel says:

    I love Andy and Nick!! Much more than her and Sam!! PS- American no clue what’s happened!

    • Sheri says:

      Nick was never more than a good friend who pursued a relationship with Andy when he KNEW that her heart still belonged to Sam and always would. I thought they made much better friends than lovers. Sam and Andy have had this amazing connection ever since the first day they met when she arrested him. I would like to see them do something more with Nick than make him interested in Andy. I think he is a good actor and could have a much more compelling storyline. Sam and Andy are soul mates. Nick needs to find his own soul mate. I actually liked him with Gail, he didn’t put up with her crap and seemed to handle her quite well. Too bad that didn’t pan out for him either. Maybe she was too mean to him and he wouldn’t be happy staying with her, but I thought they were a good match.

      • Danielle says:

        I totally agree Sheri!! :)

      • Pookie 12 says:

        I agree with you Sheri, i liked Nick with Gail, but now that the writers for ABC has switched Gail to a lesbian, guess that Nick and all the guys are out of her life! What a sad bunch of junk, ABC already has SOOOOO many shows with homosexuals in them, why couldn’t they leave Rookie Blues alone and STRAIGHT, for all of us straight folks who find scenes with homosexuals repulsing!!!! Had to “tune off’ when Gail started kissed her thing of a girlfriend!

  2. Jess says:

    Andy and NIck was the best pairing yet on this show. So so sad that they’re breaking them up (I’m assuming but it seems that’s where it’s headed). RIP McCollins.

  3. Jenn says:

    The show is currently airing in Canada (we’re three episodes in already) and I will say, so far, it is a great season. Not sure if it’s available for streaming outside of Canada though.

    • robinepowell says:

      I agree with you about this season so far. Isn’t Officer Selfie the funnies thing you’ve ever seen? Reminds me a bit of Dov when he was a Rookie.

    • Haley says:

      I actually didn’t like the first two episodes. I thought the first episode was nothing. Felt like a filler episode. I was finally jumping up and down for the third!

    • Pookie 12 says:

      How can you say it is great when they now have Gail playing as a lesbian??!!! I am a fan and use to like the show, but had to tune off when the romance started with Gail and her GIRLFRIEND, made me sick!!! Come on ABC, how about a few shows for the straight crowd out here!!!

  4. K says:

    I know I’ll take a bunch of flack from McSwarek shippers for this but I genuinely think Andy is better off with Nick. I think the fundamental difference is that Andy and Nick have the type of relationship where they bring out the best in each other while Andy and Sam tend to bring out the worst. I’m not saying that Andy and Sam couldn’t work but Sam’s always struck me as a guy who will be in a relationship when it’s convenient for him and who shuts himself down whenever things get rocky. Nick is just so sweet and open by contrast. P.S. As A Canadian viewer I’ve already seen the first few episodes and Nick and another female cast member (don’t want to say who lest I spoil anything) have some great non-romantic moments in episode 3.

    • Eliza says:

      I totally agree with you! I prefer Andy & Nick so much more than Andy & Sam. When the latter was together, they were easily my least favorite storyline. Sam will always have his issues because that’s who he is. I figure there will be some backstory this season as to why he is this way but I don’t think it will change my mind in that I don’t think he’s the guy for Andy. I will always see Sam as wanting to control & “daddy” Andy while Nick is her equal. Nick is the better choice of the two IMHO. Plus, Nick showed great maturity & class with the situation. And I hope that continues this season.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I completely agree. (American, havent seen any new season eps). She finally got with a guy thats her equal, not older and her boss, they have real light fun together, they get along fantastically and make each other laugh, they are there for one another, they are equals and the same age. Her with Sam just seem like the 25 year old with the bad-boy 35 year old who brudes and has issues with communication and makes mistakes and doesnt make her laugh…they just have hot chemistry and can kinda make it work…

        But whatever they end up with…it better be the FINAL person she is with…she has banged every boss and dude in the station and as a person with a parent that worked for the Police, you would get a bad rep SO fast. Been with two older guy boses? Then a equal then back to the boss all within what…3 years of being a rookie out of Police Officer training school? And then if (assuming) they get her back together with Sam, and the show then AGAIN breaks them up and she gets with a new guy? I mean can this show PLEASE get more “Flashpoint” professional and less “which dude is Andy banging this half of the season? And what whiny girl drama can they create because of it?”. I feel like this show might be a thinly veiled cop version of Grey Anatomy…i mean think about it….its all melodramatic relationship stuff and banging and cheating and dumping and women crying and all that Twilight stuff…again, watch “Flashpoint” and integrate that more into Rookie Blue please. I freakin love Missy Peregrym, shes a FANTASTIC actress who plays video games (big cool points IMO) and is dating Zachary Levi!!! (HUGE cool points)…so having her waste away on a “who is Andy sleeping with this half of the season?” show feels like a waste to me.

    • Danielle says:

      I disagree. Sam and Andy challenge each other to be better versions of themselves. Andy challenges Sam to open up and be more compassionate to the people around him wether it be work or personal. And Sam challenges Andy to also open up, to trust and “let someone lead” and to have confidence in her instincts. It will be an uphill battle until they get it just right but all good things come with patients and hard work. Together they will become better and stronger.

  5. Kira says:

    McSwarek all the way!!! Yes Sam has issues and a lot to make up for but he’s ready to do just that. I’ve always believed that they could get through anything. Seemed like last season the writers were doing everything in their power to make Sam unlikable. I get that couples have to have some drama but it seemed forced. It was all a way to make her next love interest acceptable to the fans.
    I NEVER liked the way Andy and Nick started!!! Nick fought to get Gail back after breaking their engagement years earlier. But when he goes undercover he all of a sudden falls for Andy?? Then doesn’t even have the balls to tell Gail, who waited for him, what’s going on. Yes Gail was completely wrong for cheating but watching your ex-fiance/current boyfriend lie to you while falling for your friend/co-worker is devastating. Then he made it seem like their break up was all Gail’s fault. What really pissed me off was when Gail asked him how long was he going to wait to figure out if his feelings for Andy were real. His response, “I guess we’ll never know”. Are you freaking kidding me?? If he had just owned up to it I might have actually liked him with Andy. But he came off looking like an ass. Plus Andy, who got close to Gail after she was kidnapped, stabs Gail in the back by dating Nick?? That completely went against her character!!!

    • Jenn says:

      I’m not too sure it really is that much out of character for her. Yes, for the whole Gail aspect of it, but Andy does really seem to go for the guys she shouldn’t/can’t be with (at least at the time it starts). The whole Sam/Andy relationship started when he was her TO, which was off limits, and then Nick/Andy had the whole Gail issue. She’s made some really crappy decisions when it comes to relationships (even going back as far as Luke, who I loved with her until he cheated, which seemed out of character for him at the time).

    • Gerry says:


  6. Lisa says:

    I don’t care much about Andy’s heart because she’s too fickle and selfish, but Sam deserves an end to the torture the writers have put him through. Sam proved he is the best guy many times over whereas the only thing we know about Nick is that he left Gail and the altar and then cheated on her emotionally and blamed it all on Gail. Nick’s not a good guy and Andy turned into a terrible person and an even worse cop when she hooked up with him. That’s all it was. There was no relationship. One thing last season proved was that Andy NEEDS Sam but she doesn’t deserve him yet. She gets one more chance to grow up and earn the love Sam gives her so freely and foolishly.

    • Eli says:

      Sam was the one who compromised Andy’s career by making her falsify evidence. And Sam will always pull the strings…he’ll emotionally pull Andy in and push her away when he feels like it…. because that is who he is and what he does. The writers can try to make Sam have huge leaps but it’s so unrealistic to make him change drastically.

  7. K says:

    Speaking of couples, the other day I was thinking about something from way back in season 2 and was curious how other people felt. Does anyone remember when Gail and Chris were dating and Dov threw out his back and kind of implied to Gail he might have feelings for her while hopped up on pain meds? That brought about Chris and Gail’s break-up and a story arc where Chris was pissed at Dov for awhile but nothing ever came of a Peckstein romance. Dov and Gail kind of have this great Walter Burns, Hildy Johnson His Girl Friday rapport and I always wondered why the writers never chose to pursue that further

  8. Sarah says:

    Ugh don’t do this to me a Rookie Blue!!! Don’t send Andy back to emotionally conflicted Sam. I love Andy and Nick – let Sam sweat it out for awhile!

  9. Diane says:

    Love Andy and Sam. Hoping she goes back to Sam.

  10. Coal says:

    What does Rookie Blue, Orphan Black and Orange is the new Black have in common ? A brunette lesbian who wears glasses.

  11. Sarah says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Andy & Sam. Since season one, I’ve always felt their pairing was forced. Hopefully Andy & Nick are the pairing that is together by the end of season 5. As a Canadian viewer though, I have to say that I’m really enjoying this season so far.

    • Lebron says:

      Nick and Andy pairing was force, Andy or Nick didn’t even like each other and then one day Nick was hit with(Cupid’s Bow and Arrow of love).Now Nick loves Andy!

      I bet you still believe in ‘Fairy Tales’ that explains why you like Nick and Andy!

  12. Deb says:

    The couple that would actually have a chance at a long term relationship is Nick and Andy. Their relationship started off as friendship and is based on equality, trust, communication, and laughter. Andy matured during S4 and was much more confident in herself and her skills, in large part due to her relationship with Nick. I keep reading that Nick is an awful guy because he emotionally cheated on Gail. McSwarek fans, you do realize that Sam was doing the same thing to Marlo, right? Also, Noelle has said several times that Andy and Gail were never close. It is interesting that McSwarek fans have to continually twist facts in order to make Nick look bad. It is well documented that McSwarek is endgame, which is a shame. McSwarek is not the type of relationship that should be held in high esteem and romanticised about. To finally make them work in their fifth year of trying to be a couple, the writers will have to change everything about Sam that makes him who he is. Ridiculous, really.

  13. abby says:

    I’m not really an Andy/Sam fan but I’m just not interested in the character of Nick at all, I think I must be missing something there as he seems popular with others but for me his just meh.

    • K says:

      I think it’s because Nick is a somewhat underdeveloped character. Most of his plot lines have revolved around his relationships with either Gail or Andy. I remember watching his episode of the little web series global did last year where each character would visit the department therapist and his was intriguing to me. If I’m remembering correctly the therapist had him talk a bit about his parents and I believe it was revealed that they died when he was younger. I think it would open up the character a bit more if they explored a non-romantic relationship storyline with him.

  14. robinepowell says:

    So far I am loving season 5. The only thing I wish for is for both networks to air all 22 episodes this summer instead of splitting them up. There’s plenty of time before the fall TV season starts.

  15. Gerry says:

    There is no other but Sam and Andy, Nick was just a diversion, just watch the show from the beginning, and there is no other choice. The looks, even when they were not together tells it all, Sam will change, Andy was never in love with Nick, not soul mate, one love that she has for Sam. Nick knew Andy’s feeling for Sam, but he kept at it anyway. He left Gail at the altar, cheated on her with Andy, no way would I trust him. Sam never cheated on Andy, he did try to move on, but it didn’t work, never said I love you to anyone but Andy.

  16. May says:

    I’m really love Andy and Nick. They are matched for each other. Nick is a good and very nice guy. If this season will let them break up. Please just let me know. I will stop watching Rookie Blue immediately. It’s too sad for me to watch the story like that.

    • Mike says:

      Don’t stop. It’s not real…..It’s a great show. More Canadians should be making TV shows to replace half the crap we get here in the US

      • robinepowell says:

        What about the fact that us Canucks do like American shows?

        • Mike says:

          I agree…Elementary, Blacklist, POI, BBT. But ALOT of what they put on is WTF were they thinking? Eg. Big Bro, Biggest Loser, Bachelor/ette SHark Tank..ugh

    • Chelsea says:

      I did stop watching RB. I think Nick and Andy are perfect for each othe. I’m so over the whole Sam and Andy crap storyline. I’m in the states and I just wait to read the recaps to see if Andy and Nick even have the slightest chance of getting back together. However, the writers offically declared Andy and Nick over.

  17. Mike says:

    American here. I’ve seen all three episodes and (next week’s preview) this morning. Don’t ask me how I did it (you pros out there know how though). Great episodes. Missy is a fabulous actress, she says volumes with her face and I sorted of liked Gail’s hair “mid haircut”. Now she looks like a mad pixie. New guy looks like a Class A Schlub with that Curious George haircut. Also when did Chloe find time to color her hair?

  18. Sheriff says:

    I love Sam and Andy together and they are the best couple on Rookie Blue. Sam had her back from season 1 and their chemistry is great. Nick forced Andy into making a quick decision about them when Andy specifically told him she needed more time. I hope McSwarek is here to stay. Andy needs to stop sleeping with every Dick, Tom and Harry

  19. Guest says:

    Well. as someone who has seen the first three episodes of season five I can tell you if your a McCollins shipper you are not going to be happy. Secondly gllobal tv put up a poll on thier website shortly after the season premiere asking did Andy make the right choice?

    the results were as follows if I could put the screen capture I have on my computer of it on this site I would.

    anyway 38% said No

    60% said yes

    2% said she made a choice as for the claim of the person below who says McSwarek
    fans twisted the facts to romanticize McSwarek the poll numbers, the writes comments speak to that Andy, and Nick are not so great American love story.

    • Deb says:

      FYI, polls in which the same person can vote as many times as they want are statistically invalid. This poll just shows that McSwarek fans have a lot of time on their hands and nothing more.

  20. Amy says:

    Nick is literally the worst thing to happen to the show. He has no development what so over. He thinks woman are prizes that he “wins.” HIS own words. I’m sorry but Sam is flawed but at least he has character development and growth. I can’t get behind a character like Nick. He’s far from perfect and I hate how the show has to white wash him and his flaws. Sam and Andy all the way.

  21. Kathryn says:

    I think last season made it pretty clear that that ill-considered fling will be over now that other options are back on the table…and I could not be happier. McSwarek FTW!! Always, not matter what. Everything else pales in comparison.

  22. Renee says:

    I actually think that while both relationship have merit, sometimes the great love of your life is supposed to be challenging and difficult. You are supposed to fight and break through walls, if everything is easy and simple it will get boring in the longterm. Nick and Andy were already boring on screen and they were barely together half a season. And Nick can be a jerk too. If you look at his relationship past with Gail – yikes! I would run for my life

  23. Evelyn says:

    Every single one of the rookie blue writers while discussing s4 made it crystal clear that Sam and Andy are the shows umbrella couple. They described s4 as the opportunity for Sam and Andy to grow enough so that they could have a chance at being together. Nick was never anything more than a temporary story designed to get Andy from point a to b. Same as Marlo was designed to get Sam from point a to point b. for as much as I really won’t ever thing adding new people to the mix was ever the necessary route to go, I get it. It served its purpose and now … It’s over.

    To those that enjoyed the three weeks that nick and Andy were sleeping together, I suggest you enjoy the moments you got he wise they were never intended to last and they are overs they were over at the end of s4. There is nothing left to show between two people who see never more than friends sleeping together. Nick may have felt more but Andy always knew were her heart was and if nick would have actually been paying attention to someone other than himself he would have known that he never stood a chance. Sam and Andy are the shows lead couple. They have grown and will continue to do the work they need to do on themselves and on their relationship so that they can give each other they love they deserve. Sam is absolutely capable as is Andy. They writers have invested a great deal into their story, a hell of a lot more than three episodes, so the answer to the question posed her is clear…

    It’s mcswarek all the way and I believe it was clear at the finale last season.

  24. rk says:

    Mcswarek all the way! I loved the 3 first episodes of s5!

  25. Sam&Andy4ever says:

    I’ll never be on board with Nick and Andy. I would never trust someone who would follow orders to put a gun against my head. Hello, that is the worst of the worst anyone could do to another human being.! How can peeps just overlook or justify such an act? Nick is a player, look what he did to Gail. Another screw up was leaving Gail at the alter. Don’t forget Andy said “No,” that she did not want to be with Nick, then strictly out of frustration she hooked up with him. S4-Episode 13……neither of them knew what to call what they had going on, hmmm maybe just friends with benefits without love! Andy had no problem defining and telling Sam how she felt about him…..Sam you are my story! I love you, Sam! Hope the writers finally give us the flagship couple most fans have been waiting 4 seasons for….McSwarek! McSwarek is endgame!!!!

  26. anna says:

    I love sam and andy! And i am so excited for season 5!

  27. chris says:

    I watched the 3 first eps and season 5 will be great for sam/andy fans! Yeah!

  28. Sheri says:

    Sam and Andy all the way !!! Nick is a guy who on paper looks good but in reality it seems forced and really doesn’t work. They were great friends, more like the brother/sister they each never had. Nick knew full well that Andy’s heart was spoken for but wanted to try going for it anyway. I have never before seen on TV the amazing chemistry Sam and Andy have. They have had trouble figuring out how to make things work and trusting each other enough to be vulnerable and share what they need to in order to make this relationship work. But they are finally ready to do the hard work and share their vulnerabilities so they can be strong together and be there for each other. I think they make a really strong team, both at work and at home. They connection and chemistry they have is so fun to watch, I was hooked on Sam and Andy right from the start.

  29. mariadesanjose says:

    McSwarek all the way!!!!!!. Sam and Andy are each other’s story. I can’t wait for June 19th.

  30. sarah says:

    Not really into this season as of yet nothing has really happened!!!!!! I liked Andy with Nick but you could always tell the writers would send her back to Sam, I liked the fun said of Andy from last season so far in the last 3 episode Andy has just giving us sad puppy dog eyes and its getting old really fast,
    I still have hope the Writers will bring Andy and nick closer or hopefully Sam realizes he needs to fix his family crap and backs away from Andy,
    oh and I would love to see Detective Luke Callaghan come back he’s always nice on the eyes

    this season needs to pick up the action.

  31. Danielle says:

    I’m so glad RB is finally back on track with Sam and Andy!! I love them together, they are what keeps me tuning in!! :)

  32. Kaveena says:

    I like Nick and Andy a lot more than I though I would but there is something about Sam that draws you in. He is a character that walks the fine line between good and bad. He is broody and closed off but given a chance I believe he loves deeply. I want to see Sam/Andy really try to make it work. There chemistry is amazing and I want to see a talk about his past. I want more explanation on his crappy dad. I think his dad use to lock him in a tool shed or something. That has to mess a guy up.

  33. Allison says:

    Nick is the worst thing to happen to this show. Thank god it looks like Andy picks Sam!!! Andy only used Nick to scratch an itch. But S5 will show us again what true love looks like – McSwarek all the way!!!!

  34. lisa says:

    i love the Andy and Sam but love Frank more..if he is fire from the show i will not be watching it any more..waited a season to watch and so disappointed.

  35. Pookie 12 says:

    I liked Andy with Nick as well as with Sam, and Dov with Chloe are a good match, but what about Gail with her lesbian lover?!!! Yuk! YUK! SUPER YUK!!!

  36. CalGrad says:

    I love Andy and Nick!! Their relationship is healthier. Sam had his chance and moved on first so keep going.

  37. Pam says:

    Sam is such a dink! I love Collins! I don’t get why they keep putting andy back with that douche.

  38. Pookie V says:

    Yeah!!! Gail broke us with her lesbian girlfriend! Hope they do not get back together! The show WAS good, there was not need to do a change up with Gail’s [Charlotte Sullivan] sexuality, we are watching the show ’cause we thought it was a cop show not another liberal ABC show about homosexuals love lives! Come on, give us some action that is not in the bedroom, especially with homosexuals!!! We know ABC is liberal and wants to please their gay audience, but there more of us [straight folks] than them, so throw seems you could write something for us occasionally!

    • Ellen says:

      That is such a hetero-normative comment. There are more straight folks so everything should be catered to us and there should never be representation of anything other than straight folks on a cop show.

      Heaven forbid our delicate straight sensibilities should have to see GAYNESS on our TV program.

      If your argument had been that it was out of character and seemed to pander to the homosexual crowd I would have given you a pass. (However I might argue against it, I still would’ve given you a pass.)

      But the argument that there are more straight people than homosexuals therefore we ought to be catered to? Yeeeeah. That’s lame and it’s privileged and it makes me want to give every young gay kid out there a hug because THIS is why they feel alienated and alone.

  39. Ellen says:

    It always amazes me how people are fine with characters being added in just to be steamrolled in the name of McSwarek. Let me clue you in: “the end justifies the means” doesn’t really make for the most solid argument for a relationship. Rather, I think it makes for really lazy, sloppy writing.

    Should couples have issues in the name of TV? Sure. It’s TV, I get that programing will almost always sell drama over HEA. But the reasons for breaking Sam and Andy up were always dealt with in a ham-fisted OOC revelation which Sam could broodingly use to add weight to his emotional baggage.

    Okay, so Luke cheated on Andy now McSwarek is greenlighted!
    Oh, Jerry is dead now McSwarek is on hiatus while Sam cries into his pillow.
    Whoa, Andy is holding a BOMB Swarek must LOVE HER.
    She didn’t show at the Penny, nevermind that it’s OBVIOUS that she took an UC job. Let me replace her IMMEDIATELY and never resolve all my feeeeelings.
    She’s actually happy with Collins? I shall be shot and hailed a hero and her TWUE WUVE all in the span of two episodes.

    So you can all cry foul on McCollins and claim that Nick was always a warm body for Andy to use while the powers that be set Sam up to be her endgame. You can tell everyone that LIKED a relationship based on solid friendship rather than tumultuous ass-hatery how we were stupid to ever believe it could last.

    That’s fine, that’s your prerogative. But I’m not budging on Sam being douchey in the extreme no matter how much you want to ignore it in the name of “McSwarek 4 eva.”

    Do I wish we had McCollins back? Maybe. But I’d honestly rather see actual development with Sam and Andy’s relationship and storyline instead of the watery lackluster tea of “He’s totally changed, he’s sooooooo different *romantic sigh*” I don’t buy it for a minute.

    They should just get twin lobotomies and call it good.

  40. Aly-Lynn says:

    I am so torn at this moment. On one hand Andy and Sam have always had this endless and strong attraction for each other, and they do come together really well. On the other hand I absolutely adore Nick and Andy together. Nick is so genuine, open, and sweet which is exactly what Andy is looking for. But there is just one problemwith Nick…He isnt Sam Swarek, nor will he eve
    r be. Regardless of what happens im good either way, and Nic will always be one of my favourite characters on this show. My absolute favourite character though is Luke! I actually loved him and Andy together but unfortunately, thats not an option anymore. Hopefully Luke will make a few appearances this season! #LoveLukeCallaghan

  41. Janet says:

    I think the Andy should pick/stay with Nick. There is a very large age difference with Andy and Sam. Honestly Sam is far less atrractive than Nick. Sam is a very complex character, not to say that he is not interesting but he’s just not the guy for Andy. Nick and Andy are great for each other. Nick would do any thing to make Andy happy and besides they are very similar younge, attractive, and similar personalities. It was great when Andy and Sam were dating in the first couple seasons but now its just annoying to see them try and have that spark again. That ship has sailed. Did anyone every stop to think Sam rarely calls Andy by her first name. He always calls her McNally. He Evan says “I love you McNally”. At least Nick loves her enough to say her first name. I have always hoped Nick would get with Andy. I will always vote for Nick and Andy.
    #McCollins 4 Ever

  42. Why are you still back at the opening up of Season Five when we have just completed it?
    From the last clip of Dov and Marla sharing a picture of a fetus, somebody’s new baby, of course the question is whether it is Marla’s and Sam’s baby or Dov and now his sort of ex girlfriend. You know if you read any comments at all you would have seen how healthy the show developed this year for everyone to finally be able to look forward to watching one happy couple, Sam and Andy, even having worked past issues from their past but finally now are really happy together…something we so rarely get to watch on t.v. these days but need so desperately with so much negativity in reality going on everywhere! Sam and Andy and in general Rookie Blue have a bit of everything from a single parent and all that one goes through in that situation from addiction to issues facing gay couples, as I said a bit of everything which is pretty real to life to boot. Please don’t rock the boat with Andy and Sam changing them to Sam and Marla. Sam and Andy are the only couple we have right now other than Blue Bloods who come anywhere near reality with any sense of morals, humour even(how rare is that!) and pretty well the closest things to real life relationships with day to day issues with the one thing at the top which shall keep us coming back and that is the passionate love between Andy and Sam… something we would all love to have, may be had and lost or never had so we live it through the show. It is great to mix it up a bit but please don’t change drastically the best thing about Rookie Blue and that is by far Andy and Sam!1 Just great show! Please don’t wait a whole year before coming back on for another season!

  43. jbthomson2014 says:

    Hey, input from whoever wishes to– trying to determine what name Sam prefers to call Andy. In S3 E13, he called her Andy when he told her he loved her for the 1st time ever! In S5 E6, when he told her while driving home from the prison, that he loved her, he called her McNally.Thoughts anyone?? Would love to contact Ben for his input.