Teen Wolf Season 4: Kate's Big Reveal and More Teases from the Premiere

Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers

With exactly 20 days to go until the return of MTV’s Teen Wolf, TVLine got an early look at the Season 4 premiere, which is equal parts sexy, enlightening and stressful. So if we had to sum it up in one word, it’s “sexlightful.”

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In addition to shining a spotlight on new characters like Malia — who you’re about to love, whether you know it or not — the June 23 premiere also pays homage to the past (Allison!) and is loaded with plenty of “WTF” moments, five of which we’re about to tease for you now:

* The biggest question on all of our minds after the Season 3 finale (“What is Kate?!”) is answered in the premiere.

* Lydia’s banshee powers are, at long last, being explained/explored.

* Someone gets scratched by something. (Vague enough for ya?)

* One Beacon Hills twosome is inspired to DTR after a little nudging from an unexpected source.

* Something weird happens to Derek. Like, something really, truly weird that we’ve never seen on this show — or any recent show we can think of, for that matter.

* BONUS: This week’s “Ask Ausiello” column will have a Stiles-centric premiere tease, so keep an eye out for that!

OK, that’s pretty much all we can say without MTV sending Scott’s pack to our office to kill us — not that that’s a bad way to go. So go ahead and drop a comment with your hopes for Season 4 below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Doums says:

    Are Kira and Malia gonna be series regular in this up coming season ?

    • Mike R. says:

      Yes, and supposedly they both will feature in the opening credits.

      • Josh says:

        Still not sure how I feel about Malia. Her character was all over the place in Echo House in terms of character consistency and the forced relationship with Stiles didn’t help and her entry to the group took place in a montage at the end of the finale. Plus, not thrilled with the Peter connection(I hate Peter..)…So yeah….Rather Lydia/Stiles just happen instead of a forced love triangle.

        • DL says:

          Personally, I’m so over Lydia and Stiles. She just doesn’t feel that way about him and to have her suddenly change her tune, to me, would be more forced. I’d rather see Lydia get a new love interest, and let Stalia happen, maybe let Stydia be endgame way down the road. I actually found Stiles and Malia’s hookup at Echo House to be really rewarding, as a viewer, finally seeing him get the girl, instead of the constant friend-zoning.

          • Enrique the Intelligent says:

            The hookup at Echo House just felt so wrong and twisted. It seemed like the writers wanted to put them together and that was the best way they could think to do it in a short amount of time. There was no build up as there should have been for a character as important as Stiles, especially with what he was going through at the time. Then for Malia to just vanish for the rest of the season…they really seemed at a loss of what to do with her while so many other balls were up in the air.

          • Pix says:

            The hookup at Echo House felt very forced to me, and totally out of character for Stiles. But then, I feel like he’s better friends with Lydia than he would be bf/gf. I wish they’d given him and Malia a proper build up, some backstory, now it feels like too late for that :/

          • Charles says:

            I understand your point of view but I disagree. One of the many great things about this show is that they portray teens in realistic situations in terms of INTERACTIONS. Lydia has always friend zoned/little brothered Stiles, but they do have a very close relationship.

            There’s nothing wrong or unrealistic with two people (especially teens) to turn a platonic relationship into a serious one. One of my favorite scenes last season was when Lydia was in his room, laying on his bed with her shoes off and her feet up in the air as he explained his conspiracy theories.

            They have an awesome relationship.

  2. Kait says:

    Any Danny in the episode? I mean they can’t drop a bomb that he knew about the wolves and just leave him out. Then again I guess the whole town knows at this point.

    • Ranulf says:

      Sadly, I think Jeff more or less made it so that, with that scene and a posterior aclaration, that Danny didn’t give a flying frick and didn’t want to be involved, effectibly making Danny a gay token forever.

  3. terryt04 says:

    Hmmm. Let’s see.

    Kate is probably some weird blue wolf like creature.

    Finally, Lydia’s powers are gonna get explained (didn’t really explain fully in season 3B).

    A new kid (one of the new cast members or Danny, jk. LOL:D) gets “scratched.”

    Let’s see, a twosome, not much there since Scott/Kira are the only couple still somewhat together, unless it’s them, perhaps?

    And something weird with Derek? Hmmm. He starts wearing more clothes. Jk. LOL:D Can’t wait for it to premiere.

    • Josh says:

      I’m happy that they’ll get explained. Lately they’ve felt like “What do we need for the plot” instead of actual Banshee powers.

      • Enrique the Intelligent says:

        Agreed. I enjoyed 3B but a lot of details were ignored/pushed aside to move the story along, which only raised a lot of questions and left loose ends untied.

  4. sillyemmy says:

    Does the fact that I just had to google “DTR” mean I am, in fact, WAY too old to watch this show?

  5. Nate says:

    CAN’T WAIT! !!!!!

  6. And now I cannot wait for the Stiles spoiler. You are EVIL, you know that, right?

  7. jrex says:

    The promo picture with this article seems to show a new guy on the far right. Who is that and what is his relation to Scott’s pack?

  8. Ray says:

    Season 3 was a disappointing mess. I’ll tune in for a couple of episodes to see if this show got its groove back, but if not I think it’s time to cancel the season pass.

    • DL says:

      The front half of season 3 was a bit all over the place, though still worth watching. The back half with the nogitsune, though… I thought it was AWESOME! For me, it took Teen Wolf from “guilty pleasure” status to “must watch TV.” Also, I’m not usually a fan of the “Talking Dead” type after shows, but I have to admit I enjoyed “Wolf Watch” for its over-the-top silliness and also because Jill Wagner is smoking hot.

  9. Bio says:

    all I want for season 4 is for the writers to stop ignoring Danny and only bring him out when they need to show the world how gay friendly the show is. “Look! We have a gay jock! and he kisses other boys and takes his shirt off!” Give Keahu something to do other than looking good without a shirt. give Danny an actual story! I don’t care about the new kiddies, I want them to explore and actually use the characters they already have.

    • Allison says:

      Here. here

    • Erik says:

      Preach it Blo! I totally agree with you.

    • Scott Johnston says:

      He’s not on main cast, so the character is nothing more than background filler (and possibly cannon fodder). Even the various mothers and fathers are only around when needed to advance other characters plots.

      • Bio says:

        the parents get more story and screentime than Danny and the writers/showrunners are more than happy to use him to impress The Advocate and The Backlot (gay press) like with that bedscene with Ethan in 3A. They were also more than happy to fuel the fire for Danny/Ethan and play into the #moreDanny stuff. the PR/social media department knows what they’re doing for the most part but it doesn’t seem to get through to the writers that Danny is popular. Keahu gets invited to fan events (as in events organised by fans) but has to crash his own show’s panel at comic con cos he wasn’t invited.

        • Dor says:

          I would’ve been on Malia like white on rice if they played the feral child card. If she had animalistic instincts, if she were socially maladjusted, if she had messy, wild hair, if she talked with all her teeth, if she growled & snarled, if she were feisty, untamed, unladylike, untainted by gender norms.

          But no. She’s 2 dimensional. The hook up really turned me off her. When I see her I just ugh I want Cora/Adelaide Kane back plzzzz she was hella feisty wild child I loved it. Adelaide Kane brought a lot to a poorly written character, she did such a good job.

          The only save grace this show has to compensate for poor writing is an excellent cast.

          Who are all dropping like flies.

          • Ranulf says:

            You know something is a show is plain out wrong when half of the last season main gang decides to leave the show (Crystal, Daniel, Max and Charlie) despite said show being told to be very time-flexible.

  10. jm says:

    twosome could be Stiles and Malia. I think they hooked up in season 3. So it will be clear they need some explanation.
    They said Kate was a were-jaguar at least in Wikipedia and Teenwolf.wikia

    Derek lost his powers or he becomes a father… if his uncle is a father, why not him…or maybe he becomes a teacher/coach. They are run off teachers.

    About Dany, i guess he should become something, 3 seasons and the only reasonable thing he has done was date a werewolf.

    I saw all the three seasons in one weekend and i miss the Lacrosse games in season 3.

    • Lola says:

      While Derek could become a father and/or a teacher but I don’t think that’s what the article is talking about since that has definitely happened on tv recently.

  11. lily says:

    So you’ve mentioned everyone but the Teen Wolf. Sigh.

    • DL says:

      I think the “DTF” (“Define the Relationship”) bit will end up referring to Scott and Kira. After all, who else could it be, really?

  12. Kate says:

    Hmmm….so I am going to guess the couple that gets the DTR demand involves some combination of Lydia, Stiles and Malia. I imagine the question comes from Kira. Basically because I can’t really think who else might care enough. I don’t see Derek or Peter really caring, Scott wouldn’t feel it is his place, Lydia wouldn’t outright ask, Malia might but its not really unexpected, so Kira. Or maybe Melissa. Basically same reasons

    Weird to Derek? On this show? Maybe he meets a girl we know right off isn’t a psychopath? I mean, I got the impression that Derek as punching bag was over.

    Sigh to that scratch thing. I have been dreading the Beserker idea that seems fairly obvious. Chris mention them not once but twice last season. And it just seems the sort of sad idea that this show would use to distract our heroes for a bit. And it is one of these three new younger people and I imagine we are going to have a similar do we kill him or not debate that we have every season which will be different this time based on last year (not as many let’s kill him side even if that might be something they actually have to do).

  13. S says:

    Already so excited for Malia! I can’t wait to see what this season has in store for her and how she’ll play in to both the pack and the Hale’s! Also, Shelley Hennig is amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing her in a roll that’s gonna open up a mixture of badass, comedy, drama, and fun. It’ll be so good to see! Needless to say, I can’t wait for this season. I think the show has just continually stepped up it’s game, and I think Season 4 will be the best yet. WHY IS IT NOT JUNE 23rd YET?

  14. So they got rid of the gay relationship with Danny. The the twins are gone and Isaac is gone. Hopefully the cute deputy stays. Kate was really popular so she’s back. Is RJ back? Lydia is out a lover. It will be an relatively new slate this season.

    • Nick says:

      The deputy is all but cute, hope he’s not staying… he’s kinda of a less muscly version of Isaac, with the same meaningless face.

      • Ranulf says:

        Kinda funny because Parrish was a bit more helpful and had a little more of meaninful screentime that Issac who was relegated to RI of an already backgrounded character like Allison and being a victim and staying comatose for like 4 eps AND then doing something in the finale.

  15. julie says:

    “Malia — who you’re about to love, whether you know it or not” Anybody else feel like that’s a thinly-veiled threat?

  16. DisgruntledNeuroscientist says:

    Nothing anyone does from here on out will make me like Malia. That pooch was already screwed (pun intended) when no one researched the ramifications of the back-story she was given. You know, like the fact that she would have all the social and cognitive development of a nine year old at best. More likely though, there’d be regression due to spending the last eight years living solely on instinct.

    • Sterek says:

      Thank you! Nice to know I am not the only one out there who realizes just how much they screwed up the Malia story line. I think she could be an interesting character, they just need to do it right.

  17. Sandra says:

    are gonna have a thing Stiles and Lydia?, because a ship both together so hard

  18. Fed Up says:

    I seriously hope Kate and Malia get killed off within the first five minutes of this sinking ship the show has become so we can actually get to interesting storylines. Give us more Scott, Stiles, Derek and Lydia and leave the rest of them behind. People were so relieved and excited when Kate died. And what even is Malia? Her character is a train wreck that makes no sense whatsoever. And she’s not a Hale, that’s kind of the whole point of adoption. This show needs to sort out it’s priorities and stop focusing on hooking their characters up. These people need therapy, not sex.

    • S says:

      Yes, that would be an AMAZING show. Thanks for the ideas. I hope the writers listen. “TEENAGE SUPERNATURAL BEINGS AND ADULT FRIENDS GO TO THERAPY.” I’d tune in…

      • Fed Up says:

        I swear all of the Malia stans are 12.

        • S says:

          I’m actually not 12 (though I’d be the most well-spoken 12 year old ever). And I’m not a Malia “stan.” I am excited about her, but more than anything I love this show. And I’m tired of seeing people write her and it off because they think they know how to write it better than the actual people writing it do. I’m also tired of all the constant negativity. So, sorry I couldn’t bite my tongue this time Fed Up person.

          • Ranulf says:

            Considering that there have been some some muc better writed fanfics who at least don’t recicle characters and storylines and actually know their characters… well, I can say that yes, some people actually write better that Jeff & co. Plus all this whole ”negativity” is born because the fans are frustated that Teen Wolf is all hype for seasons but in the end is all frosting and no cake.

            Let’s accept it, S3b was only good because of the cast good acting, specially Dylan’s. The storyline was more or less: butchered japanese mythology, sidelining of half the main cast, and a ultra-hyped ultra-staned random meaningless hook-up.

            Fans LOVE Meredith, Parrish and Kira. No one even disliked the whole Void!Stiles thing. So yeah, its not all ”negativity”. But the moment they cuted out a heartwarming scene between Stiles and Claudia (you know Stiles’s dead mother) because it ”didn’t fit in” and we got what amounts to be the most random, meaningless, non-con-ish, and plain out unneeded hook up in the year that even the actor involved was aganist, you know that the writers are pulling thing out of their asses as the show goes.

    • Mike R. says:

      Come on, all shows add new characters whether we like it or not, and how can you read about Malia “Who you are going to love, whether you know it or not”, and preach her death. We have seen her in three episodes so far, I say we give her a chance, and why Kate, she has still remained in my eyes the best villain the show has ever had, so unless they try to redeem her, I am all for her return (the show needs a great new villain). I hope you are also preaching for the death of Peter, who got to live past season 1 even though he was just as heinous as Kate (just because he killed for revenge does not make him in anyway a better person), and frankly he has become irrelevant as a character besides being Malia’s real dad.

      Just because they are adding Malia to the main cast does not mean that they’re forgetting about the core cast, heck this is supposedly a Lydia centric season, and I’m sure the Teen Wolf will still be involved.

      You’re right Malia is not a Hale, she is a Tate, I agree wholeheartedly and I wish people would stop referring to her as a Hale, however she is blood related to a Hale.

      However I must agree with S, seeing them in therapy would not be captivating television, and it is teen television, so sex comes with the territory. I don’t know what you ship, and I frankly don’t care, but odds are you are only mad about the sex because Stiles is not sleeping with who you want him to, and most shows never address the mental state of the main characters after traumatic events. And stop with the ridiculous inferences that people in therapy or with mental illnesses should not have sex.

      • Ashley says:

        Actually I’ve seen multiple shows address the state of mental wellness of characters. In fact, we’ve already seen some of it in Teen Wolf – that little seen with Stiles in the guidance office where she tells him he has PTSD? That was a quick scene that not only indicated that these kids are getting SOME form of mental/emotional care, but that they even HAVE some mental/emotional issues to work through. No, we don’t need a whole season of therapy sessions, but they could do something.
        *As for “the ridiculous inferences that people in therapy or with mental illnesses should not have sex” — sure, plenty of people with mental illnesses are just fine to have sex, but the ones who /should/ be mentally nine years old? The ones who have been possessed and tortured and drugged and are literally having hallucinations? No, I wouldn’t say that either of those people are in a solid state to give consent.

        • Mike R. says:

          The fact the Malia is mentally 9 is a made up fan theory, the show has given us no actual evidence to prove that she is actually mentally 9. Does it make sense, not really, but neither do Kanimas or werewolves. Stiles on the other hand, while not in the best state of mind was nogitsune free after being injected by Deaton, so both were and did consent.

          • Ashley says:

            Just because it happened that way doesn’t make it good writing, or a healthy way to represent relationships.

          • julie says:

            Yeah, no. Sorry, I’m not buying the whole excuse that because this is a show about supernatural things, there should be 100% suspension of disbelief. That’s a cop out. So according to the show, the girl is somehow sociable after spending half her life alone in the woods as a wild animal. OK, fine. Whatever. I actually bought the whole her boning Stiles thing, because yeah, she’s got needs and no awareness of social propriety. But that still doesn’t explain how she’s in high school now. Seriously? How is she able to do calculus and physics and write critical analyses of books like “The Great Gatsby”?

            And wasn’t she in a mental institution? HOW did she get out? Can a minor discharge herself AMA from a psychiatric ward in California? Especially one with a history of violence? They could have (and probably should have) gotten a court order to commit her. How the heck did she get from “mental patient with PTSD over mauling her family” to “semi-adjusted high school student” in the four episodes between Echo House and The Divine Move?

            Sorry, suspension of disbelief is not an excuse for bad writing. And unfortunately for Malia’s character, the writers did not handle her well at all. It’s kind of a cop out now to say, “Oh, don’t worry, we’re going to fix her in s4 so you’ll love her. And of course she’s going to be HBIC now that Allison’s dead.” I would rather see a flawed character trying to find her feet than another flawless badass with a terrible backstory that was hand-waved away by shameless writers and producers.

  19. terryt04 says:

    So I just thought of this earlier. Why is it that something always happens to Lydia’s boyfriends? I mean Jackson then Aiden. Who’s next for her to date? Stiles or another new character?

    • Ranulf says:

      Jackson happened not for plot reasons but because Colton left. And Aiden was killed off because of the same reasons, the twins are leaving.

  20. Joanna says:

    My hope for S4!? More then 2 minutes of Derek per episode!!

  21. Von Gelmini says:

    My hopes are for no more stupid forced unwanted heterosexual romances. Y’all know that the main ship, the main motivation for all the free publicity that you get from us fans, is STEREK. Yet all y’all do is tease and use us. LITERALLY no one wants Stalia. Quit trying to make us want it. You want to do something groundbreaking? Something that will have the media talking for weeks? MAKE STEREK CANON!

    • Andrew says:

      It will never happen and I’m glad.

    • Fiona Smith says:

      No thank you, I do don’t want Sterek, nor will I ever want Sterek to be canon on the show.

    • Ranulf says:

      here here.

    • soundscene says:

      What the frack? LOL. Did you poll every single Teen Wolf viewer. Because you would need to LITERALLY poll every Teen Wolf viewer to LITERALLY say with LITERAL truth that LITERALLY no one wants Stiles and Malia together (I cannot abide by those shortened couple names — maybe I’m too old). Also, since there is no LEGITIMATE CANONICAL evidence that Stiles and Derek are gay or bisexual (other than in the wishful fantasies of fans who replay their scenes together so they can debate every minutiae of their relationship), I’m not sure how it would make any sense story-wise to suddenly get those two crazy kids together. I’m all for homosexual relationships on Teen Wolf or any other show, but it’s got to make sense. Besides, even if we say, “oh, hey, one or both of them just realized they actually have feelings for a person of the same gender,” why would Derek go for Stiles, or vice versa? What about Derek screams that Stiles would be his type of fella? It seems pretty evident that Derek likes his partners to be conventionally model-type beautiful. Stiles is geeky cute.

      • Sterek says:

        While I would like to see a Stiles/Derek relationship as much as anyone, I doubt it would ever happen on the show for a number of reasons. However, as for Derek or Stiles being gay/bi, they have brought that up in episode 3-16, at least for Stiles anyway with his conversation with Caitlin. Of course, the question wasn’t answered, so they left the door open one way or the other. As for Stiles not being Derek’s type, who’s to say, however Derek’s recent “type” seems to be sociopaths and/or psychopaths, so Stiles doesn’t fit that!

  22. what says:

    – i don’t care as long as she dies
    – hell yeah
    – that’s the perfect amount of vague
    – i know lots of people think its stiles and lydia but i think it might be scott and kira instead?
    – he’s actually happy for once? no shirtless torture scenes? more than a two minute appearance per episode? does he finally get a long deserve hug?? (seriously his whole life has been crap)

    Re: Malia/New Characters
    I think they’ve done too much damage to her character already. It’ll take a lot to make me like her. Also I have a feeling they’re gonna go the Malia/Stiles/Lydia love triangle route. Ugh.

    I like Kira and I’m excited to see more of her. But she’s probably the only newbie I like.

    They need to stop adding new characters and focus on the originals.

  23. Ashley says:

    I do really like Shelley, at least from what I’ve seen of her, but I am not a fan of how Malia has been handled so far.

    First of all, how on Earth is she qualified to get it on with Stiles, or go to school with them? She’s been secluded in coyote form in the woods since she was nine! NINE! She is in no way a mentally or emotionally competent teenager. Or she shouldn’t be.

    Plus, she had a sudden personality switch in “Echo House”…first she hates Stiles and is punching him, then all of a sudden she’s saving him and f*cking him? (Potentially, since it was all done offscreen and there are conflicting interview statements about it.) (Sidenote: Did they even have access to protection? SPOILER: Stiles knocks Malia up, Teen Wolf becomes 16 and Pregnant.) And then after “Echo House” she’s completely gone, until all of a sudden she shows back up in the finale? And how is she a coyote if she’s Peter’s daughter? Like, I’m with you on the shapeshifter weirdness for turned weres (Jackson/Kate) but born weres would have an actual genetic component to consider.

    And now apparently she gets some off-screen character development? When will we start SEEING character development instead of being told it happens?

    So unless this has all been part of a long-game plan we just haven’t seen yet, I am very unsatisfied with Malia’s character.

    • Scott Johnston says:

      I’ve seen it reported that the contract with Malia’s actress was only just signed in time to add her into the finale at the last minute.

    • Sterek says:

      Yeah, they really messed up Malia so far. I would like to see something better for her character. I, like so many others, think the mess they made of her at Eichen House was just wrong. One minute she is almost feral and the next she is all buddy buddy with Stiles. And, where they promoting unprotected sex? I doubt they were running around the asylum with pockets full of condoms in their sweatpants. That, and making Malia act like some tramp. How are we supposed to “fall in love” with that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they have a plausible answer.

    • soundscene says:

      Obviously they cheated on the Malia character. They probably should have made her first transformation occur when she was 14, not 9, so she would be more of a teenager when she went into the wild. That said, there’s certain ways they could explain her knowledge of teenage social life. Not saying it would be the most logical, but if she was an observer–hiding in the shadows–all these years as a coyote, watching as people her age grew up and interacted, she could have the ability to understand and mature. Just because she was a coyote doesn’t mean she didn’t understand as a human would. She was just in a different form, and uneducated about that form and so could not turn herself back into a human. If she was still having human feelings and human thoughts (albeit with the glaze of coyote instinct), she could develop emotionally as the years went on (e.g., she could in a way, go through puberty, even if she wasn’t experiencing it in the same way).

      As I said, this isn’t the most logical explanation, but it is an explanation that could be used. The writers probably didn’t think things through all the way when they wrote her backstory. I don’t read Teen Wolf blogs or go on Teen Wolf message boards, so I don’t know when the producers decided to use her beyond her initial appearance, but perhaps when they wrote her first episode they didn’t know they were going to use her again. But once they realized that they liked her and wanted her back, the limitations of telling their stories within a fixed time frame precluded a whole side plot about Malia undergoing developmental training and learning to use a toilet.

  24. Samantha says:

    I seriously cannot wait until season 4 Im excited about everything and really curious how stiles is this season and the unexpected think about derek that we never seen..Hmm i wish june 23 was here already

  25. TR says:

    How much are they paying you to unsubtly convince people to like Malia? It would be nice if TW publicity would stop promoting her like she’s the new Allison replacement that craps rainbows and unicorns and just let her be whatever character she’s going to be. With the way everyone’s telling me that I’ll **love** her, I can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to be some godawful Mary Sue character who makes everything magically better for everyone in the show. So not here for more bad writing like that. Ugh.

    • Allison says:

      That guy Andy said on twitter they’re not paid. But imo, they’re being fed what to say by the show’s PR because they all say the same: “Maliamaliamaliamalia”. I’ve seen that in other shows too, when a character is not well received by fans, suddenly, everyone (PR, exec producers, reporters) say the character is the greatest thing since sliced bread to drum up some enthousiasm. I think they should take a psychology 101 course because the more they say it, the more people will resist. Sigh

  26. Maddy says:

    Stop trying to make Stalia happen. It’s not going to happen.

    • Linda says:

      Unfortunately, it did.

      Oh, great. Now I’m reliving the Stalia moments in all of their barf-inducing non-glory.

      Excuse me while I puke. :x

  27. Enrique the Intelligent says:

    I know there seems to be this big push for everyone in the world to suddenly adore/worship Malia, but it isn’t working for me. I saw so little of her character and the scenes she was in just seemed like she was tossed in just to be there instead of used to further the story. They did the same thing with Parrish, although he at least had some funny lines and that scene on the bus gave us a little backstory.

    Shelly is actually a good actress so I know she can take the character and turn it into something fans will enjoy. I’m just not there yet.

    • Sterek says:

      I’m hoping they do something good with her character too. I think she could be a good addition. However, trying to make her and Stiles as some kind of couple would just be wrong. I don’t Stiles and Lydia would work at this point either. I’m still not sure what they should do with them, I just know what wouldn’t work.

    • Ranulf says:

      It’s not the ”whole world” despite what the PR team and Jeff make believe, if they made a official popularity pool you could see people like Erica, Danny and Stiles up top. But Malia? Down bottom of the barrel.

  28. Mary Kate says:

    OMG thank you for posting this. Can’t wait for season 4! Hope we get some Stiles/Lydia development!

  29. Athena says:

    Who is the man in the very back on the right

  30. when is the season 4 complete trailer going to be released. so far we have gotten the teaser (like the “wolf out of water” of last season) for season 4 but not an official trailer.

  31. Lena says:

    Something has been bother me all season. Nogitsune Stiles tried to threaten Melissa about some sort of secret that she kept from Scott that if Scott found out would make him hate his mother. I don’t think it is the fact that Scott’s father was alcoholic and hurt Scott accidentally. Too obvious. And I think DTR probably involves Stiles and Malia/Lydia. And also what is this magical/actual name of Stiles that no one can pronounce?

    • Ashley says:

      I agree that the Melissa/Nogitsune thing seemed too simple. Why would that make Scott hate Melissa? His dad was the one that hurt him. I feel like he would understand her kicking him out.

      As for Stiles’ name – didn’t Jeff say his name is Polish? I feel like he said that, and Polish as a language is very…different. Lots of consonants in places English cringes at. I mean, they have names like “Wojciech” “Krzysztof” “Maksymilian” “Grzegorz” that most Americans wouldn’t even know where to begin with pronunciation. And those are just names I got from googling “common Polish names” – can you imagine the names that AREN’T common?

  32. Skittles&Bits says:

    This show would do loads better if they’d stop adding new characters every two seconds. Stick with the core group and expand on them, let them grow as characters and actors. Dylan O’Brien blew me away in 3B. He was the saving grace of what was otherwise a very, very, very bad season. They should’ve explored Lydia’s Banshee background in tandem with Stiles’ descent into madness especially since Void!Stiles ends up kidnapping Lydia; it would’ve been beautiful to see Lydia’s powers as a Banshee play out along Void!Stiles desire to bring chaos and death. Why did we even need Kira? All she did was shishkabob Void!Stiles; Scott did all the work by biting the nutty bugger. Why do we even need Malia? One minute she’s Coyote-girl and the next she’s caught up with humanity so fast she’s mastered the fine art of making out? Pass. What about the McCall family dynamic? I was so looking forward to Papa McCall making a reappearance if only to continue Scott’s character development. What about Derek and the fact that since he lost his Alpha powers, he’s turned into everyone’s go-to punching bag. This show…I swear, in the hands of a better writer, could be incredible but right now it’s floundering miserably.

  33. Brigid says:

    I don’t understand people not wanting new characters added to the show. How do you advance your core group if they don’t have anyone to play off of and help them grow? It’s illogical and keeps the show stale. How boring to have Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Derek only interact with each other, why bother watching? I like Malia and quite honestly, the writers haven’t given me a reason not to like her. You’re right that we need some backstory into her past but I’m pretty sure you’ll get it in S4. I loved S3 and hoping that S4 is even better!

    • Ranulf says:

      There is a difference between ”new charaters” and ”only malia”. People have taken in stride ALL new chracters from S3B. Kira, Meredith and Parrish are LOVED by the fandom. A lot.

      But Malia is being forced into the show and down our throaths like WOAH STAPH. Between her terrible written character (wild child that suddendly has a sexuality, fhashoin sense, sarcasm, can enter highschool despite missing 9 years, is not an actual wild child, gets introduced as a 2 dimensional romatic interest) and the hype that the PR and Jeff that ignored EVERY IMPLICATION and sells Stalia as ”romantic”. Like that Stiles was paranoid, mentally exhausted, drugged, possesed by a japanese dark spirit while having unprotected sex in a dirty basement with someone who should be 9 years old socially, mentally and sexually, of course people won’t like Malia.

      • Ranulf says:

        oh, and she gets instant Main character status because ehhhh she appeared in 20 minutes in the season? Why not Danny, or Meredith, or Parrish even.

        • soundscene says:

          Because the producers think they can do more with her? That may be the simplest explanation. The characters you like best aren’t always the ones that the producers and writers believe can create the most interesting storylines.

      • Sterek says:

        I can understand them bringing in new characters, especially when they keep killing off others (some regrettably). However, if they want to bring in a new character, they should at least make them likable. I know one of the points in this article was how we were going to “love” Malia, I’m just trying to figure out how. I really like the actress, but they screwed up her character from the start. It will be interesting to see how they dig themselves out of that. More than likely they will just ignore it.

        I’m sorry, I don’t care what others say, but there is NO way that Malia is a normal, well adjusted teenage girl after what she went through for the last 8/9 years. Sorry, but no. I know they are just trying to find a “girlfriend” for Stiles, but this is just messed up. It doesn’t say much for his character that he would be romantically involved with what is essentially a 9 year old girl. That is just sick. They should have just made Caitlin a regular if they wanted to accomplish that. The bonus would be that they could safely and easily explore a bisexual side of Stiles if they want.

        I really want to like Malia, they could do something with her character but they started off down the wrong path to begin with. I could be wrong, but even a normal 16/17 year old guy would not likely jump into bed (or moldy old couch in an asylum basement) with some girl that was basically feral and attacked him earlier. Maybe it’s just me…..

    • Allison says:

      Derek has interacted with Lydia twice in the whole show. At this rate, I think I can take more of the mains interacting with each other.

  34. Kenya says:

    Please give Danny a story. He should be mote than just the gay kid. You can’t just drop the fact that he know about what goes on in Beacon Hills and then just end it right there. If he knows he is in danger right and I believe there should be two humans is Scott’s pack.

  35. GM says:

    Sounds like they’re going to do whatever they can to make Malia happen. That whole “Malia — who you’re about to love, whether you know it or not” is pure PR talk. The character is nonsensical. She doesn’t make any sense. She should be feral and have the mind of a 9 year old child. But no. She’s apparently normal and willing to get down and dirty on a disgusting couch in the basement of an asylum with a guy she punched (which I guess was foreplay? Their meet cute? I don’t know).

    All of this just to force a girlfriend or the dreaded love triangle on Stiles. Which is not really needed. Who’s been going around saying that Stiles needs a love interest? They really need to stop focusing on who is hooking up and focus more on the monsters.

  36. RaynDayKY says:

    I am sincerely hoping that the couple to DTR is Scott’s mom and Stiles’ dad, I would truly love to see that. I think it will be interesting to see how Stiles is recovering after the whole of 3B because let’s face it the boy has to have some serious trauma. I don’t think I believe that Malia and he will stay together because let’s all admit it the way they got together was horribly wrong and honestly I feel like they probably did it to try to pull people away from Styida and Sterek because we all know Sterek is never going to happen (even if some of us which and hope and pray it will) and Stydia was doomed before it even began. I think I am probably most excited to see what happens with Scott and Kira especially with the emotional blow Scott took with Allison’s death. They might have been broken up but they weren’t over each other. And Danny, let’s talk about him for a second, I know that it might have been made to seem like he wanted nothing to do with werewolves or the craziness that goes on in Beacon Hills but I think its safe to assume that we need an explanation for how the hell he figured it all out. He was way to casual about it to have just discovered it! I have high hopes for this season and can’t wait till the premiere.

  37. Josh G. says:


  38. Linda says:

    Whether or not I’ll come to love the Malia character has yet to be determined. Right now, I strongly dislike her because her character doesn’t make sense and I feel that she’s nothing but a Mary Sue. The writers had better work their butts off to make her into a character that actually makes sense. And don’t get me started on the Stalia, “I know we just met, and I know nothing about you. But let’s have sex on a dingy sofa in a creepy basement,” moment. Blech!

    • Linda says:

      CORRECTION: By, “just met,” I mean that they had only met … what? A few weeks prior to their encounter? Anyway, that basement moment was just plain creepy, forced and twisted.

  39. Kathy says:

    I really hoped that Allison would come back as what ever her aunt is. I just think the show won’t be the same without her. But I just saw the season 4 cast list and not seeing her name there kind of depressed me…

  40. Amanda says:

    I’m really excited for malia and stiles love story to really get blooming. I was always a Lydia and stiles fan but the more I see stalia together the more I push off stydia besides I think Lydia is going to do great with this new deputy. I really hope it happens. I believe Kate is going to join the wolf pack only for the same reason peter would – to save her own ass. Since her name is on the list along with theirs she’s gonna team up with them so she has a better advantage. The main problem that I’m seeing with the show so far is that they would replace Allison with Kira. I would like Kira IF she didn’t have such big shoes to fill because she is no comparison at all to Allison and I can’t stand watching Scott and Kira together it’s so boring and not passionate.

  41. Amanda says:

    I don’t understand how I’m the only one on this message board that doesn’t like Kira but is in love with Malia.

  42. SCOTT says:

    what is Alison and Aiden will come back in the movie?