Idol's Jena Irene Talks Songwriting Process, Covering Paramore, Elvis & Zedd and Voting 'No' to Top 5 Twist

If Randy Jackson had his way, Jena Irene might never have delivered her epic rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” during Top 7 week of American Idol.

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The Season 13 runner-up spilled that and much more backstage intel during an extensive Reality Check exit interview.

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Jena also dished how she dealt with hateful Internet comments, what she thought about The Voice‘s Christina Grimmie covering “Can’t Help Falling in Love” just a day prior to her own finale reprise of the Elvis Presley classic, why her Rush Week rendition of “Paint It Black” left her fighting for a Wild Card slot and who inspired her haunting self-penned ballad “Unbreakable Me.”

VIDEO | Idol‘s Alex Preston on Flipping Police, No Doubt & Rihanna Tracks, Getting His Feelings Hurt by the Judges

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  1. Dave says:

    She’s so sweet and poised! I’m always struck by how polished these contestants are in their interviews. It’s also remarkable how many memorable performances she had over the course of the season. Go JENA!

    • Stacie says:

      Thanks for the interview. Though I wish you had asked her Why she picked to go first and not second in the Finale. I might be making a bigger deal about it then it ended up being. But at the time I really thought that made a big difference because they both were kinda even that night.

  2. Kate says:

    I know you enjoy the videos but it would be nice if there were at least highlights transcribed or the videos were broken down into smaller pieces. I get frustrated when I click on something only to find out I have to sit through a 20 minute video if I really want to hear the answer.

  3. Sarah says:

    Such a nice girl and an amazing artist. Hopefully Interscope has the guts and the brains to sign Jena, even though she might not want to go in their preferable musical direction.

    Good luck, Jena! I will be watching out for you :)

  4. God, she doesn’t sound like seventeen.
    the y she explain her choices of arrangement and song selection, and how open she is.
    Damn AI, you lost the perfect winner.
    If she doesn’t get picked by Interscope, SOMEONE GOTTA.
    Cause she’s gonna be big!!!

    • MC says:

      The “Paint It Black” performance was not her best and it (perhaps unfairly) lowered my expectations of Jena. Jena is amazing, though. I can’t remember anyone on AI who has impressed me so much with an incredible range of versatile performances, knowledge of music and ability to create to her own style/voice. All of this at seventeen! I agree with the author that Jena has that rare ability to make it on the level of a Kelly Clarkson. Obviously, the “Creep” performance was breathtaking, but for a 17 year old to deliver such a sophisticated spin on “Valerie” really impressed me. Jena is much more than just a good karaoke performer and I think we will see more evidence of that in the years to come.

    • Jill Moy says:

      You’re right…she sounds like 6! Jena big???? Big what? Certainly not as a singer! You’ll all see when she flops and enters karaoke contests and loses!

  5. Lori says:

    Excellent interview. I will await her music and will be first in line to buy it. I think Idol missed an opportunity for a marketable winner.

  6. Brandy says:

    Slezak. We knew the bouquet was going to Jena. YOU knew the bouquet was going to Jena.
    Why even mention it to Jess? Lol

    • Michael Slezak says:

      There were going to be two this season — perhaps Jess will get hers on tour! ;)

      • Brandy says:

        That works!

      • Montavilla says:

        Lovely interview, and this was my burning question afterward. I always look forward to the awarding of the Michael bouquet. Not just to see who gets it, but to see what flowers you choose, because they are always the perfect ones.

        I really think, though, you should have let Melinda send a boutonniere to Joshua on Season 11. Maybe that’s something that could be added in future seasons? I’m sure Burnell would have gotten the honor in Season 12, and Alex in Season 13.

      • Flowers4Jess says:

        Michael, your word has to mean something. You must keep your promise. Your intention was to send flowers to Jess Meuse. This business of the flowers to Jess is about your character and not being a phony. Writing “maybe” you will send some during tour and adding a wink is just not going to cut it.

    • ejones says:

      It was a pretty miserable sized bouquet, surely she deserved better.

  7. Kaba says:

    Dunno if I’ll ever care for her musically, but she’s damn mature for someone on the show.
    Looove her personality and how poised she is.

    • Julie Anderson says:

      Same. I really wish her well, and I have loved how “real” and honest she has always been, though musically her style and voice is not my taste. I wish Michael had asked Alex about a record deal. His album I will buy in a heartbeat!

      I do think Jena should be so proud of how she handled herself, and I think she is a super role model for teen girls (even the swearing doesn’t really offend me, because I think she shows a lot of class in ways that really matter.)

  8. grandma Jane says:

    Best interview ever! Jena is a true all around performer and musician. So well spoken. She knows what she wants, what sounds right for her, and also is realistic about what isn’t working. She is gracious, and gives credit and props to the people around her. Honest too! I can’t imagine she won’t have a solid career in her ( hopefully immediate) future.
    Again, I can’t say this strongly enough Michael;PLEASE use the Reality Check format for interviews next year. Sooo much better. Of course it helps to have a subject that isn’t super shy, or else afraid to talk honestly.

  9. AndreA says:

    This was an amazing interview! So proud of Jena- her accomplishments, her intelligence, and her amazing fun personality! She’ll make amazing music that will be epic- can’t wait to watch her ride! We’ll All be there cheering her on! Congrats to Jena Irene! We love you!

  10. duranmom says:

    You gave out two bouquets this season (although Jessica is still waiting for hers…).

    THANK YOU. Jena deserves a bouquet as well. And a record deal.

    And the win, but then again, you don’t have to win Idol to go far.

  11. Leigh says:

    Nice interview. I really enjoyed hearing what Jena had to say. The one other thing I wish you had covered was why she chose to perform second on the final performance night. Does anyone know if she addressed that in any other interviews?

  12. my krav is bettah says:

    Love this girl. A rare individual. Keep your head on straight kid. Stay humble.

  13. Jill Moy says:

    I’m gonna make a couple comments and please don’t answer me back as ready to board plane!

    I never thought she was talented. She has a funny shape (boy will she be fat when she grows up) and she is homely! I listened to 10 seconds of her horrible speaking voice and stopped listening to interview.

    What is everyone listening to? Oh well, it’s my opinion and I have a right to that! We’ve had so many duds this year! Jena (excuse me Gina) takes the cake. She, not Jessica, as I’ve said all year, is the most overrated performer in AI history, or any show for that matter!

    Praise GOD she didn’t win! And you will see, she does not have Clarkson potential as Michael earlier stated! She will never sell at all! Jena comes in second and Briana Oakley couldn’t get a wildcard! Something is wrong somewhere! This is an injustice to all the great singers who left early! Fault of wonderful judges! Harry is supposed to be pocket????????? Why was great talent let go so often this year????? That’s it! Brandy, say hellow to your PRODUCER….GIVE MY REGARDS. Let the bashing of me begin( I’m practically the only one who has babies complaining as if I’m not allowed to voice my opinions. I’m out……JILL!

    • Jill Moy says:

      Meant Harryy is PICKY!

      • Francine says:

        People write comments like this to get attention. We really should just ignore them.

        • Tommyo2000 says:


        • Kim R says:

          You got that right! The “ready to board a plane” line cracked me up! :D

          • Jill Moy says:

            Kim R,

            What’s so funny about boarding a plane????? You have never heard of the word plane? Maybe I should have said AIRPLANE! Is that better for your brain? Is that better for your tiny brain to comprehend? I hope so. So sorry you don’t approve of my comments. Can anyone imaging Jena being on MTV with a video of a hit record? That’s comedy alright! She could always do standup comedy with Alex and Jessica! That I would pay to see!

        • MamaLis says:

          ^ ^ ✭✭✭✭✭ ^ ^
          In fact, what people? What comments?
          GREAT interview, Jena & Michael! You had a fantastic season, Jena!
          Seize the moment and do great things! Best of luck!

    • MariMari says:

      Briana?? You mean one of the totally out of tune girls who tried to sing in the finale? She/they were almost as bad as CJ and the boys.

      • I think you might be thinking of Bria. I got the two mixed up. Bria was the African American, very pretty, loved bright lipstick and sang terribly out of tune!

      • I think this year was weird for the females in the competition. I think if if Jena was in idol last year she would not have made it past Candice, Kree, Amber Holcomb or Angie Miller! But because the females were so awful this year she lucked out. Thats also why Caleb lucked out, most of the males were bad too! They both picked a good season to shine. But yet most of the guys were way better than Lazaro, OMG! How was he the only guy left with all of those girls last year? I was so mad Burnell went home before him. Devin was great too. I know some people thought last year sucked but I think they had way better talent, especially if you compare each person last year, to this year and see if they could hold up against each other.

        • And it was a much better looking crew last year! Easy on the eyes! Every one of them! Oh and better dressed! OMG who was working in wardrobe this year? FANNY FARMER? AND RUMPLESTILTSKIN? LOL hahahaha ( side note,BY THE WAY, the Fanny Farmer cookbook is the BEST cookbook in the world! No kidding!) To all the chefs on this board!

        • MC says:

          I loved Candice and Angie from last season, but the great thing about Jena is she improved week to week. Jena had a very impressive growth arc on the show and she began to blossom in front of everyone on this tv show. Also, Candice is great at r&b ballads, Angie is terrific at adult contemporary/Christian rock and Jena is very gifted in the pop/rock genre. Comparing them based on their tv performances is futile because they are all going in different directions. I really believe that Jena is the one with the most promising future because she is the most marketable. She can write excellent songs, play the piano and captivate an audience with her dynamic voice and vivacious stage presence. Jena also is rapidly carving out her own musical identity and that is an incredibly difficult thing to do for anyone that “graduates” from one of these tv talent shows.

        • Jill Moy says:


          Jena last year or any other year wouldn’t have made top 30! So overrated, homely, looks terrible in clothes too. Plus, her diction is terrible as well. Like Tom Hanks said in the movie BIG, “I DON’T GET IT!”

          • Jill, Im glad you liked that video! They are great! The 15 year-old girl shows more emotion singing that than most of the contestants on idol this year and boy is she pretty! Her dad is cute too, the way he sings with her! She has great confidence and emotion! Cant wait too see more of them hopefully on Rising Star since that is where i found them. (found them on Rising Star facebook page)

    • Mary says:

      Get a life. Can you ever express your opinion without putting personal digs at someone you don’t even know? I think you need to get a life or maybe some class. God, one good thing about the season being over is we don’t have to read derogatory remarks anymore.

      • Jill Moy says:


        Calm down MOMMIE DEAREST! We know you love Jena, the girl with no voice or looks who has a speaking voice of a 6 year old!

        Sorry I dislike your hero. Please don’t scream at me for using a wire hanger. I hid the cleanser so you’ll have to use another form of cleaning supply to bash me with! And no…..I will not clean up your mess!

    • Jessica says:

      How am I supposed to take your opinion seriously when you mention her weight/looks right off the bat? Just horrible! I think she is very pretty and also very talented. When she goes far I’ll think of you. Hoping next season you also keep some of your very wrong opinions to yourself.

      • Jill Moy says:


        PLEASE get an eye examination! If you think Jena (GINA) is pretty, I would hate to see what homely is to you. Jena is not pretty whatsoever. She’s a Plain Jane at best and that horrible speaking voice; she’ll be a big hit at parties and a riot around the water cooler!

    • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

      You nullify the validity of your opinions by your self elevation. Enough said.

      • Jill Moy says:


        Your fangs are showing! My self-evaluation is spot on! I have nothing to prove to you whatsoever! I can’t help it that your Jena (oh forgot, GINA) is not very talented and is homely. The way her voice breaks is truly childlike. Wanna hear a good singer, listen to Cassandra Mae Jopp, or Megan Hilty, or Alice Fredenham. Or, for that matter, Julia Goodwin, 15 yrs. Old who was on AGT, last episode. They can all sing. The 15 yr. Old Goodwin has more talent in her baby finger than Jena will ever have. And she has charisma and knows how to speak! She will be a star some day. Jena, she has as much appeal as a wire hanger or a wet noodle!

    • Harry said he thought Jena has a speech impediment!

    • Jill, Where are you? Michael Johns is still after you and said he is coming to your house! LOL WATCH OUT!

      • Jill Moy says:

        Finally got back BECCA! Hopeall is ok. Well, what’s new? I saw a few Mommies out there wanting to wire hanger me…LOL! I mean some earlier comments. Oh well.

        • Hey Jill, Hope you had a good trip! Where ever you went! Its been dull without you! Hey Im going to try and watch this new “Rising Star” on June 22. It looks pretty interesting! Im west coast though! I wonder if we will be able to vote over here, as the voting takes place DURING the show! I went over to the page about the show and there was a “father- daughter singing “Say Something” by Big World. Absolutely Beautiful

        • Okay Jill. I just looked up that father and daughter singing “say something”. Where in the heck was THIS 15 year old girl when idol was auditioning? The DAD IS HOT AND CUTE! You have to see this. So its on u tube as well as the rising star facebook page! Ok so just go to “Say Something Christina Aguilera/ A Great Big World COVER Aaron and Liv. That is the father and daughter names! And that is on u tube! If they are on the rising star show than I have a favorite already! The dad is so cute! And she is beautiful! Almost brought tears to my eyes!

          • Jill Ok wait. I made that way to confusing. The easiest way to find that video is just type Say something, Aaron and Liv and its the only black and white video. It comes right up!

          • Jill Moy says:



            Do you watch AGT? A couple good singers and also very entertaining acts as well. The judges have a lot of fun……very good together. A lot of laughed! I haven’t watched the second episode yet on the Dvr, but will soon. Great talent on the show. The judges are humorous without being know it all’s Like HCJ! Plus, Nick Cannon is also entertaining! His Mime act on first episode was a classic!

          • Yes it was very good! watch the episode you havent watched yet! MIGUEL! Very good cute singer! Young guy in a plaid shirt!

        • Jill Also to find that cover you have to type in Aaron and Liv, cause there are so many covers of that song

          • OMG Oh gosh Everyone needs to go look at that video. Its just! I got chills and tears! Great father and daughter. Both are beautiful and both sing beautiful. FRIKKEN AMAZING! And its done in black and white

          • Jill Moy says:


            Miguel was good…very good. I was impressed with Julia Goodwin. She has a sparkling personality and good looks. She looks good staying stationary, unlike the AI singers. I believe down the road she will be a star. She’s only 15. She reminds me of someone when they were young.

            AGT is entertaining. So far, the 4 main singers….the opera girls, the young kid, Goodwin and Miguel have all been great. ANNNDDDDD: The judges have great chemistry and they are loads of fun. I enjoy the show. At least the camera doesn’t constantly show Clum and Mel B while the contestants are performing! I don’t have any complaints except sometimes the stories of contestants are a little long. Positive on everything else! The judges interact very well.

          • I agree,AGT is very good so far! That big family that sang was cute too!

          • Jill I found a post that someone thinks you might be Taylor Swift in disguise as Jill! LOL

          • Hey Jill, Hi its Becca Hey did you see Sunday nights version of AGT? What did you think of 11 year old Mara Justine? OMG She was unbelievable! WOW! and cute with that long red hair and glasses, adorable! I also just love that song, “And I Am Telling You” She did great!

  14. osborn1116 says:

    Thank god…she finally gave credit to Ingrid

    • Jill Moy says:


      The family group was great! As mentioned before, Julia Goodwin was great. She connected with audience and her voice was great! Is there a forum for AGT? I have no complaints so the wire hangers and cleanser won’t be flyin’ around!

    • Jill Moy says:


      That’s a very tiny bit warm! I never liked Swift’s singing. Sure don’t wanna sound like her. We agree most of the time but you may like her. She has won so many awards and I just don’t see it at all.

      If there is anyone I would tell who I am It would certainly be you. It will happen one day for sure.

      I guess I have high standards when it comes to singers. There are so many singers who are famous who stink. JLO, Britney, etc., etc. When Britney once sang Happy Birthday to Randy without music one day, just kinda fooling around, it was horrible! Who can’t sing Happy Birthday in tune? I remember when she sang with Michael Jackson, singing “The Way You Make Me Feel!” It was an MJ anniversary special I believe. She was awful. She hardly could be heard and sounded like typical Britney….THE WORST!

      Anyway, I commented to another person on another thread that Jena wasn’t a very good piano player. I’ve been playing all my life. Started taking lessons from 3 years old. Listening to her playing, one can tell she’s not very good. BUT, she could improve in that dept. But her singing has a long way to go. She’ll never be a great singer…NEVER!

      Now, Harry can play….very fine! Too bad he sings out of tune now…LOL! I Shouldn’t say LOL because it’s true! He’s another mumbler, like Jena and especially Dexter! Bringing up Dexter makes me think of Ben. That Johnny Cash song he did was so fast it was comical! Was he on speed…LOL??????? This season had many comical moments. Remember Manny, the gay black guy with the lisp! He made top 15 boys! Was he there for comic relief?

      I don’t think AI will have better ratings next year. Same judges…forget about it! They know talent about as much as a 3 year old. I’ve mentioned BRISTON MAHRONY ( last name may be spelled wrong ) all season long. He made top 15 boys. He was a likeable kid but the sounds out of his mouth sounded like an animals mating call. He sounded drunk too. Take a listen on You Tube….you may get a good laugh!

      Anyway, nice typin’ at ya….JILL!

      • Hi Jill, Its Becca No im NOT a Taylor Swift fan at all! My favorite female singers are Stevie Nicks, Amy Lee (evanescense), Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, Heart, Debbie Harry! I also love Rhianna! I just got a kick out of the Taylor Swift thing, because I can tell you are so much smarter than someone like Swift!I dont like most of the Teeny Bopper singers!If you were to bring oh a young Debbie Harry or young Ann Wilson into “todays market” they would kick ass all over these teeny boppers. What about Patsy Cline? omg I dont like country but I love Patsy! Her voice! When Jena tried to do Heart, Barracuda, and then Evanescense, Bring me to life, I screamed at the tv! NNNOOOOO . Those are two female singers , that no one can duplicate EVER! I dont like it when they try to do Rhianna either. She is such a great performer! Anyhow Jena just ruined those songs by iconic singers!

  15. Brigette says:

    Really struck by how much she knows her stuff through the entire interview. It’s clear that Jena wasn’t just doing covers and using her nice voice like many of these contestants do– she understands music on a deep level, and the fact that she writes–seriously! Jena’s the real deal, and she’s going to have a great career, no doubt. Proud she’s from my home state! :D

    • Jill Moy says:

      NICE VOICE? JENA? I would hate to hear a bad voice! Someone described Jena sings like she has marbles in her chipmunk cheeks! That was accurate and maybe too kind!

  16. Linda says:

    Way to go Jena Irene! That was an awesome interview! Love your personality! I’ll be the first in line to buy your music. Your singing is amazing and I love the way you perform! Stay true to yourself and be a role model for the young girls out there that look up to you. Don’t even listen to the negativity about you on here. People are OBVIOUSLY jealous and don’t know true talent. If you weren’t so amazing you wouldn’t have made it to the finale. Just saying. America voted and that proves it! Congratulations Jena, Well Deserved!!! I love you!

  17. The Original Lemon says:

    Jena and Caleb! The two most talented this year–no surprise that they are friends. Jena is adorable, and I hope she does get signed.

  18. Diz says:

    Great interview! Day 1 buy for me when her album drops.

  19. Tahoe Mike says:

    Hey, those were Jessica’s flowers!!!

  20. Karen O says:

    She had such a good sense of the big picture. I really do want her album.

    • Jill Moy says:


      Be sure and keep that album. It may be a conversation piece down the road as the worst album by an Idol ever! She should be joked about on talk shows! Me, I wouldn’t accept this album (if someone is dumb enough to record her (RANDY JACKSON?) if It was presented to me as a present! I never liked her. I have a hard time listening to horrible singers with terrible diction!

  21. Tommyo2000 says:

    After Jess was eliminated, I was rooting for Jena to win. From the interview I would say she comes off being pretty educated musically. However, in seeing the clips of her performances during the interview, I have to say that there is a screamy aspect to a lot of her vocals which is a bit unpleasant to the ear. I find her hard to listen to.

    • Jill Moy says:


      You are so right! How did she make top 30? Runner up on AI? Incredible! Well, most people are tone deaf I guess. She has both an unpleasant voice and especially that ridiculous speaking voice.

  22. Mary says:

    Great Interview. She is such a level headed person, I hope she goes far in the business. Not only can she sing but she has a great personality. With the right promotion and songs she could be the breakout star of the season. I would purchase her music no hesitation. If Interscope passes on her I hope someone signs her I think she has a real future in the business.

  23. Carrie Webster says:

    Great interview with Jena. Can’t wait until she gets to put out music. I really hope this means Interscope or another label signed her. She has a lot of potential and a great personality.

    • Maureen says:

      I agree. Great interview, Michael. Great questions. I especially loved hearing about how she wrote her song. Even though the girl wasn’t especially nice to her (so tactfully put), that she wanted to tell her story. . . I loved hearing about arrangements and working with the band. Even hearing about her reaction to the staging and how heaving the silly yellow balls were. . .

      Michael – You, Melinda and Jason have made the season for me. Thanks so much for another great year!

  24. Jessica says:

    Oh I love her! Honestly the only interview I watched fully b/c of the format of this and how relaxed/nice she was. Good job Jena-seriously my fav. of the season and probably the only one I will remember in a positive way.

  25. CandaceTX says:

    At the beginning of the season, I thought Majesty would take it, but after she was eliminated early, I was cheering for Jess to go all the way (a: because she is a talented artist and b: to upset JLo and TPTB).

    I honestly never understood what everyone sees in Jena. For me, she sings with a nasally, fake-accent affectation. But just because she is not my cup of tea doesn’t mean she won’t have a bright future in the business.

    Coming in second might have been the best thing for her.

  26. Loraine says:

    What I liked about her interview was she admits to having a variety of music for the show. Some of the others just said they only did what they wanted. Jena also gave us insight into choosing and tweaking her songs and how she felt some performances were not her best. Her answers seemed natural and it was easy to relate to her.

  27. Chris says:

    Michael, hopefully you will see this but I would love it if you could interview Allison Iraheta. It would be interesting to get her thoughts on being in Idol as a contestant and now seeing it from a different side as a backup singer. I would like to hear her thoughts on the contestants and was it hard not being on stage. Especially since they did many songs that she did on AI or has covered herself later (Dazed and Confused, Gimme shelter, I don’t want to miss a thing, Creep etc). I kept hoping they would have her duet with Caleb in the finale. Would have been killer.

    • MamaLis says:

      Oh man, GREAT idea on the Allison Iraheta interview!! That would be REALLY interesting!!!!! Yes, Michael!! Do it!!

  28. Lauren says:

    Great interview! I liked the better video quality and the edited-in video clips. I think you may have to give up on the web cam, Michael.

  29. Flicker says:

    What a great interview. Thanks Slezak! Thank you for giving her the annual bouquet!!! Jena is so incredibly mature for a 17 year old. I loved how eloquent and good with her words she is (what a contrast to many of the other contestants who are older). She is poised and thoughtful. I can’t wait for the album Jena!

  30. Honnete says:

    Jena Asciutto may feel that her American Idol success gives her the liberty to lie. Regarding the girl who inspired “Unbreakable Me”, it is common knowledge at North Farmington HS that this girl was not unkind to Jena. In fact, it was the other way around – Jena was incredibly cruel to this girl through gossip, ostracism and bullying tactics. Jena continued to target this girl throughout her recovery from the eating disorder, and bullied others as well. There are many at North Farmington HS who are not impressed with Jena’s success – not because of sour grapes or jealousy because Jena is quite talented – they are not impressed because Jena is not respected as kind or good or honest or inclusive.

    • Idolhead Ed says:

      Well if that is true why did she write such an empowering song about her? Seems to me she would have given no credit to her if she really was disingenuous about her. I have this feeling (if you really are from NFHS) that you are the one that has a problem with her.

    • I may believe you! Because I feel there is dishonesty goin on here! A little white lie. She said she had been fighting to do the song creep for 5 weeks. Obviously she wants to take the credit for a song Caleb chose for her during the week the contestants chose each others songs. He even explained why he picked it for her! Unless she asked him to pick it for her. That is a possibility!

      • Erika says:

        Jena actually explained in another interview that Caleb chose this song for her, and even went into depth about how he had remembered she wanted to do that song and surprised her with his choice. It may be that it did not come up in this interview, or it did and it was edited out.

  31. TerriB says:

    Jena is one reason why I wish Idol would put the focus back on the contestants instead of Jenny from the block. Great interview!

  32. juan says:

    I was so proud of Gena. even though she didn’t win the idol, she is still a winner. She will emerge to great heights with her unparalleled talent. I wished you would have won. Bye

  33. RaeLynn says:

    Too bad she didn’t win. She is so much more articulate and polished than Caleb. She actually thinks before she speaks…it’s this new concept. Great interview and I’m glad she got the roses.

  34. ooblah says:

    I wouldn’t call any of her performances “the best of the season”. Did you send Jess her flowers?

  35. Clara Turner says:

    Jena’s Can’t help falling in love in the finale was fantastic! Was never a fan of her lower notes but she just soared with that song. She should’ve won after that. I also admire how she always improves her rendition the second time. I hope that album won’t be on hold for long!

  36. Sometimes I hate the fox news! They had daughtry on and now are saying he walked off stage when asked to do a patriotic song! They edited the tape to make it look like he just WALKED OFF! Well I found the true video of that and the” fox people” were totally laughing and joking along with Chris when he said” Im off the clock”. And now they are calling him a douchebag! Look at the clip. they are ALL laughing about it, but the minute his back is turned Fox makes a huge awful story about it! ARRGH That station is so mean! Because of this, if I were a musician I would never perform for Fox, cause look how they act (after kissing his ass when he is performing) to bashing him and giving him a bad reputation!

  37. Patricia Swanson says:

    Jean Irene is a real musician, not just a singer on Idol. This was her chance for a wide audience to see her. My husband and I are mid 60’s and watch Idol every season. We got tickets for the tour. Jena will get her star at some other time, long after others are forgotten.

    • Jill Moy says:

      Look, I am young and I’ve seen every second of idol, of every season! I may have not lived in early eras but I have heard it all. We are all entitled to our opinions and I feel Jena shouldn’t have made to 30! She is very overrated and also, her piano playing is below average, like everything else she does. She will not ever be anything in this biz as she is like millions of other people… .SUBPAR WITH A CAPITAL S! Don’t take it personally because this is how I feel! If I was offered big money to see the tour, I would decline! This is the oddest looking, least talented top 10 in Idol history! I think comedy would be a better vocation for this group!

  38. Jill Moy says:

    I am so sorry for being so negative about Jena (GINA) Irene. I just don’t see much talent whatsoever. The proof will be when she is forgotten in awhile! What are people listening to???? She sounds immature when she talks, mumbles when she sings, and isn’t very good on piano. I’m sorry for repeating myself today! I forget sometimes that that people have their own opinions, and are entitled to that. I just can’t believe how many people like this homely little frump! I’m puzzled I guess!

  39. Jill Moy says:

    Who cares about the TWIST! It was the same thing, total 2 leave in 2 weeks! Why does everyone make a big deal out of it? And…Why did anyone reveal how they voted? Can’t anyone keep a secret? What can you expect from the worst talent ever on a talk show? SIMPLY DREADFUL!

  40. Michelle Padilla says:

    I think I wanna do this