Game of Thrones Recap: Snake Eyes [Updated]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Recap

The battle for Tyrion’s life comes down to one moment of misplaced attention in this week’s Game of Thrones. But  is it The Mountain or the Red Viper who emerges victorious?

If you watched the pivotal episode, you know that even though it appears that Oberyn Martell is going to best Gregor Clegane and win freedom for the accused Lannister brother, an incredibly disgusting move at the last minute makes snake meat of The Viper.

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THE MEN OF THE WALL | As she takes care of the wash and tries to evade the notice of a threatening (and gassy) whore, Gilly hears an owl hoot outside and starts to panic. She knows the call isn’t normal – and moments later, she’s proven correct when the wildlings storm Mole’s Town. Tormund, the Thenns and the rest of the gang get to stabbing, slicing and generally reducing the hamlet’s population to nothing. But when Ygritte finds Gilly and little Sam hiding, she spares their lives and warns them to keep quiet so no one else will find them. I knew you had a heart, Red!

Back at the Wall, Jon Snow and his disgruntled band of like-minded Night’s Watch brothers lament the carnage. They buck up a despondent Sam by pointing out that his doughy date already survived Craster, the march to the Wall and the white walkers: Who’s to say she didn’t make it through the assault alive? Meanwhile, Jon knows that the attack means that Mance Rayder’s army of thousands is close, and that the hundred or so men of the Night’s Watch are no match for it.

HOUSE TARGARYEN | While bathing in a river, a naked Grey Worm gets an eyeful of a naked Missandei, and neither is mad about the interaction. Later, Daenerys wonders why a eunuch would have any interest in what the linguist is workin’ under her robes, which leads to a prolonged conversation about whether the Unsullied’s castration procedures involved taking “the pillar and the stones.” Sadly, we get no answer to this musing; however, we do have the pleasure of witnessing the mother of dragons’ two underlings flirt in a stilted, halting, kind-of-cute way. He apologizes for eyeballing (eye-lack-of-balling?) her that morning; she apologizes for the mutilation he experienced as a child. He tells her it was worth it, if it meant that he one day would meet her. “I’m glad you saw me,” she asserts. “So am I,” he replies.

Later, Ser Jorah and Daenerys have a far less touching conversation after Ser Barristan intercepts Jorah’s royal pardon – signed by Robert Baratheon – and everyone realizes that the khaleesi’s right-hand man spied on her for the powers that be in King’s Landing. With tears in his eyes, Jorah admits to being one of Varys’ little birds for a time. “You betrayed me from the first,” Dany surmises, so troubled that she can’t maintain eye contact with one of her most trusted advisors. She casts him out of the city and warns him never to return, or she’ll toss his head into Slaver’s Bay. (Side note: Despite my sadness at seeing Jorah go, I do love how he’s the one quivering and crying, and she’s her normal kickass self. Ain’t no Mother of Dragons got time for that.)

HOUSE BOLTON | Ramsay coaches Reek to pretend he’s Theon Greyjoy again in an effort to let the Ironborn in command of Moat Cailin to surrender. The moat is so decimated – full of dead men, decaying horse corpses and sick soldiers spitting up blood – that it seems like Tickle Me Elmo could probably grab power with one furry, red paw tied behind his back. Anyway, Theon shakes and stumbles his way past the guards and eventually gets the men to acquiesce, promising them no harm will come to them if they do.

Just kidding, Ironborn soldiers! Ramsay flays his way through the place, taking control of it for his dad. Roose is so pleased to hear that his bastard has turned out to be handy for more than being a total creepster, he makes him a full-fledged Bolton.

HOUSE STARK: SO-CLOSE-BUT-YET-SO-FAR EDITION | Even the super-slick Petyr Baelish can’t escape the suspicion of some residents of the Vale, who question his story about Lysa committing suicide via Moon Door. They call his “niece,” Alayne, in to testify – and though it seems for a minute like she’s going to sell him out, Sansa completely backs his lie. Sansa’s performance is so compelling (the waterworks are a nice touch, though after all she’s been through, I can’t imagine the tears are ever very far from the surface) that the lords and lady buy her story and even indulge Littlefinger’s assertion that Robin should make a play for the Iron Throne.

Later, Baelish wants to know why Cat’s elder daughter chose to cast her lot wit him; she replies that it’s a devil-you-do situation, and at least she knows what he wants. “Do you?” he says, somehow upping his already astronomical perv quotient. And just when I don’t think I can be skeeved any more, I see the Baelish stares at his teenage obsession as they prepare to take Robin out of the Eyrie for the first time in his life. My eyes! (Maybe I should have saved that one for when we discuss Oberyn’s part of the episode?)

Outside, Arya and The Hound approach the Eyrie, only to be told that Lady Lysa died three days prior. Kudos to Maisie Williams, who absolutely nails Arya’s fit of hysterical laughter upon hearing the news. When your luck is so phenomenally bad on the regular, it is pretty funny.

HOUSE LANNISTER: MOUNTAIN-VS.-VIPER EDITION | Jaime and Tyrion spend some time together in Tyrion’s cell, reminiscing about a simple-minded cousin of theirs who spent all of his days crushing beetles in the garden. Peter Dinklage gives a pretty great monologue about how, as a child, Tyrion studied the brutish cousin for some hint at why he did what he did – and he never got to the bottom of the violence. Speaking of violence, those clanging bells mean it’s time for some really awful stuff: the youngest Lannister child’s trial-by-combat.

Much of King’s Landing has turned out for the match, which pits Tyrion’s champion Oberyn Martell against the Cersei-picked Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain. Oberyn wears little armor and seems far more preoccupied with quaffing wine and slipping Ellaria the tongue than with preparing for a battle to the death, a fact that worries Tyrion. But the Dornish prince assures him, “Today is not the day I die.” So he leaps into the arena with a flourish, giving a Princess Bride-reminiscent monologue about how The Mountain will pay for raping and killing his sister Elia.

For a while, it looks like the smack-talking preener is going to win. He slices at the Mountain, eventually getting him good in the belly and standing above the giant, final blow at the ready. But first, Oberyn wants him to confess everything he did to Elia and her family. And that pause is all Clegane needs to get the drop on the Dornishman.

He flips Oberyn onto his back, knocks out half his teeth, proudly states that he did a number of unconscionable things to Elia and her kids, then grinds his thumbs into the Red Viper’s eye sockets and eventually smashes his head like an overripe pomegranate. At least, I think that’s what happens. I admit, I cannot force my eyes to stay open during the scene. As the contents of Martell’s skull mingle with the dust of the arena, Tywin stands and proclaims that Tyrion will be sentenced to death for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon.

RIP, Oberyn. You were hot, snarky, sexy and overall pretty awesome, and I’d kinda hoped HBO was going to take a flier and mess with the events of the book on this one.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Beth says:

    This show delivers every episode!! Wow! and yes, ending was GROSS! yuuuuck!!

  2. Brian says:

    That death was so incredibuly disgusting. Afterwards and even currently I’m just feeling a mixture of depression, sadness, and sick to my stomach.

  3. LaLa says:

    Wow. Read the books, so I knew it was coming. Even so, I wasn’t prepared for that ending. Whew!

  4. James says:

    HBO managed to make that death even more gruesome than it is portrayed in the books. I mean he punches his head in in the books but HBO was just “That’s not bloody enough, we need him to actually squash it like a melon.” Same result, just not as…sickening.

  5. Suz says:

    Collective breath is still being held by everyone who watched that last :10.

  6. Elyse says:

    I haven’t read the books and I did NOT see that one coming. Great episode as always!

  7. tv2day says:

    Oberyn was a cool character. Sorry to see him go. Doubt if tyrion is going to die. He always gets out of it. Jora getting kicked out was sad. IMHO, Missandei is the prettiest/sexiest woman I’ve seen on GOT. Wow!!! Greg worm needs to at least have the worm lol!

  8. Sarah says:

    Damn. I feel like a little bit of my soul is lost. Thanks for that again GRRM.. Soon I will have no soul left if this continues and Tyrion dies (no spoilers please) but overall loved the episode. Loved Aryas reaction to being late again. They just cant seem to make it on time, although im glad they didnt make it on time to the red wedding. However I feel that Arya wont get to see her sister even though this is the second time she has been so close to family. (Again mo spoilers please) sad about Obyern, he should have just finished the mountian instead of prolonging it and inevitably causing his own desth :(

    • cjeffery7 says:

      all i want now is Sansa and Arya to reunite. i know that in this world that’s probably the stupidest hope in the world, but i’d love to see how they interact differently now that they’ve each gone through their own separate version of hell. Arya has developed potentially questionable morals and Sansa is only just getting into the “Game of Thrones.” at the very least, some mutual recognition that they know the other is still alive and there is some moment of thought given to that revelation. again, probably a completely stupid hope. LOL.

      • Alice says:

        If we only get one reunion, it needs to be Arya and Jon. Sansa in both the book and tv, never really asked after where her sister was after their father died- or wondered about her in her POV chapters, but Jon did. They has such a sweet relationship. So I would rather see those two reunited.

        • Dave from A Space Odyssey says:

          Sansa does think about Arya and all her siblings for that matter. It’s shown in at least one recalled chapter, if not more. I too would rather see Jon and Arya reunited at some point, assuming they both make it that far and Jon’s current state is controversial. As for Arya and Sansa, I think it’d be really cool, but I don’t think it will happen. I mean in the book, Sandor and Arya don’t even make it to the Bloody Gate. I think they’ll turn back, and his wound will allow Arya’s story to get back on the track.

          Just so you know, my coworker’s sister-in-law makes about, I think, $12 per hour.

          • klesunredlka says:

            No one reunites, Jon is at the Wall, Arya goes in Braavos, and Sansa is with Petyr Baelish

          • Isaac Hunt says:

            @Dave – Best ending to a post ever. I salute you.

          • Dave from A Space Odyssey says:

            (Some spoilers up ahead)
            Yes, in the book all of that is true. However, Arya, in the book, never even made it to the Bloody Gate, so some people believe Sansa and Arya might see each other. I still say they turn back, and this wound the Hound is suffering will allow Arya’s story to get back on the book’s track. By the end of the series, I do hope for some family rendezvous! Even though Arya is technically giving up everything to become a faceless woman, I think she’ll always be looking for vengeance for those who did her family harm. Additionally, I believe she will continue to want to see her family, namely Jon(assuming he’s alive).

    • King says:

      I agree, he allowed his cockiness and and emotions (which one can relate to in terms of emotions getting involved) distract him. Becoming a determinative factor in his survival. Still wish he could have killed the Mountain first and died later in the series or season instead of dieing like that. I believe he should have won that fight!

  9. Joey says:

    Great episode all around. Great ending. Pedro Pascal was explosive.

  10. ninergrl6 says:

    Arya’s reaction to finding out her aunt died was my favorite moment of the episode. Sometimes you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of life.

    • Alice says:

      It was also the moment in which Arya became the character that spoke for the audience.

    • Hmm says:

      Apologies if I’m stating the obvious here, but I think she was laughing at Sandor because he went through all this trouble for money and now he’ll get nothing. That is pretty funny.

      • NikNac says:

        I took her laughter as a culmination of everything – every time she gets close to being with someone in her family again, they die; every time Sandor thinks he is going to get money for her, his plans get messed up; etc.

  11. Ann says:

    So well done. Even though I knew from the books how the fight would end, I almost believed that HBO would change the outcome. Well done Pedro Pascal. I loved this character even more after seeing you play him.

    • Colleen says:

      For sure! Pedro Pascal was fantastic as Oberyn! He made that character even more awesome than he was in the book.

    • Casey says:

      I loved his character this season, but I doubt they would have any way around that. Every death in GOT has a purpose, and keeping any of them alive would change everything. Although I am secretly hoping that GRRM never finish the last book, that way HBO can dictate the ending of the series. GRRM already made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t believe in happy ending.

      • GRRM already told the producers the endings of the book in case he dies before he finishes

        • Isaac Hunt says:

          Tyrion ends up as a lumberjack, Jon ends up dying on his back as the plane flies overhead and Danaerys realises it was Earth all along. I’m just speculating based on the fates of other ‘much-loved’ show endings :)

          • AnnieM says:

            Don’t forget about Ned stepping out of a shower and telling Catelyn about this terrible dream he had.

  12. Colleen says:

    Definitely did not watch the final minute. Being a book reader really helped there. No way was I going to watch what I knew was coming.

    Otherwise, kind of surprised about what happened with the Eyrie scenes. Need the av club experts review to go up so I can talk about that with other book readers. Very interesting stuff there!

    PS. Still really hate the font here.

    • kim says:

      IS the av club experts review a website? I also feel the need to talk to other book readers. So depressed about Oberyn, even though I knew it was coming. I loved him in the book, loved Pedro’s portrayal even more. The more I loved him throughout the season the more bummed I became.

      • I decided to spoil the episode prior to watching by looking up what happened in the book…and I was hoping so hard that the writers would change it. But of course the one time you want them too they go all George R.R. Martin on you.

  13. Abbie says:

    They had better show what happens to the Mountain after this fight. I mean he took a spear, from a man called “The Viper” right in the gut. That ought to tell us something…

    Also incredibly saddened by Jorahs dismissal by Dany. The whole episode has me feeling more than a bit despondant

    • kim says:

      You won’t be disappointed, promise.

    • I cried when Dany made Jorah leave, almost as much as I cried when Jamie said “Goodbye, Brienne.” when she set off on her quest.

      Man, I hate this show.

    • Gabriel says:

      Just before the fight, at 46 : 46, there’s a weird and discreet shot of Oberyn’s squire neatly wiping the spear tip with a rag, Now he might be precisely doing you know what. But what it really just look like is him cleaning the spear, and the writers stating to the fans that they’re going an other way.

  14. Bender says:

    The last scene reminded of Phil leotardo and the SUV, but not quite as bad as anything on the walking dead. I knew it was coming still shocked

  15. Aminahcm says:

    OMG! So depressed about Oberyn’s horrible death. Looks like it’s over for Tyrion. I hope Ayra kills Tywin and Cersi.

  16. that was one of the sickest things i have seen on Game of Thrones. Was about word for word like the book. It was one thing to read that scene but to see it as well?? whew..

  17. Shawn says:

    The mountain and viper killed each other so even both are dead there should be a new fight or tyrions freedom.

  18. Abby says:

    I am so sad that Oberyn died, really was starting to become one of my favorite characters. Hoping whatever he put on his spear was poison and The Mountain will die anyway. :((

  19. spidey07 says:

    did i just witness the most explosive ending on GOT tonight!!! never in the history of this show was there never an ending like that!!!

    • HerrinSchadenfreude says:

      Sorry these puns are just lame and obligatory. ‘Specially the 10th through 15th times.

  20. rachelle says:

    I’m not a book reader, but I knew– KNEW– this was gonna be the end for Oberyn. He was too full of himself, too blinded by his need for revenge that he wasn’t being careful. That being the case, I fast forwarded through the last 30 or so seconds of the show because I just could not see him die. I loved him. R.I.P. you sexy, dynamic charismatic prince!

  21. azu says:

    To be honest. This show is too depressing and there’s no one to really root for. This is why as many people that should don’t watch anymore. For now, I like tyrion. But of course terrible things are going to happen to him

    • Bender says:

      I root for Tyrion he’s the best in both the books and the show

    • RyanC says:

      Is it also why it seems every week they beat their previous record high ratings?

      • Brian says:

        Maybe we have just become a culture of nihilists who love to be shocked at blood, gore, cruelty and death.

    • AnnieM says:

      I root for Tyrion, Jon, and especially Dany – she is smart, fair, and kind.

    • Brian says:

      George R. Martin seems to think that the heart of fantasy is to shock and dismay your readers. There is not one hopeful narrative in this saga. Life is awful and it doesn’t hold out much hope. That seems to be Martin’s world view and he seems to sadistically enjoy toying with the emotions of his readers. I don’t think he has much of value to say, even if he can write in a somewhat compelling way. I think this saga is really overrated.

      • Molakai says:

        I think you missed the point. He’s not writing about the “heart of fantasy”, he’s turning traditional fantasy storytelling on it’s head. It’s supposed to be bleak and depressing, because that’s how the real world is. He’s subverting people’s expectations of how this story is supposed to go. Who’s to say his, admittedly nihilistic, messages have no value?

        And as for Martin “sadistically toying with his readers emotions”, isn’t that kinda the point of storytelling? To provoke an emotional response? You can’t blame him for doing what practically every writer does. He’s just a little too good at what he does.

    • Dave from A Space Odyssey says:

      There’s plenty of characters to root for. And their rating are only escalating, so your statement is false.

  22. Dylan says:

    SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MAaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  23. Tubaluba says:

    I knew this was coming but I was hoping to be spared and it be tame. Joffrey’s death on the show was sooo much more tame than I imagined from the books, and they go and do this to Oberyn… I felt like that last shot of him was shown for an hour!! Not cool GOT not cool… Hope to see Pedro Pascal in other ventures soon!

  24. Sarah says:

    This episode was stellar. It’s a major credit to Pedro Pascal’s brilliant acting that I nearly didn’t want the show to return this week because I didn’t want to see the end of Prince Oberyn (as a book reader, I knew what was coming). Hearing Arya hysterically laughing was entertaining yet chilling. The subtleties in the looks between Sansa and Petyr when he asks her why she helped him…Emilia Clarke’s bad-assery…everything was fantastic. Did any fellow book readers catch Petyr’s one “wink wink nudge nudge” line to an upcoming event? This show continues to outdo itself.

    • Tubaluba says:

      Petyr’s list of how people die… I let out a “hah”. Though I was hoping they’d change that location when it happens, I will be making a ” stink” face. But after Oberyn’s last shot I think nothing will phase me.

      • M says:

        Missed that – what did he say?

        • SB says:

          He was describing to Robin the different types of ways and locations that people could die, with a very blatant nod to an upcoming death. Won’t say more as to not upset non book readers!

    • AnnieM says:

      Okay, I had to think a minute. I’m guessing in the Season Finale…?

    • Paula says:

      Yep! “People die everyday, some …. on their commodes”. Priceless foreshadowing – can’t wait for that death.

  25. Kay says:

    Oberyn’s death was horribly sad. I’m hoping for some reciprocity from his daughters (he does have eight of them!) and his paramour for the Lannisters.

    • Joey says:

      They are casting his three eldest daughters for next season, which if you’re a book reader, you know what that means. :P

  26. D says:

    can’t believe the wasted screen time on grey worm when there is so much great stuff and characters left out

    • Tubaluba says:

      This season has continually made me upset about how much non sense is taking up so much time in each episode. There are so many interesting and exciting things that could be filled with from the books instead! Only 2 episodes left and a good amount of big big things need to happen!

    • Jane says:

      Agree. I kept thinking who cares about these 2, get to the important stuff. Really don’t understand why they are wasting so much time with them.

    • Dave from A Space Odyssey says:

      Agreed! I understand why they have to add fillers, but do they have to make them so boring? I didn’t find that seen entertaining at all. There’s so many epic fillers they can add.

  27. Dennis says:

    I just can’t wait for Tyrion’s son Tyric to show up, when he kills Jamie it’s going to be epic

  28. So much spoilers in here

  29. Barb says:

    As sweet as it was, I really could have done without the Grey Worm/MIssandei moments, even the whole storyline. We have such a short time with this season that I’d prefer every precious moment to be spent on moving the main characters’ storylines onward– I’d prefer to have had that time spent with Tyrion or Arya or someone else. Unless their ultimately makes for a huge turning point somehow, but I can’t see it.

    RIP Red Viper. Tragic loss of a truly fascinating character. Damn it, George, you killed him off way too soon.

    M. Williams’ laugh as Arya was perfection. What a great actor.

    So much blood this episode — the fight, the castle killings, the wildings’ attack. Blood. Blood. Blood. Nice to have some breaks in between.

    RIP Red Viper. I know I already said that, but……….. :-(

  30. Okay, HBO seems to take the less brutal deaths in the book and make them brutal, and the more brutal deaths and neuter them (Joffrey’s death comes to mind on that one). Interesting choice…

  31. Jay says:

    Now I’m thinking whether to watch GOT again. Certainly don’t wanna see this kind of brutality anymore. We are watching dramas to please us and not to put ourselves into disgusting misery (I don’t care what’s in GOT books). I think I’m done with GOT…

    • Took you this long? People have been getting mangled for seasons. I mean I won’t fault you if you’re done because you can’t stomach it (I’m amazed I can, my gag reflex is usually pretty weak) but just shocked you’ve made it this far.

  32. Mark says:

    It just shows that when you seek revenge you must div two graves. One for your victim and one for yourself.

  33. AudreyCatburn says:

    I read the books… and I still was not okay with what happens to Oberyn…

  34. Brendan says:

    I am now depressed. I want to kill myself.

  35. retards says:

    Wow, genius in putting a spoiler in the header and URL so that anybody that searches anything related to season 4 sees it almost instantly.


  36. J Nieve says:

    Ive read the books but it was a few years ago so I honestly could not remember what happened in the combat… I was sure that oberyn was going to win, so when that thing happened…. Wow. Was so much in shock that I couldnt even look away, i literally stared at the scene wide-eyed the entire time, GROSS! I hate gore so I usually manage to miss most of it when i see something like it coming but I literally didnt see this coming. Well played GOT directors, well played…

  37. Liz says:

    Oberyn!!! I loved you!! You will be missed…

    And Jorah & Dany… Why? Those two are obviously made to be together!

  38. Jersey Jeff says:

    Wow. That was something else. I didn’t read the books, but I expected the Mountain to turn the fight around. I didn’t see THAT coming. Wow.

  39. Anna says:

    I was really sad when Dany send Jorah away. I mean, I know he was there far longer than he was supposed to be (with Barristan showing up so early and all), but still. This made me really sad.
    Watching the last few minutes didn’t help either. I love all of the Martells, so I did NOT need to see this. I knew he was going to die, but did they really need to show it like this?! I don’t think so.
    On a totally unrelated note – does anyone still think that Sansa Stark is a useless whiny little girl after this epsiode? Because I think you shouldn’t. I’m very curious to see where this storyline goes, after all the derivations they made from the books.

  40. Jerry Riggs says:

    The show is great, way better than the books.
    Hopefully HBO will be able to finish the serious as the author doesn’t seem to be able to.

    • Jerry Riggs says:

      Series ! Spellcheck is stoopid

    • Fido says:

      maybe the last book / the fifth book (?), the NEXT book will be a collaboration being him + the tv people who by the time all the done books have be tved would know the story so darn well they’d be ideal book buddies.

  41. ami says:

    where is the karma?

  42. Terry says:

    I’m a huuuugggge fan of the show but the ending was disgusting!!!! I knew Prince Oberyn’s fate since i read the book however, I thought the writers and directors of the show went OVER board. DARN!!!

  43. joy ruff says:

    It was very good I liked the ending

  44. joy ruff says:

    I loved the ending I love the show

  45. Nichole says:

    I felt that Arya’s response of laughter was more directed at The Hound then having again arrived on the heals of a relative dying. Haven’t read the books so no idea where the story will go, but when you consider how long The Hound has been dragging Arya across the North to collect a reward, it was pretty darn funny to have arrived only to find the person that would pay the reward was now dead, at least if I was Arya that’s what I would have found funny at that point! For such a young lady, the actress that plays Arya is amazing too, second favourite character after Tyrion, who I hope lives even after this weeks events, GOT would not be the same with Peter in it!

    • AnnieM says:

      She is very good. I hope she can make Arya’s upcoming arc more interesting to me, cause that part of the books bored me a bit.

  46. Megan says:

    Oh my god! I didn’t know what was going to happen – and I guess I should have known it wasn’t going to be pretty – but wow, I let out a shriek at that last moment. I’m sad to see Oberyn go :( He was easily one of my very favorite new characters and I’d hoped to see much more of him later. That fight scene was fabulously well done though.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen but my first guess is that Jaime helps Tyrion escape the city. All of King’s Landing hates Tyrion now after his speech, so I’m guessing he can’t really stay there. I’m nervous for next week’s ep, since ep 9 is notoriously the episode of every GoT season when bad stuff goes down (and this week we already had plenty of bad stuff go down.)

    • Ray says:

      From both the preview and description, it seems episode 9 will be entirely on the wall. Usually I look forward to the penultimate episode but John Snow’s part has been rather dull this year. I suppose I’ll reserve judgement until after the episode but I’m not really expecting to like it.

  47. mike d says:

    I thought this was the worst finish to an episode! If they kill one more of my favorites in not watching anymore!

    • Dips says:

      I Completely agree with you I am going off it as well. What a huge development.

    • Joey says:

      You do realize they have to follow the overall plot of the book, right? :P

    • Dave from A Space Odyssey says:

      I stopped reading the books after the Red Wedding and what seemed to be Arya’s death(but wasn’t obviously). I back started up in a couple of days. It’s too bloody addicting.

  48. bruce says:

    I just don’t understand why almost everything that happens on the show is practically word for word how it happens in the books. At least with The Walking Dead they change up the storylines, add characters, etc.

    • SB says:

      George R. R. Martin is heavily involved in the HBO production, so I would suspect that he would not allow them to divert too much. As a book reader myself, I think they’re striking a good balance between staying true to the books and diverting enough to sometimes surprise and intrigue me with their direction.

    • AnnieM says:

      I know I read somewhere that Robert Kirkman sees TWD TV series as a way to change things that he wished he’d done differently in retrospect from the comic. Since George RR Martin must retool his books about 100 times before they actually get published, I’m guessing he doesn’t want to change them? ::shrug::

      • Dave from A Space Odyssey says:

        The writers respect the book and want to make the adaption as close as possible. The first season was pretty much word for word, but they started changing things in season two and so on. It’s not really word for word. They also left out a few things in the first season and changed a few things. I’d rather have it stay on track rather than go off like with Walking Dead.

  49. Hamza says:

    It’s weird to say this but Oberyn dying was actually a very predictable thing! For any other show that would be a lie, but for a show that consistently killed off a supposed since season 1, I thought the most likely thing (because GOT now seems to ALWAYS do this) would be Oberyn dying.

  50. JayDee says:

    What was with the long-winded speech from Tyrion about the cousin killing bugs? Was that supposed to signify something? If it was a commentary on senseless killing then they could’ve cut that scene by about 5 minutes. Seriously, what a waste of time.

    • Paula says:

      Tyron killed his “cousin” – not a mule!! Hence, Jamie’s comment/rejoinder that there is no name for a cousin killer.